The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 1938 BLYTHBV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS How Does He Look to White House Callers? PBBBB I Is He Fascist?! Wedding In Athens Por- 1 tends Ivvil For Relative Of Kaiser BY M1I.TON BHCVNIJK MTA Servii-i' StuiT C'ori'fsptinik'nl LONDON. Jim. 21. — Ominously gray skies ponrinu Icy rain am! ,' ::!a?hlng sleel upon Hie recent w«l {> k'lng in Athens of Prince Paul j mlr to the Creek throne, and Princess Frcderlkn I,ul«e of Brims- wlck Denied filled with dlro portent lo student:; n( royal genealogy. For the couple were wed in the | shadow of one of tlio:e dynastic f "CUITCS" lhat .sometime.'; hover over royal families nnd provide grist for historical romances. Theirs Is "the Kaiser Jinx." Both arc related lo the Ill-faiei) Prussian House of Hohenzollcrn. and from Ihe lime of this connection, there has been n curse • on both their houses. To go back: King Christian ot Denmark had sb: children and. by marrying ll:em off lo most of the reigning houses, won Ihe nickname "Fattier-in-law of Kurouc". Ills second son, George, was placed on the Greek throne as George I by the Great Powers. He married a Russian Archduchess, and their eldest child was Constantino, later the King of Greece, dubbed "Tino" by his familiars. So far all was well. ' * • * Marriage Brings Hooiloo , But as soon as I 'lino married, .,.- Lady Luck fled and the Jinx put 1 the finger on him nnd nil hi.s line. \ln 1889 he wed Princess Sophia, sister of Kaiser Wilhelm II, which is where the Hohenzollern strain enters the picture. Tino and Sophia were a devoted pair, but hard luck started to haunt them. : In a war with Turkey the Greek armies under Crown Prince Con- stantiiie got a licking, and Tino became so unpopular he had to leave the country. Vcnizelos. tlie Cretan .Warwick, later to be his enemy, brought him back hi 1910, The Balkan wars came along In 1912-13, and Tino, leading the Greeks to victory, won buck the favor of his people. So far, not so bad. But Lady Luck's smile was a false face, and the Hohenzollern hoodoo struck again. King George I. ' Constnntire's popular and blameless father, was assassinated at Salonika iii\:l913; ..Tirio- succeeded to the throiie and the Jinx, now I warmed up, ] started to pitch in \ iurnest. It dumped the World War in Tino's lap, and the upholstered arms of the throne became the sharp horns of n dilemma. The Kaiser was his brother-in-law, ami wanted Greece In on the German side. But George V of England nnd Nicholas II of Russia were blood nephews and plugged for Greece as one ot the Allies, icing Tino decided lo avoid a family fight, and look neutrality ns an out. This didn't suit pro-Ally Venl- «?!os. his sponsor, and they quarreled violently. The Cretan was n good hater, and in June. 1911, Jinx chalked up another strike when Tino was deposed. * * * Slill Out of Luck Poor Constantino again fell victim to Lady Luck's insincerity when, in 1920, she seemed !to smile an invitation to return from exile. J This time he was able to rule the r< Creek people just long enough to become involved in a war with Turkey and 1mve his armies collide disastrously with the rising star of Mustapha Kemal. He abdicated in 1922 and died in exile the next year. But the hoodoo hadn't been concentrating on Constantine. During Tino's first abdication in 1917, his younger brother