The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 25, 1962 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1962
Page 6
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PAGE G HOSPITAL NOTES! ADISSIONS: Larry Rump, Tipton; Kebecca Huffer, Hillisburg:, Xardie Atchley, Tipton; Harry Erown. Kempton; Diana Baden. Atlanta: Marigrace Peters, Tipton; C. H. Purvis. Sharpsville; Carol Tragesser. Tipton. DISMISSALS: Vickie Roberts, Gioontowii: Wilma Clingenpeel. Windfall; Dorothy Snyder. Elwood; \'erna Croley. Sharpsville;. Marion Koadruck. Tipton: Helen Waddell; Windfall: Wilberta Scudder. Windfall: Vivian Lineberry, Tipton; Wanda -Minniear. Kokomo. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kay. Kokomo, boy, 10:12 a.m., January 24. THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE FOUR YEARS AGO — 1958 A white puppy, given shelter from the elements by city police, found a home witli Daily Tribune staffer Leona Kinder. Tribune columnist Terry Kelly reported. Nine Years Ago — 1953 A cast was chosen for the THS operetta. "Annie. Get Your Gun." Leading characters were: Annie. Janice Molden: Frank Butler, Joe Knneking: Buffalo Bill, Jim Graf; Pawnee Bill. Dave Kinder: Sitting Bull. Terry Horton. The student director was Carol EUer. David Simpson, music director, and John Mark Johns, speech director, were supervising the production. Coming to the DJana theater, were Henry Morgan. Vaughn Monroe and Joan Leslie in "Toughest .Man in Arizona". Local Accountant | Is Senior Member ! Sam D. Groves. 134% South Main 1 Street. Tipton, Indiana, has been accepted for membership in the Indiana Society of Public Accountants as- Senior Member. Membership, in i the Society, as limited to self em- : ployed independent public accountants, who have demonstrated that : they possess sufficient experience ! and educational background in ac• counting to practice at all levels in i the field, which includes; auditing internal office procedure, management consulting, and intimate knowledge of state and federal taxation. The Indiana Society of Public Accountants is a state wide organization and is recognized by state and federal governmental agencies and related professions as the official spokesman for the independent public accountant in Indiana. The Society is affiliated with the National Society of Public Accountants which is headquartered in Washington, D. C. INDIANA DIVORCES Seventy-nine county cerks reported to the stale, and 13 did not. so the total number of divorces in the state in ltitil is-an estimate of 13.212. Reporte-d from 79 counties with a population of 3.270.800 were 9.231 divorces. The thirteen counties not -""-Kj 'poriing have an estimated population of 1.4O9.9O0. A CAPSULE VIEW "1 John Glenn s pathway ishadedj around Heavy line is the equator. An orbit takes. nhntit an • -"t Earth runs about' like this, a half. (Centrat Press/ PAROLE GRANTED ; INDIANAPOLIS (UP1) — The, Indiana Parole Board said today it has d-.'.ided to grant a parole to a teenage boy who killed another boy in an argument over a . lia-ketbail game in 1958. Both ' v. ere K! at .the time. To bo paroled is Charles Bensun, Indianapolis, who stabbed i . Melv'm Mitchell, a Crispus Attucks ; lliuh School varsity player in a fight on a neighborhood basketball court. • : Ben-on claimed Mitchell first hit him with a board. He was sen- ; lenced to a 2-21 year term in the ; Indiana Reformatory on a manslaughter charge in 1958. • Food .Market. Sat. Jan. 27, j 9:011. Tcnbrook. Spon. Ameri-; t an War .'Mothers. C-99 ' Sharpsville Postal Service Reported ; By Mrs. Hazel Alexander There has been no appreciable increase in the volume of postal business in Sharpsville since 1959, according to Postmaster Joe Renie who said an analysis of 1961 showed it to be about the same as the preceding two years. There was one change in personnel during 19G1, 'Bernard Zaus serv- .1 ing as rural carrier after filling a I vacancy left by the retirement ofj R. Bollenbacher who had served route 2 since 1937. The other carrier is Ross Broyles. Mrs. Floyd Reel and Miss Delia Beamon are the clerks. •Mail services at the Sharpsville Post Office Monday through Saturday at G:45 a.m. and 5:45 p.m. and is dispatched the same days at 5 p.m. FARMERS MEETING PLANNED TUESDAY AT PRAIRIE SCHOOL The National Farmers organization will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Prairie school. All farmers are urged to attend the meeting. Purpose of the organization is to make better prices for farm products. Euchre Party. 