The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1934 SET OF Blylhoville Mentor May Be Forced To Use Wingman In Backfield By J. P. FRIEN'il When a (oolba!) coach a I a small high school can polnl with pride to one member of his team and call him a star it Is considered nutliiii' out of the ordinary. But when no less than four luminaries on the same eleven ran be strutted out bcrorc the cash customers—that IS .sunipin'i Coacli C. A. Hamilton finds himself in that embarrassing position al Piggott. His Mohawks are booked to appear at, Haley Field tomorrow night with the Blytlieville Chickasaws. The four members or the Mohawks are: Kettles, Iiillback, weight 1DO; Davis, halfback, weight ICO; Underwood, tackle, 180 pounds; Boyd, end, 160 pounds. Davis and NCUICS laivc borne the brunt of the backfield work all season. Against -Wiiimt Ridge the foriner smashed through for all his team's 21 points. In. subduing Poplar Bluff, which, by the way, won •the Big six conference ui Missouri last year, Nettles plowed the strong Mule line repeatedly for long gains and .was n demon on the defense. Sprinter oh Team tliidcrwood is (he speed merchant of tlie group. In track this giant tackle shows his heels to almost everyone ill this district. Last year he WHS .the winner o! the 220 yard dash, his favorite, in close to record tfmc. Hated an exceptionally strong detelislve man, Boyd also can do his stuff when his team has the oval. He is a good receiver of passes and blocks well. Those who have seen the Mohawks in action report their style of piay is of the wide-open type, plenty of reverses, spinners, end runs, and forward passes. Davis is the spark of the attack, a sharp shooter on heaving the pigskin, as well as quite a ball carrier. Their record for the Piggott 13, Poplar Bluff 6; Luxora 0, Piggott H; Kennett (Mo.) 0, Piggott 0 Walnut Ridge 50; Piggott 21. Locke Definitely Out ' In the tribal wigwam Coach Carney Laslie is 'getting along with his the most dependable backs,' is con- fined'to-'his bed with a high GOES FOR GOPHERS - - - By Km./, [^^••^ i .I . J JLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COUBIER NEWS 'alk of System Being On Way Out Only Means Style Changed SOPHOMORE FUU-BACK., IN Hi"? F|R$ TWO'VAW GAAU5 SCORED 6 ToU6HDO\% AND AVeRA6£p8.i5VPS PER TRY... iz ® I On The Outside- Looking In By "DUKE" ^ peraturc and will not play Frida'y spry for some time. That leaves but Hershel Mosley and Onc'il Craig in good condition. Mas Hutchins is on hand but he is sorely in need of experience. A few more pounds wouldn't hurt cither. ' Just what Coach Laslie will do is problematical. There is a strong possibility that he will ba forced to take Eugene Blackweil from end and put him in the backficld. The tall youngster was a blocking back last year and did very well thank you! To fill the gap at the terminal the hard working, elongated "Red" Baxter is available. The remainder of the line likely will be the same. Linesman Boon promoting the shows instead of in name only as last winter and summer when Charles "Titantic" Sinkey was the actual promoter. Neill Reed, the new boxing and wrestling inspector, and the committee are working hand in hand, according to Parker. An outside man is acting as matchmaker but his cards must be satisfactory to Parker and his committee. The big barber .holds memberships in several liars' clubs and has been awarded a medal or two for his ability to tell whoppers but he insists he's giving it to 5-011 straight now. However if you still flnri it hard to take his word (or anything he wants you to come out and sec his grunt and groan show in action on Monday nights to judge for yourself. 502 Ilu. ol Potatoes To Acre BURTON, O. (UP)—The section's all-time record for cobbler potato yield was broken when H. D. Byler dug 5G3 bushels on one acre. A boon to the harassed football linesman is this Invention of Stan BorlEskc, Fresno, Calif,, State College coach. Two poles'connected with a 10-foot chain are used. One pole has a sighting tube which reflects simultaneously jthc position of the tall and two flog markers placed at opposite ends of the field on the sidelines. By adjusting the sight on the-ball and getting correct focus 'on the nags, the linesman can check the distanco almost Instantly. Earl itrcct E. Parker, the Second tonsorial (sonic of his say it's 'torture') artist, . lUMtion that a "new deal" is real- IIV IIAUKV Jfrad Coach, ITnivorsK}' «f Oeorgi.i "opyi-iijlit, 1034, NBA Service, Inc. ATHENS, Oa., Oct. 25.— There Is iiiite 11 bit of talk txMng bandied ibout caiH'crnliig the sad state of he far-Hun^ Notre Dame system. 1 recently have read several ar- icles snyiiiu that the famous sj's- cm, introduced mid de"o!oped by lie Immortal Kntitc Rockne, Is gong to seed, and (hat it won't be ong until there will be no such hliiB. The true Notre Dnnic system 'cut down in a flaming plane on Kansiis pi-alric where Rockne net his death. All coaches laUBht he system by Hocknc arc only poor notations In carrying on his creed, mt there arc plenty of good fea- urcs and basic fundamentals about he system we can teach that will servo as a team's- attack nncl de- Tense just as any other system. Just as Rockne realized the ultl- nate success with his system, so, I believe, he could have done with my other system. Ills personality, eatlcrsliip, energy and imagination could have brought fame to any style of play, just us it did to the one dial Jesse Harper inaugurated at Notre Dame about 19H. Most of the Irisii coaches have changed tho general style of at- ench year, although returning the characteristic backflcld shift of the system. 