The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T1IR rVJUfTMA M'l* fclfllfon » nnr, j-.n KTS^Viunr™ • n,« . . .• _ i^^K^W W • W ^^^ VOUJAI'E xi,—NO. 47. IllyUicvillc Diitly News Hlythcville Courier THE DOMINANT NEWSPAI'Ell OP NORWEA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI680UBI BlylliPvllIc Herald, Mississippi Vulley lender Swollen Streams Alarm Arkansans; State Gets Ready UTTLK HOCK, May 11. (UP)-AII Hvjiilnblc umerRcn- cy agcucicN have been ordered lo mobilize as wliul m;iy Ijo the worst flood in JOO years is rolliiiu <!o\vn Uiu Arkansas River. Rivers are on (lie ri.s-o Ilirou^liotit llui .slatu and highways are cut in doxena of places. Train service has l.uen . DItS llffl Clear Lake Planter Suffers ' Heart Attack; Funeral Plans Incomplete Kam pickons John.son. for 10 years a planter nenr Blylhcville. died suddenly early today nt his home. He was 09, Denth came only a few minutes after he nwnkcned nhout 4 o'clock. In apparent'good health until several weeks ago when he lind several licnrt attacks, lie hnd nn- olhcr nttnck yeslerdny nfternoon but seemed greatly improved last night. Funeral arrangements will nol be made until his two r.ons arrived by plane late today from Florida, where H. r. Johnson Jr.. is employed ut Saratoga, nnd where Rny Johnson is attending Officer Candidate School of the Army. A brother, W. E. Johnson of O.t- ceola, is here but nnolher brother. Dr. I. a. Johnson, is nl Memphis Baptist Hospital where he underwent a minor operation, nnd another brother, Charles Johnson, lives in Washington, D. C. He nlso is survived by his wife. Mrs. Daisy Johnson; a daifghtcr, Miss '.Marguerite*^ Johu.son, a government teacher'-./in the Panama Caiial Zone, and'.-,two sisters','Mrs. W. L. Howard, wife of the Memphis specialist, nnd Mrs. Charles Rogers of Florida. -. ;.''.' Born in Tchula, Miss., he ''was reared there and inter lived; nt Goodman, : Miss., wKprc he ivas a-bookkeeper after attending business college."- : ',•'•' • Entering the farming business, .;.. he fanned at., ftfarks,-';Mi,ss,,> nnd at many paints. Army Engineer Frank Oruever of Little Hock says that the flood singe on the Araiisns nivcr will >e Hie highest in 100 years with ll|e possible exception of 1927— still remembered n* Ilia ivorstuv- erflow in the slate's history. The Red Cross is going into notion In Crawford and Sebastian and nil - . - ...... in the l-'orl Smith nvailnblc Inuor is bcinij moblliml In the iMorrillon vicinity lo build up Hie levees. The Urneriicncy Deltef 'Jommlt- Ico of the .state has met with C.uv. Adkins and asked for 525,000 from the War Emergency Appioprialion. The Arkansas guard is slnndiHB ready for flood duty. White River is rampaging. The guagc at Rnlesvllle has gone to 3-1 and 0-10 feel— nearly i5 itet above flnnd stage-wlth a roaring rise still lo be recorded, V. II. Brycans And Two Net-rocs In Narrow Es- fapc; Livestock Killed M(!h(nln; dnneect amiss (He \\ n l "Of of Henry Young's barn Inte yrslrrdiiy nflciiicon on Hlt;liw>iy til, a mile ninth nf Blylhcvllle. nnd Ihe result wns one nnd three hogs dead, three men temporarily paralyzed from shock and a part of the roof gone. V. It. Hi.vcims. 44, hiolher-ln- law of Mr. Voting, nncl two Negroes, Ned Johnson. 39, nnd James "Daniel, S7, nls« employed by Mi. Young, were severely shocked'when lightning struck within two fret tt Ihe iinhnnh, killed inslnntly Allhouuh the linhlniiiK Miiick Inside Ihc bam, where Ihe men had taken • refill;? nt ft:'!0 o'clork (iiirlnr; n ram storm, nothing crtii ( 4ht flic. 