The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 26, 1931
Page 4
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GK FOUli I! 1 : (\ •''\\ •' ^ -$ s i •*... •^ New Prices " Skiek Trousers feildrens Coveralls Hickory stripo or Miiiil liliie, 2-! inch bottom. Waist sixes ^S to 12. LcnL'ih :!!> lo !!(> Lxtra hc'.ivv, well made, drop seat. Itc^uliir u'Uc and 95c (|i:a!ily. Each • - l $1.00 Wash Brasses I Beautiful New 1 il All new stvles. {Juaninleed Mens Hats j In dotted Swiss and Linen. -T - . a ;-\ g.,.iE^ra^.^s53S3saa3g»3at"Ht aWEWSlin THURSDAY, MAKCII 26, 1931 TI1UKSDAY, JIARCH 2G, 1931 BLYTltKVlLLlC. (AUK.) t'OUIJIKK NEWS PAGE rrvia s%il^^Mj%g?^^ : ^ Startm Now for our Big Easter Party - - -The greates stances below present wholesale cost. We Lave \ ville, this is the greatest bargain event in our hi » tsffiiVj Unusual Opportunity "TSi**^, m Ni •,' : ; /* a eg* EKKraiSutF nS^ta^.Gf tlSiJi rVl? valuer ever offered in Blylheville - -- profits arc forgo! leu. \Vcaiv really |.'J'<iu;j; you 1 !i e seasons nenrsl merchandise al ne tide special purchases in all deparlmcnls for this annual event ami we are pussin; 1 ; ihe. bar^aui- v,c received <m io om 1 many customers, in our 23 years in Lnsine .ory. Shop our windows - - - visit our store during this Easier sale and you certainly will lie rejimtl. The Crand Leader stands lor quality inereiiandis i£> Rayon Hose Silk from top to toe. I'icot top and slender heel. A G5c value. Pair Boys Hats and Caps Several neaf stvles for Easter Only 25 dozen of'these >mira«K Quality Better Than Ever Fisi.a^^jy^iv;:*'-:!^."^^ ~d Purchase and SalC'"Smav New Easter *C Rayon fi •••cral hundred vartls. Also F A complete line of sizes and smart shapes. In fur-felt Mens and young mons nev S=:-vir^ Suns— i>;." season's New Styles am! materialSj'aH wool woiTk'ds, twee-is aivl wiine!;,, light and dark patterns* A special purchase eiULDli^ ir; fo ;;Her you these wander- i'ui all wool suits with r.vo i^irs or pants at i x «i Eacii Suit With KH Mens Sox •Men's .pure . thread silk sox in solid colors—fancy silk and rayon sox or an excellent lisle sox. All sizes and colors 1'air Ladies Coats Mew Sjirini; Cunts only eluded in tiiis small gro ulcii pongee and cambric. u Coty's Face Powder Powder $1.00 LipStick $1.00 lioth for :: 81x90 f\ 1 A 3 Gooi! Qua! DITSSOS '.hat are thUtoriiif»'iy ^nnu't . . . and most ex-' (rev. 1 ;' values. You luu'e a surprise in stove fov you wi'V!: YOU see lht.-;'J <ieIit';hLi'ul no'tv i'rof.'ks—Sixes 14 to 50 1-2. Vivid I-'riiiis Paste: Gooryetles Lovely ChiffoHK Jacket Suits Sunday Niffhl Crocks SK3msaEzcsE2ia£E-2aiaffiE Ladies Silk Dresses Solid colors and dark prints only included in this lot. $5.93 dresses at Childreiis Wash Voiles, Kaiistes, Broadcloths |i in a beautiful array of styles jjj 36x12. Kach and colors. Sixes 2 to 11. ~° ,,. ':' '.'••.•-,•••£,: : .'S.'"^'v •iii-w. Sr/.cs ".-v.- : v^ ;! :-~r>'-; : H^ s I'taiilifiil iH'v,- KlyJir.h 1 ii! w v.wl !u;ucri;il—driest'.; that you could not ovt'l; :ir : iy expect Lit pnyv/hvri' near this yi'iit 1 . J crcjK 1 . j-oUd cv!'jr:=. ; !!;iii ( .r.!v;, juir.U'd iiiien and ine.ih. Chicken drossos— Ali-u new s,ivk':; foi i.ii: ; oiw.