The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1932
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Served bit the United Press VOL. XXIX—NO. 152 BI YTHEMLLE COURIER NEWS TIIK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NURTHEA UT ARKANSAS AND SOUTIIKAST MlSiSOUKI Blytlievllle D.-ilIy News, lilylhcvllle Ileiald. Mississippi Valley Loader. Hlylhcvllli! Courier. HI.VTIIKVILI.K, AltKA.NSAS, MONDAY. SKl'TK.MliKU 12, I !):!:> DISMISS HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS CONTEST Search In Vain for " Family" Auto Kills Daughter of Stuttgart Founder i Hucy Long Hits Dry Law | I in Final Campaign Talkj ; NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 12. iUI')— | j Lcuirtaua's Democratic primary' ' campaign ?ndcd tcday vulh Uiiii;'d j j Stall's Senator ililcy I'. T.'.n:; in 111'' ; role of publlr <le!viui:;r of the nnve- j ; "lent to re[X;al the IS'.li a;n?n:l- • < mem. ; ' . ' With cliaractcristtc ]iom!> t :.e ' Nothing HeaVd From LltV : kinfifish told an audience of voters , n . i i» w/'.i Q I thai federal iirolitbi^on "spies. 01 KlChmond With O . sleuths and stseple i-havers are my Aboard Since Sunday. ^'^'^''an ato!llte CTStc " _ i to throw away S13.COO.CflO in an ANGMAGSAUK, Grcc n 1 a nd, j c(forl (Q cnf ^^^ , Sept. 12. iUPi— Seaplanes, motor j, c .ships. Eskimo fishing boats, and ' i 'nobbing kayaks hunted the water. 1 * o! Denmark Straits off Greenland s |lokfl rol . Cnngrcssmnn Jo - n , H. Ovorton. who is opposing the j velwal| Edwin to-Jay in a vain March for Col. ; for , cno . n j n3Uo:1 in tomorrows C.coiee H. Ilutchlnson. his wife., Democratic primarv election. two children, and crcv: of four who ! ' _... were forced down yesterday on a i High', from Nortli America lo Eui ope. As night grew on the grave anxiety of the {lay deepened and the rescuers held little hone of finding the flying family sinee th'j' siraits have been well covered by the fleet, of searchers. No word has been heard shier the plane's lust S. O. H. radio late yesterday. Danish and British explorers joined the Eskimos in tl:e hunt. Quintin Riley and F. SjKMicer Chaplin of the 11. G. Watkins Uritish scientific expedition lefti , here in a motorboat to aid in Ihc' necessary to meet the initial pay--oil from Floyd Bemieu iicld. Nc-.v York, bound for Euror" by llunt ; ' men: en Walker's Grove, proposed Radio calls from th- "Citv ->r! cil i' l' ark . wil1 Q e organized nl a Richmond,." Hutchinson's plane, i meeting called for 8 o'clock to- yesterday gave its iwsition as about I nl e ht in the Chamber of Oom- 39 miles southwest." of Ankmagsallk. I racrcc room at "* cil >' hal1 - TO TIKE TIH pro[)erly Brought. All Who Are Interested inviled to Atlend Meeting at City Hall. A campaign_to raise Ihe $5.000 jciew, feared Icsl among dangerous ice floes oil Greenland. Ark., Sept. 12. ; lUI'i—'I'lii! <l,uii;htu] of OIK- of the ~~ i founder* of Slutlxnrl, Miss Clirls- 1 tine litii'ikk'. 80, was killfd liriv i Iwhiy as .sllc stepped In Iront LM ; llurkle wus crosslnx Hi;. MHVC In summon a pliy.^lcluii furl i tim lS1 'h'lv!r"of" Tw'rtH'umnMU-"''"^" J U( '^ C KiHoilgll Rules MlSS ' hipsoci niter the nrcHk-ui. Wooclhliril's Contest Iltl- Thi 1 nfii-d woman e:im<.' to Arkansas linn Ohio with IICT (mr.'iils Hi tlu> seventies Kliutgiiit mtiiiM '• i for ilu- home city of thu liiinily lu | ''lie elrcull court acllcn brought — "• j CiiTiiumy. by Mhs Carey VVoodburn, conlest- CoilliUy NcCll.S Leadership i ' hl u l«c ele.