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The Star and Enterprise from Newville, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Star and Enterprise from Newville, Pennsylvania • Page 2

Newville, Pennsylvania
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Uonies; nobody invited him to IQC MISCELLANEOUS. foody asked to nave on me fiVTTvladv'B breastnin. Can be the bars were an licants for liquid re- A. TiSIch Scene in a Dental Office A Chase After a Female who Buns off Willi a Set of Teeth. On Saturday last, a full specimen of the feminine sex called at the office of Dr. that the Leisure Hour could- Saturday, Jan. 19, 1866. i have come witnin uuu6 i 5 1 ah in or with thirst. tone it ne naa ueen An Earthquake at Fort Klamath. Jacksonville, Oregon, Jan. 14. A telegram says a terrible earthquake was felt at Fort Klamath onHhe 8th sky was darkened with ashes and the air filled with sulphurous vapors, which came from th direction of Klamath marsh. Klamath Lake had fallen about six feet, and Crooked Creek was completely dried up. The account purports to have been written by order of the commander of Fort Klamath. irht snow, which naa iaiien earjj morning, serveu nnd rPder walking a cheenui occu- Ton for those who delight in exercising ifpod "Shank's mare." The bands did service valiantly ana trailed their apparatus tWh the whitened streets as patiently Pure Patriotism. State politics have been in a state of er-meut for weeks past, and the excitement culminated on Tuesday last in the el ection of Simon Cameron, United States Senator for the ensuing term ot six Charges of bribery and corruption v.ere openly made, and with how much tr we will not pretend to deterniiue. have nothing to sayv favorably or unfavorably, with reference to the selection of a Senator which our Legislature haa made, nor the iifeans used for the "accomplishment of the nd attained. With the issues that divide Ihouch they were just returning irom akecessful attack on a disastrous conna- ion. The military endured a ireezmg lit boots and white cotton gio, i r.ifitni(i as rnnncru yjh as IiiUCii neruii; iui luvi was declared" the Ttctof TeGfa'pL a tiTT FfHE and Accident 'at learn that on Friday evening last, th large brick tannery estaWianuent of Mr. Henry Baylor, situated at the fooVof Kifcy street, and fronting on the Northern Central Railroad, at York, with all iti cot-tents, was destroyed by fire. It contabm ed some very valuable machinery, Ac, all of which was rendered nearly The origin of the fire is unknown. 'Th; loss is reported to be quite heavy. Mr B. holds a policy of insurance in the Hoas Fire Insurance Company of New but whether feufficient to cover his losats-was not ascertained. While the Laurel Fire Company was proceeding to the fire, one of its members, Clayton Uartmaa, accidently slipped on the ice and fell, the engine passing over his right footj severe ly mashing it. Notice. The members of Harmony Lodge, No. 171 1. 0. of G. are requeat- ed to meet in their lodge room on next Thursday evenins, Jan. 24th, as business of importance will be transacted. Tiie late snow storm in western Ne York, is one of the most memorable ea I record. It snowed without cessation from the day after Christmas to and including the following Sunday, the snow falling to the depth of nearly five feet. Bellffions Exercises in the Vavloma Cliurcbes to-morrew. Presbyterian. Preaching at 11 A. M. Also in the evening. Lutheran. Communion services. meeting of the Rhode Island Assembly. Peovidence, Jan. 14. The Rhode Island General Assembly commenced their January this' morning. Governor Bumsides announced ta the Senate that he had collected nearly all of the State's millitary claims against the General Goverment, less than 20,000 being still in abeyance. ih were ones more rescuing me had at tha)e by paying for this notice. 'i, Clevxe.1 number of ladies in the Rev. W. L. Wallace's congrtion, presented him with a handsome and string of bells on Thursday la THOgjpNCERNEDv The attention of all thosfcicemed, is directed to the advertisemeff Jno. P. Rhoads, in another nn, who has the books of the late bxh Walker Graham in his hands. 