The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 12, 1946 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 12, 1946
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 12, 1948 Strahan News Notes Ompr Cozad and Mr. and Mrs. hn.i ... ?. Rft " noon - the ( teachers Friday evening. Families are asked to bring a pie for the refreshments. The county youth rally will he held at Hastings Sunday afternoon and evening. Sapper will be "" stl "f -™hodM W. S. f. S. Mrt at fhnr<h T>rvof.f,nn C lilln XVoddln* Friendly Onrdrncrs Met with WMlnowlny Afternoon i n Knnsa* Mrs. Charles Knrfon Sept. 1O The W. S. C. S. met Wednes- Miss Lela Devoe. daughter of The Friendly Gardeners club day at tho rhtm-h with Miss Inez Mr. and Mrs. Claude Devoe, and held its regular meeting at the W!lbur Yonng -were Thursday Bradley and Mrs. Fullenwlder R.. Donald Latighlln. son of Mr. and home of Mrs. Charles Kayton evenin * visitors at the home of hostesses. This was the first Mrs. Dale Laughlin sr., were Tuesday. Roll call was answered Mr and Mn? ' Da!e Nlms meeting since the August vaca- united In marriage Sept. 3 at the with "Your School Days." Eleven Mr and Mrs Evprett Rpther tion month. A short business Christian church in Phllllpsburg, members were present. fn .T' *" o,,I!i., «n n? vi.T rr.<.r,;rr;r.,;,r;;:;: . K ;r T r,;trr.^,rz- « rr,= ^~^;- •- - „,--' •—* — Max Shook and Mrs. Clarence the parents of both bride and and secretary. The following pro- Mr^ Frank cVonse and Mrs Lemonds will be hostesses at the groom and Dale and Jack, broth- gram was given: Tnm WM» next mating Sept. IS. The ladles ers of the bride. . ™ V, ' will seive lunch at the Opal Mr(! - Frank Crouse. Storing of !o Malver n The bride attended the Elm Vegetables; Mrs. Harold Grindle, Leo Smith of farragut was a Beverly attended a family picnic Saturday afternoon visitors at Sfrnlinn Methodist Cnnrrh Mr. and Mrs. Lon Kline were Thursday at 8 p. m., at the the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom The Blackwood Bros, quartet visiting at the borne of Frank church. All young people from White and Mable were Mr. and will be at the church Sunday aft- Hlllyer last Sunday. the seventh grade, high school Mrs. Raymond Treece and Junior ernoon, Sept. 22. Mr. and Mrs. Heber Hillyer and college age are invited. Mr. and Gertrude of Shenandoah w *re visiting with John Hillyer and Mrs. Clarence Boos have Mrs. White and Mr?. Treece are There wl " l>e_a reception _for at Carson last Sunday. charge of this meeting, half sisters. served for 35c. The Mills county Young People's Rally Sunday, Sept. 15, beginning at 3 p. m. Registration flnwnwwTnrmrBir' an d supper 35c. The Methodist yonng people of the connty and Red Oak are invited to be present for this meeting. Clare H. Boos, Minister Morning worship service, 10. Sunday school, 10 a. m. Let us Bayes farm sale Sept. 16. Lawrence Martin and four the church Wednesday not forget our goal for Rally Day 0 , he r men who work for the • — 10 ° in Sunday school that skelly Oil Co. went to ~" d * y - City Sunday to attend a Mr. and Mrs. Lester Shook and Young people's meeting each weeks training school. n five The whool teacher.. Rttrnded a learh,rs meeting at Red Oak Tin-winy. Creek hig-h school and Donald Current Events; Mrs. Opal Bayes Frl(J ay afternoon caller at the dinner at Carters lake near Oma- wns a praduate of the Slrahan ( 0 M about her new home at home of hls Ilnr j e and auntl Mr> na Sunday. Others attending ____ and Mrs. years service in the was spent In visiting, navy. A wedding supper for them was held at The Rlackwood Brothers of ,,..,. ., . , - -- . „, Shenandoah will be at the Stra- . K °°' a " d was . dlschar K p(J Avoca. The rest of the afternoon and . Mrs - Tom ban church Sept. 22 In the afternoon. from two The hostess was assisted in were Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Norvlan Sum- Schlpper of Red Oak, Mr. and mers and Xorcne and Richard Mrs. Virgil Ronk of Malvern, Mr. The S f r a h a n Consolidated ''I'f sr'hool began with an enrollment Ployed there at the mill. 