The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana on November 23, 1912 · Page 4
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The Fort Wayne Sentinel from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 4

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1912
Page 4
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'.y'HjS:1 W - H,UJ..'IUI'I.'W ijp;vWT ',:'' ',"',llWf??ffiffit $itpl!BfWSltn!;.(J v IEHB 3F0ET WAYNE BEmELi,; 15 Cbe fort lUaync Sentinel - sintered, so; geoee.d.Claaa lill M(H at the e - ostefnt. at Pert Ways)., Inallewe. SVXSY ETSSIHO XXCXPX SUNDAY. BY g. A. K. HACKETT. i DaMXy, Per Week, ioc Weekly, Ptt Yetr.ittoo, ' Daily ky Mail, - ) Per Year. rot, txxiv ' , wo. i our telephones. EBtTORtlt ROOMS .,.. ,.,.... ,...., ..!... - .. .....ja cooirxino vooms . ., ...,..,,...... ,,., .... 4. ....173 SATtTUMYi. XOVi :1J,; : tomeux Ainuseraenta - i - Vaudeville at the Tempi Tpeeteri Jfotfoo pictures at tbe Me - Jestlo Theater. Union Iron, Tin nJ fteet Workers, No - IT. FraterniMfr - r - Pythian SitUn, .La "of Maccabees', Siva, 77; National Union. The State Charities Program. Bequests for legislation along three specific lines will be preferred by the Indiana board of state charities to the new legislature which convenes early next year according to the program agreed upon at the final meeting of the ."board under the Marshall administration a few days ago. It is given out that the board desires further development of the state's system of caring for the insane by the introduction of the colony feature a state penal farm for pvhort - terra Offenders against the laws, and better facilities for the care and training of dependent children, to the end that they may be transferred as quickly as possible from orphanages to private homes. , The colony feature has come to be accepted as altogether the most desirable method of caring for the mental unfortunate? in preference to housing them all in one immense .institution, - and assuredly the change would be productive of infinitely better results in many cases. Any system that will aid in making the tenure of the orphan in the orphanage a brief one, that will as quickly as possible secure him a permanent home in a family where he may be reared amid home surroundings as distinctly tending to approach the highest purpose of the orphanage. asylum. The institution should never be considered as a home, but merely a temporary shelter fpr homeless children until they can he located in real home surroiiiidings and have tho benefit of home rearing rather than of institutional atmosphere, however ideal conditions there may be. The proposed penal farm to which offenders may be sent in preference to incarceration in the county .jails, and where healthful occupation may supplant enforced idleness and close association with every typo of undesirable, has also. much, to recommend it. But there must be devised some method of obviating the burdensome transport tation expense if it is proposed that every short - term offender bo taken there and returned home at the expiration of his sentence. The matter of - expense is likely to iye rise to the most serious objection to this phase of the chanties board's plana. ?.' - ' 6 Cooler weather has lessened the demands upon the city garbage reduction plant and consequently stilled tho concert of complaint that arises during the summer tporiths, biit it should not lull anybody into the complacent belief that the old ercariltory Us any more adequately equipped to;iheet Fort Wayne's needs than; when clamor was highest and noisiest. - .;'.;':.Pe$ideiliTaftis:atV'lvork on his annual message to congress, and if he fails to speak Ins mind fully and denn - Itely under the circumfitanees, a splendid opportunity for .just that sort of thing is agoing to be irretrievably lost. Not a bit too earlv to cret your Christmas - shopping, uu - 'der way and thus avoid the big rush as well as save a lot of needless wear ana tear on your paueuctj. , , ITOHT FINGERS! tHE PRESS DISCUSSES PRESIDENTIAL TERMS. No Third Cap of Coflee." Indianapolis Kewe: "It is plainly the sinty ( eonfrress Jo peas a resolution to submit constitutional amendment for' bidding a third term one worded so lhat there trill be no 'third cup of coffee' boot it. " . ."Resolution Ia Fixed." Columbia State: "In the majority of the' voters the resolution in fixed and llrro that "two terms in the presidency shall be enough for any citijen of the republic." "Imperial Enemy." POughkeepele Star: "The hateful issue of tblrdrtermism is Common to both parties. It ia a bond of sympathy and brotherhood between them, in which they should wnite to crush out rhis imperial emerny of our .Institutions." "Wor Will It.Cbuntenance." 