The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JAMJAnY fcl, 16S& LLE (ARK.) COUllIEK NEWS PACE J CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING' INFORMATION Daily rate per lino for contccu- tlvc insertions: Dno time per line lOc Two times per lino per day .. .08c Three times per line per day . .Wie, )ix times per line per day . ...05c Koflth rate per line 6uc fards of Thanks 50o & 7Sc Minimum charge 50c , Ads ordered for three or six l^ties and stopped before cxpli'a- (to;) will be charged, for the mini- vRrr ot times the add appeared and. .ljustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy (ubmiticd by persons residing out- tide 'of the city must bo acconi- oanlcd by casii. Rales mny he to-S'lly computed from above tnhle. •Advertising ordered for ((regular tserllons takes the one time rate. No responsibility will bi> taken or more than one iaicorrcct Insertion 'of any classified ad, Business Directoty For Rent 3 room furnished apartment, 103 75 unis burn ctircd alfalfa liny, II. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 683. J c. Icnnppcnberger. 20-pk-27. Modeni Ii room lurnished apitvi- incul. i'iO Uugan Avc. Mrs. Belle Wood, Phone Vso-J niter s p.m. I'l-cK-lI 'i room furnished apartment wi'.li lirivntc bath. 621 WiOmik. Phone SGu. Avnilnole alter the I'J-ck-ll New, b'JU. 3 room furnished lights. Reasonable. Phone Furnished apartment, 20D Wesl Kentucky. Mrs. KISK, rhone ^^j'J- w. ia-ck-ti Couple Two unfurnished rooms, preferred. 611 Park. H room house, 1I.W. 18 at CoppcdBC Gin. C. F. Dunn, l«-pk-25 Newly decorated 3 room furnished apartment. 3li No. Second, phone 798. 17-ck-tl SAVE -MONEY ON COAL at coal Del. in yard Ji'villc Rig Lujiip Ion f>.'05 13.25 2x10 ton 5.25 C.!!5 3x6 Jon 5.2D Is'iSl) Nut Son 4.80 Stoker ton 4.75 5.15 Mine run Ion 4.75 !i.'(5 ISluc Hihbon big lump 1-00 S.UU Blue Rililiuu 3x6 CJ5 7.M Slack (on 3.00 3.75 CURVE IN CAFE /On Highway 01 al Holland [' Phones 5 F-4 and 818 imounccineiit w« Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1044 C'hlckawwha Phone U7J 3 room turn. apt. \vllh balli. Newly decorated. Call 294, 1117 w. Ash. 8-ck-lf •1 room house, bath, garage. Gtf'J So. Lake. Call 3C7-J. 15-ck-tl or 3 room furn. apts. One « room apt. upstairs. 014 Hcain. Furnished comfortable bedroom. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-U Wcsllnghoiisc Electric pvieetl low. Phone 629-J. Good trader nnd It's equlpmenl cheap. Write Box "H". Courier News. 10-pk-'2(i FOR SALE: Four rooms mid bath, 122'.! llolly. $150 cash will handle. Phone 100. E. D. 1'erguson. ID-ck-tf Kor fiide—N(ee (i room slueco residence located 512 North Mrs!. Barijnli), tmnll down payinrnt. Call 120. Lots 0 QUALITY SHOE SHOP 10. Wanted, names, MKN under 'Mi wlu» ni-o willing to work for $VB.<K> n monlli while Inilnlng lo brcnmc nvlators or [jroiind mrrlinnlcs. Oiw year's training nlvra by II. H. Air Corps. Cost.s ulj.solubiy nolhlni'.- Service. IJ«.