The Salt Lake Herald-Republican from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 28, 1918 · 1
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The Salt Lake Herald-Republican from Salt Lake City, Utah · 1

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1918
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c t t I Sl S A Newspaper I its it's it Fan Fair F and It h Lake e Sot Smelter el te Settlements tt i Quality Squat Square 4 C- C r THE mw E WEATHER i. i ER N. N Y 1 cad t 1 a r. r I THE TSE Co g Copper Silver Silt Pl e er cathodes cathode RC oz O. I HERALD HED II REPUBLICAN iLl Thursday Y b ge men air air frU Friday Fr t. t u I flY t E zinc St. St Louis Louts 7 s ask I fair air itai Hier 4 I to lit 1 t t s ke No o. o herald a S Salt alt Lake City Utah Thursday Mornin Morning fi g February 28 8 1918 Price Five Cents r nt i. i Inc 2 0 p z c I. I I I I j UNS MA Y TURN ARMIES AGAINST AUSTRIA r. r i 1 s AS SPLIT OV ER RUSSIAN PROBLEM WIDENS VI ASHINGTON HEARS or OF SERIOUS BREAK BETWEEN EMPERORS Austrian l Refusal to Assist l in ill Russian Invasion Is Is' Cause Forcible Coercion Is NeNear r Says an Official Dispatch Russian Soldiers Refuse to Resist 1 Workmen W Ready to Fight buthut Reg Regiments YieldWithout R Resistance istance Is thethc Word ord Sent to United Ull teJ States by b r War r ar Correspondent Wr Feb 27 Further Further evidence c of the growing strain in rc- rc J lations b between Germany and Austria over o thethc refusal tf thethc latter tatter to in the renewed attack aP upon pon 1 on is given ghen a in iii an on official dispatch dispatch dispatch dis dispatch received here to today n from France h t quotes the Austrian premier asus formally reiterating February 22 2 that Austria Hungary will vill take no part part- inin 11 military l' l action Ct oll against orur Rumania uia and wil will not Hat l t sendscud her cr troops troon 1 into ll t 1 i t i The dispatch r. r to the between I Emperor Charl Charles s and l Kaiser Balser February ry 22 and says sas there seems little doubt that a a. serlserious us con con- con conflict on- on ClI flirt t has arisen between the two nations na nana- tions which Germany German Is determined to settle b by violent measures if It necessary Co Coercion on liyby j Arm 1 j r The dispatch follows CharlesCharlos I JaIa a 2 visit to Wilhelm II- II February T 22 d was present resent atut thin tho Interview x le If It wo we are to la Judge from Crom the tone lone of or the luter lc Jt must ha have been lacking Jacking acI ln in cordiality There seems to be little doubt but what a n serious conflict has hal broken out during the week between the courts of or VicunaVienna and Berlin a conflict which Germany Is determined to settle If It need ne d be b by violent measures measure ThoThe International situation of ot the dual monarchy I Is such that the Vienna government go In order to avert a a. Catastrophe catas Catas- catastrophe has been obliged to distinguish b by means of ot public declarations Its own poJ C policy from that of or German Germany The re report report report re- re port that at the conferences of ot February February Feb Feb- Juar 14 n n and had decided to pa pay no attention to thetho Russian nu demobilization and to preparepreparo to begin again the tho conflict on the e east t front caused a great rent stir Mir throughout A Austria It was not simply the dissenting dissenting dis dis- nationalities thethc Czechs ththe Slovenes enes or 01 the Poles who do not de desire desire desire de- de sire to fighttight any an more but It Jt is the I I- mama mays mass s of oC thothe population of or German orl origin who refuse to sacrifice themselves themselves them themselves an any longer to assure the triumph of ot Prussian imperialism Out of War- An War Wa- rAn An official note of or thothe had announced that Austria for tor her part would continue to consider the war as r I terminated with RussiaHussla and would abstain abstain ab abstain from rom taking part in the operations operations