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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 4

Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Saturday, July 9, 1921
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,7'c ' 5 '''i' V &CW FORT.WAYME NEWS SENTINEL ' fv' rfykliflbiFFei v .. , . Saturday, .Tuty; 0. Local Tennis Stars Semi - Finalists In Northern Indiana Tourney W ,r m ft i LOCAL PLAYERS WIN THIRD ROUND DOUBLES Burton and Ortlieb Leading By One Set in Scmi - Finals Friday Night. LOCAL CHANCES ARE GOOD (gprclsl ti the hen - ) OAHT. Ind , July Port Wsyne s rhanooe In tho Northern Inillnna Tennis tournament lielna - held hen - nent up Friday with tho l'ort Wayne bojn winning their third round in ihv ilouiilus uy defeating II. Smith mid 8. l - . - r.ncr, of Chicago. The st - ml - flnal mutch with Burton and Ortlieb against Konfielrt hrd Miller, of Chicago, was started Fr day night at o'clock and thu Fort Wayn players vera one set to the good by tt core of l'J - l and were leading In tho ,wcondset - U when the .maidl f aa ' called en account of darkness., It will bo completed today. r Arthur Ilubbel. of Chicago, eeml - fln - 0.11st In the Nntlonal Clay f'ourt touina. vnent laat week, la - the beet bet for th single. Kenfleld and Miller, who are matched In tho semi - finals against Bur - ton and Ortlieb. defeated tiubbell and Knox, of Chicago and are considered double favorites. If the Fort Wnne team can win over them In tho senil - flnalB, the chances for the double - churn plonshlp look pretty bright. w I The Sport "Onceover" 11 it n "i I Despite .the fact that the. White Box ore down In eevenh place 18 000 fana . paid big money to see Jiew lorn piay irr f Friday, After eight straight wlna the Tanks fell before Weo ltichard Herrwho has beat them the laat three times he haa been turned lose. Old Bullet Joe Bush, la not done - vet. IUJ. MOUND DUEL IS GIANTS' WHEN KELLEHEa FUMBLES Allows Frisch, to Score Only Bun in Contest, Blanking the Cuds. PIRATES BEAT DODGERS NEW YORK, July (.New York ehut out Chicago 1 to 0 Friday,' Nehf holding the Cuba to three hits and giving pa passes. Alexander also pitched an effective enme, ami lost In the ninth when Kellohef's fumble allowed Frlach to .score after the base had been filled. Scores . ' . K. H - R Chicago .... 0 ( 0 0.0 0 0 0. 0 0 1 Jicw orc .,. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 7 0 Alexander and ".Kllllfory Nehf, and "ErVoraOihefT Tn.r . - oi.r - M.r - Smith, Stolen baae - Melsei. Bacrince hlt4lnniftlf Left on bases - New lork 7. Chicago 4 .Bases on bells Oft Alexandor . 8trucx out By Netif 3 Umpires Hart and McCormlck. Tlme - 1.37. GASOLINE ALLEY DOC HAS HEARD IT BEFORE Pirates Suncti Hit; July (.Pittsburg de Friday 6 to I by bunch II held the Tigers U),four hits Frld Poor old . Washington Every time 4he Nationals get started properly Home little second dilelon club trios them 'up. Friday St. Louis gave them a II O I irpuncing uim win nurt mv pu - ngton boys' courage. i! XJack Dempsey I getting 0 reputation I.., ihlfion aulUTor damafccn ngnlnft the IV,' ' chAiVp ranging from (lOo.OOO which a IIUllUll ,IVUIV IIWIOITI BWO IW J..VV nnofticr.YN. feated Brooklyn Fi Inir two hita with BchuDD's wlldn and Olson's error In the sixth. .The score: . R.II.B. I'lttsburg .. ..11000100 t I 7 0 Brooklyn 0 0 0 I 0 0 1 0 0 I 10 1 Cooper and 8chmldti Bchupp, Mitchell and Miller. Iror - Mlson. Two - base hlta Blgebe, Svoper, Vheat. - Three - base hits Olson, els. Sacrifice hlta Barnhart, Cooper, Wheat. Double plays Olson to Kll - iluff to Schmandt! Cutshaw to Bchmldt. Ift on bases Pittsburg 6. Brooklyn 11. Bases on balls Off Bchupp, 1: oft Cooper, 5. IIIts - Off Bchupp. I In 1 Innings; off Mitohell, 1 In 1 Innings. Hit bir pitcher By Bchupp (Robertson). Struck out Uy Bchupp, I; by Cooper, 3 Losing pitcher Bchupp Umpires Itlglcr and Idortn. Time 1:19. his housekeeper at Atlantio City necks be getting Diea out u rood In brlnt for mm to i .(have all of his business deals settled in 3 The champ may be getting blei A outB nvi luun X I court, Hornsby and Hellmenfi are the lead' ng Datters now. uogers naa a marK (11 In 14 a - amvs while Heilnnann In t I fcame number has hit but 417. Nlchol - of i eon anil Oulae of the Boston Braves are second and third with marks ot .307 and .192 In the N. L.. U'ns bpvakcr in second high In the A. U with .447. Cobb is pitting iv uum wun nis noma runs and all Is batting .379 in 74 games. 