The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 12, 1946 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1946
Page 4
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?AGE FOUR THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 12, 1946 ( Local News ®^ Phone 5551 ) Art furri A link. Mi-s. writ-lit P lh= nr- riv. d p.. v ,t. n , n ciarifU-ri the. hf.-ir"-' of h< r prmnts. Mr. and Mrs Samuel [.. X. ill of I.fon. Th" mi'thi'i' !-• thf ffirm'T .Mary Louise J'i'Ikf ;<nd doth par-nt= wi-rr- forrnrr r«-sidmts of Malvc-rn. Mr. and Mr?, dthn Barker and family of Colton. Orr-., wr-rc visitor* Tuf-srtay in thf Floyd Nv-lll hop-. Mr and Mrs. Floyd N>i)l and Ernestine- motored to DPS Moinfs Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Frank Linn: the lattf-r Is nn aunt of Mr. N'cill KnroutP home th'-y <-nll»fl at thr Pam .N>ill homo In A son was horn Auc I':! to Mr. and Mr-. I.ioyd Walker of Los Ar.c-fk--:. He ha? been nnn1>d flradl'-y Bryce. This i« th" first Erand<-hild for Mr. and Mr?. Wilbur Walker. Itr. and MIT. F. K. Wilson and ••on John w<-nt to Lincoln for the wfr-k f nd. Dr. Wilson then wf-nt to freston where he attfnded a Dfntisfs fonvention on Monday and Tti«-«=day. An eight pound dauphtrr was !•<•>] n Friday Sept. 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Claud" Alexander of West 1'nion. She has been nam^d farol Jane. The young lady arrived on her mother's blrthdav. Mr. and Mr = I'.nin'ii F'.!>iff< '.v. rf ? eu-'St- in -h.- A. Ft. H.-rri. k born". \.«- Hrrruk. who has spent a thr>-- "•.-.•I: va'-atlon with hi^ parents, n-turnr-d tn Council Bluffs with thf-rn and will rf-sumf hi? work with thf telephone company. Mr. am! Mrs. \V. L. Shaw and Steven vlsitfcl Sunday in Omaha with hep mother, Mrs. C. N. Wolfe In the rvenlnp they attend'-d a recital at Joslyn Memorial Concert Mall where their nephew Jas Wolfe pianist and Konrad Lieo- recht violinist p Mis? Eth- I H'rrir k who ha« b-(-n with !;er parent-. Mr. ar.d Mrs. A. R. Ht-rri'k. for the pp't two month' !>-ft ?unday for Council F: I lift's where ? hf will vi>it Mr. ar.fl Mrs. Robert Freicht. On Thursday ?he will leave for her in Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. Goo. McKean and srin r;eo. jr. of Syracuse. Neb., w*-re week end euests of thpr son- Mrs. Fi'fd I'lirbin who last \ve»k submitted to an operation is makine satisfactory convalps- «T,co at the Clarkson hospital in Omaha. Major and Mrs. R. A. Alcren and two sons of Riverside. Cat., visitpd the home of her brother- in-law and sister. .Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Moore last weeh leaving on Saturday for Marsh Field, where !*K\f;RK STORM IIAXIMH.PH in-law and clatiEhter. Mr. and Mrs. Major Aleren is stationed. Mrs. Will T'itt of I)es Moine» and Mr?. Mabel Teller of St. Jn» werr visitors of Mr. and Mr?. Hc-n- ry Aistropt. this -week. Mr. and Mrs. (',. F. Toons and family of found! Bluffs were the piifstK of Mr. and Mrs. K. H. foons and family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Strom: of flartnda spent Wednesday at the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C'has. Fulton and family They were accompanied by Ml?? nian Fern Maddocks. K. N., who spent thp day with her parents, Mr and Mrs. W. H. Maddocks. Mr and Mrs. J. n. Lutz had three niece*. Mr. and Mrs. farl Sjulin of Hamburg. Mrs. Harry Weider of Northboro and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ki-rney of Newcastle. \Vvo , n« their guests Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Chas Cape, their daughter, Mrs. Lavonnie Gibson, and two sons, were over niehl uuests in thf- J. N. Summers find J. M Steele homes Sunday nipht They left Monday for their homes in Columbia, Neb. W. A. Renneti spent Sunday In Lincoln with his daughter Doris who resides with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. n. C. Tucker- recital. Mr. and Mrs F. returned S,v.;- '.r. thfir ran. h ••• *.- r> Miss p.s:< V..r-.!r inslnx ti"r .• •'•school, .sp.-:-- •'•-• -v her paren's v- .