The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 26, 1962 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1962
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Revival Speaker ORBIT TRACKERS—Here are the 16 land and two ship stations for tracking John Glenn's grand tour. Their "heart" Is at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. Each station includes buildings, radar, computers, electronic equipment. They pass information along like a bucket brigade fighting a fire, but do tt instantaneously. (Central Fret) Plane Crash Kills Montana Governor By PAUL M. QUINN United Press International WOLF CREEK, Mont. (UPI) — Montana Gov'. Donald G. Nutter, 1 UO top aides and a crew of three died Thursday when their plane apparently was ripped apart and slammed into a mountainside by extreme turbulence. Xuiter. -1G, who survived 62 combat missions as an Air Force lvmiher pilot in the Pacific during World War II. perished in the liurnins wreckage of a Montana Air National Guard C47 in a ruKsc-d. snow - covered area of west-central Montana. i An Air Force recovery team prepared to leave for the scene at daybreak to take out the bodies. Stale Highway Patrol Supervisor Alex B. Stephenson returned from the wreckage late Thursday niL 'lit and said, "There couldn't be any survivors." He said the "Id twin-engine transport was "splattered all over the hill." Others estimated bits of the plane were seaVtered over a two- mile area. A truck driver picked up what appeared to be a piece of the plane on U.S. 91 some four miles from the scene of the tragedy. Tossed into Mountain His discovery lent authority to . speculation that vicious turbulence near the Continental Divide and over the Wolf Creek Canyon may have torn the plane apart and Blast-Off (Continued From Page 1} mission and told his scientists: "On the basis of what you have all told me here we are in a 'go' condition." A spokesman for the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) said the Atlas missile and the Mercury capsule had been "mated, tested and pronounced compatible." All ships and planes of the far-flung recovery operatign were either on station or on their way. Physical Exam Completed Glenn received the second half of a detailed physical examina: tion Thursday, including a chest x-ray and blood sampling. Dr. William K. Douglas, his physician, indicated earlier that the astronaut was in top condition. If Glenn goes Saturday, he will follow a space trail blazed by Soviet cosmonauts Yuri A. Gagarin and Gherman S. Titov. He is expected to get a good view of the earth from altitudes ranging between 100 and 150 miles. The time limitations on his takeoff have been set to assure that he can make a daylight landing in one of the recovery areas. Scientists are requiring near-perfect weather conditions all along the route of the scheduled 81,000- mile trip. tossed it into the mountain. Sheriff-Coroner Dave Middlemas said he and his deputies would go to the scene and locate the bodies before allowing Air Force crews to cross a barricade ordered set up Thursday night. Nutter's death' will not change the lineup of U.S. state governors at 16 Republicans and 34 Democrats because his successor also is a Republican. Daring Rebel Fled Lynchers In 1861 The Civil War Centennial years go on, and it is appropriate for the .people' of Tipton to look back, to delve into local history, to learn what the people who lived here before us a century ago did when the crisis came. To recreate certain episodes of those stirring times four or five pages of a Tipton county history by M. W. Pershing, were consulted in the reference section of the county library. News of the firing on Fort Sumter reached the city of Tipton on the thirteenth of April, 1861. On the morning of the fourteenth, citizens of Tipton awoke to find a rebel flag flying over the court house. It was learned the banner had been placed there by Jack Apple)* gate, a practitioner of law, and a book agent." Samuel Knisell a druggist, got a rope and was working up the citizens for a hanging, but Applegate escaped, and became a lieutenant-colonel in a southern army. After the war he became lieutenant- governor of the state of Alabama. Schoolmen I (Contimieu from Page 1) offerings in schools with limited resources, to help teachers do a more effective job to do so at reasonable cost( and to reach all levels of education. i The local board was favorably impressed with the program's possibilities, and Mrs. Lorton, whose classes view the science broadcasts,' said the program's got pupil attention, gave them practice in note- taking, and stimulated them to attempt projects .presented in the lessons. RALPH LEATHERMAN about this question: "Instead of being a captive agenl of one insurance company, the independent local agent is free to insure me with several companies - whichever one best suits my needs. Is the independent agent also in a better position to fight for me in securing full claim payment? 57 FORD Wagon -.4 Dr. V-8 Baxter Motors 120 S. Independance St. CLASS TO MEET SUNDAY The Christian' Builders Sunday school class of Hobbs Christian church will meet Sunday at 7:30 p. m., at t he home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gasho, entertaining with them will be Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Wittkamper. . All members are urged to be present. FOX DRIVE Ekin Conservation Club House SATURDAY, JANUARY 27,. 