'I U ,n' "ftiaa. & eanatttwissviakaa AAnna exarBklsa Hrlaif tf ins vniiiiincis uiinju sisjeiu a - iua ! night. The local splashers must be get - Z ting good, for the sfuncie gang have ,, tlways been well rated. V Is" if Lest aome of the casual readers of h. AAA - .. .. U. .... . - .IA. )k there la no prise up fpr the moat vln I dletiv baseball epistle sent In. In the I opinion ot many moat of the let tors from , ttefenders and mallgners of the teams are funnier than poetry but It la not necessary to offer A reward to get as teany as can be published. The onlr advice to the nenmen la that hen they ro out to the nark If thuv are underalaad they should notmentkM that they have been writing. Tho other It. M letter sender may be a big guy looking V lor toe cnappie who ridiculed his ball V olub. Reda Play at Siurala. ! KENDALX.VILUE. Ind. July 8 The if Kendall ville Beds will play at Stufgia ) next Sunday. Frank Faust, recent find, 4wlll pitch, f o rtbe licAU. II .,.. ,. , . ',. i Mr Cards Bowjo Phils PIIII.APELPHIA, July (.Philadelphia hit I'fefter hard Friday and easily defeated St. Ixmla I to 4. Four of the locals' tallies were due to home runs by J. Smith and Konetchy. Smith's circuit drive In the second accounted for three, while Konetchy's tied the score In the Blxth Score: It. U.S. St Louis . . .00040000 04 7 1 Philadelphia .00100114 11 I Pfefter and Clemonat Ring and Druggy. Krrora Founder. It. Miller I Tw - baae hita - John Smith, Mcllenry, Hornsby, Williams, Itapp, Itlng. Home runs James Smith. Konetchy, Sacrifice hits Lavan, King, - Stock, Wright - tone, Double plays Konetony (unas. slated); Stock to Iivan to Hornsby; James Smith to It. Miller to Konetcny: Ulnar to Konetchy to II. Miller; Lavan to Fournler Left on bases St. Louis S. Phlladelohla 7. Bases on balls Oft Pfeffer 3, oft Ring 3. Hit by pitcher 1 m 1'iener msruggyi. niruoa oui uy Ring 1. Umpires O'Day and Qutglsy. Time 1 - 60. Braves Blank Reds BOSTON, July (.Boston defeated Cincinnati 6 to. 0 Friday. 8core: R. H.B Cincinnati ..,.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 04 ' S I Boston, 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 4J'B 1 I 7 Luaile. Coumbe and Wlnsro: Scott and Giheon. Errors Greh, WIngo, Crane, Scott. Two - base hit Groin Stolen baas - Southworth. Nicholson, Holke. Sacrl - flca hita Barbara, Southdortlu Double plays Boeckel to Barbara to Holke; Scott to.OJbson to Boeekel to Ford. Left on bases Cincinnati (. Boston I. Bases on balls Oft Luque 1. oft Scott I.' lilts Oft Luque. I In 1 Innings,, oft Ceumbe, 1 In 1 Inning. Struck out By Luque 6. by Scott 1. Losing pitcher Luque Umpires Klem and Kmslle. Time 1:20. Iswwwiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiiwiiiiai.iisiiwiBiiiwiiBiiiiiMssBisiaassxfBjBiBasaBlasiBll TaafasaasalO ATiftlAi vtlstt noaa vtf tka ntiamnlnnsklii f "4WWW" aivkuivoi v taavt busai utiviiauifi , . (I light between Jack Dempaey, the title u nosier, ana ueorges uirpentter at Jer - I aer City as shown In movies In the east. reveal Derapsee's statement that ho I K'. v spumed the smelling salts during the 'aaaivs ViAfaraan l a u&nnnJ n n t Klsl I Sl founfla as untrue. f r Taasw Wilts tsilar Ifaala" Vanrns la ashisp n ky1 v via m aeataaiaj s& - n jxvai im is niiun rsaehlng Into his pocket and extraiting Dottle. After uncorking it, Koarns Dthe livDem eed It under the champion a nostrils livijempsey iook a coupie oi goou wnuis r. nf Ih nnnljinli nt lh luitllA unri ffftrna 1Z1 - LZZJ i. . Jl.I - .i.r 1 i7 .... SI lrcwiiu ii, ifiuvnuuiR iviiu loo m tnalnder of his work in preparing; his I rolUpscd without further ado, going to 1 j charge for tho next round, which proved n n tne msi. The pictures also showed that Dcmp - .fA sty resorted to the p.ld time trick of r leaning his weight on his opponent (whenever he could 'and demonstrated 1 that the vicious body punches ha con - ti tlnued to deliver almost from the be - r ginning ot the fight wore out the less (drugged Frenchman and made him a 'b corpse In the fourth round J1 Dempsey has also been quotod aa say irlnguhat the right hand punches Car - Jjpentler delivered never bothered him, ''and that the particular one in the aeo - '"ond round which (he writers at the '"ringside recorded as staggering him '" simply caught him oft balanLe lie saw 7 the . pictures at Newark and tried to .'substantiate his statement to a parly . of friends ly But, as In the .case with the smelling 'I salts, pempscy Is apparently wrong !f again. The reel shows distinctly that (L'the raplar - llke right hand punch of the t - challenger hit Jack flush on tho Jaw ,1, and staggered htm, and they also re - 'r veal that In the series of blows that J.: followed the Frenchman missed the last ,jone, enabling Dempsey to fall Into a lwClliich long enough for his head to clear I, If Dempsey's head was clear, as he jk states, he would have been pressing In 3 as usual with his body punches and upper cuts at close range Instead of Going Into clinches in which he landed none of those telling body punches. So far as the knockout Itself goes, the pictures lo not make clear luat what punch finished the Frenchman. The left and right blows sent Ueorges down for the first time for the count of nine. As soon as the Frenchman arose Dempsey tlashed at him. From what the pictures showed the writer. It appeared as If DemDaey missed a rurnt hand punch to the Jaw, which landed ( COOLO ?KV THAT APPENOCCTDMY WC DtUC WOtAO KAMXE TMAlV USTCN, rlAELl, JyALT IS CWTX) T MOUtD Be CbMio AMK OLD CA46 ALOMG - TO. POC, ELLIS, ANt PUOlOToAtr FOR AC AND OOC, rWTTCNV TO HAvC US MAM! THAT BUT (rU3peR STAMP j - DOC BOSe WCHAO TAKB ThB k UN0 DOC JOHMiON CO0L0 SPUT NeUOUltTONe TRIP WtTrl HM. I ( ( MAVOfr ATMlHi - V aJani V Tbfry tecTpMy or? us hanw. L y my omeR pTicnts I howhooolo voutiKe To jpty &sl J - y " HEILMANN GETS LONG HOMER