The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1932
Page 5
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SATURDAY. SEPTUM HKU 10, 1!):!2 Bl/tTHKVILLK, (AUK.) COUIUEK NEWS PAGE F1VH CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word for flifii Uuertlon aod one c*ul * wore (or woh iutemuent ln«ertfc)L No MiyertlMDUDl taken lor lu. ibta Ho, Count tho vordi EUQ MONEY H.W. COQLEY 0/932 ay KM SIRVXe IHf i'hone 306 FOtt SAUg FOR SALE—One large Cary Safe, weignl mi) J.-oimus. (Jluap. iiniiu.- Haidware Co. 5C-K1^ KJll SALE --HouMhold Call 895. fip-klY 1'OK KKVf FOR KENT — Unfurnished apartment, Main street, one blocK from business dib'.rict. Borum Urns; S'.oic. 30C-ku FOR RENT—Furnished apanment, 108 West Kentucky. I'hone 683. SO-KID iiKiii.v m:nt IIIUAY JIO.\.» TOHXSIIMl. Imiutlral yiilini; tihlcm, luhrrlli fcvr hu,- bantl'M [iilllEijn« ullb iht.. iiruvUlim Him tW ,1,11.1 mil rvncd. Her marring?, cirranKei) by her kut- |I:IIII!'A lu»>Tr, \vUii MrtB Sl(iu»'« employer, urn a tlr.iuce [Lllnlr, Ifallni; lu'r tree nl I Me cml uC a )CJ]r <u Ijrrunic her liukiliftnd'* 11 Lie In rtclunllly nr M-rurr a illvimT. Mimn, Iti line »IIU Urr bmlmrn]'» rii-lihrw, ll.lllltV 'I'<I\V.\M:.\U. iisn'ril in Hi? tti:lrrlnKe Mlirn »ba CtKincliI llnrrjr tv[LM lni.1 In lirr. Shi; rrn|il,i)* Ml'rril-J II.UIK, n IrifthlDii iniiiU-1, IIM lirr • [•crt-tarr- rniiiii.iiihiH mill ihry tfl nut fur Smith AiniTL'ii, «lii-r«- Iliirrjr mul sn;vi; S.UTAIIMM.I nrc ran. n,r> li llii- . IU'11, i tk fur u Sbr nl Irtr min ri-.-onrlllnll. FOR RENT—rilling station, two pumps, store and three living rooms, Uarlield road. Hurry Atkins. I'hone 1M. 5C-K12 WANTED f lit. ini rurlimp cinil until* d> flu* n Ki .iriimtv Ib ..... Kiilly. l.t-nriitiiK Ilial llnrry nnd S ni.' >ni fnrallnn ill llulldny l»l Hi,-, !<-:,, r Unit IMKH in or S|,:ilu. Tl:i-rr thry inert Mil,, ink,', Ihrm 10 l.l Ihirrv „,,,! Slrvr urr <-ordl:il Iln-Et urrnhiK lurkn n.-inn Ih. \ \tlshr* hlip Itiiil n, it rinikf. ll rue e.iphiniitinni • lir Afi'alr WANTED—Fiivnlsl:c:l house, Hire? beds. Good location. Pr.o:ic 50. Dc-kl-l aln k »Fie t; Hurt, Want 5 teams and 20 men at Bar- Held to sot! leree. J. 0. Ellis. inpkH PERSONALS CUSTOM HATCHING — Beginning Sept. 12tli. Baby Chicks. Oct. 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blyt.icville. '5C-KTT WARXIXG OKUEU CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. E. A. Brown. Plaintiff, No. 5205 vs. / M. Branson, el a].. Defendant. The defendant, M. Branson. First National Bank of Grccmvuod, .Mississippi, C. C. Hudgcns, Trustee, and Thomas A. Eariy. arc- warne'd to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, E. A. Brown. Dated 4-25-1332. n. L. GAINES. Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C Jesse Taylor. Atly. Ad Lito. 20-27-3-10 HIIIH fnr n[-*er:il irrleil. ( lu if nl^Tll \llifn the 4im to lilt l,eiif[i Ihrrr. lie lelln un %<;lien he n^kH m Miuin rrfu*c». flr*l rind u *»:iy re nf lit* unele'a nrr nbont tliiMi Sine e l:niee, Uenil Hurrying ilowiislnlrs Loltlo stood .vvtjjirutk anil (nsclualcil wlillo Mlsa won't thai l; ,ve i Oracle risked her own life drawing tlic poison from tlio wound with en izl\c him n fnrlun«. 