The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 16, 1962 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 16, 1962
Page 2
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PAGE 2- THE TlPTON DASLlT TRIBUNE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier. In City, Per Week One year, Tipto" and Adjacent Counties 30 eenti S7.O0 Published Daily Except Sunday by TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. 221-223 East Jetferson Street, Tipton, Indiana, Telephone OSbome S-211S Member United Press International News Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4,1»5 at the Postoffice in Tipton; Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 187*. la * ROUND TOWN and... THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Maney There is growing sentiment in Congress, according to news sources in Washjntgon, that the "picking up of the tab" of §100 million in bonds by the United States is in for some h sledding. rou_ ROLUND TOWN SEVERAL SENATORS have been trying to rally support against the measure ... by pointing out that the other nations in the U. N. should be made to guarantee their DONATIONS (which is about what they would amount to). . . before ;he U. S. agrees to any purchase. ANOTHER SENATOR will ask, according to the news this a.m., that the bonds pay 4% interest . . . the same amount the United States pays for money it borrows. THE ONLY HOLLOW RING this sort of thing has—is the fact that some of the Senators with a "weather eye' out for election, put up a big front against this sort of spending : . . . while they (or some ot them) accept payments on such items as the SOIL BANK . . . trips abroad, etc. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. But then — " that's politics we presume. —RT— TO GO 1XTO the matter a little more. We wonder what sort of jTospectus is being used . . . and v.liat guarantee of redemption? No businessman would -buy that sort of a deal —yet the American people are asked to go along. ANOTHER SENATOR points out that the transaction would be outside the scope of the Securities .md Exchange Commission, approval of which the American businessmen must have belore they can sell securities to the public. TURNED DOWN MOiSE TSHOMBE cannot have a visa to visit the United States, where he was expected to attend an anti-commie session. The State Department sure went to the bottom of the barrel for the answer to this one. He was advised that his appli- caion was 'Incomplete' at first . . . then later told, we believe, that it was not in the best interests of the two countries ... or some other .hog-wash like that! MAY-BE WE DON'T understand the manner in which the so-called statesmen of today approach a project . . . but seems to us that a man who fights against Communism ... is much better—for all of his other faults . . . than someone who not only fight them . . . but is a pink . . . and a sympathizer! -i- * £• "THE POLITICAL SITUATION is not propitious." This was the ten dollar word answer to the question, according to reliable sources. What a group of dim-bulbedjerks! When will they learn that the reason-the United States is not trusted in other lands ... is because of just such things we allow the appointive men in Washington to get by with. -sir * • WE ENTERTAIN such gangsters as Khrushchev-Sukarno-Castro . . . yet we will not allow the President of an anti-commie country over here . . . because it isn't propitious. ROUND TOWN NEXT WEDNESDAY Tipton Merchants will put on the annual Washington's Birthday.for the shoppers of the area. Two full pages of REAL EYEDROPPERS will give out with some neat bargains . . . from almost every store in the downtown area. WATCH FOR the Wednesday issue of the TRIBUNE. Save your pin money ladies . . . and you'll lie glad vou did. • 4 -fr -fr * RUMORS HAS IT that there is a little unrest in some local political areas. Some of the boys who are supposed to lie.down and roll —over! don't want to roll . . . not for the ringmaster at least! WE DON'T KNOW WHY it is . . .tout give some .persons a little authority . . . and ; they go all out to make like lihey had never heard of Dale Carnegie. They are in the negative department when it comes to winning friends and influencing people. AG. DEPT. AT SEAI THE AC. DEPARTMENT is at SEA over what might one day transpire, because a cozy note of home has been injected on board the atomic sub POLARIS. It seems that the