The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 5
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. (ARkj COtjRItiR NEWS Will Be Mobilized For Field Work In Paralysis Pi even live Medicine marches on . . . lo engage one of Us most terrible enemies. Infantile paralysis . . . Hero is (lie third of four articles about IhLi great medical cruskle, written hy •Pi'.ul clc Ki-iilf, nuthor ot n distinsuishfd list of books and magazine stories lhal have acquainted lhe public with the urcat feature in behalf o( mankind dial arc being ivag- rd By ulisiiiiB heroes in research throughout the world. BY 1'AUL J)E KIl'UIF \Vrillcn for NKA Service It was one of lhe most hope- arousing events in microbelmntliig history—lhe discovery, lale in 1936. that monkeys can be solidly protected against attack by infantile paralysis vims. Now the "men against the hiairii- ing death" hi their laboratories, and our public hcalthmcn. were fared with a key question: Are these means of monkey protection fiufc enough and simple enough to test In the field, against infantile p'.iralytis threats to America's children? Right nov, 1 lhc answer Is yes and no. Zinc sulphate is safe enough, but you cannot hqjie to guard a human being from tlie at- lack of Infantile paralysis,, ililless the zinc sulphate nose sprdy or riose wash thoroughly covers tile endings of the nerves of sinell. 'then there Is n complete loss ol the sense of smell, which hi children pcrists from one lo two weeks, iiiul in grownups for a month, and longer. Dr. R. sterling Pentecost of Toronto has proved that when you liui the zinc sulphate solution in with a rubber catheter, immediate loss of smell occurs in nil the children—ami this means that endings of the nerves of smell liave been completely covered. New that sure ways of covering tiie nerves of smell with ziiic sulphate will be at the disposal of our physicians in (tie summer of 1038, when the next epidemic threatens, this question awaits its portentous rtnswcr: Will this truth that guards the lives of monkeys guard tne lives of mankind? AltlST, MOBILIZE FOR QUICK ACTION This limit for truth is going to be a stern and difficult one and Hie co-working of nil the people alone can make it possible. The physicians of the American Academy of Otolaiyngology—tlie cream of the nose and throat specialist;; of America—have volunteered io take the lead in'a giant field trifil of the zinc sulphate preventive next summer. But the truth hunt cannot succeed unless the whole jieople get behind their front line jlghlers of Ihis death. For infantile paralysis epidemic; explode with great rapidity. This makes it necessary that oitr heallhii'en have the means, tlie organization, to throw open clinics fbr mass application of the zinc .••lijpbate preventive instantly (here's evidence of an outbreak. MONEY REQUIRED FOfc COMPENSATION To mobilize this army for the coming: giant human experiment, there must be wherewithal. Wf need physicians to apply (he zinc cblphalc, nurses to assist Ilium In holding the youngsters and keeping records, and nose sp'reialis;s to sec to it that the preventive Is flirely applied to block death's patewny. bill we cannot asl; these sol- Oler:; of health lo serve, unless we pay them decent livings for EO dolrig. They will have to t.ike time off from (heir practices, and this endangers their livelihood. And money will have to be ?.v.itiabte. too, lo pay the experts who will lie iltrricd to analyze th-3 results of Hid gifiiit Hiiliidh fleid test, Tlie licped-for preventive must be tested ilpon many, inaiiy thousands of luuiia'ri beings. COMPOUND The zinc sulphate nose w.ish is not (lie only destti-fipli'.ing \vca- 16 forge. In many another laboratory— thanks (o the money provided in ]j>35 by the people to the President's Infantile Paralysis Research Commission — the keenest virus- -flgt.ters in our country are dredging up other truths about infantile paralysis. At Long Island Medical College, veteran searcher S. D. Kramer is perfecting—upon monkeys— r* curious new iiasa.l x'accination. Kramer sprays up into healthy A Million-Dollar Plane and It's Just a Model -ft- ¥ \rnv~. ••< r;-p, v H j / . J; , ,-. J ,V V / <:...