Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on August 2, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1952
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS t V I. MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS (DA1L.I EICEPl SUSDAn ICT n&tton MBWS ESTABUSHBD J»7J in VKUttOn HEOISTSB ESTABUSHED 1883 COMSOLtDATEO 8ECTEMBEB 28. IBSO tDVIltt aACKAWAT 0. J rHOMPSOK OALAH UETOALF ^ u snoBoan — Ediloi „ Bti«lne»» Manairw New» Edilm Pl»nt Superlntendeiil I They 11 Do It Every Time Bv Jimmy Hatlo MailBBS OF THB ASSOCIATED P&BBB— Th* AmoeUiM Prw* l» txeioHfU w- tttled to the OM toi the pnbUeaUoD ot all ^Wf credited to tt or ooi othenrlw credit •« ID Uilr paper and atoo th» locU DW nblUhad therein Iptered si Second CIu* ualter tor trane- BortaUoD thronrh the malU at the Poet Oftlce at Mount Vernon. UUnole. ander the •et ot March 3, 187)>. SUBSCHIPTIOB ttATES SabecrlpUoot oauei ot paid to adri By mail leIIer»op conntj and »d lolnint counue» oej yeir e moi $3 76 3 mot 52.25 I mo By mall ontudr Jefferson aod ad- lolnlng countir* witbin "50 milen: yeaf SB OO fl mot J5 00 3 mos $3.26 per elnfl* month Outsid* 150 milea reaj JP 00 fl moa {6 76; 3 mat f3 76 ooe month Deliirercd by carrier iB dty per week (0 00 1.00 1.26 1.50 A Thought For Today How »hall I curse, whom God hath not cureed? Or hovr shall I defy, whom the Lord hath not defied?— Numlxrs 23:8. * » • * . Dangerous It were for the feeble brain of to wade far Into the doings of the Most High.—Hooker. EDITORIAL IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT mil >v .u hadi^'t already noticed it. the the cost of living LIVING COSTS GO UP I cost of living has hit a r.ew aii-un-e hijrh As reported by the B'areau of L^bor index for average-income folks ;n to«-ns and dues had risen on June 15 to 189.6 of the 1935-1939 base en which Iwmg costs are figured. Food, rent, and some highly ccv>tly items lumped under miscellaneous goods and services were largel.v responsible for the new cost -of -living record. The index for food rose to 231 5. That was 2 per cent higher than a year ago and 14 per cent above the figure two years ago. IMeat. fish, poultry and eggs were primarily responsible for pushing up the food index. Under miscellaneous goods and ser\ices, which also showed a big jump, were listed doctors' fees, hospital rates, street car fares, movie tickets and laundry service. • • « A T ABOUT THE SAAFE TIME the Labor Department made its cost- of-living announcement, the Commerce Department came forth with the news that national production—all goods and services turned out—hit $329 billion last year. That was a 16-per-cent gain over the year before. Only about half of this gain, though, was real in the sense of more goods and services produced. The other half was due simply to higher prices last year over the year before. In its analysis of the situation, the Commerce Department said tne biggest factor in the 16-per-cent increase was government buying, ' mostly for the ex'pending national defense program. Government expenditures were $62.5 billion last year as compared with $42.1 billion in 1949. Corporations boosted their profits, before taxes, to $42.9 billion last year as compared with S27.1 billion in 1949. But taxes took a big chunk. After taxes, corporate profits last year were $18.7 billion. They