Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 22, 1964 · Page 13
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 13

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1964
Page 13
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NFL Bid Grid NEW YORK (AP) - The pro football World Series is not just around the corner. In fact, we may have a man on the moon first. The latest attempt to get the two leagues together was turned down flatly by the National Football League. Commissioner Pete Rozelle wired an official of the National Broadcasting Co. that "the NFL has no interest in your publicized proposal." NBC had offered to donate ed about a game with the AFL appeared antagonistic. The NFL recently sold its television rights for the next two league championship games to Columbia Broadcasting System for $1.8 million a year. Previously it had sold TV rights of its "Any time pro football wants to attain the high level of major league baseball the leagues have got to meet headon," Foss said. "I think it's a terrific idea." In turning down the proposal, llozelle said the league had made plans several weeks ago, -_ -- — — with the Kennedy family for par-1 regular season games to ticipation in the Memorial Li-1 for two years at $14.1 a year brary Fund. He pointed out that '' The AFL, now working on the the fund would share in receipts last year of a TV contract with of an exhibition game between j the American Broadcasting Co., Philadelphia and Detroit at Phil-i has sold its games for he five . . . . r . -.„ ' _._ ._ _/ !!__• :,* incfi ti\ i\,inf' $500,000 to the Kennedy Memo- adelphia Aug. 23. years starting in 1965 lo NBC An informal sampling of opin- for a total of $36 million. rial 'Library Fund for television ion. as the NFL owners com- The NFL's answer lo NBC rights to an all-star game be- pleted their annual spring meet-: was given in a telegram by twcen the NFL and the Amen- ing and headed for home Thurs- Rozellc and was read to the club can Football League. day, indicated the latest propos-; owners. AFL Commissioner Joe Foss al had ruffled some feathers, ! "There was no vote, said wired his acceptance from the i Nobody wished to be quoted but Rozelle. "But you can say I was < league meeting in Kansas City, i some who had been open mind- speaking for the owners.' , ' Rozelle suggested the clubs; ! give all players $6 a day for in- j cidental expenses, in addition to • room and board, during thci nine-game training and cxhibi-| I lion game season. The players i I had asked an increase from $50 > I to $100 for each game. The own- • iers eliminated the $50 a game iciicated they with the $6 a run Dark Names Mays S.F. Team Captain FftlDAY, MAY 12, 1964, Lake Charts Affitficaq Press Duden Takes Memphis Lead 1 MEMPHIS (AP)-Bob Duden Satur : hasn't won a golf tournament in 14 years on the pro circuit, but you wouldn't believe it after his last 36 holes. will with ay's round. The low 60 in Sunday's final round |7,SOO going to the winner. anybody," he said. Duden drove the 291-yard par 4 No. 10 green, lulled for a birdie. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) "Willie Mays, as far as I'm concerned, is managerial material," said San Francisco Giants Man- ,_...., of the time, a team captain is closer to the players than is the manager. He knows better how the fellow, are feel-1 ^ V( ?S b S ga ™' s " ager Alvin Dark in naming the ...