BUT RED SOX BEAT TIGERS Clout Outdistances Bambino's Besi By Hundred and Fifty Feet. KERR PUZZLES YANKEES DETROIT, July (Joe Bush held Detroit to four hits Friday and Boston won sis - 16 threa. Heilmann made the long est home run In the history of the local ball park In the sixth Innings, hitting the ball a distance of 410 feet, according to the ground keepers measurements. Babe Ruth's longest hit was for a distance of 460 feet and was made at the polo grounds this year. Score: It. H. E. Boston 400 010 010 - 0 10 I Detroit 000 003 000 1 4 5 Bush and Ruel; Hollings and Baasler. Krrors K. Foster I, Blue 1, Sargent, Holllng Two base hits Ruel, Lelbold, Blue, irellman. Home run Heilman. Stolen bases J. Bush. Soott. Sacrifice hits Menosky, J. Collins, Mclnnis. Left On bases Boston 0; Detroit D. Bases on balls off Bush. 3 - oft Holllng. 3. Struck out by Bush. 5; by Holllng. 1. Passed ball Hue!. Umpires Evans and Owens. Time 1 4. Kerr Baffles Yankees CHICAGO. July (Kerr continued his effectiveness against Newi York Friday and scored his fourth win over the Yanks when Chicago won 4 to 1. Score: R. II. E, New York 100 000 0001 10 0 Chicago , 100 000 20X t ( 0 Shawkey and Schang; Kerr and Schalk. Two base hlts - 45trunk, Johnson. Falk, Mostll, Schalk. Stolen bases Buth, Kerr, Johnson. SaorlfW hit" """t - gan 1. Double plays Collins to Johnson to Sheely; Schalk to Collins. Left on bases New York (; Chlcavn G. Bases on balls oft Kerr. 2t oft Shaw Hit By pitcher ny Kerr tt - eck - ker. t, tnnaurhl. KhAwkev. i Umnlrei aebrand. Time 1:49. ishi. struck out ny Kerr, a: ny Shawkey, I umpires Wilson ana nil Browns Swamp Nats a ST. LOUIS. July (St. Louis batted Zachary hard before he waa taken out In tha sixth and won from Washlneion 11 to I, Friday. Williams hit his six - , teenth - homer ot the season In the sixth with two on. Every St. Louis player maoe one or more mis.1 Score: Washington R. It. E. ono ooi not l t o St. Louis 130 124 Oil 13 II 1 zacnsry, ucnacnt ana unarnty; uavis ana i;oiiins. Error Tobln. Two bass hits Tobln Smith, Jarobson Three base hits - Milan. Ellerbe, Williams. Home runs Tobln. Williams. Judge. Stolen bases - Harris, Qharrltv. Double piay Davis1 to Kiieroa to aisier. ieic on Dases Washington 10; Ht. Louis a. Jiasos on balls oft Davis 4. Hits oft Zacrmry, la In fi 1 - 1 lnnlnrs: oft Schaeht. 2 In 1 2 - 3 lnnlnrs. Hit by pitcher by Davis tiiarris, uicej. situck oui Dy uavis 6; by zaciiary. I. J mm zacnary. Los ing pucnei acnary. umpir Ity and Dlnnen. Time 1 52, lary. Umpires Moriar - the floor for the count that made Demp sey me victor. . James Sarsflold (Jlmi Mitchell, for mer all - around weight thrower and newspaper writer, died In New York recently. Mitohell was born In Ireland and was about 67 years old. He was on of the - greatest weight throwers that ever represented ' this country In competition He won a number of titles, and i" eno time held the record tor the. hammer throw, and the six - pound shot and fe - pound weight. 114 waa a member ot the American Olympic team which competed In Athens In 1900. On his way over Mitchell Injured his shoulder. He wss a member of the old Irish - American A C. and the New York A. C. After ho retired from athletics he became a sport writer. 'Team ' golf, popular In England but almost unknown on most American links. Is Incoming popular on the Chicago courses Lach player on a team carries a different elub, one doing" all the driving, another all the braaale work, another all the putting, and so on Only one lall Is used by each team, and with each player using only the rlul at which he Is most adept, remarkable acorea are being made. NATIONAL LEAGUE Won Lost t... Pittsburg .,,.. New York ,, Boston ...,.,,,,, St. Louis .... Brooklyn Chicago ..... uincinnau fnuaueipnia . 1 4. j 40 ' 39 .' II .:..I 25 28 31 3 11 .1 Cleveland New York Washington Detroit Boston , St. Louis ... Chicago hlladelphla AMERICAN LKAQUE, won losc , ...... 41 48 43 40 II .11 31 30 IT 2 38 39 40 44 44 44 Pet. .471 .6S .610 .613 .467 .346 .2(1 Pet. .(40 .013 .631 .60 .459 .41( .413 .403 t l AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Won Lost Pet. Louhnllle 49 31 .11 Minneapolis 42 31 .563 Milwaukee 44 31 .513 St. Paul , 38 44 .487 Indianapolis 37 40 .481 Toledo e. 37 43 ,4( Kansas City 36 40 .4(7 Columbus ,....'...;.. 11 41 .411 AMATEUR GOLF TOURNEY OVER GRUELLING COURSE Westmoreland Country Olub Links At Chicago Requires Skillful Driving. SHOWING THE IHTSMITHS THE WAY ) ft Ml r;i i . r S " "" - I, Hairy Heilman fielding; and at close range. Harrr ITeilmnn. aluo - o - inir T)etrr.i t. ...n - i BUNTS AND BINGLES (By John B. foster) By J. B. F. NEW YORK. July (. Itoether, of Brooklyn, says he Is puasled by the hatting this year. He drew it mild. Stupenod more accurately describes the way It hits most of them. All of Ty Cobb's 14 star twlrlers have simmered down to the sero hour. As a tudge of pitchers Ty Is a high class atur. The man who Is trying to find out what Club lias the hardest fall since spring bitter keep away from the Mia - sistlppl river In" his quest, ' "RUTH NOW BATTING" WATCHINO TriS BAMBINO AT CVERY PITCH. TOTAL HOMERS OF