'Ihe men were note to ri'unhi "'•<•• of (heir bndles after a sliort lime bnl were confined lo Ihclr beds today because of shock u is believed no in C n,xtr, will result. Mi's Mninic Young and other members of' the Young fnniily watched from tlic rear porch ol l heir home as the men ran across the barn would b~ mfe. .. cd there nml hurried n while much of the slock, which frlahtened ran the open. None of these was injured Mr. Itiycnns moved here In Jan- n.v from clovis. N. M, [ 0 assist A l ri l ri il •''• Yo »»B In iarmiin-. Jill,' And 1'lasll HOOU This nni the second time the years' before' he c'anie to Blytheville to years .ago. Since thai time he had liveii'- .seven miles south of this city near Clear Ljike Cobb Funeral Home is in charge Puts Plant Oul Of Commission Last Night Old Mother nature went on a rnmpage in this scclion last night, blasting electric service and telephone lines with bolts of lightning and flooding a hydro generating Plant of the Arkansas - Missouri Power Company with two feet of water in n flash flood. Declared the- w.irst electrical storm thnt hns been experienced in this section in the past several years, George u. I'ollock Jr., chief engineer of the power company which serves Qli towns and communities, said .todny that service wn.s restored throughout Northeast Arkansas, and Southeast Mis- soui-Um less than orie-.'iour. Electric service ' wits. Interrupted and entire towns were. in the dark part of the time.. ; Nu one was injured .during the' han'i, IIITUB|IIER Child _ Crawls Off Porch, Falling Into Tub; Services Held Today A nine months, old baby wns drowned yesterday when he fell off the rear porch into a tub of rain water at Hie family residence in western Mississippi County Willis w. Duffle, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. ft. Duffle, crawled out of the house and on lo the porch of flic Duffles' country home in the Silverrinlc Community nenr Lcach- villc, ivlille the mother was working indoors. The bnby was not missed from its floor pallet until n school director, Ernest Griffin, cnltcd at the house for the school census record. When the mother answered the knock, she missed the baby and a search revealed tho child's body lying In the tub of water on the ground nt Ihc edge of the porch. The baby was rushed to n physician nt Cardwcll, Mo.,' but efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. Funeral services were held this (ifternooii nl the Litla Baptist Uhurch with burial al Ihe cemetery there wilh Ihc Ilev. Mr. Wilson conducting the rites. Howard Undertaking Company was In charge. '• Mrs. James Newcomb Dies At Flat River OSCEOLA, Ark., May 11.—Funeral services for Mrs. James Ncw- contb of Flat River, Mo., mother of Mrs. J. [j. Glascoe of Osceola, will probably be held Wednesday or Thursday in Flat River, it was staled by J. L. Olascoc, superintendent of Osceola Municipal Light and Power Co., who left Monday for that city. Mr.s. Newcomb died at her home there at 9:45 Monday from an illness of eight months. She was 63 years of age and active in church and club life of her town. Mr. nnd Mrs. Glascoo arc the parents of a baby girl born in a hospital at Bonne Terre, Mo,, 10 days ago and Mrs. Glascoe had returned lo her mother's home In Flat River only the day before her death. In addition to Mrs. Glascoe, Mrs. Newcomb is survived by three sons and another daughter, c. M. Newcomb, Flat River; James and William Newcomb, St. Louis; and Mrs. W. M. Williams, Dloomlngton. Ill, Mrs. Glnscoe