The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 28, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THX DOMINANT NTftVflPAPFD /iw Mr\Dfuv*A crn xrit/-*»>njr, .»,.. ,.— ._ DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOUIU VOLUMH XI,—NO. 88.' BlythevJUe Dolly Newi Blytlievllle Courier Blythevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley I«ailei Japs Boast Preparations For New Drive In Pacific; More Raids Soften Kiska BLYTHICVlLi.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY "28, |<),|;j Today's War Commentary Pacific Powder Keg Events Indicate Explosion Soon By THOMAS J. DONU1IUE of United Press Various official slalcnicnts in recent days have given the impression (tint American strength in' the I'ndlir is rapidly becoming formidable. There is a iee)iti K that major action is approaching. Australian leaders no longer .spoak of bolstering the dcfcus-. es of Die commonwealth. That jieriod of the war in the Pa- No\v, the emphasis is upon cilic apparently lias passed iitliick. The results of [lie latest series of air bullies over tiic Solomons region indicate that we nave achieved an imporlnnl measure of . ----air supremacy in Ihnl area. Our I l!umct " n 6 an all-onl offensive. ing strenuously to build lip our strength lo Ihe maximum before fliers have shot down a prohibitive number of Jap planes at surprisingly small cost. In six engagements we destroyed, 20C Jap planes this month against a loss ot less than 20 American planes. The United States Pacific flecl has' liikcii part in no major engagement since il defcalcd a big Jap fleet in the last big encounter o(T Guadalcanal in November. Yet, official statements have said that this fleet ol ours has been heavily strengthened so that now it is ready for anything. Other reinforcements (o the Pacific war theaters have continued without let-up, despite preparations in Africa and Britain for the invasion of Europe. It nil points to one thing:—The invasion of Europe will not be al the expense of the war against Japan. Since our victory nl Guadalcanal in February we have been working quietly, building and fortifying bases already in our hands and taking a number of new ones in strategic^ocatlons. ••• Oilier*. Unannounced ; We know lhat our troops havfr .occupied RinafutI In the Ellic chain, and the '• Russell Islands '.northwest of Guadalcanal. There havf been others too about which we'll learn in", due time , J 4*1 Very HI Guadalcanal taught us many things, chief of which was the Importance of never being loo late, or doing too little. We nearly lost Guadalcanal after our marinc.s landed there because of the near disastrous defeat nt Savo island where four, of our cruisers were sunk in a Jap surprise attack. In forthcoming opcralions, there will be no room for mistakes, inade- (liiiitc support or lack of preparation. We'll move when we're fully ready; not before. And it seems probable that we're almost ready now. Osccola Flier Killed In Pensacola Crash Gels Wings Posthumously OSCEOLA, Ark., June 28.— Mr. and Mrs. George D. Ballouc have received the .Naval Air Corps' 1 Wings of Gold" which would have been awarded their son, George D. to may figure largely in developments. Most/ of the big- scale Jap aerial sorties during Iho past month have been directed against tlie KUssel'ls and Guadalcanal, indicating that the eneniv lokyo Spokesman Claims "lactical Supremacy;" Kiska Invasion Looms By United I'rtss The Japanese Army mid Ihe United Stales Navy served notice today lo wnlch out for an early explosion In' (lie Pacific. The Japs, through their army .spokesman, boasted that they have completed "all preparations" to strike a decisive blow. "Tiic Japanese forces," this .spokesman said, "will swing into llw opening stage of n fresh, major campaign," • He boasted that Japan has cs- tablished "full tactical supremacy" agalnst Ihe Allies. Now, he said, everything is ready for what he called a "surprise and dauntless assault" into llic enemy's center, The United States Navy lincl something more definite to offer than what might have been mere Japanese propaganda bombast. Today, a Navy. communique