The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLVTHEVjLLE (AhK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY;-JANUARY. 21,-loss -.Social Calendar SATURDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. ftlley B. Jones .arid Mrs. Dixie Crawford having "N" Chapter of P. E. O. for luncheon at 1:00 o'clock nl Crawford home. To 'I!)C-'''d''' c'luV 'of tiie Brythoviile High School will give a dancfc tonight, 9:30 o'clock, at tlic Woman's Club fti Htih'orbf the ftichibers wh'o graduated at mlo'-lerrt. shaVing honors with th'esc 'eight boys will \x members of the May graduating class. Ja'ck 'o«t*f« Ts Business Manager % Jack O'Keefe wns elected business manig'er of Ihe tittle 'Theatre at' its .Weekly meeting Thursday ulgiit at' the City hall. Because of his office, Mr. O'Keefe will automatically become chairman of 'the Ways and Means -.'Co'mmtUne. Miss Mary 1 Blanche Gay and Mell Br'dpks jr., will Work with him. Members of the casting committee, who we're appointed by the president,- Ralph Far'rar, Were Mrs. Charles Caiioon, of Holland, chairman, lilss Kathryh 'Gre'a'r, and Miss Nina- Harris, of kolland. House Harp was appointed chairman, of -'the stage and property committee with Miss Mildred Moore: unfl Miss Marjorle Wtorren assisting him. M§. L. L. ilubcner has been added (6 • the library committee. Mfsst-Allyce Nelson 'and Miss Loii- i£e jCobyns had been previously appointed. Af^er. the business session Iht co^Jirectors, Miss Mary Bftln and Miss- (Margaret Shaver, supervised the Reading of the first .act of Ka'tayev's flay "Squaring the Cir- Aiy.the next meeting the library comtfiiuce will review ft number of plays,' 6iie of which will be chosen by ftifs fitdup for performance in the "iiea'r future. - •+• » ' * * CIub^'Ha's tttfrsts Mjjj. J. s. Corner of S'ldomflelcl, •M6;,f who is 'visiting Mr. : ahd Mrs. TV." J. 'Horncr, Mrs. C. -A. 'Cith- ningliim. Mrs. H'toh \v., kivby, arid.j.Mrs. Joe IE. Seoslcy we're • .the Midweek Bridge . . . broidered .fpwel, t . Mia . Mrs. Cim- nlna'-. received : "'ilie ; guest price . hangjterchlefs.. . • '«i,v..'. '' '* TAnchcon FLAPPER FANNY p, 1?JI D* HU'stfcvi(E.)KC. l.M HTC U $ By Sylvia I "K'unlil yoi) care to place ;iii order? and scouic-d:isclnmds," Bits of News Mostly Personal ncrt Lynch jr., of fit. Louis, will tpend the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, B. A. Lynch. Dr. L. H, Moore was In .Memphis yesierdny lor the clinic held by Or Spiro. of Chicago, at 'the Hotel Penbody. K. M. Terry and son, K. M. Jr are spending today In Xlemphis Mrs. O. VV. Dlllahunty Ls ill from influenza at her home on (lie Ynrljro road. The lies'. George W. Patterson pastor of the First cbrlslia'n .Church has ben called to Btutt- |garl (a conduct .(lie runcittl or Juke Young. Mrs, Paltcrsoh will Jhem to Die city . where accompany him. They will rctUm " Saturday momlng.rflccompanled Vy tlielr daughter, Mary Nelle, who , make her home here after having remained at Stuttgart until mirt-teitn a't school. Mr. and Mrs. L. I,. Ward returned | Thursday night 'from Rochester Minn., where they were patients 'ai the Mayo Clinic for examma'tiohs j They were gone for 12 days. I M.S. A. u. Holmes, of Roscdalc. ' Miss., has arrived U> visit her sister! . Mrs. J. F. Livingston. Mrs. Living--' ) ston. who has been 111 at her home AlhrelKL-clcltarescoltic-^wllfS '[Z* 0 ™ llm °' ls much "Droved y Society of the Miss Catherine Harwell met. at '(he home celved ns new member were re- rs In (he toddy. Clarence H. Wilson Is In Ivfemnhi! today on business. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wade Morris, of - _ ..... Scnnth. were here yesterday as the Osccola P. K. O. chnplci al the B"ests Of Mrs. M. H. Lanler. Initiation ceremonies In the home M' 5 - R' F- kirshncr will leaVc of Mrs. Godfrey White on Wed- tonight, for Oinahn, Neb., for a her - father, the Rev. men's Missionary Nawircne Church of Mrs. George Shamblln Thursday night, The meeting was opened with a «» v«v\uiuy wnuc un wi'ti- song by the enlirc group, and fdl-• nocdny afternoon. No special pro- lowed with a prayer by Mrs. Noble gram wns planned but (lie meet- !'"'' a 'nk O. Smith. McCullah. Mrs. nay Willie read in'j was t;tvcn to routine business, nnd discussed the 103rd Psalm. The 1 ... lesson on "The Challenge of'China" | vis " studied under the direction of Junior ' Mrs. L. C3. Tyrone, the siiperlnten- i Filler dent el study. I of the At the social hour. Mrs. Shamblln *h" Mcthi served Iced drinks and home made .talhcd Mrs. Hay Wo'rthlng'tdn, who \va 11ought home frorh tht Baptis hospital In Memphis Monday, i unimproved today. Ainong the Blylheville people In 'Weekly Sunday School _ Healing The Sick nv W'M. K. (iii.Rov, D ,n. Kdlfor of Advance ,. The- molher-ln-law of 'Simon Peter, one of the fishermen who •cspondcd to the call of Jesus to jeconic a disciple, was sick with 'ever; and when Jesus came Into :no house of the'two brothers, Sl- rion Peter, and Andrew, He look the sick woman by the, hand, raised her up, nnri restored her lo such health llmt she was able to rise and minister to them. JThc fnme of this act of healing evidently spread abroad so quickly lhat, In the characteristic description of the lesson, "All the city was gathered together at (he door." Tlic record Is that He healed many, but the next morning Jesus went off Into a desert place arid there prayed, Simon Peter and the others of t' early disciples were evidently greatly puzzled. They followed •Jesus, and when (hey found Him they expressed their surprise In the words, "All are seeking Thee." But Jesus did hot return with o Die city . where these had been done. He said, . , "Let, us go on to t"he next towns, , that f , inay preach there also; for to this end cnrne I forth. 'I here Is a great mystery al- (achlng the healing minist'ry ol Jesus; nor Ls II only the mystery healll. and rratornlloii to sick mid that attaches to the miraculous broken bodies we should assume '"' "'- ' that he would exercise that ministry toward nil who came, Hint he would regard that as a great privilege and opportunity, and that to Ihe very limit of his physical powers he would receive all who came, and not. escape to the desert while he still had the means and opportunity of healing the sick and restoring the hall and lame. Why did Jesus not conceive His ministry as that of bodily healing? Why did He not bring health ami restoration to nil within His reach, as evidently He brought it to some? Why did lie apparently minimize this ministry of physical healing, and always Insist In some way thai He had come to minister above all to the souls of men? Why did He constantly urge those whom He healed not to tell olhcr.s about it, whereas sonic modern faith hcnlcrs would