\ 522. MIKviiukee, Wis. MKN OLD AT 40! OET PKP. NC'V Cstrex Tonic Tablets roulnln Viuv oyster Invlgonitors and other .stimulants. One da^c Marl.s :i.r,v pep. Value $1.00. Special price lift, (.-'all, write Klrby Bros. Drug Sloic Bargain. Call 805. GIHLS: Increase your mcpino ay learning H profession that tvlll allord coiislanl employment. Kn loll now In the lleauly Culture classes starling Jan. 3rd nl the Kudo School of Drnuty Otiiltii Cooper Bids. \Vnlmit 'ft UI'LW 1100 block on Hearn. sis, KlylhcvlHc, Ar!;. Slate ,»p 17-cK-Hl IMPROVED SUBUIiBAN - ACREAGE 5 1-1 ncres, 5 room house, tarn, on grnvcl road, right In edge ot Blythevllle. Offered for few days at a great bargain. Terry Abstract & Really Co. Grocery store, cheap. Mrs. Herb Thompson, 1011 W. Rose. Jl-ck-25 proved school meetlii); all require incuts for Arkansas nml Missouri Kifby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Slnggisli Livers KolfotfH fclllouBoiBS, crmattpal'.fM] and Ijudnctu'i Arllvn I.Ivor I'llli fA nl thf rrnl 'c«u*e VI >(mr filuRGlslini'iii *'"» uiske you ,'i!o) lito B tje« JUTKIIJI, Hid 'our lyfltfMil ul Burjilua tminuni *,-jlh Xclivn l.lver 1'IIU. IIimtilMi, ifeii Hold ot III Kltl>r Onif KdT.'i. Female Help Wld. Complete 10 volume Mt 61 Sinn-1 dnrd Reference Books with loose Women—Address and malt udver- eaf binder. Call 239 or TO. Modern furnished room, heated with gas. Private bathroom and garage. Plione 410. C-ck-2-G MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. One comfortable Ixxlroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Slcvnfocrg, 084, 1209 Holly. 28-ck-28 2 room unfurnished apartment. Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash or call 1008. 23-ck-IJ 2 comfortable bedrooms, private b.ilh. Gentlemen preferred. Plione 704-W or 161. Shoe -Repairing | mnisucd _* " I Afr= K EvcrylhlUK for 'your slices. Free Delivery. Phone 120. Quality Shoe Shop 7-ck-tf. 15-fn-fa New Ifl38 patlerns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBEF CO. Phone 40 A patent was Issncd In 18(i8 on an extra Ions bib that could l)c spread oh the table as a protection against ' 'ailing food. The bib had a rinr to coui^r oi 1 DIViyiON "n mny pi'onerly come before Mild meclfiH;. At Jonccboro, 'Arkansas/ "this Jan. IN Tin-; VJIK TIIH .lONKSllOKO CV '1'llK KARTKUN OP AKICANSAS. IN .'IJ1K MAl'l'Ivli Ol llAKUKliT, rt/b | _._.. (1IICCKUV A MA'UKlCT. »LY-. llfl ii '»> TIlt'VlLlK, AUKANHA8, j n '<""« linnkrnptfy Kfi. l9!Hi. lo (he creditors »f the nlxivo immcd taiikrii|]l ol nlytlicvlllti, V.< G. ,MUU<ItyIX lU'tercc In llankruptcy. 1-21 llab.v KH'jiHoW^Toj' l)«c HT. LOUIS (UP)--Wiillo playing hi Ihe KilchCn.'or .her home, B. year-old hotly Ann Bang nium. , '" ea ' Hi"n ftnliwl, At. tyy hospital l.UTliS <locloiii removed a',toy dos, nbont '"" li lone, (roin her eBOiili- 11UOI1 The Hrst motion picture lo receive a fabulous salary was Mary Plckford. Bltjncd by ^anioiia Players In 1018, she was given i talnry of $2000 a week, plus half the proHls, COIJN MalrJui Grain Co. VVi (>. ItceVen, s». n.n. s(. Monntalu Aplrffs UN1>9AY. Cn\, tU: Courtly, nivl.slon ami "W'^s are a heS'vy crop In the i;f.