were $16.3 billion in 1949. « * * P ERSONAL INCOME LAST YEAR was 12 per cent more than in 1950, and personal savings were $17 billion last year, as compared with $11.2 billion in 1950 and S6.7 billion in 1949. Income and savings were largely the result of increased wages and salaries. They totaled $169.9 billion last year. In 1949 thev were $133.4 billion. All of which is not much help to the poor gent—a husband and father—who made public plaint recently that although he is an executive of some sort, living in a city and making $10,000 a year, he and his family didn 't have enough to get along on and were actually having to do without certain necessities. Some of our sympathy for the man diminished when he revealed he was living in a house much beyond his means because he had to keep up with the Joneses and put on a big front for business reasons. But still, $10,000 is a pretty fair chunk of money, and when it won't see a man and his family through a year, even if he has gotten a little over his head as far as housing is concerned, things are getting sort of tough. Iowa Incursion Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,5 State flower of Iowa 9 Eagle's nest 10 Russian mountains 12 Moderates 13 Substances 15 Gibbon 16 Removes scum 12 Blow with from a liquid open hand 14 Observes 17 Philippine Negrito 3 Falsehoods 4 Writing tables 5 Ransacks 6 Native metal* 7 Perched 8 Pass by 9 Winged 11 Cleaves T O M A C A F A u A B E P A V e • N E N 1 U A M e N T 1 • S 5 T O P P e R s e l_ U S O T T O ta S T 1 o s s A 0 1 S T O o T e K c B. e M T A u S K C A t- A 5 K A. B s R c IA R # C o S V 1 R 5 T o T r S K A T B S T u M -r E • N T (E R T A 1 N 1 A T e L e Ei 1 S N 1 T M E 1 R A L. E s 18 Pastry 19 Solar disk 21 Station (ab.). 22 Italian city 23 Danger 25 Timeless 27 Feline 39 Uncle Tom's friend 30 Small Shield 31 Harden 32 Ways 36 Relabel 4b Toward the sheltered side 41'Roulette bet 43 Monkey 44 Island (Fr.) 45 Sea duck 47 Number 48 Iowa's farms have > equipment 50 Purify 52 Coat vnth ( tin-lead alloy 63 Wild oxen of Celebes 54 Expires )5.Iowa is the ' ••Tall , State" VERTICAL lOne attired 8 Irritate 28 Rotary engines 32 Disable 33 Apportion 20 Kind of creed 34 Required 22 Puffs up 35 Sorrowful 24 Openwork fabric 26 Always 37 Venetian painter 38 Prayer ends 39 Hereditary entity 42'=lacier ice pinnacle 45 Sea eagle 46 City in Nevada 49 Silkworm '51 Preposition. 1 Z 5 5 b 7 8 9 IP " 1 IZ 13 IS m lb 17 m. 18 19 10 m Zl zz. Z3 IS- it 77 lb 1 Z9 30 31 32 33 Vi 35- Ik, 37 38 39 HO m HI HI H\ HH W/ HI H8 so 51 • - il 53 it ss z Barry Jones Beauty Academy W/LL 6f dOSf^D AUG. 4th TO AUG. 25th FOR VACATION ,„Enroll for Fall Classes Aug. 25th Through Sept. 15th . Phone 106oi STATE ACCREDITED 911 Salem ..oad ^7 ^^OSE PICTURES THE •REAL. ESTATE MAbi &AOWS you MAKE TWE GROUNDS LOOK SO SPAOOUS- TUB TREES SO BiG" TWE ^OUSE SO ^^^JESnC SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, 19^ LEGAL NOTICES TWE • .ACE 'lM PERSON'; lUAT'S SOMETHING ELSE /\eAlN-— -J74,AKX AND 4 TIP OP -rWE M4TLO MAT TO RADIO Day by Day I Central daylight time — listings fit either daylight or standard unless specified K NEW YORK — She's one of the most important personages in television, yet no one sees her at her trade. She's young, pretty, curvaceous and pulls some mighty important strings. Rhoda Mann. 24-year-old New Yorker, is the guiding hand of the popular puppet Howdy Doody. Out of sight to televiewers. Rhoda deftly manipulates Howdy's every movement. She has been performing these artistic chores ever since the program started in December. 