The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOMIMK 1—NO. MO. BLYTIIKV1LLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 28, J!M!» SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST THE BL.YTHEVILLE ARMY AJR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the Interest of the personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School ot Blythevllle, by th« Blythevllle Courier New«. 1C contains the news ol the Air Sue. Marine Hero I Compere > Graduation Speaker Brig. Gen. K. \,. Com|>cre. adjutant general and director o( sclce- tlve service of Hie Stnle of Arkiui- sas, will be the guest of honor and s|wnkcr of the day for the graduation exercises of aviation cadets Wednesday afternoon. Arrangements have been made for him to come from t-lttle Hock by military iili'iilnne, lo be received at the landing Held by Col. Kurt M. Landon, the commanding officer, and an escort of honor. The general will be the guest o! Colonel Landon, members of his staff, and officers of the flying training department, nt luncheon al Ihe Oliicers' Club. It will be Hie sixth class of aviation cadets lo be graduated as commissioned officers with pilots' ral- Ings, al tlie Blythevllle Field. The graduates will be assigned at once to their new duties, .some of them as instructors of cadets, and others for tactical and specialized training at other schools of the Army Alv Forces. Next Target A Jerry, Maybe! SflLDItRS 5IEP . Proudly wearing his Congressional Medal of Honor, is U.S. Marine Platoon Sgt. John Basiloncm, Rarilon,, N. . J., son of Italian-born tailor, who received his award forv killing 38 -Japs on Guadalcanal, Oct. 24-26, 1942. Known as "Manila John", he's 2G • years old. (NEA telephoto) Maiden Outhits Locals In Close Contest 0{ League Gajne Yesterday The Post Baseball Team staged a ninth-Inning rally that produced one run and gave them a 3-2 victory over the visiting Maiden Army Air Field nine-ill a Flier League game yeslcrday afternoon. The winning tally came after Hie guest team had knotted Ihc count in their half of the final frame and was made by First Lieut. Ralph W. Howard, commandant of cnu:Ls and catcher for the locals. He scored from third on the opposing backstop's error alter some of the classiest "uase running seen here" since the season began. After getting on first when an infielder muffed his hard lilt grounder, he charge at second when the next batter dumped a grounder between second and third. It looked like a sure-fire double- play was in Ihc making hip, Howard ran over the second baseman and blilhcly and safely proceeded to third a la Ty Cobb. .Howard's flashy base running Smilh cf Ins opposing pitcher in the fourth inning. On third base, with one down and- the other sacks loaded, Swan raltlecy.lhe, huflor by .suddenly sprinting a short'distance down the .base line just before each pitch. He "always «topp?d before the opposition could snag, him and was back on base safely whenever they tried to pick him off with a fast throw. It «nnleri(ed the .Maiden moundsman so much that he walked the baiter ami forced Swan in with a run. Before and during the game the 351st Army Air Forces Band under the direction of Tech. Sergt. Anthony Poskonka entertained the large crowd with the playing of wcl| known marches. The Posl Team will play the league leading Walnut Ridge Army Air Field learn at Jonesboro to- nighl. Box score of yeslsrdny's game Polish Folk Songs Also An Interesting Feature Of Dance Friday They all danced the polka when the Polka Dots played. The Polka Dots are a jolly group of musicians of the 35lst AAP Band, who cut loose with few musical Inhibitions, playing |»lkas and