Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 18, 1897 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 18, 1897
Page 5
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John Gray's .. .Corner on Plain and... Fancy Dress Goods In all the fashionable shades and weaves, Including all Covort and Granlii Cloths. Something new In Silks for waists In Roman . Stripes and Checks. New Ribbons and Gloves. Come In and look stock, through this DO YOU EAT MEAT? Of course you do and yon can buy the choicest cuts of Wm. Rowe. Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247. G. W. Campbell Has removed his Second Hand Store to 212 SIXTH STREET Next to Moynlhan's, And wishes to Inform the public that he is still In the business. Stove Repairing a Specialty, W. J. Barnett, succor toc.L.woii. Undertaker, Embalmer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Calls attended day or njjrnt. The finest outfli in the U. S. Col. C. L. won, will remain with me. Office 16. Residence-Mutual, 65: C. U. 169. Phones E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. Buyi and Slells Second Hand Goods. Give us a cai:. 209 6 * streot INSUBANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth and Now Is Your Chance. You can buy you a home or pay off yiur »ortirairp by scndir(fM. M. Gordon a buyer for Real Estdw. Who will divide the commission with you, M. M. Gordon, Sprr g£ r °fstreet Old Phono office 306. residence 158. RAILROAD BREVITIES. Short Items of Interest fathered From Many Sources. Wm. H.Legg, of tbe Panhandle offices, has returned from a ten days' trip to Cincinnati. Peter Pierce, the Panhandle operator, has returned from Chicago,where he spent his vacation. John Kirbher, Panhandle boilermaker, expects to return to work Monday, after a two montba' illness. Dr. A. W. Tucker has returned from Fort Wayne, where he was employed in the Pennsylvania relief de- pertment during tbe absence of Dr. E. F. Wagner. The Pennsylvania inspection party the first day out made the long run of 459 miles, from Philadelphia across the tuountains to Erie, in twelve hours. Tbe idea of uniforming railroad conductors in gray is beginning to receive attention. Blue Is all very well until it gets dusty; but gray never shows tbe dust and always lool:s neat and tidy. The Wabash railroad has just bought at Lagro a large number of ties, which, though made from timber that has lain under water In ihe old canal for sixty years, are apparently as sound as tbe ties made from trees freshly cut. Superintendent Gould, of the Eastern division of the Wabash, states that H will be impossible for nim to change bhe division terminal for freight trains as desired by the train- mea, and while there is a strong desire to please the men no change will now be made. >" Willie Waddle, the. Vandalia fire- ma::), lost his watch, and didn't know wh'3re to find it. Finally Hichard, of Rock Ureek, suggested that he shake tbe ashtpan. The remains were found and Willie said: "Gosh durned If ]. didn't shovel it Into the firebox. Th2 next watch I buy will be a Waterbury; they'll not melt." The association of surgeons of the Pennsylvania lines Was in session for a couple of days at Zanesville, O., last week. Dr. E. C. Brush, of Zanesvllle, 0., was elected president for tihe <ens"lDg year: first vice president, Dr. W. G. Thompson, of Wlnamac, Ind ; second vice president, Dr. S, A. Graham, of Waynesville, 111.; secretary, Dr. George C. Stemen, of Fort Wayne, Ind, The next annual meeting will be held In Cleveland. Knu Five Miles. Yesterday morning Jonathan Grable, son of Max Grable. of Beth lehem township, left home to drive into the clby, After proceeding a short distance the horse became frightened and turning into the fence broke one of the thills of the buggy near tbe singletree. The animel then turned onto the road again and ran at break neck speed for five miles. It wss finally stopped by Mr. Grable, who remained lu the buggy aod held to the lines. At every jump the frightened beast would strike its leg against the broken thill, and the flesh was badly cut and bruised. The horse is now in charge of a veterinary ADDITIOJfAL ITEMS. at one of the wagon street. yards on North DR. