The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on August 29, 1946 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, August 29, 1946
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T r HIS WEEK in Millt County Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ba s «, ,,, licensed pilots, make use of their plane for both business and pleas- tire. Last week Mrs. Bass and daughter Pamela flew to Atlantic, returning In a few hours and bringing Mrs. Walter Roberts home with them. On Friday Mr. and Mrs. Bass and Pamela flew to the state fair at Des Molnes. They flew into rain on the return trip which slowed them down, but still made the trip in •several hours less time than by car. .. jafiML VOL. 72 aOMENEWER Entered In the Post Cities at Mahrern. I 0 wa as ••«:- ond cla.i» mall matter. Official Paper fot Mills County. MALVER.V, MILLS COUNTY. IOWA. THCRSDAT. AUGUST 29. 194fi TOWM SCHOOLS COM- PLITE STIFFS WITH EXCEPTION OF TWO Henderson, Mai vent Need Music Instructors A U n L Uf " 4-H Club Winners NO. 9. A local ptarh prize was by Gerald Leu, day. On a short 12 Inch from one of his trees . ' ch Rapid strides were made by town schools of the county this weeh ln completing staffs before * day - in au but tw ° T u r 8 ,- ' nurs of the schools, vacancies existing last week have be «> "««1. leav- «»« only two unfilled positions in with the n usted iast privileges. Crops from peach trees In this area are heavy with Music Instructors seem to be unusually fine fruit. most in demand with teachers • ' • skilled in that line needed at the Omitted from fair account* Malvern and Henderson schools. In The Leader was the unusual At the Malvern school an ad- dlsplay of farm machinery by ditlon was made this week to the farm Implement dealers of the staff, leaving only one vacancy, area. The largest group of ma- that of music Instructor. Mrs. chines shown In recent years Gordon Overstreet will fill the proved a big attraction at ths re- third grade teaching position, cent county fair. Machines rang- Mrs. Overstreet received her AB ed from tractors of all makes to degree from Northwestern State hay balers, elevators and other Teachers college at Maryviile, Mo., and taught last year in a Denver, Colo,, school. Her home was formerly In Shenandoah. Mr. Overstreet will serve as coach and teach science in the Malvern school. The Strahan school staff was completed this week with the addition of three grade school teachers, Miss Alpha O'Day ot pieces. SALVATION ARMY~DRIVE MERE COES OVER TOP $263 Collected in Soliciting by Local AuistanU Malvern went over the top in the recent Salvation Army drive, ».,,,. - " ' ' Maryville, Mo., for the 1st and 2nd grades, Miss Ruth Grey of Thurman, 3rd and 4th and Miss Madeline Wright of Glenwood, 7th and 8th, The Emerson staff waa filled with the addition this week of ending Aug. 15, announced the local chairman, Charles D. Costello, this week. A total of $263 was collected during the campaign which began Aug. 1. Assisting Mr. Costello by carrying out a door-to-door solicit- FIIWL RITES HELD FOR KI ^ r . A A _ -. MRS, ANARPY sioNEKER New Equipment to Be Shown at Natl. Plow Terrace Contest Came with Her Parents to Iowa in Covered Wagon at Age 7 Final rites were held at the Mansfield Funeral home Friday at 2:30 p. m. for Mrs. Anarpy Sloneker with the Rev. Glen W. Lamb of Macedonia officiating at the service. Mrs. Paul Seeger accompanied ADDITIONAL RURAL TEACHERS SECURED Three Teachers Needed to Complete County Staff for Sept. 2 Opening , ---. Additional teachers were se- rLl r ";, Joh " . KUn<? San * " G ° InR rllrptl tllls *«* to teach In M1H* Down the Valley One by and "Garden of Prayer." ket bearers were Ray Keast. Fay Keast, Floyd Lawson, Marion Keast. rioyce Parker. Adrian One" county rural schools, leaving the Pas- number which may be forced to close at a scant three. County Supt. of Schools Miss Amy Hammers expressed thp belief that »,„.„ , , '" *-Ai>ir-:wil i |||i DPIiei Itlat W±°M '" ?