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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 1

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana • Page 1

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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9 THE WEATHER It I FORT WAYNE JOURNAL GAZETTE YT6 rum ftiUfLers. I'ArnKtuiiT WAYNE AND NOKruniin inuiAnn i.uiuinu nu.tit. nnnffrArnn nnu wapit ah intsiWUAi PAGES TODAY (BY ASSOCIATED PRESS) WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 9, .1921. (NEWS OF THE WORLD) HOSEYW PRICE THREE CENTS VOTES Lew Shank Elected Mayor of Indianapolis UNOFFICIAL COUNT GIVES REPUBLICAN 25,000 LEAD Successful Candidate Asserts Returns Are Beyond Fondest Dream; Bunch Defeated at Muncie by Dr. Quick; Donn Roberts Loses at Terro Haute; Evansville Names Bosse SOUTH BY G.

0. P. (By R. G.TUCKER) 7 NDIANAPOLIS, November 8.amuel Lewis Shank, Re A publican, hailed by his foes and critics alike as" a buffoon, a clownish vaudevjlle player and bitterly by em plovers and 'business men, regardless of politics, and by tho so called better element of the people, was elected mayor of Indianapolis apparently by the largest majority a. candidate for.

municipal office ever claimed here. Unofficial returns show his election by a majority of about over B. M.Ralston, Democrat Joseph Hogue, in charge of the Shank campaign, at the Republican city committee rooms; stated after less than one fourth of the precincts had reported that it looked at leasi 30,000 for Shank. Robert Bryson, city controlleri In: charge of tabulation of returns at the" Republican Headquarters, said Shank had won by' approximately ,30,000, Shank, highly elated by the early. 'returirt.

could hardly jMlieyef, the'mj, they were beyond his wlldefit dreams. Every, precinct Increased his buoyancy and exaltation. II tdtd, on he face, of returns' front, every, pari of the city, accomplished the greatest comeback known WJindlana. politics, Elght'yeera ago he quit office In the midst of a car strike. He' waa branded br his.

enemies, as a coward for quitting and was charged with being too friendly to" the union. for. the Republican nomination for mayor in the primary and defeated, although be said he waa defrauded In the oounC That year he' ran. home rule candidate for making a fine', ahowlng, Last winter' when he waa an nounced aa a candidate1 for "the Re publlca nomination, hie opponent wheeled out their big runa and: began to fire. They never, have their bombardment.

In the primary he won against, Jn the campaign ending today, he hue been; the target for constant shafts of ridicule from thousands of people It looked yeaterday and today that he waa on the verge of defeat aa there waa ft revolt agalnat him In the north aide residence Republican wards, but the Drat dosen precincts. Indicated a weeping victory for htr Hogue and hie oohorta ordered out the band after; )0 preclncta reported and preparations were made Tor beating tom toms for celebrating vigorously. Shank waa opposed bit terly by a committee of ISO leading IRepubllcao buaineaa. but above the etage aithe cloalng meeting, of bla campaign he Rotated a huge banner bearing theae eymbolat "Into the valley of death rode the 100." That 'seems, to be what happened' today. The return Indicate that Ralaton tracked In the south aide Democratic wards under the, Shank attack.

The entire Republican city ticket elected la Indlanapolla. The unofficial returne Indicate that It ran about 16.000 ahead of Shank which, however, la not'belleved to represent the Republican detection agalnat him, ar; he received thousands, of. Demo votea. Hie associates qn the pruntea Dy strengin among he Democrat a. A large amount waa let hero today that Shank would win by

It waa. crabbed eagerly by Ho niMluans, who' It waa a rlncb. huir. In Indianapolla i Shank received practically fhjr. ee.tlre negro vote.