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DE17TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of j Fourth and Market Streets. When You Need an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GO TO- F H. Wipperman, •06 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. Circnit Court. The- petit jury . was discharged this morning, for the term, which closes next week. Tbe attention of the court is occupied this afternoon, in listening to the argument in the case of Wolf et al against Diamondstone. A Crazy Horse. Andy Welch's driving horse killed itself last night by beating its head against the side of the stall. A veterinary said the animal's Drain was affected and it went mad. 80S Market street, Hoppe Building:. Daniel Killian & Co. C»lls promptly attended to, day ornlpht. Mr. Klllian was for many years foreman for Charlt g L. Woll. Telephone 381. McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAROS MONDAY, OCT. 13, 1S97. OITY Walden sells John Kelly shoes. Isaac Oppenhelmer is at Cincinnati The Weather. Partly cloudy tonight; Tuesday slightly warmer. Mother's pet leldom r«ache« man- on business. f3.78 for men's suits, eTery day and Saturday evening, at New Otto. William Koines, of Cleveland, O,, Is In the city, a guest at the Barnett. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell are at - Indianapolis attending a «on- veatlon ot tn» Christian church. Fa.«ihion IB a grave digger with plenty to dci. Success Is sometime* the greatest Misfortune. The best place to make A long prayw U In the closet. Good humor can h*ar the Wrd's sing In a thunder storm. It is difficult for truth to t»T«l en the -wings of suspicion. He who hides from God U UBakia*. fail to And klm ID. •tornv . White, wno has been Idea- tified for a number of seasons with "A Bunch of Keys," "Held by As Enemy," "Paul Kauvar" and other attractions, has secured the right* to "Two Lifle Vagrants. 1 * Winning racehorses ar* generally bays, chestnuts or browns, and for »very 100 bays among them there are 60 chestnuts and 30 browns. There i* no record of an important r&ee being won by a piebald. •• The proportion of de»£ mntee to tie population is 1 to «T«ry 2,043. In 1851 there was oa« deaf mut« to every 1,738 of the population. Physicians date that this decrease Is mainly traceabl* to greater knowledge and cere In th« of scarlatina in children. Visit Otto Shoe Co. Saturday. Boxcalf trlpple sole shoes 12.98, worth f 5—New ODto. The greatest line of children's clothing at the New Otto. John McGrOvern is DOW employed at the opera bouse sample room. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Monahan, of Twelfth street, a twelve pound boy. Miss Dolly Henderson, who was seriously 111, was seen upon the streets today. Chrli Eckert. the blacksmith, is laid up with an attack of loflamatlon of the stomach. Mrs. W. B. Place went to Denver, Ind., this morning for a week's visit with her mother. Frank Beamer has almost entirely recovered f roco an attack af erysipelas of the right foot. Bierman-Heidelberg tailor made clothing and box overcoats at the New Otto a,t right prices. The worK of putting a new floor in the Third street bridge over Eel River will be begun tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. H. Brookmeyer, sr. returned yesterday from a visit in Massachusetts and New York. Mrs. George I/ucy and daughter have returned from Montlcello where tbey visited the former's parents. Do not forget to visit the grand bazaar of St. Joseph's church which will open tonight at St.Joseph's hall, Jessie Crooks, the four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ash Orooks, of Adamsboro, Is ill of malarial fever. Mrs. C. Keep, Miss Minnie Keep and Miss Marie Keep, of Toledo, 0., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jobn Keep, of High street. Mr. Wm. Shield?, who conducts a meat market on Plum streset, Westside, and Miss Kate Minneman, daughter of John Mioneman, will be united in marriage on Wednesday, Oct 27th. J. Mertz, a teacnerin ?the Bush- vllle city schools, is here on a visit with ais brother-in-law, Fred Davis. He says that the Eashville schools were closed on account of an epidemic of scarlet