The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 21, 1962 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1962
Page 2
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PAGE 2- THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNI TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier. In City, Per Week iO cents One year, Tipto" «nd Adjacent Counties . %tM Published Daily Except Sunday by TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. 221-223 East Jefferson Street, Tipton, Indiana, Telephone OSborne 5-2115 Member United Press International News Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895 at the Postoffice In Tipton. Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1179. ROUND TOWN and... THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R.D. Money risk to succed or fail. I do not wish to barter incentive for the dole. I prefer the challenge of life to the guaranteed existence." Wall Strtet Chatter NEW YORK (UPI) — L. O. Hooper, of W. E. Hutton & Co., feels that demand for stocks right now is "indifferent" and that buyers "do not feel aggressive." At the same time, the analyst maintains the supply of shares is not large, and those who are selling are not pressing their offerings.. He suspects that' the early February rally was technical rather than fundamental, arid that some further testing of the January lows may be necessary. Hooper also sticks .to his earlier projection that the second half of the year should be better for the stock market than the first six months. Martin Gilbert of Van Alstyhe, Noel & Co. says there is ample evidence here that there is sufficient buying power to overcome the 718-720 resistance level in the D-J industrial average. "It seems to us that it will take only a little more absorption of offerings before prices wend their way again." up Smilen & Safian's analysis of stock market trends says last Wonder just how many man hours (women too), were lost yesterday as the Happy Colonel traveled round and round . . and unlike the song - knew exactly where HE WAS GOING? WE'D BE WILLING to bet that if you placed all of the scorched shirts, facing the T-V sets, end to end, there would be enough to hold a bone-fide fire sale for sure! And you had to be downright care- fuh when you approached a sales person in a store. They were using their own special COUNT down methods . . . and the chant went something like this; "let's see . . . 3.25 . . . 26-27-28-29-30 . . . etc; but of course you didn't mind," cause you were just as interested . . and by the time they had the count to 5.00 you had seen enough to wander on to the next stop . .. and for once had not stopped to look over the change anyway! AND OVER THERE? BY OVER THERE we naturally mean the reds. Picture yourself tuning in on B1GMOUTH '. . . as he and his lackeys were in the act of " tuning in on the Glenn SPECTACULAR! NIKKY IS PACING up and down ... chewing his nails and muttering: "Is Yankee trick.this voice of Astronaut is recording ... . just like we used to fool them!" Then turning to subordinate; "Stephanovich . . . tell why these Imperialists can get good sounds ... where are jammers?" THEN LATER; "Is big lie-even biy^cr then we can tell-these Yanks are catching on fast-pre-recording of sound of anit-Comrade Glenn's voice! Still Later: "There-what I toll you-Yank will go down now , . IS 0.\' his own-not as smart as Russ Cosmo!"' • THEN; "Is another Yankee trick- could not possibly steer machine by-self ... we know Yanks are not 1G ... V4V4 as good as the great sides we think we STEAL all news- est invention of the Imperialists!" . AT END OF FLIGHT:\'Comrade hand me shoes-l pound fable that I CAN DO BETTER than Yank!" R T IT WAS INDEED a great and glorious victory for the U. S., one to be remembered for years to come. Many a prayer went up for Col. Glenn on his orbital flight. It proved yet another point-anything they can do-we can do better! WE KNOW one thing for sure. There will be no more belittling of the U. S. SPACE effort from either o urenimese pmbsu our enemies . . . OR our so-called allies . . . who-according to a report, were scoffing at our feeble efforts to get the job done. THAT MAKES US wonder just a little. What were the PRIVATE thoughts of the COSMONAUT of Russia . . . when he looked over the panorama . . . the magnitude of it all? SURELY HE BELIEVED in his heart . . . even though he was not allowed to voice it publically-that there has to be a DIVINE PERSON! SPECIAL STAMP WE ALL ILAVE heard at one time or anolher-lhe famous slogan of the Postoffice . . . 