The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1943
Page 6
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fAGB BIX BLYTHEVJLLR : (ARK.)' COURIER-NEWS TUESDAY, MAY »,.in rap FJUL Building Men Say Theorists and -Cracks Will Delay Post-War Market . CHICAGO, 'May 11. — "Pencil dreajns, fairy stories and freakish publicity tibout post-war houses will do great harm by causing buyers to wait for. miracles thnt probably won't happEn—or at bcsl take years to develop," : That is the -'consensus of 700 of the nation's,lop home builders! Believing Ilial il was high time the builders of Ihels country were heard on Ihe subject of future building and its planning, American Builder" iintgnzfiie conducted-n survey of the post-war -plans being prepared by these men, select rd ns typical of their group—the building professionals who buill and sold over 6000,000 houses oul of a record-breaking total of 715,000 units in 1941. The rfstilts as published, hi the May issue expose the fallacies in many of the current day drtams of. the more vocal but BETTER HOMES Blanket 'Orders' * * * Follow Expert Rules For Laundering and Sloriii" Your Woolen Covers Safely Through*TI less productive fringe of revolutionary Architects and industrial designers. On the otiic* hand builders tire fully aware of (lie technical progress Hint is being made nnd are iiiMaiit to delHei the best honyt values ever created us soon as construction is resumed. They say, "We have. Ihc land, the plans, the know- how for a quick post-war start; we are o[ieii-inmrted on new ideas anil riy NEA Setvfc'c With warm weather just around llie bond, yoli'll soon be stripping your beds of woolen bliuikcls anil storing them for llie summer, But blanket manufacturers conducting a "mnke Jt do" cnni)>:ilgn, warn you lo make doubly certain that blankets me not only mothproof packed, but lire ns clean a.s can be before storing them. Nothing, they sny, destroys (lie Insulating qualities .and IOIIR life ol the mntcrfnl ns quickly ns dirt nail .wot, which clog llie iiir -cells of llie wool fiber. For -best resulUi in liiiKlerini; iliihkel.s, use plenty of soil water, lever over 100 degrees Huenhell nnd wash only one blanket, ut n 'me. . - -, If your local water Is hard. us< wntei' softener, before adding a Hid soap. Once the soup is thoroughly dl.ssoJvcd and you hiivc rich lids, immerse the blankets in youi vashtiiH machine and let it run Jiree minutes. Or, ir yon are wasli- ng them by hnnd,' squeeze and (louse them for iibout five minutes. Then, repeal the operation In a second inb of i-iHls. Incitlenlally, If the bindings of (your blankets nrc Ixidly soiled, use a soft brush to give Hum an extra oug Smninci- methods— will idopl new or ay- same temperature, jqneenln" llie r>io\ed mitcrhli and equipment.'^.? """'"" " ' ' ' " fust ns the\ lie put on llie market iu *<,.>•, iuju uiniiKcu lengthwise and tested I he public will want, linng with binding at the bottom' bigger bett'i equipped and more And pull gently Into shape Wlien homelike houses, - n reaction narlly dry, reverse them on the .ignlust Mm tune .shanty towns' nnd line. Ami when comnlctHv regimentation." • -••-••- •-•• '•-"•> New I'rndiicls, Creates Value Sonic of Die highlights In the —toward (be binding. opinions expressed to American Buildei by these men, each of whom buill and marketed al lenst 103 houses In the last five years, are that plastics, plywood, metals, synthetic'! and packaged units win- \astlj impnne houses, but such items will be added bit by bit in an e\o!uttomry nthei than revolutionary process. 'Thumbs down on Hat roofs or extreme modem 01 sudden changes in home design yiys tlie builders. ' Public won't iccepl. Sile fabrication, pre-cuttlng, greater use of factory-assembled sections ov packaged units will"gradually give more house for the money and produce the best the world lias ever seen. 'Our planning for llie past-war -market-will-be bused on those prewar designs tliat proved most, successful with the public. LnlEsl developments are being carefully studied as will those still on the \ ny A fe« 5eais won't greatly change peoplrs tnsles; they won't, accept Home Blenk Home'—over 70 per tent of our houses will be modern Colonial.' Decrsmg many of the fanciful promises of new developments hinted along specific lines, the builder 1 ; point, oul -We musl have something..definite on which to build, after liml and improvements must come plans which can immediately.'be turned into homes. Simplification should be the keynote m'phn Kith new heating, ventilating and electric equipment influencing intermi designs. Greatest changcs'are expected in kitchens and baths following functional design. 