Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1896
Page 4
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JotiJi Gray's CORNER. On the following Items: .'• All kinds of warm weather .dross goods; all kinds of gauze underwear for Indies, gents nud children; all kinds of gold, silk and leather belts;-oil kinds wf laces and trimmings and all other kinds of goods. DAILY JOIIRNA Publlahed every day In the week (except Monilay) by the Logannport Journal Company. W. S. WRIG-HT President A. HARDY Vice Prefident C. W. GRAVES Secretary S. B, BOYER Treasurer ireatest Discovery or tne I9tfi Century •r. Tengue'i NEW KUIKDr Medicated Air For the Cure of Ciltiirrh, Aiitliina and all Pulmonary Diseased, It, has no eqiiul tor SIclOMnd Nervous Hc<id- hciie, I.OOO.OUO people die annually from th« above mimed diseases, WDJ- suffer snd die, when Meaicnted Air Is guaranteed to o>ire jou. ••dloate'l Alr.liKl Drug Co., Richmond, Intl., D. S. A. It li Che best remedy on earth for La •j-.ppe. It will give Immediate relief •4 will effect a cure where all other •wnedlea fall. •old by B. F. Keesllng. Pries per Annum..,,, '!.*...Kg? Price per Month .".:• 40 Official Paper of City and County, (Entered as second-class mail-matter at the Lofransport Post Office, February 8, WEDNESDAY, JUN'E '24, 1SOC. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOAXSPOKT, IJfD. • $2OO,OOO THE RESULT OF STUDY. The mail who reads one side o£ an Issue cannot have the quiet assurance that lie is right. He cannot trust him- st'.lt' fully. Every voter should wad all titles of questions. Every bailor easier must think independently, Ann'ricaiis enn- be convinced, inn it rakes sound argument and square logic to do it. A iworly informed stump speaker dm do great liarni, Tlia ooun- rry « open to conviction. Deceit will not accompli*]) the purposes of a party Hint means au.vtljjiiff bur. decrprion. That wliich affects t.he destiny, or the present a-jul future iKipploe.-*; and stu- biliiy of a nation is much too gravely imptirr.'uit 'to be decided wJt.Uuj.fln 1 voter's individual reason. Those having other Mian sellish motives, will seriously and candidly read up ou national measures. Speakers will be heard rm both sides ruicl with close attention by VICTORY IS CERTAIN, St. Louis Globe-Democrat:.The silver- Ite bolt Lu the Sr.f.Loiiis';eon.Teut|on < »nnd tlie pivicr.icjil oerfainty thnt the Ob'Jwigo assemblage will declare for free coinage, will miike a new partisan division among The States, and renders the old alignments and calculations obsolete. SOUK? of the Suites heretofore deemed safe .for tlie Republicans will now be lost to them, wb4W*«£vot»J which the Democrats havej^nrrii^ ^hitherto arc likely to go Hepj}blkii|j?tli!;& year. It is safe,"however,- &&&& life-new conditions, to class these eighteen States as surely Republican,' ' '•'• • •-.-.. Electoral votes Connecticut .'.': 0 Delaware '... . .'! Illinois '."2'f 24 Indiana '. J t 15 Iowa 13 Maine 0 Maryland s Massachusetts ir< Michigan ..-'.'' 14 Minnesota o New Hampshire 4 New Jersey 10 New York, : ". 30 Ohio 23 Pennsylvania ...:.. Rhode Island. .'..'..-..... Vermont though, she' was a sufferer'for several yedrs and at times ' suffered untold agony. .'Always sweet, parent, cheerful and resigned, you could not visit her sick room without' .receiving help. She leaves a husband™and three children, Estello, Lula and Roland: We extend our heartfelt sympathy In this time''of sorrow. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. DID NOT LEAVE. the voter who wishes to gaJu truth and., pro lit by It. Educate yourself on tho' J, F, Johnson, President. S. W. Cilery. Vice President H. J. Heltbrtnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. I. T. Johnson. S. W. Cilery, J. T, Elliott. \V. M, Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and s»'l Government bonds. Loan money on personal security and collateral*. Issue special certificates of deposits bearing : per cent. Interest when left one ywr; 3 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank tor the deposit of deeds, Insurance iwllcles, mortgages and other valuables, rented at from Jo to }15 per year. issue*, ami vote as your calm jndjrme.u'-t diftalos afror reviewing the situation, Tl'.e one result or' an honest study of tilings is the casting of ,1 Reptibllc.au vote, With confidence the Republican party wails for your verdict. 