Elizabethville Echo from Elizabethville, Pennsylvania on July 8, 1915 · 4
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Elizabethville Echo from Elizabethville, Pennsylvania · 4

Elizabethville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 8, 1915
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til ILIZ1BITHVILLI IOTO, IL111BITHVILL1, PJL Dauphln-SohuylklU League. Last Saturday's Results. . Eliiabethvllle 3, TowerCity 1. Williamstown 0, Lykens 0. (5 innings) Monday's Result Lyksos 3, Elixabethvilhi 1 (1st game) Lykena 8, Eliaabethville4 (2nd gun) Williamstown 8, Tower City 2 (lit game) Willlanutown 2 TowerCity 14 (2nd game) Schedule for Saturday. . Lykens at Williamstown. Elisabethville at Towei City Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Williamstown . 7 3 Lykens ............ 7 3 Eibethville 8 6 Tower City: 1 10 Pet .700 .700 .MS '.09ft Coughs Kill If You Let Them. laelaai kill your Cough with DR. KINO'S NEW PI8C0VERY. .It kaala Irritated Throat and Lungs. Theueand la last 40 year benefited by Dr. King's New Discovery Money Back If It Faila All Druggist 50a. and $1.00 PMla.& Reading R.R. SBASnuRE EicursioD Sixteen Day Tickets Good Going on Any Train SATURDAYS Jury 10 124, Aug. 7 1 21, Sept 4, 1915 FROM , FARE Lykens ' t5 15 Williamstown f 5 06 Tower City t 95 ' Kellers ,t70 Good Spring . f 4 65 Tremont ' f 4 50 Tremont 4 90 Pine Grove 4 45 Pine Grove 4 70 Suedburg 4 55 Lickdale ; 4 30 Jonestown 4 30 Minenrilie 4 80 Creesona . : . - 4 15 .Frackville 4 45 Ht. Clair , 4 30 Port Cerbon - 4 30 Palo Alto 4 25 Tuscarora 4 86 Middleport 4 35 New Philadelphia 4 35 Via Lebanon fVla Schuylkill Haven jVia Auburn ONE DAY EXCURSION Sunday, Aug. 8th Special Excursion Train SPEC'L FROM FARE LV.A.M. Lykens (2.75 3.25 Williamstown , 2.75 ' 3.33 Tower City 2.75 3.41 Reiner 2.75 3 48 Keffera , 2.70 4.05 Good Spring 2.70 4.09 Donaldson 2.60 4.17 Tremont ' 2.60 4.21 Lorberry Junction 2.60 - 4 29 North Pine Grove 2 50 4.32 Pine Grove 2.50 4.37 Suedburg 2.50 4.45 Green Point 2.60 4.53 Lickdale t 2.50 5.01 Jonestown " 2.50 5.08 Reading Terminal (arrive) 8.15 If noi each taxpi CHARLES S. KEEFER 01 Upper Fazton Township Candidate tor COUNTY COMMISSIONER On Tha Democratic Ticket linated and elected I promise to give the office my entire attention and rer a square deal. - Tour Tote and Influence Kindly Solicited I Primary Election I Sept. 21,1915 General Election Nov. 2, 1815 ' Atlantic City, Cape May WILDWOOD Ocean City Angleaea Sea ISIe City 16-DAY EXCURSIONS Avalon Holly Beach Stone Harbor SATURDAYS. July 17 and 31, August 14 and 38, September 4 $5.80 Round Trip $5.55 Round Trip Via Delaware Hlvor Brlclgo Via Market street Wharf From Elizabethville 8top-overs Allowed At Philadelphia and Harrisburg Ocean Grove Excursion, August 26 . Cor full Information consult handbills or nonrcat Tiokot Agent Pennsylvania Railroad k Sadewitz's Department Store. 1 . - I iig After the Fourth COME THE deductions ON Summer Merchandise Men's $2 Straw Hats now $1.48 Men's $1.50 Straw Hats now $1.15 Men's $1.25'Straw Hats now .89 L Children's 50c. Straw Hats now .38 Men's B. V. D., Porosknit or fine Balbrig-gan Union Suits, One lot of Men's Packard Oxfords in Pat. Gun Metal or Tan, reg ular prices $3, $3.50 & $4. Men's .$12 Summer Suits, Men's $15 Summer Suits, .89 1.98 9.65 11.75 Big reductions on all summer dress goods. Come buy now, don't wait "until the season will be over. THE DEPARTMENT STORE f SAM SADEWITZ Elizabethville, Pa. Enjoy the cool evening breezes on your porch in a comfortable Porch RocKer A.NTD Porch Smog Get a "Kolorfast" Rug for your porch. Guaranteed Sun and Rain Proof. ' I. T. BUFFINGTON, . Elizabethville, Pa. Dr. J. Calvin Stroup, . ELIZABETHVILLE, PA. r' Special attention given to the Stom aoh, Liver and Nervous diseases. Bell Phone. F. T. BOMBEEGEB, M. D. ELIZABETHVILLE PA NO.! AND THROAT WORK A SPICIALTV Mr. J. P. Balior, SURGEON