The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1932
Page 2
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:HES Terry-Roncy Wedding Occurs Here Today The marriage of Miss Mary Flor- «uce Roney .and Mr. Bancroft Terry was solemnized this aflcr- r n at thQ home of the Rev. P. Horie who [wrformed (he rin; Strvice at 3:30 o'clock. ~ Their only attendants were Ivflss ItUcii? Armslrong. maid of honor, ifnd Mr. Benjamin Blanton, as ^st man. — The bride wore a tailored model el navy rough silk Irlinmed wilh £ deep collar which had Iniorts of velvet, hi the same shade. All of her accessories were also in- durk Jjlue and she wore a shoulder cor- iage of pink rose buds and delphinium, Miss Armstrong's sporl suit was of while knit a'nd slic wore u-liite Accessories. ^ Immedlalcly following the cere- JJiony, «1ti::ssed only by relalivcs. Wr. Terry nnd his bride motored To Memphis for tlie weekend. Up- jjn tlielr return llicy will bo at, -home /or Ihe present with Mrs. Torry's fftlhcr. ~ Mrs. Terry, who is Ihe daughter of John H. Honey and (he lale -Mrs. Emma Blylhe Roney, is n •graduate of Ihe University of Ala- Janm. she is a member of Ihe •Alpha Chi Omcgn sororlly. " Tr-c bridegroom, who came here 3«veral months ago with (lie Mis- •*ouri Public Service commission, -formerly lived at Jefferson City, IWo., ami McGehce. Atk. He wns .educated at Ihe University of Arkansas. Fnyellevillc, and Is n member of Ihe Alpha Lambda Tail fraternity, U. D. c. Meets The Elliott, Fletcher chapter of the UnlleU Daughters of the Confederacy met with the president. Mrs. James H. Clark, Thursday afternoon when Mrs. Hiles Uurch. of Oscco!a, p.nd Mi-s. J. w. Miller and Mrs. T. M. Bnricetl. of Bassett. were also hoslesses. Mrs. B. R. Allan, leader of the Memorial iiro^rnm on ."Piphael • Semmes", also gave n story of ''A Heroine of Dixie Land," Miss Emma Samom. and briefly told of Alabama's part as the "cradle of the Confederacy during the War between the States. Miss Kathryn Grear gave two piano solos "Troika-En Tralneaux" by Tchalkaowsky and a medley ol pooulari music. Mrs. Joe S. Dillfthunty gave n resume of the Jifc of Admiral Ra- phael'Semmes, before £nd during the war of 61-65 and laler of Ihe "Semmes Bridge" that sjians Tom- blgber river in Alabama and also of the Confederate cruiser "Alabama." During ihe business session Mrs. Charles A'ford wns unanimously elected to the office of recording secretary. Th;. chapter voted on several worthwhile projects and will begin at once on creating a "Boulder Fund." Two boulders will eventually be erechd to the Confederacy in Mississippi county, one at. Blythcville and one at Osc'e- ola. It was voted lo sponsor Ills tuition of u high school student and to furnish books for another hich school pupil. ' ' This chapter is raking all organizations of the city to set tisid" October 8 as Library Day nnd at this lime to Rive one new book to the local library. At this lime the U. D. S. will also u'.nco books of Its shelf al Ihe library. This is being done as n pnrt of tlie George Washington Bicentennial observance, Mrs. Clark presented n book" why tij; Hermitage Should be Preserved" as a gift expressing her year's work in thc chapter. This" book will also be placed in thc local library through the st.ii- U n c chairman of Home and Foreign libraries. Mrs. J. w. Jlnder. Delegates to thc state convention arc: Mrs. Joe s. Uillahimty and Mrs. C. E. Crig B cr with Mrs G. S. Barnes and Mrs. Sue nf Luxora. ns nll?rnates. Jfrs. Clark president, is a delegate by virtue of holding a state office as recorder of crosses, Mrs. Barter as a stale chairman, and