'I'he/ iiun >!'mn nnj l.nltlc tfi'|i:trl rue hnule pn!>.iiiieil Ijy n fer <l »n:ike of the Weit KOW GO OX WITH THi: STOUT CHAPTER XLVI "PME native's cry struck (error In both fiirls' bcaitg. "Ro^s ytcve Hurl uy fer-.le-latice." Tlio ileadly Euako of the West Intllc.i! If Steve were a victim ot the fer-dc-lance be would die! whero Barry wus. "linrry!" she cried, "ilmcki It wo can get anil-toxin lima the snuko, Institute lilm?" Quickly Blic explained her Dr. Allen waj aboard tlio Mlramlii , Ecrum from the si:;iko Institute 10 Martinique. It In- eoulil bo reached she knew Lo would liclu Iliem. A litjht ot Incredulous Joy spread over Harry's faco as l.ollio went on talking. The Mlrninta was u scant 15 minutes nway by plane. U thcro was uutl-io&lu aboard they must send Tor It. Ho called find and explained. Steve's llfo wns nt stake. Miss Oracle, ailent In such niattern, would know what to do uutll Ility could return. "Let mo go with jou, Ilnd," bossed l.-jlllc. "I'm going—!" "Don't yon think yoii'J better stay here, Lottlo, in disc blevo wants you!" "I'll need fioinoouG lo help mo!" lutcruoscd Miss Oracle. "Do tfiey menu in caso Steve wants her or in caso Stcvo tiles?" Mona thought to herself, instantly her mlnil was uiailo up. "I'll no with U.irry nud IJnd." she announced. "1 know Dr. Alh'ii. You slay here, Lotlio. Thai's Ihe best way." Miss Oracle, kneeling by tho couch, wns li:ithliiK Steve's wov leg. Louie, watching, ihoiiEbt sbe would fiilnl as she caw tho iroinan liich up a sharp kitchen kulta and. with sharp, merciless jabs, ciil crlss crons Into the wounded flesli. Sieve lay with liis eyes closcil. HG ljarcl> ler lips, rinsing her uioulh with every application. This eho dlJ i anil ai;a!u. Would she die too? •'or.Lottie hail given up ho»c. Lean- ng against llio franio oClho door, Lottlo walehed, iiraylns for tlio Irst lima In r. lout;, Inns while. "That ehoulil ilo until (hey get icre." Jllss Qrack was tayln;,-, ilruKBlluj; lo her feet and looking down at tho wound. "Ymi incjn—?' f Miss (iraclo shook lier head. "I mean that with tho serum they aro ho will be all rlyhl. Kveu without It lio p.!lghi have a chance! Ho has wonderful vitality, a wonderful constitution, i'vo Been men dlo from a snulic blto In less time than !; look to bring him here!" Blio slopped, nbstiactctlly, lo tilck nn n lon'el, indlcalcd llio baslu ot water to Joslo nud was olt to llio kitchen. Lottlo dropped Inlo a chair besldo tho couch ivlioro Slovo lay. Ilo seemed asleep, not unconscious, ex. ccpt that his face was pnlo and hla lips hung open a lltllo like a child off Kiiarii. Tho wounded leg \\i\i caretnlly propiicd up with pillows. It wns iisro from tho tlilfili to auklo.' a compress over tho wound. Ilo lay so slill lliat Lottlo stilv- ered. for the slight motion ot breatliiug he inl^lit bo dead!" 