'if ;i.'i in liieh school and 81 in -- - , ... , „ , „ j, serving by Mrs. David Angus, homo that evening Friends and „„_ g ^ neighbors rharlvarled them that Hathaway evening. They will live at Elm ('reck. Neb., as Donald is em- firado school. Photographs That Please Ill»jli School Classes The election of class officers was hold in high school Monday for (ho year: Seniors: sponsor, Supt. Har- vry; president. Donna Bell Har- flt L Y,..y; vice president, Eleanor Con- „ , flst Wf>ek per; secretary and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin sr. and Judy Kae returned Friday from a visit with friends in Elm Creek and Kearney, Xeb. They went to see the big Klngsley dam Ogallaln, Neb., and on to t'otts Biuffs and Mitchell, Neb. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Woortfill he Nebraska treasurer, Mrs. Sam Keippler of Edgarton, , , O., her son, Carl Keippler of. DeJuniors: sponsor, Mrs. Ashby; „.„, M , c , ™ r ° Ue -sldent. James I'rltchard; vice nnr , Mr QnH „„ ,.„_,,:: president, I'olly Wilson; tary and trrnsurer, Geraldlne Marjory Clark. pr Vance were Thursday evening and Mrs. Clyde Schlpper and chll- vlsltors at the Wilson Clark dren, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gar- home' rett and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mr. and Mrs. John Bayes were Hawn of Omaha. Sunday dfnnrr guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Norton Mrs - Omer Coza( l «"d Carolyn and children. were Sunday dinner guests at the Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes made Dale **"ghlin Br. home, a business trip to Avoca Sunday. Junior Laughlin spent the Hoy Shaul who has been visit- week end at home. He Is employ- Ing his brother, Robert Shan], ed ln Omaha and family here left Saturday for Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thorns his home in Portland, Ore. and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thorns Mr. and Mrs. Dale Laughlin Jr. and daughter Twila June of Aland baby were shopping In Mai- blon, Neb., were visiting at the vern Monday. homes of Mr. and • Mrs. Frank Mrs. Everett Retherford visit- Hillyer and Mr. and Mr*. Lou ed Mrs. Sarah Collier nnd Mrs. KHne Saturday afternoon and Earl Conrad Friday. Sophomores: sponsor, Mrs. Popular Prices JULIUS STERN Ground Floor Location No Steps to Climb 110 So. Elm Ph. 376 Shenandoah, Iowa I'l.'k,,-; I' r <""l f "». •><>»" IBOIU; Ml , aml M Q \n-f prrsldfiit, Charles Stevens; rnmi | v secretary. John \Vlscinnn; trcan- urcr, Ciernld Koyston. Freshnn'ti: sponsor, Mr*. Picker; iiresidont, Donald Glpo; and Mr. and Mrs. Zerio Bass at- r "'" ^ onraa ••naay. with Mr. and Mrs. Heber Hlllyer 8 ,°r, le ~ t( ' nd < 1<1 the Nebraska State fair and Mr8 ' Kewls Conra( l Saturday night. They left early at Lincoln last Wednesday and famll y wno have »e«?n visit- Sunday morning for Davenport. Among thoso attending a fam- '" K relatlves and friends here left Floyd Hillyer spent the past lly dinner at Harlan Sunday were Wpdnesda >' for " 1P "- ""«? In Du- week at the home of Mr. nnd h " que - Mrs. Dale Hillyer at Manson. Courtier Electric Repairing on All Electric Appliances and Electric Motors All Makes of Washing Machines • • Electric Wiring Material and Lighting Fixtures Appliances Phone 271 Hastings and Tlmmons of " and Mi', nnd Mrs. Zt-no Bass. .Mr. and Mrs. Sam Keippler of Mich.. left for home Wednesday by way of Chicago. PASTEURIZED MILK IS Safe Milk For the same reason it is necessary that the consuming public insist that the milk supply be safe. This can be done through pasteurization. Ask Your Grocer for GLENWOOD CREAMERY MILK IT'S PASTEURIZED The World's Largest Selling \\ Hybrid Corn VQVI DIKAll TQ9AY MOM* Iti-rby lU'iuliU'r, Mlmolu, lutvu Urjct> liurrUuii, Mulvt-ru, Iowa J. It. Ull«>\, (ilfimuutl, louu K. (i. Uuukf, Curoou, louu family. Enroute home Mr. and Mrs. Keippler and son visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roberts In Atlantic and Mr. and Mrs. William Hodoval at Bellvue. Homer Cllpeon of Tabor has been redecorating several rooms in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass. Mrs. Irolene Roberts of Atlantic came Monday for a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Bass, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Coddlngton were Sunday callers at the Robert Shaul home. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Grindle made a business trip to Red Oak Saturday. Sunday evening guests at a watermelon feast at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton and son were Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McCain and Mr. and Mrs. Opal Bayes and son. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kayton and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kayton attended a family dinner in Randolph at the Roland Trively home in honor of Mr. and Mrs.