The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 26, 1946 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1946
Page 3
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THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 26, 1946 PAGE THREE *EMAITCHESS* MR. MOVER This week your reporter has Mr. and Mrs. I.ou Miller have returned home after vacationing Chit-Chat By Kitty Kat nml friend* fipflnltlon of gossip; familiar or Idle talk; conversation dealing with other people's affairs. — Thanks to D. Webster. TMd yon *pe Ijols. Jonen chasing ahem, Gerold Plnmmer over the streets in hopes of recapturing her purse — or so she said! All you have to do Is look at Marie Anderson and say "Hug me!" and watch her blush! I notice 3o TriTfly and diaries Ellison are going steady again — or yet — this year. Hear Ruth Haalfleld lian a boy friend named "Ernie." Is It serious? Talking about boyfriends — Marlene Johnson Is going with a kid from Des Molnes — name's Dick, isn't It? Johnny wan In lack a few weeks ago. — She had a date with handsome Wayne Maddocks, an alumni, before he left for College. I hear Alice Smith lias been going steady too — How 'bout it? Heveral of the alumni were visiting here before they left for college, Mary Margaret Steveseon, Wayne Maddocks, Dallas Perkins and Wanona Martin. Have you noticed our cute cheer leaders? All Juniors, too, Pat Perkins, Marcle Ellis, Joyce Ann Campbell and Carol Johnson. Suhjprt SldllRht* By Mary Ann Rlnjtham American Ijltrratnrr; Miss Buf- flngton has started the class to work on a remarkable scrapbook which will take all year. It will contain an outline of all their work, Include their book reviews, lists of new words they have con- qured, and an outline of the development of music and art. Each six weeks these are to be graded for the most original and artistic work. English II and speech Miss Huffman reports that Charles Nagle, after an escapade In English class Is trying to find an available art scholarship. Paul Lincoln is proving that he can play football and still retain bis tea-table poise. He is trying harder than anyone to keep his eligibility slip signed. interviewed William Mover, whose itl southern Missouri and Arkan- princlple subjects are history and sociology. He graduated from Pine Island * Roving Reporter * By Joyce Ann Campbell sas. Mrs. Robert DeVoy and Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gamble of Emerson were Council Bluffs callers high school In Minnesota. If there T UCS( jay to know Residents In this vicinity are Mover Is grieved to hear of the death of the little granddaughter of Lou Wlnona Achenbaugh. Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Steven? and daughter Sharyl Ann. of Van Nyes, Cat., are visiting in the Dale Haines home. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Weak and family of Malvern. Mr. and Mrs. Is anything you want about Mlr.nesota, Mr. the man to see. He is a graduate of Poor Charles Nagle — to think State Teachers college. He holds he has to waste his valuable time * bachlor of science and education and original talent In Malvern degree from there. high school. He has to spend long This year Is Mr. Meyer's second dreary hours studying his lessons at Malvern. He teaches world hts- when he could be using his extra- tor r. American history. Amerl- j onn Waller of Malvern and Mr. ordinary talent to great advant- can government and soclalogy. and Mrs. Oliver Weak of Hast- age. Few people can at such a He sponsors the sophomore class young and tender age and continue their classes at the same time. One of his frequent, and favor- 'Don't Invite me to Ings were criers In the Dale this year and was senior class Haines home Monday evening, sponsor last year. ~ At last some one has discovered his ability. Too bad It was a *te saylns Is. teacher. But he Insists it Isn't of fal1 you!" the teacher — In fact he doesn't even hnow how he drew it — it just came. W. S. r. S. Met for Work Meeting W. S. C. S. met at the church clam*. Mr. Maddocks advises that the freshman have