DENTIST. Office in O. Martin's building, second Boor, Lykeus, At Williamstown ovary Tuesday and Thursday. Gas administered . Sep. 15 10 Telephone Dr. G. W. Myers, Dentist. Office Hours: 9 to 11.30 lto 4.30 Tokens, Fa. RETURNING 8pecial Train will leave Philadelphia, Beading Terminal, 10 p. a me data (or above points Ocean Grove 10 Day Excursion FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, X"TfciTriitniDtYoiFiB.lljTiM!" rrvi OLD DR.TH EEL'S r , ilu in awaik not 1710 W',, I where 18 90 m 1SHA ;T5li, evsi 4iMft (M dadly artar efett, froen Mercury or Ar Mk). Wont easel aolkrltad. AfUr Jl nw and old aMthode "TnrthT' h tk. ir jaMiHtlrtli erold for AMni Mm. TMtirvtMtoea diU. JTVm. AtM thaap tnatment. it's wurthlM. Hwira : -, Ham. Succaaa by Ma. Wtt n,f r tm to r n prmtUf- tCOTCU Wrmsm Trwtmiwt eur4 m f Ur 1 owl u rial .1 !- dnwaTfteM kaUaU fM Inltkw Mat that Msvtr tilled tM. A Mai WTtck unci tout bm taav.TNM wu ttrM nm rraen me went Usxl mt SdmHU Biood FoUoo. Genrl WaakiMa uMeei S3 rewra Busorora mm noateu i suV allrsMU. Drina. LoatTleTOf Brk.n-down BUrbedA fUcd. Kka I was. And for OM I Dr. buok. A rerwlatlan to auBarlntl T outlet Old, M' Now Is the Time To Paper and Paint Your Homes You will not go wrong if yon piece yonr order here, as I have the BEST WALL PAPER, BURLAPS, L1NCKU8TA, ETC ia etock, from 5 eta. on upi also the best PURE PAINT and LINSEED OIL; or I will test the material on the job it jou wish. All work must give satisfaction. I will be at home every evening. 21tf L. W. Bolton, Elizabethville, Pa. 08 Triumph f Mind. Victim of Delusion-Doctor, I'm aw-rally afraid I'm goinf to have brain fever. Doctor-Pooh, nana, my dear Mend! That Is all an Ulasfcm of the senses. Then Is no such tiring as fever. Ton have no fever. Yoa.hav. ao br-4Tm no material aahttanee poo which such a w hotly lasiclaary and amppoedaaoue thing as a fever could and any bass of opscattoa. .Victim Ob, doctor, srhat a load yon have taken from my from my I haw a mind, hsvwat L doctor TOtOcaro Trlb- Franklin.-St. Meat Market All Kinds of Fresh And Smoked Meats Orders by Telephone Delivered Promptly. Market Open Sunday mornings from 7 to 8 W. E. MATTER, -:- Elizabethville, Pa Replace Your Horses and Wagons With International Motor Trucks The new 1915 Models represent all that is hest, most reliable and popular in Motor Trucks for light and medium capacity and quick delivery. The new Model "K" has been brought into existence by the demand for a larger capacity Motor Truck. Come in and see them and tell us about your hauling problems. Better do it at once and cut down ex-pnnRes. We can help you. Also have the Agency for all International Farm Implements, And The Chevrolet Touring Cars. A. N. ROMBERGER, Berrysburg, Pa. Assignee's Notice. Notice is hereby given that Catharine M. Riegle of Mifflin township, Dauphin County Pa,, lias made a voluntary assignment to Isaiah S. Daniel of Elizabethville, Pa., for the benefit of her creditors. All creditors of Assignor and debtors are to present their claims, and make settlement with said assig nee. Isaiah S. Daniel, Barring the unforeseen, each retail buyer of a a new Ford car, between August 1914 and August 1915, will receive from $40 to $60 as a share of the Ford Motor Company's profits. For strength, light weight and dependable power, the Ford car is without a peer. Economical too, averaging two cents a mile for operation and maintenance. Rnnalioiit $140; Touring Car $490; Town Car $090; Conpelet $750; Redan $975, f. o. I). Detroit with all equipment. On display and sale at C. T. ROMBERGER, Elizabethville, Pa. Elizabethville, Pa., July 1, 1915. 