The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JTTT/V 11. •LTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS PAGH ETBYI Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams YOU'RE OONW? LOOK.-*-T'M. LOWER TWAM A BRAKES. 1 ROLL UP MV SLEEVES TO STRIKE: esAo.eovs.'MV PAGGEO AND CKV OOT fcxi. KEHA6ILITATIOKi? T» VOU ANV VACATION IDEA'S A -SPOT REST AND MATURe WOULD RAMELEO STRENGTH 2 OH, 1 WISH i HAD TALE WT AM 1 COOLP TAKE ART LESSIMS. AM' LIVE Hill ENCHANTEP '"^ DCEAMS.' IP ITS BARMEY YOU'D SETTER RUN FOR YOUR Lite ! He's AFTER 1OU FOR TRYING" TAKE A ' VACATIONS WAIT, WAT: I WAUTA T6LL YA BORSl THIRTY VEAES TOO SOCTJ AM- 1NO Vf NCA MMWC. INC. T. U. wd. U. ft FAT. OM Political Announcement rhe Courlei News tins been author- bed to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July K and August 8 f rOR COUNTS JUDGE Roland Green STATE REI'KESENTATIVB L. H AUtry He-election Post No 1 lohn .1 Cowan Kenneth 6 Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banks post NO 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleemnn (For re-election Post No *) W P. Wells for Stale Senator W R. Nicholson J. Lee Bearden SHF.RIFF A.NI> COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally William Berryman IMO k> MIA Svw«, tM. people pay me in cash, you know \ 1.THOUGH Dusty Rhodes was " wounded, he wasn't hurt badly and, while he had obviously «""*!,-to see Little Dor to have the wound I dressed, the doctor knew that there was another reason for hit being her*. Toad had witnessed the little scene in front ol the oltice when Little Doc had kissed Kit. Toad, But I get goods and services grinned a little as he septic to the wound i't thought about money entl of it All money is . for Is to buy medicine and sup- pliei from tlie druggist over in Doc again: "Can 1 borrow * shirt. Doc. I'm In i hurry." "Sure." said Doc. "But first, spill news. What happened to Toad?" "Constable Butch Bell found • ibin with a dead man inside. M* and Toad were iookin' tor Long Andy and so it wasn't accidental when we found him. It turned out ._ __ _ sun ruckua. Long Andy hated the sneaking Toad and the | shot him on sight, but Toad lasted long enough to put a bullet in Ijonc Andy's head During the »mr>k«. 1 got nicked in the arm by * stray Glasgow My patients give me I chunk of lead. I left Butch to everything else I need My credit's bring In the two dead men. whilt • — ' I got patched up. And—" Dusty paused, "—and I wanted to isk still good with Ihe druggist." have not been His RHODES winced as the Uie 'nan to keep I ^ antiseptic bit into his raw silent about it. The Jtory could wound. Then he said. "How do you have been embellished and re- expect to pay the druggist and peatcd to Dusty in such a way that I support a wile besides. Doc? Dusty's feelings toward Little Doc | voice had lost Its drawL would not be charitable, to lay the least. And Toad would be very happy if Dusty shot up Dftc and went to jail for it. Plane Thief Minus Plane YORDA LINDA. Calif. (AVI • Arviti Morris Smitll had his wings clipped—figuratively, thai Is. He arrived at the airport and 15 OFF On Your Qtleman FLOOR fURNACE If You Install It Before July 31st Do It Now! Save money, be ready for winiur before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat. Se« A Demonstration Tod erf Chas. S. Lemons Furniture Dusty eyed Little Doc a moment and then stepped into the ofllce. "You beat me back to town. Wile? What wife, Dusty? "You know what wife. , Quit stalling We're talking about Kit," Doc took a roll of bandages out ot his bag and started lo apply tt wound. "Kit doesn't | you a question or two, but 1'w inswers now." 'Toad cheated Kit out of her hotel." Dor said. "Yes, Uutch told me," Mid Dusty. "And the deal wa» > fraud. Kil will get back th« hoteL It seems that Blackjack Lambert forged some I.O.U.'l and told her they were given to him by her falhei tor gambling debts to him and Toad. I shot Blackjack that night and (hat's partly the reason, but he was tryin' to cold-deck me "If 1 ate alt the tandwichss and cake I wanted at the party, she'd think I was greedy, so I stuffed «ome In my nh ! -"" BV AL VERMEER Capital I'unislimcnl I'KISCILLA'S POI •SHOULD TO SIT I PLACE J WHERE I \ CAN'T BREAK ) ANV .MOTHER BROKEN AMP! WHAT AM GOING TO DO WITH YOU OtJSHT _ PUNISHED SHOULD BE ASHAMED! -ZZ h ^a^-Bu,, m ^l^^^^^^^^J^^ £ 'Someone else?" Dusly's »«i-» 1 1 -^' v 'was incredulous. VIC FLINT WHEBE Tight S[M>1 KY M1CUAKI., O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANS you did. 1 got a little job for you —providin' my credit's still good. 1 ain't even paid you for the last time you patched me up." ing. Here's One Way To Save Money 'Let's take bC your shirt and see what's what," Little Doc said He helped the cowpuncher shed his shirt. Then he sponged thei-- -•••. —- ------- -^ bullet rip below Dusty's shoulder I get this straight. Doc. muscle. "Not bad," said Little "And jet you let Toad tel) you "Yes. Dusty She's waiting for j tn | ngs aoo ut Kit." " 'When a man likes a girl tw don't use common sense," said , Dusty. fixed. You'd better get over there right away and see her." Dusty thumbed back the hat ofl his sweat-matted hair. "Lei me B ROWN1R appeared Just as Lit, tie Doc found a dean shirt (or Dusty, and added: 'Brownie wants a job punching cows, Dusty. He'a a friend of "There's nothing to get straight, "MP^Si^ ^ed;!fe l L^^ge«,rmi5h^ou,e a friend o, Doc^ou r A" L '^r^ 0 "" p siX'- w « £?