The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1932
Page 3
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(i .SATURDAY, SKPTK.MIJEH 10, 1932 CHEEK EXPL15 hiilion Schools Only Choice When Revenues Arc Itiackquatc He Says Tuition or taxes are Die alterna- ::vcs Arkansas cittons face for Mippoil of their schools, Crawford Ciiccne, superintendent of Hie Bly- iheville schools, lold members •••[ tbc local Rctary club at tlii'ir vcekly lunchuon 'lluir-stby. Mr. | Criec-n?' i.iyei.1 the Uo'.anaiis 'is! bu'jlntss ini'ii Ui .study the school i filiualion find woik for k-jbliincn' b?:.t (itlcd to aid the schools. j U is generally admitted, Mr. | Oict'iic duclartti. that tuition • :=r:hcf!- are i^nsi,und and undemo- j cK.ik 1 . So:ne wny to iiiainlaiu ' (AUK.) COURFRR NRWS Joe Is Jealous tree public sclionls must l» foinul '.con. he r.tated, cr tth'.ion si'hooh. whiuii Ime Ijecome increasingly ^c-iieral as a result of reduced .'(•!•.(,«! rf.'i'iim.s, will l:e atom the culy cluts of .s^b'jcl in the stale. Mr. (Jr:er.e pointed uuc a mark- id teduclion in llse oiieralin^ cii'l per capita of the white, and colored schools in Ulyllieville during the past tv. o school years. In i lit- 1031-3^ scliMl year the r.veiaye (.peraling cost per capita for Ir.lh white and colored pupils war. £3-1.04 .compared to S44JJ9 in lt>.<- previous school year of 1930-31. The debt service of the schools, (cr bonded indebtedness and obligations, could not be reduced in proportion, and one-hall of the 18 inilLs school tax collected in the Blylhe\il!e school district this year would have been required to pay the year's del)', service even if the tax had been collected ICO ucr cent, Mr. Ureene declared. The school head said the school boaid is caught between the cross fire of two groups of citizens. One is composed of teachers, educators and others who insist that high standards of scholarship be maintained and that present day pupils are entitled lo education of as high a grade as school children of the past decade. The other yroup. he said, is composed of ta.x objectors who believe drastic cuts in expenses should be made at the expense of proper cducaiional training. Business men v.ere urged to give the schoo! situation clo£c study and observation in order thai the best pcr-sibl!! legislation for school aid may be adopted. Joe Lewis, clown cop. is one of the several nationally known fun-urs »ith the Hngi'nbeck-Wallace Circus, coming- to nlytheville. fur 10011 nnd night performances Wednesday, Sep'.. 14, and his donkey 'Virgil", is the best known jH'rformim; niiimat comiu in the business. Joe taught Virgil ycnr.s ago to Ifike a Ijor.-- when lie and the .duikcy von approval, nnd, nowadays. Vlrgtl literally shoulders Joe a-:;!e 50 hat ho alone may bob his long-eared head up and down a: vhe aligning proji.'e in the stands. Sometimes his donkey's "hcgglslmcss" };els Joe a bit riled. "11:> 'raid I'll begin to believe that Virgil is Rclting all Ihe applause." ne said. "It would be tough if i began to support the donkey instead ot he donkey being my support—wouldn't it?" There are no less than a hundred animals in the clown displays wilh Hagenback-Wallace this season. There are fifty-seven funsters under the show's big-top. Osceola Society— Personal WeU-to-Do Woman Kills .Two Children and Self ; MILWAUKEE, Sept. 10 (UPli r Mrs. Martha Jones, 41, wife of 'a prosperous engineer, shot her '-vo young