6w. Assignee. Executor's Notice. Estate of Elias and Harali Sbnop, late of tne Dorougn ot MerryNimrc, Dauphin to,, Pa., deceased. Notlee Is Iwrehy plvon that letter? testa mentary upon tlie eHttile or sttM decedent nave neen Kninutii ui tne mideraigned. All persons Indebted to Hiitd eslule are requested to make payment, and thnne having claims or demands against the same will make tliem known without delay to Harry B. Shoop, June 12, 1915. West Fairview, Pa. LINCOLN'S CATARRH BALM. For Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, Hawking, Spitting,Asthma,Hay Fever, Bronchitis, Sore Throat and Deafness caused by Catarrh. Saxonburg, Pa., Nov. 14, 1913. Dr. E. B. Merson writes: This is to certify that I have wild Lincoln's Catarrh Balm for several years and find it gives universal satisfaction. Jacob Trout, Ex-Burgess, N. E. Snyder, Ex-Burgess, J. W. Witmer Chief Burgess, and Rev. A. II. Bouillard of Lykens, certify that they have used Lincoln's Catarrh Balm and that it is as recommended. 50 cents a Jar at Dr. J. C. Stroup'a Drugstore, Elizabethville, Pa. 30 ly. adv. PbUa. & Beading R. R. Up The Hudson TO 1 T BERRYSBURG. Chaa. Clsrk, wife and son William, and their daughter, husband and three children ot Beading visited Rev. J. K. Hoffman and family over Sunday. Richard Hilbnsh, wife and daughters, Katie and Josephine and Mrs. Morris Rothermel of Rebuck and Mrs. Eliza Ochenrider of Leek Hill were visiting at 8. B. Clarks on Buuday. BKBBY8BUB6 CHARGE, UNITKD KVAN. CHURCH. Sunday Joly 11th. Pillow, H. 8. at 9 a m, preaching at 10 a m, Prayermeeting fit 7 pm. Troutman'r, 8. 8. at 1 p ni, preaching at 2 pm. Grata, 8. rt. at 9.30 a m, Prayermeeting at 10.30 a m, C E. at 0 30 p m. Sermon to the secret Orders 7.30 p m Rev. J. K. Hoffman, Pastor. BERRYSBURG PASTORATE, LUTHERAN CHURCH Sunday, July 11. S. 8. at 9 a m, Prepar atory services at 10am, Sacramento! the Lord', Supper at 10.45 a m, C. E. at 6.S0 conducted by Mrs. Oscar Hoover, preaching at 7.80 pm. & J. Derm, Pastor. RIFE. Friday and Saturday we had heavy elec trical storms in this section; Friday it struck the house of Wm. Jury but only slight damage was done; Saturday quite a lot of hail. Sunday visitors at 8. A. Holtxman's: Mrs Laura Coldroo and two children, Martha A Elwood of Chambershurg, T. V. Tyson, wife and daughter Mildred, Anna O'Neil of Millenbnrg and Mrs. Snsen Lenker of Rife. Lester Novinger an 1 brother Paul, and Wm. Paul airload to HarrUburg, Saturday. Walter Spoils of Eliaahethville spent Sun day at home. Mis.. Lena Bona.iti called on her ion Edw. and family on Sunday J. M. Bonawitt has a fioe patch of alfalfa ready for tha second cutting. Services in th. Reformed Church on Sunday Jul 11th, at 2 p. m, by the pastor Rev. Miller. 08 KtlUNGER. Those who spent Sunday at J. Y, Henninger and family: John Hum mel of Elizabethville, Fred Miller, John Wenninger, Leroy and Anna Deibler all of Millersburg, Pharen Brant, wife, and two children Gene- va and William, Mrs. Chas. Hoy and three children Esther, Pauline and Edgar, Fay Oren, Carrie Eber- soie, Mary and John Wert,. Nevin Henningerand wife, Malinda Phillips, Norman Snyder end Melvin Witmer all of this place. The festival at Kjllinger Monday night was largely attended. Hurry Baker and wife of Millersburg are spending ma vacation with Jerry Kahler and family. Luke Swab. Ralph Plock and Place Buser of Harrisburg rode to the formers uncle C. E. Lenker and family on bycycles, Sunday. turner Jury ot Williamiport is visit' ing bis uncle Harry Zerbe. Miss Deasler of Millersburg spent the latter part of the week with her friend Annie Strauser. Cleon Miller and wife are spending their vacation with the formers parents J. W. Strauser and family. Sacrament of the Lords Supper will be celebrated Sunday July loth in the Lutnern Church. Grwt City Far Prayer. A visitor to Moscow goon discovers why it is called the Holy City. Every 200 or 300 feet there la a cathedral, church, chapel or shrine, and whichever way you look you see people crossing themselves. Until one hag seen Moscow the fdety of the place la not easily nnderatood. The outsider cannot Imagine Moscow conditions. He cannot Imagine church bells ringing all the time and people