The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on February 5, 1962 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 5, 1962
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE ANNIVERSARY SUPPER IS PLANNED BY HAND H CLUB H and H club members -will attend an anniversary supper at the home of Mrs. Carleton Hull at C:30 p. m. Thursday. CLUB TO MEET THURSDAY Mrs.' Anthony Shadday will be hostess to the Rural Needlecraft club at 1:30 p. m. Thursday. Entertaining with her will be Mrs. William Currv. LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE Meeting Tuesday 8 :00 E.S.T. BILLY LEWIS, Gov. CHAS. O'TOOLE, Sec. Tipton Rotary Club Tuesday 6:15 p.m. Tom's Cafeteria 1 Walter Honey church. Pres. Keith Porter, Secy. DIANA Now Thru Wed. Frank Kapra made 3 academy award winners "One Night of Love" with' Clark Cable and Claudette Colbert "Lady for a Day" with May Ruleson "You Can't Take )t With You" with Lionel Barrymore, we believe. "A Pocketful of miracles" will be his fourth academy winner. The funniest time of your movie going life. ' 1 GLENN FORD BOTE DAVIS HOPE LANGE ARTHUR ODONNfll ™« «• Pocketful wm -° of Miracles Starts Sunday 'Parent Trap' Sharpsville OES Chapter ' To Elect Officers Wednesday *'• Mrs. Raymond Alexander' The Sharpsville' Chapter Order of the Eastern Star will elect officers at its next meeting on Wednesday. A pitch-in supper will be served at 6 p. m. and a valentine exchange is planned. MEETING IS WEDNESDAY The women's association of First Presbyterian church will meet at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday at the church. COSMOS CLASS TO MEET Mrs. Elfa Smith, 228 West Jefferson street, will be hostess to the Cosmos class of Kemp Methodist church at 2:15 p. m. Wednesday. Co-hostesses will be Mesdames Seva Booth, Mary Lockridge, Nettie Foster and Bertha Heathcote. REBEKAHS TO MEET Members of Rebekah lodge No. 502 will meet at the lodge hall at 7:30 p. m. Thursday. AUCTION IS PLANNED Jackson Community club members are asked to bring articles for an auction when they assemble in the home of Mrs. Fred Greathouse, - 714 North Independence street, for an all day meeting Thursday. . They are also asked to be present for luncheon at 11:30 a.m. SPONSOR of WELCOME WACOM Please Report Engaged Young Ladies NEW BABIES and NEWCOMERS Mrs. Catherine Wiseharl Dial OSborne 5-4842 HOOVER SWEEPERS "Sales & Service" Foster Furniture Store "Down Our Way - We Deal Your Way" Tipton Earth Survives 'End of world' By PATRICK J. KILLEN United Press International BENARES, India (UPD—Moth­ er. Earth spun merrily through the universe today — unflipped, un- shattered and still on course — despite a rare celestial display that -had terrified millions of its people. A total eclipse and an extraordinary lineup of five planets — Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus—with the earth, moon and sun delighted astronomers but confounded astrologers. The men of science witnessed a remarkable heavenly spectacle from their observation point in New Guinea. The astrologers witnessed the collapseipf their predictions of dire calamityt?which had set off the worst wave of superstition since Haley's Comet in 1910. Bathe in Ganges Half a million Hindu pilgrims bathed Sunday in the chilly waters of the sacred River Ganges in a gesture for their. survival. Hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims flocked to Benares as the time approached for the conjunction of the eight heavenly bodies in the Zodiac sign of Capricorn. According to Indian strologers, the time of greatest danger ended this afternoon • although some danger will continue all week. They had predicted earthquakes, floods, droughts—almost the whole range of natural disasters. High priests conducted yagnas —or non-stop prayer sessions—in New Delhi but at least one yagn.a packed up its sacred fire and scented leaves Sunday morning and decided the job was finished. The wave of fear was not confined to the Orient. Take to Hills Twenty-two members of a California religious cult took to the hills around Cleator, Ariz., last August to prepare for doomsday, the 12 places on earth spared from plagues, tidal waves