Polish folk songs, and they were a feature of tile evening at the big elnticc nl the Post Recreation Hall Friday night. Those who didn't know the polkas were guided through the fancy steps by Miss Gcncvicve Whalcn of Ihe USO staff. O. W. Daniclson, USO director, announced the winners of a bean jar guessing contest. Mrs. Marguerite Brotherton of the USO, assisted lit directing the program, which was sponsored and Arranged by Ihe Special Service Office. Chnperoncs Fun Parade Scheduled At Theater The Fun J'arndo, 11 USD .Show, will bring u vnrlgalcd musical revue to tin- I'aul TheaU'r' |(inl({lil with pcilm'maiu'ivi al a and tt ('clock [or service men and their faiulltc.'i. Fhe players, men and women, arc I'literliilners of note, from [•'reddle Slrlll, the imisliT «f ccrii- monli'.s, (<> uurl inul Fiillh .Simpson, with their "llumiinetti'K," u minimum puppi'l revue which runs the gamut of musical comedy pri'.scntuUmi. I'Yaturt'd dancer Is Darlene \Val- devs, who has played li'iullnu hotels and flub.s In Ihh I'mmlry mill abroad. Tlu> Six Htnrlets, dancers, .lire spoiled through Hie show Frank Koss and 1 Anilii I'lerre |)re.s- ent liiliu'lnns tukeoffs on pt'omli per.sona^i'.s, and Miss Pierre si The comedy imrobnlki acl of Hi>i Hodrr.s iMpllalbc.'i llu 1 .slupsl tccinil<iuu, with mnii'/iiii; aerobullc. turns and falls and rapid putter. Veteran Marksman Eager To Get Another Crack At The Germans July 'tth Program For Youths 17-18 YOUIIK men 11 mid IB years okl •where lire you going to lie on he •III! of July? A speclul program Is being nr- •aillied fur you n| the- Dlylhovtllo Ainiy Air Field. Tim whole story nui'l be lold yi't, but Ihc com- panding olllecr, Co I. Kurt M Liin- lon, Invites you nil In come on mil for ii thrilling nml Interesting llinc. Don't make uny plant, for the ay mull the special progrnm ill tho Air Is announced. All uoys 17 iiiul Ifl yours old of Dlythc- vllle, Mississippi County mill Hit fiimoiiiKlhig region are Invited. st Mess Officer Since Last July Leaves For Service Elsewhere Crew Chief Here Has Score To Settle Will) Those Little Yellow Men Serul. ,1. W. Pound Bitpiml hh biulliri'.s hand mil s.vvon< n .solemn unlli Ihnl tin.' J.'ii). 1 ; would \i»y In blood for Ihe belly wound whleli laid his brother In a hospital bed wnlhed In bandage* and uilnnlni; amely dc.spllu an nclilnu dlscom- OLl. brother, First Glaus ioberl I'onnil, WII.H lilt by iboard the crulsor on which he Cn|)t. Robert 11. l/ivc, who helped 'Flint's the wuy Caplatn l.uve Cell drive- the Genmtn shuck troops:about h. Anil the men who meet from France In the war uf 25 years the enemy with the Induing, But ago, has led the lilythevllle Army I more than that, those who know Air Field with orders for duty I the captain will feel belter about somewhere overseas. "I don't care which direction I'm scut,' he said, "bill I hope It's Euroiw again. I want lo be there to heli) do the jo'.i which we left unfinished in 1918." Captain Love returned the middle of last week from n brief leave of included Mrs. Max B. Held. Mrs. Benuird Allen and Mrs. Henry Humphreys. J. P. Lenti and Miss Emily Dale Gray checked hv,the members.: of^thciGlrlgiConi-, nninity Service Corps. '' Army trucks brought 15 CSC girls to tile Air Base for the dance, and about 300 enlisted men attended. At least one enthusiast returned to his barrack during the festivities for a cooling shower and n change of clothes., absence, visiting wile, his daughter and his friends al Dubois, Pa., where he was chief of police before lie was called lo active duly in 1941. . . .., . , ., "I'm glad I'm^oiKniy. wny," he said'.'"I haven't "felt 7 right about my assignment here. For the