SEASON, II. TOTAL HOMERS OF CAREER, 114. NEW YORK AT CHICAOO, Friday, July 8 FinsT 1NNINO Score" New York 0, Chicago 0. Kerr pitching. One out and peck on first. Strike one. missed swing. Four consecutlvs balla all wide and low, THIRD INNINO Score - New York 1, Chicago 1 Kerr pitching Two out. and Peck on first. Strike, called. Ball one. Inside. Forced Peck, colling to Johnson. FIFTH INNINO Score - New York 1, Chicsgo 2. Kerr pitching. Two out and Shawkey on first, lilt first ball pltrhrd for a single lo right EIGHTH 1NNINO Score' New York 1, Chicago 4 Kerr pitching. One out. No one on base. Strike one, swung. Ball one. Wide. Strike, two. foul ball. Singled to center SUMMARY At bat,'; runs, 0; hits. PLAY WILL START MONDAY CHICAGO, July 1 The Ilnd aim teur - golf championship tournament, of the Western Oolf association, to lw played the week opening tomorrow, will probably be the most gruelling In the. history of the event, as the West moreland Country club links Is noted for Its multiplicity of haxsards, Includ ing nearly 200 bunkers. Soma of these pits are deep and forbidding and many of them indent the falras at all sorts of angles, requiring well planed ahota o keep even the expert golfer from going over 14 strokes for tne "is noies. uvery putting green Is a peninsula protruding Into a sea of pits. In addition to the haixards. the courae Is long and both fairway sand' greens are undulating, - the ensemble giving a searching test of golf at every stage of the game The only suroeaae from eter nal vlRilance and studied prowess la the extraordinary else of the green on many holes, making It possible for any well pla ed shot to land on the putting area, w hlle the texture of the velvety grass Is such hat any 1 easonably cut shot will stop readily near Its landing point. Onenlnd Round Monday. Tho contest for the title now held for the fifth time by Charles Evans Jr., national champion, will open Monday morning with the first qualifying round o' 18 holes, the second medal round taking; up all of Tuesday also, because of the large numlter ot entrants. The scores in these rounds of players who are members of association teams will count In the contest for the Olympics cvn. a team event. The 32 players making the lowest medsl scores In the medal score round will meet at match play Wednesday forenoon, while the aecond round, also at 18 holes, win occupy the Afternoon, leaving elaht contestants to play tho Stt - hole third round Thursday, The semi - final rounds on Friday and the finals on Saturday will also be at !( holes. There are the usual contest tor non - queiinera Past Winners. This winners of the event since Its' inception toiiow: Tear Winner Where played 1190 Dsvld R For(tan..01envlew club IIHHI William Waller. . Onwentsla club 19t Phehns n Hovt Midlothian O. C 1(42 IT Chandler Fgan...Chicasrn club 1(43 Walter F Egan Euclid club 1904 TT Chandler Egan Exmoor olub 194811 Chandler Egan. Olcnvlew club 1948 T E Sawyer Glen Echo club 1947 If Chandler Egan .Chicago Wub 1948 Mason - Phelps. .Rock Island Arse. 1949 Charles Evans Jr Homew nod club 1910 Mason Thelps Mlnlkahila club Mil Albert Seckel Detroit club 1912 Charles Fvans Denver C C. 1913 - Warren K Wood Homewood 1914 Charles Evans .... Kent C. C. 1915 Charles Evans Mavfleld C. C 11 Henrlrh Schmidt Del Monte club 1917 Francis Onlmet. Midlothian C. C. 1918 Not held account war. 1919 Harry O. Legg .Sunset 1111! C. C. 1120 diaries Evans . Memphis club tiars Returning for Event. (By Henry U Farrell, lulled I'rejs Stat Correspondent.) NEW YORK, July (.Oolf bobs up today for a two weeks' splurge on the crowded sport stage. Jock Hutchison, the Chicago "Star, returns from England with the British ppen crown and gets ready to go after tne American honors. With' the new Champion 'on the Car - mania are his team mates of the American Invaders, Jim Barnes, Tom Kerrigan. George McLean, Emmett French, Freddie McLeod. Charles Hoftner and Wilfred Held,, Abe Mitchell and George DUnqan, two of England's "big four," are to arrive tomorrow on the Lapland for, an Invasion of Uncle Sam's links. The arrivals will have little time to get rid of their sea legs. Hutchison and names wm meet tne uriuiners Monday on the course of the Pelham Country club In Westchester. The English nalr will then hoi over to Shawnee-on-the-Delaware, Pa., with most of the American proa to play in an open tournament on. Wednesday and Thurs day. From there they will move. On Washington, where the American national open starts on Monday at the Columbia Country club. . Mitchell rj Duncan wilt then start on an exhibition tour. After his victory in the British cham - plonsnips, - wnicn was ine nrai ever scored by an American. Hutchison will enter the American tournament as the favorite. SPORTS th JOhl n o J riOC' Ju Jl JU I ssaaaaaaafasaaaaaaaaaaa - ! - ,H( n s M xlmmf1mmtf&mmW laat PPiassasaW fafaam jfe William Tllden, America's tennis champion, is a sportsman. Aa winner of the British tennis title )rM year Tllden was In the same fortunate position aa other champions of former years when time came to defend their titles. He did not have to work his war ud through