4 Public e- James Marshall will sell at his ft in Westpennsboro' township, 1 mile uth-east of Newville, on Saturday, $23d February, 1867, personal ptoty consisting of horses, wagons, andstning utensils. tt rr- LiNNVfoqtfciiooL has been suspended for mori'in a week' past on account of the illnesi' the We are glad to hear)fc she is rapidly recovering and expects to be at her post again. Mite Sociy. The meetings of the Mite Society8 the Presbyterian church, have been reeed. The 'first meeting, on last Tuesdjfcvening, was held at Mrs. Gilmore's. Quext Tuesday evening it will be at houfcf Mr. Wm. Ker, Sr. Sale of Ba: Stock. John Jacobs, ft i the grasp of treason and anarcny, citizens waddled at the heels of the ession with as much self-importance a. iough the ceremony really could not thfltn. The Governor, Payne's steam dental works and had a set of teeth made. After the masticators were adjusted to her mouth, the lady prepared to leave, and stated that she would call in the course ot a week and settle the bill, but the doctor did not see it in that light and demanded the greenbacks. The fair one declared that she had no money, but promised that if she would be allowed to tike the teeth home, she would return in a few hours and bring the money but on being required to leave the teeth till she returned with the cash, she made a dash for the door, and went down the stairs in two jumps. Mr. George Arnold, the doctor's assistant, who is always in the office playing the agreeable, and ready to wait on the ladies, displayed his gallantry on this occasion by making the nest best time down stairs in pursuit of the fugitive. At the front entrance her tilters caught on the door, and here George overtook and embraced her in a very affectionate manner. Dr. P. called to him not to hug her so hard, but suggested that he had better obtain the assistance of a star. On being released, the fair damsel went down Olive to Fourth, and down Fourth with the speed of an antelope, George putting in his best licks close at her heels, bare-headed. The flight continued to Myrtle street, where the masculine sex prevailed the female "caved" agreed to surrender shelled out the money, and George returned out of breath, having eclipsed the fastest time ever made at the Laclede races. Missouri Democrat, Wth. the parties, we have, as a journalist, nothing to do. A gainst the spirit that animates nearly all our public men, however, looked as smiling as a basket of cl raising his bat and bowing to every-b as suavely as though he recognized ai Id acquaintance in every face that met hi aze, while the Governor, exiens, who sa eside him, bowed to nobody, looked as ish and sort of, "Hang it! what do I ca It's nothing to me!" The proces-si moved through several of the princi-of the city, with a view, no "we may and do protest. Sincere patriotism is at a lamentable discount, and selfish aggTan-dizement and pleasure, lead nine-teaths of our dignitaries whithersoever hey will. Many of our Legislators and other public functionaries are utterly reckless of character or reputation, and mingle in every species of debauch with shameless ostentation. Two of our State Legislators went to Guldsboro this week, as we have learned on good authority, to wit Jf the food people of A Remarkable Occurence. An individual living at Joetsville, on the Broad Top Railroad, this county, went out hunting a week or two ago, and while perambulating the mountains, fell and fractured his leg. The weather was severe, and the prospect of freezing presented itself most vividly. The unfortunate man was alone, far from home, with no sympathizing creature to assist or even to commiserate with him in his sad condition. Seized by a fit of desperat'on, and finding his pockets well supplied with small he determined upon the horrible experiment of nailing his foot to his boot and his boot to his leg; to resolve was to execute, and in this condition he crippled home. We received these facts from Mr. Trimbath, a neighbor of the unfortunate man, for whose credibility we will vouch. At the latest accounts the individual was doing very well. Bedford Inquirer. Hilisburs that the Inauguration was ret all there, before the final ceremonies take place. By the time the cav- alde reached Third on its way ness a prize fight, while the Sheriff of executor of GeAsper, dee'd, late of Mifflin will.jl at public sale on Tuesday the 29th iu Newville, 5 shares of stock in theurst National Bank of Newville. Thetock is considered by capitalists as ajit the safest and most profitable in thjaarket. Preaching at .101 A. M. Also in tut evening. United Presbyterian. Preaching at 111 a. M. At Palmstown 6 P. M. Methodist. Preaching at 6 p. M. Bethel. Preaching at 101 a. M. and in the evening. United Brethren. Preaching at 2 to Capitol, the "Leisure Hour feet be- i to be very cold, a large pair ot buf-ial. ocks to the contrary nowithstanding. Ac -dingly he concluded to permit the res i the performance proceed without bin and repaired to the United States Ho Here his ears were punctured dur" the rest of the day with the sense From Kansas. of Suffrage for Loyal Men Extension "General fthur P. Hayne, a distinguished citizcof South Carolina, died at Charleston, Monday last. He at one time attendeDickinson College and married a lady his place. He took no part in the rebeon, lamenting the war, but his sympathy were always strongly with the South.fToZ. Notice. Theubscriber intending to less rofanity of a set of genteel roughs win swore until we could almost smell briitone, and who poured down whiskey as tiugh each one were under bonds to drii a barrel and had only one day to finish thebntract. No more Inauguration for P. M. CAUTITIE. Trains leave Newville depot as followi: EASTWARD. 