Ta oimnj gro in xanKTorJ yotTth ward he Vevrd'toi ea Mr riAiMtnn negro, precfrldta. Fifth and' Sixth Vards; he received e'ght to' fone for llalstoh, and the average Vote la hie favor In" all of the negro, preclncta there', waa a average of Mlcat one1 for him. He ran'' wild in the south aide nreclncts1 where'' thousand, of laborers reside If la ahowlng en the south )'de came ud to. the forecasts Issued his managers, who held 'that he' oiild receive' the support' the ''boiing. crassea.

regardless poll ties. Shank reoelved hundreds of friends it hla home tonight. Speaking to them he declared that, hla ambition to. muVe the. beat the city ever, had; that he had no desire to'puulah hla enemies? that they have been nuntshed sufficiently by the result today, and that he proposes appoint boards.

He name'Charie'. VcVo'flw. nublican, 'of the park. board and well Vnown buaineaa man, chairman of the hoard of works. Ernest' tx publlcan, will be chairman of the oard of safety.

It waa reported to tight that Herman a Republican business man. will be ap oplnted chief of Shank carried every ward ex'cent 'he eight; which he lost by 60. He carried the Itch 1.800, the 11th by t.000. the ISth by. 1.100, the Uth by 1.900.

the 14th by 1.400 and the 15th by 1.80O, 'These 'wards" were Demo Tatlo strongholds. In the election bad the open and.vlg troua aupportlof the liberal element and the quiet help of liberals who did not care, to come from beneath cover Willis the returns throughout InV dlana have not been analysed by rival leaders, they Indicate 'tonight kgalna wholly unexpected by the Republicans. The latter carried Terra Haute by at least, 1.100 for Ora Davis, tor mayor, over Donn Roberts, Democrat which was not a blow to Democratic Isadora, Tha rs electluii uf Mayor Hosse, le ft source of elation atnohv JPemocrata. The big victory of W. Hosey, Democrat, for mayor of Fort Wayne, waa another blow that' Republicans In state polttlca had not anticipated.

Hosey: won by about l.oOO.' The Republicans retain, Hammond by a re fCentleurd en Page 7.) Dr. Gillie Thanks Friends for Their, Support at Polls Dr. Oeiirge W.Tinie. deffatdd ran dldite for the tniyoraliy, Issued' tht following etateiilent hut night: ''If I bad bon elcted, 1 wfttiU1 have been triad to follow tM wish o' thu people. In defeat.

I am slxo happy submit to the peopli'a will. 1 hopt for the boat Kort Wayne diirln, the coming four years and for Ime beyond, that, and my service are ready nt the command of th' people nt any 'time that' I may be service to the city. I take hls oppor tunlty. of extending my thanks to all of. my friends, worker and supporters for the valiant flght they made iri my behalf.

(SinMi "OVOHO" W. KTIXIW 10KILLED.7HURT Seven Men Meet Death in Two Affrays in Breathitt County KILLING STARTS MONDAY Six Slain Wounded When Man Tiles to Serve as Clerk By Th AuocUtit ireri. LOUISVtLLB, Nov. casualtfoj lu Kentucky' lotion tt niRht fftuod UcaJ seven wounded, fctovon mirii.were killed tn.twv tuV truya In Bilhlit county. roan and wuninn nrnn wuuniieu in AArujavintf nrrj pnu mn wiy killed an 1 I wo oU ert rrJou.y wounded In til, fcount' first' tta WlUaawooourred IJreathlUv Jttnty, litn Bylvoatei Howard wa klllRd.

by Mafuhni Pitta, The Mfray In terwathitl County occurred today whenv Cleve l4d Coomtw said to' have made effort to ftrv aaeloctton clerk in placfl of a man previously appointed Coombn, htn brother, Lealla, Kphern ahd fleorve "Alien and John It.oberte and eot Mclntoeh were killed nnd flvo other pemona were Four of. the dead men were. Demo crate and four of the wounded Re publican In Patrolman Hcnneft Gardner, lu a quarrel. With Harry. Hose, fired aeveru) shote, One shot and; aerlouvly wounded RoBii and another struck re.

Juilllan Vollinarauefl 4. MAYOR ELECT AND wFfE GREETED BY NEIGHBORS official announcement of the vote electing Wllihin J. Hosey mayor of Fort. Waynb, more hundred friends ami pela hbors ralhered at the Hosey home, 417 feast Washington about midnight last night, and a happy gathering of weloome 'was accorded the coming head of the city administration upon his. 'return to his home from the downtown section.

