The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1934
Page 6
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IELIEF1M PAGE SIX Total of 289,608 Families On FERA . Records Ir Five Monllis Hy TED H. MAI.OY United Press Stall' Cornf>vmiiilcnl LITTLE liOCIC, Ark.. Oct. 25. (UP)—There were 269,008 families on Federal Emergency Relief rolls in Arkansas for tlic five months from April through August, a United Press.compilation today showed. Direct relief wns given 181.445 {Antilles, 75,103 families worked and 27,'C08 were rural rehabilitation "clients." Of the $3,578,028 spent for'nctnal relief $1.357,722 was for direct relief, 51,456,563 for work relief nml 5723,743 tor rural rehabilitation. Pulaski county had tiic greatest' number for direct and work relief •\\Uli 31,913 find 10,971 respectively. Clay county with 933 had the largest rural list. Sebastian county wns second in direct nnd work relief. Jackson county was third In direct relief and Jelferson county was Ihird In work relief. Boonc 'county was second In rura> rellel nnd Fill- toil was third. The most populated counties ol Pulnskl, Sebastian and Jefferson ran in order for the number of re- i lief cases nud the amount expended.' Largest per cent of funds spent for direct relief was in Baxter county with «.25 per cent, of th™ $35.139 spent, $10,952 was given without recipients working, iflin- dolph county was second willi .10.06 iwr cent of $31,143 nnd Izard wns third -with 51.83 per cent of $129,7H. IJncoln county S]«nt 3C.45 per cent of Its $23,274 for rural rehabilitation. Lee county wns second with 30.2G per cent of Its $28,400 nnd Little Hivcr wns third with 36.24 per cent of Its $31,285..' Following is a list of the counties | giving (1) Hie number ot fnmllies receiving relief, (2) the amount of money spoilt for relief—Including administrative expense, and (3) the per -.cent that went for administrative cost: 'Arkansas—2.379 families, i$48,418 and 26.9%; Ashley—1,925 families, ?32,5(B and 27.24%; Bnstcr—234G families, $35,139 nnd 24.15%; Benton—3.714 families, $44,023 nnd 1929% Boonc— 2,783 families, $40,005 and 25.3%; Bradley— 2,050 families, $43^301 and 20.70%; Calhmm—1 158 families, $24,913 and 27.2V Carroll—2,130 families, $33,277, and 27.53 r %; Chlcot—2.243 families $37849 and 25.82%; c!nrk-3,2C£> fnml- lies, $41,976 nnd 20.08%; Clay—4 108 families, $S1,431 nnd 19.7%- Cle- btmie-^.OGa families, $32,807 and 21.75%; Clcveland-1,714: families ?21,951 and 25.79%;.Columbia—2149 families, $32.401 and 21.49%- c'on-, way—3,793 tallies, $30,862 nnd 23.29 %m Crnlghend—j.483 fnmllies $80,904 and 23.24%; Crnwford—3' 834 families, $41,056 and 27.71%-' 3129^ 2 ' 14i) l!>miUcs ' S3<wo nll( l bal'los-2,153 families, $29,664 nnd 2a.49 per cent; Dcslra—1,398 (ami- lies, $27,504 :,and 28.35 per cent- Drew-2,440 families, .$41,140 and 31.01 per cent; Faulkner—4,355 fnm- ihes, $64,461 and 23.69 per cent- Franklin—5,863 families, $68 534 and 20.91 per cent; Pulton—2038 families, $43,570 and 23.93 per cent- Garland—5,271 families, $105680 and, 23.14 per cent; Grant—1,085 families, $31,076 nnd 24.15 per cent- Oreene-3,<!28 families, $70,232 and 21.57 per cent; Hcmpstcad—1845 families, $49,374 and 29.10 jx-r cent;i Hot Spring—4,116 families $59723 nnd 22.95 per cent; Howard-l',264 fnmtlies, $24,489 and 26.99 per cent^Independence—.(.270 families, $47^11 and 24.50 per cent; Izard—2184 families. $39,580 and 25.69 percent- Jwkson-5,088 families, $57,800 and 24.41 per cent; Jeflcrson-s.878 families, $150.358 nnd 24.98 per cent; Johnson—5,829 families, $72,239 anci «.OD per cent; Lafayette—2,134 families, $31,310 and 21.G6 per cent- Lawrence—i.739 families, $53 344 H. ?™? 