„. star center fielder as the club's' Dark said Mays has been the field captain. team leader even without title Dark wouldn't expand his j in recent years, adding, "Some- comment on managerial polen-1 limes he's a leader without even Hal yet the possibility exists that opening his mouth. The other the 33-year-old Mays might even-1 fellows look to him lo lead He tually become the first Negro to • takes charge, manage in the major leagues. "I've thought aboul naming In appointing Willie captain on . him captain a long time and de- Thursday, Dark said, "I put a , cidcd to do it. He is as dc SHE SHOT SIZZLER—Rulh Jes. sen of Bonsall, Calif., shot an amazing seven-under-par 64 for a record score in the Dallas Civilan Women's Open Thursday, taking a ihree-slroke lead- after the first round of lha 513,500 tournament. (AP Wirephoto). SPORTS CALENDAR Jessen's Record 64 Leads Civitan Dudin, weighing 155 pounds, 1 fancie i himself as a woods golf- The veteran from Portland, j er. "I can hit as long_ as most ,0're., who uses his bent-shaft putter like a croquet mallet, has everything but a hole-in-one to > then his credit. Duden had a 68! : Wednesday, including a double j eagle, an eagle and a triple bogey. That was only a preview. Duden fired a five-under-par 65 Thursday and took the first round lead'in the $50,000 Memphis Open Golf Tournament. He had five birdies and 13 par holes. Trailing the '13-year-old Duden by one stroke with 60s were prc-tournamcnt favorite Arnold Palmer, Gene Littler, Gay Brewer and young Paul Bonde'^son. Bruce Devlin, Mason Rudolph and Doug Sanders were bunched at G7. , Defending champion Tony Lt'ina, his ailing back much improved, had a 68. Jack Nicklaus, unable to recover from n double bogey firl hole, shot a 520-over- ipar 72. In all, 33 goiters broke par over the 6,466-yard, par 34-3670 Colonial Country Club course. There were 15 others bunched at 70. The first cut will be made today with the low BO going in TODAY FOOTBALL: LaGiange spring gamr. Gator Stadium, 7:30 p.m. .TOMORROW BANQUET: McNeese All-Sports Banquet, Country Club, 7 p.m.; Washington Athletic Banquet, cafeteria, 7 p.m.; Mossville Athletic Banquet, cafeteria, 8 p.m. Thursday, Dark said, "I put a ; cidcd to do it. He is as deserving lot of importance on this job." as any man to be given high It hasn't been filled since the honors. I never saw a more do- present manager served as the ' serving fellow." Giants captain from 1950 until 1956 under Leo Durocher. Mays commented, "I'm very proud to be captain." Asked about any managerial aspirations, he answered, "It's loo early to think about managing. I hope I have four or five more years of playing before T think about managing." Acutally, the appointment only ShteMSfhls&otag u^have-bWlined'up tor guest Stephen I n5 WalJJ for vearT primarily ! lecture appearances at the fifth be the opening day ±v nJ y .hp ouS£ aii " Lial ^ >Nccse state Collc8 ° on baskctha|! - F " jo!hal1 a)acho ; oSnLilSs coaching clinic this summer, will speak on June 1!) and TT-all Dart of the maturity The football and basketball through noon on June 20. he's developed since joining the instructional clinic for slate. Paul Davis of Mississippi McNeese Lists Lecturers For Annual Coaching Clinic DALLAS (APi-Ruth .lessen'the girls ol Ihe tour will try to shot a sevcn-under-par 64, the i show they can do just as well lowest round ever for the Dallas with a longer course. Miss Jcs- Civitan Open Golf Tournament, j sen, however, said she thought It was jus! one of a dozen sub- , jl .might be a good idea to do par rounds, all made possible, this on all the courses, largely by movement of the tee > "The girls would have a bel- marke'rs 'in such a way that 302 ( C r chance against Mickey yards were cut from the Glen'Wright," said the blonde Miss Lakes Country Club course. It Jcsscn. was trimmed "to 5,936 yards. Mickey Wright is the all-time The ladies PGA didn't like it w j lincr j n women's golf and is THE LEADERS Hob Ouden iiH'JJ Paul Bondcson 33-33—«6 Arnold Palmer "i! 1 "?? Gene Littler 32 3*—M Gay Brewer 32-34—oft Bruce Devlin 35-32—67 34-33—c7 32-35-47 35-33—A8 34-3.1-68 Mason Rudolph Doug Sanders . Jerr Edwards rry wie Howie Johnson ......... „-. -•• -Tony Lema ..................... 