will be unable to return homo for another week. ' bain, on Mis. T j farm, has had misfortune , n H mysteriously burned B ij 0l ,i lwu scars ago when filled with feed siock and implements, nil of whH,' were lost. Negro Child looses Long Fiflit For Life Burns with fir,.. received while plaviim | Iisl NOV. 2S , )rov V , a ° al to Don Edward Harris, local five-year-old Negro child, who died Friday in a New Orleans hospital after ] many Blylhevlllc. groups and individuals hnd sought to assist In Ins recovery. ' The fire started by the child ns he played with kerosene and matcher,-, ho.,received burns when- aTOmplIng Id'pYil out the blaze. ! Every Negro church and oign- nlzntlon in niylhcville assisted the storm nnd nil electric service" lias | ' ?c(l Gr0!is chapter and Socinl Wcl- been given permanent repairs it, arc organr/allon ill giving aid lo help the child 4 fight for his life. wns announced. Last nigh.V, slorm, which struck many towns nt the same time, followed a rain' storm In the Inic afternoon in which lightning slniL'k in several places. Livestock ST. LOUIS, May U (Ul 1 ) — Hoy receipts rj.Ouo head, with 12,500 salable. Top price .$14 50; 180 to £80 pounds l'l/10-14.45; MO-IGO pounds 13.40-14.00;. sows SlliflO- 14.25. Cattle receipts 3,200 head, with 3,000 salable; calves-1,200, nil .salable. Slaughter steers 11.5'J-lG.7ft.- daughter heifers 10.73-10.03; mixed yearlings and heifers 13. . After two month's treatment at ill. local hospital, he wns sent to tnc Flinl-Goodride New Orleans. Hospital in Funeral services were held loday with Caslon charge. Funeral Home In Council Will Meet Blytheville's City Council will meet tonight. 7:30 o'clock at City Hall, in regular session. ' It is understood thnt only routine business will be taken up. Draft Board Member £ C. p. Tompkins, Burclcttc planter, hns been naniedvn member of Selective Seivicb 'Board "Ii" of Mississippi County, to succeed J. A. figi! of Osceola, who resigned because of ill health. Other members of this board, which has jurisdiction over the north end of Mississippi Comity, with the exception of the Imme- dile vicinity' of Dlythevillc, are n. O. West and Marcus Evraixi. Mr. Tompklns' appointment, recommended by Oov. Homer M. Atl- kins, wns made by president noose veil. American Fliers C a u so Heavy Dmnat'c At-Munda and Vangavanga ity United I'n'ss 'I'lii- Navy today report-, two al- litcks iiKninst Ihc enii||iy In M erntrnl .Solomons—one of whli'h c-niisi'd heavy cbimngi 1 . Amerleiin torpedo plnncs, ami dive bombers slni'led a number of tires nnd knocked out niitl-alreri'tl gun ein|)lncemeiit.s in an assault tin ftiuiidn. And ', thcj sliucik nl Vnngnviinga on'(he southwest coast of Ifoliuiibnngarn Isliind 'Hit bcmbcr.s were escmleil on both ••Ides by fighters and nil planes'16- urnccl fnfely. The Insl c'nniiniinl([iie from Australia told of n big raid by Ciitnlinu Hying boats on Dabti in Dutch Niw Ciuiii'ii. 'I'hc Allied nirmen cnnijhl 2!l enemy crafl on the ground and cpinplflcly destroyed three of Ihefii The rniruiiilng Iwenly all were nfire when Ihe Catnlinas'wheeled nwftj from (he nttack. ; The flying boats also went ovii Ihe ell tnnk nnd doi:k ureas o: Dnbo nnd sinited n numlicr of large files. Cthcr Allied planes ranged ovci n<:rtlii!!iF|, New Ctulnin, poundihk enemy bases nnd strafing enemy liiu-.s. Japanese land troops nllcmpi- «l a minor push In the nrcn cast of Knlamnun but wtre thrown-back The Japanese! carried out foiii week mills—Ihc .strongest ngninst ! n vlllime en the