The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 23, 1920 · Page 13
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The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 13

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1920
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

wOAt MOftmw, nmtvikKt av im TVIE FORT WAYflE J0URNALrCA2ETTE 13 WANTEDTO RENT modern or senJ - modern noose near Vesejr'a green, homes. Will pay 20 to $30 Per month. Quick enutulnn Phone 6231 or write W. jj h. a. vesey, Thompson t W - tf ?""" TFm moe - ra houaa, ," - . w. in lam Boat of j?,,"0 - Aoor. .U7f Jon.." MJWtmmt 4 or I rw im chll - "I" - ajferenee e - .,To; Ad - ore r w, nn Journi - Qaaatt - I tl - tf ROOM. roftiaji, nun unrui - iush. apartment, ,.r. "J" " heueekeepbie; room to eeslrable location, centrally lo - ra.. Ad4res B 107, ear Journal fcg;"!?.iu. , mm ii'"i" "T r houMkpln FOR RENT Furnish: kat lleenlnif M?Si w!L,i' FSrt w,l.." - w "" Oil 41, w Main, tl It .WANlkj - KurMahea room with bul, FOR RENT nnctmrrii&saxTSTFAr tit orirti w, XH HkNT Harn, Location, Kll awlnaey AT. Call llTRe liable aa ,arae H - AC&Ea, very wall Improve' mile. aenUt a. tha Wlnahaater rf Hon March the tth. will 'VH Hk.NT On or !!. 44' neirt aveniA. rhon ,7I red u,44'irk"li room, ultabl tor two gentlemen. rant II Cnlhmin nt It FOR BENT Two H'M houkpln,; roomat strictly modern. I bona I4M trera ' i ts tf FOR RENT Modarn SWaplne; room Frntleman preferred, .ultnble for two. IITJMI Barry H tt mum lnia w WW It RkNT Furnished sleeping room foe two mil 1171 ,t 11 It . room centrally located, f Unffcrniahed. Phone ta it Modern fumlsthed room ournal. H11 8 Hnrrtaon . II It ton MB'.t I rooms centrally loci 1 rurniiDta or Unrnrnianeo. mono ATAMrtf lun ai bmmu. . tilt room. Business, car Journal. 1 S VSr furnished or unfurnished. IMS FOR PENT Modern furnbihed WANTED TO BUY .ItllS'FOR RENT Furnlehed front Bleeping rnnm auiiaoi ior a. ee w rmrrr Ft, " n J - t'K f Room with boftrd in prl - vm htrnw K rr tt II . KCBHSWX: IV ui t id iply th 4mu.4 for r&rma Lt ua know Wht&t vet. haw rAe .!. w trdx. Kt propoaltlon too Ur( in u. ma.ra aUCrCKaj of nUTCntHO IM for trad. AddroM postofTla box !, tiayton, modern homo line for rcflnd younc indy rhono trrven TB14 II It Atoo stocka of mtrehandlM TUll H NT Ono mod.l - n tJMplnff room. Two ffirla profarraa. ijonvo ni - nt o fmdlo and CI E. $20 Thompson Avw fc tl It fefcALTlFUL lart modern t'urnlohad atorprnc room til 111. Jafforaon Phoni - X1 rn I t - tf It FOR SALE AUT0MOILt. TON TESTED XNKSR TtTBB froa with arary Vacuum Cap Tira told ttafor April L BROHTTTS ATTTO CO IRe - EuSlt IntomL Addraaa S 1070 Jurnl - J - Ml W Bwrr U1LL, faUY A room cottasa In L - k - 114 CaJreut. It loo, jaunt nava sou1 in nouat Alao VOK RJj.T Nicely rurnlahaa irons i. uitani tor on or iwu tnw Want to pay $3U down nalanca by th month Can you aall ma ea taoaa tarmaT Addraaa 8 100 Journal Q - WAMTlifj Tw bur t. mon 117 V lwla FOR SALE AUTOMOfJ.L. Vais. TED TO BUY - 4 or T room mod - re or nearly an, PoaaaMion by April 1 - L Phona u dy, 1U Uue . fMt VANTED TO BUY - Horn, anypart of city Addraaa B - 71 Journal - Gas tt. VANTfcD inSlo bod eomplato, Ii piinwa My In at 2 kk irlom paid for furnltur atovaa iU tTf hi W)T J EafTron. 