fever in that city. G-ern Wlnslow, colored, will go to Chicago tonight and on Thursday he will be united in' marriage there to Miss Maude Johnson. They will arrive in Logaueport Saturday and go to housekeeping In apartments on Market street. Our dress goods specials and fancy silks are the talk of the city. We are receiving orders from Marion, Peru, Kokomo and all near towns. It was all done through our shrewd, early purchases, and of course the styles should only be found at the Trade Palace. ENGLISH METHODS. Two Oxford Oaramen Will Do Some Coaching For Vale. It is announced that Yale is to introduce English methods in rowing. Guy Xiekalis, s:iid to be the most famous oarsman in England, and J. G. Gold, who has for two years been the stroke of both the Oxford and Lc;mdcr eights, will assist Yale's head coach, Mr. Cook. Mr. Niekalls graduated at Oxford, and there learned rowing. In 1SS7 he won the Diamond Sculls, and held them for several years by a secies of splendid victories. In JSOG, when Yale was at Henley, Mr. Nickalls rowed with his brother, Vivian Xickalls, in the doubles and won this event. He also rowed in the fours, and his crew won this event. Finally he rowed in the Leander eight, and here again his crew won. It- took several heats to win iu each event, Our Shoes Pit ' Like gloves Ami they wear Like Iron. "We treat our customers Fair and square Becanse we appreciate Their traJe. Our prices are Low— "Wonderfully low— And quality is High"Very high— And we want 1'our trade. Elias Winter. GERMAN TAUGHT -AT- HALL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 1 he great and increasing demand for the German language in business circles has led President Moore to add this branch to the practical business course. We have been 101 tun ate enouff" to secure Mrs. Edith "otter, the popular and efficient teacher of German, to take charge of this line of work. Mrs. Potter has -von an enviable re nutation as a teacher of ihe natural method and comes to us highly recommended by educators and by scores of pupils lor whom tbe drudte of the "Urmnnier Method has bee'i changed to « pleasant pajtime by the Colby .Natural Method. Day an" evening classes Ca.l at the ColleRe office and arrange fora practical courpe In Geiman. Ball's Business College. Comer Broadway and Sixth St. Second floor. He at once assumed tne leaaersm}} among the professional runners in England, and his exhibitions proved a drawing card that made a lot of money for Martin. The Indian always appeared in native lack of costume, his equipment in this respect consisting of a colored clout, a pair of running pumps, a necklace and a feather. W, G, George, when -an amateur, made a great attempt to lower Deerfoot's record in 1884. He was then considered the last- est ten mile runner living, and a special 12 mile handicap was arranged to give him a chance of surpassing the record figures. George just missed the record, completing 11 miles 932 yards in the Tailor and Draper, Our Fall and Winter Styles, in elegant combiantioag of color la up-to-date fabrics in plaids, cheeks, stripes, tweeds, twills, sttgw KM waiting for your inspection. Skilled workmen are also waiting to fashion them into the best; fitting and finely finished suits that would- ooat you twice as much if landed under (ha new tariff. Carl W, Keller 311 Market St, CAPE OK CGLI.ARKTTK OF A.\D A^TIIAKHAX. y. jr fr J A novelty of the season i? a most convouic-nt ;-,r.il modish little jzarmem ilia; i* calledeithe a cane or a. collarette. The ciurraving shows siaart little cape of this sort which appeared in u recent number of Tit? Delineator. It reaches to ;!u- waist-line at the back and front and over (he elliows at the sides, and thus provides an appreciable protection in weather that is nof loo severe. It is most effective when made ot fur of any fashionable variety, selection being governed by one's purse ijuite as much as by one's taste, unless the former is plentifully CARRIAGE HORSES. The Secretary of Acricultnro Wants to Encourage Their Breeding. Secretary of Apiculture Wilson is disposed to encourage the breeding of carriage aorscs. He says that during the past 25 years too much time and too much money been expended on the production of extreme spe;d. In the meantime we have permitted the business of raising carriage norscs to go into decay. In our haste to produce record breakers we have paid lit;le heed to :;ize and symmetry. The con- esqucnce is that there is an overproduc- iion of ho.