-; 11 lo -Hi. P J 1 K\ ; y*y : v ••ycfe^'-i i i';'t-?¥;W,\'-' ! J «v:istc'v ciia'ih (hal sivo you lilt hi;-,ii iii{lits of tile wprii ?>!sf-> •'flfi'iv-^f-.V'-Jl:-:/^ «'^' ! ou{s(Hn-'!ii'.j; va!'.:e af SH.7f>. Our colltetions of styles 1 ; Stj ^•^V-^'?S^- : 3;;>" S - n ''" r ^i K-i-rtK will ci;::i;le ;• <m to make you: 1 Kiisler si-leo ? ^%^Ss^^ ;: ' ,-- 'I (tdikhtful 11:10. For Men, Women and Chidren /If The uppraiK-hing Esster season is a signal for thousands of smart Blythevillians to turnBlothe Grand Leader for their footwear needs. We are ready for them. Our immense siioe department, the largest in Blytheville, is full of new high QUAI.iTY, se'rvii-cKblc mordiancl|e.'fhe fctyles are the newest— the prices are the lowest and the (jiialily the hesl. '>\7TT"' j .^]!\v T.-;*. ^ r-i {'tn'f^Tfi) /r^/r^ /S. Hi i^Si&W M,/ia 1 isiC LilA1 TO^s^STJi-HSrSjISr/Jiil'^^^'-TioSSSEiTf-T:^ Shoots aed Shkts li!)t value—Men's Shirts K!:ort-:. ^ ^-^. Shorts of hrciudcii'ih or iayi;:i |ir.nte:l or t/(\ f-'' \\ ..^j^ solid colors. Shirls o! 1 niyon ur \:-i:-.:? <^JL , w •' Unit cr.tlon. Kxcipliunul \aiiii's ;u -'.:H- ^ElC ^i>' *<<b»' each. '\JVM\S t , MLNs HIS "iiro MI cs i TO —Kuia-iiMil-. ilintlc-proi-f lined. Very iircl- iv p.Ktcrns anil jusl the s ii., ( |. ^•-—•^•'"i-S^SBEHsasSEESBSBSH^ .._, MEN'S SHIRTS fi _ -----«,——^^^ Smart New Spring Shoes rumps, Straps and Tics in tlir new Cuban and High Hech.ij!: Kid, Ktptilc Trim, Blondes. Pulty and CombinatEons.J j\!l new Spring numbers. You have been paying 1 jnucl^ mere fur this quality of shoe. WtiUlis AA to C—All siies. Tic sure ;intl sec these 1 i shoes at tlic nciv low prices- and sanar^esf 1 S2.95-3.85 4.85 Ladies Straps and Ties I.aillr.s Straps, I'limps arid Tics in Cuban Heels. Black Patents, Gim Metal. This is ;i close-mil of some of ' V 82.50 value J 1 hiili ! > :; ..ione, prc-shrunk, fast co'icr. pi-r- fee! collar poin! -.hii'l-; in "hit'.-, ISlue and 'Ian $1.50 iS2SS552S5BS3E Men's Shirts value, M eais an oys at •Smt llii- I:!;-.:- , '..'ill vaili: il • Ihr. nnv »-.I,-I i. /..,v.a ^u,;.^^ - Si; !o 1'jrk li:ils for tin- clisrriin- i:.!'.;r.^ >;::i:'.. f.i.03 ami ?C.OO hnis linl ar; 1 Hie rlin::.^l in ;tyl? ati:l .. N'.ii!;. I! .llvr tj::-. i.i! J pretty patterns CJXLi'ccJ'U' - -.Vii ;;p(^ !!•.;'. :-.rr Hip latest •I'.M: brir.::.— "':.'.\\ 'in (he illcr :ii3i:e> i L.tslcr vrcar spe- i :•:. >-.- t,icc:i „-.... :] '1 a'.;. il!i.-A;-. .: W^ Q^ Q^ t..'iWO«w''O' .Ul3S'>;ffe:v.-; • v j-,- : ::-...: .v j ^^^^•^•^m if. in :ii»Ii Hei-ls. I'.lac»Kid, S'a'.tm, lilcrilr. ';: very ncv.csi, ii'.p c,nalityfl The i.nv.: shoes yon n Irt in.OO. SI: 1 .; 3 Ti In 8, \u:|is AAA lo C. Now T.fS You need uo long'ei' he told you have an pxyensiu fool s m - -3 X t?.'A- ,1 s . Fai-thintin:: -.iiiieiy tluit a^.-uro:. llr.dini; the model that jctn \vanl—•.'i'.-hiov.L-d of ir.a'.eri.i!:--. Novel collar and c'.i ; i' treatment. :•: .111- -i'!i' ar.i! :;;;ne fi:r ['d, wide nr nanuw lx!(:-—IT;-;-;:, w.'iy Tor tl'idiiv ^-.ii: 11 .i;;iis. Kilted waist lines, thmw.;, J;>JK;(S. ;-iik crepe lined. >, ; l!J.7"i values. • /T* ^ Tl rt* /TO $5 and $6 spring coat mode, styles that orijjiuiited lion of ii coal, * A famous limit Ii shoe that combines beauty ivith comfort! 