The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 10, 1962 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1962
Page 5
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SAT., FEBRUARY 10, 19G2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE T * :RE NT • SELU •", fciXJ^V • HIRE • T R A D £ TrDEiU FIND IT IN THE WANT ADS!" UNOl'SERVJCE * EMPLOYMENT • PERSONAL Classified Rates 1 insertion 3c per ward 2 insertions 5c per word 3 insertions 6c per word 4 insertions . 8c per word 5 insertions 9e per wore 6 insertions 10c per word Memoriam 10c per lirw Bl»ck Face Local ... 15c per line CARD OF THANKS — $1.00 FOR CONSECUTIVE INSERTIONS These charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after ine final insertion. Special service charge of 25c wili be added after the 10 day period. Call OSborne 5-2115 before 10:0f a.m. for insertion same day except Saturday 9 a.m daily. Cancellation until 10:00 a .m. deadline. (RATES QUOTED ARE LOCAL) WANTED—Man for general farm work. 963-5811. P-113 WANTED — IMarried farm hand. Must be experienced with ma chinery and livestock. Nile Todd, 3 miles South of Frankton. Phone 3434. P-113 WANTED WANTED TO BUY — Small one wheel 350° swivel trailer. Call OS 5-2106 or OS 5-4933. C-113 WANTED — Television and radio repairing, service calls. Antenna installation and repair. Parts and service guaranteed. Ralph K Beck, Phone OS 5-6782. C-tf WANTED — Upholstering. Carl Miller, 731 North Independence. Pnone OS 5-4616. Ctf FOR SALE - REAL ESTATE WANTED — Used pianos. Please give name, address and telephone number. Write. P.O. Box 10.42, Muncie, Ind. C126 WANTED—Power saw work. 521 North East. OS 5-2348. C-112 TAXES — Call OS 5-4946 or collect LI 7-5885, before 6 p.m. r-lzt foil SALE — 17 acre farm near Arcadia to settle estate, 8 rooms with bath, basement, good fence, wood lot, barn, chicken and brooder house. Call Noblesvilte I'll 3-0881 or Anderson 643-5896. . P-Thur-Fri-Sat.—112 FOR SALE—Modern 6 room house >' with hardwood floors and gas fceat, 216 Snith Conde. P-114 FOR REAL ESTATE — Consult JOE ROSS sr JOHN B. BARRUM Ctf WANTED—Light house work Leona Partridge. OS 5-2700. C-115 itRVICES GENERATORS AND STARTERS rebuilt, complete brake service. Eberi Sinclair Service. Phone OS 5-7125. 720 East Jettersoh C-tf SEE LEWIS 11. HARPER for Real Estate Sale and Listing. Insurance Loans. Phone OS 5-0060 and OS- 5-6139, ill South Independence or see Albtrt McCord, Phone OS 3 -4003. Ctf >"OK SALE—Nice 2 bedroom modern brick home on corner lot, well located with breezeway and garage. This home has been built since World War 11. This home is A-l condition and rnunt be seen to be appreciated. Write Box "L" in care of Tipton Tribune. P-112 WATER PIPE FROZEN? FAST, sale service with electric thawing machine. O'Dell and Rose. OS 5-4545. Ctf &EYS MADE, head iijjfia, aajiui ea. Eber: Sinclair Service. Pnon« 5-/liSs C-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat.-U SEPTIC - TANKS, toilet vaults vac- cum cleaned. Sewer and basement drains cleaned with electric cutting knives. Phone Elwood FE 2-2684. David Sewer Cleaners. C-tf LEGAL NOTICES FOR SALE f OR SALE Oi .e owner -- new car trade ins. Used cars, convertibles, station wagons, tricks.'