The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 9, 1962 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1962
Page 2
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PAGE 2- THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier. In City, Per Week ^ 3* cent* One year, Tipto- «nd Adjacent Counties VM Published Daily Except Sunday by * TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. 221-223 East Jefferson Street, Tipton, Indiana, Telephone OSborne 5-2113 Member United Press International Newt Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 189S at the Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1(79. ROUND TOWN and... THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Maney MX of absolute perfection. Show me the perfectionist, and I'll show you a man who is probably failing in all facets of his life . . . except the one he desires to be perfect in. TODAY'S TIDBIT TRY HONESTLY to see the problem from the other fellow's point of view first . . . then act! TV PROGRAMS WISH-IV (Channel 8) Friday, February 9, 1962 .4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:30 Edge of Night 5:00 Early Show 6:30 Whirlybirds 7:00 News; Wthr. 7:15 CBS News 7:30 Rawhide 8:30 Route 66 9:30 Father of the Bride 10:00 Twilight Zone 10:30 Eyewitness , 11:00 News; Wthr. 11:15 Late Show- Saturday, February 9, 1962 8:00 Indiana Farmer 8:30 Marion Co. Schools 9:00 Capt: Kangaroo 10:00 Video Village (Jr.) 10:30 Mighty Mouse 11:00 Magic Land 11:30 Roy Rogers 12:00 Sky King 12:30 Friend Flicka 1:00 Rhythm Carnival 2:00 Selwin 3:30 Invisible Man Well—it's just like we were saying: "Wait a while . . . and Indiana will produce whatever type of weather you want—-or don't want!" SALUTE TO SCOUTS TODAY WE WISH to salute the Boy Scouts of the Tipton area on the occasion of their 52nd Birthday. The organization was founded in 1910 in this country . . . after a very successful start, in England. DOWN THROUGH the years the 6oy Scouts/ Cub Packs etc; have been a very busy and growing organization. CHARACTER, honesty . . . willingness to help others who need help, are the basic characteristics of the Scout-or should be. Now a word for the men and women who are "behind" the scenes. They are the committee people . . . the Den Mothers of Cubs . . . the leaders and Scoutmasters . . . all who contribute in any small or large way to make the Scout movement possible. They should be praised-and loudly. They give of their time . .' . that other people's children should develop character and citizenship ... and have a stout heart, a patriotic outlook and a desire to help others. A SALUTE TO ALL-may the Scout movement grow and prosper in these United States, at a time when an enemy is striving to undermine the basic foundations of our government! ROUND TOWN AN INCIDENT which occurred yesturday on the courthouse parking lot . . . was.amusing . . . but not too funny to several people involved. AS YOU KNOW-lhe parking spaces ;it the top of the ramp on the courthouse, divided from the parking" lot-have been designated for parking of "official" cars only. This means the cars of the department heads in the courthouse, we presume. YESTERDAY MORNING a "stray" car got into one of the spaces alloted . . . and the owner of the car evidently was not to be found. City police were called . . and in the meantime the person to v.hum the space was alloted drove up. No place to park ... so the car belonging to the courthouse official was parked directly in back ul the "offending" mortist's vehicle. AFTER MUCH hurrying and scurrying . . . a policeman from Ihe CITY attached a note .'to the vehicle of the offending party, advising that it was a private space and not to park there in the future ... or a ticket would be issued. SEVERAL PEOPLE were asking if that could be done-frankly we don't know . . . but don't believe it would "stick". We always thought that the spaces were courtesy spaces-meant to alleviate the parking situation in the lot. But then MAYBE we're wrong . . . and the taxpayer cannot park in one | of the spaces. How about it commissioners? An "armchair" law- J yer might even suggest that if was county property. . . . and a "city ticket" would be invalid! Anyway- it did provide some interest while it lasted! Nikky Busy On Defensive . . . PRESIDENT KENNEDY has taken the ball away from Nikky-for the present at least-in the bid for NUCLEAR tests . . . with an invitation to