-;lrle( HMrosald. n bankrupt: I nrclmitt of (he J, ij, cian/cr ranch Nnltcp is hereby given thai oii!" Mr ''To. All example bf !ie«vy January ,10 isas iiiu nhove Mmul, lj<! ''"'i»S wn's foimrt when thfco dozen rrlllloncr \va:; duly udjudi'.ort n| I" 1 ' foi:U y fti'mfccl ftpples l«m B from. l.anl:nipt. and the nr:it mceUnfij" 'l>rcc-rbot-loi>8 branch." if ll»> rrollloiv; ivlll Ix' held at my oillei- In the uily of Jones- l.rro. In :;alil llWrlci nn VVIini.lvy :•. m:w nt Two OVhwk p.m., n't uhMi |ln:<! (In' cnhl crctlltorit nwy nl lend, prow Ihi'lr rlnlius, npiwilnt n Irusliv, ixninlne (lie balikl'iipt nnd traiiiflcl wich other business MUCH 1NSTIW1CTIONS 111 Uleet IJlylds Knitting '•HKHNAT" KN»T'nN<l VAtlNtJ Mrs. Leslie Hoopt-r 1109 Clileknsdwba Phono 102 Room and Board WELDING AT J1EST PIVICES PROMPT BBlVlCE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE IB Using material for n.s »t home.- We supply cvnrylhlngi pood -ra'.B, Ksolic.illy licaullful Cirnncl Uuelu's'i of pny. No sellins. No 'oxiicrlenccj Kirn'of Ituiflla wears nn her leU nccessnry. Merchandfee Marl, Box hand a hum- solllairi! m; bclils the 1794, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. £h'l }0io is {ni;nf:cd to uiiirry the' i;r!ini!rx)a (if cx-Kniser Wtlhclm 111 of ;• ti(nn:iuy, liinuliioini' yoinii;' Piin'ci' l.ouis I.'erdlnniul. klni, Hie* daiiUHcr of Gr.ind Duke O'yiil,| I'lalniant i:f Hie Uii.wjmi throne, and her fiance fell In love at flrul slBliU Stc'nm hcutcd room 'with toartl 803 W. Ash. Phone Ibl. ll-ck-2-U Lost Coin purse conlniniiiix S'J.OiV .[jcavi'5 chance color In- autumn (hie'-('> Ihe rlt'c.'iyinjT cltlornjihyH, or tiro'ii i-i;l:>i'ltu; mailer, nnilcrgo- If In^ (li.iiik';il cl^mi;;^, anf! tb the fomid notify Mrs. Amifc Stofcos.i cxj)6»ure ot pi&mchl cells formerly USED TRUCKS & CARS I'loli-up ....... yiis lt«1 1'onl Coach Riiml I Ires 515'W »3li Ulipv. I'lrk-up, pond "«s .................. $37.1 IMC In(rrii«(laiin( Pickup ?JM All 'rrutkK (iti»rnntcc«l To PUSH Delta Smplemenis, Inc. J. c. EVANS fiox «0» t lllyllievllle. Ark. Otsfrlct HAMILTON lly Hamilton pfinviltors 'Corp. "6X5 PRKSCRIPTiom AltK OUH SPRCIALTY ^ Phone 141 * FOWLER DRUG STORE FARM POWER UNITS 110 Volt — SOUO I'OWKH KU' SAW Hcamd Hand Sitfcs BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 No. Second (it. FARM LOANS' 1500 and Dp Ark»nM« and MUjoort l.flOpiii r.tfc»—lowc/it «p«n Also clly ]iroper|)tj 1H)N H. KASSEKMAN 'Jliomaa tjjiid Co. Ofllcc 1'. O. Box 4'IO, 1'holio 537. Now I.Molcd at JOl Norih Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU , WON F.DWAltDS, Projirletit 1 m.kc, or Ilrhullt Tyncwrlltrs, \tta\n f MucMnei »n( t'slcolnlorn-Kcpalrlns—5'urta—Itlhbom I'hunc COBB FUNERAL HOME "» 8. B. Sternberg at 084. 