- Billy Kilpatrlck jr. of Washington who are visiting their parents. Charles Kayton jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Norton were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Carley at Macedonia. The teachers reception will be held at the Strahan church Friday evening. Each family has been asked to bring a pie. Richard Vance was a Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nims and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Norvian Summers, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nims and Shirley Lee, Richard Vance and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wicker and sou Norvian of Red Oak attended a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Windburn and son at Red Oak in honor of Mr. Windburn'a birthday. Refreshments of sandwiches, potato chips, dill pickles and coffee were served. The evening was spent playing cards, dancing and playing games. Other invited guests were unable to attend because of rain and consequent muddy roads. The party broke up at a late hour and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nims and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Norvian Summers and Richard Vance spent the remainder of the nlsht at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ,Kay Wicker and son and were breakfast guests there. No re ue Summers spent Saturday night with her grandparents, Mr. unii Mrs. Ross Summer*. Mr. und Mrs. Kuymoud St*v'•ns and family were Friday evening vltilmru ui tht< hotuu of Mr. and Mru. Dm,, X|,ns uiid duujih- ii'i. Mi. mill MC.M. Wilbur Young of llllstlllKd W ,l,. Wl'lllH «(|uy i, v ,,. iilnw visitors ,,| .\|,. , uit | M|lj) T'Hii Wliiu- ami ihiUKhii-r. CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE Having purchased a dairy business and equipment at Avoca, I will offer at public auction my entire stock and equipment for sale at the farm five miles south and % mile east of Hastings, 8 miles southwest of Emerson, i/o mile east and 1 mile north of Strahan school, on Monday, Sept. 16 commencing at 12:30 p. m. 17 HEAD of CATTLE 17 1 Holstein cow, 5 yrs. old, fresh 8 weeks, 60 Ibs. 1 Jersey cow, 4 yrs. old, 3V& gallons. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh 10 wks., 48 Ibs. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh in May, 4 gallons. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh in May, 4 gallons. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh in April, 3 gallons. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh 8 wks., 5 gallons. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh 8 wks., 4i/ 2 gallons. 65 HEAD HOGS 65 Spotted Poland Shoats, vaccinated for cholera, weight about 100 Ibs. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh in April, 31/2 gallons. 1 Holstein heifer, fresh 6 wks., 3 gallons. .1 Holstein heifer, second calf, fresh by sale. 1 Holstein nurse cow. 1 Holstein and Shorthorn heifer, freshen about November. 1 Holstein heifer, freshen in November. 3 Heifer calves. HAY and STRAW 6 tons Alfalfa Hay in stack. 120 Bales Rye straw. 50 Bales Oat straw. * MACHINERY* 1941 John Deere Model A Tractor on rubber with power lift. John Deere Tractor Cultivator. John Deere Tractor Plow, 16 inch. John Deere Tractor, 2 row Planter, No. 290. John Deere Disc, 15 ft. Four section Harrow. Four section Rotary Hoe. 1 -Sulky Rake. 2 row Tractor Stalk Cutter. 1938 A-C Combine, 5 ft. cut Duplex Tractor Scraper. No. 240 Letts Grinder. John Deere 8 ft. Grain Binder. International 10 ft. Tractor Drill. John Deere 999 horse Planter. High wheel Wagon. Miscellaneous 1 Electric Brooder, used 2 yrs. 1 Electric Chicken Waterer, 8 gals. 4 3-gallon Chicken Waterers, new. 3 Flock Feeders. Two unit Ford Milking Machine. Coal burning Tank Heater. 100 gal. Hog Waterer on sled. BUILDINGS ^^^"^^^***^ B " -l ^ B ^^ ll **™****^ — ^^^^wi^^^^^B3Bi FURNITURE Maytag Motor. 9 10-gal. Milk Cans. 1 Electric DeLaval No. 18 Cream Separator, nearly 9 16-ft, Sheep Bunks. 1 Stock Saddle. 1 60-ft. Endleaa Rubber Belt. 2 8-pen Hog Houses. 2 10x12 Brooder Houses. 1 Hoosier White Enamel Cabinet 1 Battery Console Radio. i 1 Quick Meal Uanjce. 1 fl mall Kitchen TERMS: Ca.h. 1 -» •' • T ^ ! " a »"^>*!ipi*iiMHi^MiMH||ppmi|p||Hp|pplMI L.die. W. S. C. S, with Lunch. W. H. Cr.mer, Auct. BAYES Knop, Clerk

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