34-34 — 68 Phil Rodncrs ................... tt' 3 ?-*!! Art Wall ........................ 34-34-68 Jim Ferrce 33-35-48 jim rt-iii-v «, ,r, Fred Marti 34-34—48 Torn Monow 34-35—69 Tommy Boll 35-34—69 Bob McCalllstcr 33-36—69 Frank Bcanl 36-33—*» Tommy Jacobs 36-33—49 Billy Casper 34-35—69 v but will recognize the 64 as sce kj ng j icr fifth victory of the equalling the all-time record set ,, cai . tierc as s | ie g ocs after her Coaches from the Southeast at Oklahoma State University .Campbell, who coaches detcn- ;by PaUy B erg al. Richmond, , nvn ,. CC()ri | of |jj tournament . _ . t f* I' t ji • I I ill tl f ~^ '^' ~" *'""" f «•»•** rt*» I c i urt /it^rl ci o flfl 11!"»<.» iMlf L*C fnt' lllP i"1 _ t * f I ^nPO FT*!. *-, I ^mitn A i trtc* r>ma anue umvuisuv , wim|.iuuM. «uu \.UCH,IH.J ^-^i. D y ^guy ucrg ai. mcninunu, (nvn record 0. Stejshens, former | sive ends and Jinebacks for the calif., in 1952. That gave Miss. (l .j um|) |, s F. Austin coach, will national champion University of ,j csscn a three-stroke lead in > . , r ipcninp day lecturers Texas Longhorn:;. first round of the $13,500 lour- Miss^ VVr Bob Roshurg Pete Flomlmj . Chuck Courtney - 34-35—o9 3534—69 3136—69 ................ «.. v« ». David Bolns ................... 33-.1A— 49 Gaylon Simon .................. 36-33—49 Georoe Archer ................. 35 34— 6S Sam Carmlchacl ............... 35-34 — 4S Jerry Plllmon ................. 35-34—49 Mlkn Souchak .................. 34-35—49 Mnrty r-urcjol 3633-49 Longhorn:;. first round of the $13,500 loin Making a special appearance nev «InrSTiir-undcr-iyir 70 Thurs- lor a lecture on June in will be However. Ihe original mark- M'°' a om-uncici pat /» nuis Ravford LeBlanc of Lafayette ers will be returned today and day as she opened her bul lor High School, the 1963 Southwest Bob Goalby 34-35—49 lionet llrbPfl 37-37—49 I Bill Collins 36-33—49 • , ,. „ I Dulf Lawrenie 36-34—70 it IS ULMCIiaing . Jerry Stnelsmlth 34-36-70 the Civilan and kL.? e \ 5 . e Jl n . k £2t 7 ,2 ave Marr 35-35—70 VIP ^ rtpvpionp.u since luimnu me u ion u^i I^HL, , >.•>»"- ,^. ~-.-— - — — •-- ,, - - o - - - rianu. in 1951 as the exhuber- high school coaches is schcd- ; State University, the Southeast- Louisiana Coach of the Ycar. . C 'I ant iucaky-voiced "Say Hey" ulcd June 18-20. All lectures will 1 ern Conference Coach of the Davis - , cclui . p t 0 p j c s arc LOVef JDO//S PL' ' ' be held in the air-conditioned Year in 1963, will speak on Ihe -philosophy of Offense and Sets *~ . .; , _ l.-'ll !,„ n Unii-mi iM/.Yonun ur-ipnpp MIlHiinrilllTI offfinsivfi nliaSG C't tOOtball. DC- !!,'„„„, dm "l BV.i'1-nalinn " "irvn. M _| j^, -, ft- ._ '_ Djfl only 27 putts Ja * H*? rl Now, also, he'll be a liaison man between the team and the manager. As Dark observes, "A McNecse science auditorium. offensive phase of football. DC- Sam Aubrcv, assistant coach fense will be clisrusscri by Mike Harrington }°Y™f. Slate Final Fires 631 Saturday In Bowling her fourth straight tournament championship. Miss Jcssun .... on her round lo indicate that low scores can be shot on Glen , Lakes, regardless. Pulling is not __..._.. __ COLLEGE PARK, Md. (API concerned with distance on the "Pass Defense vs Pro Sets and —Pancho Gonzalez' comeback course Motion," "Overshifl De fense attempt was thwarted when the , ] n second place as the lourna- Variations" and "D e f e n s e veteran professional lost lo Ron |mcnt moves into its second Drills." Laver 6-2, JO-8 Thursday night ! round are Judy Torlucmke, a 35-35—71 35-35-7 34-36—70 37-33—70 Ken^VeriViirT'.'r.'