The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1932
Page 6
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PACE SIX 10 EifflE OF PHOpCnET Finds Boxing Originating As Sport Has Fallen From High Estate. BY WERNKIt I.At'FKIl NEA Srrvlre Sports Writer . Boxing has sun!: to the level of n racket. The proud old sport that v.-as the idealistic vision of Cud- ffler James Fitsg. orlsmator of Its technical routir.e and the fnsi recognized champion, In 1713. has been chiseled out of nearly every one of the Ideals it once boast :d. From a science of physical proficiency that was meant to teach manliness and solf-ielianee. It has been dpgrndod to n tool lo f.atiate the erecd of criminal harpies, conniving politicians, ehlsel- ers pud gorillas. These factors have played n larep part In its downfall: Control of pugilistic plums and decisions bv political Influence. intimidation by soril]a.s. Financial gain, rather than (he fighters' own physical ability, (jov- crnliiir victories. Boxing commission rivalry thai encourages tnliieuc among rnan- apers and promotccs. Exploitation of pugilistic talent by designing managers. Victimizinp of Hi,, fans l>y an- pointment of Incapable and unscrupulous referees and judges who are leeallv protected. Silly legislation. * * • Boxing has gnne thronph so much Ihat (here Is n question of what Hie sport will stand. It has exhibited In barns and on barges since its Inception, and has been housed In the glltterin? amiilii (heaters of the Golden Era tlmt ended with 0*110 Tminey. It has hidden from the law on sequestered farms, and now. protected by legislation, of one sort or another. It has become what It never was in those fugitive days —an instrument to cheat the fans of a fair deal. Now boxing has furnished one sneclaclc of a Iwnwwcleht cham- nion winning by silling on the floor, and another of n man beluc handed the snmc title bv an atrocious decision. The characters in both of vaudeville sketcbes have been the same—Sohmellne nnd Sharkey. and even now Ihn wnv is bcino or>narcd for a third mating of the twn. /The political influence that entered into both of these cxirava- BRUSHING UP SPORTS L^___(^K.)_ COURIER NEWS By Lauier Ranzns is no .vcrel with who pay thn bill. the fans unbelievable, newsnaperman at The no-foul rule was snsnenrted for the first bout— nnd Schmellntr von on n foul. Tlie decision handed down In the second r>ffair bv •which Shnrkev hscnnie cliamolon nearly even' -the ringside srnring Schmcling as winner. Tn both cares: the fans were bilked. • • • The control of fuht"; bv onl.s'de influences Is not Confined to the Uirisdlctlon of the M-w YorVi Boxlnir Commission vlileli bns come to be known as "the thrro Dumb Dukes." Out In Ihe smaller cUles. visit- Inn fiehters lenrp onicklv u-hat tbcv are supno-ed to do and when Tnklnq a leaf from thi- book of (he big town boxtns fathers, loral porillas In mam- cases let the invader know how be should act in the riner. Tlie tour of Prlmo Camera was a great education to tin exploiters of boxlnir outside of New YorV Thc Venetian nlslitmare was built Into a major attraction on tin theory that such a man-mounMr not only could not tor- financially but physlcnllv os well. His hand lers vigorously saw- to U that tin tlieorv u-ns put Into practice. And. of course. Camera eventit nlly was suspended for malpractice—but suspensions do not mean a great deal nowadays, and he h been reinstated and everybody haopy. In the balmy davs of the barges there never was such sknlldiieeerv • ...-• s, wiia &uvn SKiiiiciuQcerv Chicago and inlrigw a s exist under Iccal- Pittsburgh scife of "HELI A.