announced seven .smashing air raids on the Jap base of Kiska in the Aleutians in a single dny. These assaulls brought lo 1C the' number delivered against Kiska In three straight days and they reflected tlie possibility 'of an early American ground attack against (lint isolated Japanese base. Repeat Atlu Tactics Tile drive oh Attn was preceded by preliminary bombardments similar to those now in progress against Kiska. In this connection, Ihe American Army Deputy Chief of Staff, Lieut. Gen. Joseph T. McNarny, snys the Japs have been forced lo follow our lead since the Americans re-captured Atlu. He also said Ibal our .Pacific forces are getting first line planes and declared that our Pacific operations have forced the Jap to withdraw gradually toward his .home bases. McNary, testifying before a Senate subcommittee, declared: , "The,.,coordinated . operations of our land, mid air forces' arc 'ra*pl'dly BETTER IB NEK West Virginia «uul Illinois Miners Set Exairtplc Bui Many Remain Idle lly UnHi-il Cross A mass uaok-to-work movrmru by nwsl c<f Iho united Minn Wovli ers promise's quid: rffitrnlshiucn for Iho mil Ion's dwindling con stocks, Only ii few pnckels of ivlwllloi still are holdlni; tint against th general work return (o ttovrumien;. operated coiil fields. Tlie mast, serious Ircublc-spol If still Ponn.sylvmiln, where M.OO! miners are defying their unloi leaders and conlinulun n wlldeii: strike, in the slate's nurd con] fields al loast 12,01)0 men refUM-c' to work Oils morning. West Virginia, America's lendlir coal producer. Is llic imrllculn bright spot in today's Imprnvec picture. Virtually nil of (he ante'- 130.000 miners returned lo thr plUs on Uin morning slilfl. Am It's the siime story in Illinois. nut in Ohio mid Alnbaimi ovi'i DOOO strikers are keeping back-to- work drives from Ijclng complcteli cllec.tlvc. Many Mini's Busy Mosl of America's mines wr again going al full .steam nl r. time when the accumulated cIToni of Ihe drasgcd-oul coal sqnnubU Is seriously thrcatcnlm- our win production. In the lilghly Indnx- tilal Pltt.shuruh region steel officials have e.sllmaled their pni. ductlcn will nose-dive over, 20 pet cent nest wees because of bnnkcd blrisl furnaces. And other sled .spokesmen hnvc already poluled out lhal even after all ot the miners are back II will take several days to reheat tin fiirnacc.s for the. production of pig-Iron. In Washington, Ju.ilicc Department officials are .sllll tninlyxlnc the Sinlth-Connally iinli-sti ll;e lt>v Tt Isn't yet clou- If (he stringcm labor law will apply to Individual miners still out on .strike. The know"n as "Sonny', imnendinE I" 15 iri ™ ds ' Blon « wlth 1'ls Lieutcn- '' Ei .-int commission only five days afier his death on May 20, at Pensacola,, Tod;iy ' s Nrwy CQm , mmitme „.. I vealcrl six more American attacks killed | on enemy nests In Ihe South Pa- fears something unpleasant is'go- ing on there. The Russells themselves arc R siring of land spots about 20 miles long. There are two main islands. Pavuvuuzvanika, surrounded by 100 tiny islets so small they arc not shown even on large-scale maps. The importance of the Russells is their ability to shelter large naval nnit.s. Sunlight channel, which runs between Pavuvu and Danlka. is more than loo feet deep, adequate for the biggest drcadnaught. It is jusl passible that the Russell islands will give us tiie base we need for our Heel lo opcralc to the north. When and if the Americans undertake an offensive against the main Jap base at Ra- baul, on New Britain Island, they will need all tlie naval and support they can get. air Raljaul is beyond the efTicicnl range of land-based fighter planes now, so aircraft carriers may be necessary to win a foothold on I fiat enemy base. Heel Slay Play T'art in any battle for Rabaiil, there is a strong likelihood of a major fleet action. Rabaul has been Japan's big air and naval base for operations against Die Solomons New Guinea, nnd the Unilcd Slates-Australia supply Ii nc almost since the oiil.sct of the Pacific war. tl Is fed by llic still bigger nnd more formidable Jap base of Trufc to the north. Both Tnik and Rabaul arc