*:«* °"* e ":' W ™ «,«« remain** «hool. may be pona Forrlstall and Donald Bruce brushes 1,1s Grand champion market pin follow. Judging on Wednesday. Mrs. Mauk of Tabor who will "no. maun. Ul 1UOOT WHO Will S.™ PB £" :_'" *?. ?' mer teach the 7th '"<> ««• «"*« and Krogman, Mrs. John Kline, Keith Adams, Mrs. Fred Hall, Mrs. Miss The- Dyke and Mrs. Clay Griffin. E. L. Consollver of Des Moines to fill the manual training and mathematics teaching position The Henderson school will ««« ,, COUnty goal ',500 will soon be met. ot . • *"" "cuuciouu BVI1UU1 Will « iX« n JJ lu '? ? the drlve open Sept - 2 wlth a p artlal 'y was $250 The drive ends in each complete staff, lacking a music town of the county as the quota instructor. The situation there County Chairman u T. was somewhat relieved this w»_ 'Wlth r 'tl» Addition ^tif- M<4'. Eula Woodlands of Sidney who will teach high school math and Mrs. Ralph Hossle to teach primary and 1st grades, completing the grade school staff. „ ., At Silver City, Superintendent Expenditures for the 194G C. K. Porter announces that an MI1U County Fair topped receipts entire stuff has been procured for but the Mills County Fair BSSO- the coming school year. In addi- ciation has in its treasury suffl- tion to the teachers named last EXPENDITURES HIGH FOR 1946 COUNTY FAIR cient funds to more "than cover the loss. The investment this year by the association in repairs ana improvements adds to the week, Mrs. Phyllis Malvern will teach English. Arno Huster of Omaha »a» present value of the association, added to the Hastings staff this Premiums were high this year week, giving them a full teach- with a total of $1.801.95 paid for Ing group. Mr. Huster will teach Conner of music and was were Mrs. Mrs. Cora Anarpy Foxworthy. daughter of Joseph and Mary M. Foxworthy, was born Nov. 19, 1945 | n Johnson county, Ind. She passed away Aug. 21 at the home of her niece, Mrs. Frank Keast at Macedonia. at the age of 100 years, nine months and one day. She came to Iowa In a covered wagon when but a girl of seven and settled with her family on a homestead near what Is now Malvern and lived most of her life In this community. She was united in marriage with Henry Sloneker, he having preceded her In death Feb. 14, 1909. She united with the church when a girl and has been a member of the Baptist church of Malvern for 75 years. Throughout all her life she has been a devoted and loyal worker in the church and for her Lord. Mrs. Sloueker was one of the few remaining pioneers who braved the hardships of frontier life to help develop our fair state. Numerous stories of covered wagon days, of wild game and supplied before thf> opening Sept. 2 date. Teachers added this wppk were Goldle Severn and Josephine Douglas for HIP Pacific City school, Doris Gooch at the Whlto Cloud school nnd Irene Maddocks at Ingraham Centf-r. Schools for which teachers can not be found will be forced to close and the pupils will go to neighboring schools. Last week's rural school story listed as the teacher at Shady Grove school, whore Mrs. Helen Morrical will teach, Mrs. Shady Grove. A meeting of rural teachers was held Wednesday at which time plans were made for the year and supplies were distributed. News of the County Seat Two major farm equipment concern* have selected thp .V;i- tional Plow Terrace Building Contest as the sltp for thp iletinr. of two HPW pieces of farm equlp- mpnt to be seen by thp public for the first tlnip at thp Sept. 10-ii contest on the Jay Wright farm three miles east of Glenwood. As the exhibition date draws near, the event has increased in national prominence. Telegrams, letters and telephone calls are dally pouring Into the Malvern office of the Mills County Soil Conservation District. Every major farm Implement manufacturer In the nation has Indicated its desire to participate in the great agricultural feat. The equipment making Its "world premier" In Mills county •will offer revolutionary measures to farm methods. One machine is a new six-wheel caterpillar capable of specifically building terraces. The. other Is n new four-wheel drive, machine which can turn all its four wheels In power motion any