The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 3, 1946 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1946
Page 3
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I THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, OCTOBER 3, 1946 PAGE THREE HASTINGS HAPPENINGS A department deroted to news of H«tlng 9 «,d Halting, n of the general tateresta of the Hastings community. . B d to th* prtnno- Mr*. Allon Ma<?t|pr "Ofbornh" Ort. II •**The Hastings Women's club is '" sponsoring a. book review and tea r^, at the church on Friday afternoon ^l"""^ Oct. 11. at 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Allen ' *" Maetler of Omaha will review "Deborah" a recent novel by Marlon fast IP. The public is coi-dially invited to attend and tickets are SCHOOL NEWS MI ******f ||»| ».|.»»f ++ » « hare an Indian vll- dren mndr the wigwams, canoes. and Indians. We wore colored hands decorated with feathers around our head'. We pretend and Christian prose and poetry In England. Officers are Junior Clark, president and Peggy elites, reporter and vice president with Gene Courtier, secretary and treasurer. now on salo. club members will rnppt fit 1:45 p. m . for a short business meeting pvocpding the prom-am. that ve are Red Feather or White Cloud. 4-lf Hub <;irls Mel Wrtlnostlny The 4-H club Klrls met Wodnes- I'eryl He Gear, day evening at th; church. Elolse president who was leav- with a departing nlft. Honor ftiievts at Family Dinner Sunday Week end guests In the Olias. Wllhi'hn home were Mr. and Mrs. Neal Nelson. Margaret end David (if San fir^irnria, Cal. Sunday a dinner was held in honor of the Californians. Those present were the Nelsons. Mr. and Mrs. F?tle Darby of Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Mcyberry of Glenwood. Homer Mayberry of Omaha, Leon Lewis of Malvern, interesting group of eleven boys an( l M r - n n<J Mrs. Chas. Wllhelm, SU children in our room have made book reports on books read during library p"iiod. They are Aaron douse. Louise HeGeac, Margaret Fender, Joe Youns, Interniedlntes: We have 24 In for California was presented ollr """" tllis year ' II ls a ver - v Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Doos spent several days In the Ted Bowen home whilo Mr. and Mrs. Bowen visited relatives in Missouri and Kansas. and thirteen girls. We are not superstitious, however. Several new pupils entered our room. Some new text books for geography have been chosen; we are very pleased with them. The new Florence and diaries. MM. Albert Crawford arrived b ?° k ' fr , om , th , e Traveling Library . . v. v» til 1 1 * CU o IQ,, „ pt .t ,,-.A In of iironlr Monday night from Rockville, Neb., to spent a few weeks with relatives. also arrived last week. Week's Record Compiled by the Mills County Abstract Co., of Glenw-ood from Aug. 29 to Sept. 5: l)«*<"<i« and Contract* Josiah Foster Wearin & wf. to William Carl & Maude K. Wilson; WD $40.000; NEH of 2572-42; SWH NW14 & Lots 12. 13. 14 & 21 of 30-72-41. T. E. Nelson & wf. to Marlin R. & Pauline V. Nelson: WD $1 & ovc; pt. SH SEH of 22-7:1-43. Louis E. Woods & wf. to Riley Clarence * Addle Ellen Bu^k; WD $1 & ovc; Lot S O SI1 1 of Lot 7. of S-72-41. Otto SchuHz «'t al to J. H. K.- Fred Mlntle; WD flS.r.nO; \V U, PW'i of 2S-72-43; E Vv; SE'-, o~f 29-72-43. Edward E. Eaton. f!dn. to C. M. Hodman: C.dn. I), $37.113. •21 .14 int. in S. 1 /3 of Lots 1. 2. 