the two primary Allied objectives in the whole South Pacific. They are the nails holding down Japan's defensive barrier east of Ihe Philippines-Dutch East Indies line. If they fall lo the Allies, Japan inighl find her posllion al Guam untenable and ..she probably could not hold on to New Guinea. She would be unable 'to maintain her holdings In Ihe Gilbert and Marshall island groups. And Inc. way would be opened for a direct Allied assault on Japan itself. Aim Tor Kncniy "Heart" II is well lo bear in mind previous statements by General MacArthur and others that Allied strategy docs nol envisage any Island-hopping campaign lo Tokyo. To attempt lo clean up each one of Ihe hundreds ol Islands Japan has conquered would require' years of cxhansltncr, costly slrugglc. Our objective is to secure bases from which lo mount ihe grand Bssaull on Japan lUelf. The.theory Is that the Japanese home islands are the pulsing heart of the ill-gotten Japanese empire, if the heart dies, so will the limbs and arteries that spread Ihroiighoul Ihe Pacific Allied capture ol Rabaul would be the preliminary to Allied conquest of Truk. We don't propose to waste our energies and expend material on sideshows. The long lull in major Pacific operations In- dicalcs strongly thai we are labor- ; c'rapidly iringing: us itoward a filial vlc- Today's Lieutenant Balloue was wlien a smaller plane collided, in cifie. Two of these rnlds-by heavy mid-air with Ihe large Catalina and medium bombers, dive bni •flying boat in which he and eight other officers were flying over Pensacola Bay. This is the first award to be made posthumously lo a Mississippi County boy of World War II. He was graduated from Osceola High School in 1930, where he star- Ved in basketball and football. He was also a member of the East Arkansas Young Men's Club and active In (he young people's work ol the Methodist Church. Enlisting in the Naval Air Corps in July ISW, he was trained nl tlie University of Georgia, Athens, Ga., Lamberl Field, St. Louis, and at the Pcnsacola Base. In a personal Icltcr lo Ballouc's parents this week, Commandant Cameron Brlggs expressed the lu>i>c thai Ihe wings of gold rightfully earned by their son would be some consolation. Among the personal effects which Sonny's flight adput- ant returned to Mr. and Mrs. Ballou were their son's log book, his billfold recovered from part of the wrecked plane lifted from the gulf in which were signed pledge found to buy intact his a certain amount of War Bonds, his lied Cross pledge, driver's license and IMjstoffice money order receipt for money sent to the Bryant Floral Company here lor flowers to be sent to his mother and sister on Easier Sunday. Only two bodies of Ihe II men killed in the accidcnl were recovered. Impressive Memorial Services for the young (Her were held from Ihe Methodist church on May 30, Memorial Day throughout the na- lion, and were Ihe first of their kind held for a soldier in this county in Mils war. Woman Recovering From Poison Dose Mrs. Mary Alice Via Allison. 37, wife of Olan Allison, was admitted to Blylheville Hospilal yesterday morning after drinking a substantial (|iiantily of carbolic acid at her home, 216 West Davis. The act immediately discovered, physicians treatment were able lo render for tlie ]x>ison potion ore, torpedo bombers and fighters — were against Munda, the enemy air base in the New Georgia group. Also 'hit were Kahili on Bougainville; Rctnka Bay on Santa Isabel; Callale, In the Northwestern Solomons, and Vila on Kolomlian- gara Island. Jap Subs Attacked From an advanced base in the South Pacific comes word that one Jap submarine probably has been sunk by a Hudson patrol bomber. anrt a .second one has been attacked in the Coral Sea with unobserved results. The probable was scored 200 miles southwest of the Pijis when the enemy sub was spotted oti the surface. American nnd, British airmen re teaming up against ihe Jap in Burma. The monsoons lifted lonq enough yesterday lo permit (lie Yanks to hit enemy installations :n Central Burinn with heavy force, and the HAF u> bins!, mnj Arakar. District. The c'oisi.H Americans destroyed