4 4 Wisconsin 12 Total .' 23S Necessary to a choice 22-1 It is only fair to say thai this is in au ultra-conservative estimate. All the States claimed are north- of the Ohio and the Masou and Dixon parallobycx- cept Maryland, and ail are'eps't-of.';tlie Mississippi except Minnesota and. Iowa. The Republicans carried West Virginia iu the Congressional elections of 1S9-J, Rain Prevented a Game at Koko' rhd--A New Pitcher. Thij rain.wiiich fell during almost the whole,of,yestiei'day prevented the base, ball team from play-lag at Kokoino as scheduled. The loam did not leave, bin .If .today l.s fair, chore will l)e a. game at Kokonvo this afternoon. The club will "go down at 2 o'clock and quite a number of rooters will accompany the boys, a'eliea-p rate having been secured if more than'ton beside the club go. Themanagement of Uie club is after a uev,' pfitchtfr. Hod.gkiu.son, a young twirler 'from Pennsylvania, who is recommended by both- Crosby and Hunter, will be given a trial, and if he meets expectations, will be retained. If another such as Crosby H secured, the? team 'will-'be in good shape for pitchers. Ha-ckett, Hanky and Kcuueally 'left yesterdtiy for Marlon, wh«e they ex- 'pect to play with live club at that city. They are all good ball players,. ' font f.helr.weakness proved fatal. Drinking bouts and bal-1 playing don't go together. Royal » ^^ wsst&Sffa Baking •^ M C^ ABSOLUTELY PURE who Is bill It on the level. He gave the vlsrtois a square deal hi every particular au<l as a result tilio game was won strictly on Its merits. But ii was a htart-breaking game for the Kokomos to lose." ENTERS THE FOLD. The remains were taken at once to the graveyard, where the last solemn rites were performed, Tbe Revs. Chas. Little and L. L. Carpenter officiating. To the Ladies. Those who are interested in dermatology should caJJ on Mrs. Strlngbnm, who is loca-twl in the St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinced that dermatology is wliat every woman of intelligence and retlnemeat needs. It Is conceded by our best minds that a beautiful cojnplexion La a necessity of the Nineteenth century, and which civilization must have; and every worthy husband or brother will take interest In and those who arc suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczma, tetter, frecklos, acme, llyer spots, birthmarks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls .wishing to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Strlngliam's preparations. Catherine StriDgham. DERMATOLOGIST. Dun's Review has the following.with reference to wool: ' Sales at llw fhreo chief markets for tho week were only 3,000,000 Ibf., and for two weeks of June 5,823,500 tbs., of which 3,221,000 were domestic agatart 12,501,005 last year, of'which 5,770,005 were domestic. Manufacturers are closely watching'the market, but dorag nothing in advance of actual orders for goods, and the speculative -tone is not encouraging, .though prices are well maintained at the average quoted htst week. There U some demand for quarter and three-eighths blood wool at former price*, and the demand for carpet wool is rather better, but the weakness of tlie market 1 n'other grades is the natural result of extremely restricted demand from manufacturers. In 1S04, 150 manufacturing concerns failed, with liabilities reaching '$4,18-1,302. In 3S03 there .were 100 assignments with ,$3,400,001 in liabilities. This year with the Gorman-Wilson bill showing fuller effect, there have boen 250 failures, with aggregate liabilities amounting to $4,024,228. This, too wi.t!h six months of-distress to come. