The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1943
Page 2
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(ARK.); COURIER NEWS FIRST MniBT CIBCLM MEET *ESTEKDAY -• Circle of,the Woeuh<H MUalon sry Vnloti Pint Baptist'Criurch ff . valertoy afternoon. Circle. One me wilh-Mrt.-yord-«ltto«6n: There »ere .eight present for thb meeting »heii v ,Mrs v Charles Jtay Newcomb opened the session with a, prayer Mrs E B.Weodten g*ve the de\o tioilal and Mrs tUclclnoh tiflfh Uie mission" study.'' " > Circle Two;met wlth'Mrs. J. T Weslbrook wllh 10 present. The opening prayer was given by Mrs Eb Cnr«m, ^the devotional by Mrs Thomas Po» ell 'and the study by Mrs. E. F. BJoraeyer Circle (three wu entertained by Mrs Roy Head with (even rnernters and one visitor presehi Mr* d. V Daws gave the opening prayer, Mrs H. H. Brooks the devotional arid also taught the lesson. The meeting was closed with prayer; by Mrs. H E. Graham. Mrs.. R. : A. ''CopelkhiT.entertainer Circle Pour with fpur'ni'embers'ahd one 'visitor.. pfeseijt.'-The.; openliig andCdevotiohal' were-given by Mrs.; May ;Alton.-.'Mrs.: R.- A Copeland closed.trie meeting with prayer./; •: Mrs. E. L.' Hale.. was hostess to Circle Five, >wi'h '''nine inenibers. and four,.visitors present.; Prayer -was offsred by-Mrs, j; J. Walker with the devotional given' by .'MM.- J. E. McFYtll. Tlie missionary' lesion was taught by, ,MrS. Walter Bishop, B fter whlcliiiiie.'cl«*d : the ;meellng with prayer. ''•''":• .'• '.'••• ;.;--.' ,' Ctt-cirsix '.met arJheV home of Mrs,,; John, Bueharitin' who , opened the session with_prayer.;Theidevo- tioiiai was given by 'Mrs. 'c. : E. Parks, the lesson: taught ; by Mrs. Bucftanan. and Ihe closing prayer was .given by:Mrs. R. w. Wodten.. MK. O. J. Chastalh entertained flvev members-of rcircle Six and one Jilsllor al'her horne.-.Mrs. Tohi Jackson gave"",the' opening prayer, Mrs.oChastaln the , devotional and closing pvayer, and Mrs. Jackson the hiission studj Refreshmems pere served at thc conclusion of each group meellng * • • * PRESBYTERIAN CIRCLES MEET MOrtDAI APTkRNOON Meetings of the four elides of the Presb>terian church were held Monda) afteinooh *lth the topic lor sfud) Through Tlie Printed Page s The titles for the devotionals were 'John The Pravlng Partner ' Mrs' Charles Bright was hostess to Circle One wllh 10 members ami one visitor president Mis W A Dobyns taught the lesson ulth Mrs Mattle Allen giving the devotional , Mrs Ross Stevens ted the discussion for Circle Two\ wheh the) met ( at the home of Mrs J p Pride,. The Bible study was given b5 Mrs D C McCleati Mrs, Ray, Worthing Ion was as elsted'by Mrs Leslie Hoopei In en tertatting Circle Three The '3 present heard Mis Rodney Banls ler give the lesson and Mrs c M Gray (tench ihe Bible sludy Mr? Jesse White ind Mrs Alice Womack were hostesses to Circle Four jit the home of the lormer Thte group which meets at 7 30 P m; heard Mr* Vemon Thorn- asSon give the dikiusloh Tot »tudy and Mrs Hugh Hudson teach the. Bible study This circle (on to the Red Croas bandage room on Monday nlghU for surgical erasing *ork All circle* enjoyed u eoclal hour at wnich time refreshments were servetj T * * ' MRS. W A. ftlCXERSTAJT HAS W 8 C 8 ' MEMBER^ .Woman's Society of Christian! Service ot the lUke Street Methodist Church met Jesterday afternoon -at the home of Mrs W A Bickersta/f The. topic of the Bible study was Children' mils dlsciuelon »a« led by Mrs George Crew* Mrs Crew also olfered prayer, auteted by Mw Bates Sturdy Alter the business ataslon presided over by Mm W L Qr«n