last 25 years I have trained men In the National Guard, and a great many of my boys nrc nl the battle front. I would never feel riglil about it If I wasn't there too. 1 t when they know thai he Is help- Ing In the tlglit. ' "I'll be satisfied with my aulo- nntlc pistol," Captain Love remarked, when uskcd wluit wunpoii he preferred. . He Is outraged when, on the pistol range, every shot does not pierce the bnllseyc, at any standard distance, lie has more medals for pistol markmanslilp than he can weai nt one time, and luis competed with the'best shots of the National Gunrdj. ,;Uic,_ .Officers' Reserve Corps',"ahd police nrganl/ntlons. i Captain Love was on duty a the lilythevllle Army Air Field fm almost a year. During most of this lime he was provost marslml, lit is succeeded In that assignment bj Capt. Leon E. McDonald. "There Is plenty. Tnkc all you cnn nil; but cat all you lake." Thai was wliiil Llpiit. lluiili H. Montgomery said lo the hungry enlisted men who arrived at the lily- thevllle Army Air Field lust July 'om Greenville, Miss., llrcd Irom iclr hoi trip, and eager for chow. And Hint has been the nuitlo vcr slncf!, during Ihe U months Lieu tenant Montgomery i'osl, Mess officer. The k'litenant Is carrying the mutlo i) oilier fields, lor he lull lllyllie- llle Saturday wllh orders which fill lead him to an assignment at stjtlltm Mill lo be di'tcrmlncd. Mrs. Montgomery Is vilh her mulher, Mrs. George ower, ID Ihc Hlghlowcr home nl Staikvllle, Miss., where she will Ivc until Ihe llciilcnnnl Is asslgn- :d to a station where she can Join him, nr until he returns from over- sens, if he gets combat duty. There are two children, Alice, born two weeks ago .and Agnes, who will be iwo years did in August, Lieutenant Montgomery is a gnulimlc of the Gulf const Military Academy and id tended Mississippi Stale College. He was commissioned In Ihc Infantry He.scrvc in 19:(7. Blythevllle Vickers Ss .. While 3rd .. Hogan 3rd . Parncll rf .. McWhorter Fcrrario cf .. Crane If 1 La Griittn It 3 AH R H Swan 2nd . •Howard c .. Yarweick p Band Team Wins Over 702nd, 9-3 The 351st Army Air Forces Band won their second game in the league schedule by defeating the 702nd. 9-3. in an Inter-squadron Softball game Thursday afternoon nt the Athletic Area. Silvers, star .shortstop for the Band, was the outstanding player for the afternoon. He showed excellent fielding and was a star at the plate. He batted three out of four and accounted for two of the runs. K. 1 1 Policing The Grounds With a clearance sheet for transfer to coiiibal duty, Corp. Abraham Ex.rall, a clerk In the Post Administrative Inspector's made the offices at rounds of which he Ilic had office, various to- gel Gandiana Promoted 30 3 3 An R H Kami Mitchell 2nd Wndcnful 3rd Silvers ss ... Badins rf ... Brayon c ... Vit If Scnlisc 1st .. Cifrulak cf . rs fealured an otherwise rather dull Metro 1st game. The Post Team was away Possey'p '.... off form at the plate, though they : Hlllman 3rd looked fairly good on defense. Pfc. Hah ->nd Bill Yarwnck. pitcher for the lo- Les if" cals, was outstanding, holding Ihe Williams c Maiden aggregation to only four Griusis rf hits. And "-- ----- - ' - ^ rcpresenta bulwark of strength at second base.j Swan made some beautiful, stops of! hot grounders and made a goat of , - , * "i<5bo Jl 1 u u s. And Fred Swan, Red Cross Franccschi ss 400 wesentalive at Ihc Post, was a . I Scatti Cardsmonc p 702nci Snggau cf .. Ryan 3rd Talberl ss McKalla 1st Lcdonx 2nd Brown c 35 2 1 Read Courier NEWS want ads. FUNNY BUSINESS "I just drifted .while on sentry dulyi Hnrrlsh Lamaro rf Scnick sf . At). . 4 . 4 . ^ . 4 . 3 . 4 . •! . 2 . 3 . 3 35 Ah. . 