north Australia'! coast. In Uurma, UA1* bombers starleil liirsc fires In raids on ralirond villages north of Knngonn nnd ncni MaiKlnlay, Villages norlh of Akynl. on Ihe west I'lirmn canst also were hit. A Japanese army official lodaj renewed Japan's threat lo carry oul nn nerlal offensive ni;ninsl Ihc United Slates inainlnnd. Tho officer—a liciilcimnt Ki.'iieml in chin-go of Ihe army's aeronautical affairs section, snld bombing of iho Aincrl- enn continent "will be carried out lo bring America to her knees." The outcome of the war, he said depends upon complete mastery o! the air. Me nclmlltcd .'Hint Japan's nil fence wns inferior to America's h technical knowledge. Hul he insisted thnt the Japnnrse have greater "spiritual strength." • Bui. fliers Learn ll Was All IMowctl MAYrilil.D, Ky., M|iy II.— Ar Army plane from the , niylhcvlllc Ark., nli-richi craiihcd on in plowed nil port al Mnvlield Monday morning. NJIM1I.V! Of Iho. Klll'rtBIlt Illld ill- .'ilructor aboard the plane, nellhci of whom released, was injured, were nol The plane win; heavily damagcc' but did not nose over. An Army captain, who did not divulge hip name, said the plane wns on routine Irniiiiiig fliyhl. He said thai the airfield imip ntthe Blythc- villo Field showed an jiusillnry nirpmt nl Mayncld. Tho nh|x)rl here was discontinued early Ihi.' year after the city council declined to pay rent on the tract that was the .property of a Mayficl' business mnn and which wns sold this Spiing ami plowed for corn planting. July Sep. Chicaf/o Rye oiicii hlcli low close prel. 00 \', flO--j IIH 88 V, HJI'/i 02 92',.; BaTi ao : ;i ouf, Dionnc Quints Launch Five Ships one of the ships u Yvonne while Papa Dionne «.»*'tahfWr. X*'?^^ °«S w ^teJ perform, (NEA lelephoto). "AY 11, IIM» SINGKK COPIES FIVE CENTS Europe Braces For Invasion As Commons Holds Secret Session; Reds Make Gains Near Novorossisk Germans Captured In Tunisia Interested In Coming To U. ussian Foot Soldiers Capture l;lill Near Black 'Sea Niiva! Base Hi Dnlio.l IVrw The lied Army .hns punched nn- •Hhi-r bole in iho (imnnn lines iinrllioaM nf Novorossisk, Rivl'll liln mills bCKnil I III' liew atlni'k with A syslomnlli: barni'ic tlml pounded Ihc enemy's i'Oiu.Ti'tc (illl Ira.xcs and (jini emplncimirnls iii rubble. Then hifnnlry n'lce'l 'hrouiih to rupture 1111 Important hill iirar Ihc Illnek Sou niu'iil base. 'I'hc Russians, slrlkhi't townril NovcuwsLsk from Ihc west, now are dec]) wlllilu (lie Cicniinn dc- tenscs "f tin; itiibnn And rnclli) Pails reports Hint oilier Soviet forces IIIWB tniulc large scnle landings . ni'iir Novorossisk. The report, does not «ny whore the landings were made. But previous inieoiiDnhcd announcements lincl snld the Russians were attempting to Iniul traop.s south of Novorossisk from llici Hlnck Sen. One Nn/l CH'imaii cmintci 1 -iil- lnck wns hurled buck nml .'2(10 Cleminns killed. "ihc enemy nlso mude ti cniinicr- tlinisl In the Doncls nivcr .sector soMllienst of Klwikov but wn.s slopped without regaining; previous last Ground. Hohlnd the lines. liusslnu nier.s continue to shatter enemy supply ,tnd communication centers. Trnliis mid iniiiilllan dumps were blown ii|i nroiiiid Diynnsk southwest of Moscow. Antl on the criilrnl and southern front. Soviet bombers nl- Incked railroads moving troops und .supplies. Gctmnn tilers tried to iclnllnlo with nu unsuccessful raid on llus- lov. Aurl other enemy raiders nl- tii(,ki!d n mil Jundlnn nl the center of the •Rus.s-lnn .snllcnl between Orel mid Kharkov. . Now Free Under