News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio on June 22, 1929 · 19
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News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio · 19

Mansfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1929
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.OPM',,W?.aPIPPMMfrMAAt, pi !I! tiltfl:LELS MEE 1 ( A! I 4 TING WILDCAT AUSKINGS TO BE 1. WILBUR HENRY TC ON JULY 4TH CARD HERE' COACH AT W. Immolo Mt. Vernon Slugger To Meet Phil Premy On ,Rosales-Harry Fay Card At Fairgrounds Ray Newton And Gene Doyle Other Mansfielders On Program Preliminaries for ,the big Harry Fay-Rosie Rosales slugfest at the the contract and other little for. Fairgrounds July 4 will be Just malities must be okayed. Before as classy as the main go Itself. Promoter Joseph starts advertisinq Three local boys will see serv- this big grudge battle he wants tc Ice on the card. And the feature be sure the fight Ls a go. Twice of the prelims will be the Ernie before Something happened and (Wildcat) Auskings - Phil Premy the fight was off. feud. Ray Newton and Gene Doyle are Promoter Joseph who is arrang- other Mansfielders' who will box jug the fistic menu under the aus- on the card. It will be Ray's first pices of the Johns park assoeia- appearance in this city since the tion, announces the news that he fight at the Armory Jan. .I. has Just received , the nod from Opponents for these two men 'Auskings and company at Mt. Ver- have not been announced. non. The Mansfield lads are working The Wildcat states he will be out each night at Casino park more than pleased to come to l where a ring has been constructed Mansfield and knock off a. few and a training camp established. more , lugs from the cocky sports The lads work out each night at scribe of the Hilly City. 17:15. On Sundays and Saturdays However, the fight is not yet the boys work In the afternoon concluded. Auskings must sign' at 2:30.. the contract and other little for-I mallties must be okayed. Before: Promoter Joseph starts advertising' this big grudge battle he wants to be sure the fight Ls a go. Twice, before Something happened and the fight was off. Ray Newton and Gene Doyle are other Mansfielders' who will box! on the card. It will be Ray's first; appearance in this city since thei fight at the Armory Jan. .I. Opponents for these two men have not been announced. The Mansfield lads are working ! out each night at Casino park ! where a ring has been constructed ! and a training camp established. I The lads work out each night at 7:15. On Sundays and Saturdays ! the boys work in the afternoon! at 2:3G. Mystics Lose First Club League Game Of Season To Idle Hour Team, 16-12 place in the loop as a result of Batteries nuason ana the Idle Hour victory. Schroeder and Kramer. The Optimists slipped into a tie for the top post with the Mystic Idle Hour A' club by nosing out the Amimans, c. Benedict. lb. 14 to 13, making four straight de-1P. Benedict. 213. ... ... feats for the Amimans who have N. Schmidt, ss, J,Roil2eBd been losing some tough luck affrays tniet p. this year. !Oman, If. - t The Idle Hour players were led H6wer, et. 6 ' to their victory by Pop C. Bene- Flood, ff. Eharp 3b. diet and son Jim. The senior mem- Chapinan, c I ber of the family clouted five, safeties while the offspring of the Totals 5 same Benedict smacked four, twat ' Mystic Club, Al of them being triples. I.r. Culp, 2b. John Kramer Jr., was the noise welts', cr, ..,. ....... . -----;R. Porch, 13. I Watkins, rs. . F. Porch, 3b. Dnving Club Keefe c. Davidson. If. !Barr, lb. . I Franch. rf, , Planning For T3t'al''. ' ' 51 !Idle Hour 017 001 NEW RECORD 1 eltber league., PITTSBURGH, June 22 (1)5) A new world's record for women's competitive golf today was claimed for Miss Virginia Wilson, of Chicago, who yesterday shot the 18 holes of the Allegheny country club in 71, eight under par. BULLETINS FROM FIGHT CAMPS PAOLINO HOOS1CK FALLS. June 22 --OM Pao lino tracudun resumed training today for his bout with Max Schmeling at Vow York next Thursday. after a day spent at AYH-hams college yesterday. The Spanoodoeiard is not expected to work hard as he is near the edge and his trainers are fearful of his going stale. Arrangements were completed for Pao lino .to fly from his training AB R H C. Benedict. lb. 2 5 P. Benedict. 2b. 1 1 N. Schmidt, as, 3 3 Ruhl, 213. 2 2 J. Bonedict, p. 3 4 Oerrall, If. 2 1 Hower, cf. 6 1 3 Flood, rf. 1 2 Sharp, 3b. 1 0 Chapman, c 0 0 Totals 5 16 21 5 2 4' r, 5 3 21 50 12 22 017 003 014-16 -4 camp here to New York for the fight. SCHMELING 1 ---- 1 nean I You LAKEWOOD, N. J. June 22-01R) lengt Only a little light work is nee-:hind essary to see Max Sehmeling in perm trim for his bout with Pao lino cone e LIzeudun at New York next Thurs-lby Th day. his trainers said today. The 11..,cwt, German resumed work after a trip,i'me0 to Atlantic City esterday. I it 01110 DERBY TODAY , , CLEVELAND, June 22 --(INS)-- The fifth annual renewal of the Ohio derby. with $UMO added. is t9 be run at the Bainbridge track in Oeauga county this afternoon. A Ernie Godfrey Will Be Frosh Coach at State COLUMBUS. G. June 22 Ohio State University's revamped