'PlIE rnlnutes ticked away. Allss Oracle returned, stciiping quiet* l.oitle groaned and hurried tor vvi "eed at Hie knife cuts. His face ly for f.a bulky a woman. wlili the car. coughed, choked The and j'racio' tl,e-""carrledi';" rlli "7 fuIV ,' L '" 1 - 0l;L IU J'^" , Imuso ami laid Mini ' low " lh " 1ls!! :h . c . "•"" el « ! l ™= «':iru"."i'ln»n'"i:'ioso "beiili'i'.r'Th'e i^i'r scomcil lncrcdilily_ uajo. hail reached the e::tra:icu now. IJarry uas isaiiiiiR r.rdcra ui:J IJnd was helping Hie uaiive boya lift out Steve, tt'itii quick, sliarp iUr»:U;>ns i from ytcvo lulo iho gently on a lounge. The terror- stricken natives were hustler! away. Josle came runnlug, bringing bot water. Uutside the door Mona and Lottlo waited, too frightened to speak. Suddenly Lottie said, "The Miranda! Dr. Allen is aboard with serum. They must be clcse lo "1 think 1 hear Ihe Ladybird," : Miss Oracle said suddenly. Al that VIONA ran lo Ihe entrance where vury moment there wan a cry out- 1TJ - Hud and liarry had nrrivcd side. Tlio maids came clustering automobile t!ic-n •.vent Granada now! Oh, Mona, if we could get somo ot that scrum ucr- baps it would save him!" She glanced at her watch. "I'm going to try, Mona—!" •.water. Lottie nu into the IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF THE CHFCKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS S. L. Caatley, receiver of the Sl.l:_™° maid _passet! with a_ljasln ot Louis Joint Slock Land Bank ot" *" St. Louis, Missouri, a cor[>cration PlaintilT. Nb. 5323 vs. J.L P. Brownlce. Eriie Carle Brown- Ice, his wife, T. P. Maitin, Trus-' Ice, Potts Camp Stale Bank, p. corporation. Defendants WARXIXG OliDKIi The non-resident defendants Potts Camp Slate Bank, u corporation of Potts Camp. Mississippi is hereby warned lo appear in this court within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint nici' herein by (he plaintiff or .tin ."'.me will lie taken as confessed Witness my hand and seal ?.'. Clerk of the Chancery Court o! Mississippi County. Arkansas. 01 this 3rd day of September. 1032 R. L. GAfNES. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C G. I!. Segraves. Atty. for I'laintill. 7: B. Harrison, Ally. Ad Litem. 3-10-17-2-; lo ihe P.Iniort. It was a distance luslcriiig about llio door In excitement, old Maria urhnjing up Ihe rear. "Hoss liarry coming;" Florence was saying eagerly. There was no doubl nliont it. Tlio wildly, Tlie car follovrcd st top Bl'l'ul. Mom Eat In llio c»r. Bud was luglug ou tlio ruiinliLg bonril and at llio wheel this tlmo was Hurry. Tlicro was a stranger with them. Young Dr. Allen! I.ottlo grew weakly limp and (Itilolly dropped to Iho veruuda. Slio had, for Iho first Umo In her lif<', fainted away. "Wc'vo got H, J> slio heard a vo!co cry 13 everything becaino a blur. 