Bond, Harry Whitney Sued By i California Woman Hurry n. Wlillney, IB-ycar-old alleged blsnmlst, npunrcnlly wns married when he wed the fanner Miss Wilnin Wood of Blvthcvlllc Insl Oclohcr nml for which lie stood AMK1I1CAN TOROKS, NOIi'lIf 'rUNlSlA, Mny II (UP) — Mnn.v al Ilia 'yoinm tlennnn prisoners In northern 'IMntelu wnul to be will lo prison mui|>s In tin) United Sillies. Hul five tu>rirmii soldiers who niiide n guciTllln-iitlnck on n vll- Intte near Itl/.crlo niter the surrender ol their eraumiindcr won't 8d (o an Anierlenii prison enmp. 'I'hcy fell befoio the nuns nf livo liiird-llBlilliiK rtmurlcun prl- when they sneaked Into the Blurted hiirlliif; linnd town nud Hi'onnde.s. 'i'lic ciiRCrnt'ss nf the iirlsonnva t" Inlk nhuilt Aineilcn wn.s wldci- spreiul, One prlsoni'r— formerly u slcw- he hud a dslcr who owned n chicken fiivm In Uoslyu, L, I, Another Mild ho used tn go with n Ijlrl In FlCitiokcn. Isoliitoil Nnils me all Hint nru left, of ihn (luriuiui force iii the l!i/.cili' a ITU. The eucllcfs Irnll of prisoners lo American lines contliuied lodny. Most of then] arc youiiu— and they n ro wrnry and exhausted. They ndmllled I In,' Amei leans nre real fighters despite what their lenders hud told them to the contrary. Oim AiiifTlain iiniiy prlvnte told nowiinion he hail almost got to llk- Ini! soino [>f (in 1 rivniuin iiijson- evs bill hu nddrd. "wluin I saw wind tliuy had done to thu civilians. I felt like I nril on the llnar ••lemcn— snld nil of them," to kill Succeeds L, S, Bciiish As Mead Of Group Here; Older Officers Named Louis Davis whs elected president of MIL- lllyihovlllo Junior Chnmber of Commerce nt n lucclliiK nf llio group nl Hotel Noble here lust nlehl. He succeeds L. S. Hcnlsh. Other otflccra olectecl wore; I. Ii Isn'nr.s. vlce-preslileiit; 6'linon '.;o- si!|ili, secretary, and Sanford slicl- ton. trcaMii'or, 'Ihc now officers will bci Installed nt ttie next regulsr meeting of Ihe dub. the Com- Mr. DnVLi, local agent lor i'outliwestein i,l'!uiis|H)rlatlon CL pany, has lived here since ID'IB. AL' the dinner .ijieellng, Scennd Llcql. John-Howiiiail of tho lily- tlievlllc Army: ; Air. ' Ilase , recalled vividly 'somo-\ or 'his 'bxperlchccs durlni! Iho'altnck on 1'cnrl Hnrlxir. Scrijl. Rsluli Ffcrrm;,,.former Uly- thevillc,iiian|-wli6 has'.bcen stailoii- cd bi tbo Aleiltliiu.s, "gnvo.n foiv cldcllghLs on l|fu in tho Far North, He broiiBht 'news of other nlylhri- vlllc men who are stationed In the Northwest Pacific outposts. ,; In Ilii: session |)lans were formulated lo semi elgarclte.i to tlin nrmed forces overseas. Iliad Nicol and L. E. Isnncs were appointed to lake chnrgo of tills project. Simon Josepli, chairman of Ihe Victory Oarden committee, 1111- nomicul thai, this project sponsored by the club hns bren a'wllh nil of the available space hnvlii|{ been taken, -x , . , , The iiicnibirs voted lo sponsor n Inal In the Criminal Division of .first aid elnss, nnd asked that Iloy " " """'•' '" •--" ' Urn Bmi'Jolm McDowell, two oua)l- fled luslruclors. take clinrgc of tho project.. A r'eiwrl ot'tlie recent wnr cou- clnvc held Iii Hot Springs "was Riven, with special attention • to the scrap drive ns an 'urgent, ncllv- ity of Hie club.' Cecil Wroten nud Fred Vnn Dyfie were Introduced lo the club us new members. First Llcul. Ulho Ilarncs was n visitor. Circuit Court In April hut it was to Mrs. fconnlc Whllncy of Sacramento; Citlif.