1947. She doesn't make Howdy talk, however. Bob Smith, originator of Howdy, does that. Rhoda became interested in marionettes and puppets when she was ten years old. Her father was a manufacturer of dolls. One evening papa Mann brought home three little marionettes and gave them to Rhoda. She played with the figures and taught herself to work the strings until she became adept. Robert Q. Lewis will replace .Arthur Godfrey on the latter's CBS morning radio-TV program starting Monday, Aug. 4. SATURDAY NIGHT LIST NBC— 6:3C)—Vladimir Horowitz Concert. 7:00—Jane .Ace Records. 8;00—Ohio River Jamboree. S:30—Grand Ole Opry. CBS— 6;nO—This I Bplie\-e. 7:00—Gene Autry. S:0O—Gangbusters. S;,30—Broadwav's Mv Beat. 9:00—Robert Qs Wa.xworks. .ABC— 6:1.5—Women in Uniform. 6:30 - Dinner at the Green Room. 9:00—Saturday Night Dancing. MBS— 7:00—Twenty Questions. 7:30—Theater of the Air. 8:30—Guv Lombardo' TELEVISION (Central daylight — standard one hour earlierl. \BC— 7:00—Bob and Ray. 7:30—Summer Revue. 8:00—Saturday Night Dance Party, 9:30—Assignment Man Hunt. CBS— 6:30—Beat The Clock 7:00—Three Hours of Films. .ABC— 6:00—Saddle Pal Club. 7:00—Paul Whiteman Teen Club 8:00—Film Club Dl'.MONT- 6:.30-Pot Shop. 9:30—Wrestling from Chicago. SUND.AV STUFF NBC— 1:30 p. m. —Symphonic Adventure. ^•^<^- ALiriin Kane 4:00—HoUv-wood Star house. The Texas' Rangers. 7:ii(i - Willson's Music P.oom. T..''.0- Best Plays. CBS- THE WEATHER By Associated Press 9:00 a. m.—Keyboard Concerts. 10:00—Tabernacle Choir. 10:35—Invitation To Learning. 1:30 p. m.—On a Sunday After-; ^vhile 4:00- noon. -Godfrey Play- Recordings. 5:30—Syncopation Piece. 6:30—Doris Day Show. 7:00—Frank Fontaine Show. S:00—Meet Millie. 8:30—Inner Sanctum. •AJBC— 10:00 a. m.—Fine Arts Quartet. 11:30 a. m.—Piano Playhouse. 2:00—This Week Around the World. 4:00—Chatauqua Symphony. 5:30—Here Comes the Band. 7:00—Stop the Music. 8:15—Melody Highway. MBS— 10:00 a. m.—Music of Worship. 1:45 p. m.—Di.xie Four Quartet. 3:00—The Green Hornet. 4:00—The Shadow. 5:00—Sgt. Preston of the Y'ukon. 6:00—The Affairs of Peter Salem. 7:00—Hawaii Class. 8:00—Opera Concert. TELETVISION (Central daylight — standard one hour earlier). NBC — 6:00—Super Ghost. 7:00—The Big Payoff. 8:00—Television Playhouse. 9:00—Summer Theater. CBS— 6:30—Your Lucky Clue. 7:00—Toast of the Town. 8:00—Information Please. 8:30—Break The Bank. 9:00—Celebrity Time. 9:30—What's My Line. i ABC— 4:00—Super Circus. 6:00—You Asked for It 9:00—Dr. Billy Graham, DUMONT— 6:00 — Georgetown University Forum. 8:00—Rockv King. 8:30—Plainclothes Man, 9:00—They Stand Accused. By Assoeiatod Pross ,\:-.>:her ueek end of hot woa- ihc outlook for most of soiiiherii half of the country :,iirly pleasant weather was pro.speot for the central and rih-tvis!ern sections. Hot weather also we reported the far Southwest and stations the Plains states and eastern of the Rockies. cool early today in the no -heastorn states and o\cr most ot the northern and eastern Great L.'