-llon of Fred Plcaman us Democratic nomiiu-i 1 for county conn clerk wns dismissed by Judge S'elll Klllough thl.s nflcrnoon. Judge Kllloiigii ruled that three ol i!i; 12 signers of ntnilavll supporting Mks Wowlbnrn's complaint wer? not qualified electors nnd that the plaintiff's supporting atfklavlt consequently lucked one of the ro- nulrcd 10 allltnnts. ' Ol the 12 jilsneri of llr rtllularlL .supporting Miss Woodburn's complaint, two men and one woman were held not to be qualified electors. They were: Earl H. Pnrkcr, Hubert Potter and Mrs. Marvin n. liobinson. Disregards Other Claims 'Hie court's ruling was based on one ol five grou;-<ls for dismissal contained in demurrers to the action which wns instituted by Miss Woodburn nftor • tlie Democratic central committee hnil certified Ficcmnn as the winner over Miss ership i i i' c i r c r I oi hx-ooklinrs bays ror- nu'.r Secretary. I'OKTI.-ANU. Ore., S,-pl. \'i. lUl'l —.I;>.M'phus l).m!?!s. war time M-J- 1 rcl.iry of tl:e nnvy. tcilny unpd Hip i '. Anu'ilran I,?[jlon to "(;o into pill- | | tic;-" U) save the contry Iiom "busl- i chans" and "senil-teuJul^m" j in Hovernment. j j lie proposed a "new enlistment" . I in an iinny of pcacu designed to 1 ; (li'fi'iit the encroachment), ol aati- ' ] deiiioiTiilli: KOY?iiinient. : The nalrlt'li. N. c., newspaper ed- I Ittir pleaded tint legionnaires innke r tli'iiuK'i-iii-y safe for the wmlil. 1 "In wluil country Ls deiuix-r.icy I ^ale for the people In this iitriort of doubt and drj.fl and ;llilr:ss?" ! sal d Mr. Daniels. "This IK no time I nor place to seek to Ax [he b'.nmc for the depressed agriculture and ! Lieut. Col. George Hiitchinson. his wife and two (auBhtcrs, with Hie ioi:r cli:rr members ol tlu'ir are pictured I.e!: ! civ just iwlorc they h "i"l" ;MV Nrn-r»n \v*. industry or for unemployment, hut H Is n time ami place for the mariner to Hike his reckonings so that legionnaires and other c All residents of Blythcville who are interested in the success of t-'-e The British steam trawler. ' Lord \ P nrk P r( * ct ar « "witcd a « d "^«1 Tnlbot. reached the' pr>ition given I '° MmA tWs meeting, at which Tlie signals continued for about an hour and then suddenly sloped. as Hint of tin City of Richmond, but reported finding nothing but ice. It wns feared here t>ial Hie plane has sunk with all its passsneers aboard. The thrust of ice flow against the pontoons rould have been responsible for this, it was said. Health Unit Continues Immunization Clinics The Mississippi County Ivalth unit is continuing to sponsor a ser- irs of clinics throughout the conn- tv for typhoid sninlliWK and diphtheria immunization. Tvpboitl fever is now on the wane but the season for diphtheria is opening up with three new cos- es recently reported to Dr. A. M. WciEhbiun. director. One of these is at Luxora. another near that town and a third near Tomato. Clinics ar? held here each Sat- un'.av. _ Local Minister Will Hold Three Revivals Tl-.e Hev. E. K. Latimer, pastor of il-.c First Christian church, is to hold tluee evangelistic meetings within the next 30 days and at the snme lime will preach at his church !-.TC. He wor.t to I^a Center Ky., today wiiere he is to conduct a ineet- !iu>. returniriT here for Sunday serviees. He will go to Wyckliffe. Ky.. rtxl week for ten days, and ihi- last fciics of services will be Hickory Flat. Mis.s, where Hd a revival last year. plans will .be made (or the sale of shares of stock, at $10 per share. in the proposed Blythevill; Park corporation, which will purchase the park property for tiie benefit of the city. Yesterday a thousand or more residents of the city visited the proposed park. Sixty-nine cars were counted in the grove at one time in the afternoon, and tlicre was a steady