The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 10, 1932
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKU OP NORTHEA sv AUKANSAS A Km snTi^Srf *§; •*" ' '*-' » » ^-7 S'V AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M183OUHI HOME EDITION VOL. X.\1X—NO. 151 JIMMY WALKER lilythcvllle Dally News, rilylheville Hrraiof. " """ ' ":-:._ . — . . Mississippi Valley Leader. Blythcvlllt- Courier. lil.YTHKVll.l.K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SKl'TKMIiKU 1(1 I!) 1 ! 1 - 1 POT fil HOT S SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS EUROPE County Delegates Well' Pleased With Conven-j lions Accomplishments! M^M::'ii:pi c-jinuy delegates, back • from tin: Ucnrjcralic stale con-1 vi ntion at Hot Springs, cxurcasc-1 llicniM'h'rs today :is well pleased v.ilh the platform v.hh-h was adopl- ] n! and v.ith other accomplishments j cl the meeting. i Tini'i! important changes in the] party's rules were adopted By the convention. One provides for election of delegates to the national conventions al special or regular piimaries or special conventions, instead of by the state central ccmmiltfe as a:, pre.srw. Another prevents the siate corn- milU'e trom .selecting the nominee when a vacancy occurs in thc U. S. Senate, Congress, supreme court. or chancery and circuit courts. The nominalicn must herenfier be made a i a special primary or convention. Klicctive two years hence, the third cl:an»c prohibits any officeholder or deputy drawing compensation from serving: nn the state central committee. The resolutions committee first decided to make It cncclivc al once, but opposition developed because committeemen already had been selected who could not have held membership | and ihc committee changed it. Miles cf Little Rock, chairman of the state game and fish commission, was elected chairman of the state central committee to succeed Lamar Williamson of Mon- iicello and Harvey u. Combs of Little ROCK was named secretary, succeeding j. H. Andrews cl Wynne. Barliam ' Is Committee-man Frank. Barium, of Osceola was chosen to succeed Morris Smith of Birdeye as state central com- mittceman from the First Congressional district. With him will serve Mrs. Laura Davis Fitzhugh of Augusta, chosen lo succeed Mrs. K J. Hixon of Turrcll. Basil Baker of Jcneshoro was chosen commiuecmsm from the Second Judicial circuit, succeeding Herbert Hester of Jonesboro. W. F. Klrsch of Paragould was nominated lor presidential elector from thc first District. Mississippi county delegates who attended tlie ccnvention were- A O Little. C. J. LitlJe, H. High- ill 1 , C. M. Buck. Cecil Shane and V. G. Holland of Blylheville, Flovd Grimes and R. S. Hudson of Ma'n- ::.'i. Claude Smith oi Leachville Frank tlarham, C. E. Sullenger, W. n. Dyess and W. H. Prazier of Occeola. Also in attendance at the convention were J T Coston at:d S. r,. Gladish of Osceoln A brief summary of the platform adopted by (he convention foll^.v.s; 1. Elimination of waste in slate soveiniuent and "retention of only swh fiir.cttons and activities as nre imperative with reduction in pcrsomwl not inconsistent with efficiency." and for legislation abolishing :!'.e fee system for compen- .'ntlr.j CvL.uty and district officers. 2. Submission to the people of a constitutional amendment limit- ins the amount of appropriation "le Legislature may make, to be ('•Weeded only in an emergency by n vcte of tluee-fouiths of thc '' ! <:ud membership of thc Legislature. Annual Audits 3 - Annual audits of all cxpcndl- tiui'S of departments and Institutions. ••- Cotninuance of the honorary "."?."', 5ystc '» of operaliii!? state in- -iitiitlons; early completion of the i-ew .<,iat c hospital, nnd restoration ns socn as iwssiblc of Confederate pensions. .•>. Adequate supixKt ol common -ci.ools and higher Institutions nr.d ?"l° <l "' t u ble E01 '"im of the fman- wor '.'