'Perhaps the 'Stratospheric Six- lies' will'see some of tlie mosl violent die-nis of today become realities But dreams can'l be built and sold until sketchy Ideas become working drawings and hopes be- coine .'; specified products. Builders w'll know tint progress comes out of invention and research, but at the same time they fully realize that yiars are required to accomplish . revolutionary change. In the CD's there MAY be rubber houses, circular igloos, and homes that fly to the site. Tabulated results of post-war questionnaires sent to residential builders who have sold at leasl 100 houses in Ihe pasl five years nnd are preparing lo resume building aft'i the «ai are shown in the chart below..Many voted for more Easy 'Face-Lifting' Job Will Rejuvenate Homes A simple job of "taee-Hftlnp" often is -ill thnl is needed to rc- jmenale the exterior appearance of an old fnshioned house. Some- limes the • outmoded feature is a sprawling porch Removal of the l)orch usinlly is not necessary it can be corncrted into a livW loom or sun room that will be on unobstrusive dement of the exterior Insuhline board siiealhln° and decoiative insulating D0 ^ for the intrirs will make Ihe new room easy to hc-\t IS THE 1UMBEI bit of After washing-, squeeze — dcu'l tiwl5t--lh c water oul of the blankets. And if you us: n wringer, be sure to loosen the tension of the rollers. Then, rinse thoroughly in two or three clenr waters of the -•• v."iin*<! (H V, UnL clean wlilskbroom to raise lite nap, brushing in one direction only If you press the binding, avoid :reasuiK (he outer edge, or it will eventually split nnd fray. Tn storing blankcl.s wrap loosely, Hid seal In n dust-proof container nien wrap in heavy moth-proof lapcr and pul away In a cool, ( |ry nacc. Avoid piling anything else ") lop of them, ;:0 tluU the nap won't be flattened. And next year, if you haven't done II. in the pasl, make a Italilt SPEED DIIILDHG E Insulaling Board One Prod- tic! Helping To Step Up Building Program American Inventiveness and genius for findiiiii commercial uses for by-products is paying WB dividends in the nation's wartime con- slriicllon program, building authorities report. New Unilding materials, developed in the pasl few decades, are beuig ased on an un- lircciidenled scale in llie erection of cantonments, war materials liliint.s and war housing projects. Among the new materials mgsl widely used is insulating board. It i.s estimated that well over a iiil- lioji feel of this product already hns gone into direct war construction. Insulating board was developed about the time of the first World War by scientists who found thai the fibers of wood, sugar cane and other plants could lie formed into boards having qualities possessed by no other structural material. Fresh Wallpaper Will Improve Rooms At Minimum Expense against-lJie-u'all feeling when you think of papering your house. Tlie situation Is far from hopeless, in fact very good. For wallpaper Is still plentiful, in quantity nnd design, it's relatively cheap when compared with other ways of making now rooms from old ones. And it's perfectly possible to do tlie papering yourself if yon waul lo save money or can't find a professional papcrcr to do it for you It's hard work bill good exercise. And the results give you as much ?nllsfiictloi> ns winching a flower- Jed bloom from seeds sown with care in the Spring, Fresh paper will prevent that clown-at-the-heel look rooms are ipt to (jet from increased use now hat we can't do so much traveling. It can make .1 small room argcr, a high ceiling lower. II can ie -applied quickly and leave the •oom ready for immediate occu- inncy. ItrslHrliims Not Severe Tlie war has placed some roll ictions on wallpaper just as it .as on almost every thing else. Bui lie reslricltons will not seriously lumper anyone. For Instance, you iscd lo be able lo buy paper" in evcral different widths. Now, ac- crding lo a WPIV ruling, H comes nly in rolls 10 and ouc-iuini'tcr . . . -er Most important of these is a high inches wide— 18 inches when trim- re.sistaiKC to the passage of heal. | mcd. All rolls consist of exactly Ik-cause insulating board is made 30 square feel, a good thing to rein large sheets, and at the same member when you're figuring out time is light in weight and easy to your papering budget. handle, it has helped to spec;! prac- | Some types of paper have vnu- Hcally -every phase of the 'build- ishcci. You won't find 'any vylilt Ing program. Kqually important, ii ] metallic backgrounds. Aluminum Is providing extra protection from wns needed to make them. And cold and heat to soldiers ami war liirijitj Co.) ..Illustrated silinvo arc .sonic Do's mid' ;, Dim'i „„ nn ,..., r .