important cotlon mills, soulhwcsl of Mandalay and damaged railroad installations cast ot Mandalay. Our bombers appear to be striking whenever possible at the projected Burma - Thailand Railway which Ihe Japs arc build- in B. within a short time and it was I ihe class To Register Adults For Swimming Class Adults who want to learn lo swim may do so free of charge in Hie Red Cross swimming program which has been enlarged (o take care of this group, because of the wide Interest. Classes will be held each Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 until 8 o'clock, al the Walker Park Pool, with ihe flrsl lo begin Thursday night. Registration will be held the first class nlghl, according to Miss Alice Saliba, in.slnrclor, who announced loday lhat all should bring suits and caps to the first class Thursday night so Icsslous could be started al that time. Tile children's class, which already has more than 100 registered, will begin tomorrow morning cvjo o'clock. Because of the large group will probably continue She declined lo discuss Ihe son for her acl.. Cross Wins Wings Among the young men from all over Ihe nation w!>o received silver wings as navigators last week was Lieut. George E. Cross Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Cross, during graduation exercises held at Hondo, Texas, one of the Gulf Coast Training Center's huge aerial navigation training bases. Livestock ST. LOUIS, June 28 (UP)—Hogs- 21,500; salable 18,000; lop 13 00 : 180-280 pounds 13.«5-1.1.00; no- 1GO pounds 13-13.50; sows 12.9013.25, Callle: 2,100; salable 2,000 calves 1,200 all salable. Slaughter steers 11,50-16.50; slaughter heifers 1015.50; mixed yearlings nnd lieltcrs H-14.75; slockcr and feeder slcers 11-15.65; .canners and cutters B50- 10; cows 10.25-11.50. Lewis and other union leaders, L. who let the miners go out bill then called them back. Vein Is Tlircal ; A presidential veto couldn't stor! the anti-strike Inw, mil Ihe threat of anqlher veto may rein In the coiigiGssioiml,,i-evolt'von'-;lhe' - fooif , front controversy. Senator O'Mahoney of Wyoming is urging Capilol Hill lo compromise with Ihe White iloase on the subsidy roll-back tight, lie warns Congress that Mr. Roosevelt may veto the entire Commodity Crcdil Corporation bill as n means of killing amendments u-hlcli outlaw llic OPA's subsidy progrnm lo roll back prices of butter, meats and coffee-. The Wyoming Democrat suggests Hint both houses develop a plnn to give subsidy pay men Us dlreclly sors. O'Mahoncy believes llils could be the basis of a compromise which Irath the President and Con- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS- Allied Air Blows Continue To Fall- Axis Tension Mounts As Foe Stand$ Braced For Invasion Expected Soon Italian Admiral Surrender Italian Admiral I'nvesl, left, Commandcr-ln-cnief ',f the fullen Island of -1'nntollcrlu, shown with ono of Ills senior ofl'lceis following the Island's MITCH;lur. (Ilvlltsh (.Illclnl photo Irinn KHA tclcphoto. 1'iiMeil }>f CRii.tor.) Blythevillc Yontlis To At- 'tcncl College Aflcr Passing Rigid Tesls Fivc,,15lythevllle youths will bc- v.. traliiliu; this finder' the 1 Niivi' program In which they will attend collcRe Jit the samo lime they jirc In the service of. their country. This program, designed only ffir Qiilslnndlnt! youths who passed rigid mtiitni and physical tests. Is one of the mast noniilnr offered among high school grndimlcs and those already In college. Billy Drowne, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. ,1. Hrowne, Chris Tompklns Jr., son nf Mr. and Mrs, Tompklns Gregory Atkins, nephew ot Miss Marie llarnlsh, and Mnson Day. son . - - --j. of Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Day, will to farmers—instead of to piocc.s-1 leave Thursday tor Bcwancc, Tcnn.. llrl 11-1 gress And could accept, lie predicts that the CCC. with il.s full program of aid lo tiic farmers, will be doomed If so arrangement Isu'l worked oul. Luxor a Resident Accidentally Shot George Hammock, 35. of Lnxora, was shot In the Icil iinn loday al his home. Me said he was prewiring l< ihool sparrows when Hie sho("uu fired, lodging several |icllei.,s In lib arm a short distance below Ihr shoulder. fiemoved lo Walls HospiUI. hi:; condition was said to be very good early this afternoon. New Orleans Cotton Mcli. May . .Inly Oct. Dec. open . lOni 1097 . 