'Ney tprlt Evening Sun: "This country neither wents nor will it countenance third term, a fourth term, nor any term that means the substitution of personal rule for rule by law of the 'people'.? ' A Differtaz Opinion. "Memphis Kewa - Scimitar : "There is Ho mora reaaon why a preaident should ;not be elected for a third term than 'why 'the president of a banks or the manager of great railroad aytem should not succeed himself If he be the best fitted for the position." The Democratic rmrorm ' 'St. Ionia Globe; Democrat "One of the planks of the WllaOn pUi'P reed's, TVe faro a single prealdentlal terni, end, ttf that end w urge the adoption of an amendment to the constitution inakinjf, tha president of the United States Ineligible for re - elec - tlotf,'" it "Little Lest Than Treason." Boston Transcript! ?y have - a, writ ten constitution which la silent upon the subject of presidential tenure, but sup - , poa thatt Jlka'.Oreat Britain, We had ,on 'thati rested! lpon lh ejtperjence; of . the ae and made Jlttle leaa.' than treason deflanes'of." law .or'euatpma that the experience of al Ionjr'aerjea of years had shown to. b essential for the ita - bility:; - of tha ; goTernmeut and tha: libei1 - tlee.of the: peflylf' AN AMAZING FREAK. (PittsHifrK nispatch.) There mnj be nnfhing new , uider - ith sun, hut if th' - re has' hcen a parnllel for (he amajitiR fmak of that .mn.iman in I.o An(rlei who. devlsinR an 'infernal msohine to blow up the head of the' Southern .Paci'flr. irrtaprined t Hh t the best means ff carrying out hi plan was to en to the central, poll station and hn.vp luit victim - summnned there, we have failed to notice It. It. ilhist.rates nne.w the hazards, of life against which there is so possible precaution that can be nlKen. Attempted assassination of public men even such draperate attempts as that of Norcross on Russell Page, recalled by this incident; train robbery, which, by the way, seems to be reported with efarrnlnfr. frequency of late, may all be more or less (riiarded against," but against the irresponsible vagaries of the suddenly insane we are Impotent. nappuy aucn outbreaks are, or course, rare, reducing th rial? to a minimum; but it is there. Instances are now and then reported of Individuals, suddenly crase.d, running amuck or a series of eeemlnrlT unaccountable crimes such aa the murder of those boys, but It Is Terr ,L.i I ;i .. - i ... rf nei(.l.Ofu mat insnil.r xaaes a rorm as threatening to a whole section of a populous city as this Los Angeles affair. It might be well If, aa a Tesult of thla scare, users of explosives would exercise greater care that they should not coma Into the' hands of the evil Aispoaed. Ko doubt fsmlli.ritjr n ,;. casa bred contempt; or at least carelessness, hut the public safety should ba considered, and dangerous supplies their coming into f,6e possession of their coming into the poaecselmon ol others would be practically removed. SENTENCED TO SUNDAY SCHOOL. (Indianapolis Stsiv) A Brooklyn Judge baa sentenced a 17 - year - old boy ,tej attend Sunday aehool until he is 21 years old. "I think there Is' still si chance or - you," he said to the youth, "but - the :first ';';Umeyoii: fall - to. reach Sunday school you wil) be brought back 'here' and I'll aend you' away. If yon' had gone there , regularly you wouldn't be 'hereV Theriudge also sentenced the lad's companion, a man of Zt, to atteiid church. The offense of one was that of smuggHng;. cocaine to a prla' - oner in jaili of the 'other, trying to sell cocaine, The courso taken was perhaps the only one that presented itself to the judge, of putting the yung ofletiders under good influence, and it