opera opera- I planned by the German command t A se ond noto of oC thethc repeated thetho thet amo same statement When hen ask asked d to o giro further particulars at the sitting of ot the chamber on the d the Austrian premier pre- nier pre pre- r mier nier formally stated t uttered b different The words by j deputies have e proved pro that the explanation j liontion which has been furnished up to r. r the pre present ent b by me have C not been i explicit I 1 repeat therefore i r r. that Austria Hungary will participate F- Ili f fin In Ili no wa way In thothe military action which I I Is now no being carried on by b Germany German a against Russia I repeat that there Is no question of or having having- our troop troops penetrate Into with whom hom wowe 1 L L- arearearc at peace I repeat that the armistice armis armis- armistice ticelice exists en Hungary Austria and Rumania and that we wo are only considering entering as carl early as possible possible pos possible Into peace conversations con with this country countr These declarations are serious Without a doubt In hl his speech ch on February February Feb Fob Juar 19 pleaded his fidelity to the time alliance But more and more mor Germany German runs rung thothe risk o of seeing Aus- Aus Austria us- us ria tria tria and after her Bulgaria and Turkey Turkey Tur Turkey take a positive attitude and 11 practically withdrawing from Crom the tho struggle witness ss as spectators thetho continuation of oC f hostilities Russian Soldiers Quit f 11 IP Workers Corkers Want Tf ant to Fight London Feb In 4 27 In a dispatch filed at it Petrograd yesterday a correspondent ot of f the f Exchange company says sn's that Germans operating In thetho region re- Mon re- re Mon Ion of or P ko Inquired of ot thetho Get German man general Hoffmann whether in view of or Russia's acceptance of the German should continue to 10 peace IH ac terms terns the they advance General Hoffmann Hortmann the dispatch dis- dis patchpatch latch sa says replied In the affirmative Luga Lusa half halt wn way between and Petrograd has been occupied lI by the Germans German according to ai an unconfirmed unc d rumor a H Router flouter dispatch from Crom Petrograd retro retro- grad rad says A 1 number of or British subjects have left eft Petrograd for tor homohome during the past week i The embassies still remainromain there Tho rho lId continue extremely busy bus enrolling menmon gathering and i shipping hipping arms and supplies and In other oth- oth I defensedefence activities A dispatch from er r says MIlS that evolutionary re i i j ji Continued onou Page rae I. I 1 Section 2 j I I. I 1 r Y P N I IS K S I a lUf 9 AID ilD I j IN INV ON 1 a f SI fould Hold Vladivostok to Prevent vent Supplies Sent Rus- K Rus- Rus K sia by America From Fal- ln Fall Falln n Into Huns Huns' Hands u AMERICASAMERICA'S S ATTITUDE ON 01 r PLAN t liNDI D lay J a ar 11 Cruisers tV With S Small naB Forc rot L From L Those in Philippines st lo tto to JK 5 9 fAct tArl 11 With the Japanese ese ese- r I If r t t- I 1 I Pel eh 27 J m wj directed inquiries th cs t to the ti TOi lic rr n i tc te l sorters lowers erB and and- juit 1 s J M t- t 4 to to test their feeling o J u wards a proposal nl to institute joint Jt y operations Hons in Siberia to sa save saC C C- hI IW hI n vast bast t quantities of war star supplies es i t stored ctt rl-d rl 1 at it Vladivostok and along alon the till Si Siberian i railroad Criticism at hume home P of pf thethc failure of Japan 1 sti to i play lay y a larger part in m the thein in wm inis is said totu have han 1 in in bringing about thethc nc Officials l here ere refuse to discuss Ibis I iu J ct for tor publication but bat It Is uit un- un l that sosu mar lal as u America Is con- con tt rn ell J the proposition when first Ir t bf poached was not wholly acceptable i though the exchanges s on thothe subject arc still in pro progress 1 mo may result lug the governments government's attl- attl t de' de I r fl fL y llen If Supply stocks Mod