6.16, A. M. 10.29, A. M. and 2.15 P.M. WESTWARD. 10.34 A. M. 3.40 P. M. and 5.53 P. M. Mails leave and arrive on every" train, except the 6.16 A. train Eastward and the 5.53 P. M. train Westward. Mail close half an hour previous to ttxe departure of the trains. York county was making vain efforts to discover and arrest the parties in this outrage upon civilization. Pure patriotism It seems to have passed from amongst us, if we are to estimate it from its develope-ments in our public men. When is this to cease Are we to go on forever electing men to ofiice who are seeking political preferment simply as a means ofsslf-grat-lfication? Are men who really deserve and would adorn our public offices, to be left in perpetual retirement, simply because a sense of genuine modesty forbids them to thrust themselves forward as candidates for public favor? Shame upon us for such miserable, indolent cowardice! Let us, in the name of common decency, in obedience to the demands of our own self respect, resolve that this state of things shall be no longer. Let us determine that at length we will set the offices to seeking men and thwart the plans of the charlatans who are forever seeking offices. the facxjiic Kauroad. Topeka, Kansas, Jan. 15. The Senate to-day passed a joint resolution for the amendment of the State Constitution restricting suffrage to loyal men. Caucuses have been held every night, but no results have been reached as regards the Senatorial question, Pomeroy and Carney being the leading condidates for the long term, but neither of them has a majority. The Union Pacific railroad (Kansas branch) is completed twenty miles from Fort Ililey, and the road-bed is graded for forty-five miles beyond, and is under contract to reach the 385-mile post by Jan. 1st, 1868. The earnings of the road for November were nearly $80,000, and it is expected will average 100,000 per month for the present year. The Government expects to transport 20,000,000 pounds of stores close out his biisess and leave Newville early in the Sprir, desires all those having claims again him to present them, and those indebfc to call immediately and settle up their counts. If not settled A Horrible Casuality. The Nashville Banner of the 8th records the following The freight ttrain which arrived laste-vening from Chatanooga was minus one of its brakeman, a young man named W. Evans, who was killed near Whitesides, by part of a train running over him. The conductor of the train, Mr. Lovering, did not miss Evans until fully twenty miles from the scene of the casuality, when he telegraphed from Bridgeport to the operator at Whitesides to learn the whereabouts and fate of the missing brakeman. The operator telegraphed back that Evans was found dead on the track near Whitesides, with both his legs completely severed from his body, and bis person otherwise horribly mangled. The deceased was a young man, but where belonging to we did not ascertrin. the cisure Hour not any, thanic you. 1: Cumberland Valley Superintendent it-did himself on this illustrious oc-casi There were at least three people for ery vacant seat in the cars, and as thei was not even standing room for the pass gers. many were obliged to stay at hom A contract had been made to take dow a. Fire Company from Chambers- up in 30 days he ill be compelled to leave his books in taroper hands for collection. S. C. Bitner. 111 MIMED burjat 2.25 per head, provided fijty uienfcrs would tro. A pacer was taken Ob the 8th at the residence of Dr. Shoemaker, in Newville, by ReT. P. K. Shoemaker, Mr. Geo. Mentier to Miss II. E. Oiler, both of Cumberland co. At the same place, by the same, on tht 17th Mr. Levi Miller of Bloserville arou I and that many subscribers obtained. )n Tuesday morning at five o'clock, or the early train was leaving, only True. Horji Greely gets off the following on "adversing," says be ''Some men who knovf nough to advertise are yet so narrownjSded as to confine their advertisements journals of their own creed and party. If they do not choose to trade with sir but men of like faith, this is wise bdtf they desire the whole public for custoiirs it is otherwise." fortiico ot them had arrived at the over the road this year. 1 Cumberland county, Miss LcaL of Cumberland co. On the 15th, by the the residence of Mr. John Oiler, in Mifflin twp pot, ffhe Superintendent was told that the iters would be along in the next train It would not answer, however. Thejirould not be allowed to