Uc seeking the widest puli- or 'to the things that we cannot understand by reference to the known laws governing sickness and health. Any honsst investigator in this Held knows that remarkable and Beemlngly Inexplicable things occur. He Is not likely to conclude that these Inexplicable tilings arc contrary to some Jaw or process of nature or God. On Ihe contrary, he Ls likely to sec In these remarkable things tile operation 'of some higher law of nature or the spiritual forces o'f life which man has not yet sufficiently explored or comprehended. But the hiyEte'r'y of the ministering p of Jesus to physical needs goes beyond this. The licallng ol the body Is everywhere subordinate to His spiritual ministry and the healing o'f the soul. l!o Is presented In the New Testament, In spite 'of all the miraculous records, not , as a magician and wonder worker, but ns a great Teacher and Savior, bringing to man the wonderful words of life, (he forgiveness of sins, and the Inspiration to righteousness and Goodness. It we could 'Imagine a man ol great power coming Into our city today, with ability to minister At the Hospitals Miss Jewell Ferrell underwent an operation for appendicitis last night it-the BlylhcVille hospital. Mrs. C. W. Ramcy was taken to .he niylhcville hospital last night n a Cobb ambulance after having wcoinc ill, she is much Improved .oday. Mrs. R. c. Powell and Mrs. Peurl Corhett, Ijolh of CaruthersvIIle, have been admitted lo (he St. Joseph's hospital at Memphis, Henry D. Rutledgc, of Slecle, was taken to (lie St. Joseph's hospital, Memphis, yesterday. these ques- llclty? We cannot answer „ .,„„. (ions fully. But we must put the emphasis of the ministry of Jesus where He himself put it. He came to save men from their sin. Salvation is more than bodily health; it Is (he healdi and welfare of the soul. Worncns Auxiliary al 'the home of Miss Dollyc Robinson had charge 5f. r .. ."?""»<"' 'the Braggadocio of the lesson on the Japanese hlBhwft, Tuesday evening. Miss, war. After a short business session ' Wednesday morning Joy Stephan led Ih'c devotional the hostess served date roll , it had charge of an Interesting coffee, program - entitled "The Together and Way." She was assisted by Misses Margaret , Ledbettcr, Edna Peiscy, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bradslicr left Wednesday morning for St. LduLs with their of pineapple cake cream arid cofTee. LrncKcim for Club . . i.i.u mm uaiui'b OIHU3JJL1. 1UCBICQ whipped at ' 8( , 0 i t r Fjc i di Bc . 1K ,| )le ju - Ml . .and Mrs. Brartsher are expected jhq'nie fcdaj'. I Kirs. Chas. .Tacnbi and son ; ia., where she will spend several weeks as the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Bob Coppage and Mr. Cop- jatjc. Coloniel G. W. Phipps, Major W. ?,. O. Grnlmni nnd Captain Joe M. Cannon left Thursday afternoon for Jefferson City, Mo., where hey will atttend a conference o'f Missouri national guard officials selrig held there Friday morning. '• have arrived to spend several days •• with Mrs. Jacobi's parents, Mr. and Af t ernoo t r-BSrg c "c,;;,r'a^ "S^^lMSi tnpp." W. M. Benson of Evahsville. ln-1., iy In this city at- candy. Mrs. Roy White closed the inc ing with prayer. riafi Bible Study An all riny Bible -Study will be Clutgwhcn it, met at the home, of Mrs_;M. o. rjsrcy yesterday. mi «n <i«) ijiv-m c. . Swccfpchs and-. talisman .'tees ''Pld by the Woman's Auxiliary of | forrrtjsd the ; cehterpleces 'o'f the il10 T? ' ri:t nricHutcHai Ematt'tables at which a two •course luncheon was se'n'ed. Irt'.the bridge games, Mrs. B A Lynch won the Club; prizo.s tin. en Erilertaineil Edna Ann Schults 'their rhb'i !:olr •counselor. Miss : Sarn"h° Frnn- hmes were played. * » .'Miss : 'Catherine Johnson Mrs. Everett H. Gee, and Mrs. O'-'-IH-.