1JM Cal - clothing Call phona 1411 Harry Ooldatlna. Drop & card and I will (nu caatoit olotlilna; fhono 41IT Wa'pay tha'.MtheKt pr ISand Ben Mlcbaiaon. tiro prlgtor 1110 Calhoun 7 II tf AKT21 - Rata fubDor "rJiapaInaa; I mw.paper and old iron Hliheat prtota and quick aarrloa. phona tU ri 1 I lm. ST CHAfiBJ chaaa'your'ruM ovar to tha ciaaninji corporation ami USEtf CARS Aabnrn 4 paaaancer roadster, l tood rJM paint food, and la In perfect mechanical oondltlont !8t0 Franklin I paaeenserr hu ben rennlahsd end In perfect condition 1 ISO. Haynoa taurine; equipped with I ooJ tires, wlr wheels has been reflntshed and) OTerhauUd 1 ZOO Hupmobll l.paeaenKer model X. reOnlshed blue with yellow wheels all part picket plated, and baa eeat covers HBO ford Tourtnr. 2S0 00 Overland taurine, vocf tires, v Verd tourlnc wltlt wlstec top, nso. The Ideal Auto Mfg. and. Sales Company Save At Least $250 over Spring Prices By Buying Now. Thee curt are all overhauled and repaired and In flrat claae condition. till feaion Chumpiy roaditar. lookg like new 1911 Saxon Tourtnr 1111 Saxon Tourlnc ' 1 Model IS Overland 1 Model 13 Overland 1 Model It) Overland 1 Hudson Super Six. 1 Chandler Sedan Theea can can be boufht on monthly tnatallmenU to mponelble partiea BECKER Phone 1534 711 ClarSt. I I J L 1 . 1 ' ruK HALais OR THAD& - Ught paa . aeniter tourtnr car in rood condition. I EL. roaoatcr aa pan payi Utl fit nno. . I lvt?H MONDAY, 1 - ord aedao. aaf FOR &ALK AUTO Aectoii TUNTER TOPS FOR BODGEBRirmERS .An UWNEJtt E. W. STE1NHART CO. Ill 'West Jeffenon Bt GATES HALF - SOLE TIRES auARAiTprn , Mitxa FUnCTURHI PROOF ora aiiiaaea 101 ce boun at. ievet.1 erolea sad accaeaarlaA r Itepelrtnf neatly done, Via Ballot, lit Clinton in tf W4! llf sail and oarkante ual U crclee. Braelua Brealus. ltd E rvl imbla II 1 tf UltOINajdATlRIAt R5iTSATE - - Stove wood, alao low priced aound grade lumber auitabla for ahedt, fencea, etc Hoffman Bros. Co. Phone 61. rsirsjas&xicttn&: iKc. tar HORIEl AND Vt - MICLE SSSJL irans 1 00. T and I yeara old, coed work Prtra I1U weight S 709, I and 1 yaara old Prto Hone and mare, lilt: all rood workera. 411 Van .tiiren ... tl It KOR SALB Team of ho rata, a and 1 year old, lloe Pw eaea. One mfla waat or lo vnce rarm. Fitone iti iey innie can 1 11 - 11 rOR BAL& - Chei harneaa. aound In wind and rood workara Inqutro Fruit Store. ISC W Main fit, 11 lt FOR lMontjromeryi 1XR fiAldliV - Uorae wataht f, atrae T and I year eld. Inquire 114 Barr 8t, aecond floor VXfL 6Aidft - One horae. 1114 Saiaa at. FOR liXLX - Pair of horeea, walht 2 100 ue 7 and U 414 Fearl at. atone yard I M tf tH 8ALEr - Lot of rood horeea at 1131 Falrflgld Bararml MpM ig Bre'tlur body, top and uind - wlth Mlf Phana auhurban TO t lorn Phwrt nian HrnwK if ALel Fraal. ltR MAietii Fraah cow and calf Phnna 4 11101 - 1 an It. 11 It LWKY bodlaa to fit Kord other i.R5r 8XO& - Duroo aow and four pla 1171 FORD tourlre car tl FtRD 117 tourlnir 1300 foMlt rttvevH n s.r Xfa.1 - 41 IrOKO COUtlv, a - ood Urea 1111 ord 10 en aa received, 1W three Ford for quick I evawt. a. ntirham wa Addresa J V B care jourwai - naaetta. ai st" FOR HAUE - Ona eood milch cow will be freer. March 1 Inquire Mike T" ewla. l Rnkdfll at II Tf I tourlnf car to atoll aa Prwi Ifj.r1 Main .. I"SI2!L iiL . TT? a!? .J."""