[I 0111115 n 'ithoiit increase In i M lK! f e l system 'or schools, nr.d in n.h aiversl011 of school revenue to other purjwscs. Find No Trace of Dorothy Millcllc Who Disappeuv- ccJ Fro/n River Boat. (UP' — Vines Beats CochetTo Keep Title I'OliKST I1IL1S. N. Y., Sepl. !0 iUP)--l-:il>:\»irlh Vines 01 Pasa- Ui'im. cnl., ritublislK'd hiimelf p.s KM- Morlrt's grcii!e.M leunj.i ijlin'tr tfJay v.'hr-n he defeated Henri Oochpi uf Fiilliw C-!, C-4. (1-4 |j- Hi:: final ruiinil of U : e Slst annual .Men's Niitionnl Tennis cliamnicn- shfi). i ijLloir mure them 15.600 s;>u;'-' HOLi.ywCOn, Kepi. 10 talon, who every uvail- : While police sought '.he body ol j able incli of t|;::fc iti die siarliuni i Paul Bern's "oilier ivife", believed • the bis wesi">'nr:r turned locse. a | lo have followed Ihe scicen p:o-1 f.ii'.i 1 .'? thai liiet.dly .'••noliiircd the'ducer in self-destiuclion. the veil' :i!i::-':> r.'r<:"<in^ Frenchman. The: vas lifted today from bewildering, lictory enabled liim to retain his I and mysterious circumstances of J:;i.r_nal iit.e. Item's tragic end, the suicide which — I kit his bride of two months. Jean Har'.otv. a widow. As (he silver-haired star at-i tended the private funeral ser-t vices for her strange husband,] San H-ancisco and Sacramento police were launching an iuve.sliga- llon into the Sported suicide cf Dorothy Millelte. one time staije star who fcr ten years earned i''* 1 iiprie of "Mrs. Paul Bern" and who was Ihe beneficiarv his will. Affair No Secret But il mystery surrounded the disappearance from a Sacramento river steamer ol this woman in bern's past, it remained for Mrs. William Marcus. Bern's sister, lo brush aside thc veil which hid their life logether. Only n few hours before the funeral his Sister said that Bern fell love with Miss Milletic about Vanished Dry Lcadc ~ • • " ^ m ^ • i » • %^ ^ I I I I | W CUTISjPPflllVED Would Applv 10 Cotton Movin" From Arkansas and Missouri Points. • audit lo - us prescrvalio the conclu- completion of "trunk 11!"^ fCM: ? ntl ! "«|'n*nciU of highway to iiermit thc governor to r, any commissioner without The I'Tr'umf °' j " dlclal co "viction of T Kiin-ofT primary election law ftrniglhenlug of primary elc-ticii la«s lo prevent irregularities "anl delay in annoiindtin the results' ST. LOUIS. Sent, in UIP)_A loiv.n- rail-barRc rate for moving cotton from the interior of Arkansas an-l Missouri to New Orleans via Memphis, has been anmovcd by the southwestern freight bureau and will become effccllve wl-.en approved bv the interstate commerce commission and s^cre- tnrv of War Patrick J. Hurley Tlie reduction apnlies onlv to car load lots and Ihe rates "vary in accordance with the distance the cotlon must be shipped Vjy rail before reaching at Memphis. the barge line The. maximum decrease amounts to about. 5 cents a hundred pounds on cotton shipped from tlw interior of Arkansas. Fred LcLand chairman of th c bureau, announc- rxl. In the area affected by this reduction the old rail barge rate was from 25 to 45 cenls per hundred pounds. H. T. Gulp, commercial agent for the Cotton Bell railroad, explained this afternoon that the proposed new rail-water rates would give shippers in Blythcvlllc nnd Immediate vicinity reductions of 5 cents per hundred on 50-bale car lots. 3 cents per hundred on 70- uale ear lots, and 1 cents per hundred on ICO-bale cars, with no reduction in the pre.'ent 2S cenls per hundred rale on 130-balc cars. The proposed new rail-barge rates to Ne\i- Orleans from Blytheville and nearby points are: Column A. (50-bale cars). 40 cents: Column B. (70-bale cars), 13 cents: Column C. noo-bale cars] 28 cents, and Column D. (ISO-bale cars). 25 conts. The carriers are asking permission to publish (hcsc rates on : hort notice. Will Erect New Home for Packing Company W. T. Matthews has started construction of n S2.000 one story fiame building on his property on Highway 61 near Browne's lee plant, which when completed will be ncciipic-d by the King Matthews Packing company. The building is expected, to be complete by October 10. accord- ,ng to Mr. Matthews. It will contain space for offices, warehouses and a cold storage plant. Fire partially destroyed the building used by the King Matthews company near Elm street recently, but the hiislncss has been continued from that location temporarily until new quarters can be provided. amendment of the corrupt practices act "so that a greater degree ot liMitlltv will attach to candidates ?r.d represrntallves of people who iaiirier or libel those seeking public ofllce." Competition 8. Legislation glvlnz all forms of common carriers equal oppor- tiir.'