9 a.m. 1 Shot Guns Only LUNCH WILL BE SERVED Congressional (Continued from Pag* 1) etrating phrases on communism jlp relatively consistent whereevbr such material is submitted and is perfonmed usually by State Department personnel. There appears to 'be complete consistency in the deletion of any use of the words "victory" or" "war." Indeed, these are carried to rather ridiculous extremes. In. a speech of a technical nature, x ah officer proposed to use the following sentence: "the X-06 is the 'Man of War' of the stable of research aircraft-today." .The phrase was deleted, and the censor wrote in the margin: "Let's use another steed-Zey. Gallant Fox,, etc^, but not this one." These are a few indications of our secret no-win strategy for fighting the cold war. Mr. Khruschehev comes in for special "kid glove" treatment by the State Department. A mention of Mr. Khruschehev banging his shoe on the table in" the UN was blue-penciled. Also censored was his oft-quoted remark that "we will bury you." The censor wrote in: "He has denied' that he meant this literally." In appearances before Congress, military personnel .must be permitted to speak without restrictions. I have found, however, that a high- ranking officer's remarks were heavily censored in giving testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. •':r- , M ; Similar censorship has utaken place in service journals which.dis­ claim any connection with national policy and which require freecex- change, of ideas to promote pro- fessionil ^proficiency. Even articles •x civilian outside the defensebes- taiblishnrent who contribute articles are censored. ;•-»'*' : The Defense Department's 'answer to criticism of such-censontrip is that extra, care is needed during periods of "sensative negotiations.'' In a speech on September 18, I analyzed censored items and dates and refuted this contention by showing that such items were, deleted fairly consistently during the year, particularly when we were not negotiating with the communists. Such a policy should be exposed and changed- It reflects an abysmal ignorance of communism and communist methods:. Communist tactics do not change or react according to the words spoken by our own people or leaders. If it. suits communist purpose to negotiate-and they have been much more successful in this area than we have-they will negotiate even if we spit in their faces. If they do not intend to. negotiate, no sweet words from Western officialdom will induce them to negotiate. The communists react only to raw power, never' to Rev. Den Sharp Rev. Don H. Sharp, of Columbus, evangelist-at-large for Christian churches and Churches of Christ in Indiana,. will conduct revival services at. East Union Christian church February 5 through February 16. A native of Beckley, W. Va:, he phas served as minister of churches in Virginia; West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. He is a 'member of the board of the French Christian mission. : Services will be conducted at 7:30 p.m. each evening except Saturday, and the theme will be "To God Be the Glory." Song leader will be Steve Kercheval, of Sheridan. as a com- Com- com- LIVESTOCK INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — Livestock: Hogs 6,000; barrows and gilts steady to 25 higher; uniform 190230 lb 17.50-17.T5; 68 head 210-230 lb 17.85-18.00; bulk 180-240 lb 17.0017.50; few down to 16.90; 240-270 lb 16.50-17.00; uniform 240-250 lb 17.00-17.35;, 270-32 01b 15.75-16.50; 150-170 lb 15.00-16.50; sows 300-40 lb steady to strong, 40-600 lb unevenly steady to 50 higher; 300-400 lb 14.50-15.50; 400-600 lb 14.25-15.00; 550-650 lb 14.0. , Cattle 335; calves 25; not of any class tosisbhlhn ue om f enough of any class to establish market; bought to arrive basis load and lot mostly choice steers 26.0; 6 loads mixed good and choice 25.00; ' standard and low good 21.00-23.00; mixed good and choice heifers 24.50; in regular trade .cutter and utility cows 13.00-15.00; few canners down to 12.50; not enough vealers to test market; couple of choice 35.0036.00; standard and good 25.0033.00, Welsh Establishes Conditions For Senate Nominee! INDIANAPOLIS <UPI) -I- The Democratic challenger to} Sen. Homer Capehart must be a Kennedy-Welsh man and a believer in free trade. Governor Welsh said Thursday at a news conference.. Welsh said the multipurpose trade hill which President Kennedy sent to Congress Thursday is the most important issue this session.' The.bill would permit the President to cut some tariffs in half and to abolish other; means of negotiating a: petlng with the European| mon Market, an econoraii bine of several nations in Europe. "The President must bej given the tools to cooperate with the common market in Europe. This is the issue.- Everything :lse is secondary," Welsh said. Welsh was asked whether' he thought Indianapolis Mayor Charles Bos well, one of th; leading candidates for the senatorial nomination, was too conservative in his political views to re iresent the Democratic party adequately. Room For Variety "I have never compared notes with Mayor Boswell on jolitical philosophy," Welsh i eplied. "There is plenty of room in the Democratic party for a variety of views Welsh again emphasized that he is "at- this point not backing anyone" for the Democratic senatorial nomination, and said further "I do not plan to participate in any congressional races. This is strictly a local district matter." Then Welsh went on to spell out what he expects in the senatorial nominee. "I would want to know in sympathy with free trade) maximum practical extent would expect support for the platform and policies of the national Democratic administration,, eral. I'd like'for him