stream of jirs coming and gojng throughout the day. A band. directed by Everett McDowell, played in the afternoon. The size and beauty of the trees in tiic- grove and the elevation and rolling character of the ground were a revelation to many who .hod never visited the ground br-fore. The trees, chiefly oak but including flue specimens of most. of the varieties native to this region, are excellent examples of the timber that once covered Mississippi county. Tlte grove is about the only remaining bit of the original forest now remaining in the vicinity of Blytheville. Those who visited the grove yes| lerday were enthusiastic over the prospect of its being preserved as a public park and gave assurances or their support of the campaign for its purchase to be launched tonight. Separate Trial for Senator Davis Granted YORK. Sept. 12- <Ur>>James J. D.xvt today wa il a separate trial by Fedcra' IV.nke Kennedy indict- charging violation of the fcd- Jud ment lottery laws. Davis n-as indicted with seven others in canned ion will 1 allezed lotteii?R cor.riucted bv the Moose nnd F.islcs. Davis will go to trial September 19. On mo'.lon ol defense attorneys j u d g( , Kennedy in- ftrudcd the government lo consolidate the two indictments peiulim; ajainsl Davis. Accuse Hotel Manager Of Running Disorderly House F. \V. Whitncr, manager of the Olcncce hold, was arrested by police Saturday night on a charge of running a disorderly l-.ouse. Tlie ho'.el was raided by "police on a complaint, according to Chief c.-ij-n. Details of the grounds for ;!:e charge ngalnst Whitncr were JM-. available. Owyn said the raid was made by Oscar Elliott, a pa- trojuan. wlro fovnd womc-n nt the hole! that hnd been "run out" of .•mother hotel, Funeral Services HejJ Here for Teddy Fields Funeral services were held here Sunday afternoon for Teddy Fields 20 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Fields, who (lied Saturday morning at (he Uaptist hospital in Memphis. His death was attributed to diabetes. The services were held nt the chapel of tlic Cobb Undertaking company with tlie Rev. W. J. LeRoy. pastor of the Lake stree Methodist church, officiating, interment was made at Fortagevllle Mo. The deceased is survived by hi: parents and several brothers :uu sisters. _ i^us may imcraman. Lt. Col. HuLchmson. Janet Lee Hulclii ton, Mrs Hulchinson, Knthryn lUttcliinson, Peter hel|> sl " M ' ," le bllln of slto '"to Rcdpath. nav, g «o,. Jwepl, lluff. mccftiHlc. B ,,d ^ ra!a a,-,..:,.!. ,,,.., O>.I,:K U ,. » Ptacefulhiirl^ of restored pros- Ap««crs Or>nosilion Vote Willi Order Dissolving Gcr:nnn Parliament. DERMN. Sept. 12 (UP) - The Helclistan. amid tumultuuiK scenes, was tllssolr.?d by tlie von Pupnn ucvernmenl loiiny. but broke inlo open ii'lielllon nnd refused lo consider llself dissolved. A government spokesman announced lonlirht that ihcre would be no necessity ot proclaiming; a slnle of emergency or innrlial law McKee Would Block Plan j to Elect New York Mayor i • NEW YORK, Sept. 12. (UP)-] Court, action lo prevent election of n mayor November 8 was tnken today wrien a member ot Mayor Jo. ,,..„, 5Cu h McKee's fonuer law firm filed Vote IP Olatn LlectlOll 10- I °n application in supreme court for 1 \vrii T !