The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1950
Page 8
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•ACE RIGHT X, (ARK.) COUKIKR W7WS TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1»M HOUR HOME Modernization Ups Used Home's Value The owner of n pre-war home face; a dollar [<xs,s in its value this year as the sellers' market gives way to buyers' market. So .said over G0% of a panel of builders, architects and other authorities In a recent survey reported t>y the Construction Research Bureau, national clearing for building infoi'mallon. This opinion Ls based on the large number of new hotn&s erected this year, and Hie probability of a new all-time high record. The new honio,i fire np-to-lhn-jiiEnutc in riesign, equipped with more con- vemer.ccs, and generally have, more "buying appeal" than their forerunners. Demand for used homes becan to rlrop last year as the dmib- lins-tij> of families ea.scci and as RcUnl home cast.i became Io\vnr. The home-owner r_ K £in protect hi-> Inve.stmeJit by modernizing his house, -says tlie Bureau, This may be done without heavy financial strain through an FHA-in.s tired mortgage payable ovev 3 years. What today's home-buyer wants Jfi a that is in good rejnlr, with modern kitchen and bfUhrocm, automatic heating plant, and full jii.sulation for grcaler year-rou nd comfort. As many liom&s have* been modernized to some extent in recent years this doe* not nienn that every house ares will have to be brought up-to-date. A 19-15 kitchen, for instance, should took as well today as when installed. If an automatic furnace has replaced the old hand-stoker it will satisfy today's buyer, Owners ot used homes know that nil effective sales point for tt is ful] insulation. An existing home may be insulated easily by blowing mineral woo! Into the wall spaces and covering roof areas with the material in bull Jorni. Not only docs this save over 30% of fuel costs, but homes w protected are up to 15 degrees cooler during the hot- weather months, an excellent sales argument in Itself. A modernized used home hiiA more Intrinsic value than m&ny newly-built structures. Its rooms generally are larger than rooms in the bulk of modern 1 construction, and it is otherwise n better dollar value, loot lor foot, than some houses being built today, A home-owner who lets rcpnir and modernization work lapse Is undermining his own investment in his house, the Bureau declared, because needed small repairs develop into large ones If neglected. The, same principle holds lor modernization needs. The work may be spread over a period of time if the owner desires. He should not permit any area of hLs house to become DESIGNED FOR HARD WEAR AND REPEATED SCRUBBING! PITTSBURGH FIORHIDE i FOR WOOD AND 1 CEMENT FLOORS antiquated, because .sooner or later he wit] hrtve on his hancts a white elephant with little or no markd value. Real Estate Transfers ClilckiiKlwha District Turn IMy, O. W. Ray. Will Ray, Mary B. and K. M. Copcland, Maria and B. D. Shcpnrd. Annie Ray. James and Helen Halley. Leon mid Eleanor Hatley, Agnes and Merrill Louise and Joseph Coslanzo to J. E. and Thclma McMasters. Ixrts 3. 10, and 11 of Block B of aotilli- side Subdivision of the City of Manila, $1525. Joe A. mid Myrtle McClure to •I. L. and Bonila Thompson, Lot 10 of Block O. of John B. Walker Second Subdivision, $1,000. If. H. and Lucy Houciiins- to William T. Mitchell, Lot 9 of Block 1 of Country club Drive Addition $700. Susan Moore to Leah May .Johnson, Lot 27 of Block :i ot W. W. Holllpetcr Second Addition, $21)0 and other considerations. f Marie Meliarg to Luther Gray, Lot 49 of Original Survey of t/c city of Blylheville, $1000. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Maire D. Wright to D. A. and Clara Lutz, Lots 7 and 8 of Block D of John B. Walker Second Subdivision, $1000. Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright to Richard Neal and Lavorn Ford. Lot 12 of Block o o[ John B. Walker Second Subdivision, $900. Tommle H. Johnson to James and Louise HIckman, Lots 6 and 7 of "lock G of w. W. Hollipctcr Hec- ontl Addition, $525. Luther and Ruby (jray to Lou- reue Powell, Lot 49 ot Original Survey of City or Blytheville, 5800 and other considerations. Max and Annie Laurie Logan ami Harold F!. and Marie D. Wright i Boyd U. and Burma Armstrong, ot 21 or Block B. or John B. Valker Second Subdivision, $000. John and Heater Williams, Aaren tnd Rosle Lee Williams Etectra Sawyer, Victoria Ashabranner, Jerell Slravolo, Imogene Childress nd Clara Croom, lo Dora wil- iams Bartholomew, E'/i of W',i ot N'E'4 of NW'/« of Section 13-14N- E nnd North 2 acres of NW'.'i of W,i of NW!1 of Section 18-14N- iE. 81 and other considerations. W. M. mid Julia Jolliff to Muttie imltli Phillips. :i acres of NE corner f SE« of SB!i of Section as-l-WE. 5]500. Norman and Ctaudl!'