Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on May 22, 1964 · Page 10
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 10

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1964
Page 10
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1 rt FfU&AY, MAY 22, 1964, Lake Gharitt Aweficaft Nss • \f Ja ^Mtf^TiIukrMM'JJiaiiJTt^^ri--ilijLi : ir--j_TLi_»ij_Ljii-i • J MJ.-'—i' '- __Li.- — _UJJIIJII__L_ _^^:^_ _^_J WOMEN WED TO POWER,,. Mrs. Ludwig Erhard Is Described as Motherly STARS ABOVE US 6y CARROLL RIOHTER By CARI>, HARTMAN BONN, Germany (AP)—Luise Erhard, wife of West Germany's chancellor, is a motherly lady in her mid 60's with a solid university degree in business administration to her credit. Consequently, she is quite up to discussion nn economics with her husband. Ludwig Erhard, (he man considered lo he the architect of (lie country's postwar prosperity. His predeces s o r Chancellor Knnrad Adenauer gave him the post of economic minister when I he Bonn G o v e r n m e n t was formed in September. 1949. Then Adenauer's retirement brought, the number two man into the number one position. V But like most wives of the. German politicians buise Erhard stays in the. background. Ludwig '"Lulu" Erhard and Luise "I.,u" Loffer were childhood friends in the Little Bavarian town of Fuerth. They met again at the Nuernberg Trade Intitule after World War I. By then she was a wr>r widow with a little daughter, ht a badly wounded veteran. They were graduated in the same class and married that year—Ifl23. The six-rnnm house they rent now. on a lull overlooking Bonn, 'Poppy Day' Is Saturday In Sulphur SULPHl R (.spi.i - Poppy Day will be observed in Sulphur Saturday and members of An- drus-0'Quam American Legion Auxiliary Unit 179 will be selling poppies in downtown Sulphur and area shopping centers.! Plans for the sale were made at a recent meeting of the Auxiliary held in the home of Mrs. \ Carl Walters, chairman of Poppy Day. Working with Mrs. Walters will be Mrs. B. B. Rice, Mrs. Cleve O'Quam, Mrs. C. A.; Vincent Sr., Mrs. Harry Hop-1 kins and Mrs. Bermce Mullins. The meeting was opened with the preamble to the constitu- i tion of the American Legioni Auxiliary and a Memorial Day prayer by the chaplain, Mrs. Paula Gibson. Airs. B. B RICP reported on the reports she had sent to the district meeting held recently in i Eunice. Mrs. Hopkins gave a report on the Community Pride Council meeting. Mrs. Vincent announced that the delegates to Pelican Girls State have been chosen. They are Pam Lyons who will be i sponsored by the Sulphur Botary Club; Linda Davis of Sulphur, West Calcasieu Association of Commerce; Carolyn Roberts, Maplewood-Hollywood ( Lions Club; Linda Havens, West Lake High School PTA. The meeting was closed with a poem from the Memorial Service and the chaplain's prayer. MRS. LUDWIG ERHARD ; still has much of the furniture : with which they began their I married life in a little apart; ment near Fuerth. • An official residence for the chancellor is being built but. will not be ready for some months. At 2 p.m. Erhard usually goes home for lunch with her, only about a 10-minute. drive in his official black Mercedes with a one-car police escort. But breakfast together 0 Never. Like Clementine Churchill, who often remarked that if Winston and she had breakfast together they would not have re' mained married, Luise Erhard ; never breakfasts with Ludwig unless they are on vacations. 1 To keep from distracting her husband's concentration on the program for the day ahead of him. Mrs. Erhard takes her breakfast in bed, although she hates that. "But it's the only way to give Ludwig the time lie needs to be ; alone with his newspapers and thoughts." i They do not entertain much at home because the house is too small. Sometimes, when there is no official function they sit quietly at "officers' skat" a two-handed version of a popular German card game. Other evenings Erhard likes to work, read, listen to classical records or discuss economic problems. Always jn command of his masculine companionship. West. Germany's new chancellor is shy in the company of women. The couple has always preferred to spend their leisure together, although there has not been much leisure for either lately. Despite her broad economics education, Mrs. Erhard never offers her husband any advice. Her aim is to remain a good and sincere listener. "If there is something I don't understand," she says, "I ask for an explanation. But criticism? No—if there is anybody fit to criticize him, they must 1 be people whose job it is more i than mine." i She also can furnish him first ' hand data. She is to be seen regularly in Bonn's old market square, filling her shopping bag among hundreds of other housewives. Frau Erhard's two daughters —one by her first marriage, one by Erhard—are