• xi ' a w-rit of mar.dniuus against the dav Will Indicate IX0V- hoard of elections. ember Result ' Harold * Kdim - member of the ciuuct 1V.SUU. !flrm o£ Medilla „,,,, shcrpick, said he nice! the application on behalf] Woodburn by 13 votes and by a larter margin over three other cm- didnles for the oillce. The court -:tid into charges and counter purity." WASHINGTON. Sept. 12 (UP) — Results of the state election in Maine today were awaited by eaders of both iiarlies. scelrin^ n them some hint of what November holds in store. In addition to this preliminary! bnlloting a. week of heavy political niinTn activity was in orospec'.. Primari"s U U 11 I II -ere scheduled 10 IK lield in Col-i Ml 11 j I orado. Michiean. Washington. Ari-1 ' '' u ' u 7ona. New Hampshire, Vermont. 1 Wisconsin. Georgia, and Louisiana. | The Atneriean Leyion totlay be- j can in Poi tlnnd Ore., n conven- :ion of more than usual imlitieal Elunificnncc'. A mnjoriiy of dele- sates have been pledged by stare conventions to reverse the organization's attitude and place it on record for a cash payment of the bonus. The reaction of the legion lo tlie drivinc out of the bonus sence of Hedging. i NEW YORK. Sept. 12. lUP) — of McKee. The board of elections' Cottoil 1>rlKS br:k; more than S2.50 recently received certification cf' City Clerk Mneliarl Cruise that t!i: ofiicc was vacant as a result ol I resignation of James J. Walker. „ bn , „ ,0.^,. ' a (load of scli- Meetii - that t.i: (ng swamped the floor, iult^ol t.'.e | There was slight recovery from ] the lows, however, and closing ! prices were 42 lo 45 polnls lo*er. Very little of the selling was In the form of hedges in spite oi clear weather in [be cotton belt. The stuck ruaiki". today experienced its innit severe d'.'clir.e In a month, but a rally in the late j trading partly brought prices back ; from the lows which \\cre one lo ! five noin'.s under Saturday's closing i levels. Will Plan Red C^oss BsiJget Drive Tomorrow Members of Hie exccnllre com- inlltc- of tils Cliickasruvba clianlsr or Uie A|nerlcan Rcii Cross and other Meal ciii/2:is intere.s'.cil in velfare work arc urge:! |o attend n mcelins nt the Iccnl lied Cross olllcn. cour! house, tomorrow after- loon. 4 o'clock. Will) n limpet of $5,700 to bn r.ilseil here fnr tlio coining year's work lenders of the Red Cross ac- ivities believe Hint .worl! jurist, bc- ;iu inuiicillnti'ly. 11 Is planned to lave a'. le,ir-l 30 active workers for His roll eall. Dclegnlfs From Thirty Towns in j Three States. . • armv in \Vash,n?ton on the basis , lowlls ' Forty- two nlintocraphcrs fr ' ' Il of the administration's latest ex- = planalion was anxiously awaited by administration friends. Tiio voting in Maine for slate and congressional offices is vicwetl by both parties as an tiniK>rtant Indicator. Democrats have little in Missouri, Arkansas aril i Tennessee have arrived here lo .11-1 tend the annual meeting of I hi-: Southeast Missouri Pliolograpl-.cs convention today and Tue^rhv. Others arc expected for th: sei- ; s!on tomorrow. The two days program Includes expecta-! a business session, when officers : Sales Dtiriiif; August Were Nearly Three Times Month's Production. NEW VORK, Sept. 12. (UP) — IMill stor'ris ol cotton on August 31 _... _. ; totaled only 2M.-i07.flOO yards, a reed lo be In the siz c ol the nepub- j photographers in various kinds r-f ' duction cf '235 prr cent during las bean majority. i photography, displays of ivork' mon ;h nr.:l the lowest fisurj sine" | dene in the past year, the award-1 1927, t he .vssocialion of Cotton Tex- tion of carrying the state. They ,,-ji] be elected and when plans fw '• hope nt most to win one of the , enlarging (he group into a ' Iri- Ihree congressional seats. The sig-|, !nt: n ssocia(lo : i will be taken up.! mTicaiwe of tli e results is expect-- demonstrations by well known: oKnnUp - FORK. lenn. (UP) -1 to1 There never has brra an aiitnmo- ovcr the city and a pul ay for Ulytheville peoplo. bile or a wagon in Cancy Pork. | Tiu ,', )ubli( . j s hivitrd to . .. Us 15 houses are built between the Bclt -,; studio, headquarters for the foot of a ridge and tiie Ocoee river, j convention. Tuesday nfterr.oon with space for a footpath. Antomo-j f rom 2 to 5 o'clock, when photo-, biles are parked across th3 river, graphs of loe.