-ses 'ban have neither speed enough to win iv.oncy oa the track nor size and beauty enough to do for carriage purposes. If any one believes that good sized, handsome, sound, fashionably col- lon<r. There are, however, some fow inexpensive furs that are within the reach of even moderately \vell-iilled purses and for those to whom fur is impossible there arc velvet, Astrakhan eloihor fine smooth cloth, trimmed, perhaps, with bands of fur. Astrakhan and seal combine very stylishly in these littl capes, which have a yoke composed of gore shaped to lit closely about the neck and flare ni Medici style above, and below the yoke a circular part sweeps out into fushionabh bremlth. Tiie mode is especially becoming tt ?! wider younir women of erect t;irri;is:e. Fpfsially prepared for us by The PiAli-ihimj Co., (Limited). Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit ior you that for Price. Style and Fit cannot be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D CRAIG, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. STYLISH TOILETTE COMPHIS ING A TUCKED BLOL'SK OF SILK AND A SKIRT OF NOVELTY GOODS. Tucked blouses are a novelly that loot ored, stylish and well mannered carriage icL.-irmiiifr mi slender, girlish figures. The) horses are numerous he> has only to go in pondi all round over y. belt of leather, met:. quest of t.Vm to find how few in number " r ribbon, the newest, ribbon belts beiujr ex they really are. Sometimes buyers are ,ceedingly protty: the ribbon is wound Mv: a compelled to traverse the length and atom U* waist and is then tied breadth of the country to find a~team to side in a bow with Ion- flowing loops their liking. When found, the man who ,.fcnds. GUT KICKALLS. and all these races were rowed within three days. Mr. XickaUs is a son of Thomas XickaUs, a London broker, and he and his brother Vivian hare won enough silver to fill an ordinary dining room. Mr. Xickalls is in his father's firm, and only takes up boating each year during the Henley regatta as a recreation. He is ^ forcible character and a wonderful ath^e. Sir. Gold is a much younger man, but has made a splendid reputation by his stroking of Osford and Leander eights. He has stroked both crews for the last two years, and to his splendid generalship is attributed in a large measure the victories won by his eights. New Banning Record. .An Englishman named Bacon recently ran 11 miles and 1,343 yards in on hour, breaking the famous record held by Deerfoot for 36 years, tteerfoot, whoae leal name was- Bennett, was a half breed, and WM born near Niagara Falls in 1826. Ctaorge Martin, a famous manager of pedestrians, discovered the Indian while on a trip to this country. Martin persuaded Dcec&ot to retain with htm juts them together can fix his own price. They will bring all the way from $1,000 to |5,000. Horses suitable for the carriage were more numerous half a century ago than now, according to the number of horse.; bred. Secretary Wilson is going to try and see if he cannot revive the heavy carriage horse industry. If he should succeed or if hie only lays the foundation for its success, he will liave performed an important labor. The difficulty in breeding carriage horses of the proper type is a more difficult task thfin it appears to be from casual observation. To begin with, we have not in this country a strictly fixed type of carriage breed. The consequence is that in such as we do breed there is n lack of uniformity. Unless the type bo fixed in the sense that the thoroughbred is fixed, there is the danger of atavism, oc breeding back to some undesirable ancestor. Many well meaning people have advocated that we rely on the American trotter for carriage purposes, but the American is such a composite of thoroughbred and col i strains, such, a conglomeration of alma st even-thing and anything in the horse we "Id, that he cannot be bred for the carriage with even