8:00 Lesion Home. American Legion Auxiliary. C C-99 AUXILIARY MEMBERS TO ATTEND VA HOSPITAL DANCE Mrs. Susanna Beard, rehabilitation chairman for the American Legion Auxiliary of Charles Sturdevant Unit No. 4G, reminds members and friends of the dance at the Marion Veterans" hospital Friday at 7 p.m. Volunteers who are interested in going are asked to contact Mrs. Henry Sunsdahl. TENT'S MOMENTS— Scenes like this are the order of the day at Cocoa Beach, Fla., Cape Canaveral's neighbor, where everybody's got a grandstand seat for. the orbit blastoff. Those legs belong to Vicki Spurgeon of Toronto. Ont. Her husband is- one of the newsmen at the cape. AIMING FOR DUTCH NEW GUINEA— Indonesian soldiers train tneir niies .mrougn a Daroea wire fence during preparation for "liberation" <-f Dutch New Guinea. NOW... LIVELINESS AND LUXURY IN A FULL LINE OF LOW-PRICED CARS jmn Eleven new-size models make One-Slop Shopping easier than ever at your Chevrolet dealer's Xolhing: fair to middling about the spacious and spunky new lineup of low-priced cars from Chevrolet! From the looks of these nifty top-of-t he-line Novas (unmistakably new), you'd never guess they're so easy to own. Even some biggi-r cars wonder how we got so much full-size family room into such a park- able package—and such hustle out of a G that sips gas so sparingly. Your dealer will point out more reasons why luxury and a low price have never been more beautifully blended! Chevy II Nora J,00 2-Donr Sedan Chevy II Nova .',00 Sport Coupe Chevy II Nora 100 i-Door Station Wagon r Chevy II Nova 1,00 Convertible See the new Chevy II, new Chevrolet and new Corvair at your local authorized Chevrolet dealer's MOORE BROS. INC., 311 EAST JEFFERSON STREET TIPTON WON! OS 5-2143 Congressional « (Continued From Page I) ican public and troops on the many facets of the communist threat it is easy to understand why our. Tl&E programs are mostly impotent and are rarely pursued by commanders with vigor and effectiveness. After all, the TI&E programs are diluted by such actions of censorship and suppression and .by the official re, luctance to face up squarely to our proven vulnerability to brainwashing techniques and gullibility to communist propaganda. Next 1 shall discuss censorship of military speeches and articles Congress {Continueo from Pag* 11 a result of increased imports would get ; extended unemployment compensation benefits, with coverage up to. one year for all workers and longer for those too old to learn new skills. There would be financial aid for workers desiring jto move to ; areas of employment.! ; Kennedy spotlighted the six-nation Common Market, which Britain and possibly others are plan r ning to join, j'as the single development most radically altering the world trade picture and nej cessitating a broader American approach to the problem. The Common Market cosntries are Germany, France, Italy. The NETHERLANDS, Belgium and Netherlands, Belgium a n d Luxembourg." j ' Matches U.S. Market "Almost 90[per cent of the free world's .industrial production. .: may soon be [concentrated in two great markets—the United States of America and the expanded European •' Economic community," the President' said. "A trade policy adequate to negotiate item by item tariff reduc-. tions with . a large' number of small independent states will no longer be adequate to assure ready access for ourselves — a'rtd for our traditional .trading partners in Canada, Japan, Latin America, and! elsewhere — to a market nearly as large as our own, whose negotiators can speak with one voice, but whose internal differences make it impossible for them to negotiate item by item." Kennedy said American businessmen and farmers, under the authority he asked, "will have a unique opportunity to compete on a more equal basis in a rich and rapidly expanding market abroad which possesses potentially a purchasing power as lareg and var ied as our own." Candidates | (Continued From Page ial policy and its news reporting 'responsibility." j Surveys show, he says, 30 per cent of a newspaper]' ers read the editorials, even fewer accept editorial ance. that only I 's read- that guid- ahd | "The real political power press lies in its- news function," the author state reporter who takes pride job tries .honestly to be objective. Nobody .respects a crooked er." 