! I eallarhtlw UaaWl on 1U inn llanuhllft looks Ilka HMO ear. Other FOR SALE r'XieiorTmn'i'dMi I STILL have one farm left. This ia all corn land, thoroughly tiled with two Kta of building. Priced right; will give posietiion March lit. M. a Sprang, 209 Farmer Trust Bldg. Phone UO. Va l Atitttd I nlU'from Rort Wi)tne paved road beet of build wi drained and fenced Poaaaeilon '"""rOtly Far Inrernallon writ R H LopaMr. 101 w Ixwald. Fort II It You Can Get Pomeulon of FARM, MARCH lot if you Immedutely ' ee Monroe w rnca & bons fhene 1110 llll Re. 1741 aelllnr City Property and Intunnc Ae Well A Farm loras, all level buck (and ream bouse larre barn, fteven milts Mt of Hlelisvl let on Ana eement raid no better loeatlon ftuy dlreot Journal Oaiette 11 et Wk BALE li1 acres with roon fieusa, barn, chicken house, saraai one fruit, t miles eolith. J k Ho elwe, Bouta , guy n c rrM IALE - ( scree, h ml ea from rw T'T ua off Lima road tnqulr HW Wales rr narti Phore Mil. FARM FOR SALE fl eeraa. f miles northeast of Port Wayne, olay loam soil. allsMl roll Ins For particulars so Boerrer , HI Baa Blocs II tf ftlB WISCONSIN bullellna, sol', ell irate, crops. Immigration Bureau wacouein a opt, or AsTlculture Capl tol IT. Idsdleon, Wis I ALi I I III t ! IA)R fiALB 111 ekee - lo. ae ewaer llll gt Joe FOR &LG twtrsarnr tll(jHL.Y MUUKRN homo, aouthwaat a rooma ana eatm niwiy aeeoraiva Price riaht. li, will take H.IM aah Phone 41 Rl. 10 41 MlOH - CIaAfi SHIOMB near State a ik, ft Joe Hlrd Oak rinlah, built In buffet, Pullman klUhan, elothea chute, den, toilet and Uratory flrat floor lalectrle motor plumbinir Priced to sell quick. Kltch Co, Phone JAVt'R AV& Wr Uuare to - day Det ouy fompitKiy moaern rooma and bth Low price, 11.100 Part eaah Kltch Co, Phone T4 itCOTT'AVe. fiij. ' Itriotly modara lAnryt lot. Near Broadway Kltch Co 101 "Von Fide Phone) 74 MODERN HOME - i noma and bath furnace, Hahta fM, eto Oood lot, on paved atreet. Ntvr Jamea Smart i MTf m rnonn aa i MUTHWlieBT 1 room partly imodaro houaa on fun lot hmt ithermn hoa pita I en pared etreit Prloe 14 100 LAKESIDE t - roeara itrlctly all mod rn colonial type houae In central lOKraiaa near acnooi ania cnurcn llouea aood aa 1 rwth lot lOxlftO ft, i fruit and ruin Prleo 15 000 FOREST PARK BtVTJ fcleprmnt home en Raat Jl of beautiful Kor - eet Park Blvd built In 111S Juat before the Increaae In materlaJ autd labor Htrlctly all modern In every re - poet with eaat frontacra One or tha flnaat homea In tha aaetlon of the city Lot alxUIH twt Owner leav 411 Ltintr Bidr Pboi lite It it " BESlrBUYr$6,300 OV CRESCENT AVK I rooma reeep - tlon hall and loft water batn nara wood rioora and fneh down, linen The Way to Sell Your Home Just Phone 74 101 Noll bid Phona 74 NFAR BOWSFW rooma one floor Bt - nt condition Nice lot. Price IS ff!0 Will comder paymenta 71 K 1 0H BAUD OR TRADE - 4 aci locrted on Wlnchf ter road from Broadway brldga. Haa new WxM bulldlnv uaad aa a (tmraptfl Could be made Into alca cottar with ll 100 I3O0 down baJLance IIS Fnoiva luzr. ar - n xi bi "'".!' I VACATED TO - DAY LAKEfllDF eloea In I rooma atrictly FOR IALB OK TRADEFARMS pa? acre. What have you? Muat jr - oeeeeeion aurcn i TOR BAIX - liy acrea on Wlncheata road. H m.l.a from eourthouae . Phone lSt t 13 tf T0H KALJQ By t houae, wacon ahed Can be bought Hparately Phone 111 Boerfar I0J Baaa FUR boue aaraa - e ate. Ideal for poultry new pooUry Immediate poaaea eUBURVAF, HOMES room houat., nlca orchard, on