.ties to compcle. 9. F/qual and adequate prot.-c- tlon of capital and labor; old pensions when possible. 10. Eo,ualitv of women with men in all political and governmental affairs, ant) no discrimination wages for men and Women. U. Whatever aid it Is possible to give agriculture to place a on an equality with Industry. 12. Prevent taxes from being user! for purposes other, than for what they were levied, and a constitutional amendment prohibiting 20 years ago. "He was never married but he lived with her years." said Mrs. Marcus. she became seriously ill and lo her. several "Then Niihonnl G.mi|;aipns Gain j Momcnlum as Outcome' Is [nciTosiiiulv Unccrlain I WASII1NOTON. Kent. 10 <IJI>|. illi p.irl.'cs ;iri- Miecdlnj, up llu [. I i'ai .I,-IIVH>- lo n new puce ,,v-r i.- w,.,k vii-l. M ..... f 11(11111 will Inra-au- i-.Vrtipn biliuiK the d iiiini tnn mnnths henci- TK? -«ine Is in increaslim iloiibl. is Minrrlni: imih iniiNlnnnii :iriir,u imin 'I'lil. 1 - iiiii-rlahitv liai'llis ID tin- s an iminr- I down fium i lo- admitted to a sanitarium. was "Ills affair with Dorothy Millette. 20 years ago, was never a secret lo anybody. Everybody knew about it. He brought her into the family as his wife. Bourdrd SteariiVr San Francisco police reported flint Miss .Millcllc. who look ihe river steamer for Sacramenio Tuesday night, was not aboard when the boat decked at California's capital Wednesday morning She had checked out of hole! in San the Plaza Francisco Tuesday surrounding herself with an air of mystery. She had lived ihc'C since May 4 when she registered as Dorothy Mlllelte, New v or k District Attorney Asks $20,000 Bail for Captain Forsythe. NEW 'YORK. sept, in .ui>>- Bronx District Attorney McLaughlin announced today he would ask •ounly court judge to hold un- '20,000 bail Captain Atcxan- of recoul of Ob;?rvalio n which was explosion yesterday der der Forsythe. ownei the ferry torn by taking 33 more lives. McLaughlin wants him as a ma- krial witness lor the grand jury. McLaughlin said Forsythe, as owner, was legally responsible for any negligence that might have contributed to thc tragedy Bishop Dobbs to Preach at Osceola Tomorow OSCEOLA. Ark.-Bishop Dobbs of Shrevenort, La., vill occupy the pulpit at the First Methodist Church here Sunday evening. Services will begin at 7 p. m. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 10 (UP) — Cotlon closed Jan March May July Oct Dec (eady. high 835 830 843 857 M7 £07 824 843 661 811 824 low 828 834 847 855 799 814 clow 831 844 855 855 807 825 Spots closed st 810, unchanged. rmlct. New Orleans cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 10 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Amnesia rather Ihan undenvcrld vengeance tcdiy was believed responsible for the mysterious disappearance of col. Raymond rtoblus, wealthy social worker and militant leader In a uar against Florida rum runners, who fulled to keep H luncheon appointment with President llcovei Tuesday. Robins' life had been threatened by gangsters, leading to thr fear that hc^hart been murdered.until acquaintances reported seeing him on the streets 'of Chicago Thursday. Government Admits Intention of Requesting Postponement of Pay BERLIN. Sept. 10 IUP>— Thc German government today confirmed that It is planning to ask Washington lo postpone the seir.:- iinni:?.! payment of 33,000,080 marks due on Se-ntsmbcr 30 as 1 gave dwarfed funds. Here are snm-? thln Mul oliscrver lockini; I lie stratosphere would a-id:iv: 1. 