. '...'. 36 34—70 Gardner Dickinson 37-33—70 3 hilosophy From the 1 Formation," "Execution of Plays" and "Pass Offense." Campbell's topics arc Harold Knee 34-34—70 nuiuiu r\Mcri.c in*uv—~f u Ron Lotclller 34-36—70 Dick Howcll 34-34—70 EDWIN ARNOLD Sulphur Ace Arnold To Join Pokes SlJLPHUR (Spl.l - Sulphur t|ita|rlcr mile and relay star Edwin Arnold has joined the growing list of McNcesc Stay e sigjiecs after penning a grant-in- aid contract with Cowboy coach Charlie Kuehn here Thursday. Arnold's signing marked the thifd frosh prospect Kuchn has brought into Ihe corral this sea sort, having previously signed Southeastern High «80 ace Bob by Felder and Vinton hurdler Roger Bartec. Arnold was a remarkably con sisjtenl performer all season lor Sulphur and clirinxcd a I i n c scflson by placing second m the District 2-AAA meet an I fourth inl the slate meet HC was awarded the Sulplun •pprtsmanship Irophy in trac 1 . atj the school's recenl nthlelir bqnqiiel. rs. -, - , Recistr-ition for the baskel- '» ltlc six -day professional ten- comparative newcomer to the a ii nnrHnn nf ilm i-tinip is nis tournament at the Univer- 1 tour, and Carol Mann, who won all poilion ol tne <-" nic b ball portion scheduled from 8-9:30 1 June 18. Lectures will If You Didn't Buy It At HOKUS POKUS , , sjly of Mary , and- lne Wcslcrn Opcll lh | s ycar . ' Laver, Grand Slam amalcur ; They had 07s. Louise Suggs, three-time win HONOR ROLL JI5 LINES, port Harrington 230. Ernest «M 9 SER°ES? ta'rl Harrington 631 Women Cor., R . The last of three tennis clin- and runners-up in each division . j im r! ic. ueciurus win ui^m . • "» n tr.iwl ics sponsored by the La k e; will receive trophies and med- ( immediately following registra- |Winn .p "\ f JM \ c ""*, Charles Jaycees 'is slated Sat- j als. tion and continue through 4 ^to,-" over Conzale" urday at 3:30 pm at the Mc-i The tournament, winners will p.m. Lavbr ^ ^ jn hjs Neese State i ,,.ii ijtlvt-i llvVUl tj ciui;vt in 1110 • courts. represent Lake Charles in the: Friday's schedule calls for. baltle wilh lhe 3C . y ear-old Con- i Rulh Je ,,en T ". "*""?.... u-n-64 ein" held in s t a I e Jaycce tournament in, football registration from 8-8:4o ! za | e/ attempting a comeback ! J^y toroiucmke ll'y^tt tournament i June - Slatc tourne . v winners will i a.m. Lcs DeVall, McNeese i aftcr almosl a three-year layoff.' ft"*™°Hw*'\\\\\""""':::. .n-37-A8 jllece courts represent Louisiana in the na- head coach, will introduce the Andres Gimeno of Spain also, \^ y ^ihU".':::::::::::: w'^a tional tournament in Minnea- lecturers at 9 a.m. and they nHv:inppH wiih n 4-r. i;.:i fi-i sono™ Hoyme ^?V-*' mero 514. represent Lake Charles in the; Friday's schedule calls for b a 'u'ie"wiUUhe sc'year'old"Gon n I r, 4 n Tn if rtrirt 4/Mi*<iin rvt onl Hi ' r n « 1V. A 11 « n nl»4»niin«t f n/\ w» QQ>^^i . .. .. i i The clinics arc bein conjunction with a to be held on the college > - .. . . . . iu u\- iiv.ivi w,t n>« ^^..^-f, tiriTTfif trntrnfimAnl in , ,, IF. llUllctl IUUI llalllcl IL ill 1)11 June () and ' polis, Minn., in Augusl Earl Harrington fired a 631. Carlos Perez and Allen Single the highest scratch scries of the | on , both former Gull States paling in the clinic or I In season in Ihe Kivghts of Colum- Conference tennis champions a! tournament is asked to contact bus League, and lhe Saints MeNc-oe, are the clinic instruc- Allen Singleton took first place honors as Ihe | ors come to Ihe '•nine aaiuruay snuwn. me unite win resume uinieu uacK i,uis A.vaia ui ^nne gjj, 1 ^" Ipaeue ended its season laic Balls will be furnished at the at 8:30 a.m. on June 20 and con- and Frank Sedgman of Austra-' Jo An Wednesday niehi The townameni is open to any f . lini( . to| . pract i,. e . • ,.