.We also trade , ooun. Lar&e selection to choose from. Don Itoss Motors, 120 So. West. Phone OS. 5-4941. Ctf FOR RENT FOR RENT—6 room apartment enclosed front porch. Call OS5-7269. P-116 FOR RENT —Four room modern house 5Vi' miles southeast of Tipton. Oil furnace. §40. Write Box S, Care of Tipton Tribune. P112 FOR RENT—Four room first floor apartment. Close in OS5-6283. P-112 Station, Used Cars, Baxter Motor Salej, 120 South Independence. Ctf l-'OR SALE — Rusco storm doors and windows. Aluminum siding. A. J. Butz. Phone OS 5-2646 Ctf FOR RENT — Southside, 4 room modern apartemnt at 223 South Main. Phone 0$\ 5-2206 or Carl Conaway at Arckflia. P-112 NOTICE. TO VIDDEBS C onstrucllim of Athletic riant Futilities for Tipton JUgo. School Xctlce is hereby given mat sealed bids on the construction of Athletic Want Facilities, for Tipton High School, State ±toad 19 and nigh School Load, Tipton, Tipton County, -Indiana, will be received By the Board of jjir- ejtors, Tipton-Cicero Township School building Corporation in the' office* of the Superintendent of Schools,. Mr. diaries S. Wisehart, 116 W Jeiiersun street, Tipton, Indiana until 1: 30-p.m., CUT Oiastern Standard Time J, Keoru- <iry.2ti, 1362, and then puoiiciy opened and read aloud. Bids reecived alter that hour will be returned unopeneu. .Kids shall be executed' in accoid. ance with Indiana Form 36 with Mon- Collusion Affidavit and Questionnaire lonn yt'-A, accompanied by a satisfactory bid bond, or deposit, payable to the Board of Directors, Tipton-Cicero Township School Building Corporation, for not less than i?'ive Percent (5%) of the total bid price including amounts of add alternates and a sealed envelope showing the bidder's name and address. The bids shall be submitted in accordance with this notice and^»lhe instructions to bidders as set out in the specifications referred to hereafter. The construction shall be in full accord with this notice, drawings and specifications on file at the following iiA^tions: Office of Superintendent Tipton-Cicero Township Schools 116 W. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana Fleck,Quebe & Reid Associates, Inc. 163 1 .North Illinois Street I lndiu-napolis, Indiana Construction League, Plan Room 1466 Delaware street Indianapolis, Indiana F. W. Dodge Corporation 1433 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, Indiana James T. Lee. 5o76 i^ii-st Washington Street Indianapolis, Indiana Copies of Construction - documents may oe obtained from Fleck, Quebe Ac Associates, Inc., PltLMli CONTRACT liiDDEKS O.VLT at the above mentioned address by making a . $2o.U0 per set'deposit. The full amount of deposit for up to two (2) sets "of contract documents will be refunded to each Bidder Only who submits a bona fide bid to the Owner and returns the documents in good condition within ten'days after opening of the. bias. Should a bidder desire ' additional sets or should a' non bidder desire sets of the contract, documents, same will be furnished upon receipt of $1.00 per sheet of drawings, which charges .will i,ot be refundable. No charge for individual specification sections. Separate checks shall be submitted in the amounts to be refunded and retained. The owner reserves the right to accept, or reject, any bid ; to waive any informalities, or errors, in bidding for a period of sixty (60) days after the bid opening. Wage rates shall not be less than t'.oso in the specifications. Contractors receiving awards, shall furnish an approved one hundred percent (100%) performance bond which is to remain in full force and effect for twelve (12) months from date of acceptance of the work. Should a successful Bidder withdraw- his bid, or fail to execute a satisfactory