^1 men. woinrn a::etj iorses tor C2 years. ng^of honors, lectures concc-rnia? I U | 0 Mcrcnmls o[ N - c ., v y or ^ re ported tr^il^y. Produc;io:i during A'.ISUF amounted :o ISo.TSl.flDO yards, while billings tolaled 2S2.fi23 000 yanls or 139.7 |>er cent of tl:c mouth's out- nut. yards , ,, „ , , i , . , Jlu ^ BO ll| io ciitiiges a ui counter because he n (! iclista B hiul vol.m- f vho ^ „, „, ,.„„„„ nrlly abaiidone:! an enrly plnn , lhc (!ccl5lon hM Uul \^ = c inre. «i,ln tomorrow in de- ns wHhollt jllrL , lIlctl0n to , Ulc nr ;: ™L"? .^^".T,::: • , •« >*** u had M * ttn ^ y As soon as tlie Uelchstag opened to hear thr maiden ministerial declaration of Chancellor Fran* von Pawn. thr> communists and Hitler's fusclsls declared war on the government. . Pass Cmnmunitt Motion * WHlKml awaiting von speech, llenniinn Goerlnij, the. Governor Deliver Sales totaled 510. M Texarkana Company Sees Lunar Rainbow TEXARKANA. Ark. (UP) — A lunar rainbow, unusual phenomenon, was seen by members of th2 Texarkana Company al the Texas National Guard camp near Pala- clos. Tex., recently. Tt.c rainbow lasted about 30 minutes. The lunar rainbow, a rainbow cai;s«t by the moon, is on? of the rate scenes of .the heavenly bodies. Police and Strikers Clash at High Point HIGH POINT. N. C.. Sept. 12. (UP)— Twenty High Point, policemen clashed today u-ith 400 striking operatives of the Stehli Silks corporation in their efforts to break n strike blockade of a drivcwa. leading into Hie mill properly, Vnrk Cottnn children, used" in ll-.e dcmonslva- ' 282 '1 ' )cr ro " : of l"-od.ictlcn wlille lions, will be shown alone «r.h "»"Ucrt orders ir.ercn«ed 113.1 per dlsnlay^ of other photographers owl ' «nt to 48j.800.000 yards, tlie f.i?h- ' ngnre flr.ce March. 1023. Major Address on Agriculture at Topcka Wed. ALBANY, tf. Y.. Sept. 12 (UP) — Gov. Franklin n. Roosevelt. Dern- ocrnllc prefldenlial nominee, will '•nnrrl a sjx-rial train lonlght for his 8.000 mile tnnr of the west. Friends of the governor Insisted (odav thai lie will si ;bcrd!rm Impolitic.?* on tiio trip to "nn honest desire to see a way out of our economic distress." They dc-darcd Roosevelt wants to get hand information of the economic situation sn thnt llio will be able to formulate constructive relief noiictr-s. Roosevelt, who will be. gone 24 flays, pui the finishing touches to the major speech on agriculture that he '-ill deliver at Topeka. Kans.. Wednesday. Three other major nddmscs nre scheduled, one in Portland. Or-?., another at Sioux City. lo'W. and the last at a city yet to be selected. He will bo accompanied by his son, Jnme?. ai:cl his attractive blond daughter. Mis. CulrLs Dall. Mrs. noo^evrlt will join tlv? party speaker, who is n Hitlerite deputy called for Immediate voti on communist motions rescinding President Paul von Hlndenburg's emergency decree of September 4 providing n rigid one-year plnn of economy to save the country's fin- nncea. and nlso of mlsconfldence In the eoverninent. Von Papen Immediately rend a decree of dissolution. Go?rlng refused to leave the Roster, however, and Instead on a vote. The communist motions were passed. 513 to 12, with onlv flrc.nbse.nt. May I'sc Trcmps Amid thunderous cheers from the opposition (Jeering declared he considered the dissolution decrees invalid because they were presented by n government which had been overthrown by the Retch- slag. 