direction. Therefore, the. farm machine can "turn on a dime." Signs announcing the terrace contest are being displayed every 25 miles from here to such distant points as southern Mississippi, Ohio and Indiana, northern Minnesota and Wisconsin and as far west as western Wyoming. Realizing the importance of the event to soil conservation, the United States Department of contract for Kruillng conn rnnA II I., ,-v , . .7 ~...i.j»» UI.ULCH iveimrmieni OI road P In Oak township near Agriculture is sending a S peclal Vflttnnlta f/tltnttr ll«« . . * k \ T^ 4i *••«« •»•****• **• ^ ia ne « i* in K a sueciai . . -- -., „ „„„ tne Pottawattamle county line rf>nrt>™nt n n vc * * rt »i mm Indians were told as a part of was let to H. T. Palmer of Mai- ty ^vent Renrese, atlve of'T" her early ,,f e . The building of vern at his bid of H.8c per cubic Son? Sol? Con"rvatlon olfJ« n0 r; r" d L"* Ma ' Ve - «"» r,^! h ' P "? k .?"" C — throughout' t C h°e n I r t V ,on 0n ^ in her lifetime. For the past two years she has •IJved a't the home of her niece In Macedonia. She leaves to mourn her loss one sister, Mrs. Melissa Schappel, of Wichita, Kan., many nieces and nephews, great and great great niecps and nephews and a host of friends and neighbors. Interment was in Malvern com- etery. tlon Co. of Atlantic was awarded the contract for grading 2% miles northwest of Emerson at 12.9c per cubic yard, which is the lowest bid that has been received in this section in a long time. Suit for Separate .MiilnU'iiance: Murgreta D. Chase vs. Ralph H. Chase. Divorce filings: Homer C. Mil- will also be here. All soil conservation districts In Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, -Ohio and Wisconsin will attend the exhibition. With their latest farm equipment entered in the National Plow Terrace Building Contest, all the major farm implement companies are also sending their engineers, technicians and farm , , „ -. u, nrv.j»uii;iuug HI er vs. Zella E. Miller. Wayne A. method representatives 11 mi *i 1-11 * ..„ »» „ •**!.» —» ••«-»v«T^.i. vs. Verna Valriea Ben- open class exhibits and $1,871.15 for «-H. State aid will cover at band and instrumental music Purple ribbon winners hi the B raii(l champion baby beef group ut the Mills County Fair last woek, with their owners] Richard AN lely, Velma Chamberlain, Kltii Chamberlain and Samuel Mt-Kec Jr- FALL PREVIEW oal receipts this y . a r amounted to $4,701.50. Gate re- Groff **» "~ „. VD , c . Larry Groff, seven year old ceipts were ($3,165. Attendance Bon of Mr - and Mrs - O- F. Groff, this year was about the same as '""- 1 ""'' " --'— • ' last, although smaller than anticipated. Grand Champion Calves The grand champion group of calves was used in Mills county for the first time this year. Four Bruce, Dan Phelpg, Harold Sker- calves made up the grand cham- ritt. Red ribbons: Russell Smith, ... pion group. They were owned by Robert Kruse. Judson McMani received a concussion of the Richard Allely, Elva Chamber- gal Marilyn Phelps Irene Mad brain Tuesday morning when he lain, Velma Chamberlain and docks 2. Naomi 'chamberlain Temperatures declined by leaps and bounds this week to reach a summer-time low of 49 Heavy Hereford. Blue ribbons: degrees on Wednesday. Mills Charles N. Plumer, Kathryn countians scurred for blankets as Smith, Donald Bruce, Verilee late August weather masqueraded as October with cool days and cooler nights. Rainfall this week Bennett nett. County Treasurer Marvin Moore began a two weeks vacation Monday. He plans to be at his home In Pacific Junction and will witness u few baseball tournament games. Fifteen boys, members of The contest, on an 80 acre Held of clover, promises to be a colorful Bight. There is a minimum of obstruction of view and visitors may see the work in progress on the entire 80 acres. Sponsoring the event are tha Mills County Soil District, the Omaha World - Herald, Omaha exceeded recent records with a total of 1.17 inches. High for the ;•» <"« «•• * r on-the"^;;: *»w ^"zrtzr^ = £ n £r*^££ l l: r* s; n *; o'^r; Notice ™ near the elevator. The left grand champion group calves Edward Mass, Marvin Atterberry short appearance, the N «e w,l, be a meeting of all STlS ^,£ £%£ STrtTS ^JiT SSSl S,^ ^ **"' "" '"" " "" "™ " ^ "- Glenwood'. Junior Legion base- chamber of commerce, Malvern ball team, will see the Cardinals Commercial club and Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. Cost will run into several thousands of play the New York Giants at St. Louis today. Accompanying the group were their managers, Verris Hubble, Paul Phillips and Ulenn Hamiu. dollars but no admission will be- charged for the contest. _ _„.. .....