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 010 BROADWAY. The nest tilling Is the formation .of a strong, Influential MeKinlcy club In Cass county. A marching club,, peri-, .haps, but essentially a voting 1 club;" a whomtiug organization, of, course; but a thoroughly patriotic aim! vigorously energetic organization, more particularly. securing eac'h of its four members of the'house, and getting 13.000 more votes iu tlie entire State than the Democrats. Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware aud Maryland have also been carried by the Republicans in recent 'elections. All these. States are In the region doniinnted' by Uie" sound money seniJmciir. All can be counted on with the greatest, confidence to go Republican this year, except.ppssibjy "West Vir.- gluia, .which Is not claimed. Hobarfs nomination, 'of- '.course; would turn" the scale in New Jersey in favor of the Republicans, oven- If..the sound money issue was out of Ihe .-way. Xobody thinks Connecticut is"a doitbtfu'l State, nor is there any reason To believe that Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota or Iowa will be lost to the party this year. On the face of these returns the Republicans, it will be seen, have only fourteen majority in the electOL-a-l college. But the doubtful States are" not yet mentioned, ami West Virginia, Ken- lucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska the two Dakotas, Washington Oregon and California will -be-.-classed here as doubtful States. Several of thteu—AVe.st Virginia, Tenuesse, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota,"Washington and California—are reasonably sure to go Republican,- while there Is a chance that Kentucky, Missouri, -Xorth Dakota and Oregon will also choose Republican electors. AIM be.'States in the sQver-m-lniug locality—Colorado, .Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, .Utah and Nevada—are here-conceded -to the opposition. The Republican majority will not be as large- as everybody a few months THE NATIONAL GAME. Cleveland, Will Cuppy in the Box, ; Took a Fall Out of Pittsburg. Cleveland trounced Pittsburg yesterday m. a close game. Hnwloy, Uie star pitcher for the Pirates, was up against "Little George," aud the pitcher's bat-. tie: which resulted .was determined in favor of the .Cleveland*. Following arc the scores of yesterday's games: At Cleveland— Pittsburg 0, Cleveland .0. ".:Ae. Philadelphia— Baltimore S,' Philadelphia 2. At Boston— -Brooklyn 3, Bosl-ou 9. At .New York— Washington 5, New Martin Higgins, Life Long Democrat, Renounces That Party. Mr. Marti.n Higgins, a brk-k layer and curbstone setter, for two years a resideul: of Logausixn-f, formerly of Indi- aua.iwlfe, called last. nlgM at. The Journal ollieo and stated that ho had left tho Democratic party, ami woukl voie for Major McKhiiey. Mr. Iliggins wejit on fo say that he had been a Democrat since 1SOJ, ,i«d a red hot one. He is now 49 years of uge, and having read upon the money question, lias concluded finally and decidedly that Populists and Democrats are alike wrong on the issue. He is an advocate of sound money, and as such can only, vote and work with t.he pur'ty that upholds lit, and the credit of the nation. M,r. HiggluA a representative thinking worki.iigmaii, is welcome. DEATH OF MRS. JOHN BLACK. Mrs. Jolun Black died at her hoiue near Twelve MJle Saturday morning, June 20i'h, 1SOO of paralysis, aged OU years. Slie k-aves a husband, two sons and a daughter, Mrs. Florence Morris, James and Edgar Black, ex-bailiff, formally of Logwisporr, and four grand children and many friends 10 mourn her loss, interment took place at ihe Skin- IKT church Sunday at n o'clock. Services conducted by the Rev. Mr. Bee life! of the tj. B. ch-urch of which deceased was a member. At Chicago— Cincinnati 5, Chicago 7. The St. Louis-Louisville game at Louisville was prevented by wet grounds. STANDING OF THE CLUBS, Clubs Won Lost PorCl. Baltimore ......... 