News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio on September 19, 1920 · 10
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News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio · 10

Mansfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 19, 1920
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TWO-B Tlffi MANSFIELD NEWS. SUNDAY. SE1TKMHER 10, 1920. MO" COLLEGES PLAN CONFERENCE TEAMS WILL ALL BE STRONG li'ti'lMiiil, Kept. IH. With the r Opening of (till'' hi h n y col leges, and le'UiloU going III full blast, ttix Wind of lowrs of athletic i-porls arc luni-lox from the diamond 1.1 the grid-Iron I. oven of I In- sport a played by colleges are promised ai good letn generally a vt in histoiy by the majority of -llf k '1'" Ohl'l Conference. Th first KHiiif nf the 'uioii in I !.' instances mil lie played 11 st Saturday. ScrimniURf in already uti-rlei wy on most of tli fields and Mi rnctiH ari getting t heir better wen into s!ih, looking over the n -rial ami preparing kr the bard rueit!.' to defeat deadly rivals be- f tr th approarvh f wlntr h 1 rut rollig' uport IVport rT'lvi'd frnn (h ct.-n-h.-a r.f arioiin collfui-H throuithmii tli t'.ti lv tlif Internaflonal S Si-r-Ti'r.' eivi'B IipIow: iMwrltn Ohirlln ro:;fH ha ml i:r,iu from Iant yi-iir'n thanipi'in- i'p football team ar praclii'e now Thwf arn Captsln Mci !if. Halfbai-k Whlr, Quarterback Maylor, Full-bark .irdu. (ntr Met calf, an wWI M tiumber of mni tr of l4it varsity juad M yvtr'n HriiHii clas furnihd prom-l-lii tiritrll than uniial. but baf k-l-!d material i plentiful, the d-iniMiitit of end boitu tb bl;Mt prjlHem. Ohio With a foundation of 12 l(tr iu and more than 25 oilt-r tWDtifc'K now at work, foachea ha r-"all at Ohio nnlTaity well In UH-i Th 19M arien and white l'H will perhapa be the bent to wear tl c.ilortt in several year. Judging froiii the I'xperteiif it mnn now at wok. and there are half a do.-u a4tii1 men yet to ieport. the team will n.H In bulky, but there U Indl-( i.!i nf uniuiul bnlanre of weight I i tietb line and backfleld and there ta ufidoiibieilly more ppxed ft 1 1 . 1 1 1 r tbnnigh than uuat. Wooster coMeK foot-lnil ii ml haa coiiip!eled a weik of praciiee. Thirly-flve mou bar r.rted- While th material i not .i jood a In some previous year,, Cttacii Hol' expeotic biit eleven to tk a good record The back (laid lolu4e a few retaraua wltk aeveral Khumores. PromUitiR candidate i White, Dunbar. Mai. Snydr. riiit.. SsulT. Miller, lteed and Hf-fr The line, will depend for Irens'h on Walker. ttillingl;y anil Wittlaujs. with Captain Stie er and Hidiuan on tba cnda. Man; candl-4it ! trying out for the forward BMirloiin n .Vent. Clay, HoukilM, Mf'ckoll and F'rinka are amottt; th lr.Hiiirtiflg contaudera lVni fraction atarted Mon-ty, with 35 men reporting Among H letter men on band are Captain Mw'Wiiger, Quarterback Owens, end. fcewt vuiiter in Ohio last aeajoa; Ki1-4r, all-Ohio tackle; Lauer, guard, ta, halfback; Wfidr, fullback. Ikron With only fl letter men r9rtiHK back, Coach Sefton, of Ak-rot university, is having; conaiderable 4iJ4culty In whipping Into shape a :tau which will b a very serious contender for the Ohio conference .championship. There are approal- t af!o faf llllr A Y y n -r rr A Rare Gridiron Spojt Coming i . i ivua uaxjt niiailfeGUuf gstnes. designed to lead eleven Schedule of GcHTlGS : Start Next Saturday and Indicate 1920 Sea son Will be Most Suc-; cessful First of "Big Three" Games Does Not Come Until November. Football will i. a delectable f.r followers nf that r.i Pat colle fiiv.ri i us fdli ami i ri (1 i . -ations point to '''i" most sill , ('--.i'nl season the giMie . er s,tV, iiuttf i.!,..iaii.litiK ibe fl.'t r::.-i; reeortls I "n Ii in i; hii;h into th' t !i niKa ii'ls have In .