3 . 3 . 3 . 3 . 3 . 3 . 3 .. 3 .. 3 .. 3 30 signed out. 'I*hcti lie turned in the completed sheet, nl the orderly room of hb sriuariron. "Go back to work," they lold him. "You me- nt leaving.' And the corporal isn't Just sure yet, who the practical joker is. • • » Somchocly named Smith made too nmcli noise ivhcn lie got, Iiotiie lo Barrack 51, liilc the other nlgliL, and Master SerijL Vic Torncllo, iiarrack cliiof, wants lo know which Smith It was. There arc two in Ilic same barrack. * T • The SjHicial Orders Office at I'osl Hendqiuirtcrs Is newly fenced ot( from the rest of Ihc place. The fence is Interpreted to mean "Keen Out, Unless on Official Ilusincss." Smiling Johnny (THE WOLF) I Read Courier news want arti. ol Elmira, N. Y., niul of' the Finance Detachment of the BAAP, is worried. "Will the Waacs," vas Ktaltoned, In a heroic eiu;ano- nunl o( Uio historic Diitllc of iho' tjolomon Islands, Sci'Bennl. Pound, an alrcrnfl mechanic crow chief of the VKIrd Sfinndron, anlvwl liume In Yiiealpc, "Jal , on furlough, to find Hint l>y coincidence his scamiin brother hns .iccn brought to lios])ltul there, a .inltlc cnsually. II doesn't look so 15001! 'or Iho Jnps. lle.sldes Scriieant .1. W.. llicro avi) Iwo olhcr Pnnnd brothels wild are jjiinnlnn for Jajis. One Is a field artilleryman who Is in the ^.onc of ncllon wltli llic American H^mini; forces In Auslralln. The other Is an Intanlryinan. overseas al nil undisclosed stntlon. :'ormcr Wyoming Civilian Ainnan 11 a s Logged More Than-1000 Hours. Slaff Sci'sl. Frank Ii. Sessions lopes to wcrir lillol's wltiijs before aiilumn. !t c Is Imcklng for a Job us i flying Inslructor ot iwlnllon cu- Icts nt n bn.slc Iraluliiii school. The.Army Air Forces are coinb- IIB the ranks for men wlio flew n civilian life, and when Serteanl Sessions hear<l nlioul It he flashed ids lojj book showing 1,100 hours at, Ihe controls of Gubs, Stlnsoiis, Lus- coiiilK's, Waccs (iiul IJcceiicrftfls, nut In Wyoming, where he flew liimsciiBcrs and serviced ships ut the olieyeimc aii|)orl. Jusl line thine siaiids In his way —10 |K>umls of excess wclKht, The MTUcanl Rweiirs ho can wear himself clown from Ills /nlrly ueiicrous 101 pininds lo Iho limit, of 114 l»unds which the f'CijuliUlons liavo set. The authorities, however, said Ihey would «o half wny wllh him and Blvn lilni a break If he sweated oil 10 pounds. 'J'licn jill ho liii« lo do Is pi-ovo lie cnn fly a basic Irnlncr without trouble, and he'll be soul to school al Kelly Field nml then assailed as nn Instructor ut i\ baslo Iralnlnf leld. Chief of n crew ot ulrcrafl me- clianles in ibe '702ml Training iquadron, Scrgcnnt Sessions Li 3^, soldiered since Sc])lcmbcr, 1911, and sends Ills allnlmcnt home .0 his wife and n year old son In Cheyenne, no lias been nt thu BAAF since, July. Ant-eaters use their lulls blimkcls when they sleep. no wnnts to know, "be pretty; 01 • * • jusl Wanes?" Cor]), Snin (THE LAMM) Lewi lyn of Hazellnust, Miss., who work: In Ihc Finance Detachment, I, pracliclng n new whistle. Last time lie used It a dog came up wagging 1)1.5 lull. H was nil !i mlslnke. Pfc. Charles Samtders of Iligh- Oiiil. N. C., and Pfc, Ted Fisher of Gladstone, Mich., complain because they don't get enough mall. You know how mnny letters they gel? ONLY five « day each) Palscy Oandlann. 