sous lo death and then killed herself with a revolver oul- !el tcday in thfir fashionable home at Whitefish Bay. A note left for her husband tnid: "It's file only solution to our problems, with Sonny and Jimmy, and I don't feel so badlv about it." The bodies were discovered t.y Edwin A. Cones, husband ant) father of the slain woman and children. He ivrs at a loss to understand his wife's act. Apparently ine mother shot the two childan to death as they slept nnd then turned the gun en herself. in Ibis week, where lie will resume his studies for the ministry al Jonesboro naptisi eel- Mr, and Mrs. Bill Worslcy are the parents of an infant son born | at their home here August 27. [ W. R. Dyess and A. F. Bar- Mrs. Hugh Craia and Miss Julia ham attended the Democratic | Craig entertained thirty-two friends slate convention in Hot Sprints! at bridge at their home here j Thursday and Friday. They ui'ir' Thursday afternoon. The recelv-l accompanied by Mrs. Djcss and j ing rooms were decorated in a i Mrs. Barliam. * i Detroit Women Get Free Golf Lessons DETROIT (UP)-Tnc.-cascd in- lercFt of women in Rolf has prompted a nmnt?r of Detroit cnurffs to offer (hem free instruction in the fundamentals of the game. Amoiii: tile first to introduce the .'vsuiu oi free instruction was (he Oakland Avenue public course, .vhich lias set aside each Tuesday morning tor group instruction. BfBinnii'.',' with six members, Ihe croup has nrowu to CO. never!;y il:lls Oo!f Club has es- lahlishcd lliree such lessons each wtrk— one day c.icli for men. «-o- U'cn. and children. Robert T. Ci 'ay. j r .,. of Hawthorn.; Valley t'lub does nc; wait for his group to ;;sfemble but tramps around Detroit Inaugurates Drive to Clothe Needy (OP)—The signing of a request for'800.000 yards of government owned cotton cloth from Ihe nations headquarters of the American rjod CreE5 hns inaugurated thr city's greatest drhe to clo.he its needy. The pclmon ivas by pustav,:s D. ro M . hcnd of ,, w Dr ". troll brrmcn of f llr Rcri Cross v 1= co-0]»ratin s uUb lh th , r fire agencies in mor(s to ,„ I ''rio I t 1 Wn SMry oiotllll| s^.^^.s".^. S.n"^,,^ 1 ;.^"*'- 111 volmileer v.'-orkers^ iron club'. ;,„;) various oilr lions will endeavor tr i;eods of tl-.clr resi»-tlv, n'«" lioo.1s. " ' - -' Additionally. n, c central in? commitice will conduct n Grid Squad ramily Affair PHILADELPHIA (UP)-For years the Temple University f ha.'! warns have t»en "famllv " " oreinl/i- fair n Owl =o.unrt lias contained at 'i one p^ir of brothers. ,f v , Since the 1928 season" th« ' " Negro (lulls Prosperity i\reetin<> Suiulav A community-wide "prostxTily meeting" for the iifgro fanners and business men of lllytlievllle and \lclnity 1ms been calicd for ^ o'clock Sunday afternoon by Hi'V. r;cor,;e 'I'. Sims, pastor of Hclhi'l A. XI. K. church. "ISi'tliT Farms and Better Chances" will b'j ihe iubji'd of lalks by outstanding speakers, the preacher hits announced: Cltlns- a staK'iiu'nt by O. !•;. Hukcr, -enior economist of the United Stall's department of :ij;rl- cnHurr. thai the average (nniii-r afcLinula'.es mere wi-u]lh j*-r uip- ila lliun Ihe iiviranc city :i,an. Kims is calling upon Ihc IH-J'IHS of Ulylln-villc and Mississippi luiim; 1 lo {'jrn tu /arming us :i means cf wo'-kiiii; their way out of iire.-enl economic dhlicult'r.s, .nsk'ad of trying tu ".schuue .in I iuck liicir way out". Hi'v. Si:ns was sent to Illylhe- Ml!i' by his church cirit:ini/.iii.ui j tu iu-)|j tlip luoaj coni;rcyatl»;r i ork it:, way out of dillluiliiv.s ri':<uUi:iK fidin unenl- plcMuiMii amoni; its niemlH-rs It's :.'