£, W *m^ve"'nv liC ™r'fot™t^ '" '!*. ^ ' )h ° t6 C ° St * ! ' Mb ' IW hl " ' h =- *"*'* ^ 1 c l stx ktipei.skyliriei's" will bo built fov dolivorv tn »mrA'•''*• ME ™<nmcr. carrying 33 passengers by clay and m at nljht, in berlhs as rhown at left bel,' ,rt.nge chairs spaced by observation windows in a separate lounging comparlwcnl ' proi lhe huge cabin, as shown right feiow. is U f m [„ diameter ami iV feet i,H,'iU .han in aiiy Innd-lype passenger plane lu tee ifa «,. UlMM slalcs , m ~ uMcr ^ Klr ,^, im ^ ,.•.'.,, Ing ,s featured. Fastbr co a schedules will be possible with these ships Blylheviiie School News CENTRA!, SCHOOL First and Second Grades Pupils of IhcEo two grades have Just finished a Post pfTlce building which Is constructed "of wallboard and orange crates. They also made a letter box and a storage box out of cardboard boxes. These are painted green. This week the second grade students have been writing letters to members of their class who are ill. They made the envelopes for their letters. Third Grade The Good Citizens' Club of the third grade met Friday afternoon and elected the following new officers: John White, president; Gerald Blqmeycr, vice president; Dan Caldwell, secretary; Sam Millican, treh'siirer. The club gave the outgoing officers a rising vote of Ihaiiks for their splendid services. Since this group is having a unit bf work about the library, the remaining part of the meeting was spent ih reading and discussing poems. The pupils in -this group are corresponding with the boys and girls of Selawik, Alaska, who are the pupils of Mrs. Sloan Stewart. Sonic letters from the Alaskan children will be published later. Fourth of this Grade class have Irlt&r'esUng display work In geography study of, Africa. They have drawings, crirvliigs, maps, aii;l models bf b'litidings. These chlldreil sjxihstired an as- octhijlji. prdgrarn in which they fiembnslratcd choral r'taHiiig. ol ""siiis. Later, Miss Charles Jones' explained by the children of her class. Fifth Grade These pupils are completing a. series of tests in geography. Results are - very cloie at present. Names of wiiiners will be given at the close of the series. They also have a contest in oral arithmetic. sang, played the vibra harp, and lalked to th e children. His program was enjoyed very much. ( I Sixth Grade Bcbblc Thompson, from West Virginia, has entered the sixth grade since the holidays. James England has moved to Mississippi and Elizabeth Hubbard has moved to Missouri. ' A number of children received '• good books for Christmas and some very been John L,. Lewis, and was given bv Ben Sniiders and Don Williclm Alter this skil an imaginary -session of lhe Nine Power Peace' Coh- 'crcncc was given by fhomas Scay ' lhe Forum. Tlie third was an-example of how the well clresse< young lady will. order her clothe ill future; years, presented by jvf.ol] Guard • and' Peggy'• Mrs. James B. Clark, state president of the U. D. c. spoke 'to the ham i, ave won honor points to date. tract oi the pituitary gland plus a'drephtns which Is a shrlnker of nose mucdns membranes. Tills mixture Is completely harmless to the HionkeJ-5. Then, lour hours later, he pours a IBad of infantile paralysis vlnis Into those sprayed siifl- Ite. It i& a dose that is Invariably falal to healthy, ndl-sprayed monkeys, tjiit tlieii" fjlahd-cxtracl- uprayed comrades—seven out of ten rif tbptn—are now proof against tlie death. And hot for a week or inonlh, but they have become vaccinated, solidly immune, the wa$' a. vaccinated human being is immune to smallpox! This nose-vaccination of mon- SENIOB HIGH SCHOOL Is Guest Speaker . William McComb, managing director of the Arkansas Automobile Club, spoke to the students of the senior high school