praying In the public streets at all hours of day and night P01T $3.50 via Iron Steamboat Company Steamer "Sinus'' 17 SPECIAL. TRAIN Eagle Hotel, John Rkinfrikd Prop., ailB, SS7, S, asi North Third ai., PHILAURI.VHIA. PA. ' Kleotrlo Bells. Heated by Steam, All Modern Improvements. Hotel Has Been Bemodeled Tiwmghont. liates, II. U per day. Jane 1, 'oa Matter Brothers Well Drillers and Pump Agents Successors to P. A. MATTER, Loyalton Pa. For Further information, Address ' H. J. Matter, Elizabethville, Pa., R. F. D. No. i Standard Patterns. We have taken the Agency for the STANDARD PATTERNS and we will have on hand The Monthly Fashion Sheets to be handed out every month. Ask for them; we also take subscription for the Designer. Can furnish you with any pattern you may select in two days time. UHLER & CO. safr ll Spray Your Fruit with PYROX THE CHILDREN 11 KE II KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE COUGH SYRUP Pyrox protects your orchard against the ravages of both insects and fungus, and makes it possible for you to grow marketable fruit and lots of it. There is nothing complicated about its use; it is an insecticide and fungicide combined, and when applied, rapidly dries, forming a coaling unaltected by even the heaviest rains. Ask any orchardist what he thinks of Pyrox then call and get a copy ot our new and interesting booklet. We sell Pyroi because we know what it will do any quantity you want, in small crocks, kegs or barrels. Remember use Pyrox for Frail and Potato. E The time to Spray PI H. H. SNYDER.'S Loyalton, Pa. FROM Lykens Williamstown Tower 'City Reiner Keffera Uood Spring Uonaldaon Tremont Lorberry Junction North Pine Urove Pine Grove Suedburg Ureen roint Lickdale Jonestown , Jersey City (arrive) Lv. A. M. , 2.05 2.13 2.22 2 28 2.45 2 49 2.59 3.02 310 3.12 3.1 . 3.25 3.33 3.39 3 45 . 8.50 RETURNING Special Train will l Jersey city (about ti.30 p. m.) on arrival ol steamer "Birius" irom Up Hudson, for hove stations. Arrive Pottsville about 12 midnight tickets good only on date of excursion on I above special train in each direction. Children between five and twelve years of age nan tare. Iron Steamboat Company Steamer "Sir. lus" has been chartered for th. exclusive use of our excursionists from Jersey City " rant ana return, we eapect to have two hours at West Point, which will rive uipie ume to visit ine Military Academf grounds. Returning. Steamer "Siriis" will leave West I'oint 3,30 p. m. Paradoxical Effort. "That detective did a queer thing when he t-lwised the fugitive to Europe." "What was thatr "He went to sea to land bis man." Baltimore American. Wore. Than That. Is be henpecked 7" "Is be? His wife goes with aim tel tha manicure." Kansas City Journal. lb) m f a, To safeguard the public against the misleading and false statements in the advertising of any phonograph with a fixed jewel point, we wish to emphatically state that Victor Records cannot be played on a phonograph equipped with a fixed jewel point. Such phonographs are only intended to play records with the up-and-down sound grooves which is the same idea that has been used for almost forty years in the manufacture of cylinder records. You cannot play Victor Records on phonographs with a fixed jewel point. - However, by removing the jewel point reproducer and substituting therefor a lateral-wave sound-box with a makeshift connection to the sound compartment, you would get a result that will be only an imitation of the same record when played on a Victrola. Unless you are fully acquainted with these facts there is a possibility of your being imposed upon. We have the complete line of Victrolas $15 to $250 and will gladly demonstrate them for you. Come in and hear your favorite music, and find out about our system of easy terms. Lykens Furniture and Music Store tEIFF & HELT, Props. :ens, PENNA. 1 h

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