Alexander was put on the throne by the Allies, George, the natural heir, being unacceptable to them. He lasted three years. He became a hoodoo victim In 1920 when his pet monkey bit him, causing his death. After Tino's final abdication, in 1922, ihe Crown Prince at last succeeded as the present King George II, only lo run Into the Jinx when the Greek people chased him out in 1923. He remained n disconsolate exile until 1935. As m j fJeorge II. has no children, his n. Brother, the bridegroom Prince Paul, is heir presumptive. * * • Brlile's Family Jinxcd Too Paul's bride, Princess Frederikn I.uise. is his second cousin. She Is of the once potent German House of Bnmwlck, which bloomed until blighted by the llolion- zollern curse. Tlie Brunswick line is ancient, and ruled for centuries ns Kings of Hanover. But the roj'al Hanoverians ceased to exist as a ruling dynasty when the up-and-coming House of Hohenzollern grabbed their country In 1856. This of course precipitated a bitter feud between • the Prussians and the Brunswicks, which was only healed when Fred- trika Liiise's father. Duke of Brnnswkk, married the Kaiser's only daughter, Princess Victoria 5-oiilse. C But the felicity accompanying the happy ending of the Teutonic Ilomeo and Juliet situation did not last long. The hoodoo flew In with the World War. The Duke ofj Brunswick was also Duke of Cum- RUB Cllfc to Attorney General Homer 8, cuuuiiliitfs should Ciimmuius enter private law nructlci) or uca'pt i\n- I>||IIT fi'di'i'iii JUKI . I'KUnullcui of Jackson would bt> M oinllinmiia' of ihe buildup of New Vurk i;i>vi>imm,hlp nnd n lit Ihe pri'Sldi'iley. Believes I It: [s is Man to IWomc [iSlrandod lN<'.»T<> Pulls . "Hoax" 11V IKIDNKV DUTClttilt Cum if, \civs Washington WASHINGTON. ,hin. UI.— Kvi'ii tin- iiiu-l jii'sslmlslic of the iiov- erjini'-nt iTiiuomisls seem to' be ngri'i'lii): ilmt tl,o bottom of tin' iliinip wns iviU'lu'd immml Ihe fh-M ,,f Hie your Insofar as llu> ne.M | f -iv monllis arc concerned. A Mib-iiiiitln) busings pickup in Hie spiin>' Is considered almost |n- I'viluMi-. 'Miese upturns usi'il [» ii|)|)«n in ((IP business ncllvlty curves ™ii spring during lb« do pri'Mii.n in Hoover's administration. Tin' one now unllclpaU'd oiitfhl lo )«. Klulli'cly large. IwcatiSf the ciiri-f-ni recession hiis been m sharp. •H»l it Is considerably more prob- lenmlli.ii] ju s i (.mi, lmillv 0 , Ul( . people tin-own out of work slneo j ('AIUJTIIHllKVll.I.l':. Mo., Jan. U| '••He wiia broke 1 , elxlitji nillc-i funu I h;i;iie. nnd I:.- wuim-il'ln ji t -| |,,ich ' l11 '" 1 "lirullv bud" Ho .Inhnnle Hi-ewer, Oimillu'lsvlll,. iviirn, aboul I 20 milli'tl mil' "frr Ilic hunlc " | Hi' v.i'm lo an niulL'i-ittk.'r a| ('>i-li|c> Idll, Me,. \vlli<i-(> |». \VIK slriindod, iind lc,|..| u coiivhicluv. f'Y «f » ileail .'ilslvr nl f.'iiriilliri'.'i'- vIMi 1 VVimld Ilir undertaker di:;- imli'li Ills muhiilnnri' in mi |h" -•:l-:ii'i nnd iirltn- her br-k to Chin ICMOII fur bml'ilv Wunlil he Ul Johnnie r |i|i> down v.'lth him en llic trlpV '1 lir nuili'il-iki'i 1 ivnnld nnd did. lii-ii'. ,l(ilnnil(< .'