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Chillicothe Gazette from Chillicothe, Ohio • 9

Chillicothe, Ohio
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3 the Mrs. Meeker Honored at Stork Shower Mrs. John Meeker and her son, Thomas John, born Feb. 14, were feted at a layette shower given Friday night by Mrs. Dean Good and Mrs.

Ronald Meeker at the home of Mrs. Raymond Meeker on Crouse Chanel Road. Prizes for games played were won by Miss Patty Paskiewicz, Mrs. Gale Depugh and Mrs. Mike McCloy.

Mrs. Everett Dyer won the door prize. The guest of honor received gifts William Long, Mrs. "Kenneth Meeker, Mrs. Donald Harkins, Mrs.

George Greenwalt, Mrs. Lee Dumm Mrs. George Immell, Miss Karen Good, Miss Toni Depugh, Miss Deborah Meeker, the prize winners and the hostesses. Those unable to attend but sending gifts were Mrs. Earl Omler, Mrs.

Robert Dee, Mrs. Don Carnes, Mrs. Adrian Tapp, Mrs. Herman Search, Mrs. James Haubeil and Mrs.

Fred Winkler. Surprise Party Given for Mrs. Overholser Mrs. T. W.

Overholser was honored at a surprise party Thursday evening following the meeting of Delta Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority in the -Sorority Council rooms. Mrs. Overholser, who is member-adviser, will be moving to Columbus in the near future. During the business session announcement was made of the spring banquet to be held April 25 at the Warner Hotel, with a public dance to follow in Elks Hall from 10 to 2. "Delta will be i in charge of decorations for the banquet.

pledge party with Western theme was scheduled for 7:30 p.m., March 19, at the home of Mrs. Joseph Black. Mt. Carmel WSCS Mt. Carmel Methodist Woman's Society of Christian Service voted Thursday to donate to the Ross County Society for Crippled Children and Adults.

The society met at the home of the president, Mrs. David Weller, Blacksmith Hill Road, with Mrs. David Norman as assisting hostess. Mrs. Weller appointed Mrs.

Robert Janes, Mrs. Howard Cooper and Mrs. George Mitten as the nominating committee. Mrs. Wesley Janes presented the program topic "The Cross and the Guests were Mrs.

Rose Moody, Mrs. Gary Cooper, Sidney, Marsha and Keith Cooper, Kevin Norman and Peggy Weller. Duplicate Winners Chillicothe Mixed Duplicate Bridge Club met Thursday night at the YMCA. Winners included: north-south, Mrs. Joseph Hess and Mrs.

George Walters, first, Mrs. Lloyd Brown and Mrs. Frank Baker, second, Mrs. W. H.

Hildebrand and Mrs. John Walker, third; east-west, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blood of Portsmouth, first, Mr. and Mrs.

Walter Luder, second, and Dr. and Mrs. William Young, third. Master points will be awarded next Thursday. Fidelis Club Meets Semper Fidelis Club donated $3 to the Heart Fund and $3 for Easter Seals at the meeting Thursday night at the home of Mrs.

Warden Rawlins, 379 E. Seventh St. Winners in contests were Mrs. G. C.

Stout, Mrs. Donald Stout, Mrs. Kenneth McNish and Mrs. Glenda Conner. BEAUTY.

SALON 'M. Robert 30 Ph. Central 772-0820 Center Pre-Easter Event! Have a LOVING Treatment and Enjoy a Special Price On our Fashion Shaping and Set ALL FOR 595 Let us pamper you with Clairol's Loving Care, the amazing lotion that covers gray completely to match your natural shade. Take advantage of this beauty package now! Reg. 15.00 Permanent 8.50 Use Your Charge Account No Appointment Necessary Monday, March 9, 1964 Chillicothe 0.

Gazette 9 Dear Abby What Friend? Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: What would you do about a friend who says. "I heard something terrible about you yesterday, but I can't tell you what it was because it would only upset GOSSIPTOWN, USA DEAR GOSSIPTOWN: I'd send her a "get card! DEAR ABBY: I can't expect you to solve my problem, but I am interested in your opinion. Our school has just installed a swimming pool, and the boys have been informed that they must swim nude. Some of the boys did not approve of this, but they didn't object because they were afraid of the coach. (My son was one, that's how I know.) I think this should have been St.

Elizabeth OES Chapter Elects Officers Under special dispensation, St. Elizabeth Chapter No. 6, Order of the Eastern Star, PHA, elected officers Thursday night. Results of the election were Mr. Leonard Valentine, worthy patron; Mrs.