'Hie Democratic, presldmlinl caiuiidaio. dov. Frunklln D. HO:IT- vi»lt. caihcriiii- a few extra clol- lopctlifi- for his trans-rontln- i-ntal siH-iikhiK swing, starting Monday, a (rh> designed to win the vest and which. If successful, may win him more thnn thai. 2. New York Democrats closiiit( ranks behind Roosevelt. Tammany Ch'M furry mutliw the nmllon by which the stale OcinocriiHc roiiiinlltcc endorses (he noosevclt- Onrner (Ickel mid huirylm; ^fr with frlcndb. Urooklvn ITOI M-.- Cooev. In confer will] lioo^vcli. | lra\ln« Alfred E. SinMh ns the ! onlv holdout. 3. The chief ruln-lnkl ration levl- nr. Secrelniy of Treasury Oitden Mills, arriving In Mnlue to rteltvnr Ihe final MB shot hlnsl in an effort to mnkc Hie majorl-y in Monday's state election as lurue as possible, wllli Ueiuocrals lioplne to tnke one coneresslonul EMt and rive Ihe Kebubllcriiis \'f score of tlulr Urts In. other. 4. Another admlnlslratlon he'nd liner. Srculary of War Patrick J. Hurley, llyins lo Ihe American Legion cunventlon nt Portland to plead with the veterans not lo endorse the cash bonus nnd nol. io he too hard on Hi- ndiulnistrn- tinn for u.^ln^ Iroops afiniiist the bonus marchers. Demands o{ Holiday Association Presented Mid- West Governors. arrears on tlie cost of the United States army of occupation nr.d other mixed claims. Official announcement, however, has been withheld pending fur- th?r conversation lir-twccn Ihr German embassy In Washington "rd the American governmct. It is understood that whereas it was first intended to ari: a postponement of two and a linif vcars. a longer period may uo'.v be roqucstcd. If an agreement is reached »i-i thc United Stales it is undeisto''! that Germanv intends to open negotiations with other creditor nations, seekltie lo postpone payments due them. The government Is carefully avoiding the word moratorium. Cecil Lowe Acquires Burns Grocery Store The Burns Grocery located at thc corner of Park street ami Highway 61, has been pitrrhiKcd from C. FT. Burns by Cecil T.o-vc SIOUX CITY. Inwa. Sept. 10 (U P)—The Fan:v.'rs National Holiday association laid ils cards on the table at Ihe conference nf mid- western so vr rnnrs licre today and ihe chief executives notice that, the farmers strike will con- lijiiic "until Ilic plight of agriculture, has been remedied". The a?s3cla!!on made three principal demands: 1—That the governors of all agricultural states place an cmbarso on all agricultural products telling below tlie co.« of production, be- Einning Scplcmhcr 20 next, which embargo they demand be continued until a special session of congress iias been called to enac; remedial k'uislaiion. 2- -Tha: a moratorium on farm mortgages, feed and seed loans, nnd othrr indebtedness be put in- lo effect immediately. 3—That congress upon convcn- ing in special session Immediately , place nn embargo on importn- j lions el foreign IcocistutTs, to be i continued until eonBiess lias enacted tlu- Fr.izicr bill. Opening of Lutheran Day School Delayed The store will be remodeled in many respects and will bo oriratrd on the self serve plan. It is fliso planned to feature a delivery s:r- "°t begin vice to all points in (he city. " av - Sop: The stock includes rt complc'c ]inc of canned uootls. staple groceries, fresh produce and luea'.s Closing Stock Prices Jan March May July Oct open 834 843 855 8Mb 609b 826 high 838 847 862 855 814 831 low 822 836 846 855 801 813 the issuance of bonds or other slate obligations except ti|x>n a' Spols closed st 809, steady, vole of thc people, I changed. close 8331 848 853f MSbl 81U 826 un- A. T. and T 11G 1-4 Anaconda Copper 155-8 Auburn 64 CatcrplKar Tractor 11 1-2 Chrysler 183-4 Cities Prrrlcc Coca Cola 107 3-4 j Continental Baking 71-2 General Motors 21 General Motors 18 1-4 Thc Christian day school of the Pilgrim Lutheran church, sched- iiiert to c::c:i here Monday, its ccssicr.s until Mon- 1P. il -.Vns aimcunccd ic-lay. Technicalities concerning (ho biiildir.B. recently p;iicl:a;ed to bo i rcmcdeled for the- school, have cau- ' scd thc delay, according to the Rev. H. J. Kleindlcnst. pastor of the churrii. who will also serve as prir.eipal of the school. Reelsliat'nn v.