^ UI&H W£F F " {Wife fcJp. OLD -? ,\ TDTK DEFECT In Gehrig Drives Runs But Team Warneke Wins. oses; Charley Cirlnyn Is n ow." „—.. lel- Thciefore when pholograpU- TS approached him for n group picture ol his Cubs, who seemed lennant-bouiid. Charley consented Severn! of the players hnd IhMr misgivings. It, is part of the old code of baseball superstition (hat. 10 picture should be taken until :lie pennant is cinched. Anyway, the picture was tnken —nnd tlie Cubs started to lose Mil games. You might clmrEC. oss of l)ic pcnnnm to (he psyclio- ogical effecl of superstition on a ball player, in case yon are not really superstitious. But then suu- x»c the Cubs win the pennant! Wouldn't llmt be n Grimm note? Gibson in, Anyway Oeorge Gibson didn't have his Irates photographed, but pennant or no. he will be manager of the Hues again next season. And George's problem, is not. so much concerned with group pic- Inres as It is with group hilling of lefl-lmiideri pitching people. The Plrntes hnve been pushovers for sou'nans all season, every other manager in the league keep- lug a couple of decrepit old sidewinders a round lo toss at the i'irates. Mean Old \Varnrke This young man. Lou Warneke of Ihc Cubs, than whom there seems to be no whoiuer as far as flinKing Is concerned, is not so Mud to (he ramern guvs ;is is Ills master. He was nskcd to pose for sonic action shots recently. AIM! Ihe way he scolded! 11 was a caution girls. Hayti Frisco Ball Team Wins Again From Luxora HAYTI. Mo.—The Frisco bail club of llayll added another vlc- lory 10 its record Wednesday afternoon, when it.s team defeated a team of r.niora. Ark., then- by a score of 10-0. Dates pitched and JI. Dailey caught. The Hayil team defeated the Luxora team in the Hist game of the 2 game series lit an easy match here Labor day. Rates ;inci D.illey was the battery for Hayti The score was 10-C. the Frlsch Teslifl« While roaming around in National League this way, It a bad Idea to talk to Frnnkie Frlsch nboiit the world series. This is to be one of the few world series in which Frankle Is not billed to play, al least, not billed it the moment. But Frank has a few well chosen words lo ut- ler about the Cubs. "Tnke it from me." flashes Hie Fordham Flash, "lliose Cubs are one hard team to bent on Ihri ized nrotectlon today: Now craft. manasers are playing one boxlnf commission aeainst another. nn< find that rivalries between the Na- li_onal Boxing Associallon and Ihe New York commission lead each nf the vested authorilies to utter decrees that are exactly opposite. •but which nicclv seem to meet trie exigencies of whatever situation may arise. The dear old simple practice of bashing in skulls, as given to the world by Jim Fieg. and running away from the police, has become amazingly Intricate. pe customers ar e the ones who take the beating now. while the police look on. ready to arrest any spectator who becomes unduly un- af Si' 01 ? 1 " l u c natllre of th affair he has paid to see. home Held grounds. It Is l "" CS):Cclally a club tlvu for w * [ Tailor-Miule Team "It's an mid collecled ball Brooklyn Philadelphia Boston St. Louis Cincinnati Amerlcaa New York Philadelphia Washington Cleveland Detroit St. Louis Chicago Boston NEXT: days. an( ] (ne bjrt . on Citv Orders Hitching Posts Replaced ic. (HP) -The city of Woodbum. in all kindness to farmers hereabouts who have lately discarded the automobile for a horse, has ordered replaced »U posts in the 'municipal hitch- Ing rack. The r»ck Is said to have been In apparent Idleness for the last 30 park, and Wrigley players lo fit i[. Righl-handcd pitchers, of which the Cubs have quite a fr.v gocd ones, throw lo the plate from background of while shirts in Ihe reiucr field bleachers "Wrigley obtained a flock of right-handed hlltcrs to uici-t the same specifications, taking every advantage of the bleacher angle which is hard on holh souilipaw pitchers and batters. Thus, I do not think that Gomez nnd the powerful Yankee Icfl-handcd hitlers win Rct ,. rv far at Wrigley Field." J - * 4 Talking Hack I.i-st you take Frankic too seriously, lei us remind voi: ihai li^ |s the same man w!io u-clarod Ihe Cardinals w-onld not mif.s Burleigh Grimes this year. Mavbe yon think they didn't! , Mr. FriscIVs reason for thinking the Cards could get abu* without. Burleigli was the rookie pitchers, who looked so i:oo<l m Hie spring. And who do ,i ut ] 00 k •o hot right now. Isa Lake, in Yellowstone National Park, sends some of its waters to the Atlantic and some to the t'acllic. - •> • HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday Matinee and Nile—10 & 2f>c hiiperislinbic dj'ama of two iuiniim souls, Kannic Ihn-sl's Novelty Reel ami Comcily. 