squad of football coaches is complete with the acceptance by Ernest Godfrey, one of its former gridiron stars, of an offs!' to become freshman coach. ' Godfrey has been athletic director and head football coach at Wittenberg College for fourteen years. ever since he graduated from Ohio State in 1915. His resgnadon at the Springfield institution was offered and accepted today. Godfrey. who has had much success at Wittenberg. is the fourth new coach for the 1929 Buckeye ITgime, the others being Sam Winaman, head coach; Don Miller, backfield; George Hauser, line. Godfrey and Willaman mere classmates at Ohio State. The Idle Hour team replaced the double. triple and a homer in the Phi Delis and in their first game collection. ' handed the league leaders their, Scores: , only defeat of the year. Threel Amimans .... 001 134 022 13 22-3 Core Room Trimmed By teams now remain tied for first' Optimists .... 151 005 02x 14 23-4 place in the loop as a result of Batteries Hudson and Lutz; 1 Rivals, 9 To 3, In Ohio the Idle Hour victory. Schroeder and Kramer. I Brass Loop Affray The Optimists slipped into a tie for the top post with the Mystic Idle Hour An R H Brass Finishers remain the only I R k Brass Finishers remain the only1 2 51 undefeated team in the Ohio Brass, I 11 Intramural leaue as a result of a 3 3 9 to 3 victo-y over the Core room, 32 42 last night in a loop affray. , 2 1: The Finishers pla3ed perfect ball, 21 to hang up their victory, commit1 21 ting not an error and turning Mile O 0(3, hits into the same number of runs. Brinley was on the mound for 16 211 the winners. He permitted but four R 11 small Mts. holding his opponents 2 3 scoreless after the second inning. a The Core room is in second, 2 2 place of the league, having been o 21 tied with the Finishers until the o 1I 1 2 defeat last night. That rivalry Is o 4, keen in the loop was attested i The Core room is In second, place of the league, having been tied with the Finishers until the, defeat last night. That rivalry Is , keen in the loop was attested last night when the losers would not , permit George Schafer to umpire the game because George is a, Brass Finish employe. And now the, Finishers are gleeful because they. won the game without their ow& umpire. i Score: , , fore Room AB. R. H. O. E. brim, ef 4010 0' Miller, 2b 3000 11 McKinley, ss 2110 01 Marr, 3b 3 0 1 2 11 Oimble, p 3000 01 1,,,neh, If 2100 01 Shea If 2100 0 Crumm. e 3 0 1 9 O. Zimmerman, rf 3000 01 . !Mystic Club 214 000 ito-12; Finishers are gleeful because they. cc . Two-base HitsWatkins, Davidson,' I won the game without their own! rt 1 Second Meet' Culp. Hower. i Three-base HitsIt. Porch' , J. Bene- Umpire. , i a l diet 2. I Score: ' - ' ,' 19t - I fore Boom lc More horses will be quartered at ;1VATCHING- THE' i 1 4: AB. R. H. O. .E.1 the lccal fairgrounds during the brim, ef 4010 0' week of Aug. 12 when the sec- Miller, 2b 3000 II or McKinley, is 2110 0113 end meeting for 1929 of the Mans- SCOREBOARD !Marl 3b 3 0 1 2. l' at field Driving Club is held, than at i I Oimble, p 3 0 0 0 01 ii, any time in the put since the Dr- ! If 11,,mch, It 4,-1 Shea 2100 01::: 2100 0 ganization of the race sponsoring! YESTERDAY'S HERO: Babe ceumm. e 3 0 1 9 0! te organizaticn. l Ruth, whose home runs in the sev- Zimmerman, rt 3 0 0 0 01 th This is the opinion voiced Fri- lentil and eight inning of the second Totals ' 25 3 4 zk 1 31a day evening by William A. Men- iNew York-Philadelphia game atl Brass Finish 1 A chan. secretary of the club, who is l New York gave the Yankees an even AB. It. H. G. A. E. tri guided to a no small degree by the break in the first two games of the BinleY P . 411030' Symsielt, lb 4 1 1 13 0 0 results of the current week at Lex- series. I Graboski, ss ,. 310040 ington where the first meeting of 1 . 'Men. 3b 3100401 the Grand circuit for the season' There were two on base both; gr31;311c-ikeret9b 3 o 2 000l( came to a close this afternoon. , !times and the six runs thus account- Cordey, rt 4 0 1 4 3 O. 411000; 'Eve4 owner and every driver I ed spelled the difference between &mum, e rtoetlienr It tit000l at the outset of the season thinks l letory and defeat. ' the Yankees 3 3 2 3 0 0' I cr 3 0 I his horse Is Grand circuit caliber:1 winning 8 to 3. The Athletics took, g 0 1 0 0; Menchan exp!alns. "He wants a 32 9 9 21 14 0, !the first game, 11 to 1, Lefty Grovel Totals - try at the 'big show' straight off 1 holding the world's champions to B Finish INNINGS i 021 104 1-9 1 and nothing can change him. He seven hits. , I care 810m .... 