3 & 4. Block 2. Tabor. Richard H. Hubbell to Loui •• A. Finch; WD $30(1; Lot 7, Wickham ft Woodrow sub div of block 33. Glenwood. C. H. Turner & wf to Tiiomas B. Sellers; WD $1 & ove; Ix>ts 199 and 200 Emerson. A. J. Wolfe & wf to Paul S. & Pauline E. Jackson; WD $1300 Lot 7, Block 13, Glenwood . W. H. Clay & wf to Donald Primrose; WD |1 & eve; Lot 2" & S a ft. of Lot 21, Strahan's add MANSFIELD FUNERAL HOME M A L V K R X . I O \V A The Same Considerate Service for All Ambulance Service, Day or night, Phone 4533 PROFITS FOR YOU is My Slogan SELL BY AUCTION Forrest (Mike) BLOOMER Veteran World War II General Auctioneer Ph. 20F22 — Olenwood Methodist flinch Hcv. C. II. Boos, Pastor Morning worship 10 a. m. This is World Wide Communion Sunday and we will observe the communion service at this hour. The The thrld grade are very much loose offering Is for the fellowship to Malvern. interested in their health and geo- of suffering work. Laura B. Plimpton to Lyla M. graphy lessons, as they are new Sunday school lla. m. This is Hunt; WD $2500; Lots 5 & 6. subjects to them. Also the fifth Rally Day and we are, expecting grade history class is proving to at least 100 to be present for Sun- be interesting. A great deal of re-- day school. viewing has been done In the dlff- 7:30 p. m. Sunday Fellowship erent subjects and we are plan- service. The Sunday school will observe the Rally day with appro- wood. priate exercises. This service Is MIHCKLLANKOUH KiiymotiJ L. Colley to Harriett Collen; yCI) $1 L & A; Lots 21. 22. 23 fi 24. lllock (i, (Jrnndvlew Arid. to Malvcru. Hazel WltherbfV to Agnes Devers; Cont. $«00; Lots 110 & 11. Pac. Jet. WESLEY CHAPEL nlng a very successful year. Junior high: School started Blk 75, Qlenwood. Jennie S. Hamilton to E. L. & Retha D. Hiatt; WD $1 & ove; W 23 ft ft Lot 11; E 24 H ft Lot 12, OimsoUey's sub div to Glen- Pacific Junction. E. L. Hiatt to The Public; Aff of Poss affecting W 23 H ft of T. E. SHONKA, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office 8 doors south of EmpreM Theater Phones: Off. 4Z11, Res. 4343 with a bang! We have 25 pupils, also a welcome for the teachers of Chis Christensen to The Pub- There are 12 sixth graders, six the public school and high school. He; Aff affecting Lots 128 & 129, seventh graders and seven eighth We are to also have as our guest graders. We were glad to get tonight a missionary from Burma back to school after our summer who will, bring us a message dur- vacatlon. ing the evening. All members and Lot 11, E 24% ft of Lot 12, Oun- We all have new English work- friends of the church and Sunday solley's sub div. to Olenwood. books, which we like very much, school are urged to attend. Re- Theodore A. Anderson to The. The seventh grade has new geo- frehmonts will be served at the graphy books and the sixth have close. some new geography books order- Young Peoples meeting Thurs- ed. Since we have gotten over our day night at 8 p. m. first nervousness and the sum- The Regular monthly meeting mers frlsklness, we are beginning of the W. S. C. S. will be held at Wlckham & Woodrow's SD of to learn quite a bit. Our room the church on Welnesday, Oct. 9, Dlk 33, Clenwood. looks quite vacant when band is at 2:15 p. m. All members are being held. We are glad to have asked to make a special effort to Public: Aff a ft e c t i n g Lots 128 & 129, Pacific Junction. State Board of Social Welfare to Richard Hubbell; Rel of OAA lien against Lot 7, Block 33, attend. Ellen Kay CERTIFIED — INSURED PERFECT DIAMONDS an insurance policy with every ring. THE LARGEST SELECTION Men's and Women's WATCHES in Southwestern Iowa. Use Our Lay Away Plan and your Credit BETTER WATCH REPAIRING at . A.W.Underbrink JEWELER HHKNANDOAH ao may interested in music. High Hchool: The officers of the freshmen class this year are: Lorraine Hockabout, president; Don- Searaboro na Lee Scott, vice president; Jimmle Bowen, secretary and spent the week end with her brother, Dan Bryan. Mrs. Anna Woods of Cody, treasurer and Mr». Hall, sponsor. Wyo., rislted Saturday with her This year the freshmen are tak- sister Mrs. Dan Bryan. Mrs. ing general science, algebra and Woods was on her way to Chtca- Engllsh and business tralnnlng. go where,she will make her new We hove been experimenting in