atata road Vill aall or trade for city prop zo it arty Call I ehort I lonajr rural and truck farm Ion Kaav Itrmi. Will consldar da for city property David Host; "W 101 Baaa Blk. til tf FOR RENT OR ALB '"Maple 8am - mlt fltock Farm of ill acr, IH mllas from Cadillac, t mi lea from boon Mich Two aet of Improve mnte, ISO acres olrared aood fencea, Ann Arbor R. R throuah farm aid lna on farm atock acalee at adiny apHnaj watered, land level. If Inter Mtad addraaa 'Mania Summit Stock rarm R. F D No I, Cadi lao Mch 11 4t raah Hte M. j fiprana; SOI Farmer! Tniwt B dtr or phono l - I 11 tf board. IIS 00 axtertitlon t&bl 15 00 bed and arpringa 11.40 two dreasera, ISO 00 eaah kltchtn caolnet. Ill 00 rocklna chair f 1 H mahoajajiy aettee. Woodland Ave hot p alt, 11 4)0 .. - ?"""l one V ton T M O trucka all In rVliii. Hll tu6K . as. bod, and Z2SrELuZ? &.. - 5t " .CHEVROtFT Maxwell, Grant I, ,i n. J L : ITT 3 I lend All berealn.. Broalu. "R fALE - Studeba ker truck In food 11 St IOHL cUUft. tha lata alyle body. fine condition. Win Uke ether Ford n trade Broal w U, K, Main oontlltlont lew prti tumble m ioa. CaU 10 E. Co - have Chase chaa the dirt right out c rnoae 1 0 lmo ' of them. Ill W Wayne It Phone zij a v w .AR - kfcttUATiCa on ploea or aloel xurnacea. oau Kitey jsannett, rapra - intu w urnaso - 1.0. 87ew 1mo XR tfALti Jl a, - ri i"I i mllaa from ino city on taiid point road, it acraa edjolnlna Sturgin kfioh.1 good land Kood lmprov amenta. Poaaeaalon March lRl Q It Trick, It, R. I ort Wayne, Inrl II It aantlng th Marehi dvnooe ie.i ui i Qreon, ; Flra Tornado. A Luto. See Chariea IVSPRANCE. Lire and Auto. Bee Chariea A ah lay. Ml ClUaena Truat Poena 74. It tf DD3EEBR0THER5 REBUILT CAR BARQAIN3 E. W. STE1NHART CO. 110 West Jefferson St Mm mm IMPORTANT NOTICE Perma Vacutim Cup, Acme, Cordon and Amazon guaranteed 6,000 to 10,000 mile. We will allow from 93.00 to 9 00 for any old cailng in exchange for a guaran - f teed new casing. This gives Zi all tire users a chance to j buy auto tires at best whole - g sale prices. Brosius Atito Co. S29J5. Main - St, KgY NOT? Why not buy a rood up to data T patenter . - Automobile d reel from the owner and aave a halt doaen proflta In the middle? X will offer for aale my Auburn Six Continental Motor AU In flrat claea condition ready to go anywhere for 1.00 Muat eel I. Addreea Lock Box 144, Angola, Ind, or come and. ret ear and driva It home it la worth 11 zoo Get your I92p auto Li - cenie now, l!ee A F. Schcr - er at Journal - Gazette office. claaa eonditlon. Phone 409 alack . I 18 tf Dodgt. ing ear' at 'a bargain, look a i IZTI yraan. ii iirntsATffirTy2 Qianta. 1511 N Harrlaon Ht SI It J STOVES an15 ranqes er. flrat elaaa condition. Phone black FOR SAIJS by the owner 140 aorea wtl improved farm, level high grade gravel loam aoll all under cultivation pplendld rnodern buildings, good fencing on traction line oar atope and enlnplna point at tha fam. near Ulan Michigan In a vry wetl im proved oect ion of country Will be a cneap on easy lerma ie me rwni FOR 8AL1S Ona Mlid oak emartar aawed library ublt, one rnuaio cabinet, two rockery lSil Oaklaod at. FOR SAIaO New linger wviaf ma FOR BAt.10 - Combiiullon wrltinr deek auid bookemae, plarar ptano, brown leather aettee. Pbona jail black. FOR BAUD All ktoda of rurnttiire and atovaa, ruga and linoleums, llll