-, H. Wilson. .- be servcfTSrtioori. side of lie'r dwie'b'th-, who hns been rimluRtlon. Mrs. E. E. Stanley and Has Club . ' Mrs. C, H. Willey and Mrs. Fred llanrin played cards with members of the Thursday Bridge Club when - .-•• . Ihcy met at the home of Mrs. Hl. flowers made the center-1 ihm Wyjje yesterday. seriously 111 of (ineurnOnth-, John Andrew Mnngtori is .„ ,„ L ,, e < l; ,y lo DC win the Biiptlst. Has-pithl in Mcmp'lils,, have not yet returned. where he ---- ~ .... ..,,, \nni^if:u if tllllJUl qimlion this week. Mrs. Edrlnx- pieeei'.pf'.the sni'all 'tables' Thurs- dayJvWn Mrs..)i R. Wetehkamp enteWamed 20 of her friends with a .bridge luncheon. A 'three course 1 menij^was served. X'W? 1 ? ^ rid So games wliicli fol- lowqdii Mrs. 'O. 'o. ftardaway won firs^prlze, -pillow bases, and Mrs Hug.a.'.-.-Wliltsiit won the second pnze.r.a -vase. Th'e; hostess sciTed ked drinks during the card gnmcs. *4~ '"•• * '• » EnUitibJns Rook Chib M&!-T. H. Hayncs entertained nie|.bers of the Thursday Rook' uub.;.ratid n guests Thursday at', the r home of her daughter, Mrs Russell, Parr. The guests were Mrs' M. .O.'.'Goodrtn, Mrs. John FcMh- erst«n lv Mrs. A. M. Butt, Mrs. Bm- nm ',i'? I oleri, Mrs. W. -M. Taylor, Mrs,i.M. Fifzsiirmioris, Mrs. Tlie'o- dow-|ogah, Mrs. R. L. nccdcr. Mrs.-Arthur Rtusnlng, Mrs. B M Matthews tmd Mrs. H. E. Barnctt A.*alentine motif was used with ;In the bridge gamer,, Mrs. H. A. Tnylor won the club prize, n double deck of cards, and Mrs. Willey received Ihe giicst prize, hnfldta-- chiefs. :A salad plnte wns served at the ccnclusiou of the bridge games. • It was decided that this group would meet on Wednesday In the future. A new name lias not yet been chosen for the rlub. Miss Anita slrnckc went down later In In the day to be with her. They syc'mtc Tuesday evening. The hostess served - a delicious sandwich course 'early In 'the evening -and Ihen fhc young iadles attended a picture sb&w. v '• ^ • - - AnSt;l!*-fj. Met "VCdncalaj. Evening Miss Mars- Shrtde was hostess 'to Mary Mchrlc spent Wednesdav In tnincd Se'v'cn members of th'e M rii.'.l.- - • ,-•• - - - .MOIJ I.II.-UI.U b **?$'&SS£ ^ .SSSS ^«^,^t * fc m - '"- pital ttiere. Jilrs. Pauline Hayden, who has been with her mother In Osceola, Ark., for several 'days spent a few hours here Wednesday looking after business 'matters. She returned 'to Osceola late that evening and will remain with her mother until she is improved. unde (On Is with him. Dave Young aiid son, O. E, ' " Dlher °raions cin- phaazln'g the approaching 'st Val ' cntIne'sDa\. «~. . EnkrUins c'ln'b ' £(er * H k Gce hursday Luncheon club at he ye.teMay when Mrs. Walter . Baker, Mrs. Harry Kirbv. and Mrs^aines H. Bell were gucils A^tyo course, luncheon was served at small tables. »g* Baker was high and Mrs. BTOm Morse, second high In the cartKgames • Party _ a and other formed inim had I spring Osceola Society — Personal Young, and Jess Cramer hove rc- lumcd from several dtiys spent