crew will grow their own vegetables aboard ship. Boy—just think how those gobs will dream In a cabbage patch ... and survey their fine ripe tomatoes . . . with no bugs ... no blackbirds .. .and no weather to worry about. , WE JUST HAD a horrible thought! What if the government should suddenly decide to pay the NAVY to put the garden in the SOIL BANK? Soil bank on a sub? Even Mr. Freeman wouldn't dare. TODAY'S TIDBIT LET US HAVE faiUi that right makes MIGHT. And in that faith . . . let us dare to do our suty as we understand it. A.L.1860 . AWAIT WEATHER REPORTS NEW CONCORD, Ohio (UPI)— Mr. and Mrs. John Glenn Sr. stayed up until midnight waiting for weather reports that later forced cancellation of their son's orbital space flight attempt. The Glenns, who had planned to watch the planned space shot on three TV sets in their home here, secluded themselves Tuesday afternoon in waiting for the attempt. T-V PROGRAMS WISH -rv (Channel 8) Friday, Februray 16, 1962 4:00 Brighter Day Secret Storm Edge of Night Early Show Whirljbirds News ;> Wthr. CBS News Rawhide Route 66 Father of the Bride Twilight Zone Eyewitness News; Wthr. Late Show Saturday, February 17, 1962 8:00 Indiana,Farmer Marion Co. Schools Capt. Kangaroo Video Village (Jr.) Mighty Mouse Magic Land Roy Rogers Sky King Friend Flicka 1:00 Rhythm Carnival 2:00 Sehvin 3:30 Invisible Man . , 4:15 4:30 5:00 6:30 7:00 7:15 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:15 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 WFBM-TV (Channel 6) Friday, Februray 16, 1962 4:00 Make Room for Daddy 4:30 Here's Hollywood 5:00 Francis Farmer Film- 6:45 Huntley-Brinkley 7:00 News 7:00 Wthr..; Headlines 7:30 International Showtime 8:30 Detectives 9:30 Bell Tel. Hour (c) 10:30 Chet Huntley 11:00 News 11:15 Weather-Sports 11:30 Jack Paar (c) Saturday, February 17, 1962 7:45 Cartoon Carnival 8:00 Three Stooges 8:30 Learn to Draw 9:00 Three Stooges 9:30 Deputy Dawg Would you know? At sometime, almost everyone, is called on to make funeral arrangements or advise, a friend. Call Young's at once. We relieve you of all the details and assist the family in every way possible. AT FUNERAL y HOME TIPTON • Dial 015-4^0 -V in Review By DOC QUIOG , United Press International NEW YORK <UPI)—A gigantic lock of humanity in this country will tell you they don't know anything about government and politics but they know what they like. They like Ike. Their man was on television Thursday night, showing that he hasn't lost a thing during his year of life on the farm. The world's most eminent dirt farmer came over on TV like. — well, like the impression Winston Churchill, intended to convey when he introduced Eisenhower at a big reunion banquet in London. « The great orator got to 'his feet, garumphed, and then simply shouted: "Here's Ike!" This hour-long film was the last of three installments on "CBS Reports" on the subject "Eisenhower on the Presidency." In it, the 34th President of the U n i t e d States rambled a spectrum of event, • personality, and opinion under the easy questioning of Walter' Cronkite. Notes Television's Impact He spoke extemporaneously, chatting along carefully at first and then warming up and waving his arms when he got on the subject of the military. Speaking of the impact of television on politics, he • said: -"The people like to see what a fellow looks like. They like to make their own opinion through the lens of that machine as to what the fellow believes, how sincere he is..." Well,. the opinion here is that the former President still looks good and healthy. In the first half of the program, photographed outdoors, the meandering, blood vessel of his right temple stood out prominently in the light- 10:00 10:30 11:00 1:00 1:30 Shari Lewis (c) K. Leonardo Cowboy Theater Cap'n Star Bowling Champs WLW-T • TV (Channel 13) Friday, Februray 16, 1962 4:00 American Bandstand 5:00 Casper the Ghost 5:30 Open Quote 5:45 Critic at Large 6:00 News 6:15 Wthr; Sports 6:30 Yogi Bear 7:00 Ripcord 7:30 Soupy Sales 8:00 The Hathaways' 8:30 Flintstones 9:00 77 Sunset Strip 10:00 Target 11:00 News; Wthr. 11:30 M-Squad Saturday, February 17, 1962 8:15 News; Wthr. 8:30 Almanac 9:00 Life Line 9:30 Man the Maker 10:00 AF Hilites '61 10:30 Churchmouse 11:00 Symp Backstage 11:30 Farm Front 12:00 Prof. Will E. Gopf 12:30 Pass Key 1:00 The Texan 1:30 All-Star Golf (c) 2:30 Action WTTV-TV (Channel 4) Friday, Februray 16. 