The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1943
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Gordon'Takes Wrong Turn At Bat' And .Causes Loss Of Winning Run By I'nllci! Press Occasionally, Joo' Gordon li:is lapses iu his batliiiK. still less often he has them .afield, lint when his Jiilnd begins to wander, well. .. •Here's Ihe slory. The New Yoil; Yankee second baseman nt present holds (town tlie number seven spot In .the bailing order. And number.' six is ' HolHu Hcnisley. Thai's jirsl tlie way they were scheduled-to come Boston against Hie Red Sox. Came the second imiii>», mid Hcnisley was scheduled to Iwi. Instead, who should appear al die plate but Mr. Gordon. Joe Cronln, the Beslon Red Sox manager, noticed the mistake. So did sonic of his players. But he motioned limn to keep (heir mouths .sluil—nnd ho let the error go by. He could have had Gordon declared ovil—but he decided not lo. Gordon was retired, and the Inning soon was over. But in (he third Inning IJic Yankees |itjt on n rally. One inn was 1n and ft man was on base when the butting order moved to number six. And again Gordon appeared in the box instead of Hcmslcy. Tlie Falsh racketed a tremendous double off the ccnteri'icld wall, and Nick Eiten crossed (lie plate with another run. nut at this point Cronln charged onto the Hold. He triumphantly reminder! - (lie umpires ot the cnrblcd batthiK order, and demanded that Gordon be called out. The umpires agreed— and so Ellen's run was nullified. Tlie ned Sax tied the score in the last of the third, went ahead in the seventh—but were (led In the ninth, when Gordon redeemed himself with a homer. If he hadn't tailed otil of turn early In [lie game, though, his homer would have been the winning run. The • teams played until the lllh, when was called with the score still deadlocked nt 2-n!l. . In other American League games, the Philadelphia Athletics beat the Washington Senators, 5 lo 2. The St. Louis Browns downed the De- HLYTIIFAMLLE (ARK.) COUIUKK NEWS Sunday Baseball's Only Preaching Star; Quit For Religion At Peak Of His Career troll Tigers, G to 3. Cleveland Indians won And from By IMHRY GRAVSON NJiA ,S))orls Editor William Ashley Sunday died famous as an evangelist, bul he was fi swlfl and clever oiilflclder first. Cap Adrian Conslantlnc Anson plucked the 22-year-old Billy Sunday oif-a Marshalltown, la,, sandlot, took him straight to the famous Chicago While Stockings In 188-1. Cup Anson was a Marshalltown boy, scouted Sunday on the recommendation of his mint. Had Sunday, a good looking chap five feel nine and weighing 170 pounds, been able lo steal flrsl first base lie would have been a great ball player. As It was, he was good enough to help the fabulous While Stockings of tho Mike Kelly era to two pennants, Outfielders in those days weTc stuck out (here chiefly for Ihcjr -... to smack the "ball. Little ultonllon wns (raid to their fielding, so men with the speed and fielding brilliance of King Kelly and Sunday were phenomenal, Both could go and gel Ihe ball and (liroiv like blazes. Kelly played ball like Ty Cobb J5 years before the Georgia Peach, vet old-timers say n faster man ban his tcnmmalc. Sunday, never laced spiked shoes on his feet. He was one of Ihe flrsl to run 100 yards In 10 seconds, the flrsl to circle the bases In n seconds from a standing slavt. He defeated King, n crack Princeton sprinter, al 100 yards in an exhibllion nl the Washington I'ark Top Alison wild that while Sunday was not Ihe smartest bascrun- ner, there never was .1 more darlnu one. lie gol on base often enough to set a record for Ihcll-s. IIKFUSKI) TO I'l.AY OX SUNDAY lie was pep personified and a magnetic attraction because of Ihe natural dynamic showmanship which was to make him a national Chicago While Sox, (i to 2. In the National League the Chi cago Cubs lifted themselves out of the cellar when 11' — cd n two-hitler to Louis Cardinals. The idol In the pulpit., kiii.