Marvin Raney, worthy matron; Mr. John Lynch, associate patron, Mrs. Pearl Tanner, associate matron; Mrs. Orlando Lomax, treasurer; Marjorie B. McIntyre, recording secretary; Mrs.

Edwin Price, financial secretary; Mrs. James Walker, conductress; Mrs. Valentine, associate conductress; and Mrs. Gilbert Morton, three-year trustee. Mrs.

James Walker and Mrs. Glenn Weaver are hold-over trustees. Appointed officers include: Mrs. Walter Roberts, warder; Mrs. Morton, sentinel; Mrs.

Charles Cunningham, pianist; Mrs. Weaver, marshal; Mrs. John Cuningham, chaplain; Mrs. Clyde Moss, Ada; Charles Simmons, Ruth; Mrs. William Lynch, Esther; Mrs.

Floyd Farrow, Martha; and Mrs. Homer Wingo, Electa. The officers were installed by Mr. John Lynch, past patron, with Mrs. Lynch, past grand deputy of District 6, as marshal.

Mrs. Hartford Jennings, grand deputy of District 6, made her official visit Thursday night, and she was accompanied by members of her home chapter, Ceda. Grove No. 18 of Greenfield. The Cedar Grove members invited the local chapter to join them in the Easter service planned for 3 p.m., Sunday, March 22, at the Shorter Methodist Church in Greenfield.

Committees appointed include: past matron's sash, Mrs. John Lynch, Mrs. Lomax, Mr. John Lynch; auditing, Mrs. Morton, Mrs.

Howard Richardson, Mr. John Lynch; sick, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Farrow. Miss Edith Carter, Mrs.

John Cousins; ways and means, Mrs. John Lynch, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Moss. Mrs.

Weaver; investigating, Mr. John Lynch, Mrs. McIntyre, Mrs. Price: scholarship, Mrs. McIntyre, Mrs.

Wingo, Mrs. Cousins: Arts and crafts, Mrs. Valentine, Mrs. Lewis Dyer, Mrs. Huey Rivers, Mrs.

Essie Wofford. Mrs. Wingo, Mrs. Richardson; Easter service, Mr. Valentine.

Mrs. Lomax. Mrs. Tanner, Mr. John Lynch: annual tea, Mrs.

Cunningham, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Moss. Mrs.

Morton. Mrs. Rivers, Mrs. William Lynch, Mrs. Charles Cunningham, Mrs.

Valentine. At the close of the meeting a fellowship hour was held and a gift presented to the grand deputy. The committee was Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Walter Scott.

Mrs. John Lynch, Mrs. Farrow, Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. William Lynch and Miss Carter.

The next meeting will be the fourth Thursday in March. decided by the parents as it is a public, coeducational school built with taxpayers' money. What do you think? TAXPAYER DEAR TAXPAYER: I agree that this decision should have been left to each parent. But your boy had better overcome his shyness about nudity in the presence of other boys or he is likely to be miserable much of his life. DEAR ABBY: My husband says I am unreasonable because I do not approve of his having one night a week "out with the boys." Before you tell me off I want to explain what his "night out with the boys" entails.

First of all, these "boys" have no names or addresses. They just "bum around." I wouldn't object if he went bowling with the boys, went to a movie or had dinner with the "boys," or even if he played cards-if I knew the "boys" and where they went. I think you are beginning to get the picture. How do I handle this? I hate to call it quits and throw him out because we have a family. FED UP DEAR FED: Your husband is restless, immature, slippery and in need of some straight talk.

For the sake of your family, insist that he give up his next night out with "the boys" and spend it with a man of the cloth, or a marriage counselor. CONFIDENTIAL to "A Friend in Des Urge him to put his affairs in order. He may live. Fresh Flowers Important for Easter Season Society of American Florists suggests a way to feel "younger than Springtime" this Easter. Fresh flowers always play an important part in the Easter season.

They seem to tell us that the travail of winter is behind us and the warm sun is brightly shining once again. The Society suggests that Easter bonnets be fashioned out of actual fresh blooms! These little hats are not difficult to make, though they look tricky. Your florist can make your Easter finery for you. Or, if you prefer, buy the flowers and fashion them yourself with the aid of florists' wire and straight pins. Anchor them to your curls.

with bobby pins. The of a floral Easter bonnet should be made with any flat, shiny leaves. Lemon, magnolia or some of those fascinating flecked dracaena leaves all are attractive choices. Wire the leaves together, then bend into a shape which is becoming to you. A simple wreath is especially charming with a young face.

