News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio on December 3, 1915 · 5
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News-Journal from Mansfield, Ohio · 5

Mansfield, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1915
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fHE MANSFIELD NEWS. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1915. FIVF. I ff Kimonos and Bath Robes Beautiful Kimonos niul Tin th Robes suggest Christinas Gifts Hint give lusting pleasure nrnl comfort. Silk KitnonuH in American mid Japanese designs. Tliey arc made of plain and figured kimono silks, some hu-cordian plaited, others hand-embroidered. T h e y are priced from $5.00 to $12.00. Pretty and Horviooable Crepe Kimonos, plain or plaited, also some Japanese embroidered stylos, are priced from $1.00 to $3.75. Warm Kimonos made of pressed flannels and flannelettes, trimmed with satins, are priced from $1.19 to $3. Hath Robes made of robo flannels or blankets, in pretty patterns and washable colors, are priced from $1.98 to $3.50. SUITS IN VALUES UP TO $25.00 8.50 Are $ Now Those are nnoqualed bargains for this season of the year. They nre better values than are UMially offered during January Clenr-away Sales. There is a good assortment of colors and sizes, all in desirable styles. The materials are all - wool serges, gabardines, poplins and mixtures trimmed with braids, velvets or fur. They were formerly priced from $15.00 to $23.00. All Iligh-Grade Suits not included in tho above group are priced at saving reductions. BOWLING'S Ivory Gift Articles Useful (lift Items of White Ivory arc priced at 25c, 50c and upward. Combs, Brushes, Trays, Mirrors, Powder-Boxes, Hair Receivers, Jewel l?oxes, Hat Pin Holders, Picture Frames nnd Manicure and Toilet Articles of all kinds. Bed Room Slippers Children's Knit Slippers made of pretty colored urns, trimmed with contrasting colors, are priced per pair at 50c. Women's Knit Slippers in light and dark colors, are priced per pair from 50c to $1.19. There is a limited quantity of these to be sure of getting the size and color desired, we suggest that you make your selection at once. Handkerchief Specials Handkerchiefs and Folders containing two Handkerchiefs, formerly priced at 19c and 25c, are now 15c. Children's Boxed Handkerchiefs of a 15c grade, are now 10c. 'It Was the Other One' Explains the Miss Golda Stull, Stenographer In Office of Attorney Barr, When Accused of Being Married. Similarity of names has been known to cause Inconvenience or an noyance or embarrassment and it la reasonable to conclude tliat "identl-cality" In names could go "similar-Ity" at least ono better In .e matter of producing any or all of the aforementioned unpleasant sensations of inconvenience, annoyance or embarrassment. Thus an experience has been undergone this week to what she re-pardH as the extreme limit by a Mansfield young lady whose name chances to be identical with tho namo of another Mansfield young lady who early this week embarked on the sea of matrimony. The only distinctive differentiation between the names of the two young women prior to the marriage of one of them was the middle initial. t.hicli with tho one was nn "M" while with the other it is an "V." Hut at the best middle initials serve but poorly for purposes of iden-t ideation, especially among young women, w ho are moro often designated merely by their first name. In the case referred to a marriage license was issued to a young lady named 'Golda M. Stull" which chances to be tne identical name of one of the stenographers in the office of Attorney L. D. Barr, with the exception of tho middle Initial, which in tho second instance is "F". The young ladies are not related. Thus it comes about that one CoUla Btull is married while the other is not yet embarked on the matrimonial voyage, it bclnj; the Mins Stull who is employed in the office f Attorney Barr who continues in tho state of single bleaseduess but this has not interfered lu the ellghtest degree with the 'onpraluhv tions and well-wishes which liav been heaped upon her since the men tion was made iu the papers of a marriage license being issued to another young lady by the same name. Of course some friends of Miss Stull (the unmarried) have seized upon this as an opportunity for a little fun at her expense while others have seriously token it for granted tlint it was tho Miss Stull of their acquaintance to whom reference was being made in connection with the matrimonial publicity. No less than one of the friends of Miss Stull (not married) went so tar as to buy ber a wedding present and refused to credit her somewhat emphatic denials of her marriage. So she now has at least one wedding present and is undecided as to whether It would be advisable to temporarily act as custodian of the gift In anticipation of being actually entitled thereto at a little later date, cr to return it to the donor with a suggestion that he keep it handy so that it may again be forthcoming when conditions Justify its prcsenta-j tion In connection with the actual oc- I caslon for which It bad thus been prematurely purchased. nut in tho meantime, ' whatever