Calhoun Bt. FOR SAIaS - jBlack leather aofa. Ph. Olti, SI It part lea W rite 411 E Walnut fit 1 lumMa Ave. lortlano, Indiana poaa J - OR HALhVw - 8evaral oak. rock brary table rug buffost emd cheat of drawers auitabla for jreflniahlng hand washer wrlnrer" tuba aaa range reaaing aurp, eu. i o - I 11 10 II 11 M 14 IT FUH MALE - Fwd touring 2u0 Ideal Auto Mfg Balea Co II tt lrXJK MALI. Two Ford tourfnaa, one with winter top 2M and MM Ideal Ante Mfg Balea Co FOR BALE 1U Ford, tourlnc 1350 Phone ll1 Sift fcOK HALK Model Q Overland, pawly overhau ed. HOP Phone 1411 ti t X1K KALK - Two ieo tourlnea kill each, 111 bo. Harrison at. Phone 17I . I It tf Ford oar Till S I II u foA fiAlaBi - Oni LAfavetta t - ijk. BAU.rora apeaaaiar new body, fendera, ahiU and hood Call at 1.11 Parfell pWne IMT green 1 tf Full dALlv - New ord touring loll third Oar hae wot been need II It FOR BAUa - Overland, Chevrolet model 4 10 cara like new Plenty of rorda. HaiiaDie Auto t xchange, 14 I. Har - I II tf FOR fi A Lib llll bulck llaht ala tour. Ing can HU Bulek light ala roadatari SlT Bulok four touring ear Hit Uodge 0014a llll Dodge touring eari llll Ford tourlna cart llll Ford tourlnf car llll Ford roadster Oood i. foro tourtng ei Hon Noe 017 111 .uiUdMHu4tia.i eaay aew er uaad all am - . ear we will fumiah fuortbem ytnar ca bldg aone 411a. oeae yetar C'ej. l Bboevlf Til Organ ave wnaikiri iaaiivi VutrSX?iKSr?TZSSrSSrK alee ,, worn onoet pne fze, coeii 141 SO Call 1, Clinton Ht II It MUCILLANIOU 5csr oschansad erected. Addrees S llll J01 rnal - Onaeile II It riAUi - , B.W1J M1LU4 AND LN beut. IM B. Columbia L Phone VOA U)Ll - tlmoibm.' B.v.rai ,ood reran aierag i.wi..aiieB, vaJLi ai aiaa roa ve FINE natural leal tooa'coe" not ma.iu - raeturee. uream or ina crop, eoe 10, tpaia. aud aauaraction guaranteeo. now rarmar eoaaoco union FEtf Dukedom, Tenn feEE3"U(l for aecond hand adding ma cninaa ei an mavea, ueeer vm aalae agent, Butvstrand Adding Ha china, 7 - 1, CUaton BU . t 11 imp VOR 8AI.ES Seoond hand adding ma - ehlnea, incl iding Daltons Burrougha, Walea, 14echanlcal aooountanu and American fane. Qecar I toi, aaiea agent 8unltran4 Adding maohinea. fit 1 I Clinton at 1 1 auna It FOR HA L Unlimited eourae at Inter - national Bualneaa coUege. Call IM4 blue. H H '" " "MJiUBlK'Q ' " '" ' IsUMBINO and electrical repair parte oiu at ww prioao, f - oeae eeae. oi dltloa Phone f 0 FOR 8ALB - .1 bartraf pump. Will pell cheap tf taken at enoe, rnoae est a aiaoa. f.OULtT. - tQQ,J - For Sick Chickens bw. e' - t - e I f fca - 4. Fraaah Staaa. Oakta DL, Wlltm lea ee 1 Hewn - a wmm) yaa. tat, Drta, t - k.. mmt Vmmt mMMrfM tsbMa livte aAaBatal, wWMahMaw eaawnte anaoaoinK aaeNia.aN. from SlO - tlij uapnested atralna Headquartara for the beoL Delivered prepaid ei your doer Satlarac - tlon and delivery guaranteed Book ardors Imaa dlately prices are right Cataaloaruo free. Saudera Leghorn rarm noi J Ore bill, Ind t I I mo R" 8ALE - - - White leghorn cockerels iwo wng on w ii zt" rnon Fly, phene at !, ind 11 ua iT'k 8ALlJ IT fanay parUIdga Wyan mi. iieirif anu B.uu ana cook mi llll Welle et II If rtehel a atraln White Wyandotte Oeokerela, t4 Whitmore, Route 10. WISCONSIN FARM t - ANDI. jssscssrlv mi.a'"iffinrtK; mcca in reaara 10 ine laaa llluetlon leree moninr auoacr K for a borne er aa you are thin hi landa. elmoly ay, vMaU me