has its merits - - Assuming' that the hoy falls into the right .hands for there js a dif - ferencB In Sunday nchool teachers - he will have a chance In four years to lesm how tn he a man, And he can not fail to learn much that will benefit him, Whatever Sunday school he may choose, for he will be absorbing . eomething of the heat that the world has to give for the building of character and the moral and spiritual life. There is a. tendency in some quarters to speak 'lightly,' if not. slightingly, of the. Sunday school, bn.t the Brooklyn judge wee right in saying that if the boy before him. had attended .one regularly he probably wouM tot be in his court, The: child :who attends Sunday school 1nses nothing and gains much. In these days of uncertain religion In the. homo., what lie gets lit. the Sunday School may be all that be Is .tati'ght end; 'unless'.: he is given that much teaching of higher things, he goes Into the world ill equipped indeed. . The Brooklyn lad hs. boon started in' ft good way".' WORRYING ABOUT BRYAN. ''.' (Kew York AVorM.V Those - who are worrying about VII - liam J. Bryan and the things that he le going, to. do to the new democratic ad; rninistration. should remember thisi Most - of the troubles that are predicted, for a political party that keeps' faith. With the people never happen. Kbt ' Jjelng In the ponfldonfe - of Mr. Hrya'rf, The Wprld rttiinnt spenk for him; but it assume that his attitude will be like that, nf other democrata and' the people geners!ty. If the: men who take oflvre next farch do as they have promised, he will applaud them. If they fall to do as they have promised, he will attack them. So will The World and so will the people. Those who believe that 5tr. 'Bryan ir ambitiotis and nnscnipulou ahould bejir In mind the additional fact that neither he nor anybody else can Seriously embarrass an administration that Is honest snd courageous, Mr. Bryan has BOYS OF LONG AGO WILL MET AGAIN Old Aqueduct Club Formed to Revive Memories of Earlier Days. WEST END MOVEMENT nnny devoted frlenda and not a' fow persistent enemies. While they cannot rree as to him, they now acting Imrmoriiously under the leadership of t;overnor Wilson. The best assurance that this unity will continue is found In the record and character of the president - elect. He is a promise - keeper and he, never yet has had a boss, Bryan men tand anti - Bryan men can find an equal amount of comfort In this if they will. $3.50 Receipe Free, For Weak Men. Send Nama and Address Today You Can Hare It Frea and Ba Strong aod Vigorous. ' t have In my possession a preacrlptlon tor nervous debility, laifls ot vior. weakened munhood. (allins memorr and lam. back brought on by exeess.a, unnaturai drains, or lh. (olilaa ot youth, lhat baa cured so manr . - worn ana nervous men Hint in tbelr (ma nomwlthout. my addl'lonal .help or medicinethat I think vs.y man' who ' wishes to regain IU outeily, afioiiW hav. a copy. Bo I have determined to end a copy ot th. pre - aerlptlon Ire. ot. charge, in, a plain, ordl. nary sealed envelope to any man wbo will write lor It. This prsKcrlptlon come, from a physician who has made a special study of rnen and I ara ounvlnced It la the aurtst - actlna combination for the cure ot denclent manhood and ,Vlor tallure ever .put to - Z owe It to my. Teilow "men to Send them, a copy .In eonndenoe ao that any man anywhere who la w - k and du. eouraasd wltb repeated (allure may stop drussins nlmaelt with hermiul patent medicines, secure what I .believe Ja tha Sulckest - aCtlna . restorative. ' upbuilding. POT - TOUClfiNa remedy Tr .devlsod, and so cur himself. l. home quietly and quickly. Just .drop me line ilk. this: Dr. A. K. Koblnson, l8 Luck Bulldlna. Detroit, Mien., and I wlllaend you a copy or inia sibihiiw. I vt, h.. k.,. uiuiiwrj envelope - free of chars. . 