approximate uniformity. It will take many years to establish a carriage breed to be known as such. at the ief long, flowing loops am ribbon belt will match the ,n;l a knife-plaited frill or ruffle placed dowi IK efosinfr, n'liich is made at the left side h .ussian style. The tucketl blouse shown ir. ,the picture, fashionably known as the 'aulovna blouse, is reproduced from Tin Deti'neotor of a late issue. It is of trlact .Seta trimmed with heavy lace bauds thai Arthur Vltzhuma, a farmer of Fairbury, Ills., committed suicide by taking a dcze of poison. "I prefer Cleveland's baking powder," writes Miss Bedford, the well- known lecturer on cookery, " because It is pure and wholesome, it takes less for the same baking, it never fails, and bread and cake keep their freshness and flavor." Guarantee* Oracert «r» antbotiMd to (ft** back Ton mcrwy if yon to mtt and Climlxnd't thm beet tafctaf fowdtr 7*m kcr* «r«r owd. iH Scttnjr Anrfer Ox, HVff, arc arranged alike at the back ami front Tiie tucks are prettily frroiiped and the close-fitting; sleeves :irc tucked F> match. An artistic drapery at ihe top of the sleeve srives the breach h that is becomm;; ty most women and is really necessary i" many. The skin is of novelty poods ia a rich dnhlia shade, plainly completed. The mode is a three-piece shape \vith darts over tht hips and -.1 fan back. I]j u Ifiilette of this sort a skirt of p!air. or jvehy wool jroods may be i:nitfd ivirh a waist of plain, tipured or g-lactj silk trimmed with pa«ementerie, lace bands, etc.. which may also "oe arransic-d on the skirt. y prepared for us by The Bv'i-cric.k Co.. (Limited). No Pain! No Danger I Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as gore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe ao.d paicles. The Finest and Best method of CEOWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method COHESIVE PLATES, guaranteed to fit. ®*No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, n F N T T ^ TI 3U 1 ' 2 Fourth St. *->I-'i* *• •»••-> i -Over Fieher'sDrug Bton THE SHININ6 LIGHT —The New— Wlieeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J, Howell, Agent- OBSERVAtT&~S8. Nearness, when moderate if * T but when carried to an. extr»m«.it rows the mind. The smallest children, are neacwt leaven, as the smallest planet* EM nearest the eun. A set of mortals has risen who b«- .ieve that truth is not a printed cy ation but a practical £a*t •A fititistioten svj* there ar* t(!0 t>lin<l people In the \rorl4. Vaar hnndred and torty-ueven of them, it mlgbt be added, are members of th* aieri»an oongress. An officer of the United State*, army M been sent to Vienna as a military attache. If a« 1» to be attached to Ch« Vienna bakery he may pick np ft littl« knowledge that will lie of a lltttt value to the subsistence deoartmeftt ftua. ti« returns. ALL SORTS. Totting, * B«V auVof-daor gamn, «orlbe<) as rwemlijjn*; botk golf nay become faOiionabl* in Hottratat M»r<J to Hottentot is liard to proaouace it Uv« ptuc deacriptions of Dr. Aurel Sclmlz f OM it no injustice: • "I can. safely liken. tit* language to a clicking of a multitude of different rusty old sun. loclw net In motion. It la to kew .the fatty click Kut ttoot, tick lick mktchuk Ctkovktok gtn-»k±I-gkkij, $7 many pot Ibftt am not bail or«r has n~ tMM laventad in Berlia. It kM perforated rini. througfc which <h« or«rflo-»rt»g fluid returns to the pot An authority •!•*•• ttet the eolt ik e shape at OMB cot. *m*m«nt« hoarded br tfce satire of India t* (ft* •aoracMM on at fL/. •jo.ooo.rn. Because— and thi* i« the best reanft ftf all — when all the world had reached an unenviable *tate of -wickedness tb» blessed task of bringing it a savior ft»r all mankind -was given to a woman, •which was God's way ot setting bis •eal of approval on her who IK mother, wife, daughter, and sweetheart, tier ef ore, man's best friead. FLASHES OF FUN- "She is •. decided brunette taftt «ke?" "Verr- They «ar her mu»b«B41 •an't caU hi« soul his own."— Pack. "Is it anr fun getting a mm to yen b<xw to ride tht Way TT» bee* t«i»ht Life. ~WM it » rertfnl pUoe oat at conntry tie parlor •tano if doMi for Record,

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