-, that he wns,-lci;al- ly wed nlthoiigh ho nlso hnd none throiinh n ceremony with the former Mif.s Grnce Kemp of Memphis, il wns officially learned todny. Stricken On lius Tnken 111 while, on n bus night en mule to niyllievllle, Whllney was ndmltled lo n hospital here, lcndlnn to the disclosure that, he hnd been released from the county Jail under bend two weeks ago nnd Unit on the following day, he wns served pn- pcrs in which Mrs. Ronnie Whitney sought divorce on the urnunds of dc. l .rrtlpn. Hisi'conilltlon lodny was much improved nnd he was able lo leave the hospital. Tried on n charge of bigamy In which Mrs. Grace Kemfi Whitney of Memphis wn.s declared his le- wifo, the jury acquittal him nftcr the defendant testified on Ihc witness stand thnl lie was married al the lime he wed nn- olher but thai he wns legally married to tin! woman In California and not the wife tn Memphis. The stale immediately li.-ul him icnncstcd on nnolher charge of blgnmy In the of MLS. fJonnlc Whllney and he wns returned lo Jntl. I here been since January, when he was returned here from iicnlon Harbor, Mich., where ar- reslect at the request of Mississippi County officers. Made Bond April 2(i Unable to make lioii'l. he had remained In Jail until his Blyllic- vllle wife posted n ?500 rash bond April 26 and he was released, it MS learned loday. He is to face Irial nl the November term of court if his California wife docs nol secure a divorce prior to that time. U is understood Hint he had been working for n landscape contractor nl the Maiden. Mo., air base since being released from jnll. He had a similar job bore Insl Fall when lie wooed and wed Ihc former Miss Woods, who remained al his side throughout tlic trial. He said today Hint lie «us robbed of $45 and his'wallet aftering having become unconscious on Ihe bus. Chicago Wheat open high low close nr.r.l. July . 14304 144 HIH 142IS 1431S Sep. . 144-y. 1445! H2J4 MM H3% 8-Vear-Old (,'rauls In Hlei-|i SOMRflVIIAE, Mns.s. (UP) — Elghl- year- old .James Hl(;hani went to bed and hnd a nlghlmme thai someone was chasing him. When he 1 woko up. the fire clcniu-t- mcnt had lo he culled to rescue him from the rooftop of Ills home, where ho had crnwtcd in his sleep. Late llulletinx n nidln l>nmrt»ust The IVtrlln' mi official N loilay l|ni| jtlurrh Krmn Itiim- mcl left Nnrlh Afrtui nn iMim-h 11. NKW VOHK, May il |lll')_ MIISI-IHV raillu rriuirls un nl- J.'lilrf llfhirk'b llhnmlcr. 'rim' Miisi'im' fiio.'ulciist s.iiil the reimrl nimv rriini /mreb, C'riKiUu,. by Ihn wll ^. ,,f |,. lu . Tallin 1 , It frw dnlnlls, "(Tit tliut (wit mon flrwl nil Ittmmler's i-ar a few bourn nf- trr he iirrlvnl in /acreb. 'Hie reiwrt uililnl tluit rilin- !«ir rsrainil wll'iiml Injury. May u WAS1IIN(JTON, (l)l'l — Thrro Is MiNulnilim In \V»))l|liiitl»n mi Ihn posnlhlllty <if 'nnnthrr incct- IIIR brlvmii IVcslrlellt Konsc- vrll null I'rlme Minister (.'liuriililll. At least niiu l.nmlon pajicr. It M iiDliili hus carried ii slnry tluit llic two IrucU-rs may ni,cct KKulii tn review pUns prrvlaiw- '" ly-ilr»wn l«r ih« 'mxl v jn.iVn!.- xirnlnst (he Asln,. And H It IHihiU-d «ut llul ihe Tiinktmi war review to (Jonmiunt wax .' m:itle tuilny by Deputy Prime nUnlnlnr A(|]ee—a J»b usually . r<-«rv«( for Churclilll. The :Str,tc l!cp,irlni«til, askril f«r ronimoit un tlift piKslhlllty at fifth (Jhurr.lilll-Koosevelt mort- liif, him referred (he multcr li> the White House. New York Stock* A T T Annconda Copper . . llelh Steel ......... Chrysler ........... <ien Electric ........ Cien Motors ........ Montgomery Wnnl N Y Ccnlral ..'.,„. Till Harvester ....... North Am Avlnllon Hcpubllc! Steel ...'