2C80 2020 , 2013 high 1907 1084 20S'I 2033 201fi low 10!)l 1077 2073 2029 2013 close pr.d. IM-l 1091 IflOlh 107-1 2081 h ?081 2031 2020 2013 2012 where (licy will enter University of Ihe South for Ihcir Naval College Iralolue under the V-12 progrnm. Hll| Morse, a pre-mcdlcnl student al University of Arkansas, Fayetlcvlllc, for the past year and a half, will leave the same day for Mntillcello, Ark., where he will attend Monticello A. and M. College. Yesterday Hottest Day Of The Summer Yesterday wns llic holiest day of 11)13 In nlythcvllli: In „ conllii- iliitlun u( Ihe holiest wealhor ever cxiiurlciiccd here In June, uncord- ing lo old lliiicis. The otricluPwcnlhcr thcrmomi:- ter soared lo 00 iliyjrtc.s, onn point liliilicr than the mercury had cllinued (lui'lng llils month. Minimum temperature last night viRS 711 degrees.. JEEE1MI) I Blythevillc and Canithcrs- ville Members To Hear W. M. Shepherd Vlsll of W. M. Shepherd, Im- medlnlc pnsl president of I In; United Slates Junior chamber of c«m- mcrcc. to the niylhcvllle club will highlight (lid meeting tonight, 7 o'clock, nt Mule] Noble at which members of Caruthnra- viUe, Mo., chit) nl.sY) will l>c In coining lo Dlyllicvtllc he i« paying an oiriclnl visit lo the Arkansas slain president, U S. Benin the simc program, after having Ish. a member of the local club, already (nude an enviable record | The at the University. Ulylbevllle dub. ycung In years, has imlerlnlncd Enrl Danlclson, son of Mr. and' a number of outstanding men in Mrs. O. VV. Daniclson. l.loyd liloincyer. son ol Mr. nnd Mrs. K. F. Dloiiicycr, who Jiiive. been lie- •cptod lor thi; N:»vy.V-r> program, me of llic highest offered, have not vet received Ihcir (-all. Lloyd will leave tonight for "ornrll University. Hliticn, N. Y., the past, al llic same lime tin; group has sponsored nulKlmultni; programs of civic Interest. 'flu: former national president, director nf the llural Development Department of tlie Arknnsii.s rower and Light Company, i'ljiu Uhilf, was elected lo Hits lilgli'-rankin-j; for n srni'.slcr niter having won n olflcc In June ol 1012 nl Diillus .scholarship lucre, before entering Texas, after having served the pie- Fire Damages Roof The roof ol the Kd nrnlrher residence. 200 South Lilly, was damaged by lire yrslcrclny nfter- norn which broke out. nt 2 o'clock. The flames soon were cxlinguish- wlth only slight by firemen damage. vious year us vico president and i:,now iclin<|iilshlng his olllce. Ncw York Cotton May July Oct. nee. open . IflM 11193 hlifh 1»37 20S-1 2005 10BO low IBM 1!MC> 20-1!) irw 1079 close IOCS I!)fi3 2003 2090 $1500 Awaits Winners In Horse Show July 21 Blylheville Is to have a Horse, Plans rail for Hie slirtw lo be Show. I he date Is July 21. Sponsors carried out on a large scale with are the Ulylhtvillc junior Cham-'the prl7c money ranking with other bcr of commerce and cooperating shows of this section held in the icsldcnls of Mississippi County. | post Place Ls Hnley Field, Blythevillc High School grounds. Prizes will be S15&00 in cash and ribbons. JSccaus; of the wide interest now being shown in horses, llic Jaycces have decided lo sponsor thi s sport- Ing event, dropped from the program of Ihe Mississippi Counly Fair allcr having been held as a parl of ih? week's entertainment in previous years. Al least 15 classes will be shown with horses Irom a wide area lo be entered by owners, a number of whom both here and elsewhere, were contacted before It was fully decided to have the show. This substantial sum already has hccn raiser! by the sponsors who expict to draw excellent entries because of the prize? and the Marianna show on the following nlghl. Because n number of men stationed at nlytheville Army A«r Field are Intcrrsled in horses, llic air base will be asked lo cooperate In tlic event, it was.announced. \Vlicn a survey wa.s made lo determine whether Blylhcvillc wanted such an event staged for Ihe Mid- Summer season, the response wii most enthusiastic, the Junior Chamber of Commerce committee The Blylhcvllle Horse Show will j TS'"?