-iii.ii;ivi:a om in Sunday was with the White 111 Dlthorn pitch- Stockings for five years, attending to humble the St. Norlhwesteri) university (luring the o'f-scason, coaching football anil Imrgh-clnclimali poned. Bool, Hits BullVEye chance lo gel into the work he liked best. Sunday wn.s offered $3500—Im- porlanl money then — for seven •iiontlis of congenial work, but quit I tile peak of his career to organize the religious activities of tlie Chicago Y. M. C. A. lit 583 a month. Religiously Inclined from youlh Sunday, baseball's flrsl and only preaching star, was also the first lo refuse lo piny on Sunday. Sunday prayed as he played ball, frequently related how prayer fie- urctl In his greatest thrill. Chicago and dctroit were fighting for the flag after cllitiinullng New York in a three-cornered race, it was the last half of the ninth In the linal game with .Detroit, Pit A YE!) WHII.K CHASING H,V "Two were out and Detroit, with An all-time recruit record on rams Island, s. C., range is set by Pfc. Xlalilon E. Kiekc-328 out of possible 340. The 20-year-old resident of Auburn, ind, lops by llsrce points nil previous scores made with M-l rifle at Mamie Corps' bsot camp, wins expert rifleman medal with 22 points to spare. .Until he arrived al Parris Island, he had never fired a rifle. Gosh!' PICKED N<N^ ^AEN OFF •BASE IhJA ;.Billy Sunday jumped straight from the sandlols' to (lie famous Chicago While Stockings. Charley. Bennett at hat, had men on second and third," recalled Hovel-curt Sunday. "The count on Bemietl was three and two. Benches had been placed on the field for spectators. As the ball sailed through my territory, I reai- iml II was going over the crowd and f called, 'Get out of the way.' The crowd opened and us I ran and leaped those benches I said one of the swiftest prayers ever offered: " 'Lord, if you ever helped a mortal man, help me get that ball,' "1 went over the benches as IhouKh wings were carrying me, threw out my hnnrt the hall struck and stuck. The game was ours. "I am sure the Lord helped me catch that ball. It was great lesson in prayer." my first Sunday was not a hard drinker .it would take a little beer or wine with the boys now and then He was,converted when the hymns of an outdoor meeting caughl his ear while he was in a Chicago saloon wtlli King Kelly and Ed Williamson. Teammates laughed at him at first. They were a hard gang, but there was nothing but kind words when they realized Billy Sunday's sinccrily. It)' HAIltlY GUAYSON NKA Sports Krlitnr NEW YORK.—iMiillics are baseball .story of the year. Coming from behind lo win when hopelessly bealni with nine nnd 10 runs au Inning. The resurgence Of Ellsworth Dahlgrcn. the man nobody wanted. The comeback of Lynwood Howe. SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. vNiishville . cLittle fiock ienced al_short.lop._Dahlgrcn fill-'Sew' [[HO IN HITTI Chillies Third Baseman Has Average Of .356, Best In The Majors That, noise you hear from Shine I'ark In Philadelphia Ls a loud horsc-lnnfih. It's a horse laugh which Is directed toward tho IJoslon Red Sox, I lie New York Yankees, ilic Boston liravcs, the Chicago Cubs, the Brooklyn Dodgers, ajid Die SI. IxiuLs Drowns. And the author Is a fellow named lialje Ualilgrcn. Dahlnren plays phnty of third me for the Philadelphia Phillies. And he nlso holds another dlstlnc- .lon nt the nioinent— he's tlie best miter In the major leagues, with in offlcln) averajje of .350. Uahlfir.n Is able to say "I lold ,'oii so" lo no less than six major Kiie clubs—the six teams which lave east him off during the past even years. Dahlgrcn's first, big league at- eiiipt w:ns v.'illi (he Red Sox. He )lay:d a muff season with the Sox, nit was sent back lo (he minors the icxl year. After another near miss vith Boston, he got, into the Yankee system, and llien played tour seasons with tlie New York- rs. lO'll