the htxtess Beived refreshments to the 21 mtniberg and two visitors. BIckerateff and MM IT,, „ ",-- * Me <«-ho»te««a lor this affair * • * • MRB'F G HEicmt • f AS IllTHEKAN GUILD .. M ™ F ° R*lchel entertained he Woman's Guild of the Pilgrim uith'Van church yesterday R ft er it h&r horn, witli 10 members and one gum. Mm, William Kooh, inthe.News Women Vciters May Outnumber Men In Presidential Election waiMA 11 ^^^ «„£*•« <"«*" ™* —S» men casting ballots at the polls Wcnien voterc; she says usually « number about 45 or 50 percent of the . total. But their ivillo will mount much higher, not only because so many men ate nWay at war, but because girls who have never before gone to Uie polls will turn otil for the next election. .'•Women who have gone Into industry," explains - Mrs. TiUctl. "arc gplng.lo demand some sort of Ufa after the war .which gives Iliein social, security for their families." However, In split- of her prediction of the.-distaff side's growing >omlcal strength, Mrs. Tillett dopes some method can be •round :o enable Uie boys In (he service o voice ,their presidential preference. It's, only . fair, she says, since they're •nghthiB for .11 sys- em of governmehl that theyj-liouk! also have a chance to vole lor It Says Tuky'u Duesn'l Car,. .Tho llrelesa First Lady of the and—Mrs. Eleanor 'lioosevell-has a few words to say oil the subject, ' will find more women-than .fairness. 'Just back In .Washington after numerous visits to Japanese Inlein- nent camps. .Mrc. Roosevelt feels hat no.matter how-well or bndly ve treat the Japs in this country t'will not .affect-their trciiltnenl f Americans In Japan. •Tlie. nationwide, \wive of bitter- ess following the announcement hat our aviators had been exetut- d was perfectly natural," she snld esterday. "Bui," she added, "If ••e killed every Japanese prisoner i c\acuee In this counliy i do iot think it ttonlil imike a bit of :itrcrence to urn- enemies. 11 The Japanese ippronc.h lo death i entirely different from the Mncrlonn she continued. Jap pilsner'; iietnilly nniil death and be- ecch Iheli ciptou to kill them Tinning to IJgmei ^ubJccL-:, Mrs loosevell \olced hei opinion on ^—___ _»____ resent, After Ihe opening: pi aye r lhc lop- c clLsciissctl wns 'Oiu- Chaplains tork With Men Oveiseas." A s]«1«1 ofaiuig «ns made to be used or Uils work" in the Army and During the social hour n salad late was served by "the hostess * » • HREE QUAI>S CI.tJB IAS SPECIAL OlIEST slacks and the feminine form. Rules Against Slacks ' Mayor I,a Guardla of New York has tinned thumbs down on.slacks for women nlr ink! ivnrdens—and the Hist Ludy Is giving lilm full Sll|)|)I1]l. Slacks, says Mrs. Roosevelt nre inmttriictlve In the city mid what's more, Ilioy're im;iecessary However, for tjirls woiklhg on fnnns, In the country she feels slacks are permteitble mid practical, she fully approves of n pro- l/osptl farmerelte outfit of nnvy blue coveralls blouse, a draw-string crip niul it navy Jftc'ket Mrs. noawvelt's approviil of the farm girl's oiltnt has. nothing- on the WAAC's admiration of their own trim Itlmkl. A lec'ent clieck-np on Ihe girls at Fort Oglcthorpe, Gil,, found them binstliiK with jirMe for Hicir uniforms. Ihtlr training period lm ,| tinny -life- In. general. Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr. and Mrs. Coloinnn Slcvclis Jr., went lo Memphis lo meet Mrs. Sic veils' slsler, Miss nelly Brewer who Hew (here from Nc,w York City. 