to sympathy with my policies! Welsh said. Welsh said he has been proached by "two or three IT^ FUN TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND TAKE THE FAMILY TO SEE A NEW SHOW! Sunday - Monday -Tuesday Continued Show Sunday Starting at 2 p.m. niftlVA Tonight & Sat. ULI \i^±\ Double Feature Matinee Saturday Starting at 2 p.m. You couldn't wish for a more perfect show for everyone JOSCPH I LEVINE presents [if. -MGM, mm. Plus This Great Mystery Thriller! SO TT ^A CRIMINAL! M-G-M preamts STEWART GRANGDI-HAYA HARAREET ike SecReT PARfteR. Relax! Forget Your Troubles! Laugh and Cry With J Others! Don't Be Lazy! Enjoy A Night Out! A colorful Satire on Westerns with such moments as,' Debbie Falling in a Pigsty and Falling in a Creek. Also Shooting Brawls and Bank Holdups That will Have Youngsters and Adults howling with glee! Andy Griffith^,' and the Unfailing Thelma RitfeV are included in the. Cast to make this one of the Finest Fun Films you'll ever see! : BURGLARS SOUGHT INDIANAPOLIS {UPI)—Indianapolis police searched today for two burglars—one white and one Negro—who fled with approximately $4,000 . Thursday night after slipping into a supermarket as it was closing. Police said the men, both armed, -entered, a. Kroger market just after it had been unlocked to I let a customer out Bryner Displays Photographic Talent Our more gifted Individuals, who have gained great success because of one 'outstanding talent, are very likely',to'''have' other talents as well, moat -psychologists, agree. Some-, times ;the public, to whom an individual is"iweu known for a certain achievement, never learns of'the subject's-other- abilities.; " <': This is by way. of. referring to Yul Brynner, A man of .prodigious acting talents and great emotional appeal- to women. Most of you do riot know that he is an expert photographer. 'Brynner, with Inge Morath, is the a u t h o r - photographer of a book available at the Tipton county library. It is 1 called, "©ring Forth the children," a journey to the forgotten people of Europe and (the Middle East. . Written during the World Re fugee Year, I960, the book is one result of Brynner's service to the United Nations high commission for refugees as special consultant. The publisher is McGraw-Hill. potential candidates for senator in he is to the I Jn gen be in too,' another" men- addition to those already! tioned. He said Rep. John mas of South Bend had indicated he has not made up his mind about entering the senatorial bat- tie. . ' Batter Enter Soon "In the next couple of. jweeks anyone who' is considering enter ing had better enter. If they are not in by then, the others, will have enough commitments^ their chances of nomination would be remote," Welsh said. . Welsh.said he did not think that State Rep., Birch Bayh, I Terre Haute, considered Boswell'p only serious opponent- at the moment, would be. hurt by also running for re-election ; in the May primary. Welsh said he did the same thing while'running for governor, and So had -several - other candidates for both primary and state convention posts.': .Other, points made by thje gov ernor : included: —On the progress in getting a port constructed at Burns] Ditch on Lake Michigan: "We will have been moving with great dispatch if I am able * to turn the first shovelful of dirt in the lasjt year of my administration." —On freedom of speech Ion the college campus: ''I do not feel that the state administration should enter into the.internal operation of the state colleges and universities." The question [came up in relation to a speech by Robert J. Havighurst, University of Chicago professor, scheduled for Jan. 29 at Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, which was protested by the Young Americans for Freedom SEEKS RENOMINATION INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)-Indiana Appellate Court Judge .Walter Myers Jr. announced.Thursclay he would seek, the Democratic nomination for re-election to the court Myers was first elected to the court in 195S. 1962 THE 'ONE TOO MANY*— This Is what the Svend-Jacques Heim hat collection in Paris calls a cocktail hat, and maybe tt should be called the "One Too Many." It is of carrot- woven into •: r.-;lpt that billows into a bun. MUSHROOM —John Frederics puU an oversize cloche on. a mushroom brim] for the hat fashion showings in New York. The cloche is of electric blue net trimmed with bands of white silk. It's big brims this season, ladies. HOSPITAL NOTES ADMISSIONS: Sharon Kimroel, Windfall; Debra Hankins, Tipton; Jeffrey McCorkle, Windfall; Helen Hoover, Tipton; Jerry Mendenhall. Tipton; Lois Bolinger, Windfall; Marsha-; Philabaum, j -Russiaville; Pauline Rogers, Nablesville; Judy Marcum, Frankfort! Mary Fellow, 'Windfall; Robert Kuntz, Kokomo; Annabell Cochran, Tipton; Marie DISMISSALS: Lota Walker, Michi- Brown Tipton. j j;antown; Charles Pearson, Tipton ith Kclsey, route John Richards,- route 6, Kokomo; 4; Loretta Lee, Tipton Ruth Luster,, Tipton; Janet Ealy, Frankfort; Sarah Horton, Tipton; Bonnie Tinsley, Windfall; Mary Wilson, Tipton; Mike Stout Windfall; Gail Taylor, Tipton. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Rogers, Noblesyille, girl, 4:05 a.m., January 26; Mr. and Mrs. Morton Kimme(, Windfall, girl, 8:20 a.m., January 26. 57 PONTIAC Ht:-4 Dr. Blue Baxter Motors 120 S. Independance St. Professionally Trained Personnel! by FEDERAL and STATE TAXES .1. i FOR APPOINTMENT CALL Member: National Society of Public Accounts TIPTON COUNTY BUSINESS SERVICE £t$r ! l ":V.

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