Accumulated at Vladivostok arcare mill mill- pj if supplies of oC all an kinds kind much of of manufacture lIl and even great great- les of or Japanese Jap origin III which tre Me delivered lon long Ions before thetho 11 I tooklook possession po eslon of the The rite Elevens tc commission American engineers made I nary nar efforts to improve c thethc facilities I tithe the Siberian railroad so 80 that these ru ores ru res could be transported westward r. r the ine use ue ot of the Russian army arm on the trman erman eran and Austrian fronts A Rood good 1 l of accumulation was removed d but tat eat quantities r remain m ln on the docks In warehouses and even In the the- nn both Hi at Vladivostok and at points on thethc railroad TheThc material frets tirs greatly front deterioration rough rOll h exposure but thethc principal er of or concern to the allies Is tho the tiger r that tho the stores shall fall CaU Into e or of the Germans who may make Sr e their delivery a n condition of or any an recce I e co o treat i treaty caty which they the ma may compel to sign 1 1 1 r Japan lt In incites Co Is rc regarded b by the a all as warranting military action rn hiv th their lr ParL part They aro arc quite willing have l tho c Co operation of oC the entente end u American forces and thcthe problem ether before rc the tho Is Ise Japan apan shall bebc allowed to pro- t pro- pro t eed e ed I handed lrif such a n campaign n t It li be begun beun or f whether theretheio shall bohe bo- hat cm operations It has line been t hat Hutt l argued rs there should hebe a a. c combination o t t i o o- the o the Si 1 tilt to old avoid any question i on as to to- mate toot mate disposition n ot of I occupied Id I'd In Siberia 1 U u. u s. s ll r Ia nimble from to i. the torso tOllO of oC tl the Ito 0 dl discussion C of or of- al subject lit In official al W I n loi It Itt Dears that t simile thethc entente gov- gov aments Incline favorably to av H. Joint r to with Japan In ln S Siberia SI they faced u with the eally ll obstacle that Anable none has haa an any shills s 's mr r tr- tr troops s opa le for tor a an Asiatic V This merits merit ment ment- le does oes ot 8 not nol apply however to to- nj n erful which nj not Ot only hashaa some d cruisers with lar large larR crews l rew w itera marine contingents ente row now In ln Asiatic o but hm Its 11 U addition has about 00 cps In the h I and antl two full tun d Ii on about S strong tron In ln China on th the rushed C railroad where the they hey could quickly into SIt Siberia Siberia While that American merican f fore COICO o v o v ld be compared to Japan Janan the I the ha c ot of thin the Ul A American troops nits i is International Would s servo r a I to main maln- fi character the he Russian In Aron lr lv Jy c of oC j In Siberia 51 Conducted un- S mine un- o un- un o e aan S be Joint e auspices even e though operations let lf i urging the that the Bolshevik elements C Y or control con ol at Vla Continued on page H 2 2 Two Salt Lal Lak Lake e. e Society Girls Leave Tomorrow for Service Over There r I 1 i It j k 4 L.- L. f f Af by R r t t. t s a r l w i 4 fr MY y It ii i M Jf 1 s. s r i a 14 Sri W tr tt t tI I t f i r V M 5 t o- o o- V ve- f N F 11 cv i f ir iI 4 z y 1 d d- x x Miss Emelia Lumpert at left and Miss Mary Marshall I MARINE TOLL EIGHTEEN Increase Is Ts Shown in British Shipping Losses for Last Week r London Feb 27 24 Eighteen 27 Eighteen British merchantmen were sunk b bj br mine or submarine In thethc past week according to time the British h admiralty report tonight ht Of Ot these thes fourteen were vessels of 1600 over oyer andantl Co four II were under that tonna tonnage e Seven fishing cg vessels C ls also were sunk The fie losses to British shipping last week show how a considerable cOl Increase over oyer thethc previous week when time the vessels destroyed numbered fifteen twelve of ot them over o 16601600 tons In the preceding week nineteen British merchantmen werewera sent to thcthe bottomhollom IH Is Torpedoed 10 