'Mrs. Stevens and Mlts Brewer left loday for Hot Springs lo spend n u-eek with tbelj- mother Mrs. Howell Brewer. First l.ldil. Jack nobln.son arrived Sunday night from Macon Qa., where he Is stationed at Warner Robins Held, to .spend u 10- day furlough, wllh his family here Mrs. Charlie Copelaud and w) ii Uon went to filmion, Tenn., Saturday where they visited relnllves uiilil Sunday. Mrs. II. II. Holllpclcr Iws rclurn- ed from Nashville where she recently, went lo enter a home. Mm. A. i.. mil or Whlteville, Tenu., siient the with her daughter. VV. o Pour thousand girls al IB fort nmrcli smartly and snlule with tiinu lifter only four weeks of basi Iralniou. ., ; Their commandiiuj officer, Major Henlaniln Reed, says Hint In Ben- oral the l Mrs R-ijmonrt Mason wns'lioil- « to the Three; Qunrts Club Iftst light at her home wilh Mrs. Jimmy Terrell Ihe only guest. Tlie corns nert decoiated with raws where, the guests pln>cd bunco' Mrs Mae Smith uas presented he bunco pilw: with Miss Melb'h oster wuinlng high Mrs Bill Taylor was given the low and Mrs Ray Waters, consolation prize. Tlie hostess s-rvcd n Mndivfch Plate and iced drinks for refreshments. MRS. CECll; LOW HAS CHURCH GKOVr Woman s Council of the First Chrlslisn Church met with Mrs Cecil Lobfl jestcrdftj afternoon wllh 18 members present. The topic of tlio devotional given oy Mrs. Nattmn Carl wns, "Prayer'" She was assi-sled by Mrs w D Cobb. Mrs. S. W- Littleton and Mrs' J C Ellis The devotional was closed by relating (lie Lord's Prayer In unison. During the business session re ports were given by thc vnrlbus committees president , the elHs learn to be good oldiers faster limn men. Thai ' ho says, i.s prolmbly because they're il < volunteers and deci)ly Inter- Med in what they nre doliig Also, i according ( 0 u, e , nn . or : '•'"men who join ihe WA Ac's are uenlnlly _aiul phyfiically abler than he average Ameiican glt-| •riicy work haw and B ct n ion 3 well (ogctliel-. J Army life h ,, s ,|lsprnvcd the belief .lliut nil women are catty savi one of the B lrls. since thel,' iiats and uniforms and Identical, there's little occasion for crllictil remarks. nel-sonal hosiers served snndwlche.i Iced and cookies for rem , 5h . :•.-. MKTIIODIST WOMKN MKET YKSTUKDAV .Members of the Woman's Society of. Christian Service of Method^ Churc,,,- met will °°nn 01 ' *• ln '° Bram «Uh ''Slilldren in Wnr Time with Mrs. Toby; Long ' ' S ' as ; leader. After problem ni ., em or chid mbor durlnii war, Mrs. .T. Pinkney talked about child welfare problems. bscucc u i - i "»cs ll -Jr., vice president, Mrs w C. Higglnson prtelded over the business session. The principal topic for dli-oussloii was the nnmml May nay brcnktasl, which will be held "d late?'' T " e " !Ue '" " C s " 1101 "":- Hoslcsses for the affair were- i J' 0t3y T * n e. Mrs. A. B. Huntley, Mrs. O. Q. Hnbbard, Mrs. B p Brandon, Mrs, Qeoree Hamilton' and Mrs. Ray Hall. . Miss Craft Appointed COLUMBIA. Mo., May 11. _ ^ Miss . _ Craft was named senior sister chnlnnnn of her residence hnll In n recent election at Stephens Colleee. As senior sister chairman of Halcher Hall. Miss Graft , \vl ry s hou lll serve on that dormito- se council, which decide dormitory i'eagiii: nnd wllh the j. Xf. Mcaili riimlly. Adol])h Meyers has returned home from a .Memphis hospital where he went for elimination. Mrs, Cleorge Hinnlllon went to Vlcmplils yesterday where she nwfi vlr. Hnhllion who had been In Chicago lor several days. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph K Helnlcke wenl to si. Louis today, where they will mjike their home. IJr. I, If. Johnson Is at Memphis Baptist Hospital where he-underwent a minor operation. Mrs Johnson Is wllh him. Mrs. W. u. Williams has none to Sanla cruis, Calif., near San Francisco, where she will vlsll n foster daughter wllh whom she spends much time. She has been at her home here for (lie past year. Mr. and Mrs. Caroll Meyer aiiii sons, Carrol Jr., nnd chnilcs LevM left for their home In Eudora, Ark, this morning after spending the Students To Give Spring Concert, Al Junior High The fa music pupils of Junior high .school will be presented by their teacher, Mrs. Lanter Reed, in a spring concert tomorrow night I! o'clock. Jit the high school auditorium. The program, which will be free to tiic public, will Include group singing in lhc llrst part and « „.. „, wu (Jramotl/jitlon of Ihe life of Lud-j Gc hri(f, so he adds «notiier"ureai' uilrv „ ...I U~., n^f.H^r. I.. 11 I loo I. I ,. i l_ . . . . . ._ ° 1-ntl IATESTMJOOKS TUESDAY, MAY 11, 1943 Tale Of The Yankees An Apt Sequel To Lou Gchrig Story wig and Van Beethoven In the sec- dnd part. Wilhigene Dnws will lie soloist, for the first put In the song "Gypsy Love .Song." Scn'lng as imnalor for the jiltiy- t will be Owen Ilnrrkon, nml George Pollock .Jr., will serve as narrator. Other clmraclers will be Mack Williams, Kenneth Pniilt, Julia Ann Woodsoii, Mildred Meador, Mary Jo Naber.s, JJnunic Milhorn and Martin Whllwoilli. let weekend here . Meyer's sister, Mrs Walter Rcwen- tlml and Mr. noseiithnl. They were met. In Memphis by Mr. and Mrs Rosenlhal Sunday and relumed here with tlicm, Mr. and Mrs. Waller Roseulhal will leave for St. Louis tonight, when they will spend .several davs attending to business. 'Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Con way and Mrs. C. W. Afflick spent yesterday In Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Pickren are in Memphis today with MI: Pirkreii's parents who are visiting here from Sal cm, Ark. Jerry Cohen Wins New College Honors .ferry Cohen, son of Lieut, feu.) S. ,). Cohen ami ,M rs . Cohen has had new honors bestowed noon him. An honor uraduiUe or Cornell , Unlvti-sily at mid-term, it was an- wccr; end here' noimcetl this week, at the regular closing it! the school, that Jerry Cohen had been awarded n gold mediil for b:ivln(; the highest ac- cumlalive average In his college work iirid also that he had been made .1 member of I'hi Kappa Phi, nalioiiiil .scholaslic honor soclely. Comjilctlni; his collrge work In three and a half years,.Mr. Cohen alltiided school at llhncn, N. Y., oii ii scliolai-.sliiii lie received for his oiiUitaixllnij work in high school. The scholi.sbljj ivas renewable each year only upon .successful work. Graduating, in civil engineering, he wns iv member or Ihe civil En ginecrlnt' Society of thai school. ..Mi-. Cohen, who will lie 21 next month., was valedicloiian of'Bly- tueville High School when he was gnidiKilr-d. After hiiving bcsn rejected in Ihe Navy, because of n foot ailment, lie hud become n trainee in the Lockheed-Vega Airplane Company at Burbnnk, Calif,, bill plans lo attempt to reonlisl at nil early date. ReinmiUers Move To Suburban Home Mrs. J. P. Rclnmlllcr.. her dai»h- tcr, MUs .Iniie Rclnmillcr, and son, Jlm'mie Relnmlller. have moved to their suburban . home on Highway 18'East, which they purchased last December; from Mrs. Angnlo Child. -,The modern eight-room country home Is on a slx-ncrej tract of farm land which also includes a tenniit house, garden 'plot and poultry Frank Graham wasn't content to Klve the sport-s world one of Its most moving stories In the saga of Lou Gclirig-, so he adds another great book lo the lore of