LANDOLOGY and all Ktloulavra FRBB. Addraaa Editor, tdotoery, Bkidmore lend Co. Ht PSWIiMrTw aVMUg A4raeJ1.iea If W. sxcEixsifrtsnssessrec All improvcmeDta, iouo o niue rXR 8AL10 Lot ea ItaiA boar Bt. Joe auvo. a parsaui. rnon teo 311' 1 bu for 11.14. On lot Creishton Ave 1 lot on. the Com tnerclal 1st addition. Fhon fill She Deet aaroen I eoat m.. on paymnt plain. Fine eouth location paved lai Addras lira, a B - , car. UUIICAL ltTCtUMEMTS. GeGWirasGrxfG2nca Medal na - ios ens rurera roon with tno uoioen mn Taiain, ma chine of the meat renned tone, 1131 utopniet BU rnoni 7. ureen FOR BALje Uprlflit piano. Juat tke thing for besinnan, cheap If taken st rnonp srvrn Tlsa s ,1' WANTilD TO BENT feabv piano reaponsioia narty , wiu nay 11, bar month. Addrw, S - 107., Journal aPKLlAL Uaad eUyar stlan.1 a eood our ai ,av. nvaraa .cner uea planoa at sacrifice. Jaooba alnalc Honw 1 it tl JnoR SAUK A banlo - niandmlla. Incu re 40, Poplar gt dl It FRBALaV - OulneTpliraaolloolore price eoo each HI ad at. II If FXIH UUK tmmu, 1.01 John lit. ' PERCY AND FERDIE Aaa Romeo Percy Faila to Register. By a A. MacQILX Tllln - m THC nonto WHO I rUAHTtn A ioa. kiss oh the rAin Tmxn. s noitmjo in TMH ryrtnNOOrl. H AlF THB. tUCfttn FILM CO It ocrWU wnM "ths. tut si th BBAunous Drvisn. 6UdHaTtD MB rrt TrU rAWT. - vYHirar. p. gy COMB MT CM HOLD THE 9T0f WATCH r - t ZTjcoMe imt iwr ji rip Amfedt I tRM " vw Irte - J ji,1V .aw 4r7 AS vootw LOADrin TH. LON WeTHtlnAmA. NTHtWeTr4lVWysir.TlPS krWDL0M f - T3jnT"eN vTTn mub ' " THAT nwni' 0THCM flMS aiae - iiK.b a se itset nvaniiwuj." In wCO iTlvLyiAiL u. HTal 1 f FATMSAOJ NOW V uj Triafl ,lTI I HAVK TO M THIS Alt (r " rWrWrVal V 0VEn AAAlr4I IfHAflj VaASTCP' J rir TJ - 'Sp rV, - VVM A A Tn1 AWAt f Ht tv MASH AM UTS L - ULt. WWCWrW CaMMINCB' awaan.n - MrWll WT - 9 JEM I fOaTriaPArTT, WllaaKllalXV - I ''I TT taaMHj ' BBSsM5Ssasatar3sssww - waa - - wensC - . - - - (,.. , sync, Ar 1 can onmsi a entM peokr U2! L" T - rriova 1 h ap Thc nv last te ah Y L BVJT MT l1 BALHO OUT JVSt I I BKCAUSK. Of A CWPLC J if.. iim 11 FOR 3ALB ONK OF THB MOST attractive hornet In the 100 per cent addition. Beautl ful.e - rlrcti.lar lot, ll foot front fhrubbary and wonderful landscaping I atnry etucco houae Modern in 9Vry respect. Oak floors and finish. Porch of large etxe. 4 rooms down, tnclndlnr cheerful and cosy aolaiium. I bedroome1 up with ample eloaets in every room Alao a very attractive bath Oarage and drfveway Price W7M,on Call Berry 4141 . H A BUT you dream about. Oak fleora ana wooawora. a rooma down, attractive living room dining room and ry convenient kitchen with built In cabinet. I bedreoma and bath op Divided basement with electric motor plumbing Lot 40al0 Realdenee hia than one year old Nuff 4 buLii,KN 7 ruom home ci Weat'jaffer son oarowooa noore upstaira ana down doubt reage, alectrte water motor corner lototll For farther Information call Walah Ce, Pfion Te aza ainoun FOR SALB O a TRAl)B - - 4 - room hnrne on uua at., nearly oompieieo. win fin tab to ault purobaaer Phone l!84 Two LOTS and a cottage of I rooma, rtaw xiavem. ee M. J Sprang. 