120 000 0-3, makes the try , and finds he is 1 ------- I Two-base hitsObr;:m, Graski, Bymjacking. Then he's glad t3 return , Washington rallied in the eighth sick' . , ,rn 1 Three-base httsMarr, Heller, Graski,, to the half mile ti:acks." I with three runs to win from Boston, co-r-ciy--. --- --- --- ----- --- Lack of horses was the only 5 to 4, at Washington. It was a L nipire---Blank. Modhammer. ; serious handicap of the June meet- I tough game for Ruffing to lose as ----- -, - - ----- lug of the Mansfield club and only' he allowed the Senators only five: four days of racing were possible ' hits , . because of the comparatively few 1 - 1 THE RULE IS! horses available. ' The Chicago Cubs dropped to see. ,, SARGE , il GEORGE NT ' During the winter months dozens ond place in the National league . - i , Golf T'rolessional ! of owners and trainers promised and were replaced at the top by the , I, local officials they would surely be Pittsburgh Pirates who beat the . here for the early meeting, but ICubs, at Chicago, 14 to 3. The 111-1 , the arrival of spring and the I rates scored four runs in the first,I i I opening of the Grand circuit caus- , seventh and ninth innings and two II i ed them to forget their promises I In the eighth. Hack Wilson hit hisli - and a'sure themselves they werc 1 sixth homer in four days and his 1 Aone 1 probably winners on the mile ovals 17th of the season for the Cubs ink The first week of the Grand the third inning but them was none ' , ( A t rk ile circuit has has been disheartening to on base. , ' 1 rim many and the coming week at 1 - . 1 ." INN , . Toledo w:11 be eveh more so. North Brooklyn finally turned the tables - fe41 7t ( kp 114.-- 1,t -, Randall and Kalamazoo will find 1 on Boston after three straight de- , .. 2o1 4.;!... del 1104,1further hopes shattered and by ifeats, winning a 15-inning battle, 7 -le time Aug. 12 date arrives there to 3. At the end of the first nine tle4 i - will be a gneral flood of stables 1 innings . both teams had one run C ., '6 - ( il n the direction of Mansfield 1 I and both scored two more in the which now is generally adjudged 12th roo yn ' B kl f - s our in the e loth i ...I to be the best half-mile track race clinched the game. .32lh-, 7 -: , . ..0 , . town in the country. 1...': - t- , The opinion of Secretary Men- I New York made it four straight ielf,,,c,,l., , , than is approved by President Roy at Philadelphia with an 11 to 5 de- ;''',I-z--I f-1i , -b'n 41 , R. Colwell, who spent several days cision over the Phil& Continuing ,I" ' , at the Lexington meeting and re- 'th 4 eir heavy hitting which has been ' r, ta' ' , . ; ,-1 ', 43,:,. $,.1. turned confident Mansfield's Aug- I the feature of the series. the Giants k , o t a l e d a safe blows off three Phil- it3i,,.4 . ,.f :tri"..7,,,-7';;: V ! :', 0 I ' ,; ust meeting will be the greatest t ,... in history here. - 1 adelphia pitchers. ;,,, M,... . !N y' - 1 '''..''' -i...,,:' 4'',1 I I : n . - I No other games were scheduled in k 0 e". ,.,,,, , I re' , t. THE MANSFIELD NEWS - SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1929. BUSS FINISHERS ITO START MONDAY EV A rally of four runs in the last ---- - 1 ulinULI I ' 1. 011-71S-11, ITIWINL,11-th EA V Ed' Inning gave the Idle Hour kitten-lin the Optimist victory. John slamt bailers a 16 to 12 victory over the banged five hits and scored four, olILIcRE BY "STEVE" STAHL Mystic club and an auspicious starti runs. His socks were a big assort- ; in the Y. M. C. A. club league. ment, there being two singles, a TOLEDO. June 22. Ht.rscroen The big race on the Thursday . , IL 0 0 u u u u, the July meeting. The second is 'night racing. Everything ' in fact- i second outdoors if permitted to use , 25342k113I a stake for three-year-old pacers 1 points to the most successful ram than a yard in a tenth of a second, hem. As a runner can cover more Brass Finish I A 13 pace and a 22-18 claiming an ' meeting ever held on the raging the answer is obvious. AB. rt. if. 0. A.E1 trot are also on the program. 'Grand. 411030 Mechanical devices to improve 1 41113 0 0 -----,------- s 31004 o performances are frowned upon by stow the A. A. U. If a vaulter showed up ri D --., 3020001 AN. and Junior Order with a pole which shot him into the air to a height of 15 feet or 1 401430 U.E. 411000 moo, , more, he would be promptly barred. 3 3 2 3 0 0 ,,,t . A catapult arrangement fastened to 30 0 1 ool( Jon Y. M. C. A. Club finny) the arm with which a weight man lot ffnnhoct thts tlicolle contllet nnt ha a a a. . a club lengths of the -margin and no nearer.the pin. No penalty is attached. You may drop it within the trap (2 club lengths from margin of water) or behind- the trap, taking a one stroke penalty. (One or a wined elle rule illuetrations by The Burke Gott Co. in the interests of true ,ortenianthip and better troosledge of god 'Wow Copyright 1929 by The Burke Gall Co. '- WILBUR HENRY TO COACH AT W. & J. Wilbur (Pete) Henry, Mansfield's most famous athlete. will Teturn to his first love. the schocl where he made his riam as the greatest tackle known to football Pe Le has just signed a contract to join the coaching staff of Washington-Jefferson college at Washington. Pa., this fall. According to the information released from the college head. quarters, Henry will be advi iory coach to the Presidents in football and will be head mentor in basketball and track . The all-time All-American tackle has been making his home in Mansfield this ear. He is at present the direcier ot the Mansfield Municipal playgrounds. Henry graduated from Mansfield ' high sehoel where he sparkled in all branches of athletics. He then entered W. and J. where his All-Atnerican fame overshadowed his promMence In basketball and track tle was ar also a st in those two sports despite the fact that the pidinarv fan is not cognizant