Mr. Hosey made a very appropriate little talk, in which he declared that he would look after the best 'of the city to the best of his ability, and thanked hia friends' for the confidence which waa displayed by the vote yeaterday. Mrs. Hosey, who has In the background throughout the campaign, declared she vws delighted by the outcome of the vote and appreciated the respect shown her hustiand by the favorable vote. aw aavf VtfaaH IB aaHPMel4aPrlfflaflaHraaaa "vi jHaF raH 'HBBml'" WiliilH flaVl HK flflaflaflflam PIPHHHI flft Hiii iiiilMflkfJMIiii Hi MyffiSBHM ra flam" ff' kaaflaffiaSMVflraflaVaW aMflakV' ijiySmSmKr jt aflaK lMF JM 1 IBHaefPrLefllB awflaVsHHlaw (3B afllValflflawflawai '9flaaRfllnflaFifla9afla'aflaH SefXaBF Hil(Hfleflaflaflf ialflaHflaflaV wzlliaitX vaflaBP I SUCCESS AT MEET Prominent Member of Congress Addresses Men's Temple Club ATTACKS DEMAGOGUES History of Strained Relations Between Japan and S.

Reviewed in voicing an Impassioned fileafot the euceesa of the disarmament conference, the Hon, Julius Kahn, mem' ber of the house of representatives, nevertheless aald that should the conference fall, the Unltod State ca" put Itself in such shape tlxit no nation would dare start troublo In any form; "May Ood: grant that' the statesmen attending the disarmament con ference will haire the vision for the upbuilding of mankind, and that throuch the success of. the confer ence the gieat Mums of money extort od from the people for armaments vlll be returned, and that war tor vermore can bo stilled," pleaded Mr. More than members of the vlon's Temple club and their guests teard the addrens by Mr. Kahn, hlch waa given In the Wolf De uuer audltoilum. Mr.

Kahn waa In. roduced by Itabbl Aaron L. Wein tteln. who presided in the absence Hermann rollak, president of the luh. Mr.

Kahn caused a deep stillness to elgn all over the room when said tha4 no matter what resulted from the conference or any other diplomatic meeting, the United States will have to fight for eveiythlng It gets. "Following my trip to tho battlefields of France, and after vlsitin and talking with many Europeans, I that wb Americana, cam.ot nndwUl not ret tlf help from ofthe. nations whom, we fought WHO, ine spwner aormrea, In chooslnr lor nts SUDjeci 'Amer loan problems of the Present Mr. Kahn devoted nearly an or nts addresa to the Japanese problem. Referring to the Japanese ques.

Hon. Mr. Kahn eald. "I am one of those Americana who do not fear the (Continued on Pane t. Column 2.) liRSlTfolAK HERE ARMISTICE DAY WE WERE BEATEN, NOT JWHIPPED, SAYS BAALS i Harry chairman of' tSe Be publican city central gave, out the following statement last nlghti "We coQoede Mr, 'Hoeey's ejection seiolutely, Itwss a good, hara flgbt.

Wa are beaten, but' not whipped. "HARIIT BAALS." Statement by Mayor Elect Hosey deep well as of gratitude to the men and women of rort Wayne, who have again demonstrated their faith and trust 1 1 me. I shell try to carry out every fledge that I have made in thls com palgn, I' ahall enter office with clean'' hands I have made no secret promises and I recognise no boss. I shall try again to be the mayor of all, the people. Part of the Tor my must be given to.