'Elmo Roper, the weU-knWn-'op< inion pollster, recommends the book, which is a thorough guide for one contemplating entering into politics. of the reporting :. "Any in his report- 1 CRASH • LAND SAFELY | BOONVILLE, Ind. (UPI)—Four [men escaped serious injury Wednesday night when their small iprivate plane ran out of fuel and crashed seven miles east of here as they tried to land in- < field. Roger Hilmer, 46, Green Bay, jWis., said he sought to land at jEyansyille airport but had trouble contacting the control tower, and lost his directions.' He rait out of gas as he circled to'find the field and tried an emergency landing in a farm field. The single-engine plane ripped {through power lines and nosed over. . ! Three passengers suffered minor jinjuries, but Hilmer. was not hurt. The passengers were identified as jRoibert Jqhnson, .38, . Wiutbma; iWis.; Burt Evans, 46, Ro:hester, Minn., and John bnichohon,' 43, St. Paul, Minn. NO POLIO CASES INDIANAPOLIS (UPD-lndiana State Board of Health records still \vere free of 1962 polio- cases by the end of last week. , | UNEMPLOYMENT DROPS | INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) ^-| Unem.- ployment insurance claims in Indiana last week totaled 60,584, a drop of 850 from the previous week and ' 39,00v'''lessthan the number of claims filed during the same week last year. ] Lewis F. Nicolini, directo:- of" the Indiana Employment Security Division, said Wednesday thai a layoff of 450 automobile workers, bad weather which halted construction work and industrial fires which put several persons out o" work helped contribute to the" tctal. j He said several other firms recalled previously laid-off workers and there was some new hiring by steel mills and a.'Richmbrd factory, i .• ' "I " : STAMPS' OF APPROVAL" — Mother Rose| .Elizabeth, founder and first president of Dumbarton ^ollege for Girls in Washington, • and former Mother General of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, receives a book I of Nursing Commemorative stamps from Postmaster General J. Edward Day at (the Health, Education and Welfare Department in Washington. The new' 4-center commemorates the Sisters of the Holy' Cross. as[ the. first nurses ever to battlefield. That was with Union forces in work on a Civil War. Cowboy Aged 4 Kills Grocer — THURS. JANUARY 25, 1962 Son olfvHenry Fonda Plays Kennedy Role HOLLYWOOD - (UPI) — Peter Fonda, 22-year-old son of actor Henry Fonda, took a screen test Wednesday for the^ role of Jtfhn F. Kennedy in a new movi/ depicting the President's W^sfld War 11 battle heroics. The young Fonda is regarded the best bet to win the part. After Fonda had • worked in several scenes from the film, "PT 109," producer Bryan Foy said: "I think he's perfect for the part. He certainly looks like the President did at that age, and he's a real professional at acting." "We'll have - to wait until we see the test before making any announcements," Foy said. "He might show up on- screen looking like Liberate." Fonda, at 6-feet-2 and 145 pounds, is slightly teller and heayier than Lt. J.. F. Kennedy was during his Navy service in the South Pacific. But there is a definite facial resembtence. * "If I'm lucky enough to get the v " part I'll have to take some voice lessons to get that- Boston- Harvard accent." said Fonda. "It's a great opportunity for me." Before any selection of actors to portray Kennedy, is made, the White Hos'se will see all the tests made at Warner Brothers Studio. Fonda's only professional acting experience is 2V< months in the Broadway production of "Blood. Sweat