her decision may be as to the ethics involved tn connection with the presentation oC a wedding present purchased aa a result of a misapprehension of the identity of the bride, the' important and outstanding foature, In oo-far as the present recital Is concerned, is that the Miss Golda Stull employed in the office of the rising young logal practitioner, Louis . D. Burr, Is not the Miss Golda Stull who early this week became a bride and she will probably appreciate it if those who have been laboring under the impression that she is married will call her up and explain that they now understand that she is not married. ' Eighty pur cent of tho juvenile crimes for which children are brought to court consist of one or another form of rational play which is in no caBe essentially criminal. TODAY ONLY . REA MARTIN TDK RKOADWAY FAVOKITK "The Coquette" Four Act Melodrama 1). L. DON, TI1K FCNXV COMEDIAN 'Lt'MlU'RKKR'S VK'TOKV' l. c. Kunnv.iv TIIF. AMIIAKHADOIt FROM THK DEAD" Lubin Dnuiiu TOMORROW UK HARD TRAVERS THE UNDERTOW BID COMEDY Another . Triumph for C6 JESSE L. L.ASKY PRESENTS A NOTABLE ALL STAR CAST In a pi. tui of THE CHORUS LADY" BY JAMES FORBES CAST OR CHARACTERS PATRICA O'BRIAN CLKO RIIHiI KY NORA O'BRIAN .7,7.7. M VlTliFUY Iw ESS? 888 :.::::::::::::::$iES?i ,?a DICKl t RAM FORI) RICHARD OREY , SYNOPSIS THE CHORl'S LADY" Is one of the ikiiu1ui- contribution ever made to the Paramount ProKram by the Jesse L. Lasky Feat, ure Play Company. It is a picturiantlon of James FoiW comedy of stage life of today play which ran two whole years in New lork and several seasons uniiitcrroptedly on tour. Thousands have enjoyed its wholesome fun and have Jauffhcd through tears at IU . 1 I" a lay which lends Itself excellently to pint urizat Ion. The frequent and compiling incidents which load to the dramatic climaxes are e.cclally suited to the photodrama. Patricia O Brian, the brave little chorus tfrl, who is quick of tongue and big of heart, Is represented In splendid fashion. Her sister, Nora O Brian, who insisted upon going on tho stage despite Patricia's warnings, furnishes a human example to thousands of girls thioueh-out the world. The story of life behind the footlights .across which voumr women smile is universal hi its appeal. The glimpse behind the curtain winch hides the world of powder and rouge is faidiful repi-esentation of a side of lite, that never fails to interest. THIS IMMENSE PICTl'RE WILL BE SHOWN AT 8ELIU WILD ANIMAL THRILLER SUNDAY Broadway's Most Beautiful Star "LILLIAN LORRAINE" MHOrXD A WIFH FORGIVE An Equitable Feature TONIGNT Tomorrow Night at SHOWS: 7:15 & 8:45 Price, 10c. rajFT "o SundayNight Only Pit it - 1 1 .man: iv u We Have Decided To Again Show MARQARET CLARK In Her Greatest Hit Helen of the North On account of the hun dreds of requests to do so. THE GREATEST PUBLICITY AT THE SMALLEST COST IS AVAILABLE TO YOU THROUGH THE NEWS WANT COLUMNS Complete Change of Program Tonight and Tomorrow BtRONGDNG UP ITATDilElR NEW HONGS, NEW WARDROBE, NEW DANCES, MATINEE DAILY, 2:30. J MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY EVE RTT'S ALL FEATURE SHOW 17 FEOPJJ3 MARGUERITE AND HER LIONS. See this daring queen in her marvelous performance with the treacherous and savage beasts of the African Jungle. SUNDAY PICTURES SOUL ENCHAINED, featuring LYDA BOREIXI in five Parts. Q Q uu urn CXXXJ The House jofJFceJMiotopla ysTim Mpberts Mgr. CO NTT ft mm tow SATURDAY -DEC. 4 (( MATINEE AIND N1QHT oMadame Malvine Lobel Supported By An All Star Cast In We Unwelcome Wife A Powerfully Realistic Drama in Five Parts by Ivan Abramson SUNDAY DEC 5 MATINEEANDN1QHT JOE WELCOU The Best Known Comedian On Earth in TOME LOCIK NO. 776 In Six Parts with HAL REID, the Playwright, himself, in the Cast IVflOND AY 00 DEC'6 MATINEE AND NIOHT For King and Country A Strong Drama in Six Parts with an All Star Cast, Featuring Princess' Rospali and A. A. Capozzi A Beautiful Picture. TUESDAYDEC. 7 MATINEE AND NIQHT David Copperfield A Visualization of Charles Dickens' Masterpiece in Seven Parts. No child or adult should miss this presentation. MATINEE EVERY AFTERNOON. No extra charge for these productions. TEN CENTS ALL THE TIME. ROYAL TODAY THE DIAMOND FROM THE SKY With Little Mary Pick ford. THE MYSTERY OF THE EMPTY ROOM In 2 acts with an all-star cast. AND GOOD COMEDY. SATURDAY SPECIAL EDNA MAYO Ensanay's Queen Slur In A BIT Of LACE Iu tbree acts. . COOK & THACY Fire Insurance 43 West Fourth St, Phons ISI Beat Stock and Mutual Compsnlei Represented. (G 03 AND) TODAY ONLY 'The Campbells Are Coming" Five-act Universal Broadway, foature, starring Prances Ford and Grace Cunard Battle scenes, cavalry charges, hand-to-hand fights he-tween native Sepoys and British grenadiers 7,000 combatants in all massacres together with sensational harem scenos and oriental dancing as done by native Indian girls all play a part in this massivo production. Tho m play is a military drama of tho Sepoy rebellion la India in 18D7. Seeing America First Wonderful views ave shown in this 1,000 feet of film,' Have you anything to Bell or rent? Try The News Want Ada,

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