Jjss Green and his abusive personalities. The; violent and untruthful statements of Green helped to turn the tide. Irr my favor. Tor 14 yeara this person has. abused me In' his' newspaper, ln public office or In the quiet and retirement of private life, he has pursued me with bitter' vlndictlveness and wanton malice and not stopping there, haa my personal friends thq objects of his mean spite and passion to.

for time alnce he. began his ahue of. me, egat set out unmis AAkublyi the proof of the contempt in wnich rey rHow cltlsena hold mi bplalona and statements and hi; character, ho less. During the en tire 'period of his abuse of me, I havs ignored his attacka. Thla is the first exception I have made to that aettled course shall be the last.

lit' this 'connection I want to con gralulate The Kort Wayne Journal uaxette and The Kort Wayne Eve nine Press uoon their steadfast pur suit of policies of good temper and decency In this campaign and their respectful treatment of my opponj ent. I' commend their example of cent journalism to. me. iBTurauio consideration of the people of "ort Wayne and urge my friends to' do as I shall do and give. tnese newspapers every encouragement and SUDDOrt.

I do' not 'expect any support from the News during my administration, but I do ask that all good citizens help me develop a bigger and petter rort Wayne. jf5in.i J. Tionwf DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES ARE SWEPT INTO OFFICE Mungovan Beats Schlatter by a Majority of 2,328, Running More Than 3,500 Ahead of His Ticket; Council Will Be Democratic; Mrs. Dinklage and Koenig Victorious TOTAL OF 27860 VOTES CAST WILLIAM J. Hosey is the next mayor of Fort Wayne.

For the third time the people pi the city havo chosen Mr. Hosey, Democratic mayoralty candidate, to direct their common, municipal, affairs. Mr. Hoses unofficial total vote is 14,678, and Dr. Gillie's total is 13,182.

Mr. Hoscys majority is The re election of Mr. Hosey was generally expected throughput the city. When the, returns began to come in, he early went Into therlead and kept it until the end. His election is considered by his managers be a splendid eh dprpement of the great achievments of his two preceding ad miniBtrations and a tribute to the sterling character of the man himself, who worked his way up frpm a machinist in the Pennsylvania shops to the chief magistracy of the second city in the state of The Democratic victory was complete, only the city judge and three councilmen l.einir elected from the P.e ublican ticket.

City Judas J. Frank Mungovan was re a iaasf nieviland Bchlatter, bj a vote to 1J.J62. a. majority or a. juubo Mungovan ran more than votes ahead of his ticket.

Otto Koonlg, Democrat, was elected olty clerk over T. Jerterlos; Republican, by a majority of 681. The vote for Koenig was 13,748, and for Jefferlos IS.IC0. The council will be Democratic by a majority of 13 to All the De o. cratlo counclltnen at large were elected.

All five of the couhclhnen at large are Democrats. To Mrs, Cath. erelne Dlhkluge goes the honor of being the first woman ever elected orrire In the city of rort Wayne. There have been a number of women Former Vice President. jfh.Krntiva!pro.Wbnua; 3tm.S United States Will Make a KAA.

Graffmlllor. fence, lion. Thomaa R. Marshall, former vtce prosident of the United States, and one of Indiana's moat promlrent itlzcns, will deliver the. address at the ralace theater, Frld morning, when the memorial service Is, held in commemoration of Armistice day.

This announcement made yesterday by the committee of arrangements of the American gave renewed impetus to. tho plans which are fast beng perfected for the most repressive observance ever '1 1 in 'his city memory of ces tIon of the world war and the return of As Vice president, Mr. Marshall waa closely In touch with the life of the nation during those memorable battle days of HIT and 11. He will u.iM vnMHMir in Port Warne In hU own Indiana that will certainly .6, Column 8.1 JUST ANOTHER ONE Mrs. L.

Q. Ellinghsm Is a rest dent and voter of the Sixteenth precinet. The accusations made against her by the Rspubliesn nswspapsr yesterdsy wsre strictly 'n line with the. penitent earn, palgn of falsshoocf and misrspre. isolation conducted by It In the nunieieal contest whioh olossd tsst night.

HM7: IJ.BUi Bill. It, IS.015: Brlnkmsn, It, 13.099; Comln cavlsh, IU Medsker, IU 11. 035; lape. It, Mlckley, Far mer Labor, 431; Bowman. Farmor lbor, 449; Oillmeler, Farmer 362: Bchaefer, Farmer 444, Cordes, Farmer Labor, 127: The Deinoeratia ward counrllmen will be Tonkcl, First ward; Dlssler.