-n i'v t')!lH!i.'d a' claK'sir jrames. The enoi-nious i-rowds wlii.h have witnessed; baseli.ill battle during the summer! only foretell what may hapiieu when Yali ami Harvard, Ohio State and Illinois. Ii itici'ton and Harvard, Colnm-j bla and Pennsylvania, Pittsburg and 'West Virginia and (Vnti College and ; Harvard meet this year. Chances are that the great crowd which saw the Yale-Harvard contest three years ago la the Yale howl will he pressed to! the limit by enthusiasts this fall. ; Schedule makers have outdone! themscli-es In arranging games for ! the public benefit. Of course, that was J farthest from their nofls when thevi agreed 10 contest, tor me puutio nas : been told time almost without num- bar that football Is played, not : for pe. j cunlary gain, but for the benefit of college athletics. , However, when the first whistle I blows September 25 we will have ! iiut.'ly ft.'ty eligible men In thiiil in. Imt, Willi lli ev.epiioii of very lew. ' w Kit ,.,. rn ,o.,i.y iioh.ii,.,.! oil. .KuiH f-.oi hull. II- I'Hin, ;i4 a v hni will iii.Mii, iiui, it v ' ri e 111 k around I pounds Tin4 no'U I are lighting hard for the open po-1 ' sltious i tlu fust ti-am will nut be ' p. eked vi-ry Ionic before (tie Opening! mill Ii. Jiaio-u oil (Ht.iInT 2. Judge linger, well known A k rim university tackle of several year ago. ha been secured uii assistant coach Ohio Undeyan Forty men ar reporting nliclitty ai F.dwaidi field, Ohio W'lyii u it i rni i y . for foot-hall practice F.lghl letter no-ti were out for tlrst practice this week, they IihIii llrubaker, Colton, llavigltiirsl. 1 arkr, Long. Mahoti. f'raiK and .M-r J i' It Wright. "(Ji.'iid of lat ycar'a oleven. M in he navy and ha not reported Twelve of lail ypar'a freiliineii have reported. Tb material generally olf"re.I for the open poHition U mediocre. Finkboue and Itu-hard may make (be two' end po NitiotH with guard to be Oiled later Ciiacln' F.wins. Walking. and Van AV-Mtyne are working tlif iuad hard on 1fne bucking. The outlook oft the wboU U fair, but ( Iff training will be neded to work op a atrous team, Hiram Hiram rollegi rioted 111 tint week of football practice Sat-iTd.iy and Coach Ttor TilloUon U very hopeful a to the outcome of the. irt ga of the aeaaoii with Case Sept '-'j. at Hiram A aquad of forty men, in -1 ii .11 ux en letter men. ha been out every evonlug for practice The firnt Hrrlmmage of the a.'a-aou wim held Thursday, wheu Coach lilloHon lliii'd up til. vie eligible for lb varaity against a freshman Hev-cii. After twenty mlntltea of aharp work, neither had acored. I'eterman. halfback; Cbapmaa. fullback, and Monroe, quarter, have be-n doing fwptioiially good work. Wexlern lt-i'rve Wealern He-arve university will open up their Keanou on Kept. 25, wltn a came with Toledo univernity TVfaiiy of laat year'a'team will be niliilng. V'ine-berg. Oberlin. Torrence. Michalakl, Hreckenrldge, Sampifuer. Vokoum, Palmer are the letter men that will uoi be bark Men left are, Thornton. Thorpe and Ifecker of lat )ear's team From the frenbnien aiiiad are aeveral gooil looking play-era, namely, Nlcuola, Mapea, Ha-lough. Kettermao, karll. I'arker and Kirtn. and Teech, from the law chool. t;reat interest la betug hIiowd by the atudeiita and the largest squad in the hlilory of the ooUega U eijiected Ohio Mi! Although necret practice baa been Inaugurated, aufftcient actioa on the part of eaudldates fni' Ohio aUate university's eleven baa been witnessed to enable local grid-Iron eipej't to reach the conclusion that taae year'a football team will be a fast one. Following the annual rane rush. Coach Wilce baa started the vigorous service of getting the team Into shape. From now on. until the winner of the 1920 western conference championship is known. only