'Symphony of Six Millions' with Irene Dmiiie, Riciu-- do Corle/ Novelty Keel—' Comwl.v— Tli» Chicago Cubs beat Ihp nos- ton Braves and stepped along to- vurd a 1932 bunting while the Yankees, with (| le American linn all but locked up | n u,.,| r bnl r. lost iwo gntnes (o (he Detroit Ticcrs The Cubs benl Ihe Uravcs 5 lo •i tit lioslon with I.ou Warneke the VCiithful ace of the'Cubs, wln- niiiK his aist game of the Eenson Hells. Mo:,lon ace. was llin vieliin r>f Ihe Cub atlack which broke out iwlci! In cinch victory. Gabby Ilaitni'U. Cub catcher, got the tjijlv hnmer. - The New York Giants and Cincinnati Reds divided two Ra;r-s al New York. The Ilcds took tiie Infl game 10 to 4 and ihc Giants 'he j.ccond 11 to I. Frcy of the R''il.'i and Walker of the Glnnis '.«"••> Ihe winning pitchers. Walker linldlng the Heds to four blows 1:1 the second affair. Chick Hafey s-ol four hits In the first game Gil got his Mrd and 34th homers and Ci-IU nnd Gilbert also hit l"r the circuit. The Phillies defeated the Cardinals 3 (o 2 al Philadelphia. Hol- ti'V was (h e winning pitcher and Deri-Inge the loser. Hurst's single m Hie 12th inning of the overtime affair scored G. Davis with the winning run. The triumph gave Ihe Phils n clean sweep of the series. Dollomley's homer in the fnsl Inninr; with one on accounted for the only Cnrd iin'is. Pirates Are Idle Thc Pittsburgh Pirates, second place occupant.'!, nnd the Brooklyn Dodgers were idle. The Tigers beat llu Yanks 14 tti 13 In a 14 Inning game and 4 10 1 in a very abbreviated four and a half inning nightcap. Thc first game wa s nn oldfashioned slugging duel for nin c Innings and then neither team scored until the Tigers got tiie winning run in the 14th. Twenty five walks fere issued i n the first game. Lou Ochrlg. Yank fhslsacter, drove in 'Ight rims in the first game. hit- Ing a homer with the bases loaded to account for four. Hogselt >ncl Marrow were the winning and I'ennock and MncFnydcn the los- •iiB Ditchers. Thj Boston Red Sox came from jelund to beat the Chicago \viiite Sox .The score was 9 to B in 10 linings. Tiie Red Sox scored three runs In the loth after tlcim; the 1 ^ATURDAY.^SKI'TOmiCR JU^ JM2_ ) WORLD SERIES ~~tZT"! fwir~™^ ""'CLDSEr 1 so ^ He began as a world champion, the plaudits cl the crowd burst- Ing around his young head. He may <l»ll (he sam e way, if he wants to, nnd the applause th;a crested his first appearance will mark lib departure. Sunrise on (he major leagua horizon of little Jce Scwell. now of the Yankees, found him in UK 1!)20 world scries when, a rookie °f less thnn two months experi- Hy this lime, ncn Chapman's |:a:onts surely are convinced that men- :-on, who camp to ihem Cnr:stmas Day of 1908. took a vhtii h'j accepted pro- :osri:nal baseball. doubt nut the ci'pe In irrefisslonal baseball lit ,...,. >„,1 Hie Ckvt-land Indians Ijeal I other plans lyii fur the c.-liiiui|iion.ship. ' ' 12 years later, his sun sinking rapidly, joe is in ihere to battle for the Yankee cause. Ii may be his last world rerii-s. little ballplayer, ihis .Ini H-moinr;. ii will l;c erased when a i:urt c.1 the young Yankee ioftfiekler's s-ice r,f ihe world serifs mebns llieir tank Octuber date. finds its way into aeeo-int at an early I Have Two More To Play; Looks Likc Third Place For Pebs. , . Sev.c-ll! The tinly fait trcni an imiisiial mold! lie's just abrnit the The cliattanoos;;! l.cokeuls ivera ••till .setting t!ie Southern pace by a norruA- margin u! t«» ji.iinis over W. 90 84 ai 78 GO S7 42 39 I. Pet. 42 .GOG 55 .604 .596 .574 .515 .419 313 .277 TODAYSGAMES Sorthem ne New Orleans al Memphis Birmingham nt Little Uock (two Chattanooga at Knoxville. Kashvillc at Atlnnta. XalloTul Jx^at St. Louis at New York Chicago at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Hoslon. Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (two ... Amtricin Ltmgiw Washington at St. Louis Boston ;at Chicago {?'*". York at Detroit. Philadelphia »t Cleveland, Tale Equals His 'I'm Year .Rrcord With Two II on M ROSTO.V (UP) — Benny Tiv "I'd Sox catcher, has li:; two home runs ?o far this 'SM.-OH C|tialing his total since l;e entered major league bas proximately 10 years ago Tate went frcm ihe' Men-iais Chicks lo Ihe major leagues.''He d previously played with ni v - New Fishing . '"np Invention to Be Tested BANDOS. Ore. "ground crawl." a (UP) -The new . ** n'^ itnrmion /or catching <!«;> sea fisl, wi'l 50 °„ "iiclcrgfli tests by Cecil Holland'nnd Bob Fahy, of the trawler S'.imel Tire devices catches the n<h Hive withoul. hooking them and when loaded Is hauled onto the deck and the ealeh spilled Into the RITZ THEATER Snn.-!Ioii.-Tiies.-\Veil. Sopl. JM2-13-M Harry Prallier I't-psntits the Season's ORKATKSTSIXGlWrSllOW On the Slajrc In Person 'Moonlight Revue' v 15 People Featuring Siiccinllics in Hrinnoin- SiiiRors, Trios Qtinrfols and Blues Singers Tiiji Toe. Acrobatic and Jazz Buck Dancer. Musical Faroe Comedy. If you like jvood Vaudeville don't fail to see (his show. This Act just ofT Paramount Publix Circuit. Admission—I5c and -I0c Picture—Sunday & Monday— "TWO AGAINST THI? \\OUt,r>" with 'Constance Bennett. Picture—Tuesday, W«ln<»; day—"\v a i- C orrespomlenl' with Jack Holt. A cliang-e of vaudeville with the change of picture. Thealre programs announced every day KLCN. :»t 12:15 ovei Pilclicil bull lie 19'JO world o m MI Chapmans once had i!irc:ii-;li !u |: h 'stli-ol n'iid u'e- , ovc ' r "'*•' M "»!>''^ Chkks in a ! him r,,.- .«n,. '', I hectic rav.'. iicih learns -,™u yes. i U-rUay and cai-h ii-am has v.vo ' more- !;amf's tu play, cmii!:;; the -.eL'.soii Sunday. 'Die I.floknuis appi.aU'd lo Jucii;" ..saw Minintain LamlLs. czar of <:rt;H\mul baseball, from a vuti- of Sonlheru league diieclcirr. <;vi'i ruling an ordei hy the leiiBiio lyUskjenl allowing ibem to [>lay '.If u tie' game with tlic- Knox•'. ille Smokie:-. Land is alhwed tlie |:!ny-ulf ar.d Hie name ur.s played f- i ycitcrdav. Ihe Lcokoul:: winning, "' j 12 In 4. The game v.a.s n blow •an-cs lo t! "' cllit ' ks wlln figured they h!«l lhm> mniv names to play :o Oie 1.0')l:oiil.s two lip until gra<ma;:<ui irom un- j kcjji him in I'j'M. Lb ii].. birr' l-' 1 ' stt ' l ' <lrl >' ^ ht 'ii tl:« Lcokouls »ot labaiiiii. He was asked | al second ami third buses Tn m' t'- 1 '"" 1 --'-"" to play Hie lie game pins hole in the Trib.^ j sanies. He made a biuiimj aver- uir years.; agj- of ,:JIG. but stole only 14 bates. I T1 "' Bi'i'-e was short, lasting on'y l!i;n for i-ollegi-. wns ID study lav. incdieinc '.omc- bu-.iiie:>.s. "I did y.n lo colli'i-e—al;0!lt luo wi-crts," sny.i Hen. -I ciiUja-d i',;r- ' due ^ird riiiit after two v.-ci-ks ol j " ._,„, , ' ' J • - ^' '1 l :c la-.\t spling 1 w.'Ht sr.ulh I loudest guy thai ever :,pii int.. a wilh tlie YmiVi-e- " " :> " 11 "fielder's glove, nil the d:amoni! That wa:; in IKK l!en M.,, ~ ;.\ •s 'liiiut, aliiuisi tiiiiiil. ol 19. The Yanks o'H'one -' „/,'„ '. A combination ul tlin-o thinus A.sheville j n tlie ' «-i'lv ' IJM. .' *le him famous. One was a trag- inhere l, c pNivcd iTv' "rime '«ly. Ray Cleveland 1 :! shnrlsi-jp. taitnl .33i; -.,,• " l1 "- shorlhiup. v.ns killed by ; ija.'.es. In 1023 ] !( . was' i. stoe ' * Mr:,-. A f,, r J(;t , ]„. hud te< hiimiMt . lion. ,. v ] : ,,., !lc ,„.,.„ llt N ,,, . ilt , hh . d ,„. ' \ ltlod n play-iniul p! !t,™l 2.; vrk" TJ,?. ilk Vn«, , r J ; ° •"• " ul »'•'"• oniy n uatts. JIK- B-ui'.e was snort, lasting on'y i't neiin f 05 K ' m '• n " Mm ' j , whc » J<* MeCarthy took Hie ! ^ Innings Ix-fore being called be - --LI11L1.1OU, l[]il[ 01 KT'L!! 1 ' tilt iini(l- I Villlkpo in:lli:lur'lnr.iit ',,-. inii i.. • ftiM^it r\f ,!