5fi. son of Mr. and Mrs. Domenick Ganillan'a, 31 Greenwood Hill, Stamford, Cnnn., has been promoted from staff to Icchnlcal sergeant, nt Ihc Illylhc- villc Army Air Field where he Is a technical supply clerk. Inducted Jan. 2!), mil, he has been stationed al Hlyllicvllle since September, A crnduale »f Stamford High School, he was a machine operator at !iprinBficld Armory before entering the service. Hold Everything Ilrewcr Will Take Maintenance Course Mnslcr Sergl, Wllllmn H, Brewer, nn aircraft Inspector of (lie 320th fc'rpiadron, hns left to take a one- week course In aircraft maintenance at (lie licech Aircraft Corp, Wichita, Kansas. Sergeant, Ilrcwcr, a former trouble shooter for Nnylor Klcclrlc Co., Tuk.a, okla., spent a year In Ihc Navy In 1021). From IflltO to IS13U, he -WH.S » supply clerk In Hie Infantry and enlisted In the Air Corps in 1031. Upon completion of his hitch he returned lo civilian life bill was inducted Oct. 1. 1(110. In lllylhcvllle. Sergeant and Mrs. nrcwcr reside nt -120 North nth SI. Sergeant Terry Brings Bride Here From New York iii'gl.. Walter Terry Is back from furloimh In New York with a bride, the former Miss Helen Minion, daughter of Mis. Sarnh Minion, the Bronx, and n buyer 'for the F. W. Woolworth Go, She plans to sluy n month. . , Scrgeanl Terry's brother, Pfc. Patrick I'oursc 1 Terry. Camp Upton, N. Y,, was best mnn, and llm matron of honor wns the bride's sister, Mrs, Hnlh I3vorak. Sergeant Terry Is chief clerk in the fiiMclal Service .office, and, since reporting here for duty with the first troops lost July, has Ire- come ' well known tn town and af, the Air liasc because ol his fre- liienL public aniionrnnccs ns n burl- lonc soloist. . :. . ^onllioandc(H)lnwnylionl rjinli, nud hcl]> iirovotiLit. ^ KiiHiiklo willi MOIHIIUI, Ut AT fnntinrly-Mnxicnil Hunt II CF^l , I'owdur. Gut Mcieana. Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Ole Hickory Inn Acrnts frem Hlih 8ch**i PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Skating Every Afternoon And Night! GUY GEAN'S SKATING RINK Lonilcd on South Second SI. Across From Nail. Guard Armory SPECIAL RATES For Service Men The Mnilcrn Ice )lon COOLKRATOR Fur Kconomy and Survltc. Tom Little'Hwde. Co. Phone HI Repair Service That Is Fully Guaranteed! Expert Mechanics—Body Men Lee Motor Sales Ph. 519 Eul SUnf, Shop Foreman 3ffl E. Mala . 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw»j A Walnot Ph. 15! FITTED KY Dtcton J. L and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN FLl'THEVILLr. SINCE 1922 Why liny lie*- ihocs when we. can tnit monlhE of itn\ *crvk«, gold ai>- pcir^nco, conitoiL. In your present fnotvcar at roodosl co*t. H-flLTCRS QUflUITY SHO€ SHOP 121 W. MflIN ST. 8PTICHL STORE 20» W. Main St. Phone 291 Just Kccclvcri Nciv Assortment CHROMIUM FOG LAMP SETS ami DRIVING LIGHTS LOY EICH Chevrolet Company Phone 7? You shouldn't lir.vo rented this room io that bullcrlly collector!" SMALL LOANS Om ABTttlnf «T Talw. East Main Loan Co. m E. Nklm — rhMW MM •The average life of an ornngo grove Is from 35 to 50 years. WK FII.I, AI.Ij DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AMI) HAVE YOU MONEY STEWART'S Drug Main <t I-ikc, St or c Thane 2822 Flowers For Kvcry Ocea- slim . . . Funcriil designs, wedding flowers, cor- wigca. THE FLOWER SHOP WE ItEUVKR OlENCOE HOTEL Mimic 491 0/jficers' Uniforms Oomparc Ihe fabric and workmanship of (licsc fine garments litforc buying! Heller Mouses ,37.75 Kltisli(|iie Trousers 13.75 I'inkH 13.75 Hummer Trousers ....; 7.00 Summer Shirts 8.90 ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider aclection of shaving n«ds, cosmetics, noveltle*, etc., In Blythevllle th»n it Roblncon'i. L*tejt Miptlnra miin tain cervlce—undwlcbMl Service Men! Meet Your Friend* *l Robinsoo's! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations HOUY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS MARE SMALLER Khaki 75cj Tropical Jl; 3-d»y Serrk* Garruon Caps — Accetwriei —

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