'Hie Reichstag liicn nd- journed until tomorrow despite the fact that the government regards U ns non-extslent. photographers those vvinninc the Award (if M( For tlie banquet tonight, at NEW YORK. Sept. 12. IUP> Gotten closed barely steady. Open High Low Clo;e 800 500 756 764 815 815 772 780 819 831 842 819 832 845 852 781 793 808 815 783 S02 812 821 Oct Dec Jan Mar May July ..... 857 Spots closed quiet at 775. off 35. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 12. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High Low close Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar, May Jnly ..... B55 855 Spots closed steady at 765, oft 44 800 81S 822 836 845 B55 801 760 816 773 822 781 837 792 840 805 818 765 7SO 186 703 813 821 The report, which spread cheer Women's club, there is to be f|'C- i throughout cotton goods circles, was clal music nnd other attractions! compiled from data supplied by 23 for the informal program. I groups of manufacturers and sell• ing agen'.s reporting to the nsso- •' 300 classlfica- csrded cot- Stock rric.cs\ ^'^ ^7 r ,, 1 . 1l1i ^, 30( l < A. T. and T Anacc:ida Copper .. Auburn Caterpi'.lar Tudor . Chrysler Cities service Coca Cols Continental Baking . 114 3-8 I Ion cloth v:e:'c represented in 13 , 62 . II , n i-a .. 5 lOo .. 6 3-4 report. , attorney, who nlso was charged I General Electric 187-3 General Motors 1C 3-4 Midd'.c-west Utilities Montgomery Ward .. New York Central .. Packard Radio Simmons Beds Standard of N". J. . Texas Co. Thieves Enter Magnolia Station ^n Highway 61 A Msgno'.in forvico station, on Highway Gl a 1 , the .southern city limits, was entered by thieves <o:no time last night and a quantity of 12 1-4 . tirr.=. tubes and anto accessories rc- 20 1-S .41-8 10 1-2 j cd by kiiDrklnp out a eh.-- i:i the 10 1-2 | front door. An empty cash bos wasj BOWLING GREEN. Va. <UP) — : moved. Entrance to the •tfation was ^nin- at Williams, trip. Tourist Victim of Stroke Dies in Hospital Hert Mrs. A. C. Tiirce. CO, of Winnet- kn, III., who wtis stricken will jiainlysls here Friday night while cnro'.jit 1 to Now Orleans. La., diet nt 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon nl Uie Blithevllle hospital. Mrs. Tllroe was enroute will her daughter, Helen Tilree, to New Orleans. Slu was stricken n a private home where they hat secured rooms for the night am was removed to the Blythcvlll< hosp'tal. A heart attack and othci complications contributed to he death. The bcdy was shlpixxi today to Evanslon. III., where burial wil be made. Tlie Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of local ar rangements, The deceased Is survived by. be side her daughter and husband. , son. Altord, nnd n sister, Mrs Josephine Byczek and two broth Ari?.. for tlic return | crs. Harry and IVler Smith. Tom Collier Fined Twice in Memphis City Court MEMPHIS, Sept. 12. (UP)—Tom Collier, defeated candidate for congress, was fined $15 on a disorderly conduct charge nnd $10 for contempt of court t!:ls afternoon by City Judge Lewis Fltzhugh. The court action came as the re- Gandhi Threatens Hunger Strike in Prison Ce! BOMBAY, India, Sept. 12. (UP —The Mahaimn M. K. famous leader of Indian nationalist Is thrcalenini; to go on a "hunger strike" In his prison cell In protest of the government's arbitrary settlement of the Indian communal conflict. suit of Collier's street fi?ht Sat- [ Gandhi ta expected to begin his tirday with Louis Bejach, county I hunger strike n we:k from today. properly roughl. Judge Killuugh did not rule on Ihfr