!;ilil is out' cf lu']]iin;j 11:1 :n- ber-; of !ns church and ncxicc.s "t the community ycueially to K'-i on ihcir fen economically. Sunday morning at II o'clock lie will preach rm "God's Givat l-'arin Hands", and Sunday night al 8 o'c.'ccfc on "Jacob and Esau", j There will l:e Jubilee jinglnt; at' both meetings, and at nighi there will be motion pictures, lo which citizens ol all races and creeds are invited. To Lead INazarono Revival PAGE THREE men here at the iiioinin^ hour anil alM) the rviiiiBcllstlc smnon nl 7:30 1'. XI. The Hev. Euplm 13. Bcaslny, O f Gkl.Uicma. anil Hie Hey. ami Mrs. Ifa'kdl I.oncliin. of Iiullnna. will ccni|.a-v Hie jiarty In chnrxc of ihc f en Ices. The seunons ore lo bo preached by Ihe rtev Mrs. Henfloy. who lius been a minister fur mnri' thuii :>0 years, and tni- Her Mr. [.ondcin and .Mrs. London :.-•(' ii'rvlctvi arc lo be held c.:!: evening nt 1:30 o'clock. All arc cordially imiled. In a Hatenipiu issued today by 'lie local chinch thi> I'ongiTjsntltm rails niii-jillo/i (•> Hi,. fa,:t' (|,nt ••I'liiu 1 p|.[i])l,. O f lilythi-vlllo are :i"l hiniillar wllh this ctnin-li. ' W.; arc nut tanatl;-:;. llnly Ifol- 1 1". lluiv Ilanceis. I'.n' Killers or •-nak. C!i:iuncrs. bin. k-llcvcrs In •d mid oid lime lujit-Mi iv- ll " 1 ': 'I"' Ifliiii tint t, K . ,.[,,-!y '!>'' W....11-.V .Men,:,,!!-.! ;• ,„„ iiMiii'iii Mild. join her slsler nt the college Illness following a recent tonsil op- oration prevented her leaving Monday, Ailss Margaret Armstrong returned Thursday frotri the Methodist liospltal ot Memphis. Worlil's l.arjtkl Fe» Pod " CHEENSBOHO. N. C. (UP) — Man-in Sykes, 16. cl«lms to have (,'nrati llio world's largest pea pod In his backyard garden, His pod measured 31 1-2 Inches In lentil, Kiilcli fur surpasses 11 23 1-2 Inch '•«! recently yrt«n at Marlon, N. C. Ci-,,,,.-r NI-.VK Adi I and Vicinity Seet Stolen Motorboat Traveling Down River | ed the n. Kentucky, officers a aid of shcrifr.s dcpul arrest of the thief. The Ihicf is traveling down (lie Mississippi river in the boat a 20-forl grey bull with a sow bow. Hlckman ollicers said Hie boat would pass Barfield point, on the river east of here, today. Deputies here licTlevc the boat, which left New Madrid at 0 o'clock last night has already passed Barfield. Tin- Hn. Mia. Kiiiihn I). Heasley, of Oklalimna. who will corr.m-t :nii evr, :;ll rhMic meclins; nl the Clinrch of ihe SaairriH'. bCijlnnlny Siniciiiv nnd roiilliiiilnt; /or tlnce wi-eks. • • • ... Evangelistic Meeting Will Start at Church Here Sunday The Sunday inorninn service will I Tbe Hcv. K. S RushhiK nl nake tlie beghniini; of (lie annual Ifartsdle, Ma., who lins accepted ovns! nt Ihe Clinrch of the Nnz- a call tti lliu pastorale ol this IITIU-. Second nnd vine slrecls. 'church, will preach his Orsl tm- Luxora Society—Personal Miss nns<> Lou ing rooms were decorated in aiMrs. Barham. ft i'ss uns<i LOU Cnnfce ]m s -i^ ] 1Cr prcinsion of roses and other call Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hudson ana i e " cst Miw Sarah Eli/.abeth Kries;- floncrs. .carrying out a pink and ! infant son of St. Louis have re- c * ".' Coinvav. Ark. white color scheme, j turned home after a visit here • VIiss Sarah June Terry of -.High score pri?c. was awarded • with Mr. and Mrs. Pred G. Pal- Kt »ackover. Ark., is visiting rcla- Mlss Eva Montague and second! tcrson. tiv "s here. Kruger cut ccnsalation favor. Miss Eva Montague and second! tcrson. high went to Mrs. Jce Croincr. M:s.l Miss Myrtle Burnett and Mr W. E. Jacks, both of Osceoln, were I married Monday evening at the .