Mrs. I w HE eAHPu?sTANDBys BELOW WILL SEE ANY GIRL THROUGH A SrREMUCH.15 COLLEGE TERM. •A BROWN fELTBFRET, RiGur is WORN AT t\ eR^^JD MEW ANGLE. iAt THE LEFT IS A KNITTED PRESS WIT/1 A HIGH WHITE PIQUE BUYTONED- ON COLLAR. ITIS IN BROWN AND VEUOW WITH A BROWN ; SUEDE DELT. IN THt CENTER IS ASWAGGER SUIT OP \ BROWN TWEED WITH APLAIDKNITTGOSCABF. THIS COAT C-AN ALSO 6E WORM WITH THE KNITTED FROCK. -AT THE RIGHT IS AT^EED SUIT WITH A SHORT 5WAGGEG JACKET. ITISOFeURSUNDyREDVjnHAV/HITES'J/fiATER 3J.OUSE. Of Dr. and Mrs. L, S. Hriscoc, accompanied by Mrs. Bilscoo's parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. DeVcr. of Wilson, returned yesterday from n (hrce vcefcs visit In Denver, Col., iinrt Cheyenne, Wyo. Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Friend nn:l Mr. Friend's brother, Irving, have Biinc to El Dorado for a two weeks May. Mrs. Cecil Shane, Mrs J, n Eifclns mid Miss Patty Shane, ore In Memphis today. Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Isaacs had as Ihclr guests yesterday A. J. Meyers and daughter. Mls's. Ruth, of Walnut Ridge. Thc Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. pnslc-r of the First Presbyterian chinch, will go to Horseshoe Lake near Hi.ghe.s, Ark.. Monday where he is 13 be tiie guest of Ihe Presbyterian pastors assDtiation ol Memphis through Friday for a Uiblc study conference. J. I'. Holland, who lias teen ind Mrs, Cecil Shnne Friday nf- erncon for a pnrty nt the Shane lomc. Z-lnnlflf. cosmos nml roses funned the bcnqnets tor dccsratlonn 'f the living and sun rocm whevc ho lodles played cards. Mr.- J Vick Thomas won first, prize nod Mrs. O. p. MOSS, second. Both ccciral hosiery. An Ice course tvns sprvcrt. * • » Dorcas Class Mcrls At a meeting or the Dorcas Suu- riny fchool class of the First Ban. list church hist evening, nt tho home of Mrs. T. H. Hnynes, It was t ?clrtert ;o postiraiie the election of cfficers '.uitll next Fririny evenini;. -Mrs. J. H. Shoemaker conducted the devotional which preceded ihe business session. All mentors are urged to attend tlie class tomorrow morning. The meeting Friday night \vj|| bt- held at the home of Mrs A Rushing. egion In Have Inslallalion The Dud Casiih post of (he American Legion will have lt s installation of officers in a meeting Tuesday night at th c armory. A full nltcnriance is l»mi; urged li.v the otficors. Th; meeting (5 to o;:eri ,-it 7:30 o'clock. Laundries Cut Discount; See Better Times Ahead MEMPHIS.-Cash discounts allowed customers by Memphis Insm- drles slnco early In. 1832 will be cul from S3 to lo per cent, offec- tive-next Monday. Tlik iras announced Thursday by'la Memphis laundries. The 25 per cent discount, they explained, was an cmcr?ency measure, put into effect when the depression wns at its worst. "We believe the public will also appreciate (he fact that prices 0:1 the new basis will still be lower Ihan are paid in most cities of .Memphis' size, anywhere i n the United Slates." Ihe statement said of News Mostly Persona] riKST I'UKSBVTKKtAV CHUUUH Mar>h M. CMaway, Minister Church school 3:45 a. m Morning worship 11:00 Evening worship 7:30 p. in Christian Endeavor 0:30 V m ihe worship services. 