and World War III. In England, members of the Aetherius Society climbed to the top of a 2,636-foot mountain near Coniston to "send off spiritual powers" to ward off calamity. In.New York City, the Hayden Planetarium reported it had been flooded with thousands of calls from people worried that the end of the world was at hand. In New Guinea, natives had built small grass huts to crawl into during the period of total eclipse. . • 1 NOTICE From this date forward I will assume responsibility for debts contracted by noone other than myself. BFFIE SHAW Pd 107-113 TRADE AT HOME Farmers Stand to Get Just One Thing for Sure- ... if the 17 Hoosier REMCs' plan to use a I $60,225,000 Federal REA loan is approved |* • These boys hope to use a 35-year, $60,225,000 REA loan —at only 2% interest—to build an electric generation and transmission system that would only duplicate existing investor-owned electric company facilities already serving them at low rates. The government has to pay more than 3.8% Interest on the money it would have to borrow to loan to them. Farmers and other taxpayers would have to make up the difference. And —these REMCs pay NO Federal income tax on their profits. Farmers and other taxpayers would have to make up the loss. In thirty-five years it would cost taxpaying farmers and others more than the 160,225.000 face amount of the loan. At IICTR I C COMPANI ES OF INDIANA Co.iipony • Northtrr Indiuno Publit Servi:o Company Igon .-Electric Company • Indianapolis Power I light Co.npony • Northtrr Indiana Publit public Service 'Company of Indiana, lm. • Soutbirn Indiana Ga, and fl<-dru Company Investor-Owned Ekctricllghl and Power Company - • • ' • - , ' " * )' '' Momenta after the fall, rivo aerialists still on the wire seek safety. One nearest platform straddles the wire. The other crouches midway, waiting to make a move to the platform. FEBRUA Karl Wallenda, 5(5, in hospital with pelvic. Injury and shock as Guntber Wallenda explains accident Id Interview.'. FAll KIUS AERIAIISTS—Two. members of The Great Wallen- das troupe. Shrine Circus aerialists, are dead and another critically injured in Detroit, a result of the collapse of their high-wire human pyramid during a performance. The wire was 36 feet high, and the performer at top of the pyramid, a 17-year-oM girl, was about 50 feet above the floor. Two aerialists clinging to the wire caught her as she fell. SCOUTS IN DRILL MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (Ufj)— A 'Michigan'' City fireman-' was nursing a cut lip. today because of a Boy Scout who overplayed his role by flailing his arms as a hysterical woman Was being rescued in an imaginery plane crash in a civil defense exercise Sunday. Scouts played the parts of 29 passengers killed and 46 . injured in the theoretical crash of an; airliner on Lake Michigan beach near here. The exercise, was designed to test the facilities of the city's two hospitals for handling a local disaster. Authorities pronounced the exercise a success but commented that radio communication between the rescuers at the' crash scene was poor. BUY U.S. SAVINGS BONDS TRAIN IN RUSSIA LONDON (UPI) — Six-hundred Indonesian naval officers.and men are undergoing Soviet training in Vladivostok, the Sunday Telegraph reported. It said the Indonesians are' being trained to take over a Soviet cruiser as part of Russia's $280 million aid program to Indo nesia. ' ! TEST SMALL ROCKETS AZUSA, Calif. (UPI)—Scientists at Aerojet-General Corp. reported today they have been testing compact rockets for use in helping airplanes make emergency stops. Engineers said the rockets, called Jastop (jet assist stop),, could be of value on wet or icy runways Castro Assails U. S. Import Ban HAVANA (UPD—Premier Fidel Castro declared his.defiance Sunday night at the United! States^ and- the Organization of American States, saying nothing could prevent the spread of ; : Castroite revolution throughout L a t i n America. ' In. a %-hour speech to ah estimated one million Cubans, Castro denounced President Kennedy's embargo on imports from Cuba as a "felony." 