.kt's iet;ion. It was 50 abo\'e in i'oriland, Me., while at the same ti:ne it was 96 in Blyth, Calif. O! .v. opes I; was NOTICE OF S.VLI'; 01" REAL F.STATIi; In tiie County Covirt of Jefferson County, lUinols IN THE MArn-n! OK I'HE ES- T.ATE OK LUIJI G11.MORE. DECE.ASEIV Nn, r >'.N44IG. By virtue of n ilecroo of the County Court o( .lell'rrsoii County, Illinois, entered t>n the Hlli thxv of May. A. D. l;)52. on (he petition of the under.signetl, RoRor E. Webb. Administrator of the Estate of LuUi Cillmore, Doccasccl, for leave to sell the real estate of said deceased to pay debts and costs and expenses of >\dministra tion and the fui'ther order of the Court entered on the 24th day of July, A. D. U1.")2, the Administrator will, on Tuesday, the 26th day of August. A. D. 1952, nt the hour of 1:30 o'clock P. M., Central Standard Time, sell at public ven due at the South door of the County Court House, in the City of .Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, the following described real estate; Sub-Lot 1, except a strip 47 feet wide off the South side thereof, of Claude Crocker's Resurvev of Lot One (1) in Block Five (5) of W. Duff Green's Addition to the Town, now City of Mt. Vernon; also described as a part of Lot One (1) in Block Five (51 in W. Duff Green's Addition to the Town, now City of Mt. Vernon, described as commencing at a point on the East line thereof 47 feet North of the Southeast corner of said Lot One (1). running thence North on the East line thereof 39 feet, thence West V45 feet, thence South 39 feet and thence East 145 feet to the place of beginning, in Jefferson County. Illinois, on the following terms, to-wit: to the highest and best bidder for cash. sub.iect to all ta.xes and subject to the approval of the Court. Dated this 25th day of July, A. D. 1952. ROGER E. WEBB, '.Administrator of the Estate of Lulu Gilmore, Deceased. DEWITT and WOODRUFF. First National Bank Building Temperatures soared to 114 in j Mt. V'ernon, Illinois Yuma. .Ariz., Friday. ' .Attornevs. 8-9 TOOT'NTELL-EM DRIVE-IN 24th and Broadway Phone 463 M0ND.\Y ALARKINCiS NBC— 10:00 a. m.—Strike It Rich. 11:15 a. m.—Kate Smith. 1:55—Inside News from. Hollywood -Premiere. 6:45—One Man's Family. CBS— 10:.30 a. m.—Grand Slam. 2:15 p. m.—House Party. 5:15—You and the World. 7:30—Godfrey's Talent Scouts. ABC— 8:00 a. m.—The Breakfast Club. 10:30—Break The Bank, 1:00 p. m.—Mary Margaret McBride. 6:15—Elmer Davis. MBS— 8:30 a. m. —.Mac McGuiro Show. 11:00 a. m.—Curt Massov. 2:00 p. m.—John B. Gambling. 6:15—Dinner Date. BASEBALL — MBS Game of Day Network 1:55 p. m. recorded contest. SPECIAL THIS WEEK! Delicious Home Made CUSTARD-Pt. 19^ MALTED MILK-MILK SHAKES So thick you eat 'em with a spoon ALL KI.XDS OF SA.XDWICHES ROCHESTER ROOT BEER OLD NEWSPAPERS FOR SALE 5c BUNDLE M hill yi> LAST TiMES "TONIGHT RANDOLPH SCOTT-ROBERT RYAN 'TRAIL STREET' —PLUS SECOND FEATURE- WILLIAM' HENRY - PAMELA BLAKE "FEDERAL MAN" MIDIVICHT SHOW FREE TO ALL ATTENDING EARLY SHOW "OPERATION HAYLIFT" CBTmrw^ a » ' — Sl]l\DAY aid MOSB ay /M SHOW EVERY NIGHT^RAiN oTcLEAR LAST TIMES TONIGHT BREED ROBERT YOUNG JANIS CARTER JACK BUETEL A siory lo chfftsh deep in your hcjri J piciifrc (or thr millions who ihriMc •Scmg o( Bi 'rn.idetie" ^ My Wiy. //> LMWHIES BOm region William Deinarest Lyie Beltger SUN. TUE. «tmA aejul-. EIU0TJAG6ER DENVER ft RIO COIM (T TECHNICOLOR lYtIi EEIfSER • J.CARROL NAISH • ZASU m% LUS CARTOONS NOTIOK OP CLAIM DAY Nolluo Is hernbv Riven to all pnr- BoiiH tlint Moiitliiy, Sopl^iiibei- 1, I!tfi2 IN the clalin date In tho oamio of .InmeR t'eoploa. Deceased, iirnil- ItiK In the County-Court of ,Iof for.son County, tlllnola, nnil tlint cliilin« luay bo filed the Hnlil f>slnte oil or before HH1<1 date »vltliout niioo ot summons, ROGER TC. WRBH. .