„_„ „, vrnwcn hlankcls. One ,,f tbe mosl! step" £1n shI ™ t i-ccu In the pbi,lo. II removes dust and Mill tt ,,,| r«»<""il| "'« wnshtiiir, muTs ,.,, (i, c „„,,, u .i, icl , I11!lkcs lu>at ills ,; (j -; ' J " l « r ^&ir^r;ri! a ^ BsliniK'; "Always hang washed blanket lengthwise to drv"' 1 "Si > of brushing your blankets bslwcen laiindrylnt's. u wm keep them 3.8 L'fi.O Sound-Quieted Rooms Boon To Night Workers Around- the- clock workshlfls which mean ilia! some members of .he family arc sleeping while others are working, have created a wise iibnlcincnt problem in some ionics. Sleeping rooms can be han one item under each question. U'liat Huililm- . Vntrit for in Fast-Wan Humes % Thai % Thai Voted Voted Some or Yes iMnyte Do you expect a •ndlciil change in •our post-war home s to: APPEARANCE . I/O EQUIPMENT 103 CONSTRUCTION METHODS m.(5 Do you expect to ise any of the fol- owlng pre-fabricalloii uethods: COMPLETE SHOP OR FACTORY FABRICATION .. 2!) 'ARTIAL-, SUCK AS USE OF S11O1'- BUILT PANELS . . 144 1ITE FABRICATION OF STANDARD SECTIONS m 'RE-CUTHINO OF MATERIALS WITH POWER EQUIPMENT .. r,|8 1THER a'j) Vhat architectural ype or style do yon c.xpecl to starl fcaliring: TRADITIONAL, .. 7m iCWEWHAT MODERNIZED STYLE 53.4 MODERN grj OTHER 155 eleaner. so (let 1 and, therefore, warmer. IB2 IG.3 1.0.2 5.8 sound quieted and insulated al the .siime time by re-finishing walls and ceilings with Insulating board The fibrous construction of Die board retards the passage of sound and cl .... , .' °. "' •'""mi ,uiu Liinui[•]. can uc mult in the lvir>L- ub ucs noises arising within the yard by covering Alm],te rmSe-' work o[ used lumber will, insuhit- ing board. Dry Homes For Chicks Even tlie best feed will not make hens lay their besl if the poultry house llscll Ls damp or poorly ventilated. Poultry authorities lay stress on protection, against cold rain and drafts. Walls should be Insulated and the roof of lhc |»ul- try house covered with a weather- llghl materia Isuch a.s aspbnlt. Permanent Protection Whether used as sheathing- lath or interior finish, Insulating board will last ns long ns the building in which it is Installed, thus assuring licrninncnt insulation. 00 Men !,efl at Cnllrgr ALBANY, N. Y. cUPI-The man orlaec is no joke nt New York Slate College for Teachers here There are fewer than no men left, in college due lo calls of military service and war industry. Tlituc's are .so bad thai to fill out the cast of an operetta, women had to be the gondoliers. The men's athletic association lias hung out a sipu '•suspended for the duration" There aren't enough men in any one gymnasium class to play basketball-only 10 lire needed' And this year there will be a girls' soft- tall league. To build a iG-inch gnu like those guarding our coastlines from possible enemy invasion. H takes 213- GtiT SIW1 war - - only S75 each. 8.7 •1.B Automatic range finders are the ' I-or 408 $100 war bonds at S7 each-tn build one. '—-'_!*'£ •••_ Voting is compulsory in Aiulr.iliA. RU-BER-OID ASPHALT SHINGLES n m«ni> bsaulllul colon « Ides! lot r«-rooflnn, «-s!dtno «nd tor na» eonslructloii. Beaombe, , 06W px^j tffo ^ ^ 9 teillt rJ | U6 o| youl h(> DELTA LUMBER CO. Children's Playhouse An attractive playhouse for (he r "-i"l<ilin(r board Is mad :hildren can be built in the back-' ;tyl>C-S for rinis hin« inte •ard by coveriuir n simni,. <-.•„',„„_ lilr B c sizes arc known .