'i The vast crowd, biggest everto attend a Castroite mass meeting here, cheered repeatedly as the bearded premier spoke. Many greeted him with the clenched- fist Communist salute and the Red "Internationale" anthem. Answers OAS Action The meeting was called to hear what was described ,as Castro 's answer to the decision of New World foreign ministers at Punta Del Este, Uruguay, last week to exclude the Castro regime from the inter-American system. ., Castro said his variety of revolution is spreading to other Latin American countries. He . charged that several Latin American presidents are ready to use American troops against their own - people to stay in power.- ' He denied, however, that his regime j is "exporting revolution." Assails Embargo'. Castro said the U.S. embargo would deprive his regime of the dollars it would need to buy., the food and medicines Kennedy still is willing to export to Cuba. ' "The felony would not be so complete if Kennedy had at.least extended us credits to buy medicines," he said. •:. He said the United State's fostered the foreign ministers'- action and proclaimed the embargo "because they are afraid ... of a Latin American revolution." • "They are afraid that workers, farmers, students and middle? class progressives in other Latin American countries ... will (follow the example of- the revolu-. tionaries who)' took power in Cuba," he said. HOSPITAL NOTES ADMISSIONS: Vivian Lineberry, Tipton; Ola Rogers, Elwood; Walter Jordan, Tipton; Ruth Brehm, route 2, Atlanta; Beulah Mood, Tipton; Dorothy Thomas,. Frankton; Jack G. Johnson, Kokomo; Sylvia Menchhoffer, Atlanta; Clelia Warfel, Atlanta; Fred Good, Hobbs; Terry Boes, Tipton; W. Albert Dennis, Frankton; Emma Talley, Elwood; Laura Andrews, • Windfall; Geneva Snawder, Tipton; George Shook, Kokomo; Juanita Bowen, Kokomo; Forest Johnson, Tipton, Evelyn Wright, Windfall; Nina Seely, Cicero; Kyle Grayson, Mitchell. DISMISSALS: Mary Hertle, Tipton; Patricia Simms, Tipton; Nina Seely, Cicero;. Sylvia Menchhoffer, Atlanta; Doris Porter, Titpon; C. H. Purvis, Sharpsville; Terry Boes, Tipton; Kyle Grayson, Mitchell; Ben Thomas, Sharpsville; Fred Good, Hobbs; Charles Foutch, Tipton; Betty Watson, Sharpsville; Betty DeWitt, Tipton; Mildred Plumlee, Arcadia; Charles Haskett, Tipton; Bernice Hannah, Greentown; Percy Beckett, Elwood; Edith Kay, kokomo; Flave Brown, Titpon; Nancy Clark, Tipton; Charlene Dunn, Atlanta; Mona Jones, Tipton; Teresa Nieman, Westfield; Raymond Reed, Tipton. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. William Seely, Cicero, girl, 3:44 a.m., February .3; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hiatt, Elwood, boy, 6:11 p.m., February 3. LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — Livestock: j Hogs 8,700; harrows, /and gilts 180-230 Jb steady to 25 higher, mostly steady to 15 higher; 230 lb arid up steady to weak; uniform 190-225 lb 17.65-18.00; bulk 180-240 lb 17.00-17.65; 240-270 lb 16.5017.00; uniform 240-250 lb 17.00-. 17.25; 270-320 lb 15.7546:50; 150-170 lb 15.00-17.00; sows 300-40 lb steady; 400-600 lb steady "to 50 lower, mostly 25 lower; 280-400 lb 14.50-15.50; 400-600 lb 13.75-14.50; 550^650 lb 13.50. TIPTON COMMANDERY No. 52K.T. Regular stated meeting, Monday evening, February 5tih, 1962 at 7:30 P.M. Masonic Temple. George W. Greene, i • E.C. ' i t. H; Mitchell, Rec. Cattle ,2,700; calves 75; steers and heifers unevenly—steady to strong; instances 25-50 higher than last week's low close; Choice yearling steers 26.00-26.50; mixed good and choice 25.00-25.50; good steers 22.50-24.50; standard to mostly goo# 22.00; \ choice mixed steers and heifers 25.25; choice heifers 25.00-25.50; good and mixed good and choice 22.00-24.00; cows about steady; commercial cows 14.00-15.00; cutter and utility 12.5014.50; canners il.00-12.50; bulls not established; vealers steady; individual choice 37.00; good and choice 29.00-36,00; standard 24.0028.00. i - • • 1 Sheep 850; all classes steady; choice and mixed choice and prime wooled lambs 16.50-17.50; good and mixed good and choice 14.00-16.00; choice , shorn lambs 16.50. All Star Wrestling KEMPTON ARMORY DICK THE BRUISER Sat. Feb. 10, 1962 - 8:30 p.m. MAIN EVENT WILBUR SNYDER vs. DICK THE BRUISER ' 2 out of 3 Falls j 1 