contraot,". the Owner may declare the bid deposit' forfeited as liquidated damage. Dated: February -1, 1962 James C. Francis, Secretary The Board of Directors Tipton-Cicero Township School Building Corporation Tipton, Indiana Attest: C. V. Hoover, Pres. 100-112 VODKA OUTPUT- INCREASES WASHINGTON (UPI)—The Internal -Revenue Service reported Thursday that U.S. vodka production increased last year while the output of -whisky, brandy, rum and gin dropped. Vodka production for the year ended June 30 was 9.4 million gallons, up 122,373 gallons from the previous year. Whisky output was 135 million gallons, down 15 million; brandy 8.1 million, down 2 million; rum 1.7 million, down 159,800 and gin 18.3 million, down 668,843. -PAGE 5 GUARD. GROUNDS PLANES WASHINGTON (UPI)—The Air •National Guard has grounded about 30 of its 66 C47 planes, the type in which Montana Gov. Donald G. Nutter recently was killed in a crash. . The Air Force said Thursday the grounded planes were ones which had not had wing inspections for 18 months or more. The plane that crashed lost a wing due to "metal fatigue," inspec tors said. QUOTES FROM THE NEWS (Reg. U.S. Pat. .Off.) • By United Press International WASHINGTON — A Boy Scout certificate, given, to' President Kennedy for his heroic, 3V4 mile swim in World War U:' "This is to certify that John Fitzgerald Kennedy swam a full mile under safe conditions and has qualified for the 'Mile Swim BSA.' » ' • ' PARIS—(French Interior Minister Roger Frey, charging that a three-hour riot' in Paris was inspired and directed by Communists: "Rarely has one seen a band of rioters so well organized." CHICAGO — Quentin La Pash, who left his Blackfoot Indian wife because she keeps numerous cats as pets: o "My wife loves animals. Living with her six years has been a one- ring circus." NEW YORK — Former vice president Richard Nixon, praising attorney general Robert Kennedy:'^ "He's tough-minded, he's quick, he's intelligent. He is one who has a tremendous will to win." FOR SALE — Quality used cars. TiiROG MARTIN AUTO SALES, 704 W. Jeifersori St. Ctf. FOR RENT-nModern 3 room apartments. Furnished or unfurnished Located upstairs corner of Jefferson and East Street. Write Box W C-o Tipton Tribune. tf IT'S THE COOLEST FOR SALE— Good, used reconditioned T-Ys. §29.50 and up. Tices. Ctf. FOR SALE—Good used Admiral refrigerator.- $25. OS 5-6047. ' C-lll rOU SALE OR TRADE—Good 1957 liuick. Earnest Purvis. P-119 >OH SALE—150 hales straw. Rhea Simmons. Phone OS 5-6758. P-112 KIRBY —Assume payments on this powerful Kirby vaccum cleaner with all of the attachments gua- anteed. Total price $35.28 Call OS 5-6062. ...... .. C-Tf STOP—Down corn losses. Plant ADLER'S disease resistant hybrids. Stand better, yield more. Adier's Seed Sharpsville PH 9632570. C-113 FOR RENT—Three room upstairs furnished apartment. 521 North East. OS 5-2348. > C-112 FOR RENT— Three room furnish ed apartment, as heat. OS 5-7243, C-tf FOR RENT — Modern 4 room upstairs apartment. OS 5-4419. Ctf FOR RENT — Modern upstairs three room apartment. Will furnish and deeo-ate for married couple. Reasonable rent to right parties. Address Box W, Tribune give reference. • Ptf. FOR RENT—Semi-modern 6 room close to Upton. Write Box W, care Tribune. P-tt ROCK ISLAND, 111. (UPI)—The city- of Rock Island has one of the world's largest ice cubes today. Water in a 100,000 gallon storage tank froze solid, during the recent cold wave. DOG DOESN'T HELP DENVER (UPI) — Andrew N. Condas, manager of a merchant police service, stopped his car early Thursday to check out a client's place of business, leaving the engine running and his dog on guard. When Condas returned, the car and the dog were gone. STORAGE—lT'.