go with out payii full fare, which they very properly refu: i to do, and their apparatus was cut loose ad the company left behind That Fire ompany entertains an idea that the 'There can be no time better than the present fur the entire demolition of old party Jines, and when new ones are established, let the distinction hetween the parties be this; that one party shall be led by political tricksters who are forever huutio0' offices, while the ocher shall throw all such overboard, and devote its energies to find rail rid shanties at Chambersburg may burn own "severeal" times before they ing modest, worthy men to fill all places of Narrow Escape of Judge Brewster. Judge F. Carrol Brewster of Philadelphia was holding a Court of Common Pleas, Dec. 10, he met with an almost miraculous escape from sudden death by accident. The Judge was sitting upon a high backed strongly built mahogany chair listening to the arguments in a case in e-quity, when one of the officers of the court stepped up to impart some information. As udge B. leaned forward to listen to the officer, an immense circular iron ventilator fell from the lofty ceiling above, without the slightest premonitory warning, crushing the back of the chair into fragments. Except for the momentary change of position, the weight would have fallen upon the head of the Judge crushing it as it did the chair. Travellers Court. Jaijiry term of Court commenced on Monay last; President Judge Hon. J. H. Graini and Associates Hon. Hugh Stuart arkHon. Thos. P. Blair on the bench. Mtday was principally taken up with reeling constables returns, granting licensetand hearing motions. After the trial oithree or four unimportant suits for laritny and assault and battery, the case)f Commonwealth vs. Charles Foulk all Henry Dixon, for arson, was taken and is on trial at the put atrop of water on them, so long as profit and trust. Does not this seem a de Mr. John S. Yorlets Mrs. Sarah A. Mountz both of Cumberland county. On the 17th inst. by ReT. H. Baker. Mr. Harry Wheler, of Harrisbnrg, to Mise Kate High of Newville. 1 On the 10th by Rev. D. Stock, Mr. Samuel Molar to Misa Elvina Minieh both of Frankfort of this eo. On the 25th by Rev. C. P. Wing, Mr. Wm. B. Goodyear, to Miss Eliia F. Scott, both of Carlisle. On the 8th by the Rev Yonng, Mr. Augustus Fisher, of South Middle-ton to Miss Kate Hoffman ot Ad ent magnanimous nabob Railroad Accident in Virginia. Lynchburg, January 14. The Lynchburg Virginian has received intelligence of an accident of a serious character on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, which occurred to the up train on una1 ay night, 1J miles east of Central depot. The train was running along the New lliver bluff, at which point the engine snapped a rail in passing over. All the cars passed safely over the Ebreak except the sleeping car, which was thrown down an embankment thirty feet, one end extending five feet into the water. The accident occurred at 11 P. M. Eleven persons were wounded, amongst them Colonel J. S. Sidney, of Galveston, Texas, shoulder dislocated; Major Gould-man, of Galveston, head and right arm injured; S. W. Bullock, of New York, face the remains up was sirable, a reasonable state 01' affairs If The late train helm at til although it was to excess, and crow extrdely cold, several of the cars had no hre i them. We did vigorous service with jack knife on a knotty oak stick; what but our own indolence and faith-3essness makes it impracticable We can it, and if we do not, it is not to charged upon the impossibility of circumstances, ibut upon the inefficiency of a people who ihave always boasted of being able to go-ern themselves. time of goinr to yess.iVol. in th way of splitting kindling, and by the tue that a few of us had succeeded A Dangerous Counterfeit. A new and dangerous inVation (of the five dollar severely cut; George I. Gregory, of New lork, hand cut; Mr. Little, of Fort Wayne, back injured; Mr. Park-man, of Tennessee, shoulder hurt Mr. in sUting a fire, the car was cut off and left a Mechanicsburg Then, after being comii tably fixed in another car, we were hustl 1 out of that at Carlisle with the admoitiou that it would be left there. The tiin arrived here just one hour behind time. Not ou account of any accident for none ccurred, but simply for wane of ad-equat power and proper management. ae a set of patient asses in this val Sexator Elected, The pending elec-tiont for Senator was decided on Tuesday last, Simon Cameron being the successful candidate. The vote by which Camcroi? ams co. On the 10th by Rev. T. M. Morris, Mr Wm. Smith to Miss Catharine Yohe, both of Perrv co. On the 27th by Rev. E. W. Kir-by, Mr. Isaac Ilimes to Miss Mary Jennings, both of Millerstown Perry co, On the 27th ult, at the residence of Maj. A. Barnes