baseball "The New York Yankees—An Informal History" (G. 1'. Putnam's Sons- $3) [ t Is a grand job. The Mew York .sports columnist gives .a picture that Is clear and complete, /rom the office of Ed narrow down to the steaming lockers filled with legends of great men lim« n,-. "•»- + * who are KOHL'. Graham lells how from wa:i losing Yankees a lilt-or-nitss club that money Into a business operated as .soundly as thc Bank . England, lint he of is at his best guests of Mrs. a asaa Tlie missionary bciienlcllon wns pronounced mid during the social hour the, hostess served Iced drinks. CHURCH UNION MEMBERS MEfcT nedlBlc Union of Calvay ^" c l\ ™\ p . rllln y nfeht i , cs <lur- the evening after which the Nurse Will Graduate Miss Joy Nceley of Canithers- ville, Mo., Is RmoiiR the of 18 nurses lo be grndutcd Tuesday lhc . School of Nursing at Memphis Exercises will be held m Bcllevue Bapllst Church. Most of Ibesc muses soon will enter the armed HIGHWAY AT WORK for Victory iointtteitHrtfof victory, i, £&3E*3BES£ ^7^-«\oZ < «.=ffia^:Ss5?5^";« b te :»".«.*..* i*l tat ltt««jr Of pl«Mure. Mbtt «t tlte «n *(««*«,; mUrttry P«fK>«*.|; *ad w*r *6fiet,. conditions created by the war. Butwhen victory i) won.trnv- elers will be rewardci. I7«a yovi can look to Greyhound for • brand-new chapter in comfort- a'S^«sss: k *—- D. F. L. Purnell Named \ ScoutPack*Leader Tlie cub Scout Pack for Blythc- yille, which Is sponsored by Ilia First Methodist Church, will have as llielr leader for lhc comlnp- year Dr. P. L. Purnell. assisting lifm will be: Cell Lowe, clialnnan; Jamie Fox. Charles Crlgger, Wilson Henry and the new Scout, executive, W. v. James. This committee will meet at, llic church next. Monday at 8 p. m.. with the cub pack ' and the cub nothers as- well as nil otber interested people, at- which time a reorganization will bu made. Miss Marietta Beeman Wins Honors As Nurse The highest ranking student nurse in the graduates of King's Daughters Hospital School of Nursing, Greenville, Miss., was Miss Marietta llccmnii of Clarksdale, Miss., sister of Mrs, Joe Shanks and a former resident of Mils city. when wilting of ihe men down on ihe /fck!, from manager lo batboy le doc.s JiLslic? to ihe character of Hltlt! Miller Muggins, , u|iu bossed a turbulent and temperamental team to great things and illcd In a year when the Yankees crumbled. Utst of ilin scorn of anecdotes is that of the most magnificent per- lormnnce In sports—the )D:i2 world Sfi'lM when Babe Until, with two slilkes on him, poinud lo ii spot In right center whuro lie would park Charlie Roofs next, pitch. We all know Hint's what he did, and how "- circled the bases, holding Ills .... nose and waving derisively ut Ihe hapless Cub's bench. Events leading up lo that dra- - matic climax helped lo explain why the Yankees have been a great ball tram. The Cubs In August, brought nil Alark Koenig, old Yankee short•stop, from thc minors, and Koeiilg helped (hem win the peiiiinnt. However, the Cubs voted Mark only a quart:!- share of [he world series spoils. This enra«ed (lie Yankees "Koenig iioiv ii'ore llic uniform of another club and, In the series they would try their hardest to Mm-art lilm-btit he ha<\ been a YaiiSee. He had been one of (hem. and in the- .sentimental sense he always would be." The Yankees went on lo give the Cubs not only a thorough beating, but a bitter toni/ue- 'iiKhing all through the s«rlcs That was the .setting for lm . Babe's almost unbelievable font -' deed thnt may never be seen again' 1 AI)VICE TO I'ARENTS "Al Home Wilh the Children' 1 i Henry Holt .v- Co.: $2.50) m ny iciiixf as If u was- written especially for niolher, who is at home with I lln ,,1,11,1..,., 1 _ f ,. 