members and officials connected with the varsity teom sr. 11 be allowed ou Ohio field during practice hours i with us a carefully arranged biincl- wni, n ''""niand respect Into certain i vicioues ini win only oiaie iiib nail into harder ground. Harvard takes on Holy Cross at Cambridge On that day, while West Virginia will go into training for her heavier games through a battle at Morgantown with West Virginia Wesleyan. Neither Vale nor Princeton will neiltl their elevens on the Meld oti the opening day unless some changes ar ; made in the schedules 'nf those uui-I versitios, f October 2 will see the real opening for the mure important schools. Yal will have a rather hard argument In taking on Carnegie Tech at New Haven, if present indications point to the strength of the Pittsburg outfit. Pent! state meets Oettyshurg, Princeton ha'tli-s Swarthinore, Pennsylvania J tackles lluckncll, Army is scheduled with I'liion and the Navy with North i Carolina. Harvard will go into its second struggle with Maine, its opponent at Cambridge. Those games are merely feeling out affairs, for the most part and probably will amount to just that, but football has proven Itself to be so uncertain in the past that It will behoove the public to refrain from crowning any team a champion until these earlier games have been disposed of. Center College, the dynamite stick of th last season, will have thing tougher this year, without doubt, for there will be plenty of preparations for the cloven that was unbeatable a year ago. Likewise thwre will be more digging of a mountainous kind at Center Itself, for the little college will send its famous team east this year to play the haughty Harvard combination at Cambridge. That game falla on October 23. far enough along fa the schedule of ach school to make FOR u GET WILBUR If T Washington & Jeffer - . , . suu oid.r lactue Digits rro Football Contract. Wilbur lli'tirv. perhaps the best football plin.-r ever turned out Mansfield and i.ii i.' mi ai fit 1 1 a atar anion; cnl!eg.i plavera, aigtmil tojil.iv th I lie Canton I'ull- duga for th.' l oinliig season Henry Is the mi.M iioiahle addilion to Jim Thorpe's new nf profionals. H will command a fancy salary (jm will be worth It in playing ability and drawing power. Henry will go to Canton ahottly for the st-atmi and prartiie with the champion. F.ver since (be big war Henry has been an undisputed All-American tackle down at Washiugtoii-Jef terson college at Washington. I'a . a college WDH'0 turns nut home ot the best footballers in the country and annually takes Hfveral falls out of the big eastern mhoola Walter Camp termed him the bet tackle In the j '7.IUIIV nitei m cios or in itMJ season, his last as a college man, whii-h Is a compliment Be,lom won from Camp by a player not hailing from Harvard or Yale Henry put In four seasons at W-,l as a varsity man, after graduating from Mansfield high, and In those four Niisons earned the distinction of never being outplayed by hia opponent. Although only 22 year of age. Henry tips tb Bcaie at 235 pound Ho stands ." feet and 11 inches and' Is built on the same styl of architecture as Spears, the All-American, guard from Pari mouth who put In aeveral seasons with the Bulldog and is now head coach at his aim a mater. In apite of hia weight. Henry I considered a fast man, able to do the hundred In close to 11 second In addition to winning fame on Ih football field, h played a gttard on the W-.l basketball learn I and won his ieder as a member of the track and field team. j Four other teams were bidding,! for Henry - "Cleveland. Akron, Ham-j motid and Kock Island, all of wbk-fc ; bold positions on the Canton ached-1 tile. Hut he laned toward the Bul!J dogs from the start, declaring that he wished to play with Jim Thorpe and the other star h knew to be on, the Canton roster. . - . 