home. Glenwood Cemetery Assn. to William F. Andrews; Cem D $100 E% of Lot 448. Glenwood Cemetery Association Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Fields of to John L. Merrltt; Trust Agreement for permanent upkeep. U. 8. Navy discharge to Walter Delbert Peterson. U. S. Army discharge to Thomas D. Baslee. Compiled by the Mills County Abstract Co. of Glenwood, from general science. We also have had Mr. and Mrs. Albert Opperman Sept. B to Sept. 12: two testa — in English and in of Omaha were Sunday visitors Deeds and Contracts General science. at the home of her parents, Mr. The sophomores are taking and Mrs. Dan Bryan, general science, geometry, Eng- Mr. and Mrs. Boos will move llsh and business training. In geo- soon to the Largent home where L. A. Finch to The Public; AIT. of Poss. affecting Lot 7 of Wickham & Woodrow Sub. Div. of lllock 33, Glenwood. Addle Tucker to The Public; Aff. of Poss. affecting Pt. Lot 19, alt Lota 20, 21 *& 22, Woodlawn Add. to Silver City. Carrie I. Wright to The Public; Aff. affecting Lot 1. Cheyney Add. & Lot 6. Choatc Tract to Olenwood. L. C. Dean to The Public; Aff. affecting Lots 120 & 121, Pacific Jet. State Hoard of Social Welfare to Llllie Kndlcott; Rel. of OAA tien against Lot 6, Bradley & Bowman Add. Glenwood; Lot 6 of Sub. Div. 1 of Lot 11 of 1472-43. State of Iowa vs. Ula T. Hamilton; OAA Lien of J31.GO per month. Elsie O'Connell to The Public; Trade name of Glenwood Granite Works. Olenwood Cemetery Assn. to Nellie Beam; Trust Agreement for upkeep of NV4 of Lot 662. V. 8. Navy discharges to Roy Dean Mansfield. Wllber Wayne Tackett and Albert Franklin Mc- Collfster. ltnt\ Wilson and Eric Nyroti enjoyed a few days fishing trip at Spirit Lake last week. Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson Jr. will arrive by plane from Washington, I). C., Saturday. They will be here for his fathers "1st birthday Oct. 5. A family reunion Is planned at the home place for this Sunday. Joyce Pli-rson resigned from her position in tin? lies Moines school atnl Is at liomi* for the present MH hrr mother is not well. Itnrhara Nyron celebrated her "til birthday at school Wednesday with treats for h»r clavs. Mr and Mrs. Geo. Parker were guests Sunday In the home of their son Floyd and wife near Malvern. Juni Flokel w ts taken to the Mercy hospital In Council Bluffs Tuesday for treatment for pneumonia. *OOD CONDITION PAYS! GIVE YOUR TRACTOR A CHECK-UP CARPEL MACHINERY COMPANY Phone 5121 Malvera W. J. Van Orsdel & wf. to Eugene Van Orsdel; WD $6,500; NWU NWVt of 35-72-42. M. C. Schoening et al to Mills metry we are learning rules about they will reside while Mrs. Lar- Co.; Easement; Pat of 8-73-43. making triangles congruent, In gent and Elolse visit relatives in English we are studying pronouns California. without antecedents, and In bus- Mrs. Lou Miller was admitted Iness training we are studying the to the Mercy hospital in Council construction of a budget. Bluffs Sunday night. Class officers for the sopho- Fred Peterson of Charles City Edmonds; WD $1 & ovc; Lots mores are Lloyd Bryan, president is visiting here with Mrs. Anna 10 & 11, Block 13, Glenwood. Robert Crouse, vice president and Crawford and Mr. and Mrs. Ger- reporter; James Courtier,, secre- aid Mosier. tury and treasurer. Jack Largent has purchased Class officers for the Juniors Gerald Mosier's interest in Jack row Sub. Div. of Block 33, Glen- are Ltbby Leu, president; Ellene & Jerry's Market and IB now the wood. Jones, vice president aud report- sole owner. er; Susan Lambert, secretary and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nlday and Charles G. & Doris Bare; WD treasurer and Mrs. Thorson, spon- Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mosier at- $2,500; Pt. of Lots 1 & 9, Block sor. This week we Juniors have tended the 4-H band contest