decided to be good sports about Initiation. Miss Bufflngton announced Tuesday that each week the sophomore, junior and senior classes wilt be tested on the Senior Scholastic magazine, weekly. At the end of the year a pin will be awarded to the pupil with the highest grade. CARE OF BOOKS Everyone, by the time he Faced by the meat. pop. and reaches high school, should have Wednesday for"a' work" meeting! candy bar shortaga, the Juniors learned how to properly care for Twelve women were present, never-the-less have tackled the nls schoolbooks. From the time Lunch was served by Elsie Wll- one starts to school. In the first son and Edna Weigman. Neit job of games. Notice — Belling at the football grade, till eighth grade, and on, Pat Perkins' real "(S is constantly reminded not to meeting will be church. Oct. 2 at the WANT REPORTS FROM DUCK HUNTERS State and federal wildlife conservation officials are askine the cooperation of hunters this pea- son to make a survey on waterfowl numbers. Albert M. Pay, director of the r. S. Fish and Wildlife service, state* that critical years are ahead for ducks and geese and the survey is needed to get information on the wildlife status. So all hunters are asked to cooperate by reporting: 1, number and .kinds of ducks bagged; 2, how many cripples lost; number seen as compared to last year (more, less or same). Also the hunter should report whether h« shot on public, commercial or private areas; state and county hunted and number of days. Should Mills county hunters care to clear this Information through The Leader office, we'll be glad to handle such reports, or hunters can send them dlroct- ly to the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Chicago 54, III. 1'Twod thrvo hit; hofors- he \va* relived Inter in th" eame hy Klahn. blanked Henderson 4-0 when the Mills county batsmen conlfl not find the offerings of Penney who struck out 12 and allowed but a sincle hit. Pen- dereraft and Winchester wer»» the Henderson battery. ____ _ . flowers fastened to her bobbysox? « n <iuly abuse books. Films Shown Home EC Class One of the teachers was telling Monday for of an underclassman who had left home of her DykP Prwrtilont of Hw. la. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Parker left Mix-Man Football ronfetfnrp vacation at the sister, Mrs. Lylo Dale Dyke of Malvern, Tabor high coach, • named president of the Soul ,est Iowa six-man football cor jrence last week by the schooln.asters group of Fre- VAUGHN HOOVER Dial 9451 Malvern Pet Peeves What Is your pet peeve in school? Jacqueline Enewdld: People who cracjt their gum. Kenneth Hedlund: Study halla with nothing to do. Evelyn Lutz: Working on short : hand. Elva Chamberlain: People who Klggle all the time. Verilee Bruce: High heels with anklets. Frank Swoboda: People who push ahead of me to get a drink at the water fountain. Robert Frazler: The lack of pencil sharpeners. Joyce Campbell: Neighbors who always stuff their wastepaper into my desk. hlg book on the school grounds. Dunsdon. and family near Sherl- To'bring their lesson on flow- Some of the .much younger stud- dan Wyo. er mrp and arraniHne to an an- ents bad taken it and torn it to Th e men have been working er care and arranging to an ap students thia week at the Parsonage, proprlate close — the home ec. W «• « *"" » the ° f er Bt ^ e "'' building a combination cow and m ™<- county. classes were shown films by the la "" the book was ruined. Or was ch , chen housp Coca Cola Co. Sept 18. Each W « should not have been left Mrs John Unlnbow fell Sun . Mill-. County Ha^ball student brought flowers and con- on the school grounds. The stu- day morn , nK and broke tnroe r | bs Kntrl.