a it. Henry t.lans to work with ,Manstield's playground3 all ry Wens to work with I summer before leaving for W. 1 bt cr. the two Gimbel lads will make ut) ield's playgrcunda all 1 and J. 1 AMERICAN LE AGUE Clubs, U. Av. L. pet. Mansfield m 's tea will be the same the rest of the garden tending crew. Philadelphia 53 41 I .745 es in the past. with the exception of 1 Barrett and Teevens, as usual, will r wilel LIFT rmrs mkTel 'New York 56 31 , 22 .607.Fred Schmuck who left for Maine make up the battery. TOLEDO NIGHT DRIVI I I ULMUV llikill I Uni V 111 1 v:gt U'atrotitnui' 1 n,L loNnn g 6517 3333 2,14 :333319 ---- ------- "-- -- -- 55 29 29 .4731 , . I HARNESS RACING mEETIoh.iror 611 22 19 .3671 51 21 33 .389 Soccer To Open in City' 59 19 49 .3221 1 I I Philade'lptiefrr 7111e7114osrk 1-9. I i Washington 5. Boston I. June 30 When Cleveland 1 i TO START MoNDAy EVE! Only frames scheduled. t . American Games Today J . are gathering at Fort Miami track program will be an early clos- for the opening of the Toledo ing event for 18 class pacers. A Driving club's June Grand Circuit 10 class pace, a late closing event. : session and incidentally the first gives every indication however of f , light harness horse race meet furnishing as much in the way I ever held - of compet:tion and more in the tinier artificial Mum' nation. way of speed than does the tea- : Over 600 horses are quartered at ture event. A 14 class trot and the local track and all the lead- ,tin 18-15 claiming trot round out . 1 ing trainers and drivers have as-Ahe card. Brooklyn 7, Bobton 3. 1 Pittsburgh 14. Chicago 3. I , sembled here for the meeting. Six While a stake for 'two-year-old Only games scheduled, 'nights of racing are listed on the trotters is the headline attrac- National Games Today. tireooklyn l :program for the week with four tion on the Friday night pro; at Boston. w York at Philadelphia. 'races scheduled for each night. :gram, a five class pace, featuring Pittsburgh at Chicago. I 1 Monday night, the opening night,such horses as ' Winnipeg, Bert St. Louis at Cincinnati. i of the week's meeting. has two Abbe, Widow Grattan, Prun Grat-I , feature eventsthe 12 class pace 'tan and Highland Scott,' gives race in which a great number of promise of being one of the best' the entries in the Toledo Classic events of the meeting. The other, and Kalamazoo derby. are slated two events on the program are' , spoRT , to match speed and the 22 classlan us class trot and a claiming i trot. In addition to these two:trot for horses that have never 1 Speaking I 'stake events. there will be an 18Iwon a race. ' , i J : trot and an 13 - 14 claiming pace. i For the grand finale on Sat-, I I ' A stake for :three-year-old trot-!urday night. a stake for 15 class 1 ters features the Tuesday nighttpacers holds the limelight. A 2,2; The Starting Blocks card. All the entries in this par-class pace, a 24 class trot and a' : ' ticular event are eligible to the122-18 claiming pace for horses There . is no doubt that the 1929 renewal of the Hambletonian! that are non-winners on the, starting blocks now in use by) and horsemen are manifesting:Grand Circuit, are also included many sprinters materially increase, considerable interest for that:on the bill of fare. I the runner's chances at the starti reason in this race. A 16 paced Seven of the stake ' events are of a race. The former system, still! . a two-year-old trot and a claim-I for purses of $2,000 with the one favored by the Amateur Athletic! : Union of starting from holes ing pace complete the program , exception being the : three-year- for the evening. I old pace feature. Late ' closing! scratched in the cinder path, did! i Two feature events are listed; events have purses ranging from' not provide the spring which an on the Wednesday bill. The first!$800 to $1,000. In all over $30,000 athlete gets off the blocks. - I Bob McAllister, veteran sprinter,' is a stake for 10 class trotters! will be given in purses during the' '' and is in the nature of a pre- I first week of Grand Circut racing whose best success has been in-1 liminary to the Hotel Secor at Fort Miami. . 1 doors, where starting ' blocks have, been in use for some time, says $2,5,000 stake. for 11 class trot-I Horsemen assembled here are 1 that he can Dick un a tenth of a tern whieh in tn ho '0,2 noel At1141, .Intl,1..1..ii. , s.- ..-.-.....----- ters which is to be raced duringlenthuslastic over 1 that he can pick up a tenth of a the Julv meetine. Thp senanti ic 1 nirht. rorthir, i c.,t second outdoors if permitted to use rop Y. M. C. A. Club Loop Affrays Last Evenhig Ohio Public Service and Junior Order teams of the Y. M. C. A.? i-,4----a111; ''-p41:', I.FORMER SOLDIER ACQUIRES .:44;;.,.....---!'..,,, ,-,:;,,.:. p-k.,,, de, -:---11,Ft ,,,,,,to r , ... , ,A ', ' . ,'" 4- ''-,L . , -,.--, ; RELIGION ,.., ' - 4q, . ' t RETURNS $20.43 7.-z-k-..,..,-, itt,t2. . -,,. 11,'. 7r'l- .' I WASHINGTOX, June 1.1---1-UPJ-- --z. ,, ,t,,,i4 -,- The United States Government is -----------7-132t-,,,, 71-''t:t,-, . , ,.: -,: , .., ,, ',- ; - iricher by $2043 because a former ;4-110.1---;-;-7;-:',;-'.--, ' - , ''-----,-;--.7:---- Ibuck private saw the error of his ---4 A . d,.. -- - ',7,;11:3"....