- workers. Another 'contribution of this new alnmlnnm is more useful in battlefront planes than on hmiic-front walls. t)ai k backgrounds arc, also a thing of tlie past. For the chrome material to tlie war effort lias been tile .saving it effects in fuel. The - o — -••- -— *--- ~-.,«»,.. Insulation Board Institute has| llsct ' ln their manufacture has been foiiutl that a freight car load of diverted for urn production. And insulating board, used in building most of the real \voocl veneers have walls and .ceilijuj.s-, will save as a '- so disappeared. They wcr im- cars by this lype of insulation. Insulating board has many war- lime uses for the home owner, too. Old walls and ceilings, in need of repair because of plaster cracks. can be covered with.a decorative form of the board which requires papering .your four walls and Double-Duty Material It serves ns a structural material as well as an Insulation, hisulallne board is one of the most widely used fuel conservation pro- no further decoration. The decorative board is ideal for converting- unused attics or open porches into rooms which ci.n be rented to war workers. Applied over. top . floor ceilings or lo roof rafters, insulat- HB board will furnish valuable insulation and make fuel go farther. Insulating board Is made in three for finishing interiors. The sizes arc known ns building _ and will cover large areas quickly. This board conies in a -t- fcotwidlh and various lengths. Tims a wall i-> feet long can be coin- - pletely surfaced with the application 'of only three boards. Narrow wldtlis, in varying Icngllis, are usually known as planks. Small square and rectangular units are called tfleboards. The plank and tile shapes are especially well suited for building attractive wall and [celling patterns. Although light in weight, insulating board is structurally strong. • •• •. It builds firm and permanent walk. ' ioh ( ' ml i m hiel1 insulating value maE?s rooms wanner in winter and more _ _ — I comfortable in the holiest suni- liend Courier News want arts, mcr \vcather. Moreover, it has con- painting the ceiling a matching or contrasting shade Is the usual room treatment. But there ore lots of tricks yon can use with lovely results. Painting the walls :.ot n bedroom pale' pink,' for .^instance,and papering the ceiling with large roses on a cream background. Unfortunately, builders in the old days had a passion for using moldings to form panels on walls. They break up the lines of a room and serve no real decorative purpose. But' they can—if you paper each panel with a bright floral design. This is A trick used by the French in the 18lh Century. It'.; sklcrablc sound quieting value. Because of its insulating and sound quieting values, insulating board is being used in the con- slrucUon of cerlain types of tanks. It helps to keep .the tanks cool inside, protects the men inside and reduces the roar of guns and bombs, - PKone 4!S7 ROOMS REDECORATED IN 3 HOURS Paint Over Wallpaper^ Plaster, Brick, Etc.' Techi^o tomes o form. Con La mixed In ju»l a jiffy! Abtaluidy no men! No need lo uiape offihobby oH wallpaper. • It's one big svirprise after another -wlien you redecorate n room with PittsburghTechide. One coat is sufficient over olr! wallpaper or other surfaces. And that one coat may bo applied in less than two hours nmf c/r/cs in one hour. You can actually hang up pictures 60 minutes after painting with Techidel Ask ui to give, you the whole story of this amazing development in wall paint. Techiii* viollt mny quiskly wohcd xvil'n loop and Nvbtcr. TMADC IM S COLOR! AND^VHITE PITTSBURGH PAINTS HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. almost everyone. Theatrcialism has given way to practicality. Two Ifcisie Designs The two main types of designs on the market arc florals and stripes. Follow ^Through! Victory gnnleiiing ia no get- fc<I-quick scheme. Hriw much mid liow wt'll yon out hi l«Jj:{ is Inrgcly «[» lo you. Oclcrniiitalion and perseverance arc needed to keep your garden free of weeds, insects nnil disease. Bui ihc rewards nrc deeply gratifying. Advice and guidance are oli- lainnhlc for tlie nslsing, from local nnd stale agricultural agencies, f •'"' '»: ' iVIrlory €arden ncglccl meani .waste of seeds, fertilizer, insec- Hcidcs nnd effort. Such waste llie Axis, fe; // you nrc templed to neglect your 1'irlory Gnrtlcn, think of our lioys nt Ihc front ivho nrc Citing un$tinlingly of their, '?^rgy_. ...... — BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Neman] Allen, MRI. "H'alrr Is ' Your Chtaiwst Coiiiinoilily," particularly good for achieving a disnUied and somewhat Tonnal effect. Another trick you can perform with i>n|ier and wood-molding is lo run the molding around the room about three feet from the floor. I>alit(. the moulding mm (|, e wall sunce lielow it to the mateh the woodwork. Then paper tlie between the mowing and llie ceilim; This treatment fits beautifully wllh Ceoi- 8 ia.