saw him split his services between the Braves and the Cubs, and last year he added (he Dodgers and Browns to his itinerary. Each time Babe changed clubs he was "sold down tlie river"—in other words "gotten rid of." He was branded us a failure, am! il looked a few months ago as though he'd spend the rest of his days in the minors. Bui Iho Phillies came to his rescue, and gave him another chano?. He showed he deserved it by climbing to (he toil as a hitler. And he did it while shitting from first base No Rationing Of Wind SATIMDA,Y, JUNK 20, 19-13 W.u clo-sii't slop Lake Michigan .sail boat race from —his normal position—lo third, where he's playing now. Dahlgrcn, who boosted his average from .347 (o .350 during the past week, holds a one-point mar- yin over Vein Stephens of the St. i Joe Zabo, Newcomer, Teamed With Castle For Tag Bout Monday niifkj.nwsoii will loam up with tho veteran ttoy Welch Sec?' ThiSS^iT™' 1 ' 1 I '* B '°", T"! 1 lf >»'NoS SCWIH! hliLU. I lie l.ulei is a newcomer, Ijul the other three m»n card are old lavoritcs will, hms in the Blythevifk on II area. Whether Enuo can travel In Ihc select company of I.awson, Welch and castle remains lo be seen, but •he will be given an opportunity lo open up his hag of tricks'and If he pleases the customers Monday night, it is possible that Promoter Mike Meroncy will engage him for further performances here. |H's np to Zabo lo write his own D ... -,T-. .1.1,1 ,jn,lJl,ull..> Ul UJL Ot. J ... Louis Browns,-Ihc American Lengiio i " n Proves lo IDC n whiz, as leader. [lie may. Lawson and Welch will 'Ihe official big league statistics I 1 ""'* 1 Plenty of competition In the released today show that Prank Me- I feature match, a BO-minntc time Cormlck of the Cincinnati Heds is limil < "Tair, two out of three falls. ensile has proved on many occasions that he can hold np hl's end of the deal nnd if his partner will assume a fair share of the work Lawson and Welch may have to second to Dahlgren among Hie National Leaguers, with a mark of .33U. nilly Herman of the Dodgers Is third with .333, Lonni? Prey of the Reds is fourth with .332, and t*ii, m.vL,-, ij) lu til LI I vi llll .00^, iilKt "'in-i"ii in HI VVULll limy llill Stan Miisial of Ihe St. Louis Card- slep lively to enicrge on lop inals is fifth with ,325. [ Buck is a game performer with Second man in the American loop a thorough knowledge of the mal Oris Hockelt ot the Cleveland business. He won't shirk his part in a tag match and Welch, a crafty grapplfr who has met the best, is Oris Hockelt ot the Cleveland Indians, with .351. Guy Curtwright of the Chicago Tigers ranks third with .341. Dick Wakefield of the Detroit Tigers fourth with .320 and Pinky lliggins of the Tigers fifth with .315. Arky Vaughan of the Dodgers is the leader In runs scored—he has 50, nnd he's tied with McCorinicfc for the leadership In hits, with 77. Herman tops both circuits in doubles, with 19, and nins battrd in. with 45. Musial is the leader in ! triples, with 10, while Charlie Keller of the Yanks holds the lead in homers—having hit 10. George Washington Case of the Senators spread-eagles the stolen base department, with 18, will give him able assistance. Zalio is scheduled to warm up againu Lnwson in a one-fall preliminary match, 30-minute time limit. The other prelim will feature Castle against Welch. Tarheels To At Least S Games CHAPEL HILL . <U.P.)