-• Randf-rsor. Mrs. Jo. Fi i '•'.'. spent the w«. k -:. Valley where ;!>;. Fox's, mother. Mr- in celebratine her ! F. H. Harshbarper. Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Monday for a vacation trip to r.ifd a Sonata Minnesota where they will visit in the home of Mrs. Hyde's sis- J. Furtrnann ter. Mrs. Earl Stone, ' from .Mrs. Paul Hertz and son Karl •ar.r. Neb. Finland <a:r.r> in Friday eveninc -. ::. Horr.f- .. and remained over Saturday vis- A-.i .a hich nine in th> Frank Hertz home. • •'s ••:•.d ••vj'h They have visited several weeks ; v-s. J. E. in the eastern part of the state and left. Puncia; '..=. vd Pav-,1 S. J. Anderson entered the Mer- Hyde left cy hospital in Council Bluffs Sat- frred with tree limbs and branches. The west approach to the river urday for observation. Mrs. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Conner visited him Monday evening. He will return home late this week. Pale Dyke started his work as principal ot Tabor high school last week. His family will remain here and he will commute. Geo. F!. Maloney hppan his work as su- AT R*v. and Mrs. J. E. Er called in the home of Rev. and \ severo elfrtrica! and rain- .Mrs. Lester Hall and family of storm, accompanied by a strong Malvern Sunday evening. They wind visited this section of the also visited at the Wesley Chape] country in the early morning church near Hastings. hours last Wednesday. The full fury of thp storm seems to have been centered at Randolph. A total of seven inches of rain fell here with the wind whipping it __ into the house? and basements. PRIMARY NEWS The streets and yards were lit- There are 11 In the First grade and 20 in the second. First erad<? little folks are reading frorn e x . perlencp charts, and Our Rook SCHOOL NEWS bridpe west of town was washed they are already acquainted W j, h away but by noon it had been pick. Jane and Baby Sally. The and left. Sunday for their home perintendent of the Pacific Junc- in San Dima*. Cal. Leo Johnson came from Oelwein to visit Friday and Saturday in the home of his brother. Albert Johnson and familv. tion schools and he too will commute us he has in previous rears. repaired so that traffic could cross. The 'town -was without electric lights aivd telephone service for almost two days, while lines were being replaced and repaired. The Albert Hughes, Frank second grade boys and girls are reviewing phonics and starting their new spelling work books. Our new readers help to re\-jp w the first year vocabulary. Many new words appear each day Draw- Ing, coloring, tearing, cutting and Careless driving may -wreck fender — or a family! Snydf-i and Rev. J. E. Enplund finger painting add color and in- homeo were struck by lightning crease Interest in nature and but fortunately were not science. in RANDOLPH fortunately were not damaged badly. There was no school Wednesday because of the brldpe Seventh «rn<l<>: Four new being out and because bus drlv- books were added to our library Three were fiction and one the biography of Patrick Henry. ers were unable to pick up some of the students. C'Hl'HCH ni.VNKH WF.1X OMK TO TKAl'HKRS Last Sunday followinp the Connie were Thursday dinner mnrnin K Worship Service at the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard MetnodlBt church, a community Mrs. Jim Hatfield and daughter Scott. I.V FA XT DOKS NOT SfRVIVE BIRTH Mrs. Margaret Kuhl has the sympathy of many Randolph friends in the loss of her infant son, Gary Lynn. The baby was dinner was held in the church John Naylor returned Monday dinin S room. This was especially born the latter part of August in Wentworth from La Junta, Colo., where he to welcome our school teachers, the hospital at Algona. la., but Followln P 'he very fine dinner did attended the wedding of his son Jack, HXKC UtT HALL AT WKNTAVORTH Lexington, Mo. Cadet Johnny Zdychnec. son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Zdychnec. Randolph, Iowa, Is attending football camp at Military Academy here, C'apt. E. P. (Chink) Cole- All