the preliminary matches. Her waa to wait until all contenders had thrashed out the right to meet him. The survivor might be a little stilt and stale from hard competlon, while tie champion came In fresh and unwearied. This waa the British custom, but It didn't seem iulte a fair test, to Mr Tllden. So he aeked the tennis authorities to change the rule and, let him play in the preliminary matches It's hard to change custom In England. Any Engllahman thinks that the way a thing always haa been dona Is nesesaarily the best way to do It. So Mr. Tilden's request was turned down. But he had the satisfaction ot being a sportsman In th matter. Going Some! Oar Wood, holdor of tho Harmaworth Cup, which he brought back from England last year,ls preparing to defend the trophy against an Invading fleet aa well M" against several builders of fast boats In this country. His new defender Is nearly ready, and It la ssld ,up around Algonac, where Chris Smith and his sons hsva been busy with the Diuiaing ana tuning up tne renuut ui the Americans seemed to be looking them over. Ashore they were as mysteriously hidden as Carpentler's punch at Mannnsaet. But Bernard Smith saw the British defender after the race. His only oon.ri.ent on .British speedboat building waa: "fir the time the water ducks around all the sclentlflo curves and angles In that hull it II be sodlsiy It won't know how to get out." This waa a pretty good Comment on the difference between British and American boat aulldlng. Oar Wood's boats are , built to go over or through the water with the slightest skin friction and resistance possible, and by years of actual experiment, Chris Smith has obtained batter resulia than anv of the naval architects, with all their intricate calculations. Yankee .boatbullders didn't stop beating the rest of the world when slipper - rttpa went out of fashion. wine pack a punen. If there la another American heavy. eisnt cnamnionsnio noxinr d tween White and black boiers. erty motors, that this boat will be able to hold a nace of ela - htr miles an hour or better. The English, will hare to go some to beat that. Bernard Smith went to England with Gar Wood's two' contenders laat year. He found a lot of mystery about the British boats. Oar Wood's boats went out for trial runs', and when they came back were taken from the water and blocked up without any attemsX to hide any detail of their construction. ' Anyone could watch the trial runa and In spect the boats afterward, and acores of English builders went over the boats plank by plank ana made copious notes. "They'll show that they've learned something from us when their boats come over In 8eptember," says Oar Wood. The trial runa of the British boats were cut short and the boats run back to ahore at half speed whenever one of boxinr bout be k boxera. one of the contenders will be Harry Wills, This Wills Is a decent fellow, a great ooxer, pnysicany a marvel among men, and he has so much self - respect that he prefers hard work to loafing around trying to pick up a bout now and then, lie la nearly aa big aa such ring giants as. Fulton and Wlllard. and In better condition and a better boxer than either of them. Wills may be matched With Dempsey some time, and if that match la ever made It will draw a crowd and furnish a real battle If Wills was a white man nothing couia Keep mm out or a cnance to win the heavyweight title. He outclasses all the bunch except Dempaey, but when there la talk of champlonahlp bouts his name la discreetly forsotten. When Carpentler's manager went , to i nivnani n weea ueiore uiv ueiuu - sey fight to suggest that Carpentler be matched against some other American heavyweight In September, If he beat Dempsey, Descamps barred Fulton and Wlllard on the ground that they were too big., He didn't mention Wills at all But perhaps he never beard of Wills. Don't very often hear ef him ourselves. Tea Mueh Prosperity. Jack Johnson will soon be "out" and looking for something to do to replenish the larder. It may not be good form to mention Johnson But while we're on the subject I'll say Just thla muoti In Justice to him and then drop It YOu can't taka an Ignorant, lllltera - ate man, ot any color, put htm In a moment where thousands of tools scrape and bow to him and tell him how great he Is, and expect him to have sense Johnson was more of a dupe of clr - cumatancea than anything elae If he had stayed In Galveston ha might have been a first class, decent stevedore today and better off (Copyright 1(21 by Dell Syndicate, Ino ) NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburg, 6: Brooklyn. 1. New York, 1,' Chicago. 0. Philadelphia, ( St. Louis, 4. Boston, i; Cincinnati, 0. , AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston. (; Detroit, I. Chicago, i; New Tork, L St. Louis, II; Washington. I. Cleveland - Philadelphia (rain). AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indlanapolla, T: Minneapolis, S. Toledo. It; Kansas City, 11. Columhua. T - 10: Milwaukee. 18. (First Kama 11 Innings ) uouisvtue,, 4V, n, i - aui, - 4. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE, Rochester, (; Baltimore, 6. Hyraouae, 7; Newark, (. Jersey City at Toronto; rain. Others not scheduled. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION. Blrminaham, (: Memphis, 4. Nashville. I; Mobile. I. . New Orleans, 8, Chattanooga. 1. ' Atlanta at Little Rock (wet grounds). WESTERN LEAGUE. Joplln, 1; TulaS. 1 Oklahoma City. I. Wichita, 1. Others not scheduled. WESTERN ASSOCIATION. Enid, 7; Fort Smith, 6. THREE - I LEAGUE Rloomlngton. 17: Hock ford. 0 S'S; Aionne, o - i. Terrs Jtaute, J'eona, 1J tueaar napioa. s. Evansvllle, I; Rock island, 1. FORT WAYNE SWIMMERS TRIUMPH OYER MUNCIE Large Crowd of Spectators See Local "Y" Team De feat Opponents. ROTH HIGH POINT MAKER Before one ot (he largest crowds ever gathered to witness an aquatlo meet at the local pool, the Tort Wayne Y. M. C, ,A - swimming team defeated the team from Muncla Friday night by a score of 45 to II. A crowd estimated at mors than 40f persons was present to cheer the local laaa on to victory ana the meet was on ef the most success ful ever held here. Fine SDortsiruuishlD was displayed througnout the meet by participants and spectators, and every event called for a round or applause rrom tne crowd, which thoroughly enjoyed the various events, What proved the most popular event ot the entire program was the spectacular diving of Taylor, of the Fort Wavne team. Taylor won first place In the event, scoring a total of 107 points, while Palmer, also ot th local team, came second with (2 notnts. Edward Roth waa high point maker for the locals, scoring two firsts for a total of 10 points, uoeris placed sec end with elaht Dolnta to his credit. The final event of the program was the relay race, participated In by four men from each team. The race was a neck and neck one until In the last few seconas, juuncie nosea oui a victory. Negotiations were opened St the meet for a return contest to be held In the near future. It will. In all probability, be held at JIuncle. Winners of the various events and the time mane ioiiows - Forty - yard swim Whinner, Monde, time 22 1 - 6 seconds; second, Tlndall, Muncla; third, McCurdy, Fort Wsyne. Forty - yard breast stroke - - 6howtey, Fort Wayne, time 10 4 - 6 seconds; second. Oralis, Fort Wayne; third. Clerk, XTinl. ' Sixty - yard R6th. Fort Wayne, time 18 seconds: second, McCurdy, Fort Wsyne; third, Martin, Muncla. Plunge Martin, Muncle. dalUace (1 ( feet:, second. Hall, Muncle; third, Rus sell. Fort.Wayti.. . .. - .. - . Fqrty - ysra nacx stroae uoeris, rorc Wayne, time 21; second, McCurdy, Fort Wayne; third. Daflin. Muncle. Dlvlnjf Taylor, Fort Wayne, 107; Palmer, Fort Wayne, (2; Turner, Muncle, II. - one nunarea yarn nasn noin. i - on Wayne, time 1.11 minutes: aecond. Ooe - lis. Fori; Wayne; third, 'turner, aiunciu. KEARNS, DENIES REPORT OF SPLIT WITH DEMPSEY rH (By United Press.) NRIT TflBK. Juhr i Jock Kun, today again denied the report that he had split with Jack Dempaey, world's champion The denial was occasioned py a story rrom jiuanuo vity mat lfaVar Bader had told friends ha waa going to handle the attain ot the cham pion. Kearna would not comment on (he report that the champion, had wired creditors In Atlantio City that he had given his manager money to pay them all. Kearna sard he didn't accompany his charge west because he had "a lot f business" to settle Jn New York. CREDIT FOR PIRATES' LEAD LARGELY DUETO PITCHERS Corsair Moundsmen Are Making Fine .Records; Cooper Leading the Lot. MAJORITY OUNGSTERS (Dy John B. Foster.) NEW YORK. July , Pitching peach - noever picaea mein tnr Plltahlirrhl V1 - - - 1 : - " : - .r - .. . - udge 01 rruit. us a nne was a good ju record that P Its pitchers, and to the pitchers choruses cord that Pittsburgh has made with of praise are due because, the Pirates have not been batting any too freely. Borne very conservative baseball critics, with yeara of knowledge and experience, have said that It la Impobsiole to wis a major league pennant with young pitchers, assuming so large a part of the burden. They may' be rlghL There Is no ma - ior league pennant won to date fur lull iut there lias been such a remarkable howlng by the young pltcheri of the Pittsburgh club that It la time to get it recorded before they ' blow" and spoil It all. If they don't collapse so much the l - ctter for Pittsburgh. At te head t me Pittsburgh pithing clan is Cooper very much a Vetera i. who la having a regular satin lined time ot It. When the records were compiled recently he had won fourteen games and li - at two. That's more than Matty nnd aome ot the other stars were went to win When everybody talked pitchers to the exclusion of everything else. Next lo Cooper comes Ulaaner with about a six to one account In his favor as a wlnving I iichcr and thla la his luat year In the National League. Petty excellent figures those. It la true that he haa been taken out of some gamea but when you arlve him six to one you also rate him as the other pitchers are rated, so he Is getting none the beat of It. Yellowhorae, the Indian chief, has been winning for Pittsburgh on a fire to two basis and he is a kid pitcher. Never had a chance until this season with major league company. .Morrleon