.. Knilln .............. Kocony Vneinun . . . . Studelmker ....... Standard of N .1 'I'exas Coi|i ........ Packard ....... U S Steel ...-..:.'..'. 15:i 1-8 r.i UN •20 1-8 (^ i-i 7-1 T>-fl 1)7 S-8 53 •12 7-8 IB 3-4 •C7 :f-H 12 3-4 IB 11 5-1! H 1-4 12 1-H 67 1-4 40 1-2 6 5U 3-8 In Belgium, 14-yrnr-olds fire being taken from Ihclr parents by Ihc Na/.is nnd Indentured to German "foster parents" as farm laborers. S. J. Cohen Eager To Serve U.S. With.His Knowledge. 01' Russia A iilylhevillc enisiiieer has hope: of returning to his native country lo afslsl Ihc Allies in v/lnnin;; a speedy victory. -S. J. Cohen .well- known civil engineer, hns bdon Riven n hlsh-rankinij cominl'.slm, In the Navnl llcscrve and- ulrcnd.i has been nsslellcd allcr rcciucsllui; overseas duly. Bnck to Russia he will go. if his wish Is Brnnted, to help the country where he wn.s born, nt the same time he will be assisting his own country of ninny years. Commissioned a lieutenant ts.g.) on hk 4Blh birthday, Mr. Cohen volunteered for service soinO time ago. Engcr to repay Ihc Untied States for the privilege of becoming n clltei! of Oils country, he passed difficult mental and physi- cnl tests nud wenl through. Oflt- ccr Training Course in which he made one of the top grades and which he completed this week. Now stalloncd at Camp 'Peary, near Wllllnm.sburg, Vn., he will he slvcn llujcc months spccinl irnln- IUR before leaving -for overseas. Mr.s. Cohen Icfl yesterday to Join him for ;Umt lime and when he departs for foreign service, she will return lo Blythevlllc where they have lived. for the past 25 years. Born In Minsk, Russia, Mr. Cohen attended a .university In that country when very young, having received a diploma from that school nt the ogc at 16. I-YillowIng his graduation In Husin. he came to New York City where he attended liiooklyn f'oly- School nnd New York •311-y College. Umg n cHlv/iii of the Hulled 'Intrs ,-iricl a licenced civil eii'il- necr nflcr hnvlng been Brndunlcd n Hint field, he .snnght ,1 compar- illvcly new section of the country •.vhci'o bridges nnd roads were ncededd. Vor 11 number of years lie was connected with Pride mid Fail Icy Construction Company nnd later established his own business when that lirm wns dissolved. !fe has liecn engineer In Ihe building of mniiy locks, dams. lil'Mges nnd ronds 111 the South, among which was the locks and dam nt Marked Tree, many bridges and loads In the. vicinity of Marked Tree and similar work in Mississippi, Louisiana and Missouri. Because of his wide experience and his knowledge of the Russian language, he believes lie can be, of most help in that country. Questioned as to why he volunteered for service, despite being past the draft age, and why lie Sought the rtniiBcrs of foreign dutyi he said "My heart is In my new country and 1 would like to show my Appreciation which, I fe'cl, can best be done by asking to help In my former homeland, wllh which l rim familiar."• ' '•• I IN FINAL E x t r m e m Nervousness Sweeps Euro|)e ; ^Yahks Rcrx)rtcd On Cyprus - Hy United I'rrsi All Kuioire'ls le\w 'I here h n feeling Mint lonictlilng momentum Is nhniil to bienk, now Iliu battle of:Tunl!la I.) In its last'coil- vuMvc'Mnisc. 'Hio Hrlllsh House of Coiniiions him Jusl held a , highly secret session on a subject which Tor els; ii, Srcretnry fCdeir nild would he hi- ndvlKidile to m»ko iiubllc. Fhorlly thcienltcr, Deputy Pilmo Mlnlslcr AUlccn mnde a'ron'ort on (lio Tuiildnn Bltiiatfdii— a, (ask iisif- nlly liaiidlcd l>y Winston Churchill'. Axis Kushcs llcfnisc'i ' Axis it ports icllcct Ihe extrcun nenoiiMlcwi swcipliui Eurniw Am- eiltan troons nre rciiortcd on Cyprus Island In the ensleni Me<l|- (ciiniiOHn, Dicwmnbly foi oftcn- sl\e cpciutlnns. 