— Tl)5 University of North Carolina Tarheels plan to play at Faf, 1 °' Sllt footbal1 Eiiincs next The Tarheels have definitely carded games with North Carolina Hialead Officials File Application For Their 46- Day Schedule MIAMI, June 26. <UP>—Track owners- have taken the first sleps lo resume horse racing in Florida Hialeah Park—which closed ils sales last .season because of gasoline rationing-hus signified thai it will operate this winter if it's at all possible. Hialeah has liled an application with Hie State Racing Commission C June 'C lc <l" cslin E its customary «-diiy . .,, *,„...,. .schedule. Miami's two other horse racing plants—Tropical Park and Gulfsticam—have not applied for racing dates. But they're expected to shortly. The Hialeah oval was all set u> O.BQII late last fall. Hut when the driving was in- state. DnvMsoii, Dufc; and Wake Forest In the Big Five and Virginia ' ,'•!' ,°" 1>lcii5l "' c South Carolina, Fordhain and ' iulca ' " almh Pennsylvania. Athlclic Director 11. A. Pctzer says that he hopes to add to tire inccling. In past seasons tiic track lias been the hub of the rich winter racing season in the Two opponent.'; who appeared on' the 1.112 schedule—Tutane and Duquesne-arc missing t|, ls yc ar., DiKiuesne has dropped football and , the U. N. C.-Tiilanc scries was sus- •. , PCIK :d by mutual consent because, T ,;., of distance nnd travel difficulties ' ln "k I oday's Games . first indication thai the 4 season would find the hors- Florida tracks came recently, the legislature extended the season 20 days, from Dec ' April J.oth. call's action indicates that . —- moguls at least will attempt to operate this year. The other tracks have until the nnd of the month to apply for a schedule. Open date. LEAGUE Baseball Standings The spirit of a college football ------- v»kib^\, IV/VJII/llll learn. Stanley Raymond Harris ean't bsllcve his eves the lilllc on il and" I'll keep club In Hie nice all ball over Ihe plate with jusl' ed In acceptably. Now he's play- he ing third-and leading the league """ hi balling with .358. The bases were full and the Phillies were trailing, 3—2, In the ninth when a Giant, pitcher attempted to slip a strike over on Dahlgrni while he was arguing with Umpire Beans Rsardon about the first ball. The Babe stepped across the plate and into the ball. : " I Reunion called it no pitch. Then jrcn cleared the bases wllh a .smock against, the field wall thai xChaltnnooga xAtlanta . .. xKnoxville xMcmplils . X—N 30 25 . 34 2f> 35 30 1 32 Tame. (he • ••" «<«^i, mi ot ii.Tuii. (lit; by now enthusiastic. Buckv Harris tells William Cox. The Phillies apparently were more futile .than ever when Gerry Nugent peddled Rube Melton missed being a home dies. Little 1 wonder around looking run by in- Bncky Harris is for castoffs—and old eyes. Ai 0sce()I « every ncall , „, . v cox -helped j In I anus 1 ourncy mad: by young Bill hts surprise parly. j There were cite of anguish when f OSCEOLA, Ark.,Tlunc 26- CON lie new owner, gave the 'tcr Driver Jr.. of El Paso - ; oiliOe r>lll-I- TS w :. . .. ' "-- u , whiler Wal- whn . i - p tournament. As things turned oul, however,' Driver defeated Harold Tripletl furnished power, Adam., William and Mar." G-0 eo hits and speed and bass went to Cincinnati for Charley ndVaiicin R lo, Brcwster. who won't have to hit:round on Wcdm . • • -- 1 '-'.'. u-u, u-u, in me Clay second round sin B i os on Tuesday, final Triplet!,' ri much to be a crack Tlie acquisition Adams and rtmu-eiiv Boy X Jimmy to first base j,..,, „ from shortstop to third. There was some wailing among what few fan,, i),c Phillies had left wncn Bobby liragan went to Brooklyn for Schoolboy Howe and ' Jack Kraus. Uragan decorate* the I-lalbush mahogany Howe and Tex Krnns, n young southpaw from he backbone of the Phillies' pitching staff. "owe. who was developed by Harris in Dctroit. uon hts fifth game when lie shut out the Brnvos wltn three singles the other afternoon. HC also (s ona of the most dangerous pinch-hlttcrs in baseball manufactured a home run in that capacity with (lie bases loaded. While not as swift as he \vns as a Tiger, he can still throw with good speed and ] )as developer! n knuckle ball. Harris is still trying to figure oul what the Ren Sox, Yankees Braves, Cubs, Browns and Dodgers found wrong with Dahlgren When Harris needed a first baseman, Dahlgrcn was a wow. When Our Dei Savlo proved too inexpcr- >y the No. I player, Fr Scgiira of Ecuador, S. won II In the double matches Driver plays with John liickman of Texas NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. ixiuls ;is 20 37 25 „ ;)0 26 ^Philadelphia 29 211 28 27 Zo 29 22 37 21 3C xBrooklyn Pittsburgh Cincinnati Boston . . New York xChlcago . AMERICAN LEAGUE W. I New York . ^Washington Boston Gardner Credited With 1 3- Inning Triumph; Atlanta Edges Pels, 6-5 .57ft I Hy United I'rcss .538 I Two hard-fought IS-innim; tames '.515 | featured play in (be Southern As- 28 2<l .491 sociation last night. 