34 Cleveland ......... 31 Cincinnati ... ..... 33 Boston ............ 20 IS IS TiUsburg .. Washington Brooklyn .,. Chicago ... Philadelphia Ne'iv York .. St.'Louis — Louisville ... .28 .20 .27 .20 .28 oo .14 .11 •21 23 31 as 30 .U33 ,UOO .580 .531 .510 ,51S .500 .415 ,200 .220 DR. S. H. WARD. HOn(EOPATH/ST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Ta/lors Jewelry store- Uutunl Telephone No. 29C. Residence 913 North Street. A Democratic exchange says that "with a half way good platform" the Democrats can win. The average Democratic platform falls so far below Uiis estimate .that Republicans are urged not to fear. ago supposed it would lie; but.it will .b« large enough for all practical purposes, A much .more Interesting -and exciting canvass tuau anybody looked for .will be had. . • REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wipperman, Abstractor. The "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant 1 Lawn Sprinklers, BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will •pi-Inkle four times greater arua than any •Ui«rs. EJg&eat award at tho Chicago •xpoeltlon. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC. The men employed by the Parry Manufacturing company of Indianapolis voted Saturday on the flnanciai question, 030 for the gold standard, 302 for free coinage amd 108 undecided. Xo one iaan can hnve credit for Mc- Kl nicy's success, nor can one person be abos^l for the defeat of Hon. T. B. Reed. Manufttcurcra, Sprinefleld. Maen. l*r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •ton* In the United States. WANTED. 4 OTNT3 WiNTSD; Ne» book; Illustrated and A Dramatto Hlntorr ot the at Loula Cjclont t.u grupila account of Deaf& find Devastation. Pla-Kc, Terms lre» Barclai & Co., Clncln- •n. Oblo. - • . v The silver faction is strong ' on addresses to tlie people. They issue a new one every day. contrast afforded burlesque-. • fiTent strength-is the by the Democratic 1 It is a matter of regret that some time must elapse before relief can mater-' ialize. There Is nothing to dlscourage~Repub- llcans, everything-.'to' fill them with hope. . . " KJ to taXe »iden in erwrr town and city; no oipl- Tl/f KJ to taXe »iden in erwrr M.^UTWlng;«xxJwa««ii ! | W •ST 8to»d7 work. QLKN , BocbMt»r, M. T, Where will the Democrats find a ticket to approach the St, Louis pair? There Js liope for the man or party that seeks truth fairly. W ANTSD: A(enU lor tb* authentic history it tbe grrat cyclone: 450 pifmi; ]SO special plio- . trelfhtoold. jlgenU report 100 ordwi . . . 10 two wnt utampg for outnt. Act quick Howler Jrubllsbini, Co., Indltnatolls. ind. Democrats are anxious to dodge the tariff issue. It takes nerve to ask a nation to. experiment. • ,-V'". : '. DEATH OF MRS. GRAFFIS; •-. Tlio followj,ng from the -Frankfoit Times of Monday morning tells of- th« deatjj of a former Logansport.womanr 3Iiw. Kmmii-G-raOtS; wjfe-of . R. A. Grani«, died at her home on MorthMack- soai street yesterday morning- -a.t : 7 o'clock, Dea ; th cajne after long--and patient Buffering of that-dread disease,: consumption. The funeral servlce.'wlll be conducted, by Rev/ Tollotson at- the residence at 2 o'clock..this afternoon. All mom-bens of .the Women's Foreign Missionary society of-the<:3f..E. church and W. C. T. U. will meet at W. ,C. T. TJ. hnJl at 1 o'clock-sharp-to go to.the funeral In-a body.. It was her requ'es tilnvt tliese societies take part i.u the s Ices. Tlie following .tribute wns wrl ten by a friend aud .sister in the wor o : f t.lio cliurch and t.he W. C. T. U. wihc she loved so, well: • -.-,-• Mrs, Era-ma • G-raflis-!was born "on fawn near Logansport, Sept. 7, 1S54 whore she lived up to the time of he marriage with R; A. Graffls, May 2 1S7S. Hor maiden -name was Trout man. Slie received her education., a SmltJitsonifa'n'college, -Logansport, -aftut wJiIch she taught sclwol for sevcra years. She was a woman of stronR I. A. Adams to Harry .H. Neal SE % XE V t Sec 5 Boone Tp., sheriff's ,?377. D. D. Dykemau to Lillie M. Titus lot 108 'and 100 Park Place add,, westside warranty, .