1962 4:00 Chatter 'n' Bugs 4:30 Popeye 5:45 Rocky and Friends 6:00 Ruffles 6:30 Broken Arrow 7:00 Victory at Sea 7:30 Jimmy Dean 8:00 Bowling Time 9:00 Cimarron City 10:00 Variety Show 11:00 Court of Last Resort Saturday, February 17, 1962 3:30 Lessons for Living and-shadow of the camera angle; In the latter half, at his office desk, his face shone with dignity. At one point, speaking of presidential news conferences, he observed that the information media of our country do a fine job, and added: "The exceptions are those that I dont read anyway, and so that's that." And he flashed the familiar big Eisenhower grin. The matters of import in t he interview will go into sections. I was impressed, in view of the somewhat obfusca- tory syntax which bubbled from him sometimes in his news conferences, with the spoken word that came out in one section Thursday night with the cadence and feel of poetry. Asked Aout Farm He was asked why he bought a farm, and he said he got' interested in , soil conservation through his brother Milton:..' ; ". "And he told me about what we were doing to ourselves—and books by Mr. Osborn, and a man named Malone, in Houston. So ~*r| got to thinking — I got out of the job up at Columbia — I want a farm. "And I wanted to take a piece of this, that had been sort, of worn out through use, aad improper use, and try to restore it. "And that's the reason I bought the farm. And I just said, when I die I'm going to leave a piece of ground better than I found it." And then his creed for the times: "We've got to learn how to live with. this.,We've got to be determined that we have the live, possibly for decades, with the threat of aggression against us, possibly -a nuclear aggression. "Now this is easier to say than do, but it has been done and it can be done, and I have great faith that the American people are the kind of courageous and thoughtful people that will do it." The above is my last spasm in this* brief interim stint. The man who will take over this critical chore has a basic knowledge of this business and a felicity which will let him through to you. In addition, he once was cited on the air by Steve Allen for having read a book, an erudite book. Poor fellow. All that's behind him now.' ; The Almanac By United Press International Today is Friday, Feb. 16, the 47th day of the year with 318 to follow in 1962. The moon is. approaching its full.phase: There are no morning or evening stars. On this day in history: In 1868, , the Elks Club was founded to practice charity, justice, brotherly love and faithfulness. In 1938, Austrian Chancellor Kurt Von .Schuschnigg bowed to Nazi pressure and agreed to - admit Austrian Nazis into his cabinet. In 1945, American paratroopers started to land on Corregidor in the Philippines and raised the U.S. flag over a half-mile stretch of land. In 1939, Fidel Castro took the oath of office as premier of Cuba. A thought for the day: Gen. George Marshall said: "If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known." OK USED CARS OK 61 Chey. Bel 6 cyl. 4^ door B.H. Low Mi. 61 Chev. Bisc. 6 cyl., 2 dr., B.H. Like New. 60 Lark Conv. V-8 Overdrive B.H. Good Tires. 60 Corvair 700 4 door BH. One Owner. 60 Chev. Wagon 4 door 6 Pass. V8 B.H. 59 Chev. Bel 4 Door V8 PG, B.H. ~ 59 Chev. Impala 2 dr. Hrdt. V8 PG, B.H, 58 Buick 4 door hrdt P.S. P.B., B.H. Clean , 58 Chev. Wagon 4 dr. 6 Pass. 6 cyl/B-H. 57 Olds. 4 dr. Hrdt. Full Power. New Paint. 57 Chev. 4 dr. Sedan V8 P.G. B.H. Good. 57 Ford Fairlane 4 dr. 6 cyl. B.H. P.S.A.T. 57 Pontiac 2 Dr. Hrdt. P.S. A.T 7 B"H. . 55 Pontiac 4 dr. Auto*. Trans. BlHTBest in town. 54 ' Buick,4 dr. Auto. Trans. B.H. Good. • 53 Plymouth 4 dr. 6 cyl70vwdrtve~B.H. OK USED .TRUCKS OK 50 Studcbakcr % ton Pickap overdrive ; 57 Dodge % Ton 4 spd. Trfchii Local owner. . 