| tnf.,. And It will improve lh c nronor- tions tions o fa roam too h|..h " ceilings. Stripes Create Illusions Stripes arc particularly useful for making a room look llk> some . thing It isn't. Placed horizontally they give an illusion of width Place:! vertically they make n room' -seem higher. They arc (r fs |, M]A neat and fit equally well j,u 0 ,,„. li(|iie or modern Interiors. Uroad stripes arc more effective than narrow ones. Thin ij tles ^ m together and seem to vibrate Wlien yon buy your paper make sure you yet a kind ' guaranteed and fade proof of ..... ~ l/lvul LjUL-i Ol them lake a jjood hard soap and water dousing without cur!lii E or blisteriiiK. And they'll ^*nt\ -my amount of sun and still stay bright lu addition, the wall you're "papering must be smooth and ilrv if you want to achieve a professional effect. Cracks srould be carefully pnlchcil. And a lining , railel . lm(ior more Game Room Ideal For Wartime Relaxation With travel limited by e! , soltll[ , rationing nnd transportation IT .itrictloiw, the home Is once the center of entertainment A basement ijame room, therefore is I! 10 . 1 ; 0 ., tha " CVC1 ' lo be desired. HuiWing such a room yourslt is not a difficult job. Insulating board will conceal rough, cold stones or cement walls nnd make the basement as warm and dry as the rest of the house. No further finishing is 'required; as Insulating board provides its own decoration. MIND YOUR MANNERS ». •. Mt «. Test, your knowledge' of correct social nsiiBc by answering Hie fol- owing questions, Uien .checking the authoritative answers . the ducornlivo w in E | vc added assurance of mln-or-.siiioDtl •iiirface. M'AftMNC OltlHvtl Mrs. Valeiia Lonsinro Is warned !o nppe.-n- in tli fl cimncery Court 'or the Chjckn.sawba District of Mississl|)j)i County, Ai-kamas, witli- m thiity days nexl nflcr tho dale lereof. to an.swer a complaint nictl nt'iunst her ilierein by M| c |, ne ] nm.aro. IJaled (his April 19, 1213 HARVEY MOHHIS. Chancery court clerk liy Eldot-n Neal, lleimlv leid & Evi-nrd, Attorneys for I'lainUfr Walter L. I'opc, Attorney ad-Lllcin. if defense; they naster. 4/20-27-5/4-11 as n menus recognize no '1-May a girl KO with her fiance when he buys her wedding ring? 2. If a bride has a sister of suil- ible age does she usually have her for her maid or matron of honor— -ather than having a friend? 3. tf she is married In street clothes, does the groome .send tlui bride any kind at flowers? 'I. Does the groom usually give the bride a wedding present? 5. Should a bride consider the cost when selecting the dresses she asks her bridesmaids to wear? What would you do if— You are ivomlering whether to .send wedding invitations to your friends who live so far away you are sure they ciinnol attend your wedding— la) Semi them invitatoliis, anyway? , (Ij) DoiiT send them invitations? Answers 1. Yes. 2. Yes Her friends can he bridesmaids. 3. He sends her a corsage. 4. Yes. Often a piece of jewelry. fi. Yes. Belter "What Would You Do" solution—(a). Anti-aircraft guns protect us from enemy attack by air. It lakes IGfiO $50 war bonds, ill only $37.!iO each, to build one. Read Courier News iant ads. 1!UY WAR KONDS PAINT-UP WITH True-Tagg Paints "The Sntilh's Favorile Kor 50 Years." While you can still .secure prewar quality—lor a limited time only—for many substitutes will soon, be used. So, make sure your paint job is done now and with I ho best quality material, EO it will last a loii'r lime. PAlHTrioticI Conserve Yntir Properly. SPECIALS For This Week! True Tagg 100'' Pure Outside White—In 5 Gallon Lois F(oor Enamel—All Colors 3.30 per gal. Semi-Gloss—All Colors 3.30 per gal Enamels—Flat Paint & Varnishes of All Kinds! White Creosote Paint 2.25 per g al Mural Tone CASEIN PAINT The Original Casein 1'ainC One (Jallon tlocs (lie Average Koom. One Coal Covers—All Colors. .rer Gal. Pure White ami Ornnge Shellac, Steel Won] ami ,,(i lfr ..,, |V FINi)AHI,i; lil,SK\VIIKUE" Articles Canvas - Tacks - Glues - Deadening Fell Wallone - Figured Tell - Reliable Wheat Paste WALLPAPER Kvnjlhinc ywtr lipavt could rtp.sirc in lienulifiil Wnllpapfrs. Over 2SO I'.illrritx lo seliYl from, at a price to suit every imrsc. One nf ihr scst sud most fomplclc wnll- papcr slocks In Illjllieville. niythevillc's Kxclnsivc 1'aini & Store ARKANSAS Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. 105 K. Main |>h. 2272 Y/r Can secure Onmnftdtl rninlns * r.-ipfrlwngcrs for you.

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