\fc-thoriist parsonage Mrs. n. V. twelve friends at entertained . . bridge al her home here, the number including Mrs. A. G. Hayes ami Mrs. C. 1!. Smith of Memphis. High score prize v as awardeo .Mrs. J. L. Ward. Second liiRh we.U to Mrs. J. H. Hook and Mrs. Rmh Cralyle cut consolation favnr. Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Smith were each presented honorce jifts. • r • -Mr. and MIS. Bruce Ivy have as thuir gac.v.s Mr. Ivy's brother. Brodie Ivy of Henderson, Tenn.. nnd Clifford Davidson ot Jackson. Tenn. W. F. Robinson. J. A. Piss. Stanley Carpenter and Mr. Wcorlard of Osceola were guests at Ihc banquet given by the Mid-So'.i:h Cotton Growers association in Memphis Friday evening. C. E. Sullcnger. J. T. Coslon, W. H. Fraliier and s. L. Glndish were among Hie Osceolans who attcnd- Uemccratic slate convention in Hot Springs Thursday aiVU I-Yiday. •Mr. and Mrs. Rogers of . . . Cfeeola and Mr. and Mrs. f. R. Bogan of Luxora attended a Hireling of the Park Avenue Ch.vo'er of O. E. S.. in Memphis Wednesday evening. Misses Mary Catherine and Frances Ph'pps. daughters of Mr. ami Mrs. R L. j'hjpps. a re home after visit v.ith relatives in Harrisburg. III. r. nr.d Mrs. G. H. Kcgraves returned today trom Fayetteville. where they visited for sricral days with Mrs. Joe Rhodes, after accompanying (heir sons P.asil and Nelson, to the University of Arkansas. where they v.ill enter school. The OsccoJa high and grammar school Parent Teacher association will rrsume work, holding its first n-.cctinz of the school year on next Wednesday afternoon. Miss I.ola Ilalsell of Osceola. accompanied by her sister. Mrs. \V. [,. Phillips of Biythcville. returned Thursday from a visit wilh friends in Knoxrlllr. Tenn. Miss ' Beatrice Hose went to Jctitflcra a -few days ago to cuter Jor.rpboro A. and XT. collccc. Mrs C. R. Rhodes and daiHi- ter. Helen, of Fayetteville. are cuefts this week of Dr. and Mrs C,. M. mnirll. Mrs. J. H. Lore well returned Thursdav frun Atlanta, where flic visited her daughter. Mrs. Ki:eh Kuelirv and Mr. Ilushey. E. L. T.ill.ifcro has K0 n? lu Jcnesboro where he is attending A. and M. college. Miss Josephine Montague s]>cnt Wednesday In Memphis, \vherc she was a pucst al a luncheon given by Mis. Virginia Pearson, Mrs. Floyd' ChafTin. who has fpent the summer with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Welch, Rev. F. J!. Sweet performing the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Shippen had as their guesi this week Mr. Shippen's sou. George Shippen of Florida. R. A. Cartn-ijght and Bruce Ivy verc business visitors in Memphis, Friday afternoon. They were accompanied by Mr. Ivy's guests, Brcdic Ivy and Clifford Davidson. Hospital Notes Mrs. Marie Tetroe, Wcimctka, 111., was admitted to the Blythe- vilie hospital tcday. here. Scott Lucas of Kil?ore. Tex., f.onni last week end with his Barents. Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. Lucas. Mr?. Atlns Shiblcv is In the B.-ip- <!st hosDltal at MemuhU convel- escing from nn aopendix- oneration. The R.;v. Frai\k Sweet held services at Hiehtowur Sundav. Mr. and Mrs H. • P. Worslej shonncd in niytlieviiin Thnr'dnv Mrs. C. M. Umflcel ol Osceoir nnd Misses Margaret and Mlldrcc 1 Richards visited in Mcmpliis Sat- Wunderlich trnnsncl.?