---: , . , M''' - d's-- - ;',-,' -.. .. lual,s in the light of recently ac -.1 . - ........i-t,-'- .,....'-,-, -, ' let uire' religion. - ,-:-..-.140,f-flz.4:'''',. , ...:.,:-.--- ------,-;,,,,,-,''Ite4- --,, 1 A Cater to the War Department ,p'l, ri, -,---, - - ,,.,: , related a war time incident ir! !......2a.1:21,4..,ww --:....,..43-9,r,,m related a war time incident in ' which the soldier pilfered several pairs of Army shoes. Ms Situation: "The light I now have proves to A player's ball comes to rest in a , me that this Department must be pool of casual water. Must he play it !paid," said the letter enclosing a from its position? Is there a penalty for , money order. placing it elsewhere? The Rale Is: I I-Theodore B. McDonald, age If your ball lies in, or is lost in casual eighty-three, of Hamilton, O.. and water through the green, you rnay his brother Leroy, age eighty, of drop a ball ss near as possible to the I Gillette, Ark., are enjoying a re-spot where the ball lay and within two I union, the first in seventy-six club lenzths of the marcrin and en ! veers. They were senarated in years. They were separated In childhood and lived with aunts when their mother died. Both enlisted in the civil war, Theodore In the army and Leroy in the navy. In the years that followed each believed the other dead until about a year ago, when Leroy learned through the pension department that Theodore was living at Hamilton. Totals , O. P. 8. Co. I 103. R. 11. O. A. R.1 VIllela, 3h 421100, Lay. c, 2b ...... 6 2 2 6 0 0 Ilanathan, as 5 2 2 1 4 0 Leonard, c 2b 5 1 2 5 2 0 Osborne, cf . 6 0 3 2 0 11 Patterson, lb 5 0 3 8 0 0, Taylor. p , 501130 Russell. rt 110400 8neeringer. If .. 3 1 0 0 0 0 Kendall 101000 13butt 0100001 - Totala 41 10 15'28 9 11 Ports out. hit by batted ball In 4thl Inning. Batted for Sneeringer In ninth. 4Ran for Kenda:1 In ninth. It'a Men AB. R. H. O. A. E. Hartman, p, as 412141 Bloor, 3b 511420 Gaalasa, If 501300 Slough, 2b 5 0 2 2 2 1 Wolfe. et 524000 Warner, as, C 411300 Ports, c. p 302310 Bailey, lb ".. 4 1 1 10 0 0 Erns's. II 7 400110 Totals 39 0 14 27 10 2 INNINGS - 10. P. 6. Co 000 400 015-10 I ye Men 020 310 000 6 I Two-base hits Lay. Hartman. Slough, Ports. Double PlayaHanaman Leonard. 1Pattereon. Eases on ballaHartman 5, Ports 3. ' Taylor 3. Struck outHartman 0, , Porta 2, Taylor S. 'Ming pltcher Porte. UmpireMcQuillen. ScorerVan Tilburg. ed. EYSTONES SUN COLUMBUS COLORED STARS AT DAVEY FIE LD FOR T IF F New York 58 32 Philadelphia 54 23 Brooklyn 58 23 Boston 55 22 Cincinnati 50 20 National Results with a pole which shot him into the air to a height of 15 feet or more, he would be promptly barred. A catapult arrangement fastened to the arm with which a weight man launches the discus would not be tolerated. The argument is advanced by advocates of the starting blocks that they are as fair for one as for another. which is no argument at all. If a runner were permitted to take off from the top of a din , - - - -- -- ---1 Woerth Chapman and Dung lea- i 4,13..0 1..1,& AL VAAL WM WI, tured with the long hits ,O L 0 1,11., ' Club league slipped into a tie for ar ' - 1 ing-room table he might get the ' , second place by winning victories;1 ' each col- I Jump on his opponents. If all the ecting a homer as well as other over rivals last night. t I hits of variety I runners took off from table tops, i The O. P. S. team drubbed the Y's . ' . cores: f it wouldn't be a 100-yard dash un- PP 1 Men, 10 to 6, while the Junior Or- der the former meaning. AB. R. K O A B Jr. der trimmed the "Caseys", 11 to 6. Order I A wind at the back favors one , . . ' The O. P. S. outfit waited until Doric p 2 4 3 3 . o' runner as much, as the next. but 1 the last inning to put away wet rtaalck, 311 2 3 2 2 o! A. A. U., records are made under game. It was a pinch hitter whol ebsoi c nan. If 32 43 31 01 00. strict conditions and only are per- started the Service men on tileirl Dalton. 85 1 2 1 4 o! mitted when a favoring breeze ! victory. Kendall, batting for 1 Lls8ttri tir, cill b . . ' 1 4 1 3 1; blows at no more than three miles ' Sneeringer, singled and started the ft. Freeman, rt 0 4 7 1 0, 0 3 1 1 o per hour. Otherwise. records would team on a five-run rally which the 1 W. Freeman, 2b o i 2 3 0' be created which would unfairly de. , Y's Men were unable to overcome' Totals 53 11 28 27 18 I prive great athletes of the past of , in their half of the ninth. their place in the record books. . I Osborne, Bailey and Wolf were; K. of C.. The Nek(4 1 Case 1 AB the hhining lights of the affray for Stabh, 85 R H. 0 A It i -I 2' -3' -i -1 "If Prank Nekola really signed i the O. P. S. ,Oakes 3b 5 2 4 1 3 1 an agreement to pitch for the i Woerth, lb 5 2 4 7 4 0, New York Yankees," writes J. J. I Two big innings by the Junior Kampf, 2b 503130 i Order team gave them victory. They; Gerber, It 3 o o 2 2 0: i batted around in both the fifth and la 1141 :tor 'Pi: I I ' c It 5 o 1 1 1 0 O'B. from Boston, "why didn't make him a professional and bar ' Marshall, 0 4 0 0 2 2 0, him from intercollegiate baseball?" sixth for a quartet of tallies in' each' 4 1 2 1 3 1; The facts in the Nekola case 1 frame to down