•\(lnilMlMl riitor LOtt A.V.V DOROTHY, Attorney, .110 .North 7th .Stroet. Mt. N'ernon, IlUiiol.i. .S-9 NO'l'ICK OK CLAIM OAV Xoltee Is hereby Riven lo all, per«on."i thiit Mondny, Heptcmbor 1. Is the claim date In the estate of Minnie Piilterson, Decea.ted, pond- liiK In the County Court of.Iefferson C"\inty. Illinois, and that claims niivy bo filed nKnlnflt the said estate on or before snid date without tssu- nnce ot summons. nOOKR K. WKBR, Administrator LOU AX.\ i:>0ROTHY, Attorney, .110 North 7th .Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois. S-S \OTICB OK CI.AI.M IVVV Notbe Is hereby Klvon lo all prr- .siins thiit Septenibcr 1st. I'.iB'J. Ls the rinim date In the e.slate of .lolin KdRur GUI Do('ou.sed, peiulliiK In tho County Court of .loffiMson i:ounty, Illinois, and that claims ma.v be filed against the said estate on or before anid date without Issuance of summons. LOUISIC HfcMliI.RR Ctl.I., Administrator CRAIG * CRAIG, .Vttorney, S-16 PACKAGE LIQUOR WINE AND BEER By Bottle or Cane Get Them From THE WOODEN INDIAN Prne Delivery Phone 100 or 708 SlU EXTENSION COURSE IN MT.V E.xlension course No. .^OS, Con- servalion, offered by the South- . ern Illinois University; will be 1 held at the Mt. Vernon high school August 11-15. Two quarter hours of credits will be given for the course. Prere(|uisites for the course are rouiscs .•U)5-n nr .305-\V. • The first meeting will be at the high school al 8:00 n. in. August 11 and classes thereafter will be.ein al 0:00 a. m. Those desiring to take the course should contact Sidney S. Mirons, county superintendent of schools. Your Manners You meet a friend and stop to have coffee or a soda together and the friend picks up the check for bolh of you, n 'K(>X(J: Insist that you pay for your own part of. the check. UIGIIT: Say that you enjoyed the coffee—and let it go at that. IMIWICAL INSTRUMENTS \K.\Yi\0 Si, TELEVISION VLET oeoRce DO IT' _ Gunrnntoad Salt> & Scrvie* 1503 Broadway—Phon* 2323 MOVIE TIME TABLE- "JUST ACROSS STREET" 2:20 - 5:15 - 8:10 "TWO OF A KIND" 3:40 - 6:35 - 9:30 STIDIIUI^I •SCARAIMOUCUE" 2:05 - 4:25 - 6:40 8:55 PLAZA •LET'S DANCE" 3:05 - 6:00 - 9:00 "BLACK HILLS AMBUSH" 2:10 - 5:10 - 8:05 Where Th e BIG PICTURES Show First *rS "CONDmONlO FOII TOUII COMfOUt E.VDS TOD.VY .\nn Sheridan - John Lund In ".lust .Across the Street" plus Geo. O'Brien - Liz Scott In "Two of a Kind." * STARTS SUNDAY * Loretta YOUNG Kent SMITH • Alexander KNOX AIR CONDinONU) FOR YOUR COMrORT NOW SHOWING The thrills, the spectacle, the romance of a great novel comes to life! Old Paris! Silken city ol wine, women and dashing swordsmen... filmed from the flaming pages of RAFAEL SABATINI'S EXCITING C010.IY TECHNICOLOR starring GRAHGER PARKER LEIGHiERRER ENDS TODAY Betty Mutton - .Fred Astalre in "Let'.s Dance" and "Rocky" Lane in "Black Hills Am-" i^STAklS SUNDAYif paramount presents Appointment with IlilNfil-K starring i

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