A pouf of leaves and flowers on side of the forehead may be better for someone more sophisticated. A woman who wears a chignon may wish to cover it completely with glossy leaves and then insert flowers at intervals. A wisp of veiling might complete the attractive arrangement. Flowers to decorate these Easter whimsies are myriad. Camelias either white or in the bright pink which is such popular fashion color this vear might be a good choice.

Orchids, of course, are, always popular, especially the tiny little butterfly ones which the florists call 'cymbidiums." Carnations, violets, wee sweetheart roses any of these would be charming. The only thing of importance to remember when selecting your floral headgear is to make sure that your flowers complement your outfit both in color and in feeling. Add a corsage of the same blossoms to your shoulder and, as the Society of American Florists says, you too will be younger than springtime! REAL BIG DEAL SEE OUR WEDNESDAY 11th NRA DISCOUNT PRICES SUPER DUPER DELL'S Column DISCHARGED FROM HOSPITAL Glad to be home is Dr. F. W.

Nusbaum, surgeon and Ross County coroner, who was discharged Sunday from University Hospital, Columbus. Ill for nearly six weeks, Dr. Nusbaum said Monday that he is weak and about 25 pounds lighter, but he expects to be back at his East Second Street offices next Monday. His biggest problem Monday was "just how am I going to thank all my friends for their good wishes?" He added: "I wish I could do that personally because I believe knowing that your friends are praying and pulling for you is the best therapeutic agent you can have when you are sick." Hospitalized for pneumonia and empyema, the good "Doc" is now able to be up and about at his home. -0- CHEER 'EM UP Walter F.

Barnhart, agent in Greenfield, entered Fayette Memorial Hospital, Washington Monday, to undergo surgery on Tuesday. Mr. Barnhart is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.

S. Barnhart, 908 Adams Ave. -0- NICE PETS AT SHELTER If your family needs a good pet, drive down to the Elizabeth B. Stevenson Memorial Animal Shelter during the weekend. According to Mrs.

Quincy D. Thompson, shelter secretary, a number of good dogs are up for adoption. The lot includes a male Manchester, young miniature collies and terrier types and several shepherds. -0- HOSPITAL NOTES Reported treated for injuries during the weekend at Chillicothe Hospital and discharged: Thomas Johnson, 12, Route 4. 4, cut arm on nail at home: William Stanley, 15, Route 6, cut leg on steel wedge at home; Paul Curtis, 22, of 17 Ziegler, severed tip of left thumb on press trimmer at work; Lawrence Scheeler, 21, of E.

Main, an employe of Chillicothe Paper tip of left thumb severed by press trimmer at work; Donna Fitzer, 26, Richmond Dale, right leg and back injured, horse she was riding fell on her; Paul Cunningham, 2, of 136 W. Seventh, caught hair in an mixer; Teddy Gatliff, Mechanic, contusion electric, on right thumb, pipe fell on thumb at home; Rebecca Benner, 9, of 610. Allen, sprained left elbow in fall while skating; Mark Newsom, 12, of 253 Mechanic, foreign body removed from right eye; Douglas Green, 8, Route 8, nail removed from left ring finger injured on tractor; Jeffrey Ragland, 10, Route 2, contusions on face injured in bicycle accident at home; Rhonda J. Wills, 10, of 623 Laurel cut scalp on drawer at home; Charlotte Anderson, 23, of 139 Teatsworth, injured left middle finger, caught in car door; Larry Dennewitz, 1, Route 8. second degree burns on left shoulder, upset coffee; Kevin lee, 2, Route 1, swallowed unknown amount of baby aspirin at home; Jim' N.

Tackett, 27, Route 5, employe of Chillicothe Paper, eye injured by foreign body; Lance Allen Colby, 2. Route 6. broke left shoulder in fall at home; David Stewart, 3, Londonderry, Route 1, cut forehead on door at home: Kenneth Strausbaugh, 23, of 305 S. Hickory, broke left foot, playing basketball at friend's home. Admitted during weekend: Walter J.

Pike, E. Main, medical; William C. Mason, 116 June Hillsboro, auto accident: Ernest Stevens, South Bloomingville, Route 1, auto accident: Anita B. Litteral, Route 5. medical; Claribel Fagan, 315 E.