'llie Axis Is rc- ITOitcd laboring [rnntlcnlly lo hticiiKthon It.s forlintallons on Rlc- Ili, fcaullnln Corsica nti-l wiilhcrn Itnlv Moscow rrnorts lint many Il«llnns haic dcscitrd recently in southern Iluly nnd Sltllv Noiwuy 101X11 ts InlensUn t7«/l shin iiiovr- menis— passlbly iiuolvlng the super nlll^hln Tirpll/ Algier, snvs long mime Na/f linns me lining mounted on the nench ilvlcra and c.!\l]lang hnyr bi'en evacuated from the ncnth Medltenniiwin const Dcpicislon h icimilrd rnnipatit In Hungars on Ihi! licLii, of Ihe AxK ilcftnl 7n limlsla. TwLnty-slx more nutch pntilots nro snld to have been slnln by the Nii/h In Holland Tot' Biibotncu. i < And In Washington Secrcl.iry of lliii Nnvy Knnx hits hinted thnt InvaMon nimlcs He' declared 1 "Possesrlnn nf Sicily by the Al- Iks would bo n tremendous nvet oo - \ So Would P055c i 'sion nf U..L t , r«y?'. i inui ui !•*•/. LIU- •hjrrt cfjnsj of the Medilcrrriy* Kliox mediator! Ihnl/ the whole T, ,, o Un ted Nation-, shipping ,«, „ „,. •iiilt of the 'Iiiuisian vletoiy d»- fpite all the Na?l air fmco cin do Tlmt vietory Is n^umlni crent- ci proportions hoiirlv Orennl/rdi rcslstnnco on Cnp BQII is djliv out nncl the entire peninsula \", TOlnfed , In the Znghoiinn moun- tnin scctoi, crack Gcrninn assault mop, conllm/c to fight biltcily, but they are In a hopeless posl- 'ides "" <ler " Wllllt ' fr °'" ll ' rp - i! 'Ihe numiicr of German prlwn- 100 000 On Cnp Bon, thTTmor- Na '' l '> nn> surrcnclcrinn by compnnl(^, although they whole -.-..„.. nie reifiiiYtal ns second line troops I lie ie«l Nai-i',-the ones near Ka"- hounn-nrc expected ( 0 hrjlcl out foi a while longer fn n, c i-oith, just below fnl Lake Achkcl, the Nii/h also nre contliiuliu spo- - radic resistance although Ihc main Oeriiwn nimy In (Imt sector ,„,. icndcicd formally to the Amcrl- on Siinrtny Small Nn/l gun- rllla band, are hiding In cnvcs and dashing oul in night n mo rnlcis on ncaibv \illnijes American nnd Drltlsh bomber* "San luuc bombed the .enemy's airfields and harbors on Pnnlel- lerla island -ami Sicily, while oilier planes' plastered Cnp: Bon' arid llie ^iiehoiinn sector. Two' sninll Axis shl|>s were sunk by 'Drltlsli bomlier.s In the Aegean Sen • •'•-• Deputy Prime Minister ' Alllco lold Commons after • today's : sc- C ,', CL ,^ ss , 1 °" tlint "rl'ish- casual- Mpji lotalcd 10,800 men in the- Insl three weeks of the campaign.- Heavy Rainfall Here Cotlon and other farm nnd garden crow of Oils section arc ns- surcd n ?ood growth, following more rnln overnighl. ..•',.. .", '. ; .. .7 Approximately one and Ihrec- fourtlis inches fell during a ram slorm yesterday afternoon and last night, which otllowcd approximately Ihrre-foiirth of an inch during Ihc weekend to make two nnd one- naif Inches of badly needed mols- Partially overcast clouds added to the good to be derived from Ihe rain. ' • New York Coltort Mph. May . 2027 .open: high' low--. close • 1937 1971 1961 .... 1955 July Oct. Dec. 199€ 19S1 1911 ,2029 2023 2022 C024 2000 1893 1993 1995 !985 1978 1978 1980 1974 1965 1965 1963 New Orleans Cotton open high .low, close prVcl. Men. . 1055- 2003' 1991 1991 199S May .. 2056' 2057 2052 2052 205» July .- 2027 2031 2033 < 2033 203« Oct. . 2flll 2015 2000 ,2007 2010 Dec, : 2000 20M 1996 ',1997 1999

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