59 Chev. 1 ton Panel 6 cyL 55 Chev. 2 ton 6 cyl. chassis & cab. 50 Chev. 1 % Ton, Pump Body and Hoist. BUS: MOORE 311 EAST JEFFERSON PHONE OS 3-2143 FBI., FEBRUARY 16, 1962' SOME ADMNCES ACHIEVED BY l HEART RESEARCH SINCE 1949, YEAR Of FIRST HEART FUND CAMPAIGN OPERATIONS INSIDE THE HEART PREVENTION OF RHEUMATIC FEVER IMPROVED S? TREATMENT OF *>< STROKES'AND^ •' HEART % ATTACK 'M w * WHEN YOUR HEART FUND VOLUNTEER CALLS ON THE WEEKEND OF HEART SUNDAY FEBRUARY 25 / CHUCKLES IN THE NEWS CAREER OR MARRIAGE CHICAGO (UPI) — Superior Court Judge David A. Canel told Marvin Labahn, 49, Wednesday he would cancel Mrs. Lillian La- bahns separate maintenance ' suit on the condition that Labahn end his career as a square dance caller. PROOF'S IN PUDDING IPSWICH, England (UPI)—Mrs. Lily Wilson told police that the thief, who stole her pudding was a "man with a fat face." Officers later amended the description because "we believe when Mrs. Wilson saw him he was finishing off the pudding." HAD TO DIG . PEKIN, 111. (UPI) — Appraiser Eugene P. Maurer was asked during a condemnation suit how he determined the market value of a cemetery. "An appraiser during his lifetime seldom has contact with such a dead issue," he said. "To get the information I had to dig." LIVE WIRE THIEF DES MOINES, Iowa (UPI)—A utility company complained to -police Wednesday that somebody stole a mile of electrical wire from power poles leading to two vacant farms near here.; A TAXING SITUATION AUSTIN, Tex. (UPI) — Boy Lowry, publisher of a newsletter on. taxation, began three years of probation today for failure to file a federal income tax return; TV MYSTERY SOMERSET, England (UPI)— the Rev. Keith Weston says his On The Lighter Side —By. OICK WEST. United Prats International WASHINGTON (UPI) — Everyone knows that the way to succeed in politics is to lodge yourself in the public eye and cling there with, the tenacity of a cinder. ' Here are some of the ways you accomplish this, particularly if you are trying to make your political mark in the U.S. Congress: You hold as many news conferences as the traffic will bear. You appear on radio and-television programs, at every opportunity. You issue statements and press releases, and you make yourself available for comment on any given issue. You make speeches on the Senate floor, and contribute material to the Congressional Record. You accept as many outside speaking engagements., as you are fortunate enough- to receive. You make appearances at dinner parties, receptions and other social functions.. You - associate yourself with congressional hearings and investigations that are in the headlines. * ' Hayden Courts Obscurity Everyone knows you must do this sort of order to get re-elected— everyone,, that is,except Sen. Carl Hayden, an 84- year-old Democrat of Arizona. -Whoever served as Hayden's original political mentor apparently, neglected to put him wise to the value of publicity. At any rate,- he has gone through life courting obscurity.' "What happens to a politician who shuns the limelight will become obvious next.Monday. On that date, Hayden will complete his 50th year as a member of Congress. clock can be 'heard ticking from his television set and its picture fades' whenever his. wife stairs. "I have given up. trying to un-. derstand it," he added. ALMOST HUMAN LOS. ANGELES (UPI) — The Board of Education is hiring 11 humans to help its electric brain. 1 The computer broke down last fall under the workload of tabulating teacher's checks, so the board appropriated $106,283 to help improve, the brain's I. Q. This will make, him the first lawmaker in American history to serve for half a century. Hayden, you see, got a late start. Before being eligibile to run for Congress, the former Maricopa County sheriff had to wait for Arizona to become a state. Powerful Figure As president pro tempore of the Senate and chairman of the appropriations committee, he is now one of the most respected, beloved and powerful figures in government. Therefore, it pleases me to report that Hayden is finally catching onto some of the secrets of political. success. Oh the eve of his semi-centennial celebration, he will break precedent by appearing on a TV discussion program for the first time. The program, a Sunday morning show called "Washington Con-' versation," provides only limited exposure, but .for Hayden it is tantamount to joining the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. Had he been as publicity conscious as most politicians, there is no telling where Hayden might be now. He might still be sheriff of Maricopa County. • • RALPH LEATHBMAN About this question: ' ''I'm impressed with the Homeowners Policy that gives theft and family liability protection along with fire and full extended coverage. Does this mean that tornado and windstorm damage would be paid to' the full value of the policy?" THIMBLE THEATER By ALEX RAYMONP BRICK BRADFORD^ By CLARENCE GRAY ^ , VUWJ., XXL DO A UTTLB SH00J1N6, ! TMOM THOOPae* TO •HTWSTW* TOP WttX. 8 »T A •IA »T1 V

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