parts of the demurrers, which Iso asked thnt Ihe case be dis- ilssed upon the lolloivlng nlbga- ,on,s; .... /That the notion wns H"! P'-fi )n he projiei- co'u'rl,' It' should ave been filed at OJccols nnd the ;i'.;ckasawbn district circuit court md no jurisdiction. That actual commencement . of i:c contest suit did not begin wit-ii niing ol papers but with issuance service. Thnt service w.» not ssiicil within the proper period for ringing such an action, wlthir/ 10 lays after certification by the cJnn- y central committee. Tiial Miss Woodburn was not a qualified elector and therefore not n proiwrly qualified candidate for he onicc or contestant. Ti'nl the complaint failed to S3t :orth the number of votes each Miulidatc In the race received and .t'.ercforj was improper. •roll Taxes Nol Assessed Hex Wheeler of Marlon, plain- ill's counsel, offered no answer :o Flcemnn's charge that Ear! E. Parker and Hubert. Potter were not (inallfled electors. Joe S. Dillahun- ly, county assessor, testified that neither 'fad been properly assessed Tor a poll lax. Tliis testimony offered during the morning session of court really reduced the number of affiants to ten. It was Judge Kil-'s decision Ibis afternoon that Mrs. Robinson was not a qualified elector which reduced HID number of affiants to nine and resulted in tfcc ease bsing thronn out of court without going into the merits of the case. Assessor Dillahmity testified In the mornine that Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Robinson had not been assessed but thnt their names had been placed on tlie tax books by Paul Coolcy. county auditor, laler. Mr. Cooley siibslan'inled trls lat^r with similar testimony, declnring he placed a number of names of parties Mr. Dillahunly had missed In his assessments, on the books. At the request of defense counsel Mr. Dillnhunty searched files of Ills assessment records and found tint a "M. H. Robins and wife" entered on the tax book was in reality Mr. nnd Mr;. M. H. Robinson, and that assessment was made during tbe regular period. Reblnson testified that h« had been assessed by Dillahmity In the iattcr'o office bat said no mention was made of assessing a poll lex for his wife. Did Xol ,\rsfS5 Wife It wns en Ihis admission of n'.'s thnt the final rulinj' of tile court holdinj Mrs. RDbinsan not n qualified electcr was bised. 'Continued on pa;e threel tiny little nationalist leader with disorderly conduct but was | wrio weighs less than 100 pounds dismissed by the city court magls- | an d ]| vcs O n goaVs milk and trnte. Tr.e contempt Collier when he chair In the city courtroom to call Bejach a liar. WEATHER l0 ' ''- - intr*v»eii[N « ,t . tables, had attempted to settle th?! ,,, A>R , K l NS 'i S - parll T nnc was put on j communal controversy between th! n ' 2l!t - Tuesday mostly cloudy. jumped from his Hindus and Moslems, but failed, ; Accordfne to the official weather — ' .............. After repeated failure on the part I observer, Charles Phillips jr., the of Indian leaders the government I maximum temfjrnture here yes- .. 3H 1-4 forced open 15 1-1 u. R Steel -15 5-8 Tiie station is operated by Wade Hccvrs, Tho Antioch ChrLslinn Church, here, recently celebrated 11* 100th anniversary, fjrnture here yes- recently announced an arbitrary] lerday was 86 degrees ,and tho tettlen-.eiit lo fe efTcctive f =r a . minimum. 63 degrees, clear. ToJay dc.cadc unless the Indians are able n year ago the maximum temper- to reach a belter agreement among . nlurc was 93 degrees and the mln- Uwmselves. iimmi, 13 degrees, cloudy.

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