-i percent preseason ( discount on February orders for all Beh'''i drying handling and storage equipment. No down payment needed with order complete erection service. Adlers Seeds. Sharpsville PH 963-2576. C-112 FOR RENT — South side of modern double, 228 So.. West St. Three rooms—newly decorated— gas. heat. Mayme Reed, Phone OS 5-2115. —tf. LIVESTOCK TOR CALE—Sow and 11 pigs. Jack Smith, 1 mile south of Teters- uurg. C-112 FOR SALE—16 head shoats, vaccinated. Joe Day, Arcadia C-113 FOR RENT — Upstairs 4 - room apartment, utilities furnished 469'/2 North Main. Downstairs apartment, 3 rooms . and bath. Utilities furnished available after February 24 OS 5-2089. C-114 FOR RENT-^Furnished apartment good location on North Conde. Utilities furnished, available after Feb. 15. Call OS 5-6129 after 5 p.m. C-Tf THREE STUDENTS DIE NEWTON. GROVE, N.C. (UPI) —A car loaded With teen-agers on a break from a high school recess period collided with an ambulance on U.S. 701 Thursday. Three students were killed and three others critically injured along with an elderly woman in the ambulance. ADVERTISE iU THE TRIBUNE Would you know? At sometime, almost everyone is called on to make funeral arrangements or advise, a friend. Call Young's at once. We relieve you of all the details and assist the family in every way possible. FUNERAL HOME TIPTON • Dial 08 $-4780 ci imito 'UNCIAL HELP WANTED NATIONALLY KNOWN FOOD COMPANY Wants 5 men. Wages as low as $140 per week. You must .be 2555 years of age and have a car. Mr. Sub left will interview per tonally. Call for appointment Kokomo GL. 7-7281. It you do not cafe to earn anoney for yourself try earning some for your family—if not for them -then tarn some for me. ^ FOR RENT—Two bedroom duplex block north of town. Gas heat stove and refrigerator furnished. Phone OS 5-2613. P-113 PERSONAL LET CHIROPRACTIC methods break up that cold or flu at the • start. Get chiropractic care after slips and falls; avoid later ills. . See Dr. Foxworlhy., Rear of ll7 N. Main St. P-112 MISCELLANEOUS $25 REWARD if you can thaw us a broadcoverage auto jiqlicy with : premium lower t&an ours. Tipton County Business Service. OS 5-4596, 125 Nortn iiain. C4L 9+ Irily modern I . tfflet • ART MITAL'S liHtf TNE0INTURY AIIIMIMK. > CM * la mmt mi m 1M It .St mtiai eia ef aaefceaMlf iti\ntt M aaviamttaaanH* mnmmitmt—m tttaxaantcM t -l-.l. a. ~* AH kj a .. S^ S3, . J . .- • • • » • , OTwn i^wv wnnpi wu&j enna lew ' • P^ennocTjtfi ewoi effenajaai^iit ^ - ^ • War Daetttt ^ . OS 5-211* WISH-TV (t) Saturday, February M, 1962 4:00 Aquanauts 5:00 Wrestling 6:00 • Week in Sports • • • 6:15 News-Weather 6:30 Whirlybiros 7:00 Death Valley Days 7:30 Perry Mason 8:30 Defenders 9:30 Have Gun Will Travel 10:00 Gunsmoke 11:00-News-Weather 11:15 Late Show 12:00 Late Show Sunday, February 11, 1962 9:00 Sacred Heart 9:15 Davy & Goliath 9:30 TV Church 10:00 Lamp Unto 10:30 Look Up 11:00 Camera 3 11:30 I. U. Program 12:30 Scope 12:30 Conversation 1:00 Rep. Bruce. 1:15 Picture: 2:30 Sports Spec. 4:00 World of Golf 5:30 Ask Your Doctor 5:30 Col. Bowl 6:00 20th Century . 