^!) and be followed on July 22 by a slm liar show at Marlaima with the Iwo cllics cooperating on these dales so that a larger field will be drawn by owners ol horses who will travel farther when they cnn show nl Iwo contests In lhat many nights, It was pointed out. . were given by merchants and other Individuals «'l(h some gifts from Wilson and oilier points of Mississippi Coiinly by horse enthusiasts. Pointing out that Blyllievillc is strategic point for such an event In the late Summer, when crops arc "lalct by" and many farmers and other men have more spare time to Indulge in such a sport, Ihe lo- calion is expected to be an Incentive for a large attendance from Smilhinst Missouri. Northeast Arkansas, Tennessee and Mlssllpnl. ''ormcr Blylhcvillc Man Cited For Gallantry In Tunisian Campaign "For ynllnnlry in (icllon, . ,' .'I'l.nis reach Iho cltiiUon awarding llic :Sllv<'i--St<ir iueilifl: IcTtisW'A' Hnnner, 2fi-year-old , former riiy- llH'.vllle umn,. now with the American forces In North Africa. The son of O. Icugumi llanner, IJIylhDvllh! liifftiraucc man, he Joln- id Hie Army li! months ago. ills "nllicr has received n copy of llic' citation which reads:."For Rnllnnlry In notion on Anill, lOI.'l ntfiit' Tunisia, North Africa, limner wllh two other men pro- ucntled to establish cniiuiumlcn- lons between a forward otacrva- .Itin post on Hill 40!) nnd Ihe bal- nllon cotimiand post. "After advancing several hundred yards they were lakeu under heavy enemy nrllllory and murtnr fire, .'Iven though warned by their Infantry to dike cover. 'Ifatmcr nnd the two other men did not stop until the ooiniuunlcnllons rterc established botwecn llic olxscrvnllon .lost, which was out In trout ol his infiintry. and his battalion com- niand iiost. "Etfecttvn counter Imltery fire was Immediately conuuctcd (roni this obsei'vntion \m;t. Ilanncr'» cournge IIEftfipSHIT Raiders Also Pick Naples Targets; Italy Expects Landings On Sicily By United I'rcsi Allied bnmlwrs are hainmerlng ominously nt ihe rim ot Europe. I'hi.'y are hllllni; Fninec, Greece nnd Unly wllh rlslnu fury In ix pnttcrn thut 1ms "Invasion" written all over II. ,• : Never before have Axis nerves been so on edge.. The enemy now s convinced lhal tlie Invasion :iour Is almost ill hand. : They tico It In tiic powerful week-end, nssnull by American ii'-enxlnod Liberators upon two Axis airdromes , near Athens. They . sou It In Saturday's blistering HAP raid on Nnples, the chief base/for soulhei-n ' Itnly, Sicily mid Sardinia, And they see It In go uc-' tlvltles ot tho nrltlsh lleot. '• NiiKl-controllcd Swedish . reports say Ainerlciui batllcslilp.'i' Imve entered Iho Mediterranean to .take pint In the' limi«lon of Europe. Italians llrpnrlcd al Sea Other Kiuopciin reports siiy Die (lulliu! fleet ,1)11.% |iut to sea—per- liH|(s lo Inkc part hi a sulcld'iV. slnml iigiilnsl the .combined Allied fleet* But thera iilso Is n'p'osal-- blllly Dial Mussolini's Inllcrcd navy moi'iily Is liiovlng fromone bombed out haven in another, safer one. Km-lcli dtsinitches suy Italy cX- |)Mts mi Allied -Inudlng In Sicily, Sardinia or Hnly at almost nuiy moment. On Sicily, where Allied bombings reportedly hnve dl.sru|>l- cd the water supply, (he people nre said to: do feverishly mining roads and fortifying the beachw." In Bulgaria, the nervousness has re ichccl an acute itnjjc nlth linijc runs, business, nt i\ general stahd- stlll, and iwntiil and telegraph sr>r- vlccs placed under martial lixw The Qcrnmns arc reported tmn terlng cueiy man Intliidliii! pvcti war pilsoncfs to bohlcr llic an'll- Inva-iloli bnrricndis of : Greece -^ brlghler thnu over following HIP raid on the Athens airports whore flrts were slatted and heavy <lp- stiucllon wrought Our bombers foufiht their wny 11110*11811 eiiemi flglildr fornmllons, - shooting rtown seven nnd probably 15 of them. The bombprs revived ..hooc that the Creeks soon will be liberated. While DrllHln's \yelllhRtons, were rnldlng .Naples, ivlicrn large (Ires were .started in , the freight yards, Malla based bombers attacked tho Sicilian airdrome of .Ocrbliil. Occupied Frinrr Hit Cccupleil France, got it. lodoy from American heavy, bombers; The exact targets 'have' not yet been Identified. But observers on the English coast coultf hear 'Ihe big formatlftns sweeping eastward the channel. Abotit mid-way over, lhe^,rattle of machine c/Un and cannon nre also was licar'd but llic big planes kept right on, going. Earlier,', RAF-planes','sank two sliliis, set fire to a third, and damaged tlirce' others' : In 'onfaL- :nan convoy oil - the n credit to the armed (orccs of the United, sintes." Young llunncr hnii » wlh. Mis. Ob Jifitmor, hi Mempiil, 1 ;. He lived in lilythcvillc a year before going into service. Negro Held A fter Attack With Knife Htiforcl Hnttcr was severely cut by Tonunle Hooker, another Negro, ax the climax lo an altercation Halimliiy shortly afternoon In an Abraham apartment nl. the rear of Uro.-uHvny and Ash, Police Chief William Hcrrymnn announced. Hooker Is held In the clly jail on n tentative charge pending outcome of Ilalltrr'.s Injuries whose condition u'.-i.s very serious Satitr- dav but which Is much improved lo<tny. A lender In Ihe arm was cut, i:auslni; considerable loss of blood. Appeals Decision J. II. Crntu. liuslce for Lee Wll- Within a distance of 80 miles,'son and Company, asked the Ar- vlsltors can nonic to nlythevllle kansas Supreme' Court yesterday from four states, in addition (o lo set aside a Mississippi Circuit Illinois, which Is expected to be Court order denying $1,000 'Judg- repre,-,cnted. mcnl agalnsl the Frisco Lines. Sprclal classes will be of interest Common Plena Court of the Oslo fanners and there also will be ccoll> District awarded Mr. Craln a children's It was announced. -Judgment for damages to a truck It Is expected thai Die event will " tul seml-lrallcr lhat were slruck draw several Ihoiisnnd spectators. 1)v n Msco passenger train between Al (he ParaBpuM show recently, Driver nnd Orlrier. On appeal lo whtrc pri7,cs lolalllng S1300 were Circuit Cowl, Ihe judgment was awarded there were 2500 iieople reversed, present. It was said. ' . ~— The stadium at Haley Field win Manila Store Entered scat several thousand people and extra bUachcrs are available. Be- No c|l|M yct , mw bm , fo(md report lhal Ihe recent fiinnstilng fittacks on the Riihr valley hnvc '. wrecked . almost half-of lliat most vital war Industrial 'sec- lion of, nil Germany. Ijisl nlghl, had weather apparently grounded lirllnln's big nlghl raiders. The strides made by the American flth Air Force are Indicated in n .statement from the Eighth's Service Command chief, Mnj. Gen. Henry J. F. ilf.fHcrwuo.cnys that If ordered, the 8th Air Force Sir- vice Command can slcp up Ihe nir offensive against Europe -45 per cent. A British communique today gnve striking evidence lhat Hie Germans aro llic only ones proficient In trie use of mines, 'ft said that since the slart of the wnr, at least 400 Axis ships have been sunk or damaged by mines laid In European waters. : Axis coastnl traffic Is. saW. to have been reduced considerably. ' It was It Is believed this location out. Jimmie Stcvcmon Is chairman of the general commute: wllh J. Far- rls Mccalla and S. a. Sliellou as other members. Approximately $25 In cash was stolen from Ihe cash register by some one who entered the biilldlns through n rear window, prized open, an investigation revealed Early Celebration Costs Dealer $100 Tlie fireworks sland owned by O. D. Duncan of Memphis had a premature July Fourth celebration early last night when $100 worth of fireworks accldenlally were lc> nllcd lo cause explosion-like sounds. A child lighted a sparkler near Ihe ftaud, located at Joyner OH Company On Highway 61 Sortli, and a stray .sparkler set of! olher fireworks. • • • Within a moment firecrackers were bursting, sky targets shoot- Ing, iparklers dancing, all of which made terrific sounds. Damage was confined to loss,of the fireworks stand. displayed on the Dec, ChicagoRye open high low close 100H 102 97% 101H IOOW 103JS 104« 1033S 104?4 103

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