was pulled back from Birmingham, Ala , and Gibson shoved him. right Into the thick of battle and he has won twice, once In a thirteen Inning game. Nothing weak about that. Zlnn has broken even. He ri'.e been In major company herors but this Is the first time In the National Leagus and he la more or less unsessoned for big games. Of the old players Adami Is a seven to three shot on the winning - aide and Hamilton, used In lots of games, ats dpne the tame thing, , Pittsburgh may be establishing Itself as the great exoeptlob from the young pitcher standpoint. It la sa big a thing aa there Is In this yesr of baseball and Idtaburgh peaches may outpltcli thai collection of j Brooklyn beeutlea who were supposed to be a little superior to anything In either major organisation. ALMOST EQUALED H0RN8SY. OMAHA, Neb, July (.Jack Lell - volt, first baseman of the Omaha club In the Western league, "almost.1 entered hasel - all's hall of fama In a game with St. Joe, Mo . aeveral days ago Lrllvelt had the chance to tie, or even better George Sister's record for consecutive hitting. Lellvelt hit 10 consecutive times safely and on the 11th fanned. Slsler, according t6 the records, made his record on July 7. - 1, ( and 111 ot last season while with the Bt, Louis Nationals by making 10 singles and a double consecutively. BIG FRAMES GIVE SENATORS DOUBLE VICTORY OVtR WETS Six Runs in Eleventh inning Decided Opener; 'Second Ten to Eight., , COLONELS "wTn A .PAIR MILWAUKEE, July t). Milwaukee dropped twe games to Columbus Friday, the first In 11 Innings. 7 to Vand 'the second, 1 to I, Oearln and Wilson had a pitching duel In the opener but Gearlrt weakened In the eleventh and the visitors scored six runs, First Game - . Score R It E Columbus 040 001 000 OS 7 18 1 Milwaukee ...... 000 000 010 001 I 1 Batteries B., Wilson and A. Wilson; Oearln and Goasett. ' Seoond Gamer - Columbus .,..i.... 004 000 (10 10 11 1 Milwaukee.. 000 144 100 3 I 1 Batteries Hald. Sherman. Danforth and Wilson; Kiefer, Trenton, Mann, Llngrel and Clarke. No Mercy for Saints ST. PAUL, July (.Louisville Won both games from St. Paul Friday 10 to I and 8 to I. Miller's homer In the opening game waa the longest hit ever made in the park. First Game - Score ,Tl M HI Louisville HI 140 009 io 11 I St. Paul ...r... .0.010 000 110 I 11 1 Batteries Sanders and 'Meyer; Williams, Foster and Alien, McMenerrty. Second Game Louisville MO 404 100 ( 1 St Paul 004 Oil 104 I 11 I Batteries Loag. Wright and Kocher; Hall, Williams, Hanson, Kelly and Al - lem f Indians Win Fourth MINNEAPOLIS, July ( - Indianapolis won Its fourth conseoutlve game from Minneapolis Friday, 7 to t. Both teams rallied In the ninth, the Visitors scoring three runs. Score a It IIB Tndlanatmll , - . .., ,.144 144 MX 7 11 I Minneapolis., ,, 0Q 000, 202 - B 10 Batterlee Chavet and Dixon; Low - dermilk and George. Ironmen Shade Blues KANSA8 CITY, July (. Toledo staged another ninth Inning rally Friday and took a weird game from Kansas City, 12 to 11 Adolph Holshaueer, young right - hander obtained from Independence, Kana. atarted for Kansas City and looked good at times, but Toledo hit him for six runs when a substitute batted for him In the fifth. Score n H E Toledo ,...110 110 0111117 1 Kansas City .....100 041 10111 11 I Batteries Ayres, McColl, Morrlaette and Schauffel; Ilolshauser, Horstman, Carter and McCarty. mms Tmm "'"II1 aSegggssessiijBasssersrsssI NATIONAL LEAGUE. Pittsburg at Brooklyn.1 - Cincinnati at Boston. ' . Chicago at New. York. . s Bt. Louis at Philadelphia. . AMERICAN LEAGUE. ' Washington at SL Louis. Philadelphia at Cleveland.. New York at Chicago. Boston at Detroit. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. Indlanapolla at Minneapolis.' Louisville at SL PauL i Toledo at Kansas City. Columbus at Milwaukee. TRIS DETHRONES HEILMANN, FOR AMERICA LEADERSHIP, Babe Ruth Making Bapld Strides Toward the Top and in Now In Fourth Position. ' HORNSBY A RIVAL! CHICAGO, July ( Trls Speaker, pilot of the Cleveland World's.. champions, has dethroned Harry Heilmann, the Detroit slugging outftolder, for batting honors In the Amerlcap league, according to averages released today. wblrh , Include games on Wednesday. The averages are those et players who have participated In 45 or more gamoo. Tra) Increased his batting mark from .408 a week ago - to - tlHV while - Heilmann sur - . Sred a slump, , - going hltless Wednee y in the game between the White Sox and Tigers.a nd now Is batting: .409, . JtAhn lluth. the nun kins. Is making rapid strides toward tho top of the ladder and haa advanced to fourth rositlon, behind Cobb, the Detroit manager, who was clouting .III 'before he was forced out of the same becauaaof an Inlurv. Ruth Is hlttlnc .379. Thn lankee slugger cracked out three home runs during the past week and brought his string to (1 circuit drives, Ruth also Ik proving the best run gatter in the ohnson circuit, having; registered) 84 times for his club. He lias cracked out (1 hits for, a total of 118 bases which, bt - sinrs his four - ply knocks Include, II doublM and. 7 triples. Ovjige bis'er. the St. Louis star, ad - del another base to his string - and - Is showing the vey to, the basa stealers w In 14 II ftftf - Other leadlnsr batters' Slsler, St. Louis,, 484; Williams, . St, Louis, ,111) Tobln, St. Louis ,J50J Veach. Detroit, 'JU:' Severeld, St'.Lou - If, .157; rc. Collins, Chicago. III. In the National League. The, veteran George Cutahaw, of I the Flrntes enjoyed a great wee with' the vlllow and M o loault, has bernnnrthe rimner - ui to Roger Hornsby, the; SI. Louis star, among; the hatters of - it foe .Nrl ral lesKue. Alhourh numoniM tlsv. - re nro shcad oj the alugttnjt I'lt'e urgli Initial sack guardian, they have moe, u nm LIOIp IBOg les. i ho parti lpf Dace from elahteenth nlace to fourth nosftlon with a mark ot .117. compared with . 