of the corn fields suffered Would we had more like him to- ronsiderably. the corn being bad- day. Science is a new subject for ly blown down. In some fields it the class. New words such as has straightened up somewhat, vironment, optical illusion, en- in others It looks as though will be difficult to pick. not survive. Mrs. Kuhl only man, director of athletics, said, everyone enjoyed the talk given recently moved from Randolph to The grid ramp started on Tues- It tlfts, were added to our vocabularies. A general review In each MI r, ^—T; subject IB being given before we Miss Elva Conklin who Is em- launch out upon our seventh Ployed In Shenandoah spent Sun- gra de work. We extend to our pa. day with her parents. Mr. and fr0 nR a stunrtln* «n»u«H.^ , 0 Turner Haden came up Satur- by Mr ' Latlmer w ho is superin- Fenton, la., where she lives with day from Memphis Mo to visit tendent ° r 'he Randolph schools, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E Mr. and Mrs. Harry Foster and Malvern friends over the week The af '"noon was spent in Hiatt. Pamela entertained at dinner on „„,, Qr ,H „,,„„,, .,„ Irons a standing Invitation visit us. We know we shall find the cooperation and support we've Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cozad. Mr. and Mrs. Carter Barthol- 071 end and attend the National Ter- visitln K- Xot a11 of 'he teachers omew and Milburn Walker. Eugene Hurdle attended the Iowa Bankers Association convention in F)cs Moines Monday. Mrs. Burdic accompanied him and stop- mpnt ped over in Malvern Tuesday. Mrs. Izabelle Keagle of Los Angeles and Mrs. Wm. Pelton of Council Bluffs visited Tuesday with their sister. Mrs. F. E. Mulholland. Mrs. Glen Moomaw of Lincoln and Mrs. Morton Troiel! of Wjl- ber. Neb., were Sunday guests of their mother, Mrs. Frank Churchill. rare contest. He was formerly associated w-lth the sol! conserva- were able to be present. Those who were there included Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Latimer, Miss Marpa- tion here. Char. Campbell suffered a sec- rct Plper> Mrs ' Cora ond stroke Sunday but has rallied ^ ? 8rren Ferrc ,» an d and at this time shows improve- >nt. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hall spent Sunday at Leon with theld son Raymond and family. Miss Jean Frazier entered the Edmundson hospital in Council Saturday and in the even- Blanche Schetzpr. Miss Beatrice Ford who has charge of the school lunch was also one of the honored guests. ATTEND WKIWIXO AT AYRSHIRE. IOWA Miss Eleanor Larson, daughter cist-s, of Mr. and Mr?. Albert J. Larson techniques, running, Mrs. of Ayrshire, la., became the bride punting, blocking and of Mr. Edward J. Blakely. son of various plays. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Blakely of L, __ Boulder, Colo., at a pretty wed- AMERICAN LEGION Mrs. James Conklin. Mrs. J. E. Englund plans to go day, Sept. 3. and will continue up to "><"»""'«. '» . Thursday where a i wa ys had and anticipate a very until the opening of school. " hp win a " en d 'he Iowa-lies Prospective grid candidates Molne(1 'onferonco of the Worn- will have two workouts daily. an ' s s or\ety for Christian Serv- Tlme will be spent In condition- lrp ' Shp wi " he accompanied by ing, limbering ^up. physical exer- hpr son John who win K° on to mastering of fundamental passing, executing ding which took place Sunday at AUXILIARY StTFERS Ca!vin Egloff suffered a 1:30 p. m. at the church at Ayrshire. A number of relatives and friends from this community Methodist The American Legion Auxiliary profitable year. The enrollment fur the beginning of this year Is eight girls and nix boys. Each of them by promotion from sixth, except Ann Fellows who entered from Spring Valley. A basic reader In place of the work book and an English work book are our new additions. Wo think thf-BC .... u v «" r >' helpful and right up to the she will resume her studies minute. We wi sh to thank our College, superintendent for ordering The Junior Review, an excellent cur- paper based on our F)es Molncs where he will spend the week end. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stevens and Mrs. Corby FIchter took Hose- mary to Denver, Colo., this weok She returned Mr. and Mrs. appendectomy. °us injury last week when a were in attendance at the wed- to be present. e Sunday. chain from a hay-stacker which dinB and at the reception which Earl Bass and "« «a» demonstrating, struck him followed - Those from Randolph FAMILY DINNER at Colorado Women's They plan to visit relatives at will meet Thursday afternoon, Ster " n B. t'olo.. before returning ret it event Sept. 12, at the home of Mrs. Phil- nome - —c,, ,„ _,„ „ UM j'-:;^/. srr -^\^y^^^: ^^^Jr^^X'JK^^'JS daughter Pamela returned Satur- in the eye. Calvin wears glasses were Mr ' and Mrs - clark Vanatta, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Trively and John Freema n home at'Percival. has a total enrollment of 18 Bob day night from eight days spent *-nkh were broken and the eye- Mrs ' Pearl Va n»tt* and house daughters entertained at a fam- SIr ' and Mrs - E - J - Blakely and Gullford Bobby Greene and Paul In Chicago and Cleveland. They ball was badly lacerated. He was S uests . Mr - a nd Mrs. E. J. Blake- ily dinner at their home Sunday Pat were overnight guests of Mr. Fellows 'joined »hn.» n ™ m o, A a . -. i-»i ...» ._ ._«_ . — . . Ivan^4Da*««Jir_ t 11 ^ ^-. t . . __ Di-ii4 Hr». T» «-n_ _ t. . _. jv/*uc« 111UDC J)rOniOl6u RHEUMATISM and ARTHRITIS ^ ~ ^ ^ ^ m^f — . — — - . .-._ „_.___»,. - ---• «-»7"">'-»%.>iu«^*i*f 9 *' L/ / E> c^iciuiiiu(iKriinpnTfi W'f* ni"i» I suffered for years and am BO days then flew to Chicago where ery effort to save the eye. How- Focnt - Mr - and Mrs - Gene Focht, here and also to honor W. J. KU- Mr ' and Mrs - B >' r °n Dashner looking forward to a hannv A ankful that T am fr^a tmm rvoir. thev vicife/i /riAn.1.. Av^r ^> n «^i.i n « n j i j L, . Mr. and Mrs Rnv T nnrrinair^v «. n .«t_i. L _ t _ * ..... returned iHBt wc,\r fm»« c,^..^—i nappy ana flew to Cleveland last Friday and ta ken to an Omaha hospital and ly and Pat and Mr - and Mrs - c «> Ie - in honor of Major and Mrs. W. and Mrs ' B >' ron Dashner Satur- f ro m the seventh rive attended the air races for three an eye specialist there made ev- "? an DeVall, Mr. and_ Mrs. Fred J. Kilpatrick jr., who are visiting da ^; . boys are tuition students. We are thankful that I am free from pain they visited friends. . . ever conditions developed wbich Mr ' and Mrs - Ro - v Longinaker, patrick ST. who had a birthday returne <l Ia »t week from several successful year ' u.^i,. - ----- -. «-,.-- ..... and able to do my work that I Mr. ano Mrs. Harry Walker of made the removal of the eye nee- Mr ' and Mrs ' B >' ron Dashner and that day. will gladly answer anyone writ- Lr 'S Angeles are the parents of a essary. Mr - an d Mrs. W. B. Estes. A corn- Information. Mrs. baby daughter born Aug. 21. She »'.O. Box 625, Van- nas been named Beverly Jo. Ing me for Anna Pautz. couver, Wash. Pd. Adv. NUE-OVQ Laboratories formerly taught in our school is has only recently returned from " ~ " ' "'achlr.g fourth grade in Grand a lo ng period of service in the Calvin attended grade school plete a «ount of the wedding will honored ' in Randolph and later moved a PP ear ln ne *t week's issue of SJtf. Miss Esther Christensen who w 'th his parents to Tabor. He the Enter P r ' E e- COME OUT and SEE my field of TEKSEEO O I could t«lk to you tor «n hour about TEKSEED'S development pro. gram that hai produced thii drouth- . re»ittant, insect-r«i t unt, dUe«»«-,e- W. D McCausland jr. spent Mon- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vanatta Island, .Veb., this year and writes navy during the war. His many and Eleanor McCreedy visited at Howard friends that she is nicely located friends here are very sorry to l ^ e home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy both as to school and living quar- hear of his accident. Vanatta near Tabor Sunday eve- ters. .. ning. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Walker of Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Edwards John En e lan <3 has been visit- Those present aside from the guests were Mrs. W. J. Kilpatrick er. and Kay, Mrs. Mary FIchter. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fichter and Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Jack weeks spent at Cody. Wyo., with their son Bill. Miss Helen Marie Wederquist spent a few days last week in Omaha and Lincoln. Helen was making arrangements for enter- and Mrs. Bert of Strahan, Mr. Fichter and Mr. iell and Judy LOB Angeles. Cal.. are the parents of Norton, Kan., were" Thursday 5, ngiin Lorimor and Des Moines pauTluTpauick''^!' TaboT* ****' of a baby daughter born Aug 16. afternoon callers in the home of durin E the past week, calling on She has Mary. Mrs. Clayton been named Kathle*n Mr. and Mrs. J. C. schoolmates and relatives that he Hertz and Mrs turned last week from Bedford, lutuit corn. About TEKSEED'S ', e . 8r "T"* About TEK °' Edwards is a cousin of Mr. Va- hadn>l se en during his years of natta. service in the army. U E. Forne,has been il, for - ™ «^«* ?• « «- «^T H! ^ e^er T ^ Stewart and Jackie, Mr. and Mrs '"* ^ Vni ™ Ts ^ of Nebraska. u - UB ' hhe leaves next Sunday to begin her work there. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Faye Marshall and Vernon Marshall drove to Black Hawk lake Sunday where they spent the day fishing. This lake is near Odebolt, la. Helen Marie Wederquist Mr. and Mrs. John Latimer re- is eor, ^^...j, la, where they had been on va^ *"** several da >'« this week " day in Lincoln attending festivi- the past several days but is re- Rev ' and Mr8 ' England, enlisted for it. Come out and SEE thij woo- deriul com for yourtelf. Harry Kemp, Malvern Don Lewie, Henderson ties incident to rush week at the Ported improving. ln tne Marine Corps last Tuesday fniversity. f Several from Randolph attend- and is Dow sta tione d in San Dl- Mrs. Marv David, with H ° neyman and ed ^ Angling Bros, circus when home of her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. We- Misses Barbara Ford and Phyl- 'vj^pj', „. iss Hiatt and Duane Jasa of Oma- Ta b or Churchman was a sity of Iowa sosn. Dean Estes returned to Pitts- ha were callers in Randolph Sun- __._ ,..,,.„. --"*•*•*****«**o. ijugiuuu auu dny &ft6rnoon. . - - — chel spent the week end at Cyn- Among those who went either on John visited at the home of Rev. Major and Mrs W J Kilnat ' ° n Wedn esday of last thia s parents home near Hast- Wednesday or Thursday were and Mrs. Lester Hall in Malvern rick Jr. left Tuesday morning for *."**• "'" C ° llege work wl " and Mrs. Paul Foster, Mr. Sunday evening. lngs Mr ' Reports from Theo. Sieck who and Mrs. Richard Vanatta, Dean Mrs. Helen Brodd, a sister of day visit with bis parents is recuperating from a second op- and Eleanor McCreedy, Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Englund, returned to and Mrs. W. J Kilpatrick eration at the Clarkson hospital Mrs. E. Q. Douglass, Mr. and her home in Andover, 111., last and with other relatives m Omaha give his condition as Mrs. Guy Frazier and Carol Ann, Tuesday with her children after friends good and he will be able to re- Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Kempton and visiting in the parsonage about Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Atkinson turn hornet u-ithln a «-n^.u v*\t>»tc< »«..„ 4u._ *. . . ... . *"ju Aiaiusuu ..v«. j.. ,«* fc M. ucoua/ WUIUlllg JOT p( n A o - _ ----Ann Arbor. Mich, following a 10 L" ."^V, "' l n . the , mean " nie turn home within a week. Norris, Mrs. Alice Hetzel, Miss a week. were Sunday Empress Theater Phone 5S21 Malvern THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, Sept 12-13-14 A Technicolor Picture, THE CLIMAX with Sutanna Fo»ter and Turhen Bey. And a Comedy. SUNDAY, MONDAY, Sept. 15-16 FROM THIS DAY FORWARD with Joan Fontaine and Mark Steven*. The March of Time. A Comedy. Newi. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, Sept. 17-18 PARIS UNDERGROUND with Con»tance Bennett and Gracie Field*. Alto a Comedy. COMING — THURS., FRI., SAT., Sept. 19.20-21 Randolph Scott in CAPTAIN KIDD Beatrice Ford and Fred Weldon. Mr. and Mrs. L. S. McCracken guests of Mr. Mrs. Clara Inman has received and Mrs. Barbara Ford were word that her grandson. Lowell shopping in Shenandoah Thurs- Inman. has been made assistant day. manager of the Agricultural De- evening, supper and Mrs. Fred were Adams. The fire department answered he is compiling the school direc- ™ r - tory. Dean is specializing in jour- and "f" 8 " 1 and prlnlln e a nd had the distinction of receiving the highest grade given in journalism for the summer session. Kay Alan Estes, who is stationed in Manila has been ad- to the rating of Technl- were - a call from the home of Mr and , 5th grade ' He states lha < it * 6Very day and has year. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hilton of Mrs. A. P. Ferrel last Wednesday partment of the School of the Malvern were Sunday afternoon evening. A defective connection V6ry Wam ' He hopes to set back Ozarks. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell In- callers in the home of Mrs. Re- In an electric lamp had started a t0 SUUe8 by the fir6t of the "^M Sre ' h / parents of three becca Foster - blaze in a near by curtain, children, a daughter three years Mrs. Bob Martin spent several Prompt action prevented what old and twin sons a year old. One days last week at the home of could have been a very bad fire of the twins fell from the family her husband's parents, Mr. and Miss Betty Bennett in employ- car when the rear door came Mrs. Bill Martin, of Sidney. ed at the Perfex Company in Shen- open as they were driving along, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bliss and andoah recently. He was taken to a bos- Gary and Robert Bliss left Sat- Mr. and Mrs Chas Trively ac Pital at Springfield, Mo., where urday for Blue Raptds, Kan., companied H.' B. Brannian to he was treated for cuts and where they will spend a weeks Malvern Sunday afternoon where bruises but his condition was not vacation. Norman is staying at they called at the Walter Hilton considered serious. the home of Mr. and Mrg. Fred home Mr. and Dwight McCracken. Adams and Bobby is with Mr. Miss Florence Brannian attend- Scott and Glen returned last and Mrs. Tom Rumery while ed the fair at Lincoln on Thurs week from two weeks vacation their parents are away. day and Friday of last week and spent m northern Minnesota. Miss Mon. Ana Snyder, daugh- visited with her sister Mta EdltJ They report a very nice time, ter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sny- Brannian Scott will leave soon to resume der. ia a student at the Iowa Mr. and Mrs A C Fichter and his work at Iowa State collet. Beauty Sohnn! i« n.. Mo , ne8 , aml)y entertained at REMEMBER! IT'S TRE LITTLK THINGS THAT COUNT! ... the story of PURITAN is one of devotion to little things — of conscientious performance and striving al- ways to better the best . . . A story of untiring research to find newer ways and means of giving better serv- ice — of giving our custom- ers NOT what they INSIST upon, but MORE than they EXPECT. PURITAN LAUNDRY ft DRY CLEANING INC. "Fastidious Service for Fussy Folks" P. L Sager, who is superinten- where sh* wil, take a coum I. ^ evening M 7 and Mr, E J den, of the Stenneu. la., schools cosmetology. Mona Ann i. living Blakely and Pat of BouYder Colo ttiib year spent the week eiid with at the VWCA which la uuite clou MI BMI k —«n«<«i, vuiu. WM Mw . Koyc. on lhe .ick list I... wec-k but U 4 ul.t Jr. «nt,rulnea .1 . Bunion uUn M « Marine! much bnti-r ut thi«i wrliins. of th» Boldra r«l.ilm ul their Mr .nd Mr. auU Mr. AH.. !,.,.„«« horn, a w,, k « KO SuudJ Th^ Mr*. WjiUvr Yuuug, SEED WHEAT Cleaned and Treated Call or come in and make a date to have youra taken care of. SWINSONS MILLINI AND FEED 00. Pl " **> M.Mr»

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