6:30 Mr. Ed 7:00 Lassie 7:30 Dennis the Menace 8:00 Sullivan 9:00 Theater; 9:30 Jack Benny 10:00 Candid Camera 10:30 My Line 11:00 Sun. New 11:15 Late Show WFBM-TV (6) Saturday, February 10, 1962 4:30 Sports Showcase 5:00 Fraucis Farmer 6:45 News 7:00 Beachcomber 7:30 Wells Fargo (c) 8:30 Tall Man 9:00 Saturday Night at the 11:30 Best of Hollywood 11:15 News-Weather Sunday, February 1.1, 1962 7:00 Ind. University 7:30 Answer 8:00 Country Show 9:00 Church of Christ 9:15 America at Work 9:30 This is Life. • 10:00 St. Francis Hour 10:30 Faith Today J 11:00 Pix on Six 11:30 House Detective 12:30 Abundant Life 1:00 Insight 1:30 Bowling 2:o0 At Random . 3:30 Son. Matinee 5:00 FCC Hearings 5:30 Update \. 6:00. Loyal Opposition 7:00 Wthr.; News 7:15 Spec. Report 7:30 Lerner & Loewe Spec. 8:30 Car 54 9:00 Bonanza 10:00 Show of the Week 11:00 Final Report . 11:15 Movie . WLW-TV (13) Saturday, February 10, 1962 4:00 Deputy Professional Bowlers Tour Expedition Hayride (c) Funday Funnies Calvin and the Colonel Room for One More Leave it to Beaver Lawrence Wehc Fight of the Week News-Weather Scoreboard By George {Sunday, February 11, 1962 8:15 Five Min. News-Wthr. Christophers Tabernacle I. U. Show Our World Great Plains Faith Contiental Comment Cross Exam Sports. Digest • Behind Your Policy Intercity Bowling Meet Prof. Directions '62 Editor's Choice Issues and Answers Champ. Bridge Wide World — Sports Maverick Follow Sun Lawman .... Bus Stop Adventures in Paradise News • Hong Kong Cross Exam. News 4:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 11:00 11:15 11:30 8:20 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:15 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 6:30. 7:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 11:00 11:15 12:15 12:45 STRICTLY BUSINESS a— * * - •• — By MCrvnrara "It took brains, drive and courage to build this company 1 ^fortunately my wife's father had theml^ WTTV-TV (4) Saturday, February 10, 1962 4 00 Time Out tor Sports 4 30 Big 10 Basketball ~6 00 Country Show" 6 30 Wrestling 7 30 "Jazz Singer" (s) 9 00 Divorce Court 10 00 Crime and Punishment 10 30 Vikings 11 no Riverboat 12:00 Sign Off Sunday,-February 11, 1962 12:00 Oral Roberts 12:30 Crossfire' 1:30 People's Choice 2:00 Movie 4:00 Wire Serivce 5:00 Globel Zobel 6:00 Kamar 6:30 Circus Boy 7:00 R.C.M.P. 7:30 Bishop Sheen 8:00 Play of Week 10:00 Curtain Call 10:30 People's Choice 11:00 News Perspct. U:30 Sign Off NEW SERVICEMAN . Jean Morris,- who resides on Route 2, Titpon, has taken over the duties,of Bud Ripberger as Farm Bureau Co-op petroleum serviceman for the northeast territory. Jean is.'married and has'two children, ages 2 and 3. He was for- jmerly employed at 'the CoK)p feeder plant in Windfall, and was currently working for the A.B.C. Grain Company, in Atlanta ibefore taking this job.. SUPPORT HOME TOWN ACTIVITIES BEES SEGREGATED WASHINGTON (UPI)—A House agriculture subcommittee Thursday approved a bill that would empower the Agriculture ^Depart- . ment to prevent foreign honeybees from associating with American honeybees. j Agriculture Department experts testified that foreign honeybees sometimes carry a | mite. that . could kill the American honeybee. Tribune Ads Pay Economy \ In Downtown OHIO FREE OVERNIGHT PARKING For transient gu«sta. Air conditioned rooms.- Rodio - TV- Fine food 400 rooms horn S5-0Q To!«phons£ PArkx* 1-5100 HOTEL. «TH ST./AT WALNUT OTHER HARRIS HOTELS D.troit. For, Wo r n» Honl Pittsburgh - Hofl Plrfsourglior H.w York - Tinos Souoro Hot./ Cincinnati . Ho fin Bmodway 2 Koflipor Lena

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