.; Shields to Hiomas J. and Barbara Slaylon. !ast 65 feel of North 113 feet of Lot 5 of irregular lots in SE'i of Section 9-1SN-11E, $6400. O. S. and Eula Rollison to Will nd Prances Hardcsty, Ixjl 27 of Replat of o. S. Hollisou Subdlvi- ion, $f50. Your front porch Introduces visitors to your home —that's why you should keep it well painted with Florhide Floor Enamel th» lough, elastic, wear resistant Floor Paint. Made to withstand weather and heavy fool traffic. Windows Can Add To Cost- of House Dormer nnd buy windows ntlcl many dollars In the cosl. of a house ind nften serve no useful purpose, especially If the. house design nails -\i;\V W. I-. iroitNKK HO.ME—CombimnK features ot early Arncr- kaii mid WillinmsbuiK nruhitcclurc is Die W. L. Homer home on West Holly. With brick and vertical wood trim exterior, the home contains n combination living nmi dining room, spacious recreation room, o|wn onto a .screened porch on Die rear. A brcezcway connccUs the two car s;araiic with Ulc house. Willi select luu-dv>'<xid doors Ihrough- out the home, random width, ixixgcd plank fiooritiB is ill Hie recreation room, which features a corner fireplace and wall of crab orchutd stone. The living room and front bedroom have full length windows with exterior panel trim. All baths arc tile and the two largest bedrooms also have dressing rooms. The large porch is floored with brick —('ourier N T eu-s Plioto tile and is cooled by a ceiling fan. An attic fan cools the remainder of the home which is heated with a baseboard healing system. The room ol Mr. and Mrs. Hornet's son. W. L. Homer, Jr., features one wall of built in book eases and is of knotty pine with an antique finish as me the walls in the recreation and breakfast rooms. Wall-to-wall carpeting is found in the entrance hull and living room, which contains a tire nlacc- of "blue cloud" marble Solid brass colonial hardware and brass light fixtures arc used throughout the home. The roof is of aged gray green asbestos shingle, and ornamental Iron Hanks the front stoop. Caution Urged In Buying Home WASHINGTON, July 11. (If) — Veterans Administration Carl R. Gray. Jr., lold war veterans to shop carefully before buying homes. "Now that Die post-war housing shortage is casing off, veterans should make sure they will be satisfied with the quality and con- dltlon of the home and tU m en t," Gray said. The advice came in the to of a letter attached to * n > i pamphlet, 'to the home-buying eran," soon to be made av* VA officet. More than half of all rjJS. url families own their homes today 55 per cent, u igaliut 3C per in 1900. Selection of Site ( Important Step in Building House Selecting the site is important when planning n new house, Home Demonstration Agent Gertrude B Holtindii pointed out today. This task requires patience, care and skill, she snid. After the house is once built, a family may have to endure certain undesirable things unless planning' has been with utmost care. The Home Demonstration .Agent further suggested several points that may well be considered in selecting R home site. First on the list is the water supply. If the water is to come from a well, this should receive tirst consideration after the site has been chosen, "The view from the house Is important—because what we see influences our lives," Mrs. Holimau said. 11 Let's plan our house so from (lie windows we can see the beautiful sunset, trees, wild flowers ;mil the like. Well-matured trees increase the value of a building site, too." Viow of (he house, on the other for simplicity ot line. A plain roof with simple lines usually gives a more pleasing effect. Purposes of Installing dormers :is to bring light to the second story. This can often be accomplished at less expense by carrying the wall up a little higher and installing ordinary windows Just below the roof line. If a bay window Ls desired, costs can be reduced and the effects retained by ending it at floor level, instead of continuing It on to the pround. "C*!«r t>,-ooi |1 HUBBARD i i Hardware Co., Inc., Blvllicvillc Home Owners and Decorators ASKED FOR IT DEVOE HAS DONE IT Jkhie\tecl& Perfect Affatcfi • » in $13 Interior finishes GLOSS Now your walls, woodwork, cabinets, radiators, etc., can c//raalcn perfectly even though you choose for walls, acmi- closa for woodwork, »nd glom for Cflhinftta! Now you can get tha perfect harmony you've hren Wanting —or aulidue tho had featntwi of A rotim—and still UM> lh« proper degree of jjloss for I he complete decorating job. All you do ia ask for I>cvo« Vrtour Finish—in Gloss, Semi- GUwi or Flat—Dcvoe baa coordinated tbft xhndcfl so you'rt »ur« of x perfect match! Wa have it, of covirse—ready ftnd wailing—in 8 high-style ready miicd shades and white. NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT Low FHA Terms—lasy Payments KEMP WHISENHUNT & CO. 109 East Moin Phone 4469 The round Underground Sprinklers Popular Location of TV Aerial Question rowing popularity til under- la\vn sprinkling systems itcd by the Plumbing and Heating idustrie.s Bureau, Every homeowner wants a nice awn but most of them dislike the rouble and inconvenience of drag- ,ing a hcsc around. Furthermore, land, Is also wortli consideration. Veighbors and passers-by — even unconsciously—form opinions of the ind of people who live in a house iy what ttiey sec. Mud holes and standing water are mclesirable around the house, so Irainnge is Important, too. Most lower. 