North, surgery; Mrs. Louis J. Counts, Richmond Dale, medical; Mrs. Danny McDaniel, Route 8. medical; Mrs.

Carl H. Schauseil, 109 W. Second, Waverly, medical; Mrs. N. Brooks Baker, Lyndon.

Route 1, surgery; Mrs. Kenneth S. Endlich, 391 Zane, surgery; Michael J. Hurff, 312 E. Fifth, surgery; Sandra M.

Pickell. Washington C. Route 5, surgery; Master James E. Parker, 466 Charles. surgery; Roy E.

Sommers, New Holland. Route 1, surgery; Janice M. Scott, 139 S. Watt, surgery; Shelley V. Graves, 373 Wetpossible surgery; Mrs.

Willard Ryan, Waverly, Route 3, medical; Mrs. Robert L. Clark, 296 Vine, medical; Lester N. McAfee, 223 East Wellston, medical; Master Richard D. Main, Hillsboro, Route 2, possible surgery; Karen R.

Flesher, Frankfort, medical: Lissa M. Rinehart, Hillsboro, Route 4, medical: Harvey E. Jackson, 378 Midland Edna, A. Waldren, McArthur, (in Route 2. medical; Glenn A.

Lyons, Route 1, medical. Discharged during weekend: William C. Souders, Wellston. Route Lonnie A. Horsley.

435 Riverside: Mrs. Bennie Davis, Beaver, Route Martha E. Heater, 223 South, Jackson; Mrs. John Haynes, Frankfort, Route Vernon O. Bethel, Route Tawana Stanley, Bainbridge; Virgil W.

Mitchell, Route 7: Ernest A. Knisley, Londonderry; Mrs. Herbert R. Tucker, 691 W. Broadway, Wellston; Mrs.

John W. Ritchhart. Route Marguerite E. Davis, 47 N. Poplar; Weldon E.

Shoemaker, Route Emma A. Hale, 579 Laurel: Evelyn L. Carswell. 197 Vine. Titino Morris, 531 Mill: Mrs.

Clarence E. Manson, Route Mrs. Theresa Schumann, Bainbridge, Route Mrs. Jerry Stauffer and baby boy, 122 E. Fairview; Mrs.

Guy Bierbower, 117 Waverly Gables, Waverly; Mrs. John Fawley and baby girl, 308 S. Hickory; Mrs. Wiliam Johnson and baby girl, 310 Logan; Mrs. David Kuhn and baby girl, Route Mrs.

Richard L. Imboden and baby boy, 61 Hildegarten; Mrs. H. John Palumbo and baby boy, 807 Eastern; Mrs. Franklin W.

Dixon, 320 W. North, Waverly; Mrs. Jesse E. Lloyd, Frankfort; Daniel F. Crabtree, 265 Clay: Mrs.

George W. Long, 491 Pohlman. -0- REMOVALS By Herlihy: Monday, Frank Stumbo from Shepherd Road, Route 35 west, to Ringo, near Circleville. By Chillicothe Motor Express: Friday, Joseph E. Glorioso from 110 Douglas to 3719 Harding Columbus.

-0- VISITED PARENTS Now at Norfolk, NavyA, man James (Jim) Kutschbach recently spent a weekend leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kutschbach, 214 Sycamore St. Graduate of CHS, 1961, Jim enlisted in the Navy Reserve in 1962. In July 1963, he was graduated from Class Disbursing School, Newport, R.

before reporting for duty aboard the USS Furse (LD-882) (in August 1963. Recently he took part in exercises at Guantanamo Bay and later off the Bermuda Coast. Prior to reporting for active duty, Jim attended the local Business Training School. He now has an accountant assignment. CONFIDENTIAL TO "HER MOTHER" IN WINSTON-SALEM, N.

She'll probably deliver the baby before he delivers the ring. Send me your name and address and I'll send you a list of homes for unwed mothers in your area. Get it off your chest. For a personal, unpublished reply, write to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope.

Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to ABBY, Box 3365. Beverly Hills, for Abby's new booklet, "HOW TO WRITE LETTERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS." CALENDAR OF EVENTS Monday NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of Retired and Veteran Railway Employes, 6 p.m., at Carmen's Hall. SARAH CIRCLE of Walnut Street Methodist Church, 7:30 p.m., in the church lounge. ESTHER theran Church, CIRCLE 8 of Calvary Lup.m., at the home of Mrs. Fred Michelson.