Second ward; DeWald, Third ward; Schwarta, Fourth ward: Burns, Seventh ward: Schramm, Eighth 'ward; Till, Ninth ward; and Hoerher, Tenth, ward. The, Republican members are: Merrlllat, Fifth ward; Free, man sixth ward: and O'Rourke. Eleventh ward. Frank Schramm, of the Eighth ward, the only uemo. crstlc member of the preaent council received the highest majority among 'the oouncllmanic

In the First ward Tonkel iveft 1.891 votes a'aalnst 1.65? Charles King, president of the present council, and Bradley, FarmerFarmer Labor, 22. "IVnoera majority was 14, In. the face of desperate efforts on. the part of the Republican organisation to save King. In' the Second ward PIssler, re.

reived 997 votes against. 95 for Frank King. It Dlssler's majority was 102. In the Third ward, DeWald, re. elved 581 votes; CplU It, Hi.

and Unidlry, Farmer Labor, Dewald'i majority waa 41; In the Fourth' ward. BchwarU, received 1,046 votes against Hutchl inn. 890. and Miller. Farmer La bor, 10.

Kchwarts's majority was 15. In the Fifth ward. Merrlllat re ceived Bandt, 1,439, and Mil. ramsley, Farmor.Labor, 17. Merru lat'a majority was 158.

In the Sixth wardJ Freeman. 'Ft. re ceived 1.812: Bandt ,489, and Mil Farmer Labor, 31. Freeman a majority was 343. In the Seventh ward.

Bums. rex ceved 1,754 against 1,168 for Rcy nolds. R. Burns majority waa 586. In the Eighth ward, Schramm, received 1,777 votes, and Hodenbeck, 1,036.

Schramm's majority was 141. in the Ninth arard. Tilt recolvea l.M! Liggett It, I.J18. and lain, Farmer Labor. 32.

TlD'a majority was I SI. In the Tenth ward, Heerner. re celved 1.887: Volland, 1.117, and Llnsky, Farmer Iabor, 194, the hisb est vote received by any Farmer La candidate, Iloera majority wo 240. In tho Eleventh ward, O'Rourke, It, reoelved 1.321; rasslno. 804, and Roberta, Farmer Labor, 2a, O'ltourke's majority was ,615..

When the retu'i ns began to: show clearly that Mayor. Ilosey had won, the crowd whlch.paoked Democratlo' headquarters and overflowed Into the atreet below, began Jubilate. Vorkera and. party supporters and lersonal friends ef Mr. Hosey poured into headquarters In an stream.

When the returns left no ekadow of doubt of Mr, Hoeey's sucoeas, a parade vtt hastily organised. A jrum Corps was secured, and a long line of people went cheering and singing from' Democratic headquarters past Republican headquarters and the office of the News Sentinel; The parade covered a large part of the down town section and was participated in by. men and women alike. In' keeping with the eonalstenf and. persistent policy of mlsrepreaenta tlon pursued, throughout the' campaign, the Republican headquarters and the Republican, newspaper, even when returns from '82 precincts had been received 'and showed Mr.

Hosey holding a lead of 1,600 votes, continued to tell Inquirers that Dr. OOt lie was la the lead by as many an 800 The precincts from which had received returns were the same as those from which the Democratic headquarters bad received returns. The first precinct to report was the 11th in the Fourth ward, which, came In at 6:13 o'clock, less than a quarter of an hour after the cloa log of the pools. It showed a total Vote forOlllle of 299 and for Hosey of 221. Gillie's majority In thla normally strongly Republican precinct was only 11.

Other precincts to report were the Fourth In the First ward, which showed a totsl vote for Ilosey of f9t and for iGlUIeof 199. and the Twenty fifth In the Seventh! ward, hlch showed a total vote for Ilosey of in and for aftV. Heey'a (Continued en Pegs 6, Column. I. i ilium i 'I' i.

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