*,** *»ui«u At 1111 UliUULl' xw»it»4 *co 4^. JriUIilcIi J directors and officers of the Mills sclous. He was taken to the office Smith and Richard Bass County Fair association at the of Drs. Kline & Kline where he Heavy Angus nnmmnnltv hi.Urtl,,,, »i—_•„.: ..... j . . . . neuyy Angus. Community Sept. 2, at Blue ribbons: . - ,.-«p. c UD xieuvy Angus Blue ribbons- L1 S nt Heeford. Blue . ribbons: building Monday, received treatment and moved to Richard Alley Velma Chamber' Sam McKee Jr ' 2 ' B111 >- Smith, " m '•'" ' '-'— " ' ' Richard Bass, Charles Plumer. of the time cool temperatures. Daily data: lii>;li low rain his home later that morning. 34 Malvernites to Institutions of Higher Learning This Fall A large group from Malvern east Missouri State Teachers col- will leave In September for col- lege leges in keeping with the nation- Sept. lain 2, Richard Harman, Joyce Allely, Richard Blackburn, Robert Schoening. Red ribbons: Don Pltzer, Richard Allely, Colleen Kline, Bruce Blackburn, Robert Ewalt, Robert Wyant, Billie Jackson, Bob Wilson, Elva Chamberlain, Carlos Harrison, Naomi Bell, Charles Brewer and Dallas Perkins will enroll for the first time. Wanona Martin will begin her studies as a freshman at at Kirksville. beginning Chamberlain," - - ----- 2 - Also opening on that Dick Smith wide trend of expanded enroll- date will be Peru State Teachers ments. The first of them will begin their studies early in September and others will enter at various times during the month. With the departure of -this group, a total of 34 Malvernians will be attending colleges and La e ted 8C in 0 iow 0 a an^other'sur* """V"" 10 OBjn - »• Also enrolling «»rom anemtt, Frederick Vin- r^nding stales The increase ™ that data wlU be Sam C ^P' toa ' Verilee Bruc «- '»<* Bowen, rouauing states, me increase ^ n ttt Wentworth Military Acad- Harold Morrical, Eugene Ander- Morrical Thursday _. ___ 78 67 Friday ___ ---- 80 66 Saturday _. ___ 87 «6 Sunday ___ ____ 7S 62 Monday ___ ___ 82 59 Tuesday __ ____ $2 60 Wednesday _ __ 67 49 Frederick Vinton, PauU t" 1 ^*" •!r eg !i On ^ andJ White ribbons- -A A . uxil '?fy He ads Conduct Red ribbons: Herbert Hoover, Jean Haden. Jane Shook, Anderson, Clifford Boyer, Bruce Blackburn, Janet Haden 2, Robert Schoening, Loran Boyer jr., Richard Blackburn, Robert .10 .33 .74 SERVICES THURSDAY FOR JOAN MOONEY Little Joan Lois Mooney was taken suddenly ill Saturday morning with virus pneumonia, STRUCTURAL GLASS FRONT FOR IOWA POWER Finishing touches were udded this week to the new Iowa Power & Light Co. office located on the west side of Malvern's main thor- >^>" c ™«'.°'"«' -««"»• «i «-,;,",;,;,:„ ;~™ and lived but a few days. Joan Lois, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Moouey, was provement to the local business section. Work on the building, owned born May 15, !945 at Hastings by James Bea^e ^'^^^ ^,m '"***'• " ^ the Wed " eSda >'- •">- o«"'. ».i eos- Edmuiidaon hospital. tume is of peach structural glass. **-***«- *o ui. ^JC»\.IL aiiutiurai Kiass : U "^Lr: 1C !! !-! re , held l °: B1 - k «!» of the same materia, Heavy Shorthorn. Blue ribbons: Richard Bass, Velma Chamberlain, Richard Blackburn. James Kelley. Red ribbons: Sam Bonnie Kruse. Light Angus. Blue ribbons: Clifford Cheney, Jane Shook, Richard Bass, Gwendolyn Asmun. Red ribbons: Jimmy Bowen 2, Iowa Joyce Allely, Elva Chamberlain, Asman 2 - White ribbons: Loran „_ it Naomi Chamberlain, Bob Wilson, Boyer i r convenes Sept. 9. Also enrolling Harold Skerritt, Frederick Vin- L1 8 nt Shorthorn. Slue ribbons: „., n..