Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 30, 1956 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1956
Page 27
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-SEVEN At Achievement Program Greene County Farm Adviser CARROLLTON.-John Biekot,; concerning 4-H flub activities, j Martin. The three were winners of H high rating at the Greene County Share the Fun Festival held this summer. Refreshments were served a* * 1 | "1WT 1 • «! Tirr 1 I " ie close of <lle Program. Lead- Addresses Wood ville Workers!™ o[ the club nre Vernon Rey I nolds and Louis Ostermann. Attend Star IMeetlng CARROLLTON.-Miss Bertha j Fieker, lecturer from Carlinville, wns guest of honor and Mrs. Adrian Read of this city was the guest in the east at Eastern Star Advance Nifiht Tuesday eve- Greene County form adviser, was guest, speaker at the achievement program of the Woodville Worker's 4-H Club Tuesday evening in the Farm Bureau Hall. Bicket also showed a movie Each member of the club appeared on the program with a. demonstration or a short talk and a musical program was presented by Miss Diane Davidson, Gene Ostermann and Stephen PERFECT! it's pure cane! ning in Carlinville. | Mrs. Read is the associate nia- tron of the local Eastern Sinr.; Others attending from here were Mrs. W. C. ShePls and Mr*.; Howard Kes«ip. ; Instruct Election flourd i CARROLLTON. -John Mirket.j conn I.v farm adviser, and Curl Wright, manager of the local Agricultural Slnhili/atimi Con- sorvfltion office, gave instructions conrornine the elccli;>n of i the ASC community committee- ; men Tuesday at a meeting of the county Agricultural Stabilization Conservation elect ion boarr! in the Farm Bureau Hall. : The election of the coninui-i nity committeemen will be at, 1:30 p.m., Sept. 11 at voting j places within each township to j he announced in the public no- j lice ol the election. On that j date also will he elected an ASC county chairman, vice chairmen, committeemen and first and SI.T- i ond alternates. ; Honored on Hirthilii.v I CARROLLTON.—Glenn Manis I and Lynn Manis, twin sons of | the Rev. and Mrs. Glenn Manis, j celebrated their eighth birth-1 clays Tuesday by spending .the afternoon and evening in St. Louis and attending a ball game. The boys were accompanied by their parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Manis of this city and the Rev. and Mrs. William Sealock and sons of Winchester. Tale of Woe BOSTON H* — Running an elevator in one of Boston's not- j very-tall office buildings is not j all beer and skittles. j An operator told this tale ofj woe: "A guy gets on and starts to tell somebody a joke. Just as he's getting to the point—boom! It's time for them 'to get off. 1 never get to hear a whole story. It has been going on for years." A.G. TOMATO JUICE.. 2 46 ^ MIRACLE WHIP . abor Day CHUNK NORTHERN TISSUE 4 33c .. USWO LUNCHEO POTATOES KOOL .... REYNOLDS WRAP B.U IVORY—P.nnnal 4 ,., 25* LUX SOAP 3... 27* IVORY FLAKES 21.,,. 65* CHEER 2....63C TIDE 2 ,,,.. 63* FAB 2 ,.,. e 63* FAULTLESS STARCH Stmidt Lima Btaitt 1 Lb. Pk». Htinz Baby Food 3 ,., 31* Underwood Dtviltd Ham 2 _,, 35* Jtll'O 3 F . r 25* Crisee 3tb. 93* Crcamcftts 2 ; k °;. 25* Hipolite n,,,, 25* Btrty Crocker Cake Mix *• °»- 31* C<n. **V A.G. Strawberry Preserves It OK. C«n, AJQ. Placed SWEET PICKLES . Aunt Nelli* POTATO SALAD . A.G. Plain Qui'cu OLIVES ..... Half etc Tiny FRESH KOSHERS . Maul)'* BAR-B-Q SAUCE . '£• 25« •L" 65« -. . - ... 2 '£• 45' Small Ilk; '2*45' FROZEN lUTTERED BEEFSTEAKS 3"-89c Ctn. SEA PASS BREADED SHRIMP . SEA PASS PERCH 2 8£ 65c IIRDS EYE ORANGE JUICE . . 2 £35* Luw E»idy-to-««t whole «r (hank half HAMS • • • • i Luer ready to Mt PICNIC HAMS . . . Luer or Mayrone — Skinless WIENERS . . . , Luer Kiiu'ti-X Brand BAGON .... Luer Fir*t Cutn PORK GHOPS . . . Lb. 39e • 45c 2 83c u 49c a I* > lb. rib ends PORK LOIN ROAST Luer's new large cello, sliced BOLOGNA . . . May rose Assorted COLD CUTS . . BOILED HAM ' Beef SIRLOIN STEAK l-b. Lb. Lb. » 49c 46c 49c 55c 69c PEANUTS V-HO CRACKERS MarelMillowi M*M CANDIES • C'iB 1* Ol. 1 lb. Ctu- « 01. 39' California Setdlem GRAPES 2 ,. b . Italian Prune PLUMS 2 w. 29$ Calif. Sunklat—Medium 110 .In ORANGES „... 