the Butcher to schedule a Foreign Minister's meeting on disarmament. IT IS A sort of one-two punch . . . with the British giving permission to the United States for tests on Christmas Island . . . and the British being granted same for tests in Nevada. "OFFENSE IS THE only answer to Communism". That's the byword of the American Legion . . . and a good one! THE BEST DEFENSE-is a good offense! A PERFECT WORLP? IF THIS WERE a perfect world, there would be no room for people with faults, only for those who were without them. If every task had to be completed with absolute perfection, how many of us could qualify to ibe here. We can all thank the Lord that this is NOT a perfect world, that there is room for all people, in spite of their faults, that most jobs can be done well tnough for practical purposes with- cut meeting the rigis requirements WFBM-TV (Channel 6) Friday, February 9, 1962 4:00 Make Room for Daddy 4:30 Here's Hollywood 5; 00 Francis Farmer Film 6:45 Huntley-Brinkley 7:00 News 7:15 Wthr.; - Headlines 7:30 International Showtime 8:30 ^Detectives 9:3(KDebulEnte '62 (s) 10:30 Chet Huntley 11:00 News 11:15 Weather-Sports * 11:30 Jack Paar (c) Saturday, February 9, 1962 7:45 Cartoon Carnival 8:00 Three Stooges- 8:30 Learn to Draw 9:00 Three Stooges 9:30 Deputy Dawg 10:00 Shari Lewis (c) 10:30 K. Leonardo (c) 11:00 Cowboy Theater , 12:00 Life of Jesus 1:00 Cap'n Star 1:30 Bowling Champs 2:30 Pro Basketball (c) WLW-T . TV (Channel 13) Friday, February 9, 1962 4:00 American Bandstand 5:00 Casper the Ghost 5:30 Open Quote 5:45 Critic at Large 6:00 News 6:15 Wthr.; Sports 6:30 Yogi Bear 7:00 Ripcord 7:30 Soupy Sales 8:00 The Hathaways 8:30 Flintstones 9:00 77 Sunset Strip r 10:00 Target 11:00 News; Wthr. 11:30 M-Squad ' i Saturday, February 9, 1962 8:15 News; Wthr. 8:30 Almanac . 9:00 State Police 9:15 Light Time 9:30 Man the Maker 10:00 Looking Around 10:30 Churchmouse 11:00 Symphony Backstage 11:30 Farm Front DO YOU LOVE THAT OLD • DILAPIDATED CHAIR or SOFA? Wc can make it. Like New Again V BARKER UPHOLSTERY 220 E. MadH#n Phone OS 5-49M Twins Remind 'Not-at-Home$' To Mail Heart Sunday Gifts Your Congressman' REPORTS EDWARD ROUSH Fifth District, Indiana ENVELOPE displayed by identical twins Debbie and Donna Horst is a king-sized version of the ones left on doorsteps of families who were not at home when their Heart Sunday volunteer called last week-end. The twins, who underwent identical heart operations the same day, are seven years old and live at Elkins Park, Pa. A year ago they called at the White House to help Mrs. John F. Kennedy officially open the Heart Fund campaign. NEW- YORK (UPI)—Television reviewer Fred Danzig has resigned. from United Press International to take a position with an advertising industry publication. His resignation was effective with his final column today.: H.D. uigg, feature writer and reporter, of the New York staff, will write the column on a temporary basis, pending appointment of Danzig's successor. By FRED DANZIG vNEW YORK (UPI)—Carl Sandburg, the distinguished poet and Lincoln disciple, led us through a nourishing walk-past of "Lincoln's Prairie Years" Thursday night. The "CBS Reports" program was filmed in the Illinois towns that Lincoln once knew. Howard K. Smith accompanied Sandburg and asked the questions that turned Sandburg loose. We watched as Sandburg visited the Lincoln country of New Salem, Mt. Pulaski, Springfield and Galesburg. We listened as he spun his familiar stories about Lincoln's years as a frontier storekeeper, lawyer and legislator. The anecdotes and commentary were delivered with Sandburg's customary blend of reverence, seasoning and philosophical T-V In Review undercoating. What was missed, however, was a more eloquent camera. Anchoring . the lens to Sandburg made his words the dominant feature of a program that had other rich assets to offer. I felt that off-camera comments and more scanning of the rooms, buildings and land would have made the half-hour a more palpable experience. Dear readers: The next time I turn on my TV set, it will be as civilian. The column goes on, but this is the last one for me. •No tears now, 1 want to remember you the way you were. As I move on,' and realizing that it is against the rules, I want to thank my' boss? United Press- International. They promised that I i would be allowed to call my own shots and they stuck to their word. More than you'll ever know, In this project, UPI was my sponsor, my producer, but not my di rector. With that kind of support, I find myself able to exit smiling and without a scratch. Stay tuned for my successor. The best is yet to be. 