^ ...^ ...... . _. .__...._ _ Ei va chamberlain, Judson McManigal, Donald Bruce. Red ribbons: Jack Bowen, Donald Bruce. Clayton Hertz and Mrs. Lydia Krogman, new heads of the American Legion and Auxiliary in Malvern, conducted their first day, Thursday, at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. St. Johns Lutheran church at form a border along the bottom of the front and frame the door. The structural glass was placed on the brick front with the use Glahn. She leaves to mourn her pass- lug, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Before business was conducted Lowell Mooney, a brother, Gary for the Auxiliary Mrs. Krogman Lee ' a sister, Carolyn Leu, her was installed as president and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Os- McKee jr.. Junior Anderson, Max meetln sa Tuesday night when the tw ° organizations met at the Liberty Memorial building. o..,., , . j , - - «»>n.i» iiuui wim me use 2.30 conducted by the Rev. Paul of mastic cement. The new front accentuates the attractive large plate glass window which is bordered by double rows of glass bricks and a curved glass addition on the south side. Inside the office fluorescent continue (heir studies. With the return of normal conditions and accentuated by au in creased number ot students, full work. Returning to Cornell college at Mt. Veruon will be Francis Swo- Jane Shook, Joe Hoover. COMT1NUKD ON FAQC ••VU) COUNTY FAIK Mrs. Virginia Hall as chaplain by car L*"- and Mrs. Faye Moouey "shts were added this week. Mrs. Stella Mulholland. county of Pattonsburg. Mo. viwovu UU1UUDI Ol BIUUUIUH, IU11 . .„ . , ~ ~* ™ *'*8*1 AftWHitod activity programs at most col- *± " * {"± r »«S. 8tudent : **"» »«'«»« «»»«*«»« ,IU he re^^nd^p^ 2±£ j£™* t »™ -« b« to an early start was Dau ^°^ ***]{* ? r8t , ye * r «" ZMders who left Tuesday for tUe KttU8a8 CUy Art lustltute ou Stevens Point, Wia., where he will eater Stevens Point Teachers college Sept. 9 to study conservation and forestry. Leaving next weak, will be Jeau Pevehouse wu.0 will study music at North- Sept. 28, leaving Mulvera Sept. He reports that 21. Edul Knight leaves Sept. Iti for Crelghtou University In Omu- Card of Thank. I want to thank my friends and relatives for the cards, flowers, girts and kind deeds during my sity of Illinois, Urbana, last week, sickness. They were sincerely up- C. E. Nagel attended the Farm Bureau Institute at the (Coutluued ou uiige five) 166 Farm Bu- P r «ci»ted. Mrs. Lottie Thraup. reau leaders were enrolled for ~, . TT~— the Institute representing 36 ***** *<«* states. Iowa had 30 delegates. I want to thank all the kiud R. B. Corbett. secretary of the folk who so generously patron- A. F. U. K.. presided at the meet- iwd my popcoru staud duriug the 4081 Mills Uo. Fair, NellU. Wuuchwlt. president. They were out of town when regular ceremonies were held in July. Principal business was completing plans for assisting the Legion with their food concession at the National Plow Terrace contest and the Legion's business was of the same nature. A social hour followed when both groups met together and were !>ervod rt-frushiueutg, Tha committee mum bora were Mr. aud Mr*. Klnu-r Krotfinau, Mr. aud Mrs. Clayton ll«ru uuU Ur. uud Mrs T. K by the St. Johns choir with Jane Pontow an pianist. Pallbearers were Eugenu Leu, Orvllle Leu. Edwiu Mooney, Omar Glahu. Caring for the Bowers were Hlldeguril Ulahn and Cynthia Menschel, The body was luld to rest lu the Eu*t Llb- i-rty cemetvry. completing the work. '- Accepts Position with " Owren Seed Co. Thank You \Vu wish to thuuk ilurluu tlu. all who (.Julia Lurry Hall, temporary rural muil currier, has resigned from the post office service effective S«H>t. 1. He has been tumporury currier since January of this ytur. He hus filled ttut vacancy i-reutt'd wlu>u S. S. Uooril roculv- i'tl u disability retlromt'iit. Mr. Hull hut) ttiYi'ptyd u position with ih» Oui-4'ii S«tHl Co. u( t'ouiifil Bluffs. Hu and Mrs. Hull will foiitiuui* to mukt> Malvvru ttiulr

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