49* U. ;g. No. t Idaho Huntet POTATOES 10 Lb .S9^ Golden Bantam SWEET CORN 6 t . r . RAIN GROCERY fM B. Mnwdway. Allan. Ul. DirrscHY's GROCERY M* Mil*, Alton, W- GODFREY FOOD MKT. Godfrey, ill. CNILDER'i MARKET 191 awta* Alton, Ul. THRIFT MARKET Ml ttomry, AHwi. III. tCHWEOEL'ft MARKET »»7 WMklHftwi Am., CAL'S MARKET Brighton, IlUnoii Chicken Arc Specials Now By IIIK ASSOCIATED P1!F,SS Turkey, hnm ;uul fried chiokon will he Ilir iti;-'.in dish in a good many Amrricali honiPS tli!s \\efk- t-iid if tlif naHon's luiiisrwivrs fin Ihi'il shopping with an pyp nn thr ''sppi'inls" in HIP stovc^. Tlir U. S. DppnrttiH'iit of Asjn- i iiltnrp fxppcts » recoi-fi turkey prop Ihis year, somPwIuTP nround 7.') million gobblers, mid (he crop is starting to markrl rarlipr tlvin usual. Many slurps, winch formerly rharRpd a hinhpr prixr- for Ihf small Inrkpvs. a IT keeping one prirp for all sixes ranging from 4 ponmls to :.'() and 22 pounds. Tho DppHi'lnipnt of Aariculturf also notps that nxcnllcnl catches this year have brought stocks of canned tuna fish to a high level, and that HIP ppanuls nspd to make peanut butler also arc in good supply. Salads will be more cosily this weekend, because a strike in California has curtailed lettuce product ion and sent the price higher, Carrots also are higher this week. but many Rood buys include green beans, beets, cabbage, celery, green peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Cooking apples and peaches are j in good supply and quality in many places, along with plums and prunes. Curiosity htrl Idle But Costly i/ For Corporations By SAM DAWSOX NEW YORK UPi — Curiosity about what goes on inside a solid hunk of matter is costing some corporations plenty. It's likely, to cost them more because expensive research facilities are. being expanded. The reason: what scientists call solid state physics has been rewarding many companies with profitable products they couldn't make 10 years ago. One example is the transistor, the little rod that can replace some radio tubes. Industrialists freely predict that within the next 10 years the major share of many businesses will come from products not now in j production. National Carbon next month will open a multi million dollar laboratory in Parma, Ohio, to concentrate on chemical and solid state physics. Bell Telephone laboratores' work in that field brought about the solar battery operated by the rays of the sun. » U. S. Steel opened a research center a few months ago in the Pittsburgh area, where solid state physics is applied particularly to metals. Other steel companies' research scientists work on specific problems in the same field. They learn, for example, about the strength and fatigue of' metals, how to improve the one and forestall the other. Solid state physics studies the ties that bind atoms together in solid matter and 'the movement of the electrons surrounding the nucleus of the atom. Nuclear physics, on the other hand, studies the core of the atom and from this study comes those loud bangs in the Pacific Ocean and the Siberian wastes. The study of solids, however, is concerned more with development of materials and processes for the metal, electronic, power, chemical and electro-chemical industries. Perhaps 100 scientists worked on solid state physics 20 years ago. Now that research field attracts between 3,000 and 4,000. By learning how some electrons can move in the solid matter under the influence of electric or magnetic fields or under the in- lluence of light of certain energy or wave lengths, scientists have developed such things as: nonmetallic magnets used in computers of advanced design; nonmelallie powders used in modern tape recorders; solid state rectifiers to transform alternating current to direct current. They are now seeking to perfect: intermetallics, which they describe as completely new materials with properties not found in materials used by industry today; new catalysts to speed up chemical and physical reactions in industrial processes; new types of TV receiving and transmitting tubes; and a host of new electronic marvels. Carrollton Currolltun Notes C'ARKOLl.TON. A marriage license was is^ui'd Aug. L'8 in I he ollice of County Clerk Coonrod tu Orville E. llahn anil Miss Julia !