• H^rr'rnii sa. 0 ^ round-up." Dusty seized Doc's hand and pumped vigorously. "Honest? Why. "1 knew It wasn't bad, Doc.' room. ''Say! You sure &*« **•*, • uu ...—-_. Old Whitehouse swamped out, Why didn't she say yes? Doc. Outer, John told me you've) "Maybe she didi.'i know ull sht been busy as a bird dog, too. Night had someone ease »° und '" c0 ™ Mr. Rhodes, 1 can't take H. throwed in with Long Andy and rty on a horse-stealing deal." son." 'He was broke and he had a wife and baby in Chinook," Doc " but a Uving," said "I'm glad slimy Toad thirt. Mr. Rhodes, [ound that thieres had itrlpped hii airplane of most of the removable parU, including: propeller, tall wheel and tires, radio and microphone, .compass, a window pane, eren hla dark glassei. t Expert Service Hfl LTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHO -i. M a ' KI - • BILL GOD WIN SPORTING GOODS Scott-Atmter Outboard Motor—"th« new motor with the •hift." Arkanaam Traveler aluminum boat* 'Jrimml* "B" marine plywood boa (i Barbeem Pits—e»sy U a«- nembW Wilson athletic equipment Wilson ten nil balls and racquets Badminton Kts— Shnltlecotta Phone 6762 421 W. Main WHY WAIT? Remodel Now — No Money Down Now you can fix up your home—or even build a garage—on a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. No mortgage required. Why wait? Call Builders Supply today. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. INC. South Highway 61 Phone 2434 RENT A CAMERA FOR VACATION Sp«c(al Low Vacation Rales Barney's Drug Watt Main—Phone 3647 [LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Real Estate 4 FH* [United Insurance Agency A. F. <I>ee) Dietrich, Mirt. lift * Main-Krai CUT 1>TO ftlTltieTJlte, Ark- SAVE NOW On Used Cars & Trucks SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KIND! Custom work for fritis, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up (o 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 We're Proud of Our Work e work • Woodwork icluring • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. '• Machine work d> Manulacluring FARM LOANS Unlimited Funds— Attractive Terms A Complete MorUX* Scrvlc« UNITKD SKKVICE & RESEAKCII, INC. 81 M>rlison Blrtf., Memphim Tennesae* Gf.ORC.K O. TATV.S. Rtp. BIytheville. Arkansas FOR SALE Concrete e«r?ert», II mc» >• M inch, plain *< rrr.nliiicr* Alao Concrete H*!1dln( Blotki thea> er than lambet loi tar» ehkkea hn««m r«mp *"•'»•• l»n»» houses tool ihfd» W« iellTet Call u (»r (ree vtlaate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO SPECIAL IMS Sturlebaktr I^nrt Crnistr Demoiutrator, Tery low rnik> agr, radio, heater, ovrrrfrlye, white sirlcwall tlrts, nylon upholstery . . Bermuda Green $1795 1950 ])<xfge /i -Ton I'ickui ...only 7,701) actual miles like new. . .$1195. 1919 Chevrolet >/ 2 -Ton Tick up. . .an exceptionally clean truck .$995. 1949 Studebaker '/; -To Pickup. . .very Vow mileage like new. . .$1095. 19.tS Ford Vi-Ton Pickup. 8,000 miles on new molo u Rood truck... ?295. 1938 International '/j-To Pickup. . .has bis of miles yet. . .$1fl5. AND MANY MORE! Chamblin Sales Co. •Vnr Friendly Slxtefeaker Oealir R.R. & Ash QUESTION IE MINT, HOW TO R1HE AWAV BEFORE SHE TURh45 <( HER56LP I.ESME TURNER Condtir.tetl Tour I MWT TOZTICULM WOT ISffS, GietlS. HM»,,.»IWT TH»lT so*e SUMS STUCK l« T«' SAND.KAD •^FMHER THOUGHT VOU'D SEEING HOWDO PUEBLO, OPTftlU „ Yl'f, 60 WftCCtSSiBl-E THAT FEW TOUEI5T5— \f I COULD UNLOAD f HIS SW=E HMO HIDE IT WHILE 1CEOUETO TOWN FOB. A TRUCK 1 . BUT I.,, OOMTH... CAWT BUDQE IT. BtAZES, I COIADWT CET MVOWKE WITH THAT INPIAN ewer. Hmttnu G»eclA HULL MH.P ME CHAJ»«t Hlf MIUD THE KOP.O: HDPEIESSIV '' UGS BUNNY I UOVI T' WATCH V*"* BURN WHSN 141 COME 9 OUT T' PICK IT UP! V. T. HAMLIN ,, WE'VE LOST SOME MATEblEL... BUT THINK V«e ARE TOLD THE': HOLD. AS SPOILS OP VMS, THE ONLV KOf-W EOUIPMENT OF A 6I7E SUITABLE TO HIS NEEDS. NO, BUT he \-=> NOV. rEEE DEEP IN ENEMY'S voue COMPANION CONSIDEeS THE MATTER OF HIS EQUIPMENT MFDKTANT AUDIENCE VJITH CAESAR ... YOU HE CAN GAIN FOE IT WITH I6NOKANT BBITONS? HV KDQAR MARTIN BOOTS AND IIKB IHTDDIKS OV> «>VMVLV VrSVtt'. Phoni 68

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