'Neither sleet nor rain, etc; well . . .it applies to the workers in the Washington Bureau of Engraving- where the stamps come from. THERE WAS SOME real cloak and dagger stuff there in the past few weeks ... at night-and on week-ends. Printers were printing the N E W COMMEMORATIVE STAMP and shipping them-not mailing them-to postal inspectors at 301 Postoffices.across the country! WHEN GLENN HIT the deck-off came the LID and startled Postmasters across the nation 'saw the stamps! Suffice to say4here was more business at the Postoffice . where the stamps were on sale-than in the stores. Best kept secret of the year! ROUND ONE THERE'S MORE) LET'S NOT RIDE cloud 9 folks . . . just rmember that we are on the way . ( . . but not there until we have won the battle and the Cam- muniset threat is no more. IT MIGHT BEHOOVE all of us to remember the words of a patriot who said: "I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if t can. I seek opportunity.not security. I do net wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dullled by having the state look after me. I want to take the T-V In Review HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — After watching John Glenn's electrifying space flight on TV, it's pretty hard to look at any of video 's tinfoil heroes without' laughing. The television cameras of ABC, NBC and CBS recorded the ordeal of a brave man Tuesday — an, in so doing, gave imillions of early-rising Americans a ringside seat at a memorable moment in history. The interesting thing about the TV coverage is that it really did not matter much how good it was. The overwhelming fact is that by merely recording the event in a free and open way, the United States scored an enormous propaganda victory. While few persons doubt the validity of the Soviet orbital achievements, there's still nothing quite like seeing something, with your own eyes. Unless y<>u- are made of stone, the TV coverage often became deeply emotional event for the viewer. After weeks of frustrating delay, this steel-nerved 40-year-old father was ready to.risk his' life. Suddenly the cameras focused on the Atlas missile and the Mercury capsule atop it in which Glenn sat. Suddenly you realized a man was taking -what imight be his last trip in a matter of seconds. Then he was off. And a CBS reporter could no longer contain his feelings. "Aw, go, baby," he pleaded. It was forgivable. He spoke for many. Soon Glenn was approaching Perth, Australia, and another emotional moment. It was dark there —tout all at once the people of Perth .turned on their lights for him. He understood the gesture. "Thank everybody for turning them on," he told a nearby tracking station, and within minutes his words were heard on American TV. The three networks did a generally good job—except for Glenn's return:from "space. Glenn landed more than SO miles from a ship on which ABC, CBS and NBC had a "pooled" reporter. week's weakness in growth stocks should be regarded as an anticipated normal reaction after a strong rebound. "It is not the forerunner of further weakness" and "the outlook for growth stocks is very favorable for the short-term and the long-term," it. sajp. - The USS Noa, a. destroyer which picked him up, was only six miles from him—yet none of the networks got any immediate pictures, description or commeh from the scene. , . On the other hand, they offered some good oofbeat materia..NBC's Peter Hackes, In a pre-filmed interview, got Glenn to admit he bad received some letters criticizing him for aspiring to "God's space." "The God I believe In Isn't quite that small," said Glenn. CBS showed thousands of. persons jamming New Yorks Grand flight on a giant TV screen. It caught the tense excitement. And ABC's All Mann, in a sharp vignette, showed where telescopes were set up by spectators near Cape Canaveral. In all, the most relaxed person seemed to be Glenn. While many of us were adjusting our. alarm clocks to awaken us in the wee hours, he calmly had a last aneal of fruit juice, two scrambled eggs, a small filet, toast, jelly and a prepared non-caffein drink. For his. day's work, Glenn earned $5 in flight -pay, according to CBS. To qualify for flight pay, a military pilot must fly a minimum of four" hours a month. Glenn was in space for nearly five hours. That was some bargain. The Channel Swim: Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon appears on ABC-TV's Queen for a Day program next Tuesday to present emcee Jack Bailey with a plaque for being chairman of the National Christmas Fund drive, Julia Meade, who gives the commercials on Ed Sullivan's CBS- TV shbwi quits after Sunday's program to concentrate on movies and the stage .. . . Gordon and Sheila MacRae have signed to star in an Easter special for- NBC-TV. NBC-TV has dropped its option on a Laurel and Hardy cartoon series idea for next season . . . ABC-TV's The Rifleman has been renewed for 39 more shows . . . Dick Powell's Four Star Productions is close to signing a deal for Lloyd Bridges, star of Sea Hunt, to star as a newspaperman in a comedy series. After winding up the current segment of his show, Dick Van Dyke takes a sabbatical • to recreate his starring stage role in Bye, Bye Birdie for the movies, , ; Who Has The Best TV Deal In Town? Irs CAMPBELL'S of course! Who Has The Best Service In Town? Why CAMPBELL'S of course! Where Do Most People Buy Their TV Set? From CAMPBELL'S of course! BIG 30 DAY SPECIAL ADMIRAL 23 In Consolette Price Includes Base Wide Angle Tube Auotmatic Picture Guard Front Speaker System OTHER ADMIRAL TV SETS ON SALE DURING THESE GEORGE WASHINGTON DAYS I Only at Campbell's Ji^TS \ "BILL" East Side Square. 