|ude al noon. lia. 4-6. 12-10 and 7-5. £m yy Harrington also had a 230 boy or girl in Calcasieu Par- game and Ernest Romero Jr. a ish Divisions will be 12, 14, 16 224 for the only honor roll men's and 18 and ove scores reported. Betty Smith took distaff lion YOU PAID TOO MUCH! ! Andres Gimeno of Spain also lecturers at 9 a.m. and they advanced with a 4-6. 6-3, 6-1,1^'%^'° —, -„— will alternate in one-hour talks triumph over Mike Davies, for- loon Dtwis ..'. Anyone interested in partici throughout the day. mer British Davis Cup player. M Q ','y'MiM" n .. C '.^ d ' ; " : " clinic or I he At the end of first clay lee- | n a doubles match, Alex ^'^f,'* 1 asked to contact lures, films of Texas' Cotton Ohnedu and Harr> MacKay lur- LOU'.SC sun'"i '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. i at GR 7-4092, or Bowl victory over Na\y will b" iner I'.S Davis Cup stars, ? uu( !" ¥Mocx0 ^i l " u ;..:.;.; flinic Saturday shown. The clinic will resume turneil back Luis Ayala of Chile ' gjj^ or ° ai ^;; tk _••• Kathy Whilworlh 35-34—69 15 35-70 16 J4-70 14 36-/O U-34-/0 J5-36-/I 1635-/I :t7 34-/1 •j/ 35— n 'S6-37-73 •|8-JS-7'I :53S— n 18-35—73 ! 15 38—73 i Evan Williams C'ltarciial Filtered 7 Vcavs Old !l(l I'roof $192 3 5th EVERYDAY LOW PRICE , The winners OLD THOMPSON KK.NTUl.'KV IIOUUKON 8(i I'ltOOl 2 _. v - Fort Polk Will ors in the Thursday Nile Mixed .. . League, the only other league flOSt rOtf FIOOU reporting. Smith posted a 189 FORT PQLK tSpl.i - The game and 519 series, while pjg| lt j ng Bishops of Coach Jim Carol Romero had a 514 set. Be ,. ry NV J|| ) lost p- ort Hood this Jim Compton picked up the wee k e nd for a three-game ser- 4-7-10 split and Gloria^ Shelton jes on lhe Po | k diamond. Tanker baseballers swept a series there, two weeks ago. and Fort Polk has ils eye set on evening it up Polk is 1-6 in early season pla>. Game time will be 7:30 p.m. nightly, Friday through Sunday. Games are open to the public. very big in the record fooolce! converted the tough 6-7-9-10. KNIGHTS OF COUUMBUJ (Finol Standings) Saints Avengen Devils ou Angels Jf '' Quwns »« • Kings Al-canpels 53 58',2 *0 «' 7V-7 '' 87 Men i Game: Earl Harrington. Angels ?30 Wens Series: Harrington, 631 Team Gome: Angels, 699. Team Series: Avengers, I960 THURSDAY NITE MIXED Men's Gome: Horace Smith, HI LOS HOME RUNS Men s Series: Les Wiilooglidv Runners, 575. Women's Gome: Betty Smith Hi LO i IS'. Women's Series: Smith. 519. Teom Game: SOB's. 869. Team Series: Ridse Runners .'5^4 AMERICAN LEAGUE Brciboud (3), Red Sox; Brown (21, Tl Road fltrs, Brinkman (2), Senators, Colaviio (ID. x—Jimenez (5). »—Grand slam. NATIONAL LEAGUE Allen (9), Phillies: Mays (16). Cepcda U). Giants; McCorver (4). While 15). Cardinals SCOTLAND'S BEST Distilleries Produce IMI'OKTKI) LANGSIDE SCOTCH SCOTCH WHISKY THE BUCKINGHAM CORPORATION Sales more than doubled! Comet broke over 100 official world records at Daytona! § Comet is the 100,000 mile durability champion! t Comet is a full-sized family car with room for 6 adults and their luggage! t Comet carries a very low price tag - and a very high resale value record! ED TAUSSIG LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. *E£ IT. 0*IVE IT *T THE HOME Of HOKUS POKUS KJ. 1 VII Phone HE 6-6601 1309 Common Si. -LIQUOR— 18?4 E. -LLLeK C fc !» T t H • UfcV. I fc K i t; L fc (v O t O <3 Ci 1^ K

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