.topped him oul <: n nn obsi lire coi Her In Hie ni'sro r.rr- lion (H luini, JKI;| "(n sii-n null sec some friends ubout Die funeral." The ambulimcc driver wnllr I nn mm-, nn hour nnd it half. When PAGE TIJREE Turns Detective To Recover Stolen Purge (MHUTnnn.svn.u4 MO., j«n. 21 -Mrs. i/mnlc 11. Murkey, business nuuuisjer o( Tho Repulillcan. local <n wspiiper. likes iteU'ctrve slorles unil movlt's. Ho, when a younsf Irnntlciil Mole, her purse here yi-s- today, containing about $100 in checks nnd money, It wits only mit- mnl thtil Mrs. Markey's "iletcctlve- ieiuli'iiey" slumld uo lo work. Con- diK'lliijj u Ktore-to-iitore search. Mrs. I Mm key, with lh<> nssislnnt-i 1 o! Mm. J. Thiw. Miukoy. luciiteii Ihe inil- |Hlt, who i;ave his mini' as Olho llwlc. Ii), of Detroit, Mich, recovered i part of the currency, and had the youth Jailed within three hours niter th e theft. Mrs. Mmkcy hod momentarily pliiccd her pursu on a front office desk at UK- newsiiuper plant and Hie youlh, after trying to get a Job, Me Inter confessed to officers, took iho purse when he left.. Papers ntrl checks lotnllng about $90 nnd some keys were not recovered, th e youth Btullng he, threw them nwuy, Tii" currency \vns found In his so:k when Police chief Luther whits linil the boy remove his shoes. acrmnny's greatest mine dlsaslcr occurred at lluiluotil, niilirrnvlci- In 19U3, when SliO lives were lost Hi a nine explosion, ONLY 49 CENTS BIG $1.00 BOTTLE Will lie „!>!,. l',ct back to work, unil I he went lo llml .lohnnle, .lolumle "iiws inui i;on'mmonl hail ducked thrniiuh n Inu-k door, lo kt'cji Ilir uptiiKi mid to cibllvlon, so fur us th« linoiiKli llic siimnu'r and K"lni: fall. The uncomfortable fuel which no one cm ,]oiij.f is ||,,,|, Mr. Roosevelt uiul the country, | M four rtonllis, have lost about 70 ner cent of ii "K-.'-iitamicd-H-Uml-way" recovery, (tie achievement of which reiiuiri'il nujre Hum four .veur;;. A U'lili'ly-followed i;enem| biisl- ii M | ( . x ,- t . iU .h«l a depression low of (if, pu lnts, cllmbcil lo » liBh murk of 111 | n A ii Bl isl ami was back d"wn to a bit above nt Ibe flisi of (,„, Vl , fll . 1' Igure it oul for yourself Ilinv much of (hut lo ,,er cent »nd 11,.. nil? !':„> Does He Listen? Or Just Tell'Em? iVilh the first year of President Roosevelt's second term of office just closed, n parade of •nnaieiir and professional—streams through tlie-cxwitive ofticcs in Washington, bent on telling Mr. H. :.oiv lo run Ihe country or Iryinjf lo Iind out tiow Ibe President is trying to run DIB cotiiiliy. Most of Mie White Tlonse visitors have certain convictions .mil iirejudice;; before they go inlo these conlsr- nces—anil so has the. President, it's nn-open quwion how much changing of opinion Is done on, cither .iclej but tlie pictures above, taken at Intervals during the past eventful year, reveal In striking fashion relti'f problem by next mosi , iifepjy nnsvvc| . {0 Ihcsc ami many other (UwMon* will be found In the cerlalnty i that Kooscvell, will try to do what- "ei he ilitnifs necessary (o put .ss on Hie iiparntle. (luring . cninpalgns. Current bright sjiols In the business plruu-c liielittlc consulciiaiisly Hie fact tlmt Invenlorhw jire be- iiJB I'uten up 1,1 certain hnpor- liftit coimncxlltles such cms. rues, coltoti clothing and shoes. textiles '(hut a.President of. t)>6se .Uillleil Stales must be, or can be,'or is;'"sill things to nil people " .---•.• :•=•;..:.':•.-•••. -S .-;. ' • ••• '• , -i • ° icrland, a Brillsh peerage due . lo lis descent from England's ' TTan- :\ r erian Georges. Dining the. \yar ."arliameiii cancelled all BrilLsh itles held by Clcnnnns, and the Inx made a clean sweep when he past-war revolution deprived :)c new bride's father of his du•:il rights nnd estates. It's Big Apple l wins Awar(1 For Savin e Sleeping, Too Fell ™_ Em P lo * e ' s Life ^ CAnU'lHEKKVILU!. Mo.. .Ian. 5! '^rm'niie>fi From p-iT.