both married. A nephew of hers lives w i t h them, a student at Bonn University: specialty, economics. Her main interest is the care of children who come from broken families, who have been taken from their parents by court order. She keeps a .special eye, on "Children's villages," which resembles the "Boys' Towns" familiar in some other countries. "No government," she says, "can do anything about selfishness and personal inadequacy— not all unfortunate circumstances can be changed by action from above." for Saturday GENERAL TENDENCIES; Then; ore many IWnns you con do this Soturdoy mol will give you more charm as well Smart Summer faniom Summer's magic word Is "Ladylike" - the fashion term that best describes the softness of Printed Pattern M465 by Abe Schrader. Like a perfect lady, we can't imagine an occa- . _ ...... .... ... ______________ ..... „ sion — social, business, travel— os bring others odmlrlngly Into I h e when this r n "5 f 11 m e> urnnlrln't !>phcre ot your ocllvlly, so ovoid any , , b l u m e "OUian t and aim risky ventures or undertakings and look nerfecUv make a poinl te be your most attractive • - J sell. Show (hot you are the one able to control tense situations about you. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) If you dress nicely and gad about being happy and cheering others today, you can b« o great morale boosler Get into creative things. Express that artistic ability. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Cooperate early with those under your own roof and see that work It handled nulclt- ly and well, yet budget adiusted properly. Taka real interest In Improvement!, The Original combines a beautiful seersucker plaid plus ice white for Sew your the overb louse version in bold adding comforts, etc. GEMINI (May 21 lo June 21) Quickly get rid of duties In front of you and add much to your well betnq tor the future Your partners will be well Impressed If you labor on Saturday, too. They then believe in you. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July ' 21) Take lime to assist those who want i advice concerning property and other mailers Important to them, they men i help you with ideas, loo. Good day fo Imd better ways lo make money. < LEO (July 22 to August 21) Avoid dls- i turblng those who hove power over your HI? and be happy with devoted friends now. Sell-expression Is n must, hut seek those who will appreciate you. Be hao- py. VIRGO (August 22 to September 22) You are highly talented and can now make plans to have a finer Income by getting to work In earnest Think big and get big. Be kind lo good thougn seemingly unimportant people. LIBRA (September J3 to October 22) Listen to that good friend who has fine, imaginative Ideas lor your advancement. Put them Into operation quickly. Do your shore tonight in getting social affairs under way tor the future. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Instead of bemoaning your lot with o friend, or gossiping, get out Into Ihe business world and find new outlet* Meet Important people. The past Is gone, the future Is yet lo be. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 fo December 21) Be sure you carry through checked or textured linen, solid color shantung or crepe, or a vibrant print. This trio will see you beautifully through Sum- Color Slides of Shown at Club Color slides, entitled, "The Wonderful World of Flowers," were narrated by Mrs. Walter Smith at the May meeting of the Rake and Hoe Garden Club. Modern, Japanese, and period arrangements were shown, with brief demonstrations as to their construction. The meeting was at the home of Mrs. W. L. Browning. Mrs. H. R. Chism gave the horticulture study. Her topic was "Fertilizing, Mulching and Gen- i eral Care of Azaleas." i Mrs. Chism explained that) wini promises maae to partners petore I ,,_,.,t.. „!„. i i i looking into new outlets study novel' newly planted azaleas require A v dop! n it lh y 0 o l urse?i de otherv work easler -; sufficient, water to keep the CAPRICORN (December 22 to January' r °° fs flOISt 3t all (imCS. J ?.°,L A :?_r. ou J. or 9 e ! ti ' 1 3_ to . carrv through| An abundance of water is! met. Printed Pattern M465 is available in Misses' Size 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 jacket, skirt require 4% yards 45-inch fabric; overblouse requires U4 yards. Send one dollar for Printed Pattern M465 to Lake Charles American Press, Pattern Department, P. 0. Box 59, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. (Add 15 cents for each pattern for first class mailing, and special handling.) Please print plainly your name, address with zone, style number and size. Flowers Meeting three times a year, burning the old in case of insects. with some promise you hove mode to- , , . ,, , vraici a day? Stop going around In circles Fol. tieeaCO by IMC plants during the you want to blooming season and also during Ihe summer monlhs to Ihe low your Intuition more have real success. summer monlhs lo insure next seasons flowers. Care 1 cooperation If anything Is lo be accom- sllOlltd be taken llOWevei', If) ill- AQUARIUS (January ?