Friday morning. ' "-. McComb spoke on "Efficient ving" aiid stressed especially lhe quality of being- sportsmanlike. Ventriloquist Program Given In a program sponsored by the student council, Miss Flaubell. ventriloquist and actress, presented a program Friday morning, from which (lie school paper received half of the proceeds. Miss Flaubel) presented "Jimmy and Willie" in her ventriloquist act. She explained the musical saw anti played two selections. Putting on her makeup while she was on the stage. Miss flaubcll gave two monologues: the first, a country girl "saying Irer piece" at school, and the second, a country boy "saying ])S 5 piece." iicil Peppers Meet Members of the Reel Pepper Club .lad a social meeting Thursday afternoon, at 3:30 o'clock. They were entertained with a musical program by Martha Stevens. Bonnie Jean Buchanan. Wynette Shepherd, and Delorcs Psalmonds. After lhe musical program coca colas and pig sandwiches were served. Presents Program Members of the Fellov.-s Forum presented a program in assembly Thursday. The program was In the form of n radio broadcast. C. Dot)son. n-. announcer, presided at the microphone. There were three numbers on (he program. 'Hie first war, a supposed incident in the life of Confederate lenders, Maury, .stonewall Jackson, and Robert B. Lee whose birthdays are observed ii January. Mrs. Clark then Icld lhc students of the u. D. C. student loan fund available for those seniors who wish to continue their education. Before Mrs. Clark's lalk, W. D, McOlurkln Introduced tlie Rev. George W. Patterson, the new pastor of-the First Christian.Church. keys is surely not ready for practice; . and Kramer wdult) be the Inst to advocale. elahd-sprayiris children, and-then treating thctu with dangerous infantile paralysis on the chance thai they might become Itnihuhc Instead of paralytic or instead, bf dying. But the line between so-called "pure" science and science ready Tor pracllce Is a delicate one. | And lhe searchers whose work , is supported by the President's Commission have lee-way to dig ' into any corner ot the unknown bf the mysterious sickness. tnc Courier News .want ads OUR COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Satisfaction * PRESTONE * RADIOS * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 21 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 OPEN FOR BUSINESS (NEW MANAOEMKNTI NEW DINING ROOM AT UNCLE BILLIE'S TOURIST COURT SOUTH crrir U&UTS ON nioi'WAY 51 Private Dining R OOM Mus | r Private Booths Home Cookius Special Club Breakfast Ho! Hlscult all the Time Pit Barbecue Barbecued Kit'? Sandwiches Fried Chicken sizzllno Gl?al;s Italian Spaghetti Lunches Drinks SPECIAL PARTIES INVITF.D-PHONE 8J5 PLENTV OF PAR KINO SPACE of 3,000 Men l ; or B a r r <i g e Work Soon By KAN KOOKHS llnllnl 1'ioss Slair ('ori.'bi.umlout I ON DON, Jan. si, (Ul'l—Hc- •nilllni; of j(| balloon barrme ;i|iiadu-ns Dl SOD mm each, ;•<> In |iiol«-i london iinnlnsl \ui.iy nlr rulds. will begin this ll.c ;>f for mihluiy dtilk'K. only men past :iii will I ' iiccrpli'd for' rm'to. Ollt- nt lia.vt :« years old. 'linn; >clmtcr, Illler men -no hn ['dive service In the '"it" balloon barrnvn men mil have miy imirchlnt; or mil encounters lo contend ill"-, and food mid shelter should Mv.'ays be nvalinUp. But (]\fj must i,,, u),!,, ( 0 wlt |,, 'land the rigors ol weather while on duty In the ojicn nlr with bal- con l-airatic innbile units, 115 iiio-.l ~>l I lie nulls win be. l>1«i|:mnil \cuily Compile Big Business at ^hite House •AH ol „., « B1W llml we hnvc a taler understand!,,,; O f e»civ other's problems" Alfred P Sloin Jr s^ffi=ssss-:-S3^ Ml w> president of the I'cmwylvimla Rullrontl Co. (tils handicap will CclHiijf Aknvo IO,OCO I-'cct In (he meantime, (ho t.iirniKo can force enemy Ijombcrr, (» lly above lu.ioo feel, which Is be overcome, 'pi • o i i i lo.oco i-'cct Hums in Saskatchewan Flourish Despite Cold '? almost c ootis and protection to •nifiui cities mny follow In lime. ''ln> balloons urc hydrogc'.i- Illfil. They nrc attached to "liU'licn mounted on trucks and •in be (inlckly hauled up mid '0*11 They would l;e moved (re- "ci'lly. depending mi coiidltlonor viiul mid weather. Au enemy "oulil never know from day lo 'ay v.