4t ~ ^"Jl IK? children most of e time, tint it's equally good lllerauire for' dad loo since it answers a nuniliei- of itucstioiis lioth iwrents have asl-ed Ihe I're-a'liool-aKa ynniig.s-lci's usual- Pain Around Heart May Reveal Serious Condition Miss liecman. when gradunted Sunday, was awarded the scholarship for the highest ihree-year average. She attended Blythevllle High School when llic Beeman fiimily lived here, Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENT3 Mrs. Ruby HIckmaii ciucrlnlnlnc Three Table Club. AD.C. Club iiiceliiig Ben Harpole. Mrs. Wednesday Contract club will meet with Mra. E. p. Blomeycr. Mrs. C. C. Langslon will entertain Town and Country Club. Armorel Parent Teachers Association will meet al 3 p. m., at Hie school house. Chapter D of P.E.o. Sisterhood meeting for lunch, 1 o'clock with Mrs. H. P. Klrshnci and Mrs. T. J.' Afahan. co-hostess. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Thursday-Luncheon uhib meeting with Mrs. E. B. Gee. Mrs. C. E. Henderson complimenting Triple 'liable Club. Mrs. Otlo Scrape will be hostess lo Club Eight. Mrs, Keck will entertain Thursday contract Club. Mrs. Lynn Brown entertaining Double Four Club, Temple Israel Sisterhood will meet at 8 l>. m. wllh Mrs, Max Borowsky, Manila. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, T. P. Jackson entertaining D. B. C. Club. Men,Women!01d? GetNewPep,Vim Feel Years Younger yard. Mrs. Rcimnillcr has had the iiise, redecorated throughout, and other improvements made. ;l.ocated ; .a mile..from the business fCtmn;;Mrs. Rcinmillcr wilt have the advantage of country life at the time she will be close lo Ihe so she can continue to operate her business as owner and inau- of Reinmillcr's Cafe. Girl Seoul Troops Will Attend Church On Sunday Morning Members of all Girl Scout and Bnwme troops in Blytheville n total of 87 young airls, will attend church services at the First Methodist Church here Sunday morning it was announced today by Mrs' Glenn Lntltl, chairman of Ihe law Troop Association. Tlie girls have lieen Instructed to meet al the church promully at 10:55 o'clock in full uniform.'airs Ladd said. They will be accompanied by their respective troop leaders and will lie seated In a body n the church auditorium for the regular Sunday morning worship As one feature of tiie service Ihe girls will sing u. hymn, "The Children's Song." 0. E. S. Meets Tonight Order of Tlie Eastern Star will meet, 8 o'clock, nt, the Hall for regular business session. Enlists In Navy Thomas Marvel of Dyess lias enlisted in thc Navy according- to an announcement-, by officers of liic Memphis Navnl recruiting station. »y nil. 'I'HO.MAS D. MASTE1LS Written fur NKA Older men have supplanted Ijiosc W military agi: in Industry. Many others are over-reaching their physical strength caring for Victory Gardens nnd doing other heavy tasks for which help is no longer available. They should know Ihe |>tiwis :m<l significance of a pwlnris in order that they care for themselves. In the the incident of angina |n , has been four times as great amoiij; men as among women, with more and more women taking on heavy jobs of military and civilian mav past" sntaide.5 with complete rest ft may occur, afte this reason Heavy and for s reason may be erroneously considered acute indi spstion. The pai ciated is often asso- with .shortness of breath h rwi i i,v,.' ' ere i.s likely In be an increase of tills disease