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 Prof. Will E. Goof Pass Key The Texan All-Star Golf (c) Col. Basketball Action WTTV-TV (Channel 4) Friday, February 9, 1962 4:00 Chatter 'n' Bugs 4:30 Popeye 5:45 Rocky and Friends 6:00 Ruffles 6:30 Wyatt Earp 7:00 Victory at Sea 7:30 Jimmy Dean 8:00 Bowling Time 9:00 Cimarron City 10:00 Variety Show 11:00 Court of Last Resort Saturday, February 9, 1961 3:30 Lessons for -Living Support Home Town Activities In keeping with our policy to offer the finest in china we have added to our fine china line the name of SPODE.' Spc. place settings' from' $6.90 , etveler The House of | Representatives' passed a bill Tuesday to provide •assistance to colleges for construction of academic facilities. ' It passed with strong support from both sides of the 1 aisle; In .the discussion which {preceded the final .passage of the bill, it was apparent that the members of Congress are greatly concerned over the growth j problems facing American colleges and universities. In our own state of Indiana,; the number of high [school graduates will increase by 25%' between last year and 1964. Then, in 1965, it will increase another; 15% Add to this the fact that a greater percentage of high school 'graduates are economically and scholastically qualified to attend institutions of higher learning and the result is a phenomenal growth in college . students for the immediate future. The bill provides $180 million, per year for grants to college facilities five years and another $120 million construction over each of the next per year for five low cost ioans for such facilities. Indiana duld receive just under $5,000,000 per year in grants under the formula established 1 in the bill. This money would foe allocated by a state commission which would establish priorities and .distribute the funds among state. The Senate is considering similar, but not identical legislation at this time. It is expected that a construction program for colleges will emerge which /will ibe close to the House-passed version. Major action of the Senate this week was the confirmation of John McCone to "be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. For great baked potatoes Cfieezltom! Spoon it! into hot foods Heat it! lor cbest soots Spread it! for sucks KRAFT'S amazing pasteurized protest cheese spread for aozens ot . fosf cheefe treats Get CASH to pay faxes a fit) other at•' tejs.-ncnts—on just your own > ~> uqnatiire and iscjrity. LOANS UP TO $500 ' to both RISK en* 1 woman. Can* la er pleas as today r far Me emeaat »a« aeed. s. TO t A Y! KIN SULT, '•\\11H: No!" OS5-2M2 ©jpfife Lighter Side ' By DICK WEST United Press International: WASHINGTON <UPI) — Save your, Confederate money, boys. You. may not have to wait for the South to rise' again. indications are that the Yankees now running the government | already have -yielded to the point of recognizing Confederate stamps asj proper postage for the U.S. mail. • r L • If that is the policy, it is only the colleges in the Members of Congress and their staffs had plenty of studying to' do this week to keep up with the Executive messages which were delivered. On Tuesday, the President sent up his plan >to establish a Department of Urban Affairs and Housing under, power .granted to him by the Administrative Reorganization' Act, and a message asking congressional authorization for the purchase of $100 million in United Nations (Bonds..Wednesday the President sent bis new farm program to the Congress along with a .message on the farm economy. A revision of the general welfare program was advanced in the message presented on Thursday. These Presidential messages are communications presented to outline 'the Administration policy and goals on a certain topic or on a particular field, along with suggested legislation to implement the program. They are essentially supplements to the State of the Union message detailing specific programs. It was interesting to note" that while the messages regarding the new Urban.Affairs Department, the UN Bonds, and the Farm program were received with a good deal of partisan controversy, the proposed revision of federal welfare programs-was widely acclaimed- Chairman Mills of the Rouse