-licrc lo expect them. i 'HIM cannot, be seen at nishUir " poor vlslhillly, hi Jur.l michcDJi- Mllons as enemy raids might be Dieted. An airplane would bo •vvrckcd should II- iiiiicli lhc steel •iMc by which ''.'the balloon is tethc'ird. . | Tlin hallcoii bBrnujc scheme r>( ~ltn:-e hns one serlatis Mrorl- •miiiir. The modern- bomber can ,jcr,v n l:omb 'load lo 25,000 feet; Jj'c balloon buiruge cannot yet be j'isnl lo Ihla height. It Is-honed. Uiati, as the plnn Is developed. , , . . " tovcr . W " W "" OM ''"« ht ls dcilral RKCIINA. Sask. — Plums— ones—groiv north of James Writl Melror, saskal- picwim rarmcr, hta 1 them to iirovii ,.,.„ .. -, .--•-- —•"" v- V Severn! years attb Walt bouitht X-» enk c-fble, r S , WU " '" C "' «':,"" i>UU fl '°" 1 nu tocultari yme-lllce c,iblc.s can also prevent college. By 10311 his trees were ow-flyhu: b 0)) ,b| lw mm^ ,,,„ ten ,f fr J,H, " J fi,„" | 10 TmrS type or atlat-k n R uln.sL whRh anil- n pliiih crdji as iiirgo rtbd hlscS nhcruft batteries urc almost hell)' If n m:Uioil Ir, perfected i by the balloon bun-age cu rnkcd Ib llic "celling" of bomb- I"K .pliuics, It. .imiy revolutionize ideas of air dcfeiisp. liven in n.i 1 prc.'-cnl singe of development III Is coiLsldeird suiriclcntly viihiable l.o ftu-iu oiie of Londdn's jirliiclinl defenses itgdlhsL nlr littucli. Wife 'I'ntlc.l -f,i,. .....,.-.. ,HELC!HAOK (Ut')~Vh\Jko Bvtltvn- oyllcli, n fnuncr, "siVapp«l" Ills pretty yountj wlfn for n i\n\\^m\ ( u a deal mtulc at SmetlervcO'.liiarkcl-, .. , me uiuciiii Bovchimeni .01 gnu. Vreiuc. any Imrvcstcd Ih nritlsh cohiiri- Wa. so heavy la tho ylblrt tltat It I f-T— —— pulls down,tlio branches o( the trees —Where pluihs, iicve'f gfcft' before. fJiiioKin^ pipe's, are iiiRdc ..o'i-'ipe- cln! Itlii(i5 of very , io'itgii ' anct closii-Bi-nlhed wood, which Jo cratk of burn easily. hot .-Iff' ,.i Wert Over Joe Ixiacs 1 Blbfe "W* (IIAKE 'EM SEE" Pliono HO Hettiorrhoids-Kles CURE!) WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Sift, «ar« and ^Uti lesi dteomfori AU dlHasei anil conditions dt neWbtij origin, font aUmtnta »ni) Ma aioeeas treated and cured;tit our clinic. DRS.NIES &NIEg Ortcopalhlo Phystclanj H14 Hlnln PhPne 98 BIjthBTlIle, Jbt DEALERS IGGESTUSED BIG PRICE REDUCTIONS . » ^>on every car «'n owr qreai 1035 FOIil) V-8 DELUXE SBDAN —was 9375.00, now only 193fi C II B V R 0 L I) T MflUiI* TRUCK— Jlotor and tires 0. K 193fi CHKVKOLUT TOWN SKDAN -was .$525, now 1935 FOR11 FOKDOll SKDAN—Wn 5335, now iD.'if, CUBVnOLET COACH—Act today if you want to, buy .a.sHt'litly useil .six cylinder Chevrolet Coach at so low a price, . (4j*)AP was S3'I5, now $&"«) IMS CHEVROLET COW'fc—Excel- lent condition new tiros : : l!)3fl CIIIiVHOLET COUPE—Master UcLnxc was ?445, now 1!)34 FORD V-8 TUflOR^ii; excel- fent condition • mechanically .and in a'ppearance, . *| «-»|> reduced to ................. :...:;..„ $11 & 1034 CHEVROLET 'COUPE— Was 5300, it cnn be , '. .-.'-. ' yours • for ;...: ......... ...„.:....:. 19:« CHEVROLET SEDAN—Goorl I for lota of service Jim FOUD V-S TlJDbft—A real good buy for someone 1032 PLYMOUTH COACil-Was .1 good value at §135, now 1031 CHEVROLET-. COACH—Kor- meily priced at ?20S, tiov.' for FORD V-8: PICKUP 'TRUCK — D.eliUxe iiioclel; : a : rear ^oht buy for ........... ,...:...:....:....,.„: $Zl?t> 1934; CHEVROLET C(JAt|t^F6r. rijei'ly priced at $295, now only ............. '..:„..:.'.„.. ; SEDAN; 193'6 .. §423, an excellent bargain at .•--,- ">" 1!>35 CHEVROLET PICKUP — A-l"' Condition, ;TireS ' lik'e .)i&v, speciai . ...:..J,! CAR$ AND TRUCKS > EASY TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. i Piionc633 3(UW. Walnut

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