- 1 nnn^ icaiiy the same as now used in Hies, nnd that like cities, neiv av.'s would probably have to be nude for these chances. The morning session opened nt lie city high school auditorium, at fn o'clock, following a meeting Tf the executive board. The Ttc\ "jeorge W. Patterson, jiastor of the '--irst Christian church, said (he nvocalion. before there was group iinging, S. K. Garrctt welcomed Hie visilors and the respoiLse «as ;iven by Mrs. II. c. Uingston, of laixora-. Mrs. neri-y Crain of Wilson, president of the county group, outlined the program for the state I meeting to be held in. Hot Springs in April, after she had briefly oul- 'inert Ihe plans for spring activities in the county council. The impressions, of the national convention of Parent-Teacher associations, held in Richmond, Va., last May, which have remained longest in Miss Rosa. Hardy's mind, formed the outline for her talk on "Echoes of the National Convention." She also outlined th? but spoke mostly of those things fj,fli!ch she best remembered at this time as an example of what most Interested her In the meeting. Miss Hardy spoke at Ihe nftcr- noon session, immediately following lunch which was served at the American Legion hut. The Mothers' chorus, from the Blythevllle city schools, sang and there was choral reading by local students. Another feature of the afternoon session was a lalk "Safety on Highways" by Eddie B. David, of the slate highway police department. He told of the progress this state has made in the pass, year in lowering the fatalities in ht ? hsvay accidents and told of plans for other activities this .group plans to sponsor. A business session concluded the meeting, The surface of England and Wales will be flat in 5.500.000 years due to river erosion, according to estimates. The splashing colors of these Big Apple design pajamas might appear a bit gay, but you can depend on Iwo-toned sleep. So says the Naiional Association ot Retail Clothiers who featured this modern mode In pajamas at its Chicago convention. Other designs Included the Hawaiian fan and western range scenes. The mammal class Is made~iip of man and about 2700 other sne- cles. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We tiny highest prices On poultry at all times. S RAVK A MONEY AT U GAINES MKT. 118 W. Main r)lono , J3 B. D. Nutlnll. distribution Arkansas-Missouri Power corpora-, lion hrrp was presented \vilh" a medal and certificate, from the Na- iional Safety Council Wednesday night nl a division safety meeting held here. The award was made to Nutlall for saving the life of a The Jackson Buildup On the dny nflpr Stanley' Reed's apuoinlmcnt lo the Supreme Court H- became apparent to this wrltci lhat Assistant .Attorney Hubert II. Juckson, Doomed "by 'the Mo Jan 2! " (i " lllllst ™H<=» to become the next lransmtio J n"and »«, »' N ™ York, was tbe superintendent of the ft^™ ^^ «™, « • Jackson would thus control ihc handling of all cases I,, W |,i ch the government Is represented before the Supreme Court. j» cr |»i,K It Z S , "I"'" '"°'' (! sl S nl »™»t to note ... L.". e .. wo ! ll ". nlsu bec °i'>e srconil fello^v worker, Pred Plair, July ;i, 1D37. when Ihey were working on power line equipment at !'oria»e- villc. Flnir was -rendered unconscious from a high voltage shock, and was revived bv Nuttiill who used the Shaefer Prone Pressure method of resuscitation. The presentation was made lo Nullall by Fred Henley, city allor- ney. in bch.ilf of Mayor D. D. Pinion and Ihe City of Carulhcrs- vllle. A Safety Council certiiicate s also awarded another company employe. Everett Holder, who ns- slsled Nultall in reviving Flair. 