amoni; them Angina iicc-loris is chnrncterizetl also. by iialn in Uie region of the heart ocassionally in Ihe pit of the stoin- ach, ov beneath the breastbone. The pain may radiate into the left side or the left arm. The inleiisily of the suffering may vary in de- 8yce from a slight sense of oppression in the lo ri severe, agoni- ing, vice-like pain su intense as to give rise to thc four thai immediate death is at hand r KEMKVKI) HV lli;ST The pain is coinmnnly precipitated by physical exertion and us- At The Hospitals Walls Hospital Admitted— Mrs. Lyn Bankston, Slccle, I\fo. Mrs. Winfrcd Gray, Rt. 2, city Dismissed— Carl Davis Jr., city. Mrs. Leslie Zenemon, cily. IllytlicviilcTlnsiilliti Admilled— Mrs. Ida Hearn, Slcele, Mo. Harry Whitney, city. V. Ii. Brycans, city.. Dismissed— '.Mrs. J. U. Richardson and baby city. .Memphis itTclliodist Ilnspilal Admitled— Billy Sue Thomas, Osccola. Mrs. Hoy Hawkins, Hayli, Mo. Memphis llaplisl Ilospilal Admit tod- Miss Anna Bell Bleckburn. cily. Robert Lucas, Luxova. from lack of eiOOO-IRON Then try Lydia PlnMram's raBtsrs-ono ot the best and quickest homo wwin slrnpe nncmla to help bullcl tip wa Wood to cm JIOHE ErKMiCTii A errit Wood-lroiUoHlclFollowtaljcltllreclloSi tydia Pinliham's TABIC7S which also subsides will, , k lowing the attack of pain, „ , L . bl . dual .soreness in the chest may lust lor some time. The importance of symp. , f r? ^f"!?' lL ' C , 1(JL "' wil1 ' lhc ' klltw| - 'flge of (he changes that produce them. The Heart is „ muscle In order to do its work, it requires Wood from which it derives oxygen and nutrition, if the- blockl vowels •hat supply the heart wilh its blood are constricted or narn ex-ertion may came i-Miuirc more blood duced circulation can supply. Tio Pain is the effect of this i na(ie iiuncy. This pain ean |, B duplicated m thc muscles of the hand if thev are worked while a tourniquet con- -stncls the blood vessels in lhc : «rin to a dcBi-ce that deprives the hand of the amount of blood needed to carry on the work. The condition of angfim pccloris is so imuwtant (hat, competent medical care is essential. T!,e .symptoms, however, may be mild 'and not understood, and therefore depreciated. They may uc attributed to meic indigestion. The important thing is lo rceognizc tl, c pain for 'Y'nf it really is, and to consult a physician early, rather than wait until the attacks become more severe or more serious. ,, ------ "• "' "HI1VJWUU, the atnounl of blood that is aviil able to Ihe heart is reduced. LACK OF ISJ.OOI) tS CAUSE Placing an extra burden on the heart as is the case with physical - the heart to than the re- ly manage lo find ways of uassliit' the time, but now and then, or ottcncr, they run out of ideas. Authors Charlotte G. Garrison and Emma IDIckson Shoshy give lips on how to cope wit)) (hi'.s-e uerlofllc domestic upheavals. They do more offer susges- tlons as lo how lo keep a child busy and oul of mischief on a rainy day. Thfy go Into child psychology in 11 .simple, clear, but thorough way, and Instruct, parent.? In en-/ coin-aging lalent.s which may not be apparent. Painting, music, hancl- crafts are discussed. The authors know whereof (liey speak, as result of study nt the famous Horace Mann .School. There are a number of illustrations. * * * COillAM AS WAS After reading "This Was New ' York" by Frank Monaghan and Marvin Lowcnlhiil <fJoiib!