the "Caseys" who Bn.0 rmo 1,rasi 400300'' , are mercifully obscure. It seems ' got the Jump which they couldn't,' Totals INNINGS40 a le 21 20 3; that the New York Yankees were . hold. - i qde 1 The winners slammed Durnwalt! ' 'I. r r 010 OH 002-10 ready to swear . that they had . f it wouldn't be a 100-yard dash un- AB. H. H. sn, A.B.! Jr. Order 1 der the former meaning. A wind at the back favors one 2 4 2 3 a runner as much, as the next. but 2 3 2 2 0! A. A. 1.1. recordS are made under 2 3 3 0 0 strict conditions and only are per 34110 1 2 1 4 o! mitted when a favoring breeze 1 4 1 3 1; blows at no more than three miles ' 00 43 71 1 001 per hour. Otherwise. records would 113 0 1 2 3 0' be created which would unfairly de. 53 11 28 27 18 1 prive great athletes of the past of AB. R. H. O. A. E. . their place in the record books. K. of C. The Neic(11 Case 5 1 2 3 2 1 If Prank Nekola really signed s 2 4 1 3 1 an agreement to pitch for the 5 2 4 7 4 04 New York Yankees," writes J. J. 5 5 3 1 3 I). O'B. from Boston, "why didn't ... 3 0 0 2 2 0 5 0 1 1 1 0 make him a professional and bar 444 001 002 321 032 01 0 1 t him from intercollegiate baseball?" . The facts in the Nekola case . are mercifully obscure. It seems 40 a le 21 20 3; that the New York Yankees were nri,G8o10 OH 002-111 ready to swear . that they had - --- K. of C. - 101 626 5013--01 no agreement with the Holy Cross all over the lot for 28 hits wh:le the Two-base hits Dung, Mace, Woerth: pitcher, thus protecting him against I.C. of C. sluggers were not a bit 2, 0akea. Stash. Kampf 'backward themselves in the smack-I 1 lng of the pill. They connectod for, 1 i16. ig Rses Three-base hitsFalk flung. i Home runsWoerth, Chapman, Dia- should be brought. Judge Landis es of I professionalism if such isn't in the habit of going off . R on ballsDurnwalt 2. flung 1, tsatfa"nUaA 1,11 tha an,vntniceinsnale ;;:- 13-iii-ia-i;ni::-.7ini-rri i',1:;;0;;NaTeri5. L'i half-cocked, but the commissioner I is not infallible. ,1ri O. P. 8. Co. 13 . R. II. O E A Landis naturally has no interest A . . . I nets, 3h 4 2 1 1 0 0 Nekoices professionalism as it ly. c. 2b . ...... 6 2 2 6 o o would anply to college bseball. His inane!), ss 5 2 2 1 4 0 only interest is in straightening onard, C. 2b 5 1 2 5 2 0 orne, cf 0 3 2 0 1 out possible disputes between ball o . 6 1 Ltterson. lb 5 0 3 8 0 0, clubs over the services of the able iyior. p , leeringer. If 35 : 01 0 young lef 'melt. rf 110400 01 03 0t, hander. The judge. of course. loves exploding "bomb-Kendall r o I o o o shells" better than anything else Shutt 40 1 I; 0 0 on the world, and he may have To 110tals '29 9 1 i thought he was touching one off ,Ports out. hit by batted ball in 4thi when he told Nekcla's agreement fling. with the Yankees. Batted for Sneeringer in ninth. ,4Ran for Kends:1 in ninth. Cherches the Father It now appears that Nekola's It's Men 412141 AIL R. H, O. A. E. father may be the dusky person Inman, p, sa in the woodpile. Paul Krichell, a nor, 3b tales if 55 01 I. 43 0 02 01 Yankee scout. is said to have 5 o 2 2 2 1 Dugh. 2b bound the boy to the New York olle. cf 5 2 4 0 0 01 club when Frank was still in Evanarner, as, C 4113001 der Childs High School. The sum Ins, C. p r. lb .... 43 III ? 103 01 the 001 of $500 is renorted to have cholla- use, II 400110 ed hands, although Frank himself Totals 7 1 is said to have refused to accept 39 6 14 27 10 2' it. - . INNINGS The other clubs which sought P. IL Co 000 400 ois--ro Nekola's senrices are disappointed 8 Men 020 310 000 8, at this evidence of Yankee fore- Two-base hits Lay. Hartman.1 Dugh, Ports. Double Playsllansman.. Leonard.1 sileigifht'n boutilltifsairll.the youngster him-, I 5, Ports 3. It is estimated that rayon manuPorts 2, factures during the coming year will be more than twelve times the amount of bilk goods manufactur the line-up of the locals who are rounding one of the best class A soccer teams of Ohio into shape. The German Sports have been one big hump which the locals could not cross in past meetings of the two teams. There have been spoRT NEVI INESTBADOK TEAM Speaking CIIIISINS COMMENT Westbrook Country club's new representative team is causing comment in southwestern division of the Cleveland golf district, The locals wth four new faces in the line-up, last Tuesday surprised by Bus Tappan. popular Mansfield athlete, will travel to Norwalk to-1 morrow for a special nine-hole match with Walter Snook, of that city. I - AMERICANS IN FINALS I PO LONDON, June 22 --(11152Once'sil again a European tennis tournament Is featured by an All-Amen-CO , can final as Bill Tilden and Franels Hunter leaders in the United w, States tennis lists, meet for the, Queens club championship here today. I ' LEXINGTON CLASS TO ENTESTAIN The Gleaners class a the Christian church will ho:d an ice cream social one the lawn at the church Thursday evening, June 27. Every. body is welcome. Music will be an attraction for the evening. -- a MIS FLAYS AT NORWALK BY LES CONKLIN I NEW YORK. June 22 (INS)--Withi "fair and warmer" predicted by the weather man. baseball's all. time attendance record of 85.65 cash customers for a single day may go by the board this afternoon