'MID I....IHKI Newt W Jin I AOs HAVE VOUK. PHOTOGRAPH MADK NOW Satisfactory Woik Low Trie PS SOUTH WORTH Over .Toe Isaacs , " "^^^JIHl; JKI.H1III K«',° nil " a "'i nt ""-'^'-("rtiuont of -"'"lice, and the logical SUCCPMOI All Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe I.e.idimr itranils or R nf , ll'hhkcy, Wine, Gins And (,'ortlfals DEAI.KH IN Coal — Hay _ A _ Grains 1'All) I'llll.Ul's nc fJAS U!5c TAX OHiAKI-n-l'ES 2 pk. 2Sc or ?l.l. r i per Carton 24 Hour Service H.W. CI, HOLT/AND, .Ml). PUBLIC INVITED Free Lecture and Slide Pictures, showing construction of new 1938 'D' Line International Trucks. Illustrating the latest in truck safely, quality and stamina. Picture starts at 7:45 /j. in. Friday at our Sales Room on South Second Delta Implements, Inc. Phone 802 South of Armory Ulythcvillc, Ark, .hlver's elforls at nndhif; him «vn' •imci'i-ned. Su Ihe drlvcr'ii Irlji down lere. which usuiilly urines Ihe firm $.'ir<. broiiRhl r.olhi.".!;. cxwpl .lolin- iilf, who wauled to get liomo, and used a most novel nmnner to gel liere. <£& SAVE Safe and Pleasant to Take For Hotli Young anil Old GUAKANTKK1) OH MONEY BACK 1 ' OLD K1CKATO TONIC U « korjy build.ri U will lluoiv olf fc'.uci and impuiiiim {frequcnlly " lloin llie litil do<c) ( il i, icodily nbiorlied inlo Oic »>-»lcm \vlicru il bcK'uii work bv (lidinK lliQ, l.iver nml Inleiniiet lo peifoim llieir Jiilici ll.orunxiily. Within twelve houri il will (hiva poi.Qii from your lyjluin. Try it for In- iligc*iioh, nilioiiiues), Cnnilipalion, Simple Rlieu- inaliiin, Stonintli DJiorJcrj. Mailed anywhere. I5c per Itulllo cxttn. . Slllil hy "Over.scas" Vetenuis To Hold Meeting lonigld An "poll mc ; elln|f of "ovcrsras voliii-nns" unil nu'inbers of the Vel- oinnfi of Foreign Wurs will be held lonlislit nl 7:;m o'clock ut the W. O. W. Hull, over Hosenthal's store, was Himcmnced Imlny by Joliu Head courier News want Ails. At the first sm .. . (Jnickl use lliis S]x;cinlize<l aid for nose and upper throjit...svlicrcinast coliis sinrt. 1 lch« firciviif iiKiuy cald3. VJCKS Str\s';ut-ll<i!>!iiS(m jj t!u. Only SAVE ATTENTION LADIES PRICES FOR STUDENT BEAUTY WORK Stilniipim, Net & Dry Wet Set Iliilr Out Nfrk Clip Oil Sluininiin OH 'rreuliiH'iil ...'. IVriiimuiiits ..... 51,00, . ,2!io If.o IGo lOu r.Uc 7Sn $1.7H S'l.M /Ilnlr Hyc With Set ..$1.50 Henna rack, Shampoo jn- i'hidi'il ... ......... ..... 75<j I'olur Kluscn ,...10u i 25o ' iOo A 15o ....... 250 coo Oil Munlcurrs AH Work l.s Under the Supervision Of Our ICXl'I'MtTS AND IS GUARANTEED You Muy Ktirull in Our Iteuuty School Now! NOTfCR - ... Miss Hazel Lucas In now roniiecli'd with (he Kaffle Sliuiniu anil \\lll lie glad to have her cuslomcra call fur Ihe Siiini'. oiri'ful nlleiillim anil prices as before. Btatity on her Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper 2nd & Walnut Phone 319 Furniture This FURNITURE Blyiheville. Ark.

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