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' —AdVi (ARK.) COURIER NEWB coin—1,104 fnmilics. $23,274 and,' 29,"-1 87 per cent; Little Rlver^-1,609 famllbs, $31.285 and 20.34 per cent: fxignn—3,930 families. $53,535 and 20.19 per cent; Txjnoke—•3,174 families, $68,523 and 17.50 per cent; Madison—1.GB8 families, $25,084 nnd 28.20 per cent; Marion—2,256 families. $27,013 and 30.17 per cent; Mlllsr—7,608 families, $112,703 and 19.16 nor cent; Mississippi—5,492 families, $105.80!) nml 25.C1 ppr cent; Monroe—2.569 families, $18.183 and 21.59 per cent; Montgomery—1,251 families. $18.772 and 27.19 per cent; Nevada—1,331 families, $25.087 and 25,90 i>er cent; Newton—2,298 families, $35.210 and 24..I1 per cent; Oun- chila—3,242 families. $57.051 and 23.47 |>?r cent; !>erry-2.4GO families, $23,317 and 23,01 per cent; Phillips—1.533 families, $90.018 and 22,02 per cent; Pike—1,2!3 families, $27,100 and 24.74 per rent; Poinsott--l,79C families. $30.767 and 29.47 per cent- Foil;—1,704 fmnllfro, $23,705 nnd 32.4 per cent; Pope—5,720 families, $79,053 and 19.53 per cent; Prairie —1.816 families. $:10.!)C2 . antl, 2:1.17 per cent; I'ulaski—49.134 families. $815,013 and 18.05 per cent; Ran- dolph—3.0B2 families, $37,7-13 and 23.2 per cent; St. Francis—2,091 families, $.50,911 and 23.53 per cent; Saline—1,030 families, $33,309 and 22.27 per cent; Scott—1.785 families, $20,757 and 25.31 per cent; Searcy — 1,472 families, $26,500 and -29.04 ">er cent; Sebastian—10.550 families, i200,803 and 10.C4 per cent; Sevicv —1.820 families. $27,292 and 23.05 per cent; Sharp—2.803 families, $40,540 and 21.7 per cent; alone—3,340 families, $40,251 nud 24.07 per cent; Un!oti-<j,323 'families, $120,714 and 21.05 per cent; Van Bureu— 2,382 famlllM, $:tO,000 and 22.57 ]«r cent;. WiUthliiGton—5,238 families, $84.381 nnd 17.19 per cent White — 3,451 families, $59,722 and 20.79 per cetn; Woodruff—2,151 families, $35,113 nml 2882 per cent; and, Yell— 3,059 families, $51,740 and 21.03 |>cr cent. "Scarlet Love" Coming to Roxy Saturday Night "Scnrlct Lovo." an eliiht-recl feature starring Conrad Nauel and Catherine Dais Owen, will cnmc to Blyttoeville as a -sjx'dal attraction for a midnight .show ut tin; lioxy theater Saturday night. The picture, described as one of the most -sensational films ever presented in this territory, records the story of a devoted husband and a luxury bent wife, 'file cli- mtix • comes when Conrad Nagcl meet. 1 ; his wife In a disreputable house. A feature of the program will he 4,000 feet of educational film true- THURSDAY, OCTOBER Appeal of Mrs. Gaskins to Be Heard Next Winter CARUTIIEfiSVILLE, Mo. - Her attorneys have "announced that higher court's would possibly re view nml pas., on Mrs. imn Ga-s- klns' casu sometime jri February or perhaps April. Mrs. Gaskins undur 20-yenr-scntoncc for . murder, wn,s transferred .from here to the suite penltentliity three weeks nso when she WH.S unable to miiKe bond of $10,000 pending hcnrliiu on her npiicnl. Accused of the .slaying of Charles Spencer, elderly Haytl night officer and her allcsscd lover, Mrs. Gn.s- klns entered n plen of accidental shooting. The npiicitl of William McPhcr- iauic time. McPhcrson was nlso coininllteU to the Jefferson City prison for failure to make " TMEDFOR JBLACK DRAUGHT FOR CONSTIPATION WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of lied in the Morning Rarin* to Go If you fee] soar nm) eunk stii] HID world looks punk, don't awnltuw u lol ol BalLn, i/j|n- t'ful watcfi oL),laiativLt':uiilv orchc-wini; yum fan-I expect them to rnak« you auilJcnly awcct mid kmoyaat and full u{ auruliijif:. For Ibpy ran't i!o Et. They 0 \i\y rnfjvc the luiwtJj anij u uiL-rb inuVi'int'iit ilo'^ii'l \>t-t ill tltucAUM*. Tlio ri^non fur jour (Jown-ufiJ-out fttlini; ii your liver. It uLnulil poor out tivo Itoiihci.i ot lifiuiil bitoinlo your Lnwi-ta ilnily, II tills bilu [a not (laivinn fn.-c.-ly, your /otxl •liH'Sfi'l dimwit- 11 just don^'a id ihu liowt-ta. (Us l)loals up your elmnaoLi. You have u. (bick, li:ti| laatu arul your l.rrath Is foul, Blufioftr-n lirr-aka out in lilojnuhi-a. Yout ]u-acj nc-liwan') y<m Ircldown anU out. 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