1 believe the so-cnllcd system Is better than ever, and that the idea of its need ing extraordinary material is th bunk. There is every type of play run from this shifting bacfcfield attack, and because of this, it welcomes almost every typo of football player. The idea that the comparatively new one-scconrl stop rule lor shifting ruined the oflense is entirely erroneous. The shift does not depend on momentum for its success. After the team shifts right, or left, the defense must shift to meet ils strength, if the defense docs not do this, those strong side off. tackle plays and end runs should Game «°True, the system iias bee changed, but I am sure that if Rockne were alive today ho would OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 25.— Handi- hc ol >e ol the fust to develop pos- . AT CWE GAME 1$, FIEUD, AJOV. it., 1919 HEFEJED FOE Injuries Will Handicap Osceola Team in i With Marked Tree erican Legion now actively capped by the loss of two of the team's best men and outweighed 15 pounds to the man, .the Osccola Seminoles will meet the unde- 'featcd Marked Tree high school team on the Osceola field tomor- •ovv afternoon. J. W. Taylor, higli scoring fulJ- back for the Seminoles, was injured in scrimmage yesterday and will be out of the game, probably for the rest of the season, and Gerald Hensoii, right guard and half back, Injured in the Wilson game, will be out tomorrow. The game against Marked Tree iviJl be the last oji the home field for several weeks. The Seminoles' record Includes three victories, four losses, including the gume lost to the strong Blylheviile team, and a tie with Trumann. Marked Tree has defeated Tnt- ninnn, Luxora, Kclser and Arkansas Stale high school. A large delegation of Marked Tree fans will accompany the team to Osceola tomorrow. Winning Plays of 1934 PAGE FlVi BAR ABAS RECEIVED RAIL VRW CENTER.. qnlivhlch; [l!eUiul(ba6k. gained con- their assignments, there is a ixUti down Ihrough' the secondary dc- - fcnslvc with only 'the safety man ." !cf|, as a hazard, Tommy Curtln, Yale quarterback , and safety man, was the on)y one -• who had 'a chance to catch Barubas The latter feinted 'him out of po- - sIllDn and went, by with Overall an end, In vnfi) pursuit. teiigiuwnls must be carried .out, •Although- tlio play went for gains "gainst V. M. I., the Virglniaiis' line was good enough to throw (be liming off, nnd, Bnrabas didn't quite get away. WARNING OltDKU IN TOE ClfANCraiY, COURT OF OH1CKASAWBA DIBTBIOT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AKK- ANSAS. Henry Jetton, plaintiff, vs. NO. 6806 Bessie Jetton, Defendant. The defendant Bessie Jetton Is warned to appear within thirty days In the court trained in (lia cajitlon herepf and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Henry Jetton. '.,'•."' Dated tills 25 day of Oct., 1034. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. C. Douglas, Ally. 25-1-8-15 By ART KKKNZ Scrvkc Sport's Artist Here Is the "mouse trap" .jday <m which Al Barnbfii iaii-75 yards f«i a loiiclidovn against;Yale,,and s of lust ycai wouldji<;ve[ tiams uMiig the so-called me system vion more ', than ever bcrorc. Noire " ' 1'erli.ipj, none of tlieso i\ictoiick as outatanding j as 'iln< but the palmy days of . Rocknc, » remember that tliere.' wns lj one Kocknc iiiKMheic'is'only one Notre Danic: hlstciitly in'cblumbln'i 20-0 ylolmy ovpr' Virginia .Mllltnry. InslUiitr )Run,froni'tt,sl»Blc-vlng iind,loose box ;fo!million, ,lfie successor the 'play. depends ,0)1 the delensivc .tncklc.agains't tl]c stiqiig-sUlc''belns pc; in I tied < a rid encouraged to'come charjjllig, fast • across' the lino' of ccilgnniagc. , t , . The o'l fen jive tend nnd «!ii(;lj,ick .pay no-attention to tlie clefiimSive ;tacklej Ihc.end' going nciosblslj'iilghl for^ the defensive backe'r-un; the he end No's 'back. , The*/ defensive "lUJJ with Die tackle,' coming across Into the bnckndd, is knocked dOH'ii by;(he No. 2 buck mid the klrong guard who has ]>ulled out, The linemen check" as Indicated, the short side guard going a [(«r tho backci-np on his side uftcr he has clieckcrt the opposing gunvd. Meanwhile, tho ball has been passed to the No. 4 back, who starts to lib, light, cuU In shui'iily tbrough tlie hole between the guard, who mih been double-teamed, and the tuckle, who has bren cut down after coming, across the line. 'Che short side end crosses over to, hit the defensive left halfback »"d It the othera have carried o«l' OPPORTUKITX -ANT-ADS sibilities of the formation to' kec| abreast or slightly ahead of Ihc pack. Other systems have progressei during the last few years and (hs defense used by the late Rockne is not suited to meet th attacks. Most Noti-c Dame coaches have changed from the old 7-2-2 or box defense, which Rockne used so effectively, to the 7-1-2-1, or vari- Films in which animals appeal- are (he most popular of all motion pictures in Japan. For Complete HEATING SATISFACTION at Economical Cost use BLACK ROYA The Guaranteed Coal Order Yours Today TKANTJIAM t'OAl, CO. I'hoiic 9G1 IVOMDUK CITY COAL VAUD I'lionc 177 WKDlt-DROWX COAL CO. 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