Philadelphia FebFeh 27 Tho 27 The Tho tank steamer Santa Maria has been torpedoed torpe torpo- deed docIl and anal suns sunk off oct the time Irish h coast ac according according ac- ac cording to a cable received cd lucre hera toda today Tho crew was saved sn ll TheTho Santa Sant Mafia WIH wali of ot S OO 00 tons dead weight wels-ht and was own owned cd b by tho time Sun un company compan of or Phila Phila- Philadelphia delphia ta SunkStink unk h by Wolf Berlin I Febeb 27 Time Thc Thc GermanGennan raider Wolf which has returned to a Q home port niterafter raiding entente shipping Inthe Inthe in in- thethe Pacific destro destroyed ed at nt least thirty thirty- five It was officially announced toda today SomeSomo of oC the steamships steamship I It Is 18 stated wen wel loaded with Ith English troops andantl tho tiro s I therefore caused a 1 corresponding loss of or human lifelire London Denies German London Feb 27 TheThc Thc Japanese naval na herohere declared today that thethc German official report so far tar as It con- cel concerns concerns con con- cel cerns the or an any Japanese cruiser 1 is without foundation The British admiralty also stated stilted that no British crul cruiser or hadhall been damaged dam dam- dam- agedaged h by tho time Wolf adding The value of or the rest 1 of thcthe report e Ima i may be c gauged gau cd from this Misses Marshall l and LUlu Lum- Lum- pertpert nert Given Active Roles in Americas America's Vl War Ca Cause se Tho rime greatest o of all nil places Some places Some Some- wherewhere In France France Franc Is ththethc destination ot or two Salt Lake Lulo girls Mary Ian Marshall and Emelia Lumpert who leave leao tomorrow to play an active e rolrole In thethc greatest of all wod world war war dramas rama Miss Marshall the tho dall daughter of oC former former for tor- mer United States District Judge John A. A Marshall and Miss lIs Lumpert a native native na native of oC Switzerland but for the last four COUl years ats a resident c of ot Salt Lake applied applied ap applied last December for tor enrollment hiin tho time signal corps as al telephone operators A week weel a ago o the they received orders to re report report re- re port at TrentonFronton N. N J J J. thethc concentra- tiontion point for thethc war wal telephone girls From there the they will go tf to an Atlantic seaport for Cor or embarkation to France lIance al and and- over and- over d over o th there re I Strict Training Since filing their applications 4 Miss Marshalland Miss Lumpert have been receiving ln active training as af telephone operators at t thethc training school schou I of time the Mountain States Tele k Telegraph telegraph Tele feJo graph raph company Neither had hind knowledge knowl l I edge d c of or the time telephone switchboard and its Ita intricacies but after a i months month's training tI they leave prepared to handle everything e that an operator might belie called upon to do even in warfare telephony Both Salt LukeLake girls keenly desired to do something to helpholp win limo tho war wal and when they heard of or thethc demand for Cor telephone operators In FrancoFrance tho they Immediately filed their applications lIons for service Each speaks s and understands theFrench language and their applications won quick attention from the time sl signal nal corps officers Both ArcAre Girl Girls Although they tho do notnut know their finaldestination both hope and expect cl to seesec service near the battlefields They may however o have h totn spend sonic some timo In intensive hc training In Paris P or- some or or- somesome other lr French elt city MissMies Marshalland Miss Lumpert were given a farewell dinner by the staff of M thetho local telephone training school last week Miss 1159 Marshall lar Is 19 will well w known in ht Salt ill LukeLake society circles nsas i Is Miss Lum Lunn- pert lerL rh The lime latter IB is A t graduate of oC time thc Weber academy at OgdenOgdon BOMB IB IS PLANTED AND ND GUARD BEATEN T Newburgh N. N V y Feb Feu 27 