in Rev. W. -D. C. Rodrock, Mr. Solomon E. Bowers, of Blain, to Miss Catharine J. Barnes of the former place. National Bank n03 has just made its appearance. The graving is said to be finely executed, ad the Mil in the main, well calculated to deceivt. Still it may readily be detectet In (the genuine the group of Columbui and li companions is composed of five prsons in the counterfeit there are butrfour 4he one in the background at theSxtreire end, and most Unusual Accidents. A man in Bell-evue, Iowa, in climbing down from a tree was hung by his comforter catching on a limb as he attempted to leap to the ground. When found he was dead. During a ball at Farmington, at a German wedding, a man broke through the floor of the temporary dancing hall fell into a well, and was drowned. Vatson, of Philadelphia, hurt in the head slightly. Mr'. Miller, the conductor of ihe car, was badly hurt internally. The wounded were eonveyed to eighi mieJ distant, where they are prop-. erly cared tr. This is the only accident ley topndure the imposition the management this road puts upon us without re- extreme figure in he grohp is missing. A lady in Mansfield. Ohio, was was elected is as iollows; Senate Cameron 10; Cowan 10. House Cameron 02; Cowan 3781 to 47. Two republicans in the Senate, Billingfelt and White, were absent, and two democrats, Kandall and M'Candless. The vote in both branches was strictly partisan the entire democratic poll being cast in for Mr. Cowan, and the entire republican force going for Camejon. ot the kind tiat cas occurred on this road for many years. munstance or rebuke. There is a lawful and pcfectly practicable way to compel the coipany to change its superictendent and iti tactics, and we certainly think a3 a peopi we have been provoked sufficiently to dei take it. From end to end of the ro we have had a sickening surfeit of "I tnt to know In Carlisle on the 8th by Her. ts. P. Sprecher, Mr. J. B. Sheaffer, to Mine Ellen Smiley, both of Perry On Jan. 17th inst, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. G. Moore, Mr. Henry Swanger, of Chambersburg, to Miss Lizzie Shoemaker, daughter of Wm. Shoemaker, of Roxbury, Pa. Chambersburg papers please copy. The Case of Newton Champion IIarrisburg, Jan. 14. On the 24th of Test-Oaths Supreme Court of the United State December last, His Excellency Governor Curtin appointed Preston Jones, M. terday (14th,) pronounced unconstitution PrkE Figot atGoldsboro Roughs and Tticves on the Train. The notice we rectntly published, aanouncing a prize fight to; take place to-day, at Marysville, t'd and nearly killed, by a vicious hog. NVt the first lady who has suffered froina brute. The Rutland (Vt.) Herald states that Mr. Georce Fisher, while at work in the woods on Shaftsbury mountain, Dec. 6, was attacked by a panther. lie seized his rifle and fired, but only wounded the animal slightly. It immediately sprang upon him, tearing' and wounding him so that he died the ne xt day. None of these persons were insured. Skajeeful Neglect' of the Cumberland Valley Railroad Company. More than one week ago, positive arrangements were made with the Managers of the Cumberland Valley railroad to transport the regular troops and band stationed at the Carlisle Barricks, io this city, for the purpose of taking part iVi the Inaugu al thj Missouri Test Oath and the test-oath proscribed by Congress for attorneys, who, having been engaged in the rebel-lion, aek to be re-admitted to practice. VE TT YILLE PR OD UCE MARKET. 65 caused the roughs to change their base. Butter Potatoes Cheese 30 25 In the counterfeitjalso, tike extended arm of Columbus is witlout aliand. Our citizens should be cartful intaking five dollar National Eank lotes. i Accident. On Fridaj morning, the 11th Mr. Davil Sttunbaugh. of Spring township, wlile ot the mow, immediately above the thresKng floor of his father's barn, in wai stored a grain drill, reaper, and oher farming implements, fell through 'a holt in the mow, to the floor beneatl, strking his head upon the large wheel of thj reaper, injuring himself, it is From the time of the accident up to Sunday noon he had not uttered i word, having lost the power of speech. ierry Advocate Panthers. The past veek has been a ''bad old time" for the species of wild beasts, known, as panthers No less than eight of them being captled and killed within the limits of this coi tity. Pour by the Messrs. Hall, of Unijmsville, near that place, three in the mountains back of Port Matilda, and one in the neighborhood of Mechanicsville. fhe same gentlemen who killed the fouij panthers near Unionsville, were also theiluekv cantors Edward A. Smith, Al. and Joshua H. Worthington, M. gentleman of great standing in their profession, and having large experience in cases ot insanity, as a