and Stanley Poole" and a recent dramatic role on 'the television series, "Naked City." EL PASO, TEX., was mutual admiration between 'Mrs. Ruth Wicker old -bbobby Preusser. She thought^he dressed -up in his (UPI) There and four-year was cute cowboy garb, store had the Sideli tnes (Continued from page 4) abling Gomez to go all the way to ithird.'Reaching there, Gomez turned to the third base coach, said he felt lucky and asked if the coach wanted him to, try to steal home. Crossetti,. who was coaching on third sauLi/'My Gawd, its taken you it •i'"«-~,^toi get this far so dont SAVINGS BONDS ELK'S FISH FRY Friday, January 26 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Adults $1.00 - Children 50c 1 All You Can Eat Elks and Their Families Only He thought her best bubble gum iy town. . -Mrs. Wicker always gave Bobby gum when he came into the store. She even lejt him go behind the. counter and get it himself.-- "• '-.''• | .' Bobby,, in a cowboy hat, boots and blue jeans, skipped in at his mother's' side Wednesday. Mrs. Wicker, as usual, gave him permission to . get a |piece of gum while his mother shopped. Bobby dashed behind : the! counter, but. stopped short. . | Something caught his eye he had not seen before. It was an old revolver on a j shelf. Bobby likes toy pistols. He has at home. The did not look pointed it and a box full of-them pistol on -the shelf any different. He picked it up, pulled the trigger. The pistol fired: The bullet hit Mrs. Wicker in .the. stomach. j "HE-SHOT ME! Call an ambu° lance," she cried. But she was dead on arrival at a hospital 20 minutes later. Bobby's mother. Mrs. R. W. Preusser,. said he' had never seen a real gun in his life. Bobby could not . understand what happened. He! just buried his head in his while she talked to mother's police. lap PORT HURON, Mich. ,(UPI)— Traffic Officer Don Arnett dutifully ticketed two cars parked beside expired meters on Port Huron's main street "Wednesday. One ticket/ went to. Mavor Ray Mathiesoh. the other to Citv Manager Calvin Lakin. . ." . RALEIGH, N.C. (UPI) — Lee Wayne Adams of nearby Angler. N.C, was in town looking for a job Wednesday, when - he tackled a' fleeing youth wanted for questioning by police. Officers Were so impressed with his action they gave him an application for the police force. Chuckles In the ews By United Press SLOW BUT SURE [International NEW YORK (UP,I)—Matt Heller, 90, and Hanna Hahan, 78. were married Wednesday .—• 20 years after they first met. "I liked him at j first sight," said the bride, "but he didn't make up his mind until now." KILLED NEIGHBORS - Raymond Patton, . 16, -enters police headquarter? in Denver, Coki., after admitting the bludgeon slaying of next: door neighbors Mrs. Shirley Jean Duckorth. 26. and her 5 -year-old wn Dale. "I don't know what came over me.f lid the 180-pound stx-footeij. SLOW TIMING KOSHIGAYA, Japan (UII) Two teen-agers made; the mistake of taking a large dose of sleeping pills before snatching a watch from a - jewelry storie.. I Witnesses watched the boys' i "slow motion" fligfit down the street and directed police, who found the pair propped against a building fast asleep. | . REMEMBERS . LINCOLN— M:sa Helen Harlow holds a 10-" pound box of candy presented to her on her 105th . birthday by Columbia Pic-, tures in Hollywood. Actress Stefante Powers does the honors here. Miss Harlow was borh in 1857 on a ranch on site now occupied by Columbia. She remembers seeing Abraham Lincoln during a visit to New York. She wears a watch given to her by Diamond Jim Brady t»ur- . ing her career as a ballet dancer and. actress. RALPH lUTHERMAM about this uestion Our boy loft his coaster on the front walk A woman visiting last night stumbled over it and hurt herself quit* badly. She probably won't sue us, but we feel obligated for her medical expenses. Will our Comprehensive Liability PoHcy cover this? DIANA Thurs-Fri.-Sat. DOUBLE FEATURE You Couldn't Ask for More Perfect Entertainment for All! xntmt UV>M ammm.~~tm PLUS - - • STEWART GRANGER-HAYA HARAREET. SSCRGT PARTN e R Starts Sunday Debbie Reynolds in

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