«lay- Doran: $2.75). you understand why «> many Inns can advertise truthfully Dial th:y once .entertained George Washington. Travel by stage coadi in the early days of American history involved many stops and Washington got ai-nimd. Authors Monnghnu and Lowcn- Ihal have searched r.ih.iiistivi.'ly through Hit records of iiifniil New York's unkempt, gossipy, roui'li- aiKt-limible early history'ami have discovered many intci-eslitr- anecdotes nnd helpful hints for students of the city's past. Their book Is enlivened with humorous Int-i- denls..of persons important in American history. The authors have a happy r llc _ ully for combining human interest with factual data, nnd "This Wsis New York" is mi nlto';ellm- eiiler- lainiiiB aii<l worth-i'eadini; docu- N'ft. 1 if you rrally want the lowdown on rubber, lh c "No. J war drafter- and want In have fun '.vhilc you're uncovering it, read "Trees and Test Tubes" by Charles Morrow Wilson H:iiry Ilolt: S3.M). Here is an extremely rcnd.-iWe IIIK! authoritative book. Uie whole story from (lie ss of Hevca tajiphiK in the basin through transplantation to British .Malaya and lhc Uiitch East inttif.s. The struggles of the idealist Charles Ooodyenr lo realize lii 1 ; revolutionary process of vulcanization, the financial monopolies of the British and Dutch cartels, Henry Ford's rediscovery of lirnzil, the finaylc and Cryiitostcgln sliiubs of nutlook for svntlietlo Mother'sFriend helps bring'easo snd comfort to expectant . mothers. M OTHER'S FRIEND, nil cxqulsltely prepared emollient. Is useful In all comll- llons vvliwc a blaml.'mUd anodyne mns- «S.T4"c^C ir^r^Sli; ™ 'i F, "," 70 yrars tm ' c »««« "• ls«» ff. 1 .".'.™ 11 .™.' 01 - 'nnssnBliig the body dur- or t'unilng sensa- n... for the tlrnl IMC!; Mother's Friend fliirhly iirnvsrd l,y users, many duelers nnd tiuwM. Inslaak any <lnif; K i s t tar ilntha'- Lrtcml— thiiitm lubricant. Try ;t loniuliL Wonder if the paint store is still open?" Look in YELLOW PAGES ...many listings closing h Mexico, (hi: rubber. There is realistic gauging of the rubber shortage and what, it means •uid a consideration of prospects for the future. The Baruch re- foiiiLs an appendix. * V * IJN'CRIMINAI, CRIMINAI, A crimtnologisi turns ct-iinlnnl in 'To Catch a Thief 1 - by Daphne Sanders (Dial: $2) in order to square accounts with a ring of stock market manipulators. A muriier complicates matters, however and the criminologist must solve the murder in order to prove that, while he is legally outside the law he still lives .within, moral limits. The story holds you. , TOPS FOR YOUR HAIR Snifmlli II, .1,1,1 luslro —Blylo. wllh fragrant ilri-siJni;—only "5C MOROUNE HA1R . TONIC The Miracle hi Permanent Waving! COLD KAY, the modern, scientific n-ai-c. Nn heal—No machines. Drop in for details. MARGARET'S IJKAtJTY S!fO!> 104 S. First Phone 2532 ^^^^^^^^^^^^•••^•••BBBfc III/ Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KI.CN 12:15 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 9:0* a.m. Tuesday & Wednesday ROXY Barjafn NlRJit livery Nl^lii Kxcepi Saturday. Box OfTicc Opens C:15 Show Starts 7:00 Crmtinnoiu Shnwj Sat. nnd San. Tuesday & Wednesday Look first in Ihe NEW YELLOW PAGES of your phone book. Then make a single telephone call do the work of many —and save yourself time, trouble, and aimless searching. In these times the YELLOW PAGES are more helpful than ever. They tell you who has, what you want...who will fix what you want fixed...who will buy what you have lo sell. SOUTHWESTERN IEU HllrHONE COMFANY »iik RICHARD 1RAVIS - VIRGINIA CIIRIS1IKC tHARUSUNE-RUIH fORO DilKled by B. R[AVIS rASON-Oi.j^ik,,,,, Pill tj Robtil [. Ktnl tni K»n»»J I Selected

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