101 Farmers Trust Bldg, or phona 1W. intr BRANOftda - P" 8TJ - Tw a - mnni'Ban.7 roooarn notnea, oaJt nalsh dowrt - tairw. This Is a good btry See M J Sprang 101 Farmers Trust Bldg, prwmo ibI 1 M tf bUPL,h.X I rooma and bath upetaira, I rooma and bath down. Thle ia a "riein. ii win pay jo per ent en Investment. See M. J Sprang lof Farmers Trust Bldg, er phone in. weeks. Inquire I4M Weteeer Park. r noneeni a FOR MAIaK t - room oompleto modern noma on weneer rune, eaat nnian, 1 nar aerac Poeoeaalon in 10 dayau Inqtilre 140J Welaser Park. Phone il it bungalow - two blocks ronciac, near uoiton, a rooms eora pletely modern, oak fiaiah, low price. 4 000 will take 600 down. Kltch uo. rrtont t HAVES RESIDENCH property en aorrth eiae win Dnua noma to soil per OR HALK 7 room home la splendid location .tot 11x110 paved atreet, large barn, grapaa sad fruit treea. Can be bought direct from owner In quire Z3a jonn bt. FOR 8ALK All modern a - rootn Lome on Herman Btreet, man payment down Schlebecker d. Thlbaut, lot R, Oolnmbta at. Phone llll 11 It room all mode SOS K. Columbia at. Phone JUL IV R BAIaE Bloomlngdale, earner lot. aveo: in xrent ana siaa lot uxiH I room houee, bath complete; both big enoiiah for three first floor 1 on aaeaad. Hot air furnace, aaa llcbta, water In houae. Lot 40rtt Paved atreet. Price frSOOOOO Pljooe ilil. A L. FOR SALS. By earner, modern t - room dticr nouee on aontn atda, good lo nation paved atreet, half aquare from ear line. Addreea B - lOtl, JoOTTtal - oak floors and fin (ah. 10 davs Oreen 7i71 FOR 8ALX - EV Creighton, boon, T 1 It S&0 cash. Freei , modern. Price t 000. i A Mavar Dhom FOR SALE Modern bouse on l Oswald St. 11 Tt ZftLAWARk AVst bandy , room modern home, with two extra lota for IS 45000 only 750 00 cash, Poaaea - aton Anril 1st. Rastettar. nboee I2A r T1S red 11 It Addreea B - 411 Journal - Oasetta. U - lf OAKDAL.K DRXVB HOUR. 1 HAVE a nearly new e - room all mod ern nouie witn garage, paved alley on beautiful Oakdale drive. Large encloeed front porch, ftreplaoa, hardwood. Juat a beauty Doot mlas this and then blame ma. Call 4343 North t It lot Mrs lO SALE By i mi arita a inofM mtIrb: modern eouthweet Webater Creight .ton. Call riO. black. CLOSE IN BAROAXN by owner easy paymenra a room nouae, eon water oatn dt'oaaaaaion in se aaj Waner St Phona STW blue. .e - Ts - Tt ss party Addreea 8 - 1814, Jovrnal - KbtMAUtP AVeKUe! Home foe aale by T rooms aarage. i R. J, Evans, 121 KTattnalrd, Pnoae TIM deetraMe location FOR 8AL.D Paymaat plan, ana an3 one - quarter aera ana t room nouae, nil modern but furnace, near ear Una. Prloe U.wOoV Co - Operattve. 114 Eaat Berrv Phone tW VI Tt Do Y Want to Sell? We bare many proepeots and ai aelllnr houaes fast. For quick ae tlon and real service phone 4141. HUgeman aV Schaaf, 141 14. UUI1. ty Bldg Cart 3eta, 8alea Jfgr Horn Dept. FOR SALB St. Pairnck's Modern S room home, dosa lo St Patrick' church) oak floor, and finish down garage. large lot Price $3,800 00, 91.000 cash. . PHONE 339 - "BUNGAXOW front norch dandy basement, good IT "" oa enie quica. nee wa 10 day Phone 4H7I 10 It FOR BALk Bqulty in modern 'a i nonsa iirst - ciasa eonattion, owner leaving etty, poaneaalonj at enoe handy to Bowaer'e, Western Gaa, Penna. ahopa Will sell for amoint It coat te build I yeara aro No 1110 H Pontlao Rt. Phone 7711 Ii t MISCELLANEOUS on all makes of batteriea. Wlllard Bervtoe Station. Frank Anderson. earner Harrleoa and Jefferson. Phone AUTOMOBILB radiator rwpairlna;, air testing Work gnaranted. Will eall ror and deliver otto F onnkei, mi Hwtnney Ave. Phone Tons 4 - 4 - tf USJNcTStl CHANCrt fOR A AL - malT'rirnipeatee oft drbik parlor, 10 - fL bear, top me oox, ana on inrge bo oex. Perry fltabi, 121 CavDKnxn Bt, FTton Mat, xat INVKST 1100. 