'Hie pastor will preach at bolh A cordial Invlialion Li oxk'iidctl lo all. HKST MAI'IIST UIUKCII WaJnul arid Kljjiith Streets Alfred S. Harwell, l'ii!,t or Pastor's subject at li a m "It's Place Called Calvary" Subject al 7:45 p. m. "God's Call To Put On Full Strength." Sunday school 9:15 n. m. Alvin Itolley, Superintendent. B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Miss Luna Wllhelm, director. Tlie McDowell orcheslrn plays from 7:30-7:45 p. m. The W. M. S. meets Monday afternoon at 2:30 as follows: circle Mo. 1 with Mrs. John Buchanan, East Cherry street. Circle No. 2 with Mrs. Roberl Grimes, 205 East Davis street. Circle No. 3 at tlie church. Circle No. 4 with .Mr;;. S. P. Lee, Thirteenth street. Sunday school officers nnd teachers mcel Wednesday 7 p. m. Mld-wcck prayer service, Wednesday 7::)o p. m. You are invited lo worship with us at all services. _SATU_Rl)AY, SEFl'KMBtiiR 10, =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON = Journeying to Canaan rmstrong and Church monmv In Memphis.' ' ^^• '*| ™U"fcSffi' alrt 'Ihe Hcv. H. J. Klcliutienst, pns- . H "- rn. tor of the pilgrim Lutheran : Vesper Service C p. m. lasting 45 church, who has been in St.: minutes. Louis foi- a week, returned home : A cordial welcome always toilay. Dr. Carl nnd Dr. Edna Nief. I hare as their guest Dr. Edna Mies' | sister, Mrs. Harry Kimley, of | ,. Slielbyvllle. Mo., vvtio will be lier-c - Sunday school. 0:45 n. m. several weeks. She wjis accompan- Church, 10:50 a. in. led by her son. Frank, who has | Chureli. 7:30 p. m. The pastor been al home for Ihe summer sncl j will preach at both services, uho mfik-:s his home wilh the Drs. j The leagues will meet at their Nies w|ille attending school here, j regular times. Mrs. A. Wert nnd Mrs. O. W.! All are cordially invited. Lewis are vlsllinj in Helena. j Miss Frances Parker, oi Arka- i NAZARENE CHURCH Teit: N U1)1 . 10:11-13, 23-36 The International Uniform Sunday School Ustoii for .Sept. II Bl' ,WM. E, GH.Rm; f). J). KcWcr vf The Cuiifrfgallnnalisl The study of the vicissitude and wanderings of the people of Israel In ancient days would l;avc no ereat vnlne and Interest for 115 bsyond tha records of any other people or phase of history were it not that these records contain much that is symbolic of the problems of progress for humanity in almost every phase of life. The Individual reads l!:c story of tlie progress of the people from thc uondaee of Egypt to Hie Promised L«nd, and ile finds in Ihe r?cor<l an illustration of wlitit Is going on iu its own life. Much of his effort, if «e he a man of earnestness an;! vision, is-concerned with progress Whatever his condition, he is always moviuj; toward «otuetliiii» better, and lie finds this pathway of progress beset with obstacles and difficulties. Thc-re are (035 that must be overcome both within mid without. The same thing Is true of every Pliase of social and re1i<!i--(is prgV. r css. Churches and gioups of people have definite ;;oa!s very clearly i ict, before them, and in their efforts' to allaln those goals their expert-1 enccs are very much like those of the children of Israel wandering in the wilderness and marching to the I Promised Land. In all social endeavor symbolism of the wilderness and the Promised Land becomes very significnnl nnd strongly emphasized in constant references. Even today we refer lo a gicat and conspicuous leader as "Moses. 1 and we refer lo the goal of some social hope us the Promised Land. Then, there is a further symol- km irhlch, to!h in reJatlon to the Individual and lo society, relates to progress toward tlie unknown. Life itself Is a pilgrimage in which we are journeying to the Promised Ijtmd of a life beyond, and though we have never atlaincd to any very definlle conclusions about It. somewhere in our minds there is a strong feeling that society has i something of (he same end in view, that there is a Promised Land for society thai we call (he Kingdom of ocd, for the realization of which on earth we pray. l>ut with the coji- (hat the answer to our