'Twenty-one atakes with an addd money value totaling $1AM9 will feature the annual winter race meeting of the Cuba-American Jockey club which is to open at tbe Havana track neit Thanksgivlag day. - Harvard, will not figure on the Jiarttuouth .football schedule this aeason, but the Green will nt lack formidable oppoaents, having scheduled gam as with Syracuse. Cornell, Pennsylvania and Browa. Louis Rogasb Is steadily forging his way toward the top of the lightweight division. So far Ihi year the crack Bridgeport boxer ha fought twenty-seven fights, getting the decision tweuty-three times. T "" ; 1 rf certain that regular football will Tie the result. flyes of the nation will be turned on Cambridge that day, for there are many followers of Charley Moran's boys who believe the little school will j take the measure of what has come j to be regarded as the nation's fore- ; most exponent of football. Center is I regarded highly because of the fii' i '' thtr. most of Its very fine eleven will return to school this fall. (; tin the same day that Harvard is struggling with the little school's rep- ! i resuntatives Yale will he entertainiiLR ! a Western visitor at New Haven. West ! Virginia, another miracle team of ths ! ' west, found a place on the Yale srlied-' ' i j ule this year and will make the most j ,ot it. West Virginia's team docs nol, I figure so strong as It did a year ago, ; but tho eleven is, nevertheless, ;i j powerful one and destined to wonyi , the Yale men. j 1 The following Saturday Princeton j will entertain the Mountaineers at j Princeton, where they were uneere-; t moniously drubbed h the West Vlr-! ginlans last fall. The first of the ever-interesting' struggles between the so-called "Bis; Three"- Harvard, Yale and Princeton conies on November 6 whu Harvard takes on Princeton at Ccm-bridge. The fololwlng Saturday Princeton and Yalo will hick horns at Princeton. As usual Harvard and Yale aro scheduled for the Saturday preceding; Thanksgiving Day, and this year the scene will be set In the Yale bowl,-the largest athletic amphitheater on thla side of the Atlantic. That all records for attendance will be smashed Is practically a foregone conclusion. Army and Nary, as In former year, wind up the seaaon's Important contests with their annual struggle at the Polo grounds, New York, on November 27. ii BIG GRiDIR SCHOLASTIC ELEVEN OPENS WITH LORAIN With thirty t!i iv.' in-ti in uniform at th d.iilv practice .it, tlm fair. lrou"d,, duri" ""k' 0,0 Mansfield high h. football suiad , . is getting in i ii.l it ion for ill open- lll(5 ,., of ,., Salur. i day. Coach Foster -iiml will go '.J j l.oiaill IMT tt K'l111' Willi tun .l'-f-ig i i.urain eleven iiiii m looum uooo as a rather hard game for so early In tlis aeason, but audi a game will g far towards d.'t'i mining the real i J ability of Rome of th candidates. I Three cripples have resulted from !!' atrenuous practice of the week, j Mil inert, a likely Hue candidate, had bis foot Injured in am h a manner Unit I he Ii on crotches. Ha may not be able ' to Set back Into the gam again this i season. Gibson, who nad bia knee , hurt while working durtng the hum ! nier, Buffered an injury to the same j knee during practice and la unable to continue on the squad. Hahn bad l.lx nnkU ai.riin.