•'. Raines, both of Drake. Mr. and Mrs. l^ouis Ha IT went to White Hall Wednesday to attend the funeral of their great uncle, Fred Baird, in the White Hall Christian Church. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Riva of Clinton were guesta Sunday of Riva's brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. T. Riva. They were accompanied homo by Riva's mother, Mrs. Freda Riva who will be their guest for two weeks, Thn regular meeting of Teni:>le Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star will be held Tuesday evening in the Masonic Temple World's busiest railroad junction is Clapham Junotion, on British railways, when- 2,500 trains PUBS in 31 hours. MAMA STARTS PAPA STOPS BOUT HIGH COSTS OF LIVING!! CREAM O* THE CROP!! Bin ALL YOU WISH!! FRYING CHICKENS -29' AIADK BY HUNTER!! WHOLE!! 12 to 14 Average READY TO SERVE HUMS BY MAYROSK—NORWOOD!! Half or Whole!! SLAB BACON 25' IT'S FRESH!! IT'S SLICKDI! VOUNG 'N TENDER!! BEEF LIVER 19c OUB FAMOUS CHUCK!! BEEF STEAKS . . . 3 $1.00 IT'S BONELESS!! TRULY A TREAT!! PIKE'S PEAK ROAST . . 49c FANCY BEKF!! SPARERIBS 19c GENUINE YEARLINGS!! RIB STEAKS 39c BY MAYROSE!! LI'L HOUND BONE!! VEAL CUTLETS .... 59c LUER'S FANCY!! SMOKED!! HAM KNUCKLES .... 15c ARMOUR'S STAR!! THICK SLICED BACON .£ pack A REAL BUY PIECE!! 2 Pound 70 A Pack I SIC JUMBO BOLOGNA . . . 25c OUR FINEST SLICED!! BOILEB HAM ..... 49c SORRY 5-POUND LIMIT!! \ Manhattan Old Judge COFFEE2« S 1 OUR FAMOUS!! PREFERRED COFFEE . . 69c SEALTEST!! IT'S BEST!! HALF GALLON!! HOMOGENIZED MILK . . 35c TALL SIZE H-80 Case of 48 MILNOT lOc TALL SIZE TOPIC TALL SIZK 14.80 CteM of 48 lOc 16.28 Case of 48 PET or CARNATION . . 3 39o VAN CAMP'S TOO!! TUNA FISH 5&95c A FINE BRAND TOMATO CATSUP . . FOR YOUR OUTING!! .00 GALLONS Hamburger • iwimfcfcw • • A FINE BRAND!! GALLONS PORK and BEANS . . . . 79c FINE BRANDS!! FORK 'N BEANS • KKAL T | A 303 BUTTER BEANS • HOMINY ..IV Tins FIXE liRANDK!! $'J.95 Case of 24 SUELLOIIT or DC AIJC O 303 $1.00 GREEN DLHUO . . 0 Tins LUER'S READY-TO-EAT1! CALA HAMS" 33 BY MAYROSE—PENNANT!! SLICED BACON 3-T SWIFT & co.:: HALF OR WHOLE!! BONELESS HAM .... 69c YOU'LL LOVE THESE I! MINUTE STEAKS . . . 59c OUK CHOICE!! RUMP ROAST ..... 39c FINE TO BARBECUE!! SPARERIBS ..... 25c YOU'RE SURE—IT'S PURE!! GROUND BEEF . . . 4 SI. BY MA YROSE!! MORRELL'S PRIDE!! CANTVED PICNIC VEAL BREAST .... 19c . $1.99 3 p S d 99c HAMS A NEW HEM!! WIENERS MORRELL'S SPICED!! LUNCH MEAT . . . .3',t99c WE SLICE IT FREE!! SALAMI IT'S VACUUM PACKED!! i.h. FIRST CALL COME BACK FLAVOR!! NO LIMIT Around-The-Clock COFFEE 69c HALF GALLONS PEVELX'S FARMCREST!! ICE CREAM ..... . 59c CONTANDBVA!! NEW PACK!! SLICED PEACHES . .4 & T° BUY ALL YOU WISH!! MIRACLE WHIP .... 49c IT'S CINCH!! CAKE MIXES . . . IT'S GOODWIN'S!! £0-Oz. Jar* STRAWBERRY PRESERVES 49c STURGEON BAY!! PIE CHERRIES ... 5 5L 1 A FINE BRAND!! ALL PURPOSE IT'S C and H!! FLOUR . . . 25 $1.79 CANE SUGAR 5,^49c 10,^95c IT'S G and H!! POWDERED SUGAR . 2 .£. 25c DEL MONTE!! 3 WHOLE f*AD II ft KERNEL WWll 11 • * * • V $3.95 Case of 24 303 $1.00 Tin* t FINER.BRANDS!!.YOUR CHOICE $3.25 Case of 24. TOMATOES • SWEET J 308 $-i.OO POTATOES • PEAS • SPINACH • CREAM CORN • APPLESAUCE IT'S POINTER'S!! GIANT BREEZE 65c GENUINE WESTERN!! NUMBER ONE RUSSET POTATOES 10,^39c MIGHTV FINE!! BANANAS 5^25c TIIEY'ICE HOME GKOWN!! GREEN BEANS 10c TOMATOES .... 5Cs2Sc HOME tiKOWX TOO!! GREEN PEPPERS . .4,';.;10c DOG FOOD . . . . 13 ,„, $1.00 1 RED POTATOES . . 10^.39c JYJMBO!! VOUB CHOICE!! CANTALOUPES .... 10c IT'S FANCY'.'. ALL GREEN'!! PASCAL CELERY .... 9c VEKY JJKST!! CELLO CARROTS .... 9c FliESIl AND FANCY!! YELLOW ONIONS . . 4 «£ 25c GOOD ADVICE-CHECK THE PRICE!! PAUL F. DAVIS and SONS WHERE WASHINGTON "MEATS" BROWN PAY ROLL CHECKS CASHED FBKJfl WITH ORDER • OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS TUX »;00 f. SORRY NO PERSONAL CHECKS 0 CLOSED TUESDAYS, EMPLOYERS* HAY CHW! H. I ri! I

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