commission to inquire into the alleged insanity of Newton Champion, convicted of murder in the first degree and sentenced December 1, 1866, to be hanged, report him to be insane, and a dangerous lunatic. A death-warrant will, therefore, not be Eggs Lard 10 .30 45 SO Sib-' Wash'd W'l Unwashed Dried Apples Dried Peaches and the light took place to-day, at or near Goldsbco, York county. The combatants were Sain Collier, of Baltimore, and Mc-Leod, ol Sew York. Collier, accompanied by sevt al personal friends, arrived at Goldsbu on Sunday night. Last Tallow OOalO Soap 6a8 Bacon, Hams 2.0 Sides 15 28 5. Candles Payins ijie 3100 Bounty. The Paymaster General has commenccid paying the 100 extra bounty, provided or by the act of July28th, I860. Statue of Gen. Reynolds. The Gettysburg Star learns that the co.umit-tee of the First Army Corps, having the matter in charge, have decided to place a bronze statue of Gen. Reynolds in the 25a30 Rags OOaOt the trail from Baltimore brought severa" AND GRAIN MARKET. BY J. 'Troops Wanted in Tennessee. Nashville, January, 3. The Superintendent of the Freedmen's Bureau here hundred rowdies to the same place. less thai seven robberies were committei on the ttain, and the plugs were armed the teeth, and the lives ot the men charge if the train were McLeod, came from New York yesterda a ti and was accompanied by a lartre numb 3 ration, lhj? morning Gen. Gner was at Carlisle Depot with his troops, aiting for the train; but when it arrived no cars had been provided for his troops, nor wa there sufficient room to accommodate the regular passengers on the train. In consequence of this shameful neglect, many citizens i has just received a communication from the Agent at Springfield, in Robison county, earnestly soliciting troops, and statins: er 8 7 00 00 a9 50 3 00al4 00 ye 5 50 per lb 5 White 3 05 2 95 Oats 41 C. Seed 7 00 to 8 00, Timothy Seed 2 25-FlaxSeed 2 25-Timothy Hay a0 00 Ordinary 15 00 Hickory Wood 4 50 Oak 3 50 -National Cemetery, and not on the spot where fell. The statue is to be six or seven feet high, with a base of nearly the same height. The triangle formed by several avenues near the gate, in front has been selected for the site. of the tffscourings of that citv. No 1 55 -r than thirteen rnhherips nro mnnrto.l A A IT that -a band of outlaws from Southern Kentucky had crossed the line, and vrere committing all sorts c-f outrages on the freedmen, burning their dwellings, and compelling the poor negroes to flee for their lives. heat 80 have bean committed in the cars betw 3 21 -New Yrk and Harrisbunr. We 1 Plaster per tonll 0O 1 15 not received 90al00 Salt '4 453 00 any particulars of the cq 3 of roinr to nross Vint 'r nr rrninr i i un in no timp orn i probablj be able to inlorm our icade 2 Corn of ebven deer, during sooe seven days they were out hunting. Blfontc Watchman, Our Leisure Hour. For the first time in the of this Commonwealth, the Leisure Hour was in tarrisburg ou Inauguration day, and, to tlje grief of the nation it must be confessed; that it is expected to be the last time, he will ever honor an occasion, of this kind with riis presence. He considers himself shabbily treated. Nobodv asked hi auu an me troops were compelled to return to their homes and deprived of the pleasure to witness the inauguration of Gov. Geary. This road is the only one that refused to issue excursion tickets for the occasion, and neglected to provide room for regular passengers. The Pennsylvania railroad company owns the majority of the stock, and it is time that they should take the management of the road into their hands, so that the public may be accommodated liar. Telegraph. Cure for Frosted Limbs. It is announced that frosted limbs are permanently relieved by one or two applications of boiled lye of wood ashes, made so strong as to be quite slippery between the fingers This lye should settle, be drained off, and have a large handful of common salt to each quart of lye mixed with it. It should be quite warm and the limbs be submerged for oue or two hours. 3 Mc'l. ti 1 "Shore tens Val. Nut Coal, HOOntSOO1. 2U22 00 26a270O 5 25- 6 75- Fire in Springfield. Cincinnati, Jan. 14. A portion of Warder, Mitchell reaper a.nd mower manufactory, near Springfield, 111., was destroyed by fire on Saturday night. The loss Will hfi nhnnt S-lfl finfi inKiiro? the result in to-morrow's edition. P. S. Just before putting our edition to press we learn the foil particulars of the prize fight. I place in an open field one-half mih Goklsboio. Forty-seven rounds i i. Large formooo. iUUnt in nttV-eiP-ht minntna 30 cts. perbush-. 6 eta per bV 71 to 8 cents pet lb- T- Smith Hogs resscd speech or take apy part, whatever, in, he I knocked down McLeod three tit I a a 5 a

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