0S 54798 On The Lighter Side By DICK WEST United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — While leafing through a stack of congressional newsletters, I rah across an item that set me all atwitter. The Small Business Administration, it said, had published a pamphlet explaining "How to manage women." Now here, I exclaimed to myself, is a federal agency that understands the meaning of public service. Rarely does one find the government showing such an awareness of what the citizenry needs. . The SBA pamphlet obviously would be of value not only to small businessmen, but to large businessmen and even non-businessmen, possibly including newspapermen. Picks Up Copy I mean, it is common knowledge' that women have been getting more unmanageable by the hour. Feeling 'that there was not a mo-, ment to lose, I beat it over to the SBA headquarters to pick up a copy of the pamphlet. - I found' upon my; arrival that a lot of other male, minds had been running in the same channel. The agency already ^ad exhausted its supply of the pem- phlets and had a big backlog of orders on file. Fortunately, I was able; to borrow a copy and immediately undertook to memorize its contents. I wanted to be well briefed on the subject before I went home that night. Sad to relate, the pamphlet is a bit too narrow in scope-for my purposes. It. deals primarily with managing women employes, rather than with women in general. •Nevertheless, it sets forth some broad principles (no pun intended) that can be applied non-commercially by substituting the word "husband" where the word "employer" appears.. Women Are Different "Women J* the pamphlet says, "are different. They tend to personalize situations .V. Some women magnify minor details because they often feel that they are the center around which other people revolve." Women like to be praised and dislike being corrected, particularly in front of. other women. They become annoyed when rushed and are touchy about working! overtime. . ; Above all, women resent anything that makes them suspect they are being treated unfairly. They don't function well unless convinced that they are on equal terms .with men.'" In an effort to help an employer cope with these traits, the pamphlet lists 22 hints that supposedly will aid in the management of women. It seems to me, however, that the whole thing can be summed up in one sentence: Don't treat a woman like a woman,! but at the same time make certain you don't treat her like a man. • i I '.!• White table covers in floral design, 40 inches by 300 feet $4.35. TIPTON TRIBUNE. P-tf QUOTES IN THE NEWS By United Press International WASHINGTON — Negro mezzo- soprano Grace Bumbry, who boke off a singing engagement in Paris to sing' for President and Mrs. Kennedy at a state dinner tonight: : "You just don't say no to the President." BUFFALO, N.Y. — Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., praising Democratic Defense Secretary .Robert S. McNamara: "MeNamara is one of the best secretaries of defense ever. He's an IBM machine with legs." MIAMI BEACH—AFL-CIO Vice President James B. Carey, urging drastic action to expand union membership: "There never can be a "status quo for labor. It must either advance or it must retreat. Failure to face up to these elemental truths is purely an invitation to suicide."- WED. FEBRUARY 21,1962 OBITUARIES MIAMI (UPI) — Funeral services for Dr. George Nicholas Pa­ panicolaou, 78, discoverer of the "Pap smear" for detecting uterine . cancer, will be held at St. -. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church at 11 a.m. EST Wednesday. . The Greek-born research scientist, known worldwide in the medical profession as ; "Dr. Pap," died Monday of a heart attack. . Papanicolaou developed . the smear for detecting uterine cancer in the late 1920s. It has been credited with saving the lives of thousands of women. MINEOLA, N:Y. (UPI) — Actor James Edward Barton, 71, well known for his performance as Jeeter Lester in the Broadway production of Tobacco Road, died Monday of a heart attack. REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO (UPI) — Gino Giacomini, 84, who served as San Marino's foreign secretary during 12 years of Communist-socialist rule, died Monday. . BY GEORGE! EVERY ITEM IN OUR STOCK WILL BE REDUCED IN PRICE Thursday-Friday-Saturday Lowest Prices! Easiest Terms! HOME & EQUIPMENT CORP, East Side of Square THIMBLE THEATER By ALEX RAYMOND RIP KIRBY I'VE OFTEN ' APMIREP YOUR PERFORMANCES. MISS MARSH. WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE TROUBLE? "THERE MAY NOT BE ANY MORE PERFORMANCES.VMI FERFORV\ANCES.''K*""^V • 1 V^rg? BLONDIE by CHICK YOUNG TELL HIM TO LEAVE THREE QUARTS, BUT NOT TO LEAVE ANY THE NEXT DAY UNLESS \WE DRINK ITAU. WELL, IF HE OOESNT T KNOW THINGS LIKE THAT, HE SHOULDNT BE IN THE MILK -T BUSINESS BRICK BRADFORD , ' 1 .yf fttiffltk By CLARENCE GRAY 'V.'.i'

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