Patton Hill Rd. CLARKSBURG GRANGE covered dish dinner. 6:30 p.m.. at the Grange Hall. BETA Sorority, CHAPTER.

at Phi the Beta home Psi Misses Mary Eloise and i Marjorie Bierley, 523 Allen Ave. Tuesday MT. LOGAN Garden Club, 2 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Ernest Gunlock, 233 W. Second St.

STUDY GROUP 1 of the Ross County Farm Bureau covered dish dinner, 7 p.m., at the Mr. and Mrs. Pryor B. Timmons in Clarksburg. HUNTINGTON ATHLETIC Boosters, 7:30 p.m., in the multi-purpose room.

MASSIE Association, 7:30 p.m., at the school. QUEEN Class of the First EUB Church, p.m., at the home of Mrs. William Menear, 667 Ervin Ave. an Church. 8 p.m., the MARY CIRCLE of Calvary, Lutherof Mrs.

Dunbar Terry, 33 Shawnee Dr. JUNIOR CIVIC League, 8 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Gene Swartz, 390 W. Main St. 7:30 HUNTINGTON at the GARDEN home of Club.

p.m., Howard Neff, Huntington Pike. HOSPITAL GUILD 6. 8 p.m., at the home of Mrs. George Flynn, 183 Church St. Order of the Eastern Star, 7:30 CHILLICOTHE CHAPTER 419, p.m., at hte OES Temple.

MIRIAM CIRCLE of Calvary Lutheran Church, 9:30 a.m., at the home of Mrs. Elmer Curry, 541 Laurel St. HOSPITAL GUILD 17, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Don Steinhausser, 331 Massie Ave. BOURNEVILLE WOMAN'S Society of Christian Service, 1:30 p.m., in the church, annex.

CLARKSBURG WOMAN'S Christian Temperance 2 at the Methodist Church. STORY PLACE Garden, Club, 1 p.m., at the home Leonard Growden, Belmont Court. CHILLICOTHE WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION, 1:15 p.m., in the Trinity Methodist Chapel. Thursday DELTA SIGMA Kappa Sorority, 8 p.m.. in the Inter-Sorority CounAn cil rooms.

AUSTIN WOMAN'S SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN SERVICE. 2 p.m.. at the home of Mrs. Haskel Moore in Frankfort. ROSS COUNTY SENIOR CITIZENS covered dish dinner, 5:30 p.m., at the YMCA.

ZANE URBANITES, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Robert Busch, 226 Logan View Dr. HOSPITAL GUILD 9. 1:30 p.m.. in the Chillicothe Hospital conference room.

-0- LEARNS OF DEATH Fred Pinney, member of the Ross County Soldiers Relief Commission, has been informed of the death on Friday, Feb. 28, of Donald Plotner of Bowling Green, former member of Co. 166th Infantry, in WW-1. Service was held last Monday i in Bowling Green. Mr.

Plotner served as a replacement in Co. which was made up of local men and was active in the Rainbow Division Veterans Association. Mr. Pinney is pinch-hitting these days at the Soldiers Relief office in the courthouse for Charles E. Gaskill service officer.

Mr. Gaskill and Charles Sewards, 29 Woodbriar, are surgical patients at Grant Hospital, Columbus. Patients in Room 642, they underwent surgery last Thursday and their conditions are reported good. Marriage Licenses DETILLION-FULTZ Paul 0. Detillion, 20, Waverly, salesman, and Bobbie Jo Fultz, 20, Route 5, at home.

The Rev. James Patterson. RICHMOND-HASKELL Lee M. Richmond, 21, Miamisburg, farmer, and Virginia E. Haskell, 21, Route 8, state highway employe.

The Rev. Raymond Betts. WINEBRENNER COLLINS Robert L. Winebrenner, Syracuse, student, and Donann R. Collins, 19, of 724 Madison secretary.

The Rev. Raymond Welch. CONRAD-KRUGER Donald L. Conrad, 21, New Holland, Route 1, farmer, and Joyce E. Kruger, 21, Frankfort, Route 2, bookkeeper.

The Rev. Orlo Freshly. The Sea Dyaks, or Ibans, form the largest cultural group in Sarawak, numbering about 000 persons. SHAGMOOR HAS A WAY WITH THE CLASSIC TOUCH OPEN TONITE 'TIL 9 EASTER SEALS Two classic silhouettes in Shagmoor's own luxury wools in a spectrum of fresh-as-Spring colors. Left, In Misses' and Petite sizes.

Right, in Misses' sizes. $55.00 Noruell,.

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