Hour Time Limit No. 2 Match I BRONCO LUBICH vs. BILL MELBY 2 of 3 Falls — 45 minute Time Limit No. 1 Match I 1 SONNY WEAVER vs. EMILE DUPRE i 1 Fall — 30 Minute Time Limit Sponsored BY CIVIL DEFENSE UNIT-KEMPTON School . (Continued From Page I) bone quartet comprised of Ralph Achenbach, Dan Shaw, Ken Schulenburg and Larry iFeightner; a 'brass sextet consisting of. two trumpets, two trombones, a baritone and a tuba, Wayne Kennedy, Bill Achenbach, Ralph Achenbach, Dan Shaw, Helen Goad and Eric Miller; a percussion ensemble' of Bill Mcraw, Dick Stout, Ronnie Huffman, Hal Landseadel and eGne Rump. . Class iB, Superior, Flute trio, Linda Hensley, Carol Pearson and Lyhhe Coe: clarinet quartet, Becky Oyerdorf, Rose Watson, Jean Goad •and Michelle Hoover; cornet trio, Wayne Kennedy, Bill Achenbach and Eric Miller; percussion ensemble, Bill McGraw, Dick Stout, Ronnie Huffman and Hal Landseadel; excellent, sax quartet, Bill Grimes, Roseanna Speer, Diane Engleman and Diane Schulenburg; cornet trio. Wayne Kennedy, Bill Achenbach and John OlBanion... Class C. Superior, 'French horn trio, Roberta Schweitzer, Dick Timm and Cindy Swarm; French horn quartet, Jay Middleton, Roberta Schweitzer, Dick Timm and Cindy Swai'm; Excellent, brass sextet, (2 trumpets, French horn, baritone, trombone and tuba) Mike Logan, Karen Barr, Jay Middleton, Bill Campbell, Ronnie Smith and Scott McNew. Class G, Superior, clarinet trio. Ann Cox, Brehda Anderson and Don Grimes; clarinet quartet quartet, John Legg, Pamela Zaloudek, Sharon Bronson and Don Grimes, sax 'trio, Sandy Farmer, Dixie McNew and Charles Haskett; sax trio, Randy Cooper, Connie Achenbach arid Charles Haskett; trombone trio, Don Stillwell, Eddie Achenbach and David Clark; baritone trio aSndy. McCuHough, Shirley Goad and Delberta McGuire; Excellent, flute trio, Nancy Stout, Shirley Jordan and Dee Ann Stockwell; woodwind trio (flute, oboe and clarinet) Wanda Cherry, Creede Hinshaw and Dee Ann Stoops; flute quartet Marilyn Mitchell, Ellen Stout, Debra Piper and Wanda Cherry. SUPPORT HOME TOWN ACTIVITIES RY 5, 1962 Three Confess Kidnaping Role CHICAGO (UPI) — Police said today three men had confessed to the "beatnik" kidnaping of the wife and two children of a Chicago businessman. Police Capt. Howard Pearson said police had recovered' $1,000 of the $8,000 ransom paid Friday for the return of Mrs. . Gloria Chanenson, 42, her daughter, Eileen, 18, and'her son, Larry, 14.- The three gunmen, who dressed and talked like "beatniks" invaded the far South Side home of Irving Chanenson, 50, Thursday night. They took his family in hostage and held them prisoner in a dingy South Side apartment until Chanenson could get to a bank and hand over the ransom money. - Pearson said ohe of the three men arrested was a former em- : ploye of Chanenson who apparently tipped off the gang to the family's movements. . The. former employe was identified as. Robert Hall,"28. Pearson said he was arrested first and named his fellow kidnapers. William Evans, 28. was named as the ringleader of the gang and the man who received most of the ransom money. A third accused kidnaper,' Joseph Dear, was also arrested and a fourth man was being sought. Another man. Alex Gordon, was also picked up. Police said he had $100 of the ransom money on him and tried to tear it up. Gordon denied complicity in the kidnap. All the .gang members . were Negroes. Pearson described them as professional holdup men im^ plicated in a string of supermarket robberies. Blood donors needed for replacement of whole blood. Type A-negative needed Monday, Feb. 5th. Please call Tipton Co. hospital for appointment. Valentine Special: $10:00 Breck Permanent $8.00 Magic Mirror Beauty Salon. Betty Atchley, Toots Delph, Phone OS 5-6038. P-109 r Buy U.S. Bonds In. keeping with our policy to offer the finest in china we have added to our fine china line the name of SPODE. 5pc. place settings from $6.90 . £ar$ (j. Rhodes jeweler Bumping or painting- Our men are the best in their held... Bring your car in now for * Free Estimate * Expert Service SERVICE MOTOR COMPANW 123 So. Independence OS 5-4549

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