'PlllOllK wero rnslllngii, Etlrrlngs. At length Loltlo opened her eye*. Sim was In her own room lying on the lied and Monn was hciiding aux* loutly over her. Dr. Allen. Einlllnn anxiously [oo, stooil nt tlio other Blilo of Iho bed. llul tho doctor was here vilicii ho eliould lio with Sieve! Thai wua L''H!e's lU'Bt thoiight. Almost lln- nuilinlely tilio noticed IHai It w;n d.n'rf oiitsldo. Fho must havo lain In a faint for Lours. , Her IIjis moved hut tlio words <!H not coino. 'Do you want Steve";" Mnn:i askui. "Oh, he's all right now. Wo JTOiisht tha doctor with us, you ' iiuw. Ueachi'd Oranadu Just In n:e. Tho boat was blowing Its last wliisile. Tho Gcrinii was Ihcro loo icil It worked perfectly. "Sieve, will be healing you at golf n a tuw weeks." Dr. Allen promiseii. "You'ro sure he's all right?" "01 course. I'm going lo stay around though until he's ablo to lam handsprings." '.Sieve Is In his own room," Mona li!ctl. "Tho boys carried him up wLcro he'd bo moro coiuforlablo. lie h a lluio less drowsy l-'j'll ivjiiit to talk lo you," "I'll bo down for dinner," I.ollto "Yon certainly will not. young woman." Dr. Allen fair]. "\\V11 Dim liOAltDUSG HOUSE ByAhera I 1 POUGE * -^'_ tfi *... i E, M-1OY MV BOY/- ~~ 3 OF TILINGS WHILE I ArA \-r---f ESCORT "S j 6ONG/~-SUOtJLO YoU V\Mfi. ANV 1**] I EVCfi SEE VOU DOUBTS, CONSULT WITH T,AE ^4. Tov ^ |vl AAPN&/--~ I'M UlrA (v\V OOIKG ^TV Df,PoT-~ <3£T IN' /y\V AVMV FOR TUe PALL SOCIAV- SEASON), Yx RoAOSTtfe AN 1 ' I'l f'j.if —POLO- A Bit OF GROUSE SKOmjNii > ( PLJSK AKoUND U>m-l T^ODLE-OO, of bait a mile yet almost Instantly j ilroiiln; hum, tho Increasing roar Lottie heard the roar of tho engine uncj eare the Ladybird rise la ;be air. hesitate and then KO roiling wua the Ladybird. U caiuo hurtlibg through the air. closer anil closer. Landing on the golf course, 1 ci- on. Its uose iu the direction ot i peel," Miss Oraclo was baying. Lultie eanie kacfr to ll:o r.orch. Josle knelt there sobbiau. bohlini; a basin of water and watclilui; Mibs Oracle's canabla hands. "Find suiro disinfectant. Louie," Miss Graclo ordered sharply. Upstairs tlio girl flew. Disinfectant? Where would It be! Her lingers fumbled about the ir.ciliclno "That's closer. One mere timo won't hurt 11." ' "One more lime!" Lottie repeated. The song she and Sicvo Lad Bung as they dauced tofetlier went that way. Til a Into a eirclo ot trees anil was lost to rlew. Presently Hie stream o! native boys be^an once a&aln to Ladybird settled abruptly snc ' lf - Ab. this was 11 Tb]a would ! noiir out of the tunnel, cosilrulatlnc h:ivc It sent to yon." Iti> stood In t!io ilour a niumonl, od'crlnu casual ailvLe, and then went lo Sieve's •oaiii. "Lollle!" cried Mona suildeuly. Tho two girls clung together. "You Eaved him for me," Lottlo crlcil sodly, wliilim her cjcs. "Vim anil Harry, it looks as (houyli Slevo nuil I will have lo do .soniellilng for yon tno." Unl Mona'3 lliouElilj raced back lo tliat 15 minutes in llio piano wlicti cvorytliiiiK except Sieve's llio seemed unimportant. Tlioso 15 iiiiu. ulcs had taught their lesson. She looked at Loltlo wllli shining eyes. "Perhaps you Imvo dono it already." she said. (To 11 • Cfmlhiucd) HOOTS AND MUrt WJ1)I))KS By Martin