when the Athletics and Yankees square off at Yankee! stadium for the second doubleheader of their all-important ser-; les. A reFord week-day crowd of; 70.000 persons. including 66.145 paid admissions. saw the rivals for the American league pennant bat-t, tie to an even break yesterday.; The Mexican stand-off was a rnor-; al victory for the Mackian maul-I ers, who put the burden of proof even more heavily upon the champions, and a personal triumph for Babe Ruth. The feat of that in-1 teresting invalid in twice pulling; the hit-and-walk play saved his mates from utter rout and thrilled' thousands of fans who are ex-J pected to make the turnstiles at a record speed today. The rival mound aces won yesterday, Lefty Grove breezing to an 11 to 1 landslide in the opener and Waite Hoyt negotiating an 8- to 3 win in the nightcap. Today the rival pilots will shoot their; right bowers. Walberg and Pipgras.; The other hurlers probably will be Zachary or Heimach and Quinn; Or moll. Ruth's feat in driving in seven runs with a pair of homers and a; single yesterday was a rarity but not a record. Al Simmons also hit two homers and six other bingles.d but drove in only five tallies. In the National league the Fir- i' 1 PA GE FIFTEEII s A 7 r ) 11 - , -. Biggest Crowd of Season Expected To View Sports , T "- it i I t. N Club League Do Battle With Ohio State Colored Champions . .,,,,ot. "FAb,,, ... I ' Kitt e nball , Tomorrow At 3 P. M. vz- f,,,,, Results Last Night 4 , ' 'VOL i , With good weather beng promised, the Gimbel Sports are get., ' , I Idle Hour 16; Mystic Club tirg ready to receive the biggest, crowd of the year at Davey field vot i 12. tomorrow afternoon when the Columbus Keystones, colored cham- K. of C. 6; Junior Order pions Of Ohio, do battle with the locals. ' II. The game tomorrow is creating more interest than any previous - -,4 .04,-, t Y's Men 6; O. P. S. 10. one booked at Davey lot this year. The reputation of the Key., -,..,,,4wvs4''''' ' . stores is well known here. The Columbus aggregation is one of the t. N Standing outstand'ng in the nation and is now dickering for a series with the N . Team W. L. Pct. reputed Homestead Grays for the national colored championship. , 0, Mystic Club .. .3 1 .751 The Keystone boast of several O----- -- 3 1 .750 players who are good enough for the ,- O timists s . b. barriers Among their stars is Womack. big leagues, racial bi in where he will vacation. Fred' Place erven- tI , , Op 1 . .667 m . P. S. I in right field will be filled by Char- .e first baseman who m the last game 11 Snyder. "d, Junior Order 2 1 .667 K. of C. 2 2 .500 banged out two homers. He has a One lad who is getting primed to Idle Hour 2 2 ,500 penchant for slarriming 'em out of play harder than ever is Osborne. , Ys Men 1 3 .250 the park and he usually does at shortstop. He has played against W Amimans 0 4 .000 lease once per game. I?, Keystone a number of times and ' ' I Moore. the second baseman, is tin..! hi knows what kind of assignment other socket of repute. He earned that is. He states the Keystones are o his spurs with the Homestead Grays every bit as tough as the Cubans of tl'ILBUR (PETE) HENRY BASEBAL L and then drifted to Ohio. Holt. an last Monday. outfielder. Kerner. catcher, Wil- Dailey, Beck and Perrine will corn-hams, outfielder, are others of call- plete Mansfield's classy infield while summer before leaving for W. ber. , ,the two Gimbel lads will mike u and J. club& n AMERICAN LEAGUE 1 Mansfield's team will be the same the rest of the garden tending crew. I 11 It Liftlth I LA V LA' - American Games Today. ' Detroit at Cleveland. . 1 Chicago at St. Louis. , Philadelphia at New York (2 games). German Sp orts Play e big race ,on the Thursday NATIONAL LEAGUE , gram will be an early clos- Clubs. G. W. L. Pct. Soccer will see an auspicious & Here Il event for 18 class pacers. A Pittsburgh 56 35 21 .625 Chicago Si 34 21 .618 c. start in Mansfield a week from I exactly three games played between class pace, a late closing event. St. Louis 60 35 25 .5811 the two and all three times the I Cleveland Teutons have copper!. Sunday at the East Mansfield ,s P very intlirAtinn hnwesuor nf ,..L.. v...., .- .. .. .. ... , fit.1,4 Irharo PM 0 Ma utsr'n kiritorq L. Pct. 1 Soccer will see an auspicious 2n! 625 start in Mansfield a week from I exactly three games played between " '618 25 .5831 Sunday at the East Mansfield the two and all three times ths 24 WI ; field where Pete MaYer's kickers I Cleveland Teutons have copped. 