o n An attempt at attempt at- at tempt to blow up ut machinery In time the plant of tf triG the NewburghShipyardsShipyard's company company com om pany here to today ay was frustrated tc but only after a guard had picked up a bomb hurled It out of g d inger r. r It Jt exploded and did some flome damage but not enough eno to delay work worl it at thetho plant I The bomb wa was placed under a a. compressor compressor compressor com com- machine in one of oC the buildings build build-buildings 1 ings In 15 by h b a stranger strang-er who escaped e after heatingbeating time the guard Hogan who discovered him near ar the machine and lIHI demanded his workmans workman's hu budge ge TheThc than man was teas bondingbending over o and suddenly straightened up liP struck the g guars gal al l 1 thehead with a a. club Hogan HoSan was Wal dazed d but on recovering frontfrom time the blow tow started his search which resulted In discovering cu lI a suspicious lt looking ob- jeCt object object ob ob- under thethc machine NIPPONESE DIPlOMATS fiGURE IN c HINDU INDU GAS CASE Present and FormerFortner Pre fliers Ting Fang Tagore Ta gore gore thethc Poe Implicate Ini catel 1 byhy Intercepted Document s EVIDENCE E NCI IS CLIMAX A TO CONSPIRACY TRIAl TRIA L Germans Shown as Finan cers eels of Indian Revolt in ill Se Secret Sevet C cre cret vet Paper Papers s Introduced b h Y United States S S AX AN r FRANCISCO I. I Feb 27 Th rim Lui tc tl t 5 c s o mad pu hei here s h t Cod tolla a 5 i ll' l it Germs diplomatic correspondence Intended t I show how German machinations car cai r tied d a baudbandof called so-called Hindu plot plotters tens tel'S into thethc pr private atc audiences audience of mill miu istel's and statesmen and financed lav lavishly la their aim toward revolution i it Brili British h India ludia n ia Secret papers h Introduced h by thethc gov O eminent purported to show that SI Sl th Tagore British ml hl and winner of oC thetho Nobel prize fo tOI poetry ht had enlisted th the Interest o 01 Counts CO Okuma andanil forme premier a and amid JIll premier respectively cl li Ir thethc movement to e establish an Indepen- dentdent government o In India The fhe inter- Cepted Inter correspondence however howe wa WU In Indefinite as to tho time connections between belie tween thethc Japanese slat statesmen and th the TheThc nam nanH alleged Hindu conspirators Chinese o ml mill of ofu u Ting Ting- TingFang Fang former Ister ter to thethc It United II State States also ahw wa ra mentioned In thetho documents as one o o- tho ul thetho persons er on with whom Sir oathnath had obtained a friend friendly Interview Intel ti U mu e TheThc papers were all introduced by hr government o in lit closing Its It casecaso against thethc thirty defendants charged d with fo a revolution rc against a f lendl power lower cr Art Arc r fhe correspondence sent on fron Cron t Washington was dat dated d for the tho mos part at n Rye N N. Y at one time tin thE e summer headquarters of ot the Get m a emba embassy 4 It recounted n alleged fa favorable favor favorable 01 will with had hall ableahle Interviews that Tagore y the Ol Okuma uma and Vu Wu u Ting Fang foundround in acting favorably favorably favor tavor influence of or ur Dr of ot the ably because Sun SUl Suii YatVat Sen former pre president of China o hidden and revealed re d the hitherto of or Hindu funds The correspondence e British censors h the was Intercepted by Most Io t of oC the messages as were In crypt surrounds the Identity adult Iden Mystery phrases s City tit of ot the time authors a as ont only one of or time then them m was signed That one olle was stoned signed b bj Count von yon Bernstorff former Cormer Germar ambassador to the United States ant an anc d was addressed ell to Alfred nn former Cormer Germany Gorman secretary of tate state Cot foi foreign n affairs It is known n that this s Continued on page pas 2 To T 0 the Public a r. r lie Tho Republican Herald Publishing Company makes the n announcement that it has leased The