1 eiontpalny, 1404 Uwtom Tt"! Bafc r wotmton Twt. n - at FOR SALE 10 nevl apartment itax. zt i downtown location, 131Wajad, Yeeaaa FOR flALR Two twrs bn aflQwTi unauy new wme wa nar aaa prloe en these two aAanea, Baa HOTTwtan, wtnav xnn. FOB SALE OB TRAJ11 - . .fitt aarad ry ran. uooa aeoaxnane Address 8 - W74, Jom - o - d StnSS3SSidSSr&BSSSSPiZ w max no cuaraw en rnortey la paid te yon an "vS3 fsirkiossrcssr&ciy't stock ana Trvnc, numui ice mwssbb cranny pertC Rt tie per atwnw John H. AeptowaJl, 4w AdatnaiBtZ qary ma. BLAVE 100 eharea of S per oent Btoa (jnar jnagneao epriasrv fjuuse ale. Make offer t efx. Wai Phone 4J - M 1 - 1 POR KXCMAeeOft w53rrrTOrliAS trnok body for roaJWJter hoay or wfll boy U J Ubbing Oow. 101 E. white boll terriers LOST At Jeffnoa tbraatre Sunder iSt with, sontrret. Fhon S00) red I AitHA wZZ jtelgs ease, aerween e ana iv cunaay rnorning Return and receive reward mono am. UOsT iMamond stickpin at T ' M a A santraay airarnoon. fmaw ioid - phone blue SHI. Liberal reward. LOST Engtiaa buUdog (brindle) an - aware te lame of "Sammy Liberal reward Phone 4Sft. Boom II North America?. Bldg - ! ' NOTARY POBLIC NOTARY POBLIC ASOLyFglTRFR MfTgNBW APPLICATION ISHUfO lyfKSrfrSieStaT'Sr 41.DC OOIHT."! .r "T slur February IX. C S. e""" rroNAoe. UWptnregflL can phone Bit Joawpb atabaater Imfayt. etraat. to - PrrS REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE HERE ARE SOME REAL BARQAINS! Eight - room reeddence on Winter St. aami - n - odemi poanaaaioa ta 10 day a Eight - room residence, thoroughly modern, Beyer Aro. farara. Imme - dtata poasaaalon. six - room realdence, aeml mod ern. Laaaile 6t poaacaaioa In 90 oayn. Four - room home, aem! nedern. Ideal Creighton Ave.) poaaaaelon In 10 day. - room residence, Qrant Ava.t thoroughly modem j poaaeaalgn April let filx - room bomei modara except rurnao, woei - inirsj otj naaaasaloa 10 daya. Five - room homo. North Walla $t - l aeml modern, cheap for quick Mia, O. O. SNIDER 11 Bwlnnoy Plk yhnne llll Immediate Possession South Side A FINE ix, room all modern square type home on pare - ed street, one and one - half blocks from car line. This is a charming home and practically new. Full depth lot with driveway. Splendid neighborhood in restricted addition. Price $5,250 $750 or mora down, balance like rent. Phone 3710. Carl Cetz. FARMS WANTED Wo cant auppty tha demandT fbr farms. Let ua know what you have for aale or trade. No proposition tod large for ua Alao stocka of mepr chandlae for trad. Addreea P a Boa - W1, Dayton, Ohio, FOR SALE Now I room moOern houaa wttfc garage near Welaser Park, possession March 1. 14 TOO New et Hotly modara I room oottage, motor plumbing east and Immediate possession II rOa, Now I room modern house, Kentucky avenue, will ba completed In thirty daya. S 100 AU bargain a H. C. PEQUIQNOT Phone 411 111 - 11 Phy Def.n Bid, FOR SALB BY THE OWNER A 5 - lot wooded tract in beautiful Southwood Park, bounded on three sidei by (inlahed boulevard and ovar. looking surrounding acencry. Will sell separata lot, er whole tract CaU 6197 between 6i30 and 7i30 p. m.

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