'X (reat - tnaay doctors would chars It. CO : to 1 1.00 fer mareiy wntinaT eat a preeenptien use thla but 1 send It entirely fie "The Old AqUeditct club" ia tho name of an organization, which was born Friday: night when fifteen of the men who Dyed west of Calhoun street forty or mora years ago jrot together n Schroe - d'er's hall - and held s meeting. H is the plsn of this club to. call all of the old boys, of which there are about eighty, together and hold a reunion, and banquet yearly.. Although', there tM .nothjhg definite eettlcrl Inst night, except the name, it wss decided to form a, perma nent organUation, and to . have another meeting next .Friday, evening, when' eacli one present laat night will be expected - to bring a friend who is eligible ti mcmlierslvlp In the c.lub; The execti - tjve,' comtnittee , appointed last night, composvd of William ?. Cooper, Tom Coombs. 1.. S; C. Kchroeder, Fred Kimball and Charles Hs.h, ,wlll meet in chroedcrS hall pn Jlonday night to draw tip the constitution, and bylawt and perfect the organisation. The time and place, of the banquet will be decided at the meeting on Friday night at tSehrneder's hall. The intense interest in the movement to. hold a reunion waa evidenced last night by the enthusiasin displayed. Everyone bad a smile and kind Word for the friends' nf hla boyhood days, and the now mature, men, seemed to thrill with the thought - of remembrance of the happy incidents when they attended the old Jefferson school. :.William P. Cooper was chosen to act as chsimian of the meeting Jaat night, and 'Com Coonibs acted' . aa secretary. Mr. Coombs has been instructed to notify nil ellglbles to be present at tie meeting next Friday night aft - that all plans for the coming good time will be made. A list of abont eighty - five men was prepared arid in effort wiil be made to have nil of these attend the meeting on Friday night. There ere several men reauling away from the city who belonged to the bunch - of "old boya," who attended (he old Jefferson school, and these will be Invited to come and en - Joy the reunion when It ia held. All of the men at the' meeting last night have lived weat of Calhoun street for more than forty years, and attended school at the old Jefferson building on West Jefferson street, on the site of the new Jefferson school.. They are a fol lows: Charles W. Orr, Max "Fisher, Mont Oardhorj Theodore llardendorf, Will Fleming, Frank Terry, Henry Uoeltje, Jacob WJlkena, William Adams, 'Gene Brown, and the committeemen. All - of those named can recall the pleasant memories of the times when they usee to fly kites on Broadway, when the city waa only a village, and when they went ewlmfnihg in the old canal, of diving off the old exchange bridge, the incidents connected with, the aqueduct on the canal, and the skating on the St. Mary's river. All of them have seen Fort Wayne grow' from a country village to a thriving city of almost 100, - 000 inhabitants, and have grown up with it. Not only have they advanced in years, but among these men can be found some of the beat cittrena of which Fort Wayne can boast, and have helped in no email degree to make the city what it is at preeent. ' The name, "Old Aqueduct club," was selected In .order, to ofinrf back fond memorlee of the days of the old aqueduct oil' the canal, to recall; the,, pleasant, care - free hours spent there, and to recount the boyhood pastimes when, that name is mentioned. Charles W. Onr suggested that the club should adopt such a name as this, and all favored the proposal. The old aqueduct stood Just tq the right of where Main street crosses the St. itary's river,, or on the sit. of the present Nickel Tlate bridge. Any resident pi Fprt Wayne years. ago can remember the old. aqueduct, the exchange bridget and when mules, tugged the boata up and down th .pla canal. This waa before the Jficket Plate rail - rbad was constructed, and' this railway waa built on the courae of the old Way. bash and Erie canal, or where It ran through Fort Wayne, When the banquet la held next month each member of the club will be ex pected to read a paper or tell ., story about some Incident which happened when he was a school boy. The function ia to be strictly Informal, and all are expected to Meet on the equal footing as they did In their school days. The plan - is to get together and know each other once more by the boyhood nicknames and recount the incidents of those Irresponsible days when they were younger. THIS NTJRSE KNOWS. "Of all the :medicine ever used I freely say that lex superior