<U,000. C.. L. Dilley to Jas. H. Updegraff, lot (il Johnson's Riverside add., warranty, $300. ' ' Ne'ljie A. Clark to Martha L. Wilson 'pt.Mot '0 admin, 1st add., North st., E of 12th, warranty, .f3,oOO. Elizabeth McGoveru to Joaa.s Powell lot 11 Blk S. Dykoman's 3d add. E ot z'ouud liouise, qtilt chii'm, .?24. Heury C, Reed to Win. Murdeu 5 A. of - NW 1 Vi 'NW % Sec 32 A,dams Tp;, warranty, SlijO.- ;. ' Mary Kennedy to Annie E. ^Kearl'y 'pt lot 2'Pra'U's 1st add,, Washington'.st Westside, warranty, |1. , <• .••••:.!• -i\ine rnorf-gages tiled aggregating ,57,112. '' .1.- '.!•• PERSONAL Will Mack is here from Wabash. Walter Landis, of Indianapolis, visited here yesterday. The Hon. S. P. Sheerin is at Indianapolis on business. The Misses G-ish, of Camden, are the guests of friends here. Justice Walters was in Pnlaski county yesterday on business. William Kraut and son are among the visitors to Dayton, Ohio. , Harry T'.omas was tho guest of 'ins mother at Richmond over Sunday. Misses Ida ami Anna Covault are the guest of friends at Michigan City. WJll Shiiuahau has returned from Wabash after a visit of several days. City Engineer Rao is entertaining his nephew, Frank Knight, of Crown rolnt. Delphi Tinics: E3 M-cCaiu and Jeff Chissom went to Logan-sport this morning ou business. Miss Lottie Glenn, of VauWert. 0.. fe tlio guest of f fiends here. She form-, erly lived here. Victor L. Rickets, business manager O'f the'Delphi Journal was iu the city yesterday on busiuws. Mrs. C. J. Ra<lat>augh is at Terre Haute attending t.he convention of the State Music Teachers' association, A. L. Laws-be, editor of the Converse Journal, -.vis in the city last night between trains, on his way home from Peru. Mr. aud Mrs. G. W. Cogley of Toledo street left yesterday for au extended trip ttirough the West for the benefit of Mrs Cogley's health. Firof. G. W. Micihoel, of Michael's University, left for Indianapolis last uight, where he will lecture to t;he .county superintendents who are iu session at that city. Laifayetto Courier: Mr. aud Mrs. W. H. Magoe on Satu-rday evening entertained a number of friends at progressive cinch, the affair being to honor of Miss Kate Horn, of Logaasport )t was a delightful party. MoiiUce.'Jo Journal. Mr. aud Mrs. Ed A PARALYTIC STROKE. Join. Keller of Wabash .father of ihe late Mrs.."(. Q. Sweeiser, of Logansport, was stricken wirth paralysis Saturday :H Gainesville, l-'la., where Mrs. Sweetser's death oct-urred. He wa.s said to be in a very critical comliticra. Mr. Sweet.ser, the l*>reaved husband, ha.^ been wriously ill Cor sonic time. A DISLOCATED SHOULDER. -Monday evening while Peter Kessler, father of Homer Kessler, was at work in his yard he Ml. dislocating his right shoulder. Tlie injury was properly eared for, but owing to the advanced age of Mr. KcssJer it will probably be some tjni« before Ii<? will be able to be out- PAID A FINE. A young tuau named Grausinger, who lives at Walton, became intoxicated Monday evening and started to "have a time." The town marshal asked him to be quiet and he lauded a blow on the officer's face for which he paid .?! and costs. EPWORTH LEAGUE. Tho State conference of rhc EpwortJ) League will be held at Anderson from the 25t.h to rhc 2Sth inst. All the member* who have to travel more than fifty miles will be boarded free. AU those who do not have to travel that distance will b« boarded at $1 per day. BICYCLE RACES AT PERU. On account of Peru- Bicycle races •Tune 25th, t.he Wnbash Railroad company will sell round, trip ticket* at the rate of 05 cemls for the round trip. Good goi'ug June 20lh, not good returning after .Tvme 20th. . C. G. NEWELL, Agent. A PUBLIC NUISANCE. Alexander Burke was arrested Monday evening upon the charge of maintaining a nuisance iu the alley at tho rear of his residence. He was arraigned before Mayor McKee yesterday morning and was released upon a promise to clean it up and keep the alley clean. CARD OF THANKS. Mr, and Mrs. Fred Horstman wishes to return thanks to friends aud relatives for their kindness and assistance during the sickness and sad death of their darling little Myrlc. [Other papers copy.] character yet. so-.amiable, and. gentle iu he.r disposition, that to .know her was to love. She. was converted and Joined the church when -,a child. Her whole life was one of sacrifices .