'Ilie !U-\v liprin^ styles :irc ckinniii:: ;ind most coi:ii;Iclc is K.IIV ;iri;l cclor riiage. Try tlicm—you'll like Knnn .Trtiirk^, too! S17PS I to 1? VVKIHis AAAAA lo KEK to tit any Hy:f:^^n7rrg57^^^r?rr^^ , J f?*^«.r Qwtee, 1 /f 5 ^ NEW STEA , ' (?) £ .y^rfeo^.^^A v^vi-'i.^"y''-^ '' I•?••-,./[:{^— /i'i'si' 1 . [A J ^r~^";^:^|^, {•• A, \~W&\f"^ ' fv>§ Sii.uv hats for Easier—Youthful styles—Ilejnfce for ^ __J) i^:^3g-«'v1i;^ gl fif-, <?= i '>. J72r; f^sJ p \ 'sr'^Mjji 's§J dacions styles of almost any straw you would wish. !•' <3^^3?^S?&f)w '] •''••'••'•' '••'•' l ' ;i ; ' : - t '- v "' : »\s\ A Vi ' ^' l-r "-;> !r! fii.' : - : vfs".'v "w-v nu ' c ' 1>1|M ' lo;lil models, (ace straws, rough straws, sm< here are au- •'lowcr trim- smooth straws lilp.l; Kiar, TliiU'Ii ... ^ v 'V<i I.O i'«l(Ok'!,A' Q?°-«-.<t»^•?»/•» i>^-^.—- -.•-- --:---.--7/ : :q :r ^K.. : ^^^:^^-xrJ:?^ L ":..T • .i..c.rjr;.^.-f'.-jii^^ 1\!«5?%^ Oiii;':^eJ'^r i:> ii ~ ~" lilr. ilrptib Trims. nl<.;itle. .Many 2-lones fur sport. Slip- i m niildrcn-t ?>!ip- H iilf.uils, Childrsns anil Jlitcs Slrap :;:ip;^:-.. ri nn <}\f,.;-:: ; a: r :i V\ per,-. Straps ami |3 Pp;rl O':fon!s_ llla^k. ;;nr\ Sni'ihv ! !!,. Sin-.-hil pii.-i !..•:.;• uf t.l these slices" cnillci us In offrr thciii ril !Iii.i i;,cei.:l price. Vj!'--.'; r .l Oxforris — I'aient and Gun MetrU — AH Sizes. Sjic- belter nuniliers. S3 anil Sl>.5o sliocs. Good si/rs. On sale s]>ecial $1.49 VV ; VR> TTTA -v^ : Ouistaiidi?ig Value Ladies ir*l ^^-iJMr-^ Ladies Arch Support Shoes Ladies arch support Ties and Straps. Med'imi His;h Heel Black. IJrown and l.iKht Colors. Kcjtuhr S3.50 and SI. DO sellers. Special price Girls' Sport Oxfords Oirls Sport Oxfords, IJiown, Tans and Combinations. Leather heels and soles, als,o riihhcr heels and soles. All new .spring number.-;. Sizes :) to R. Widths A A to C. Wonderful values $2.95»$3.95 ROY'S oxrowi>s I>3vs O\fnr^s fnr Sji; lii^. Bi.ick C'-l MEN'S OXFOKDS j :•:• .i's O\fcrd';. Blnek Calf. Mriliiini ! \V:t:p Tee. Spcriil jinrclia'-r of this j i—ivi:tr. Urgalnr ?:i.50 seller. Now f 'l'r'i rf *^VM'fr^ ^ t '^'. t i^!?'^r f ^^ Ladies Houre .Slippers l-ulies I(ot;5? Mipjic-: 1 All Icnlhrr. Black KM B^S>.,-"fK liiiu-.e slip;wr.-. < ):1 -" f?. ?;n -i Sltap ami run.])?, I'LH Herts. Kecular S1.7.i l seller;. Now on "te for Mor.'s ^'cout Shoes All I'rTentliy l-'i\r OvTcnl^ fnr mrn. Th? nr*- nncl IifKer tlian evtr. lilack :i:i«l 7',.iv, .it;il 12—\ AA (n 1). Tliry loMi ;'.- L,H.:, v, EOIK! as most any 5LO slide 1 . Srt- liic New Sporl O \fot\l 1'iivc Silk—full Fashioned. 1'icot-top, Chiffon antl Scr\ ice \Vcis:h(s. Al! colors I SslkEose llOSC— ptU'C Sjthrwd «lk. eluft'oii ov scr- vice wi-ishts. These aio '•'••'^."^e. :••\<-'i:' : -'\\K\ ** \.-'-'\'}.'^ '^ \^'' f] liu^e wliiv;!; vou iiiivc form- ^>4 pi-TAr"- 1 **'' *> crl - v p;iid Slll!: ' ;lncl ^ l ' 50 R r. ^'-iWiS'^'.V'l ^ 1K ' r 1>:lir- - 1 " sh:l(l *-' s % >Vr A/*' ^^illM^SEfes^lSif E 1 ;.'. ; .•; \ : -$^£i%^l^W2£^

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