at been studying about the state de- Aksarben In Omaha Tuesday partment in government. We re- night. celve the American Obsbrver each Mrs. AUle Largent and Eloise °vc; Lots 279 & 280, Strahan's week and we spend one day dis- left Tuesday for California where Add. to Malvern. cusalug it. We have been working they will visit relatives. Glenwood St. Bk. to Lewis In our workbooks In American Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Courtier Lutter; QCD $1 & ovc; Lots 120 history. All of us are striving to and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lookabill * 12 L Pacific Jet. be good typists. Boy! what a time were Omahu visitors Tuesday. —~ - 1 some of us are having. For some. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Haggland unknown reason bookkeeping be- were dinner guests Sunday at the came Just a trifle harder Monday. Fred Lookabill home. The seniors are very diligently Mr. and Mrs. Otha Quimby of studying American government, Council Bluffs and Virginia and English literature, American his- Mary Lou Qulraby of Omaha were tory and bookkeeping. In English Sunday visitors at the home of literature we are studying the Mr. and Mrs. Roy Quimby. Joanna McGrew to Dallas Newton McGrew et al; Partition deed; EH SWVi WV4 WV4 SEVi; WH NW% of 34-73-40. A. J. Wolfe & wf. to Arthur C. L. A. Finch & wf. to C. D. & Bertha May Moyer; WD $1 & ovc; Lot 7 of Wickham & Wood- Donald G. Fleming & wf. to 9, Academy Add. to Malvern. Forrest A. Hatfleld & wf. to Paul & LaVeta Seeger; WD $1 & period of Anglo-Saxon influence BRING YOUR MRD"HOMR U TO YOUR FORD NAUR- KEEP YOUR FORD RUNNING LONGER-BETTER KNOWS YOUR CAR MSTl SALYERS AUTO CO. Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn Dalzell were visitors Sunday at the Gabe Everhart home. Mr. and Mrsfl Geo. Shaw sold their restaurant to the former owners, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ray. Mrs. Donald Gamble and baby son arrived home Wednesday from the Mercy hospital In Council Blutfs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeVoy were Council Bluffs visitors Saturday night. Mrs. Wayne Byers and daughters Jo Anna and Donna Rae were dinner guests with Donald Gamble and Mrs. Robert De Voy Tuesday. Mr. aud Mrs. Roy Quimby and Mr. and Mrs. Otha Quimby of Council Bluffs and Virginia and Mary Lou Quimby of Omaha were dinner guests at the Fritz Lar- 8ou home in Emerson Sunday. The cemetery association met Wednesday at the home of Mlua Crouse. This was the first meeting sluce August. Mrs. Delbert Ori left thU week she U to Insist on this cheese food of KRAFT QUALITY! t • Always ifnooth-milting • Rich, mild c/i«fcfar ch«et« flavor • Exceptional food vaJu« from milk ± _/"•" Ton Can Get Quick Relief From Tired Eyei MAKg THIS SIMFME TIf T TODAY Household Furnishings at AUCTION I will sell ALL of our household furnishings at our i Malvern home, 2 blocks west of the Malvern school on Monday, Oct. 7 starting at ONE p. m. Ph. 3091 WRECKER SERVICE Af«lv*m Mr »ud M M a J dd MutUi* in «ach «y«. uud nephew of Marvvllle'"Mo* QW» <««»• tartwuy y«W ty« fad Mr ttud Mrs Parker ftrwil and ' urL5. fl i J/ . Sr , . *° Woadrow )u44 °» PU*«-lu». Mo.. Mr. uud Mrs. Mlllurd QurtU. Mr. lun, wind and du*t. aud Mrs. Lowell CurtU «a4 Curtails Lou a| Kiuer»ou w«r* Uluuer IUJMU* lu th» CurtU uoittD 8uttd»)r. icltntifte bland of 7 in and sooth' Ut*d Item ovurwojk or wind and du*t. MURINE, lORYflllREYM 6 rooms of Furniture including- chairs, tables, beds, dressers, stoves, rugs, Singer sewing machine (in excellent condition), dining room furniture, cooking utensils, dishes, garden tools — in fact everything you'd find in a modern home of this size. Be sure to look this over — you're sure to find things you need. C. R. "Pop" Yates Terim: Cash. Art Fritcher, auct.

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