rhe Republican an and its property t to thethc Telegram Tele Tele- b gram Publishing Company mn that the Telegram Company Compan wiwill on March l 3 1915 and thereafter issue publish 1 and deliver TheThc Herald v lic n to each subscriber every cry lu morning as here here- sa i j REPUBLICAN HERALD PUBLISHING COMPANY r I YEAR IN JAIL IS IS e I SENTENCE FOR ll ell U nr J 1 BLACKMAILER Accuser of Atlanta Mayor 1 Declares He lIe Did Not Ask Ask- ii 1 For Money l r STARTLING EVIDENCE t OFFERED B BY T ACCUSED r Asserts He fIe Saw Sar Millionaire 1 s Aged 67 Act t Improperly With T Woman e e Atlanta Ga Feb 27 One 4 One year rear at at- hard at- hard r hard labor Jabor In the time chain gang ang and antl a a- finefine Clime of oC the the ma maximum penalty for Cor for- aa 0 misdemeanor was misdemeanor was thethc sentence Im- Im Im Imposed Im- posedposed in the th county court herehero today upon J. J W. W Cook a real estate a agent ent Indicted joint Jointly with frith Mrs Margaret ar t Hirsch wife o of H. H H. H Hirsch an Insurance Insurance insur- anceance man titan for Cor an an n attempt to blackmail Asa Ia G. G Gaudier Candler Atlanta's ta 6 year old ear multi millionaire mayor for t Mrs Ir Hirsch wI will be placed on trial Fri Pd- tiny day The Jury deliberated less than halfhaH haH- anan hour and the trial consumed ons not quite eight I ht hours hO Before noonthe tate state had hall virtually completed Its case through the testimony of oC Mr 11 Candler l and Forest Adair who acted as Candler's Cand- Cand lers ler's agent in dealing dealing- with Cook anti and Mrs Hirsch TheThc defense depended on on- a on- aa brief statement by Cook Cool himself Pending decision on hismotion for Cor a anew anew a- newnew trial CooksCook's bond was placed at at- OO OO In default of ut which hehc was reminded re- o re- re o minded Ml tO t. fall n t 1 IM is t I The courtroom was crowded ththe spectators including many man women and children Mrs KirschHirsch ch who is CS 8 years t oldohl entered court wearing a hea heavy veil ell but after taking her seat heat with counsel for Cor Cook sheremoved remo It andanti smiled and nodded to those about her in him an In unconcerned manner Cook Cool toldthethc Jut Jury that he Ise at no time sought to procure an anymoney mone from t-om Mayor and that thothe t two conferences conferences con- con I he had with Forest Adair dalr wore at the latter's solicitation He told of or I seeing Mrs Mi s. s Hirsch go o to the mayors mayor's office orrin on two occasions and of or watching watch watch- watch- inging through h thethc slot In the door Ho said ald hehc once saw Haw them In a com com- com- promisingpromising ln position and that while he waS wae at thcthe door Mrs Hirsch rushed O over Oer over er and opened It Ho Ito saw paw a garment on time thc floor which ho picked up Tie TIc displayed to 10 the time Jury JUI what he claimed wa was tho the same garment Mayor Ir I nil ex Improper Acts ct Mayor Ia ol Candler told of oC meeting Mrs Irs Hirsch In connection with charity charlt work and ind of oC her visiting t hl hisoffice to discuss s such work He lie said he never no hadhall ma made e e- anan any improper advances ad to her and that on her last visit after she had removed her coat and hat whitewhile hohe was waN investigating tI gating her statement that a n man was looking In thetho window he started to go goo go- to o I I- toto o another r office in the same building andantl met Cook outside the door Adair told of oC a conference with Mrs Hirsch February February 12 12 at which Asa a G G. Candler Handler Jr was present Mrs MIll Hirsch he ic asserted askedfor for tor herself herself her herself and aUlI to p po Pl y J her husbandshusband's s I l Cook he said hadbeen thothe lIst first one one- oneto to suggest st n a money pa payment that laving having b been l n at a 0 previous conference i Adair said his object In carrying arl lm on the time evidence c negotiations waswaa to secure 5

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