< Figure "8" Prominent urday. Alvin t ..,.. J( business in Memphis Friday. Mr. and Mrs. n. W. Thweatl slumped in Xlemphis Friday. Afr. nnd Mrs. Herman Spiecr ami children shopped In Blylhe- villf Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vollmei visited in Marked Tree Friday. Mrs. Taylor Sepraves has returned from a visit in Flint, Mich Mr. and Mrs. Ouvton Nimnnlh In Aged Man's Life aild cWMivn of Memphis, were ORLAND. Cal. i UP)-From birth to death Hi: figure "8" played a prominent part in the life of Jonathan sharp. He was torn on the 3tli day of November. He was married on" the 8th day of A]!.-!]; his first sr,n was born on the 8th day oi the month, and i-.e was the faler of eight children. Siiarp died at 8 o'clock on the 8lh day of August and he was 38 years of age. St'osts of Mrs. Dave Richards line: family last Sunday. Mrs. Dave Richards of Memphis silent Inr^ »^ek nnd wilh her daughters. Misses Margaret. Mildred and Jane Richards. T.elioy Wood returned Sundaj from a few months visit i n N?w Orleans. Mrs. Mattic Poison and molhcr. Mrs. Ora Hill, left last 5imda\ for Jonesboro where they wil make their home. Misses Maibelle and Eva Cook visited in Memphis Thursday. IMPORTANT NOTICE \Vc are now making tli c (li'linijiipiit )ior.sonal lax Iwolis and will probably lie two <ir L lsii:o weeks sjetliiiK tliosu bonks mil 1» the collccl'i's in (lill'crenl parts of the county. Until this is tlone wo will accept payment ,11' persntial taxes without iiemtlly or co.-ls. Von save 15'-' of your taxes ;imi Sl.i>0 co.-ls by iwyiiitf before yoin- tax reaches the deliiunienl tax collector. \ W. W. SHAVER Sheriff antl Collector nt Mississippi County. htr" l vM K " lS " S ' 11 '"' ' ?u ' 1 '" 1 <1:lvs '' lo Kuhicr. mi.) Air. k r ui.]il,.|- '[' .E. CY.mhvy l,.f| Tiu-Kiiaj. lo ; mli-r :i-h(iol In M.?m|iii|s. Mr. an,! Mrs S !•' FiTemaii •m-,-:,!!,,! to •lV,,, 1I . m ;, ( . Wwlncs- 'I'll 1 I)}' tin dentil of Mis. i.- lc ». , Minn's sister. | Mrs. Udell New.-nm of niyth c . Mile Is the liiicsl of her imrents, Mr. nn:] Mrs. Hen GUI, this week Kinnk Lucked bft todnj- lo en- I ler Ih... University of nL Knydteviltc. i Mrs. Curtis -Downs, Mrs. John I Fnrli-y. Miss opal Wilson, nmt i Dcwoy Wilson, utli'iuled funeral' .'criii'M for their (!riindmotli.?r, Mrs. Wilson of Armoicl, Thursday. Mrs. Otto nradbcrry. Miss Olivia Hrudl:i-i ry. Mrs. Ruth Wlilsll,- nnd small daughter Sue .sliojiiwd hi lllyllievlllc Thursday, day lor Jonc-sboro. wl::rc she en- Ml.w Mnynie MUKCI-S left Mon- [fird A. and M. nillcfjc. Miss Naomi Magrrs will leave Smuiny lo HAVE YOUR CAR Washed.... Greased.... And 0 <|u;irts regular 2~>c Oil put in Your L'ranki-asc for Only Vollmer & Son, Inc. Yarbro Head Plume 712 The big roan shol inlo llu: air. The girl used her spurs, clung fasl. Dona Dole's mastery of ihe spirited horse was but the first of a H-rk-.s of^e\eiiin<r adventures al her father''^ timber camp. Kidnaped by a flaring outlaw, receded, defying a group of angry men bent on a lynching, Dona is always in llic forcfroiil of action in the new serial, ''(.'all of the West", by'K. G. Aronigoniery. It is a story filled wilii thrills. Watch for ii 'brginnitig Wednesday. Sept. 14th in The Cour- I -^T I'' V> /I icr iNews.

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