In Houston, Texns. ^1). M. Moore was in Little- nock Tuesday and Wednesdny at'tendfng (he session's of the Arkansas Beer Uislributors Association in which he Is B member or the committee on legislation. Mr. and Mrs. D. Fred Taylor ai'e on a business (rip to West Tenn- CFSCC. % BramlcU of Oklalioinn City the guest of his sislcr-ln-taw Mrs Guy Bryiml and Mr Br\-rtrit this week. Mr. ahft Mrs, I,, c. -Holman Of Litllc Rock were the guests of J. B. Btmn Th'ursdny. Mr. Holmnn Joe Isaacs, who has been ill at his hnme on Walnut street for several days, Is much Improved today. three Horiorcd al Tea Miss Virginia Blackwocxl, whoso marriage to Jettlo IJrivcr will be solemnized early In Pebruary. Miss Louise Halo, who will br married ill late spring (o Autlnii L. Rogers •>( New Albany. Miss., rind Washington. D. C.. and Mrs. E. I.. Talllatcrro. who before her recent marriage was Miss Bonnie Fay Cga n of Wynne, were complimented in the first of a scries of pre- auplinl aflnifs with a formal ten liven by Mrs. Dwight H. Black- wacd nt the Blackwood home Thursday afternoon from four until six. Tlic bridal motif ot white was •iscd in the decorations throughout tlic lower floor of the house. White roses, narcissi, and bridal wreath arranged with greenery iu low bowls and tall vases," each tied *'lth immense white satin bows, rested on the piano, mantels and (ables. Tall pedestals held polled is connected wit there. h the office Bibles 'Cover Caskd * ~ Flallt \ a11 Thc lable covcred DALLAS. Tex. ,UP) _ niblps instead of flowers covered the -.iskcl of Mrs, Abigail Alexander \vifjAns M. Mrs. Wiggins, a Sunday schoai lender for K years, rcijursied that no one send flowers to her funeral but that Bibles be sent Instead. Admiral Peary named and nliic- "1 Crocker LSnd on the tnnp. R m 'r- later. Society ••— Personal eriali Church Wednesday 'evening Miss ;Marj' Ellen Hdfiier led 'the dpraticnni taken from the Home Mission Book, "Glorious Living" Hlct Socle<y . . . enar, nssscd y Mrs. J. F P. 'Bcri-y and Mrs. James Reeves, "entertained the members rif the Belle H. Bennett Missionary Socity of the Methodist Church, Tuesday evening at the Bernard home on Soiitli Ward. The mission study was led by Miss Edith Till- ninn, who also led (he devotional. The hostesses served refreshments at the conclusion of the study. Y. \y. A. Girl iVfel a'( I'oscy Ffomc Miss Edna Posey thirteen members of entertained the Young CAlftft OF THAS'KS We wish to thank bur triemfc and neighbors fdr their klndtic-,;- and help dm-fn^ the recent illnevs and death of our mother nnrt grandmother. 1 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Darby and children. ty division, were city Wednesday. Mrs. n. I/. "Ward sr., and Miami, Coal miners work an average of 215 days out Of a possible 308 each vear. 666 Liquid, Tablets Salve, Nose Drops Try checks COLDS and FEVER first day Headache, 38 minutes. 'Rub-My-tisnV'-World's Beit JJnimcnt •<*>«», 'Sf 'U Mo., arrived Wednesday and will -•ifK'nd some time here as the giicst of her brother ,a .L. Wnrd and family. Mrs. Ralph Hutchison left urav on. ' , , trad Club for lunch vcSeidavIn '* iaM Cloth hol(iing n TOnl "Piecc " ° crnati ° r ' 5 nnci r "». «- - J'-WVLIWOJ' JIJ- i .