12-ck-tf WHEW. 1 WI-iAT A DAV THIS HAS HEA\/EM£> WE'lL SOOM BE &ACK IW MOO.' MEBE£ voa HAVEWT MUCH use FOR VEH-TH WAV SHE SHELLACKED THAT AW, AIM'T I BEEM 7ELLIM' VA MOT TWORC.V 'BOUT APES..' OH.EEMV. SHUX.T'HEY Radio Sci'vicc EMV,OOP-B>UTCHA GORILLA-WOW.' GOTTA aye TH'OL" GAL CREbfT- 5VIE AIM'T &CARED OF IJUTHIM'J Complete Line Of 'AUTS, TUBES, H'TElilES ilardaway Appliance Co. IMSIUL WORRIED ABOUT 1HO5E C-ORILLAS.! 1 ROM't VSMOW WE'D DO VCX). BATTeKT SERVIC'K J. Ben Clane "''hone B at Tom Jncferon'a WERNER IMionc - S A V E Top Of Your Furniture, Wilh Glass /111 designs cut A finished. US Blj'tlicvillc Paint & Wallpaper C'n. Phone eat 111 S. and Our classes in Beauty Culture are! In full swing. Visit our thopl and let ns meet yon and show you' our school. We will be glad tu I r.ive full details. Eagle School of ' Beauty Culture. Cooper BldE., 2nd & Walnut, Blylheville, Ark. 1'bone 1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIBS A HOUTE MAN WANTED. Man age 25-55. Must have cur. Route of 1,008 farm families open February 15 neaj'l-y. Wjile for np;)!i- 1 6ET A, S*S \t\C\t OOT OF WWCHIM6 WE CttOWO COME AMD 60 WERE \^>\t Ciition. V. M. Lewis c'o The ,1. R. Gim repairs. Guaranteed work. E Walkins Company, Memphis, Tenn. Damon, 315 E. Main. National Insignia HORIZONTAL ] Coal of arms of , Answer to rrcviftns moles. i I Bay window. 12 Corded dopi. 15 To pant. 21 Gaiters. ^3 To renovate. 24 Its chief cif> Hjo rlc 2C\Vork o( 28 Rod en 1 ., 30 It is (he counlry in South America. 31 ThrenlenipE- 33 Appalling. 35 Queer. 3 6 Born. 37 Sound of G Its president has been described as 13 To relieve. Assembly. )6 Uncommon. ] 7 Spasmodic twilchings.' ! 8 Common • liquid. 19 Dress ornament. SO Drunkards. 22 Measure. 23 Pomace of grapes. 24 Velvet-black 1 .mineral. 25 Soft food. 27 Before. •29 Every. -31 Blemish. 31 Social insecl. M Composition for nine ' instruments. FIIECKLKS AND HIS KIUENDS TOOK YOR1CK! I DftATHER tet SHOT; ITS BEEN USED AS A PR1&CXJ KFORE, YOU CAW SEE WERE PEOPLE. HAVE TRIED TO DKS FOOTWDLOS W THE WALL. 3R Greater slope.58 Coffee is ils LEFT TO IN A DEiiNED CLD •!! Parciises. 42 Derby. •!3To twist snd compress. 44Thoughl. 46Proverb. 47 Kind of lettuce. 49 Like an oaf. 52 Hat material. 55 Minister's house. 56 Wrath. THWS W IDEA. 1 . WAY6E VJE CAM SO.WE OLD TOOL BURIED UNOHK THIS chief . VERTICAL 1 Wager. 2 To lift up. 3 Kind of 4 Helish. 5 Legal rule. 6 To tove lo execs;. 7 Goddess of peace. 8 Auto 3 Alms box. surprise. 38 Street, aval 39Pnslry. 40 Finish. 45 By-product o* a fire. 48 Bones 50 Eucharist vessel. 51 Distant. 53 To sin. 54 Lion, 57 !ls president. 10 Genus of WASH TUBIiS A (J11KKH COlNCIDBNCIi GOSH, IT'S A CHECK POP EXACTLY $175.25 f TV4ATS FUWWY ' CMEER UP, WLTTTY. .. BUTCH WILL BE OkAY ! I CALLED £ HOSPITAL TODAY 'AMD TMEX SAID HE WAS SMCAVIVJCH IWt=»o\/rr. ,r-, .-^ 1 SHES BEE TILL IT HURT, MY BOY .' I JUST SEWT A SHIPWEK'T TO V/ELL,t?OM'T -TF?v' TO YOU I'D B SATISFIED-WITH A / AN4OUUT op BUTCH'S HOSPITAL BILL.'ftlGWT TO THE PEWWY'! CHECK CAME THIS

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