| to February | 19) Any meeting with allies or ossonatps must b<? engendered bv a is more effective man llshed. Reason temper. GROW. PISCES (February 20 to March 70) At tending (o accumulated small duties to day can tree lime lor the coming week Be cheerful so thai you do not disturb others around you. Labor slowly, methodically for best results. IF YOUR CHILD is BORN TODAY. j ng (| 1e growing period is very sure good drainage, she said. II is advisable lo raise beds several inches above garden level. She staled thai (heir care dur- pruning is required by (his plant. When pruning is advisable, do so immediately after blooming, before new growth starts. A modern arrangement by Mrs. R. A. Stephens, featuring the parabolic curve, used three red parrot lilies for drama and strong lines. Green plant material was used as secondary placements, giving the arrangement a direct compliment in color harmony. Mrs. H. L. Pentecost arranged the second display, a Japanese arrangement in the Moribana or water-reflecting style. The object of the water-reflecting style is to depict a little scene beside a lake or stream. Placement of each material is such that it looks upward. Small rocks or pebbles in a horizontal container filled with wa- Abe Schroder PRINTED PATTERS SIZES 10-18 ter completes the arrangement. Mrs. Elwood Reames reported the Calcasieu Council will sponsor a spring flower show, April 24-25, in 1965. The club voted to make a lour of Hodges Garden during the Rose Festival in October. he or she will be one of those persons 1 ... ., . who wonts to make a big success either important, S111CC the plants lllUSt in the business or creative world and to u p hp-iiu.. .., nl .,| 0 .. <„ rlmmlr,,-, be highly popular where the opposite "" llcdlllty 111 011161 10 QeVClOp sex Is concerned. Give as fine an edu (Up hurl cation as possible and the wonderful ability In this chart lo understand the motives of others con be usrd wisely always to maintain a good bank once, despite exigencies o( life. "The Stars Impel. Ihey do not com pel." What you make of your life "E™ '°R,;°er ! s Individual F™,., "«* *™ " , <** **** for your sign lor June is now ready For make 3 COOO millfll, she noted your copy send your blrlhdate and $1.00 n>, „:.„,( , ,i i i t i u' fo Carroll Rlghtcr Forecast. Loke ' "<? Pl^llt mulch SllOllld be Charles American Press, Box 1721, Hoi- cpypral inr'hps thirl: and it mau lywood 28, California. htvtldl IllUieS II1ICK and II may | Distributed by McNauaht Syndicate, Inc. be llCCCSSary to mulch two or j Azaleas should be fed after bat- Hie blooming season, followed by a second feeding four to six is weeks later. Pine straw heartburn? Stop il right away with "TUMS antacid tablets. Today's good tasting TUMS are fortified-speed soothing, high potency relief . . . neutralize all excess acid . . . release you from the grip of an acid-irritated stomach-completely, gently, on the spot. Wouldn't you like that? 3 roll pack- 30$ Quickly effective, high potency relief FOR GRADUATES High School and College Graduates who present this ad to our studio will receive a lovely 5x7 portrait. We have cap and gown. 937 RYAN ST. Mrs. Owen Guidry, Louisiana baking contest winner says, Modern electric cooking eliminates guesswork" farvic* that's the kind of aervie* tbat counts the most, and ft's the kind of insurance service you can get only from a home town agent who is always nearby, eager and able to serve you. We're independent businessmen—not employee* ot an insurance company. We advise you according to your best interests and when you hav* a loss, w« represent yo* and yov alone. For the protection and service you need, see your local independent agent . . . who serves you 6r«t> John L Wasey, Inc. INSURANCE AND BONDS Mrs. Guidry of 723 W. Caial, Church Point, Louisiana, a housewife, mother and a 1962 baking contesi winner, says: "The even, accurately controlled heat of my electric range assures me of consistently fine pastry and range-top foods, like fried chicken. And speaking of range-top cooking, electric heat is the nicest thing that ever happened to my pots and pans. My cookware stays clean and new looking with very fittte cleaning effort "I tbinfc electric cooking is undoubtedly fee modern way to cook." Buy Now—Ge* 5,000 Trading Stomps Through May 31, Gulf States customers receive 5,000 popular-brand trading stamps with the pw- chase of a new free-standing electric range. See your electrk dealer toon. The Traveler*, 1033 BfAN STREET HE S-?707

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