SVO\<b \\ WfVb 1 CfXVSV \\Q? ft'cB l'\.V 9\C\<. OUT OQVAt TREE. jVi British Chinese Minister May Get French Post LONDON (UP) -Rumors nci'Mst liiat Sir Miles tampson, Britisli -MinS-.ti- to China, ivili he pro- inolr;! ;o tt-^ ..n-.bassy in Paris in fi:ccp«:on to Lord Tyrrcli. but confirrr.ritinn is not obtainable fioni thp Foreign Office. Kir Mile--, now on leave in Rril- .iin. is exp'ctcd lo return to his Nanking \' f i-l a; the end nf the >'far. The ncison Biven for his 'ailier lcn?!!iy Inave was that tic ™1 not bcra nh!c to ennov r.r.y home ! ?n vc (fir live 'and a hal'f .^'•nis. jjf. ]^ ) 1:lc j nn arduo'.is "<>'•<• durin K the rcrent period, of warfaic ;m d lainiue and was ts- • liai. apanci-i 1 truce in Shiin^- tj ""'" 'Mrr-l! is riipcclr-rt lr> re- rc iihonr. (])(. c]lf j O f UK- year. ,J. "'''""-nir-nt will If l!-,i. Mib- J«i n, „„.(.], f, r , ci; i : ,.j,in ar.rl cli rare \viil he cxrur-r<i ii '' <I'"S his successor. -Sir i I now,, ,„ ilc jn , r An . bassadorshiji. HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP Thomas INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF OM THE MOVIE COLONY -9Y DAN THOMAS- i Where Jean Harlow Is Secluded "'W^ Y n.\x THOMAS ' r: LA Service Writer I "WOOD.-Now it's uirt!? , BY n.\X THOMAS NLA HOLLYWOOD. racing which has captured Hollywood's fancy. You never know v.hal the next thing lull ut out \isii. On, rink, or w!|alcvcr yuu want to call a track fcr t'.irties. opened r. coupla of weecks aso but was cloiscl ' ( ti'c second day when b:g. bad po- : liccin;n arrested all the n.rtbs. i Ves, doubt it or net. the innocent liltSc creatures actually \\cre taken ' lo jail because Iho populace haci '• been bettinj on lliein. Ilontvor. Ihe | !ir;t track was givrn such a reception diirins its tu-o dayi ;liat ! aiiQtlier one ha", b?er, op^ jus; i ciiside the city iiniitb a:ii i» Uciiij j a thriving business. Dornlliy .lu'[ [)arsn'i Knnvv • Overiuard in t'ne RKO Mudiu: I Visitor to D:rothy \Vil-r,n. mace i:p for work: "Dr, ysu w.'ar that brawn stuff on vo;ir lace all the time"? j notothy: -oh. yes. a',1 ;hi; players I vicar i:." Visilor: -Why?" Dorothy <M;nicwiiat at:nl:r,-l): "To tell li-.;; truth. I d"n'i kn:-.w." Oh. v.-?ll. A !ie's liL-rn in o:i:y or.c piclurc .so iar. Give iier tuno. I'aul and His -SoimrU like briinii hut it aniinlly di:l happr-ii. iM'.il Muni, dressjd in the stripw! prison garb h; wuari in his current picture, was crivhig to the .-tudio the cth?r inoriiinj WASH TUHHS THE PLOT THICKENS! Warren William . . . looks a Inl like John ISarryinorc. ! nix, would you autograph my Irak j for me?" nix did so very ps'.ilely. • And did he get the lan^ii? Ask him. I Hun- is the Hollywood home of Mr. and Mr*. Marino Dclio,' parem-; , ot Jean Harlow, where the noted movie actre." has been in s?clu- | sion tincc the suicide of her husband. PJUJ! Qe rn. Hello denied rc- • l>oits that Ihe film star sought to end her own life by leaping from i a balcony ol this rouse. parts in high school plays to th; theater, .