-, Eliminated tainers, and tried arranging dent to whom the book belonged she Is confined to bed for a few them herself, the results of which was obllg<« to pay for It. were very amusing and pleasing. There is no necessity for writ- Flowers that were used were anything from cat tails and milk- schoolbooks or library books; weeds to asters and roses. This was the first film shown this year in high school and all the home ec. students enjoyed it days. Her daughter-in-law. Mrs. Paul Rainbow and Johnnie are in books, whether they are staying down from Omaha a few days to care for her. Mrs. Marion Plumb and son Darrel and her sister, Mrs. Dorothy Kenoke. drove their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dye. of Mace- someone has to pay for them. Will that be you? Waste paper needed. Save all you have. Call O. N. Jones to Mllls county's two entries In the sectional high school baseball tourney at Treynor Saturday were eliminated in the opening games. Treynor ran up the meet's top tally ngalnBt Silver City, defeating the Mills round- nns 19-1. Atti'bi'rry and Smith Ellen Kay CERTIFIED — INSURED PERFECT DIAMONDS an insurance policy with every ring. THE LARGEST SELECTION Men's and Women's WATCHES In Southwestern Iowa. Use Our Lay Away Plan and your Credit very much and benefited from It. pick it up in Malvern! H A S T I N~G "S it relatives. They home this week. Youth Fellowship Hesumed Activities The Hastings Youth Fellowship has resumed its activities Methodist Church Rev. Clare H. Boos, Minister Morning worship service, 10. Sunday school, 11 a. in. Every suddenly last Thursday and was member of the Sunday school rushed to the Edmundson hosplt- donla to Los Angi'lVs.Vnl., to via- W( ' r<; llle Sllv( ' r Clty l)att(ir >', "1- cxpect to be lowing Treynor nine lilts. Carroll Kreese opened In the box for Pvt. Donald Parker IH station- Treynor and fanned 10 and al- ed ill North Carolina. His address ' la U. A. 17!J002r.9. Co. H 44th " Sep. Inf. Bn. II. T. C. Ft. BrugK, N. Car. Ernest Decker of near Emerson but formerly of the Box Elder neighborhood was taken slok BETTER WATCH REPAIRING at A.W.Underbrink .1 K W K \i K II HHIO\.\MM>.\H NIGHT SALE OF Wisconson Dairy Cows & Calves MONDAY, SEPT. 30 — 1 P. M, Bradley's Sale Barn Red Oak 150 hd. Holstein, Guernsey and Brown SWIM 50 hd. Baby Heifer Calves 50 yearlings and 2-yr. olds. 50 Cows —'fresh and heavy springers These cattle are selected from Wisconsin's best dairy herds. All T. B. aud Bang's tested. K . L . P A P P , owner under the sponsorship of Mr. and wl ,, nave to brlug gomeone w i tn al where he was operated on that Mrs. C. E. Boos. „„„ \t we are to reach the Rally night for a ruptured ulcer of the stomach. Last report finds him you showing some improvement. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Parker have moved to a ranch near Loma Linda, Cal., about six miles from San Bernardino. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Parker flew to Los An- Meetings are held each Thurs- y g ' day evening at the church at 8 Young people's meeting Thurs- o'clock. The following officers day at 8 p. m. at the church. The have been elected: president World Wide communion service Peggy elites; 1st vice pres., Mar- wl " be observed Sunday, Oct. 6, ilyn Phelps; 2nd vice pres.. Sus- at 1° a ' m ' , , ,,, , , , an Lambert- 3rd vice nres Marv The y ° Ung pe ° P S distrk ' t geles while visiting at San Fran- Harroff 4th vL» nr . T L n rally will be held at Atlantic Sun- clsco aud enjoyed a vlsll wlth Harroff 4th vice pres.. Jack Bo- dav , Sept . 29 , begllml ng at 3 p. Jlls brother Paul and famll> , wen, Corresponding secretary, In . Registration and supper 60c. Betty Mae Fisher; recording sec- We need a car or two to take the retary, Arlene Haines. young people to this ifteeting. Let The 4th Thursday evening of the minister know if .you can take each month has been designated a load as a social evening. A choir has The SundB >" ni s ht fellowship been organized and will help in m «* ln * * n * reception for the ,,.