- in.1 1. ll.ii on intch. I urlug the week, Coach. Fouler had bet'ti worked out In practicing bn bi gn(, ,us ghould prove valuable If there I any fumbling during games X tacking dummy ha been rigged up by coach. The defense Is being developed as much ui possible, but there baa been no real test of Its strength ai yet. Tord, Oater. Morlron and Kuarr are working in tba bark hold, with Hancock a tKe fifth man Of the vei-11 ana, Sotlierland Is at rentei. Underwood at tackle and fads" f.l guar Neer'ls a likely lin candidate, while Heard and Charles Ford are also coming good. Ditwtler and Sowash ar? it present holding down the end po I- HARD SCHEDULES 1 WESTERN Perusal of tbe college football schedules for the coming fall Indicate that even more than in the past eastern elevens have picked easy preliminary schedules, winding np with about two.Wl games In the west, especially among the Big Ten conference Institutions, lb procedure seems to be to take on all comers, and bard fought battiest are on the program every Saturday throughout tli Central state. Ohio State plays Wesleyan, Oberlin, Puidue, Wisconsin. Chicago, Michigan and Illinois in the order named. Not much chance bere for, taking it easy, aave for the fact that twd weeks Intervene between the Michigan and Illinois game. Illinois, conference champions, has even a harder route to travel. Commencing October 9 with Drake, the Illlnt meet Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Chicago, Wisconsin and Ohio on sue-; cessive Saturdays. This team won the conference championship In 1919$ maluly by virtue of its heavy schedule, for, although the race was cloae.S the Champaign bunch gained undisputed honors by tackling and beat-i In; almost every contender ( Michigan has abnut the same sort of goiug as Ohio State, wltk games against Case, Michigan Aggies, Illinois, Tulane, Ohio State. Chicago and Minnesota. The Tulane jaaie may or may not , b a breathing, spell. Tbe Southerners have developed some fierce teams In tbe last few years. Imagine some conference team scheduling Georgia Tech two or three year ago for a practice game. ' In tbe east almost every big college haa made its practice games - as light as possible. Harvard has scheduled Center cellege, which game Takes rank as one of the most Interesting In tbe country, but aside from that the Crimson will talus, it easy nntil the -last-three weeks of the season, when the traditional Prlnceton-Brown-Yale campaign will be fought. Cornell has an exceptionally easy schedule, unless some dark horse like Columbia, Colgate or Rutgers should again spring a high-class team. The usual comparison between tbe eastern and western college teams ha been that the west may perhaps develop as many outstanding stars, or even as good first string men, but that tbelr substitute are fewer and of poorer class than In the east, where so many boys learn the college game In prep schools. If this be correct, it Is difficult to understsnd why eastern elevens do not give these many star a chance to show, by playing more real games during tbe season. THREE GREATEST AMATEUR GOLFERS IN UNITED STATES. s 7- Chick of Chicago, Francis Ouimet, of Boston, and Bobby Jones, of Atlanta, are the three greatest, amateur golfers in America," if not in the world. These three players battled to the finish for the championship, Evans being the winner over Ouimet in the final match. The last of the national golf cham-.plonshtp tournaments of the season will be singed a- Cleveland during i the first v efK of October, w hen the i feminine experts of the game will I contest for the premier title. John Hsrvnr.1 is the distinguished cogncintn borne by- the new catcher. signed by tin St. Lout Browus. j ON SEASON ' tiuiin. but both Circldor I also ar Ini'Kpi'rle-n.'cil. looked uiioii a pioHpectlve end. While several Hcrimtnag practices have been held, a scrliiimaR has biu i'lruuged with the l.ihertys for Tuen-day fvetiltig at the fairground Thla plactlce will give Coach Foster nil opportunity to see Just how atri'U bis proteges will b in lining up j ugaiiist almost eiiial opponenu. Flad-.l at rnKpectH. With enough candidates