31 .420 oppose , the German Sports, of Plans for the soccer season lid 33 AllCleveland. in the first game of lifting are being made on a IONO 33 .400 36 .337 1 the season. I scale by the management of ths ineni kirkprs. "MA...LAM . National Results Several changes will be made in 1 local kickers. , New York 11, Philadelphia 5. the line-up of the locals who are Mayor Arliss F. Porter has Brooklyn 7, Boston 3. Invited to make the initial kic ' Pittsburgh 14. Chicago 3. rounding one of the best class A : Only games scheduled, soccer teams of Ohio into shape. while the city councilmen National Games Today. ' The German Sports have been been invited as the guests of I , Brooklyn at Boston. tina hit" hilmrt trhiph ha Inralc or. Invited Mayor Arliss F. Porter has beer ted to make the initial kickoff ounding one of the best class A --v- ;oceer teams of Ohio into shape. while the city councilmen have The German Sports have been been invited as the guests of hon. me big hump which the locals or. !ould not cross in past meetings; This game with the Cleveland team will not be a league affray if the two teams. There have been as the Sports are ton-members. It is a warm-up affray before the KSTBAgo TEAM locals start their league season in the Akron - Canton-Youngstown IK loop to which they have Just made IS CA IJSINS COMMENT The big game will also serve to entrance. give soccer a flying start after a Iseason of worse than ordinary. soe- Westbrook Country club's new cer here. In 1927 and 1928 soccer epresentative team is causing corn-1 was booming here. chiefly because cent in southwestern division of ttrhael loochatols lweaegreuewtinitnleisn.g.,Atnhde Cethen; be Cleveland golf district.. The ocals wth four new faces in the the league disbanded lowing the ine-up, last Tuesday surprised by city without organized play. ying the Spring Valley team 11 up. At nnrP th Manstiplet tn,n, m.t,- At once the Mansfield team man s.... ...- --------- --....--- The feature of the match weal ag-a-m- ant petitioned . other leagues the playing of the three youngsters, for entrance. The A-C-Y league Bob and Dwight Lynch and Jones I finally accepted the Hilly' City Dwight Lynch was the hero of the but could not permit the Marusliaid match. After 4ing dormie three, Kickers to engage in real league he shot under par for the last games which count in the standing three holes to win his match andi until this season which gets under gave the team a tie in the meet. 1 Way withrn the next month. . The new Mansfield team is made' up of D. B. Chapman, Bob Lynch,' ' B. Barnes. Dwight Lynch, A. al I I La , Schwab, H. Jones. Leading Hitters National League !Player and Club AB R Pet 0 Doul. Phila, 55 210 M 87 .397 !Terry. NM. York 57 239 42 23 .389 Brooklyn 55 229 40 87 .380 Roush, New York 54 228 43 85 .r76 Frisch. St. Louis 60 240 48 PO ..171 !Klein. Phila. 55 224 52 83 371 Leader a year ago todayliornaby. Boston All. American Leatue .Fruvr. Phila. 55 210 47 84 CA Simmons. Phila. 51 205 40 IP .385 !Lasseri New York 56 211 32 81 281 100chrane, Phila. 55 205 51 78 .380 ,Manush. $t. Louis 57 236 38 89 .377 Leader a year ago today, Ooslin. Washington .438. LATON1A DERBY TODAY. COVINGTON. Ky., June 22 BM) A field of 10 horses in overnight entries was listed for the forty-seventh running of the Latonla derby today. Clyde Van Dusen, Kentucky derby winner, and African were top-heavy favorites. If Clyde Van Dusen finishes first in this event he will enrich his owners by $25000 in added money in addition to a $5,000 bonus: WHO WON BIG LOOP GAMES AND WHY! ates slaughtered the Cubs. 14 td 3, taking the league away from the Bruins. Grimes 'recorded his eleventh win for the Bucs and Mack Wilson of the Cubs contributed his seventeenth homer. which was his sixth four-bagger in four days. By taking their fourth straight game from the Phi Ilies, 11 to 5, the Giants advanced to within lefs than a, game of the third. place Cardinals. who were play. ing an exhibition contest. Bressler's homer in the fifteenth climaxed Brooklyn's 7 to 3 victory over the Boston Braves, who had trimmed the Robins three straight. Brooklyn regained sixth place while Boston dropped to seventh. Charley Buffing of the Red Sox held Washington to five hits but lost, 5 to 4. OBORN BROS. SERVICE' D. D. Oborn C. L. born 63 N. Franklin Expert Service On Oakland. Pontiac, Graham Paige. Packard, Marmon. Hudson, Essex. Expert Repair Service On All Makes PROMPT COURTEOUS CAREFUL ATTENTION GIVEN EACH AND EVERY REPAIR JOB. GIVE US A TRIAL ' SPRING 3308 II -4.04 a IC ( ' ii I( ti A In rn tiC CC In ba M, in PI ha , on tel phi th f ch 14 f ei be th, ' ' to dic be: bat sat of the we cric f lel an3 gar org '1 da) cha gut( rest ingt the can at I his Mel try and mat to t seri( lug foui beci hor: Di , of I, loca her( the opez ed and 1 prop TI circ, mar TM ,...... r Iolomv.......A.,....mwommomel,....m... .... , .te.',:,:..i:,, , ,. I i,,,s:A.,,v . "Tit,.. , ..i.,-9.4 4k1,,,,i, .... , N (... I : ', 4::,..,..,",k4k 1 : 1 : , 4,, T. : .."". ' , I 1 '. ...': ; :.' - 1,4., ,..,"-' ' :: ..k,.6.. .,: , t,4'.keV,..r ' "7:N , ' .- ., . . , . .. , , ..., . . . . . hk. : i . 0 . ! )11 , , i17ll P .)( 674 4 0 . rns A I (,, , ,, , c Ar ,;(,,,kA V4,' ,,, , , , ! ci' t-,,,,, ,i, ,,... ,, r , i Xi ! ilik::i. , - . .. ,' . ,,,... 't-- ,, , I c., ,, ' I :r 4 l'',-01' 1:!.,',..)-r ,,. --- . 01 ,. ,a7 . , . . ;- ,).'" '; 2 I ,,,. ., k 4', .,., '-'i''-' -- ,:--i-i 1 , 4.4 - i,,.7,-';- ,-: '1 ,. .,,,,iss-.",.,:e.. ,. 4, ' y).::,-';,4::.,11. ' ), I 4t, 1 , '","::-',':: I- 3 r..,7:- . IA .:1,,,,:' r', 11 : - ,:: ......,.,,F 4,...171,' ,;.,,,,.. 1,.. - ', - ,.,.. I i' 16 -c: ,,-.:;ih y, ,,, ,.,,t. 4-, ,..,,... ,,,,,,, iF.:1- -, 1 ! ....,,,,,;,.,, ,,,, ,.,:--,.,.,,,,,,,,,a,. I ' i .....,",': - : '' : ' ;---- ,;.'',.: ,:,.1-'1 1 1 ,":7---...)!!r!':;:. Ink AT UR. 4

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