112 not playsd In as many gai averages are of olavera wn ed In 45 or - more e - amea. Cutahaw. who was In tenth place a week ago boosted his average from .147 to .lit. Hornsby, however, fared well with the willow and Increased his average from .401 to .428. Cy Williams, the Philadelphia outfielder, also wss on a batting ram - age during the holidays and moved rom eignieemn vlth a mark of . a week ago. Hails 'four twlnts behind Meuael, a teammate who Is In third place with .181. 7 George Kelly, the Glanta' home run slugger, cracked out a brace of circuit driven, and hasitaught up with Meuael, who added only one to his string. They have cracked - out a dosen each. Max ''Carey, tho " fleet - footed Pltate outflelderv haa been burning the paths the last week and la showing the Way to he base stealers with 23 thefts,' which three better than Frtsh of New York. Dave Bancroft of the' Giants Aw leading In - the number of runa scored, having made 83 tallies for his club. Hornsby with his 112 hits Is leading the league In total bases with 195, which Include 22 doubles, 12 triples and ( homers. Other leading batters; Young New York .85(1 Rousn. Cincinnati. ,8(4; Mcllenry. w St. Louis .Itl) Grimes, Chlcaa - o, .351; Maranvllle, Pittsburgh, .850' Fnrr Bt, Louis, .3171 Mann, St.. Louis, .147. American rytsoolatlen. 'V. Keb Russell, the former White Sox pitcher who Is playing the outfield for Minneapolis, continues his climb toward the top of the ladder amongi the batters of the American association. In addition, to moving - from third place - to second position, with a mark; of ,190 compared with .37( a week ago, he nmaahed out another home run and pulled away from Hunny Brief, the Kansas City home run hitter, with whom he was tied last week. RussTII has bagged 14 circuit drives. Dutler of Kansas City who has been topping the list of players who participated in 48 - - or more fames - suffered a slight stump, hut con - Inues to head the procession with t38. Del Gainer of Milwaukee Is behind Rua. sell with .113 Whiio Klrke or Louisville. Is fourth with .379). Kfrke Is. the first F 'layer to reach the double century mark n total baaes His total base record was made In 134 hits which Included 21 doubles, alx triples and eleven homers. Balrd of Indianapolis continues to show the way to the base - atealers with a string nf 12 bases, an Increase ot half a dosen during the past week. Other, leading - hatters - Good. Kansas City, 'Mf, Oearln Milwaukee. .258; Thorpe. Toledo, 158; Balrd, Indianapolis, .357; KUts. Louisville, ,357; Brief, Kansas City, .354. ' ' HUNTINGTON SPECIALS ACCEPT A CHALLENGE HUNTINGTON, Ind , July (. The Huntington Erie Specials baseball management, announced today that the challenge ot the Warren Phi pelt 'team for a game of ball on July 17, 'has been accepted, and that the game will be played In this cty. The game Is ex nected to be the first of . a series of three, for tho ehatpplonshlp of the cotra - The Wtrrcn team' iaaued Its challenge follow Inrr the defeat 'It administered to the fast ripcatur Independents laat Monday. The Specials hays played De catur. twice thla aeason. winnlnr one , ( game end losing one. The third game wun Decatur win do piayea aere Sunday. - ' . - " .According to the aurreement between the two teams, the. Warren team may "load up" aa much as It pleases for tho games. Huntington, of courae, expents to bt well - prepared, especially as War tn haa been crowing about ft victory last year which the Specials management says waa won by the manager In. slating that his brother umpire the game. WIFE OF NOTED BRITISH STATESMAN BECOMES ENTHUSIASTIC TENNIS STAIl 3 - X S " assssasasaswtwsasss. saflsasaK I Jfm5iiisie' sbbbTTTTIii V traVLJaSBBBBar V 11 I bbbbbbTVI WSbbbbbT I xy . - ' ii - n Ii . - V - HrtCff1nston,CbnrclilllVming at 'recent natch at QocWg.duV London.. The" recent International worn enV tennlg 'tournament in En land showed clearly bow the net rame tin UkWhold'of the fair .iox Of Europe at well as Amer - T lea. Tennis now lays elilrn to ' patt of tha time of nan of En land s titled women. Om of the) nobility! who - htsbejomo on, 'ex "j , pert with the raetpet ii Mrs,' WlnsW Churchill, wife of the noted EnjrlUh tUtesroan, Xbxt the g - eti tho roost oat of tho fame i shown ty the) phot above, taken at a match at the' ; Qoten'i dub. '1 iJnAt'ViMvt f, w)' Vi'tVsl - , t. - a - si

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