coming out for football practice to make three totiad Coach Harry Ilatnhart feel elated over the chauces of Ashland In central Ohio conference this Keuson. This squad ha-' not dwindled down, as I generally lit rtisdoiu, j since me nrst practice. The same, men are coming out to the athleti" Held every night and trying hard to land a berth on the eleven. The team will be lighter but will have niucii more pep and fight than last year'a team In the opinion of the coach. T!i big game of Ashland's schedule will be Ike Thanksgiving day game win Mansfield. ' ' W'liippintt Team Into Sh.iM'. .Marlon's squad Is being given a stiff workout daily In preparation for the first game to be played at I'pper Sandusky Sept. 25. Coach Burdette has four letter men around whom tho team la built. They .vrr Capt. Moore. Kuichel, .Widemaun and Urasliare. Minard, Mewhorter, Monette and M. Hlnkliu, of Uat year'a vecond a.jusd are showing the siuA that may land them positions ou the varsity. Coach Burdette also haa an abundance lot new material, includlug Hurdte, McComba, Purr. Paroher, Wllliaau and Martin. Tito flist home game will be played Oct. 2 with Carey. , . j E r John is a youngster who haa been playing a good brand of ball with a semi-pro team at Quincy, 111. Star performers representing schools and club throughout Michigan ate to participate in a big track and field meet to be held at the ' Michigan state fair Sunday, .Sep-' tember II. ' . m 4 A 1 jMar-- omsWH asj''V tn?irviiyr .IMPORTANT FOOTBALL DATES FOR 1020. October vWl'ttiabarg ,.Wet VlrglnU at I'lttsltur,. tktober 10 I'rlnrcuiH . WmiIiIiikIihi nml I, re at rilo. cloa; hyra- ns . 1ltthur( at My'rai'iwH. October 2d t litrajj.i . Iowa ail CtiiiHo; Harvard vs. (Wilr at C auibriiixe; .I'iubui va, (iooirflu Tes i ni l'tiubur; Vlo vs. Wet llrjtliila at New Haifu; I'rlnccl.iii vs. V.i) at I'rlnicton. October HO liicajjo VS. Ohio hljtle mi Clilmiio; tit-ni-i i Tci ii is, Cenler al AlUiila; lllinoi v. MiiuieMu at I t'hati; IVun) I vauia, vs. IViin Stale tit I'tiiUdi'lpliia; I'limeion vs. MeM lcgiiiia m rrlmeaoo; le vs. Colyrtle al New Hiiveii; Army v. Nln Haino at We.1 Point. .Novi'inlwr S Ituttfeti v. Nclrakii at New Vorh. .November Clilrnxn v. IllhioU at Chicago; Harvard vs. I'Hncc-Ion nt I aniliilile; IViiusylvanlii vs. I'ilUburK at I'lillwleljililn; I'iiii St.ile vs. Nrlraha at Stale. College; Vale v. Hrown at NVw Haven. Noicmber l.t Harvard vs. drown ut Caoihi i.lo; Kutuik) vs. t enter nt l.lnton; Peon-) Inioli vs. Hurlinoiitli al I'lill.i.l.lpliln; I'illilifTrK vs. a-liiiulon mid ,li-nl'in at I'ltl-boi );; I't iocelon vs. Yale at I'i Iiii etou. .NovriiilMH- ! Vale vs. Harvard at New Haven; .Strat-u vs. Col-jinle al Syriu use; llllaits vs. Ohio Slate at I rtmiia. Novemter ST Army vs. Navy al New York. STEEL MILL GIVES E SCARE Twice Go in Front by Having; Big Innings, But Fail to Hold This Lead. I A Standing. : ' w. Kclips .5 Westlngbouse ...... 5 , Ohio' Bras ,'. ... 4 . Steel Mill ..,, 2 Aultman-Taylor .... 2 .IM. .831 .714 .GO.) .281 .2u( 1 j .6, Ste?I Mill gave ' Westlngbouse somewhat ot a scare whu these two Industrial league clubs clasb'eil In a game at the fairgrounds yesterday afternoon. Steel Mill lwlc assumed the lead by bunching bits and scoring frequently, but they were unable to bold this lead and were nosed out at the finish 1 1-19. The game bad no particular bearing on the standing, as the final game between Westing-house and Hdipse for th pennant Is to be staged next Saturday. Fmmsr was batted hard by $ie"l Mill, the latter club making 23 bits for a total of it) bases. Hepry, held Westlnghouse In cheek, but his support was ragged and accounted for many of the Weatlnghouse runs. H. Henry led in the slugging, getting ftv bits In six time 'at ' bat. Score: . WtwtiniciiottM K. H.'I'.O. A. R. Rae. 2b 3- S 3 S ft A. Fisher, lb ... 