*.*•[ .- r,-.t, ^ , > . " the ' n l \ eveland. r »'»' » M 01 " lickl fo - inad , ]u-.siiiick oni only diansc was ° f I1M1S " }Tara " e IJC "' " c I 11 ' 1 ° S: "'' 10SS ' " SCa '• 3 ' 5 : ' nd stolc fl " i; Sl1 " is ' a ' 30;) ^^- un. The so ivis lu III; 1 career, neii son. He was hiller, ronsistL in Ihe pinches. ">I--"".IU.L Joe's iron physique gave him his oilier record. He played 1102 consecutive ball games fcr Cleveland, which stood good as a world record for consecutive yauies with one club until broken this year by LQ., Oehrig. Nine o'clock every night. He gets a new suit only when the old one Is worn out. He smokes cigars, but nobody ever stiu 1 him buy or.e lie nny not have ^sss ™ - ^^'l-^r'S^ |lt ^^,a,, G _ S to ^I^J^-S^^ hejcniisc ot darkness. The career shivers B ot ] i hits and made them good for one more urn. Pcttit, wns (he v.-iiining pitc'irr. Hnrris of Chattanooga lilt for the circuit. IKiformancc in citli- At Memphis the chicks won a in many years. Besides. dost' decisirmii 2 to I. from (lu Nc\v Orleans Pelicans. The win- ,'• j> "n^i- in [i[,uiy ve.irs. | this, he p'uved liis "right „ ..,. •nile of baseball's fastest runner m a serle-i of informal races. A ."cmi-pro manager in Dir- inlnghain stnited Cliapman 0:1 his professional baseball was plaMng lii s ]| ic h Illie nmnaecr saw him ; "»5»-i .->.i^ nun pjav a]KI Joe's bedtime lotTerecl him a summer job vitlt his '•' ~ -- - " club. The youth, still Uiink!ii» seriously of college studies, refused ihe semi-pio innnnser's of- Johnso " got i - Ve:lr .Ccntenanans Marry t\ i S rT Sl ' nrlt0 '' 5 ^t|res;«etivel y . v.'ere married erc re"-' the St. Louis Browns hy a score I ccntly. of 6 to 4. The Senators outslug"" I i . _ _ the Brnwi; 5 -' n C! 'r S '? b '° WS ( ° 1 H °'' SeS ' likc ^phants »"« ™™ lie Browns li. Campbell of St. other animals, have the nower of Louis got a four ply swat. sleeping while standing up inninsj when Prothro. Chick mail- user, singled, bntlins across Ihc !'>:lra lally. nnllhearl pitched Ihc Fust three, innings for Memphis nnd Granger succeeded him in the fourth and hurled a stroni; Maine the rest of the roiue. MOD-.;. Pel veteran, was in iare ton:and gave the Chicks but four hits while the Pels get eight but failed to win. Charley nnrnnbc. veteran Lit le Rnek hurler. chalked up his 20lh victory of tlie season as the Pelw beat the Birmingham Barons. The cccre was 3 lo 2. The winm':ij run crcssed Ihe plate in Ihc llt.i inning of the overlimc snuggle. Touchstone was the lasiug pitcher. The victoiy eunbied the Travelers (o holti ttiird place over the Nashville Vols. ^ The Vols and Crackers 'divided ' two games at Atlanta. The Crackers won (lie first game 5 to 4 but 11 he Vols took the second, 7 lo 2. = ... with Courier News WANT-ADS THE ATTIC: Courier News Want-Ads can do a world of good here. They'll help you to dispose of that miscellaneous collection of discarded clothing, unused furniture and those nigs and carpets . . . They'll put these things in the hands of people who want and need them and at the same time provide you with cash to buy some of the things you DO want. THE BASEMENT: Wouldn't you like to have a recreation room here? Courier News Want-Ads offer every assistance. First: hy helping you to dispose of the unused things you have siored here. Sec- ond: hy showing you where lo economically obtain (lie furnishings and equipment for tins "new" room. THE YARD and GARDEN: Have you all the tools and equipment necessary lo beautify your lawn and garden? Courier News Want-Ads will tell you where these things can he most advantageously pun-based. It will pay YOU lo become a con- firmer! reader and user of Courier News Want-Ads because it's a proved fact that they will satisfactorily fulfill AN1 want or need that may arise around YOUR home. The COURIER NEWS DELIVERED DAILY TO MORE TFTAN 4,000 HOMES

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