merit there is none so good aa Blackburn's Caeca - Royal - Pilla for constipation, coated tongue, bad blood, atomach, liver and bowel disorders." Mrs. O. C. Ackerman Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sold by all. drug storea. Mo' and 2fie.Adv. Juat received a fresh supply of 'Atlas Portland Ce ment. Krudop Coal and Lumber Co., Corner Francis and Hay den Sts. Phone 135: 11 - 12 TWENTY - FIVE YEARS AGO What the Sentinel Jtad to Say Jib out Persons and Events Twenty Five Yeafs J2go, The pew St. Mary's Cathollo church will be dedicated December 11. B. S. O'Connor returned last night from Texas. l4. . .. W. N. Webbe; reotor of the Trinity Episcopal church, announces services for dall Thanksgiving day. R. T. McDonald treasurer of the Jenny Electric Light company, declare that the feede canal Is out of politics. Hon; J. B. White Is at Mt. Clemena for a fejv days, Later In the month he goes to Washington. , Colonel K. 8. Robertson addressed a big meeting of Grand Ariny men at FennVllle yeaterday. ' ... 'Fred Graf fes' Minstrel party opened an engagement at Library, hall last: evening. A fair house was present. A large number .of Fort Wayne, peo. pie attended in oyate. supper laat rilght at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. MV' - Tayv lor,, nine. miles south brtheelty;v The council ha vender consideration the Batuial gaa.iordlrjuince';, of the Bell syndicate, introduced by Omnellmali Bead.:' ' " " Mr. and Mrs, Will McKlnnle have returned from. Columbus, O. where they visited with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Me - Kinnie. Mr; and Mrs. M. Mt, Bowen, of Ken - allville jireviiiiliutIr. B B. Rossinirton the agent of the. Vcnneylvania. at this place. Jfext month; T. E. Ellison, the popular young attorney will lead to the altar of matrimony an .accomplished Logan - sport lady. Postmaster Frank Bueter, Pan Bhta, Barney Tlbbets, Oeorge Zurbuch and W, S. Rogers, of New 11a veD, were In : the cltv veaterdar. . The Summit aty quartet of this, city eoea to LccanaDort tomorrow to take part In 'a. Thanksgiving; concert. Mem. Ders or tne quartet ,rri ivepneay, a. Bund y, ILlLyl and F. TurrnaH; Dr. t. J. Dills an4 - Mx Charles E. Bond were thrown from Dri Pillsltuggy this imornlng'.at'tbefeorpervof , Calhoun and Berry ;' streets. when: It'was Jstruck by1 the . delivery wagon of : the Fort Wayne, Cehtry. company. ' I THE BOSTON STJJfi I '.i . I " . ": I 6 BIG SPECIALS AT For THis Evening Qnty 38 - inch Scotch Suiting at 39c a yard, worth Oc. Ladies Silk Scarfs af 39c, worth 50c . Ladies 'Fleece lined Underwear at 39c, .wdrth 50c 64 - inch Bleached Damask at 39c a yard worth. 50c. Bleached Sheets, 72x90, at 39c each worth 50c Fancy' crib Blankets in blue and, pink" at 39c, worth 50c. THE BOSTON STORE WJL HAKN" & CO. ..,'. ?;'' . ;',..'.' ''''''.'.'"'. " ' " t : 3 lffitcrwyyr0& oJacty&Jtev, Rich or Poor? jj.. - riireQ - v qsw,a1raaiftia:afc. - H - ii. SL Pzsm: tS. i m Mi r fEUT nrfrZ:dm4 nnuSE!meB'4jKi ssVSsfOSsHssSsMaWfSrTVf I Mi ii wammmmsa WmBBWi&xfrav w X6nfx? $cmgec TftG we& reM or rcrcrcr3C& FmrsxJOr - a rsJ7709i Every old man is the ripened fruit of his youngeT days. A man does not grow old oyer night., Age creeps uponus, and if extravagance is stealing away our money, age is stealing away our capacity for work and preparing us for a desolate bid age. If you wish to be comfortable, yott must begin putting away your money how, then when old age comes you can all back upon the money you BANKED when you werejounger; Do YOUR banking With US. We pay 4 per cent, interest onDeposits of $1.00 and upward. Tri'Slate Loan & Trust Co. if 'I i, M n .i ii. m Be A Perfect Man "yith No Back Pains No Nervous - ness No Joss of Ambition, But With Plenty of Life atid Energy and tha Vigor of Youth Restored. To be .trans; and manlr la the aim or every man. and yet how many We find who are wastlna" tha vl - talltr and strength which nature slvaa them. Instead of develoDlns Into the atrnns;. vlrorous. manly men lhat natur. lntndd tham to be, they find themaetv. brokn down, and despondent - no ajnbltlon to do anvthms;. They atrujrjr.. aimlessly alonar, - Sooner or . 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