5 D 1 5 1 0 Otlluger, 3b 2 2- 4 1 1 Yarman. ss , . . . 5 3 1 5 ' 5 0 Mace, rf 4 I 't 1 0 K. Fisher, cf & 2 2 1 0 0 Connelly, If .... 5 2.3 0. . 0 0 Mull, c 4 0 1 1 0 Rmmer, p 4 0 D 3 2 0 Tt! . . . ftteW Mill K. Trell, s , Darling. 3b . H. Henry, p W. Henry, Miller, If . . , Knapp, lb . Mnmaut, cf Iteie, rf Moore. 2b . . 44 11 13 27 14 1 A.. It. H. P.O. . K. .. 1 2 0 t 3 ..J.32.4 0 . . S 3 . 5. 1 I ... ? J 1(T '1 1 .. .a-- .. i 0 2" l'O 1 1 .. 4( ft ft 2 1 ..402011 ..513212 Totals 47 1ft 23 27 14 9 Westinghoussi 90S lift 12ft 11 Steel Mill 3ft 250 ftftO 19 Three base hits H. Hsnry. Two bast bits Connelly, Knapp, Reese. Darling, H. Henry. W. Henry. Stolen bases Rae, Miller. "Doy bib pntya Rae to Yarman; Yarman to Uite to Fisher. Bases on balls off Emmer 3. Off H. Henry 2. Struck out by Kmmer 4. H. Henry 8. Hit by pitcher Mumaux. Passed balls W. Jfenry 2. Wild pitches H. Henry-2. I'mpire Schamer. .' IS1GU0US TO YOUR ORDER SuitssOvercoats THAT SATISFY ' . w .VsmM Mr" " , sX V, The Neil Fortune Co. i Men's Wear. 1 ST. LOUIS NOW LIS LEAGUE IN BATTING Sisler Also Seven Points Ahead of Speaker in Individual Batting Averages. Cleveland thla week is pl.iyln second tlddle to the Browns In both Idint ml lnlil1 . I l..,iil..d a . 1 1 ....... - u-( auui . ij uni iMtuul Ii III Brown now top the American league with .Jt2, two points better tbau ibe ludlans, while Ueorge .Sister is batting 3r, or seven points better than Speaker. The Wttlttt Sox are bitting .291, the Nationals .29ft and the Yankees .22. Cleveland is first In fielding, doubles, triples, sacrifice hits and base on balls. Although Speaker is second, h has twelve points the better on Jim Jackson who Is ensconsed In third place. Ruth being fourth with .372, and Kddie Collins firth with .368. Babe Ruth is showing the way a a run getter, with 147 runs. Sutler is second with 119. Speaker third with 117 and Collins fourth witb lft2. IH hers who have a chance to pass the century mark la runs are Judge, Weaver and Jackson. Itutb, with his 49 home runs, haa made more than twice aa many four-sackers as the entire Boston team. Tie alao has made more than any other team in tbe league, except his own. Jim Bug by continues to lead tb pitchers with' 28 victories and 1ft defeats, with Shocker bis leading rival. Walter Mails Is tbe nominal leader, witb four victories and defeats. Nicholson Is tbe nominal batting liadar In tbe National league, with) Hornsby tbe actual leader. Oriaest tops the pitchers, while Bancroft, with 91 tallies, is tbe leadiag run gutter. Rutgers Is to flgur In two aubl Intersect looal games on tbe gridiron this fall. On November 2 the Ne Brunswick eleven will meet the Unl versity of Nebraska at tba Pola Croands and on Thanksgiving day tbe team will journey west t play tbe University of Detroit. Arrangements are about concluded for a post -season aeries between the flag winners in tbe Central league and the Michigan-Ontario league, following tbe close of the season on Sept. 12. Fresh from his victorious Invasion of Europe, Keene PTtzpatrlck has returned to Princeton to put the Tiger football candidates through their paces. COMPLETELY. Thai's what every man vants that ' what ho pets here. We have hundreils -f satisfied seasmi-after-seasoi) customers That proves the cxoeptioual merit of tlit?. tailoring;, the falri's and (he values. May wo have the pleasure of your inspection of our New Fall . and Winter Knifing and Over- o.itinif. MEN'S FINE QUALITY FURNISHINGS. Hats, Caps, Shirts, Collars, Hosiery in styles that distin-gtiiih the discriminating, well dressed man. Vonhof Next Door (I V I .11. .- .1. I ...... l

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