-crvcci overseas with PC A. E. F.. returned au:l becum? n i success on Droadnay. migrate:! . California and ife mori;s, is I Ice; sill, has h:i:= I >3chiing eyes ns makes OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Forci Repairs Wiccker .Service PHfLLlPS MOTOR CO. •'bone 810-717 A semiconscious speed c;p no- j to become an engineer liccd iiim as Ihe car drove pm .liicl 1 his min:l l»Ciiasc he Here's a : _^ ( this actor Development of a Pitless Prune Perfected MOUNT ANGEL. Ore. prunes." O. II. Jacnhwji. rj;^raUi r of ;• nujsery !o:ir miles of hr-re. i^ ptrfcclinu the ilevtlunmcnt of .' pitlcss prur.?. Thr fruit is olive- . shaped. fltxiut Ihr of a Pc- W E H I 1 I IK .MAKES 'KM SKK Oflice Over Joe Isaac's Store SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson 301-383 E. j.ue c'.'.asc. Ordciiny \\\? driver over to the curb, the cop cllsr.cunl- :d and apiircaohcd tile car with •li.v.ui yun. •t:c: out." he crdcicd .shaipiy. Muni looke-; nuzzled, then re- :nr:ntorcd his nnifcrm and statteri f> laugh. After a lilllc riiflicuily he identified himsoll. And just as ho w;ii drivin? olf. lia flniiB back at the cop. "Since when have Cali- j lamia cotivicls been wearing i siripei?" I One on Hichard Dix And the moral is keep in closer touch with your relatives. A young coutin of Richard Dix5. who i ;;is grown up ccr.sidor.ibly since ho \n~\ j sau- her throe ycar.s ago. came to I Hollywood [:r a vis:t. In some man! ner il-.p galnfd a:'mittanco lo the 11 slnd:o ivithcul Hicharri's knowl- Ooln,; up fj him as lie wn^ Dealing lunch, she said, "Oil, Mr. A Line on Warren William Add to [lie list of nmuual records in Ho'.lyn'cori thai of Warren Wilimii, who became a star after only six pictures. Uuimbr.ail biography o! wr.o l)oiirs a striking re.semblancc- In Mm Uarrytnorc: Horn in the i .small tiwi] oi Aitkin. Minn, wanted he didn't like Squirtlc's sranefrni'.. ••s«n-kis«d" 1'ave been budded 1 with buds from mathematics, drifted Irom small i orange.-, and now comes "pilloss the one tree litc has the color of an Italiai prime, is grown nn Ihe Ilnliau l}pe of tree, but has a "forei5n" Ilavor all its own. "fhc only sign ol a "p'if is a shell-like s:ibstnnr: abnnl ns small a.s a dinif. Fourteen hundred 'trees CMUCKtES ^ HE WKTCHES EA.STS EffOWS TO outvW h&MMST N sORpu\se MTA.CV;. By Crane Xou. *S SUPReMtW CONFIDEMT. OF SMOKE R'.SES fft ^V- r\ST6R.N, A*lt> 6*S 5, DOES MOT SSfe VT. y, BEIKUi ON ft -SCHOOMER TWW1V MJW SEES vr, MTO SKOVJTS NEWS TO HIS / VSSTl VK POOHPS NN ISLKND rSftOUT &HiH, "f St^ltK- KNVTmN& VlOTi-t EASE'S f-OTCNTWN. ___FRECKM-:S AND I'LL TAXE JOE, OUR CArJAfiy, OVER. TO r,7ECk;l.£S... AM' ME3BH IT'LL CMEHP. FRECW.ES , 'J? IF HE HEARS J3E SING !.' To JoS IT'LL <T YOU UP MOBODY5 UP, OSCAR..... ON THIv SAFI \vJELL, TMEiJ, I SOESS I AAISHT AZ MJEL; JOE BACX HOME t3 " " ^fet^^, %V^- p|oss*i '" JOE ! TWAT'S AM ODD WArAE FOR A S-^\ DOES THAT STAWD FOR JOSEPH OR JoS£PWW£ *^ m DOvJ'T ' ''

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