prayers will Involve a new meeting of heaven and earth. H is in the light of all such symbolism that we read Ihe records of the children of Israel. We must remember 'hat we are reading tlie story ol what happened In a crude age when tribal war- fares were keen and relentless, though pernnps after all no more so than the life and death sliugjlc in which modern nations have been engaged within our own time. HDVV- ever, Ihe crudities of an undent time were for the mos: part unrelieved by the pacific and beiiefkiiil purjjose that in main- quarters of the modern world is "as evident as the spirit of strife and vengeance. We must not read these records 'or a moral revelation of the height and beauty O f what we find in ihe wow Testament, or even in thc Old Testament in stlch portions as UK book of Jonah, i,, wliicli *e see the groat religious minds of Israel coming lo the conc3p-on of a mercy and love of God which are exercised toward the whole wor'd But if we read and study tli=E C lessons in tlie light, of the larger"ie.ich- mg of the New Testament on peace and righteousness, and love we shall find the symbolism equally applicable in this higher realm of the soul's quest. It is at, least true that in the world's quest of peace we lire still wandering in tlie wilderness. May God and Gcd's prophets lead us surely ami securely to the Promised Land. LAKK STHEKT METHODIST CHURCH W. J. l.cRcy, Pastnr dclphla, who formerly taught school R. S. Bushing, Pastor lieie, is the eues! of Miss Frances! Regular services will be held Miller for a fen- days. ' Sunday with the Hcv. R. s. Rush- Charlcs Gordon ivill leave Mon-. in ?. who lias just accepted tho day for Riisscllevllle, Ark., where I paslornte of the church, to preach he will attend Arkansas Poly-' ''is first semion nt 11 n, ni. Thc tcchnic college making 04 slndeiil.i WHiviclistic mceling. In be held Iror-. thi.i city in school in other ; f01 ' thr ee weeks, will open at 7:30 cit!;s. P m. Harry Skinner is a patient et A " ar e mvitc.-t to attend, thc Memphis Baptist hcspital. „„_ Mrs. R. L. Gardner nnd son, of ' ILGR 'M LUTHERAN CHURCH rarajould. are guests of-Mr and' • • Kltmd 'enst, Pastor Mrs. Marcus Evrnrd. • ' "J Sunday school and Bible class. not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" (Corinthians 5:1). Tile Lesson-Sermon wiil also include passages from (he Chrislian Science textbook. "Scbncc and Health with Key to Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, one uf which reads. "The material body and mind arc temporal, but the real man | s spiritual and et?r»nr (page FIRST MirmomsT CIIUKCH •Main anil Srvetiih Slrccls T. Q. Itorii-, pasliir. Worship and Sermon 11 a. in. mid 7 p. m. Bishop Dobbs 1 visit has l^cn postponed until a Inter date. The pastor will preach at the morning hour. The n.'v. J. T. (food will preach at thc evening hour. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Junior Church 11 a. m. Young Peoples service at G:-ln p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. in. A. O. Hudson leader. Choir rehearsal Wednesday 8:15 p. m. •Doyle Henderson attended to business in Memphis yeslcrday. Nancy Ann Slngcry Is a patient at Ihe Memphis Baplist hospital. Mnrcus Evrard will leave totnor- rcw for a brief business trip lo fexarknna. Miss Vi:i;inia Keck has rctiii-i- :d from a two weeks visit at Fort loom Houston. Texas. Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Ilavncs 19 a. in. Divine worship, lo n. m. Services nre held at th? St. Stephen Episcopal church. All arc cordially invited. BLYTHEVILLE WED. SEPT. Delcgatcs to the general convention which meets In Memphis in November ai? Mrs. Bailer nnd Mrs Ciark with Mrs. E. n. Bosan. of Luxora. and Mrs. I. w. Crawford as alternates. An ice course was served following the mccling. W. M. S. To Have Social Program The woman's missionary society of the First Methodist church will have a -ocial progrnm at the cnurch Monday afternoon. 2-30 o'clock, when E D Ferguson. A. C. Haley, F E Warten, Elton W. Kirby, Harrv Kirby and W. L. Horner will be hostesses. » • * ' I'.lvc Rc^k Tarty. Mrs. Tom Howard and Mrs. Theodore Logan cnlcrl. inert 12 ladies with a .rook party yesterday afternoon at the Lozan's suburban homo on the r.orih : '• 'i- way. Garden flowers decorated the living room v.hcrc the three tables of" players enjoyed several mo- gressions of rook. A plate lunch was served with .a drink. *•• • • •» • .... Give FlrM^e Parly. Four tables of bridce player-' WCTJ guests of Mrs. J, H. Eiki"s Sorority His Parly The film Alpha" chaplcr of the Ejisllon Sigma Alpha soroiity ha.i n liuneo party al Ihe Ho!-l"Nnble Thursday evening for Ihc first nf- fair of the winter season. Included in the foar t.-.ljlr:: of players were llicsi- BUO?IS: Mrs. Harry Klinl?y. of shelbyvillr Mn who is visitiiin Dr. Edna N'ic-;. .\iisi Mary N'ewl Carr of Steele. Mo.. Mifscs Frances >v>bb. I.aura Ilas- sctl. Carolyn 1'ride Sclma Mi-Kin- nnn ami Cora Lc Baldrldae and Mrs. Marie Hickman. Iiaskcl« ol autumn fio«ers ticc- orolcd the room tind (he ttib^s had centerpieces of small bouti'iels for thc salad course srrved. Miss Sclma Lcnu rnierlain?d with piano seleclions during thc str.-in^ of refreshments. For prizes Miss Sclma LfnU received a plaque tor hcnai* the members nr.d the ^ne^-, prte handkcrchieis, went to Mis"s Selina McKinnon. Circlr,s lo Meet Circles of th? Woman's Auxiliary in the Firsl 1'rcsbyierian church will meet Monday ' afternoon. J:30 o'clock, with the exception of thc foin-lh Rmup which will mcel at 7:30 o'clock, at these homes: 1. Mrs. Ross Stivers chairman, with Mrs. Ray Wortliington: 2. Mrs. w. A." Dobyns with Jlrs. H. C. Holder: 3. Mrs. C. R. Datcock chairman, with Mrs. \v. B. Tanner wilh Mrs. K. c. Dent Jr.. also hostess; 4. Mrs. Louise Crane HiSer chairman. With' Mvs. \V. C. Legge'.t with Mrs. Alice Wouiack afeo lioslrw. Courier News Want ACS Par. HANNEFORO FAM1L/ OF B.VTfl/O<E.oe2$ v.-.-i, "f>OODL£S" >'.0<aD FAVOfi 23M3 KT). 1 .?! " ^ ^A/ll wo"""-- '• •'•••••••• (fin VVILlNvJ s^,->jiu,,i' .. .,,, !: CLEOPATRA, • QUSSMOf tOVPT" HUSE DOUBLE MENAGERIE • wce D,\-LV <2 K.D « P M OCXK3 OPEN 1 ; v \o •/ p M _ At iiorum's Druir Store 205 Main St. SPECIAL PI foa w/s CMTE CHILDREN in. have a s Ihclr guest Mrs. Has no i' mother, Mrs. A. Bishop, of Cairo "I. C. O. Smith. R. D. Hughes. J. Mell Brcoks, Louis Waters. Oscar Alexander and C. n. Babcock al- :tnded a banrjuci given by the Mid-South Cotton Growers assoc- ation at the Hotel Chisca in Mem- .ihis Friday night. Read Courier ftews Want Ads. CHKISTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH '•SUBSTANCE" i s Ihe snbjccl of le Lesson-Sermon to lie read in the Christian Science service Sunday morning al 11 o'clock at (he Hotel Nolile. The Golden Toxl is, "Labour not for the meat which )x?risheth. hut for that meat which cndureth unlo everlasting life, which thc Son of man shall give unto you: for him hulls Gcxl thc Father scaled" (John 6:27). Among the citations from ihe Bible is the following, "For we know that if our earthly hoiirr of this tabernacle were riissolvrd. we ' have a building of Ciod, an hons-; Would You Pay 75c for a New Hat We don't soil hats but we can take your old hat and make it look as good as a new one.for