-ill fee hcM Friday and. Saturday. Seplcmber 16 and 17. The euranmeiu this year will be limited to 35 pupils, \viih no 1-2 | tuition to be paid. Middlewest Utilities Montaoir.ery Ward ., New York Central ., Packard Radio Corp Simmon* Beds Standard of N. J. Texas Corp U. S. Steel Bank at Lake Village Reopens Its Doors Today t.AKE VILLAGE. Ark.. S?pt 10 „ T ... 'UPl-Thr. Firs; National bank " J-ii j here which closed ten nonllu n?o '- i has been reorganized and reop- 33 ewd today, ncnor.itor.-i of Ihe old 1G 3-4 I institution, will receive loo rx-r 483-R|cenl. New capital totals £5(1,000. 5-8! 13 1-2 30 1-8 4 5-8 i Jurlae KiltoucK Rcnortccl Reaclv lo Heai- Woocl- burn-Flcemati Case. Circuit, .ludce Neill Klllnuch of Wynne may come iiere Momlnv tn n-en Irfal nr i he suit brought by Mis s Cnrev Wnodburn contesting tl'.e elecliou of Fred I-lreuinn as Uemocrntle nominee for Mississ- itipi count courty an<l probate clcrt:. Judae KiliniiL'h told State Setia- lor R. /\. Nelson of this eltv thai be would he here Monday to try the oast. Local nlton"-vs retained in the cas^ \verc nut of town today and it thev hnve In-cn advised of Judee Ktllough's Proposed visit here Monday il could not be ',?nrned. Senator Nelson's suit contestlnc •lie elecHoii of J. Fied Paris): of Newport n,n no:uinc3 for state senator from this district Is scheduled to come Ijefor' 1 Judge Killoiigh at Trarrisbiirp. Thursday. Senator Nelson clnt^es that the entire Pninsett rountv vote is void. Mississippi nud Jackson counlles. with Hoinsctl, couuxxscd Ihe senatorial district. Regardless of whether JudRc Kill- onch goes into the loca! case Mon- (!ny or m n Inter dale, trial ol th- actinn will consume some time itnless (he court sustains either of t\vn demurrers to tlv 1 siiit filed by defense ro<i:-s?l. Shnuld either one of Ihe demurrers clinllor-ftlng thc court's Jurisdiction, thc plaintiff's power' lo Inaugurate Ihc action, or Ihc form of the complaint, be Upheld, tlie case would be thrown out of court without actually go- infr Into the evidence. Both the plaintiff and defendant have mat'? allegations of wholesale illegal voting. Union County Seeks $100,000 Relief Loan EL DORADO. Sept. 10 (UP) — An application for a $100.000 loan from the Reconstruction Finance corporation lias been forwarded by- Union county lo W. C. Rooks berry, state labor commissioner. The loan Is for unemployment relief and charity work In the county, Jenn (torlow, bride of two month.1 left n widow by ihc mysterious suicide ol Paul Bern, wealth) Hollywood film producer. T[LLS OF SEEING Missing Diy Leader's Presence in Chicago Definitely Established. CHICAGO, Sept. in (UP)— Tin hunt tor Raymond Robins, socla nnd prohibition worker who dls appeared en route to a luncheot engagement with President Hoover, was redoubled here today whet! two friends of the missing mat: reported they saw him here Thursday. \V. W. llaupt. an oM friend ol the prohibition crusader, told an- Ihorlties he snv; Hoblus and spokt with him half an hour aficr thc time he was reported seen by Mrs. W. H. Bryant, another lone time acquaintance. Thc two meetings occurred n block apart on busy Slate slreei Thursday afternoon. Haupt's revelation sent police department of Justice agents, am many of thc social worker's friends to checking closely throueh thc districts with which Robins vat familiar here several years ni;o as a -social worker. Hospitals, ho lels anil lodging houses were scntt inizcd. It. was believed Robins might have come here suffering froi: amnesia. In such an event the believed It likely he might have returned to the tenement neigh borhorxls where he strove to bet tcr conditions In Ihc years follow Ing the turn of the century. Local Guardsmen Will Return Home Tomorrow Local soldier boys ar? scheduled to return to civilian life Sundav when Company M. tilythevillc and Mississippi 'county unit of the Arkansas national cuard. rtetirm from a two weeks encampment at Little Rock. Tlie Dlytheville unit Is a ma chine gun company of thn 153r,, Infantry, wliicjs complete,'; its annual encampment at Cnmp Mc- Rne, near Little Rock, torlay. Captain Wendell M. Phillips. Lieutenants Arden B. Crowder and" Onj MeHenry. and 60 men compose tl-j company. Major Ivy W. Crawford of this city, former commander of Company M. «.