-and nowhere did she so love to: work: as in the.-Woman's . Chitotian Tompemnee Union,-' as here she could finkl the widest.leJd.of work for God and'home aud-native land and while, she did all.in her power to etay the tilde of liquor, traffic In foreign lands she dia not - forget to eend>the: gospel to the benighted heathen.-., oHer interest ia the r ..work,. never"Bl»tea i COOK-DENBO. 1 A very pretty wedding occurred kat cveniug at the residence of Mr. Klias' Winter, on Linden avenue, to which only a. few Intluiate friends were Invited, tlie Rev. F. M.'Huekleberry officiating. Miss ^DoroitJi-y Denbo, who for several • years lias been a very successful a.nd popular tencher in the. Westside public schools, was uiiited hi marriage 'to Mr. Ear] M. Cook. Mr. Cook ,bas for the past three years occupied the position of Secretary of the R. R. Y. M. C,,A. 'u tJUs city. Mr: aad Mrs. .Cook will leave shortly for'Toronto;. Canada, where Mr.'Cook •will have 1 charge of the R. R. Y. M. C. department at Oiat place. .Both voting people have a host of friends whp--follow 1 them to their new home vJitJi thalr best wishes for happiness! nd prosperity.' ; '. Leonard of Logansport are the guesis of Mrs, Mary ,T. Schwartz ..... Miss Zulu Richards returned to 1 Logansport to- da.r after a week's visit with Miss Belle Hainil ---- Undertaker .Tdhn Bioderwolf was at Logansport today'jon business. Peru Chronicle: Misses Maggie and Anna Friend, of Logaiiiport, visited their father, Adam Frieid, in the city yesterday. They were accompanied by fteir friend Miss O'Obuuei: ____ Mrs. Harry Martin, of Detroit, was in the city Saturday, visiting '.friends a few hours, aud went to Logansport ou the evening train where she will make a visit with rel;|iUve.«. Her husbaud is a conductor ou the Wabash. HURT I.\ A FALL. Ed Raver, the street- railway con- doctor, feJil while boarding a moviug car and severely iu.iured Ms arm, being dragged several yards, iu getting aboard. He succeeded HOLY ANGELS' ACADEMY. The closing exercises of the Holy Angels' academy wjM be bold this evening at St. Vincent's hall at T o'clock ana tho grn-duatiue exercises will be held tomorrow evening at the same hour and place. ;! A TRIBUTE TO "IKE:"" •The Kbkomo' Tribune, commenting on Sunday's 1 ball game, said: •"A. good '-word'-is due Ike Johnson, who gave ample proof that a natural rejudlce' need not influence an umpire CANTON ATTENTION. All Chevaliers of 'Caatou Logansport No. 35, I. O, O, F., are (requested to bu present iu tlieJr hail! t-l)'is evening at o'clock sharp to recehye instrucUons in regard fo decoration aud other matters of importance. [ J. D. ALLISON, Capt. [Evening papers pfcase copy.] THE LAST RIT'rlS PERFORMED. Wabash' Tribuij'e: Tlie remains of Mrs, J, Q. Sweetser arrived in the city this afternoon o* the 2:45 train from tlie south. A lalfge number of friends were present to receive the remains and every office v/hich- could be performed by kind'nud loving bands was offered ns a testimonial of the respect and affection ia \whlch she was held. SICK HEADACHE Positively oared by theso tittle Pllli. - Thejr «!M reh'ere E. rtrtsrfiron 'Dytpejuh^ Indigestion «nd Too Hearty Eating. A perfect nmety for.Diztint*. Nwuea, Dwwrf. new, SadTasteiu the Mouth, Coated Tonjuw P«ln IT the Side. TORPID JJVSR. They tegulate the Bowel*. Purely Vegetable. SUM* Pill. &nali DOM*

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