-. f ~.jj.itof the ususl afternoon party v Tfce club prize; pillow slips, went to Mrs, Carroll Blakemore. Jewish Society WiirPrtsent Play A > prbgram committee announced nnounce plans for a play to be presented In W4 Mear future at the Temple Israel »t a Sneetihj of the Jewish ladies' AW Society at-the'home of Mrs' Louis Larafty Thursday 'night. Mrs;. Sam Herman was -co-hostess. It- tf^s also Miriounccd that Miss EmftW. C0x,- minager 6f the Gem Theatre at Oeoeoli, ifi 'cooperntlng with JIic. group; in. presenting a pitturo show Thursday, ja\;uarj' 27 for the benefit of the Ladles' Aid. 'AIM the business session, Roberta 'Herman entertained with a 'Snd danc*. ; hostesses served pineapple salsa, £ooW«s..*na eoffec.- ""» * ' ,. * Ntiarcne SKcltty Meets . . P'tlurc lighted g!mv 0[ in crystal candelabra. Presiding ai the table were Mrs. Clarence Wilson of Blytlicvlllo. aunt of the bride, and Mrs. L. W. Walters They were assisted by Mrs, C. B. Driver. Mrs, James Driver. Hale " Jackson. Mrs. TranV. liams, Mrs. Roclt, Julia Mrs. Wil. 5. Wilson of Lilllc , Lillard Craig, joy Blackwood and Clementine Bo«-en Receiving In line with Mi* Blackwood and the honorees were Mrs. J. D. Boruni. Mrs. Hal McHaney of KcnnctU Missouri. Mrs Herbert Shlppen, Mrs. J. L. Williams. and Mrs, Spencer Driver, Included among the one hundred and fifty guests were many from Blytheville, where Miss Blackwood formerly lived. * * » hits. Godfrey \Vhi(c Hoslfss Mrs. D. S. I-aney, Mrs. Guy In our advertisement in the Courier News yos- tcrday (he price of KoSpdftlc ^caVs was erro- nconsly qunfcrl at 12 C for a size 2Vi can. Tlu art should have read: 'C .No. 2'/ 2 Can — _— vv «>v.j «B.^VK> . «**ij, i-/, o. lirtiiu^, iMrs, ouy Eight members of the Young Wo- Driver, Mrs. Herbert Shlppen and LIBERTY CASH GROCERS T'S Fan! IT'S T'S Entertaining! What?? BOWLING Sudbury's Playhouse Walk With Vitality In Spring's Smartest Shoes i'JVeff Cubo'na '1'aii Caff Perforated IWotlli Sandal Shop Our Windows Ihe Spring W «=a.OVQA,. iHp|e:s uuicklior NASAL : ' : ; IRftllMION , Lt lo '^U, • . -• WENTHOLATUM Cites COMFORT Daily ROXY Admission Always I0o & 26o Show 'every night. Ma'f!iiec s ••'ri- Satiirdsy it Sunday Only '& Sunday Matfriccs s)ar| P.rii. Saturday Co itinnon^ g from 1 to 11: (0 p:ta. Night sh6ws start 6:'45 p.m Friday - Saturday ^ . -- •-Cartoon & Scria;, (ro)." •Radio VA- Sunday - Monday fHEtR MARRIME WAS NO HOWLING SUCCESS.. .BUT THIS COMEDY IS! NOTICE PAL NIGHT has been DISCONTINUED at the RITZ THEATRE TUESDAY WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY arc PAL NIGHTS st the ROXY THEATRE Everything; for your entep tainment and comfort. TODAY Not Pal Night One Kiiymoml & Harriet Hilliard in life of the Parly' with Joe Vernier and Pnrkyakarkus Also selectcil sliorls Admission iir.i(incc (Oc & 2Gc Admission Night I6c & 3Gc Saturday Only Jed I'rouly & Spring Byingfon Also Lelectcd shorts Also carlqon & serial "Mysterious Pilot'' wi(h Ccptain Frank Hawks. Admission (ill 5 p.m. lOc & 2Gc Admission after S r.m. 16c & ilc Sunday -' Monday A'VC.6.'l_(r_M.B'lXiP.'i:C TO.'ft E Also r.Vramounl News, CNrlOon S "Free jt Kn!>'" \\~\ih l;6afr Rcr^fn ft ChXtlcy McCd'rlh'j'. Continuous il!r,«iiij; Sii'flday. ^dmissicri Sinidtiy ftfatincc it . Ni^hl ISc ft 3Bc [ Admission Monday Mat. I0c ., ,-„ x. msson Monay Mat. I0c s Also K>.v ,Sc«- s . & Comedy. Admission Mgn..Kighl 16c 4. ^ _ I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^KM.^^^^—^^^^^^^ ------

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