•!!! also return home tomorrow. Major Crawford served as adjutant general .of Ihe 153rd Infantry and as range officer lor machine gun comptmju during tlv; enctmpment. ""' . oiiiy; for Mis Health, He Savs. Rnfusing to Discuss Politics. NTW vortK. Sent. 10 mm — Former iimvor Jiimrs ,J. W:ilkcr Milled s-crellv today on Ihc liner (.'wile Cirnmle. hound for flaliin Hi' liuil made no announcement nf his pi mis. His dcnnrtnrc was announced by itrainshli) officials after the hoai. hud sailed. ft mis understood he would ri- Itnn on the same vesf.' 1 !, golnqf "'*• for the sea trip; Walker \vas In a «ny mood. He am! his hnud on the shoulder of Or. Willliiin Schroder, ills ncrsou- nl nhvsirlun. nnr( nnnounred he was "the man who Is mtikini; me BO." "I'm belli;: flmiiRhaled," he said. He refused to cnmmenl on Ills romolex political situation cr.-MiK"! by his rcslRiiallon ns mayor while removal chiu«es \vcro n?ndln? ncnlnsl him before Oov. Fraiikllu D. Roosevelt. He would not say It li- would be u e»ndldatc for le- elecllon in November. B«"> H,iH When Or Enters Ditch at Yarbro Mrs. r.eona Elflff received ' revere cut on Ih^ h"id nnrl for u n'her mcnihnrs of a St. T^iiis niT tomohllo nartv sustained less rX IOIK Injuries when their car went lulo n ditch a', the Hl'lrwav 61 (urn ct-st of Yarbro this aftoi-- uoon, They were brought to the niytlievltle linsoltal for examlnn- Slnn and trealmrnt. Tlicwn In.lurrrt bnslrtcs Mrs. Elllff "'crc-.-y. P. Prrolcvrtrlver of the car, ^frs. Poole. their" (fniichi'er Farl- 'iii- anrl Elmer Rlliff. son of Mrj, Pllirr. Wnlfcr Ellifr. another 'son. sMh mcniber of the pnrly, was unhurt. They were drlvlna to Cherry Volley, Ark., to nltend the funeral nf a sister of \frs. Elllff. Poolr 'nlletl to nccottoip (he turn and. 'he car slid inlo the ditch."Go to Thurrli" Is Now In Blytheville W. ;\r. Dnncock of Little Rock 's here in Ihc Interest of the N"- liouol Oo To Church Movement'', which is hcliie swnsorod locally bv the First Christiiti church, hc- conllnR to Rev. E. K, Laiimer, minister. The movement lias been usc.1 "siirfcssfiillv for sci'era! years in -Iher eiti»s In thc oroiuotion of church attendance. It Is a non- seclarian movement and Us local sponsors believe It ivlll result in nn awakened church confcious- •• here. Cotton Price* Hn!rl Own! in Quiet Day's Trading ME VV YORK. Sept. 10 <UP>— Scnllcrcd outside buvinq on expectations of sensationally bullish cloth statistics for August helped the cotlon market maintain a ficnrV' unil^rton: today and prices closed one to four rioints higher nfler having moved In a 10 point ranee most of the short session. Strength also was contributed by a weather forecast indicating a return to showery conditions next week which would accelerate thc spread of boll weevils and add to recent damase (o tli? cotlon crop. Tourist Stricken With Paralytic Attack Here Mro. Marie Tetroe. 60, of Wen- retka. 111., became ill suddenly u H'.e W. H. stovall residence on Ens; Mnin Mreel List night, and was removed (o the Blyihcvllle hospital for treatment, "she Is believed to have suffered a stroke of paralysis. Mrs. Tetroo was en route with her daughter and a nephew to New Orleans. La. The tourists had stopjwd here to spend (ho night and had secured rooms nt the Stovall home. WEATHER ARKANSAS-aenerally fair to- r.lirht and Saturday. , According to the official weather j observer, chartes Phillips jr., the maximum temiwraturc was 82 de- frees and Hie minimum. 56 degrees. clear. Today a year ago the maximum tcniiw.ifure was 84 d.e- I gree.s and thc minimum, 64 dor j Brccs, clear,

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