only 75c. Come clown and see for yourself or bettor still send us an old hiit. Alterations of All Kinds If you have any articlo ol' wearing apparell thai needs altering- Phone 327 and be assured of satisfactory service. Phone 327 'for a White Truck BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY Miss Mary De Lisle Takes Hayti Bank Post HAYTI, Mo. -Miss Mary DeLislc of Porlagevllb is i-.ow" sssislant cashier in the Rank of Hay.i. taking the place of Ernest Letlcr, whose resignation takes effect on October 1st. Miss DcLisle, formerly an em- ploye- in Ihe Farmers Bank at Portageville, has len years of banking expericncr. Mr. Lefler will remain with IVr bank until October 1st. Hayti Society—Persona! Dr. Clvrte Mitchell of Balesbur-' III., visited Mr. and Mrs. R. N' Brasher this week, slopping off white cnroutc from Texas. Miss Allie Holt sliopjtl in Bly- thcville Wednesday afternoon. Miss Mary Catherine navcnsteln left Friday for Fnyelte. where she I will outer Central college for her i senior year. Mrs. Rny ijinibaugh atlended to business In • Honu.-srlUe Friday. | Mr. and Mrs. Amos Randolph I and family and Harold Rodgers ', all of St. Louis, visited thc form- ; er's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. ; Randolph last weekend. . ilesdnnns Pearl Aubiichon and Minna Pructt of Memphis visited. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jennings Tues- i day. | Miss Margaret Hill of Illmo, | who lias been on a vacation to [ Ireland, returned to Hiiyti Wed-! nesday, where sh? i s employed as a member of the Hayli high schcol faculty. Miss Dorothy Cresswell, who. Is a (eacher In the Warden high school, visited friends here Wed- i ncsday afternoon. ' Miss Gladys chism, who is working in Memphis, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cal Chism this week. Miss Irene Haggermann returned home this week from a two weeks vacation in St. Louis wilh relatives and friends. Miss Anna Haynle, \vho is at- tending the Latimcr schcol of cape Oirardeau, spent last week ne. Mr and Mrs. Jesse McCianohan of Charleston were the guests of • "i. f a " ny While - <™ day this Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Fitz3">rald accompanied by Miss Gcncva'pac- 1 spent Wednesday i n Memphis vis- ilmg friends. Mr. ami Mrs. Wliecicr Woods aim, James O'Roitrke of Ulytheville wore the guests of Mr. and Mrs. i.d Jennings Tuesday morning, MATERNMTY and " aJopli3rrr"s7 elusion for unfortunate -girls Expense reduced by working. Address lairmount Hospital, 4909 East 27th Kansas City, Mo. Sweet Cream HuUer 25c I.b. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk lOc Qt. Delivered- Phone 74 Bulgarian Buttermilk loc Qt. Go to Church Sunday The New FORD Truck is designed throughout for truck service THE NEW FORD ,./ 2 , on (ruck| every unit, has been tfesiijncd to J C h . c *y StraillS ancl ">-in S conditions that hauling imposes. It is m . ulc f or truck scmcc that is lo«- in first tost, cconom- operatc and maintain, dependable >' in and day out over a Io n ^ ijf e ie platform body illustrated here is a typical example of sturdy Ford Truck construction. Thc 50-horsc- : Optr. ercbu.-/t power, 4-cylinder engine has prevail unusually economical and efficient for heavy duty haulage over thousands upo ; i thousands of miles of uninterrupted service. Its new power, speed and ruggedness represent extra value. We shall he glad to go over with you the many other features which arc making the New Ford Truck a vital aid to every phase of modern business. Phillips Motor Co. Phone 811 -810-777

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