„ Ul , , , . «""i' >" teachers of the public school will the Sunday church services. All be Sund Oct / 6 , at 7;30 m . } ouths are cordially invited to at- Also the Rally day program at FOR SALE New, heavy duty ofl'set Tandem Discs with 22" blades and enclosed oil bearings. A superior all purpose tillage tool. BYER GARAGE & IMP. CO. Hamlin, Kan. 11-3. Mills County SPORTS tend. that time and special speaker. FARRAGUT FLOPS TO ORIOLE POWER Miss Betty Haroff left Friday has been postponed night for Ames where she is a 4 to Oct. 11. At this student at Iowa State college. Mr. and Mrs. Don Gamble are ELECTRICITY is IN GOOD HANDS! MHS Sextet Wins by First Half Scoring Friday Malvern high school had little difficulty keeping its record clean Friday night when the six-man football team nicked the Farru- Electric rates today are at the lowest poiut in history. Electric service, provided by your business managed company, la depend- abU aud satisfactory. Yes, Electricity la iu good uuuda. IOWA POWER * LIGHT COMPANY M»lv«n» U Cbwp in Mtiv«ra w Meeting of the Hastings Woman's club from Oct. time there will be a hook review and tea. Tickets are now on sale, the proud parents of a baby boy __ Mrs. Stella Hall and Mrs. born Sunday evening at the Grace Hathaway were callers in Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs. Olenwood Friday. He has been named Donald Arlie. , „ . Mrs. Frank Edie of Malvern Mr. aud Mrs. Jack Largent vis- But high athletes 13-0 on the fair was a dinner guest in the Don ited Tuesday night in the Buster grounds field. A large crowd of Gamble home Thursday evening. Largeut home. fans saw the game and also saw Mrs. George Schurr spent sev- Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Kelley of some good, some hud and some eral days in Omaha this week Omaha were dinner guests Mon- indifferent playing on the jiurt of visiting relatives. day evening of Mr. and Mrs. Ray tue Orioles Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ord left Grauteer. Sunday for their work in Wy- Mrs. Allie Largent and Elloise omi "S- were week end guests in the Charley Kelley returned home Buster Largent home. Wednesday from Wayne, Neb., Achsa Lookablll left Sunday where he attended the fair and for Des Molnes to attend the visited with old friends. postmaster's convention there. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Kelley of Starting this week the Hast- Scoiing was completed in the first half of the game. After kicking off to the visitors and a series of fumbles by both clubs, Malvern got off u few good runs and a pass combination — McClure to Sullivan to Price—which Omaha visited Wednesday in the lugs movie will be shown on Wed- netted them the Initial touch- George Schurr home. nesday instead of Tuesday. STRICTLY BUSINESS by McFuHm down. A plai'L'kh'k for the extra point failed. The lust touchdown came in the second quarter when Webb Stogdill started to puss and was given (a i no free man to toss the ball to aud (b) an open field. So he chose the latter and made It some 30 yards to tlu> Furrugut goal line. l>rlc't> plunged for the extra point and final counter. * Fumbling seriously handl- caplK-d both teams during the game but Mulvcrn had the upper hand throughout. Couch Ualt; Hackett of Furrugut had a trio of brothers. Leu. Hill aud Uuil Davis, and a husky youth named Bill Durton who occasionally showed possibllltU'M. On tho whole Mulvt-rn had u notli'eublo udvuiitUKi' u »il "ii "veil tulvuniUKi* i» basic skill. Couch Uonlon Overutroot usod u variety of luli'iit In tht< mum'. Hun hium ut quaiu'r. and I'l'lru in ilu- bwk- tU'td. Kllison at ctmtt>r and Ulnl uiul Mm tin ut I'luis. During tlit> "Ttoy'r* «lt very I M c*m« m «<w » j>«ir ol lu> ulsu ui'Ul lu l.iiuolii, Sulllvuii uud i'lumb IK.iwvt'u halvt>» OH* »umrt Kur- ruMUt htt(U buud, with ktur4y Juuulu VVttlu M drum UMkiwr. «s««uie«i tutu* u»»rt'Utn« UUMieu> vt>i » l« tfe* Anthony All Steel Flare Box WAGONS Anthony All Purpose 6'xlO' Wagon Boxes INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER • McCormick Peering STAINLESS STEEL CREAM SEPARATORS • 9 in. Harney Hammer Mill • McCormick Deering 10 in Burr Burr Grinders with Wagon Elevator • 1 McCormick-Deering HM 150 I Hydraulic Lift Disc Plow 32 ft. and 40 ft. All Steel Portable Elevators Delivery will be intuit 1 in time for corn pick- ing 1 . lii->t your m-ilc-r in now. Cappel Machinery Co. Tfcantlitl

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