30 32 .-181 In the first extra-inning s trn:;- 2G 34 .-133 K'e, Little Rock bowed lo the 20 30 .333 Nashville Vols 2 to 1 mil only after Willis Hiidlin had hurled lifo heart out for tlie Travelers. Glen Gardner, who gave way lo M,u; Stewart in the 13th, gnl credit for the Vols' victory. It was his lllh win of the year against two losses. Tn the second 13-inuing contest] Atlanta shaded the N'ew Orleans I'cls G to 5. The game was a scoreless pitching duel between Nev; Orleans' Bob Williams and lh<: Crackers' Stan Todd until the seventh inning when Atlanta broke the ice with ,1 run. New Orleans tied it un in ihn ninth, tn the 12th Atlanta scared .031! .597 .536 .50D .50D .473 ..TO .303 xCcveland . .. xDelroil xChicngo xPhiladelphia . xSt. Louis . .. xNlghl game. 32 22 32 20 30 30 . 28 20 M 27 25 28 28 32 23 30' Pet. .593 .552 .500 .401 .-Ml .412 Elephants arc good swimmers. They can breathe while under water, using their trunks as pcii- scoplc breathing lubes. A. and M. College. Driver has completed his Junior year al the Uni- Texas but reports in versity of September to officers Training School In Florida for training in communications and radio work. Six feet, two and one-half Inches tall and wciqhine 170 pauiieK he Ls spending the Summer with his aunt, Mrs. Kale Jackson and Mr. Jackson. three runs only to tec Ihe lied up again when Bill Hor' humeral with two men aboard in Ilic Pels' half o[ the frame. The Crackers scored the winning runs —two of them—In the 13th. New Orleans came back with one run tn their half—but it wasn't good enough. The Birmingham Barons and the Clint Innongn Lookouts divided a twin bill, the Barons taking the seven inning opener—5 to 2. Chattanooga took the nishlcap—! to 2. Knoxvillfi at Memphis was posl- l»nrd. Saturday is listed as an open date in the Southern. Passenger transportation Charleston. S. C., In increased 022 per cent since December, 1D38. Rend Courier News want »ds. FIREWORKS For the Fourth! Joyner Oil Co. Highway 61 North NATIONAL UiACUE Boston at New York. Pittsburgh al Cincinnati Brooklyn at Philadelphia St. Louis at Chirago. A.MIil:iCAN LEAGTJK at WashiiiBlon, New York at Boston Uelroit at St. Umis. Chicago at Cleveland. West M:tin Xcar 21s( St. ->(. sfarls 12:l:i; Sim. starts 1:1; o, u . ns r; , S:ll _ an( i' Su ,, Time Today Double Feature S OF lilJIJ.lON CITY' .Inlinny Slack It.own & Vm .,.. Knijht 'KUU,KTS TOR O'HAKA" wiin SUISIAI,: ••Ilick"Tracy vs. Crime" & Monday "DIVIO liOnlUKR" (In IVchiiicolur) with Krrul M.v,n, & trfll MneM Comedy Open 7:15 Show Slarls 1:45 Adm. Always lie and 25c Last Time Today 'Siaittast On the Sage' wiUi Ocnc Aulry Ik Smihy liurncltc !>KIUAL: '"I'crils of Nyoka" .Selected Hliorls Saturday Midniffht Show 'Whok Hope Schuyler?' »ith IJicartlo Cortc?. A- Mary Hoiv.inl Sclcclcil Sllorts Sunrt'iy & Monday 'Gentleman Jim 1 with Krrol Ilynn & Alcxbt Smith Nc\v,s of the 1 >ay Cartoon Comedy WRESTLING Lc.f/ion Hut, Monday, June 28,8:30 p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrestling Aren» In America, NOTICE! CHANGE IN ADMISSION PRICE—Adults 30c, Ui Inc.; Reserved scats 15c; Children ISo. Reserve Scat Ticket* on Sale at SC)IDIU<*'I Standard OU SUIlon, Corner Main »nd Division. ~ -TAG MATCH- LAWSON & WELCH vs, CASTLE & ZABO 30-min, 1-fall mutches HUCK LAWSON vs. JOB ZABQ KOY WELCH vs. HOB CASTLE

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