1 ; and shrubs grow better n well drained soil. Housekeeping s easier where drainage is good. Look for prevailing winds, not- ng where the barn anri other farm buildings will be located in rela- ion to the house, she said. Finally, look for existing vcgcta- ion. Health authorities say that mman beings have better health ivliiR where green things grow, frees rcrjuire years tovgrow. Cut- ing existing trees and planting more decreases the value of a biiild- ng .site. the results from uneven and spasmodic sprinkling with a hose are not always satisfactory. With an underground sprinkling system, the lawn is sprinkled evenly without nny fuss or bother merely by turning a valve. The cost, coin- pared lo the benefits received, is lower than most'homeowncrs think. Many plumbing contractors are prepared to offer free estimates on the cost of iiLitntllng underground Over 300.000 television sets are being sold every month', nearly 6,000,000 sets are already installed Before purchasing his jet. the prospective buyer should ascertain whether existing electric wiring installation is adequate to carry the toad; and should also ascertain regulation hi his community covering installation. Some localities "PETE" The Plumber, Sez: "Gues&Inx cosli you m*n«y! That way, both your hcaUr and you, take » br»tinj! Call 2751, for our speedy, economical 'cure-all' for your heater problems!" PHONE 2731 Lei Us Inslal) That Extra Bathroom or Modernize Your Present Bathroom lawn sprinkling systems. Two types do not. permit outside aerials, of heads ore generally u.seri, One is Hie pop-up type and the other is the sinlaee type commonly en lied the California heful. The latter costs less. The location of the control VR!VC i.s important. -Locutions ne.xt lo walks or ixiichos, and far enough uway from the nearest sprinkler heads to prevent the user from get- ling wet, are most desirable. Places out of the way or under shrubs should be avoided. If more than one control valve Is to be used, it i.s usually considered best to place nil of them in trie-same location. Sheep and yaks are the principal livestock of Tibet. , re- , quiring that they be placed in the ' attic. . j After a standard outdoor aerial I is installed, the owner who has not investigated his community'* rulings may be forced to install his aerial indoors at additional expense. Engineers are not in accord as to the fidelity of reception with inside aerals, but where local regulations exist, they must be followed. Tenants usually are re.- o.uired to obtain the landlord's permission for television installation. Cnrthamin, a base for brilliant red dyes, is ogtained from dried saHJower blossoms. 2 DAY FREE HOME TRIAL! Here's (he Fan you've always wanledl If brings in powerful breezes . .. silently . . . and does a man-size job of cooling a room ... pulling Ihe breeze exactly wher* you want it. It's porlable, ligril in weight, handsomely constructed and finished . . . and fully guaranteed. New 1950 "Nitoair" Portable both Irani ehrom* Hoi "ffngej-proof" guardj and reaf for exl/o lafcty . handle moVei Tl eaiy lo rnov* . . , rubber tuiMonsd feet. Ui* i] in window, on floor or lable . . , anywhtrt In your home. Has vorrable ip««d iwjtth ... wnighi juit 25 pound i. Coma In and ••• thli marralou* Fan I E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER Call 55T H takes a BREEZE to keep you cool! Enjoy the luxury of Breeze Conditioned fomfort when summer heat slows you down! A Coolair Breeze Conditioning Fan will fill your home with gentle cooling bretzes at any hour of the day or night! Patented sound- absorbing springs mean undisturbed sleep to even the lightest sleeper! THE FINEST IN HOME COOUNG Oversize SKF ball bearings, patented spring mounting, S-blade design, PFMA Certified Ratings and low cost make COOLAIR your best home-cooling buy. FHA monthly payments. COOLAIR prices now tower than pre-war ovtroj*! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. !'eas« Highway 61 South J. Wilson Henry Phone 2434 '°&&» 1a»_ WATER Is Vow Cteapesl ConcnotSty ... USE IT FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark.

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