Ways & Means Commtitee said he expects no major controversy on the. new plan and that his committee will act on it quickly. The Welfare proposals would change the basic philosophy of the welfare laws, making them .more of an aid to rehabilitation and self- reliance than a form of dole. It is aimed at helping people off. the welfare rolls' and onto the employment rolls. Added initial social work cost will be collected with dividends as time goes, on'and as welfare recipients are •converted again to tax paying citizens. a matter of time until they begin accepting the currency as well. Evidence that confederate stamps are back in good standing with the Post Office Department was obtained this week by Rep. James W. Trimble of Arkansas, who gleefully spread-the glad tidings: to such newspapermen as happened to be within earshot. Received Letter Trimble received from the postman, via.a circuitous route, a letter dropped in the mailbox by someone in'Fayetteville, Ark. . The fact that the envelope bore a replica of a five-cent Confederate stamp and was addressed to the Honorable Jefferson Davis, in care of the Congress of. .the C.S.A., Richmond, Va., did not stay the couriers from their appointed rounds. ' ' ' I The letter was duly cancelled by the Fayetteville post office and forwarded to Richmond, where it apparently caused some confusion. ' '•''•• . My guess is that the Richmond post office has been infiltrated by illiterate Yankees. At any rate, someone there decorated the envelope with a rubber stamp read ing "insufficient address. No such street number." ' .. Well, I'll be John Brown! You would think even a displaced Yankee would know who Jeff Davis was. : Judging from other cancellation markings, the letter was sent on to New York, where.a high level decision apparently was made to deliver it to Trimble. Bears" No Resemblance This - was • peculiar because Trimble doesn't look a thing like Jefferson Davis. I assume the reasoning was that since he represented the congressional district in which it originally was mailed, it was somehow his responsibility. The'- letter was date June 28, 1863, and expressed the opinion that a charge against Cemetery Ridge was "most deplorable strategy." It recommended a -flanking movement instead. Whoever wrote the message obviously was trying to second-guess Robert E. Lee's tactics at the battle q£ Gettysburg. It arrived 99 years too late to alter the outcome of the Civil War, but the South can take heart from the fact that it was delivered at all. •FRI., FEBRUARY 9, 1962 The Almanac Today Is Friday, Feb. 9, the 40th day of the year with 325 to follow in 1962. The moon is approaching its first quarter. • There are no morning or evening stars. On this day in history: In 1825, the House of Representatives elected John Quincy Adams President. In 1900, about 7,000 construction workers in Chicago voted to strike for an eight hour day. In 1943, Japan evacuated Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in the face of overwhelming American military superiority. In 1950, Sen. Joseph McCarthy charged that the State Department was infested with Communists. A thought for the dayr "French' Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte said "From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step." . OSAKA, Japan/— Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, after a group of left-wing students who opposed his trip refused to meet with him: ) • "I don't think it is very courageous to be denouncing an individual or a group and not, be willing to meet him face to face." TORONTO ,L- W. B. Trimb.e a social science school official, attacking clinical attitudes toward children in schools: . .. "We encourage a competition for marks with goals that. only some- can achieve at the expense of 'others, and we attach shame to those who lose. Then we say how nasty human nature is." Ninety-nine years ago a letter bearing a . Confederate, stamp wouldn't'have gotten past the Potomac River. BRAKE SERVICE Cple's Service f General Auto Repair I 24 Hour Wrecker Service •/ . . ' / Day OS 5-4075 .'./ Night OS 5-4025 THIMBLE THEATER By ALEX RAYMONP I YAM SOBRy,„WE IS OVT^ j -^,OF " PHOOEYi Artsy, OLive„„-tHEy ts •«SUMPIIsj; I WAKJTS ^^t^ TO ASK YAJ NOW WHATi DID SHE GIT MAD AT? I IniST WAMTED TO KNOW IF? I COULD BORROW/ •SOME E<SGS FROM HER MOTHER! BRICK BRADFORD By CLARENCE GRAY

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